It was here

by Alex Anders

A young man realizes his greatest desire with a little help from his boyfriend and some magic.

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It was here! It was here, it was here, it was finally here! The package my boyfriend and I had been waiting to arrive for weeks now was finally here!

“Honey, it’s here!” I yelled through the house.

“Yes!” he cried. “Let’s open it and put it to use already!”

We tore open the package to reveal two vials of potion, one red—labeled top—and one blue—labeled bottom.

We slurped them down, he the red one and I the blue one, and stripped off our clothes right then and there. And then he plowed into my ass. It was happening! It was happening, it was happening, it was finally happening! He was going to fuck me into his dream boyfriend!

“Oh god yes!” I moaned. “I can feel it happening!” And I could. My body was tingling all over as the magic of the potions coursed through my body. I could feel my ass tightening around him, my muscles fading away, my limbs shrinking into my body!

Wait, what? “Honey, what’s going on?”

“You’re becoming my dream boyfriend, dear,” he said coolly. “A living fleshlight.”

“Oh, okay.” I continued to revel in my transformation. My limbs continued to shrink away until there was no trace that I ever had any. My body shrank too, forming itself into a sleeve for his cock as he fucked me harder.

My cock merged with my diminished body, and suddenly it felt like he was fucking my cock from the inside! Oh, it was divine! I could feel pre-cum leaking it’s way up my throat, and I let it drool out of my mouth.

“Oh god yes!” I moaned again. “Fuck me! Fill me! Use me!” So he did. My body flooded with his cum. And it filled me so full and came so fast, it shot out of my mouth! Although that might have been my own load. It was hard to tell.

Sated and spent, he pulled me off his cock and set me down on the table. There was a mirror nearby, so I admired his handiwork. My ass was flat and its hole huge, big enough for his dick, and I felt empty without him inside me. My balls rested at the base of my shaft, which extended about a foot, just long enough for his cock to fit comfortably inside me.

My head, the only remnant of my old life as a person, sat perched on the end of my shaft, still drooling cum. I grinned and licked my lips, savoring the ambrosia that was my owner’s cum.

Wait, owner? “Honey?”

“I’m not your ‘honey’ anymore, toy,” he said, sweet but firm. “I am your master, and you are my toy, no more no less.”

“Oh, okay. Master, what did you do to me?”

“I made you mine,” he said. “Because that is all you ever wanted. To be mine and mine alone. Why else did you sell all your possessions and give me the money? Why else did you burn all your clothes and content yourself with mine? Why else did you quit your job and busy yourself with attending to me? Besides, the potions don’t work unless both parties want the change.”

I thought this over. He was right, I did want this. “Master, can you fuck me again?” I pleaded.

He smiled, soft and sweet. “Of course, toy. I’m always ready to fuck you.”

It was perfect.


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