by Alex Anders

 The town’s dark secret claims yet another victim... but there’s always the one that got away

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You’re probably wondering what happened to me. Don’t worry, I’m still intact!

My investigations had finally brought me to the wizard and his cock. After their bizarrely heartwarming story, he asked me what I wanted to be.

Without thought, I said “In charge”. I think I’ve finally figured out why.

In the course of tracking down the wizard controlling this town, I’d met several former reporters—the volleyball I told you about, as well as a tennis racket, two jockstraps, and a statue. All of them had already been driven to metaphorical inanimacy—our job thankless, our boss demanding, our friends and loved ones pushed away. I was lucky, as I hadn’t quite been broken to that extent by the time the boss sent me to this town.

Probably because I had discovered it myself and was pestering him about it.

And so, I had enough ego left to assert control, and demand that my boss pay for all the damage he had caused to those innocent coworkers, even if I had never met them before their change.

The wizard and his cock were both startled, but took it in stride.

“Really now?” the wizard said. “And just what do you mean by that?”

“My boss is horrible,” I said. “We don’t have a union, so he uses all kinds of horrible tactics to keep us in line. He breaks us down, drives our friends away, sets us after each other, it’s horrible! And I want him out of the picture so I can take charge and make the paper a better place. Or perhaps just get rid of it entirely. I have been posting stories to my blog independently.”

“Really?” the cock said. He and his wizard glanced at each other. Then looked back at me and grinned malevolently. “I think that can be arranged.”

And it was!

I called the boss the next morning, saying there was a massive scoop to be had, but the person would only talk to my manager—i.e., him—and would he please come down to assist me? I’d make it worth his while…

I’m not sure what he thought I meant by that, but it worked. He was in the wizard’s courtyard with me that afternoon.

“That’s new,” the boss said, glancing hungrily at the wizard’s cock—confirming a deep suspicion I hadn’t known I’d had.

“I know,” the wizard said. “I got him a few months ago.”

The boss licked his lips. “What’s he do?”

“I help him with transformations that can’t be done his way,” the cock said. “Wanna take me for a spin?”

“I don’t know…” my boss mused. “I mean, are you still restricted to objects?”

“Oh honey,” the wizard said. “I never was, it’s just that no one’s ever asked!”

“I wanna be the biggest, strongest, toughest man in existence!” my boss crowed.

“Abs of steel, coming right up!” the wizard declared, and I settled in to watch the transformation.

My boss was a pudgy man, and unattractively so—the fat seemed strapped onto him, like it wasn’t supposed to be there. And his pasty complexion and balding pate didn’t do him any favors—especially with that combover he insisted on wearing! He also didn’t really wash all that often, a fact that was far from lost on the wizard’s cock as he plunged into my boss’s ass. It’s a good thing the wizard had disintegration magic!

As the wizard fucked my boss, he started changing. Growing bigger, stronger, tougher. Then his abs started changing color, from a pale, pasty pink to a burnished, metallic grey. The wizard wasn’t kidding when he said “abs of steel”! By the time my boss noticed what was happening to him, it had already claimed his ass and chest.

“What, what’s happening?!”

“You sent me one who wasn’t done cooking yet, you imbecile,” the wizard said. “That’s what’s happening!”

I swallowed. My deepest fear had been confirmed. This wizard and my boss were in cahoots! He was driving his employees to the brink of suicide, then sending them here to feed this flayer’s insatiable appetite! I had to get out of there! I turned and bumped head long into the wizard’s apprentice.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” he said as he grabbed my arm firmly. “Don’t you want to see how your boss will turn out?”

I gulped again and looked back, just in time to see my boss’s face freeze over into a rictus of horror, his last pleas for mercy dying on his last breath.

The wizard pulled out, and commanded his apprentice to take the new addition to his sculpture garden. “I’ll handle the errant reporter,” he added with a gleam of malice.

We both sat down. I got the feeling that running now would be a bad idea.

“Please,” the wizard said, pouring me a drink, “have some tea.”

“Oh no, I shouldn’t,” I said. “It’s far too late in the day for me.”

“It’s herbal tea, darling,” he cooed. “No caffeine.”

“I really don’t like tea,” I said. “Especially herbal tea.”

“Trust me, you’ll love this one.”

My jaw hardened. I said I wanted to be in charge, I was going to be in charge. “Why do you want me to drink it so bad?”

“Because I want you to expand your horizons, of course!”

“You mean take over my mind so you can mold me in your image?” I said. “Like you did with all your victims?”

“Now, now,” the wizard’s cock said. “We don’t need to use the tea. Your boss didn’t drink it, remember?”

“Not today,” I countered. “My guess? He drank it years ago, back when you turned his boss into one of your sculptures!”

The wizard frowned and drummed his fingers on his armrest.

“You’re a smart boy,” he finally admitted. “Are you sure you don’t want to join us?”

“Very,” I said.

And so it was that I was the only person to leave that town with my faculties and independence intact. With the boss gone, we were finally able to unionize, and get the paper working properly. They offered to name me boss, but...

It didn’t feel right, after everything that happened. So I named someone else and quit. One week later, I started posting to this blog in earnest.

And as far as the world is concerned, that little town is completely fictional.

But I know better.

And maybe, just maybe… so do you.

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