by Alex Anders

The town’s dark secret claims another victim.

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My friend and I were at the wizard’s place, having tea. He was a very successful wizard, and had the body to show for it. Tight, firm muscles; gorgeous face with shining eyes and gleaming smile; foot-long, rock-hard cock. I was studying to be a wizard myself—at the local community college—but that wasn’t why I was here.

“So how does this work?” my friend asked.

“First,” the wizard said, grinning wide like the Cheshire Cat, “I get rid of your clothes.” He snapped his fingers and suddenly, both of us were naked; the wizard himself, of course, was always naked. “Then he’ll suck you off while I fuck him. My magic will flow through this fine specimen of virility and magic potential,” the wizard caressed my firm pecs and taut glutes, “and transform you into what you really are.”

Then he plunged his cock into my ass. It was sudden, but it didn’t hurt. My insides gladly rearranged to accept his throbbing member while I bent down to suck at my best friend’s own throbbing member.

To be honest, I don’t really know why he was my best friend. In high school, I was prep, jock and nerd all rolled into one—and a shoo-in for wizard school—while he was none of those—boorish, weak, stupid and above all lazy. The only thing puberty gave him besides acne and a patchy beard was an insatiable hunger for cock, and literal years of practice rubbing, sucking and taking cock—almost always mine—had turned him into a sex machine.

Oh yeah, now I remember.

Anyway, I was now sucking his cock, for the first (and last) time. I did have some practice sucking cock, but the moans of absolute ecstasy were still a surprise. And then he started cumming! My throat started swallowing of its own accord, the cum snaking through my guts until it made contact with the wizard and disappeared inside him.

I watched eagerly as I drained my friend, his arms and legs and chest and head deflating and going limp in my grasp. When his cock and balls finally went limp, I pulled it through my teeth and grinned lasciviously at the moan he exuded.

Then I started blowing. In through the nose, out through the mouth, down into his body. His body, flat and limp just seconds before, billowed out with my breath, firming up. His scrawny, non-existent muscles finally filled out, and then the creases started snapping. The first to go was his right elbow, followed by his left knee, then a pinky snapped. As I inflated him, his body ballooned out into a massive sphere, his hair popping out as his skin stretched so thin light shone through it. Soon, only the very tip of his dick still had an identity, and then it snapped too.

His body flew through the courtyard like an untied balloon. When he finally settled down, he was much smaller than before, a shapeless husk of skin with only a pair of painted on eyes, a painted on mouth and a single, puckering hole.

The wizard finally pulled out of my ass—I had honestly forgotten he was there, watching my friend transform was so hot—and picked up what was left of my friend. He stuck his fingers in my friend’s dick/ass hole, which elicited a moan of pleasure from the living rag of skin, then pulled it around so the hole was above the rag’s eyes rather than below his mouth and slipped him over my cock and balls. He—the rag that was my friend—squeezed and stroked my junk, which elicited a moan from both of us.

With my jock pouch in place, the wizard pulled and stretched on him to form the straps, molding them together around my ass. The wizard had done it! He’d transformed my friend and lover into my jockstrap! And we both loved it! I rubbed my cock through my new jockstrap and came, hard, instantly. He eagerly drank me up.

“Liking your new toy, apprentice?” the wizard asked, rubbing his cock against my ass.

“Oh yeah,” I said. “I’m never taking him off!”

“Good thing I left your ass bare,” he said, then plunged back into me. Now that I wasn’t distracted, I could enjoy it in full. Getting fucked by this man was the second greatest thing that ever happened to me.

“And what’s the first?” the journalist asked.

“What else?” the apprentice replied. “Getting my new jockstrap.” He snapped the living jockstrap against his waist to punctuate his point. It moaned and squeezed in response.

“Of course,” the journalist replied.

Oh god, this story was going to be amazing! All it needed was an interview with the wizard himself. But how to get one?

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