by TreborNawoc

 Dylan and his extra-laden body are always hungry, so when his friend suggests an all-you-can-eat crawl he’s immediately on board.

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Dylan is lying on a sun lounger reading a book, with one of his ‘meals’ massaging his shoulders. God, he’s sooo good at this. Seems a shame to eat him later… Dylan thinks. At the same time, 20 feet away at the other end of his abs, another two ‘meals’ are giving his cocks a good servicing, alternating between jerking and sucking.

Just as he’s getting relaxed, his mobile rings—Fuck where did I put it again? One of the meals at his cocks finds it in his shorts pocket and holds it up for him. With a rapid ‘zip’ Dylan shoots out his long tongue and grabs his phone, pulling it back to his mouth. It’s Ryan, one of his friends who works for MultiTours.

DYLAN: “Hey Ry, what’s up?”

RYAN: “Hey Dylan. I’m bored and wondered if you fancied hitting the town?”

D: “Sure. Got anything in mind?”

R: “Actually, wondered if you fancied doing an ‘All-you-can-eat’ crawl? Hit all the Buffet restaurants and see if we can empty them all of food, then hit a few bars and see where that takes us?”

D: “Sounds great. Mind if I ask Grant to join us? It’s just us two in the house and I know he’d enjoy it as much as we will.”

R: “Yeah sure. I’d ask Jacob, but he’s got two guys round to play games with so he’ll be busy, if you know what I mean!…”

D: “Oh yeah. Those guys are going to feel it in the morning! So yeah where will we meet and what time?”

R: “Usual place in, say, 45 minutes?”

D: “Suits me. See you there!”

Dylan hangs up the phone and sends Grant a message with the plan. Grant messages back saying he’s in! “Well guys,” says Dylan to the three meals, “looks like we’re going to have to cut this session short”. With that he allows his balls to release their load into the two guys sucking him off, at the same time grabbing the guy massaging him and stuffing him into his mouth without so much as a care. The first guy’s feet are barely down Dylan’s throat when he shoots out his long tongue and picks up and swallows one of the guys sucking him off, then the other.

It takes less than 30 seconds for him to devour three full grown men, and there isn’t a sign that he’s even eaten them on his long serpentine body. However, the speed of eating comes back on him and Dylan lets off a loud belch, so much so that some flames are emitted from his wide-open mouth. “Ahh,” he sighs, then starts walking his legs over to his upper body, allowing himself to coil his long abs into a more manageable shape. After getting showered and dressed, he meets up with Grant at the front door where Fergusson, the Butler, has already managed to arrange a stretch humvee to be sitting ready to take the boys down town.

They pick up the six-armed nagaboy en route to Carlucci’s Italian Buffet. Fergusson has already telephoned ahead to make a reservation, booking out the entire restaurant (and, knowing their usual route, all the other restaurants!). The boys are well-known, and the manager starts to panic, knowing that they will definitely have no food left tonight. Like machines the three boys devour every morsel of food in sight, until the head chef announces that everything has been cooked and served and that they are entirely out. Paying a fair bill (they don’t want them to go out of business, the food is too delicious) the boys move on to another restaurant, then another, until they empty all the food at 13 restaurants in total. Still feeling hungry, and not yet ready to hit the bars, Grant telephones Fergusson and asks him to arrange a few things with the local farmers. The boys get in the humvee and are driven out to the big cattle farm out next to the beach. Grant starts first, lifting a massive bull with his four arms and swallowing it whole, followed by Dylan and Ryan swallowing some others.

Having eaten the whole herd of prize bulls, the boys wander down to the beach. Fergusson (who seems to be able to predict everything) has arranged for a few coolers of beer, some seats and a fire pit to be set out on the beach for the boys. The boys relax and chat, drinking some beers but not going silly about it, looking at the stars. As horny boys do, they start slowly jerking off their own cocks as they chat, cumming every so often, when Grant spots two whale carcasses about 500 yards along the beach. Smiling, he turns to Ryan and says “Hey guys. I bet you two couldn’t swallow those bad boys.”

“Oh yeah,” says Ryan, “I reckon we could. What do you think Dylan?”

“Yeah, I reckon so. Question is, what’s in it for us if we can?”

“Hmm…”, says Grant. “Tell you what. If you can swallow them, I’ll jerk you both off at the same time. If not, you have to suck me off. Deal?” “Deal.”

Ryan slithers up to the whale. This is a lot smaller than the one I swallowed a few years ago, he thinks, so shouldn’t be any problem. Dylan might struggle though, as he’s not as used to eating big things as me.

Dylan walks up to his whale. “Woah, this is gonna be a challenge and a half, but a deal is a deal…” Both boys open their mouths wide, well beyond what any normal human mouth could ever manage. Ryan, with his snake physiology, swallows his without too much difficulty, but Dylan struggles. He’s used to eating grown muscle men, sure, but none of them were this size. With his mouth open as wide as it can go, and his jaw really starting to get painful, not to mention his stomach, he slowly, but surely makes progress on the whale. Soon he hits a snag—the whale’s body is just over 20 feet, so just longer than Dylan is. Where will he put it all? Tightening those legendary abs, he starts to compact the whale meat inside his body, compressing it down, allowing him to swallow more.

Grant looks on at his brother in amazement. “Fuck Dylan, I actually think you’re going to do it!” Dylan reaches the tailfin, sticks out his long tongue and used that as leverage to pull it in to his gaping maw. The tail fully in, he closes his mouth with a click, moving his aching jaw with his hand to try to get some relief. His body is now massive, stretching out wider than it ever has done. He lies back on the sand, and lets out a deep breath. He turns to Grant, who is beaming with pride at his big brother’s achievement, and says, “Now, I’m sure someone mentioned about jerking us both off…”

The three boys get into a position, Dylan struggling whilst Ryan is more agile with a full belly, and Grant takes one cock in each of his four hands. He’s pleasured Dylan’s cocks many times, so knows the feel of them, but Ryan’s snake like penises feel new and different. Starting slowly Grant works all four cocks in tandem, his four voluptuous pecs bouncing with each motion, four huge biceps glistening in the star light, his own two massive cocks getting harder and harder. Bringing the tempo up Grant keeps his arms moving in perfect unison, faster and faster, until all four cocks shoot their loads at the same time. Ryan, feeling sorry for Grant, uses his six arms to finish him off.

There the boys lie, as the fire dies away, just staring at the stars…

Dylan is playing basketball with the other multiab boys when his mum comes down to speak to him. It’s time for him to do his annual checkup, so the Doctor is on his way in. “Okay mum. I’ll go get showered before he gets here.”

Dylan heads back into the mansion, entering his room via the balcony rather than the going through the ground floor, and takes his shorts off. He heads into his special circular shower, making sure to wash every inch of his nearly 20-foot frame. He then comes out of the shower room and gets dried, puts on some nice deodorant and a respectable t-shirt and shorts and heads down to meet Dr MacNeill. Dr MacNeill has been the family doctor since before Dylan was born and is still happily seeing Dylan now that he’s an adult, so nothing surprises him about the boys.

Seeing Dylan walking into the room, the doctor just says, “Ah, good morning Dylan. Time for your checkup. If you just want to take your shirt off and lay down on the examination bed, that’d be grand.” Dylan did as he was told and lay down on the specially made examination bed.

Dr MacNeill: “Now then, how have you been since I saw you last year?”

Dylan: “Well Doc, I’m actually glad you’re here. I haven’t been feeling too great recently.”

Dr MacNeill: “Oh really. You boys seem to be quite invincible normally—makes my job very easy. What seems to be the problem then?”

Dylan: “Well, for about the past week or so I’ve been vomiting every morning. Nothing serious mind, no blood or anything, but yesterday and this morning I’m feeling kind of bloated, although I haven’t vomited today.”

Dr MacNeill: “Hmmm… When was that last time you, ahem, ate?”

Dylan: “I actually haven’t eaten since the first time I vomited. Lost my appetite and haven’t really got it back.”

Dr MacNeill: “Well, you do look like you have a bit of a bloated section about 10 feet below your chest. Do you mind if I do a quick check?”

Dylan: “No problem Doc. Knock yourself out.”

Dr MacNeill: “Okay, let’s just have a little look-see…” He scrutinizes the bump. “Hmm…, this is interesting. It looks like it is moving very slowly towards your chest. The surface is hard to the touch, but then all your abs tend to be hard to the touch even when you aren’t flexing.”

Dylan: “Ha, you know me. It’s definitely feeling different this time, like it’s getting bigger as it’s moving.”

Dr MacNeill: “If you don’t mind, I’m just going to mark on your torso where it currently is so we can see how fast it is moving. It’ll wash off, honest.” “I’m just going to have a little listen to your pulses and your breathing to see if there might be anything else. Your hearts are racing a little bit, sounds like all 12 are nearly in unison. Can you take a big breath in and hold it please?”

Dylan breathes in and fills his lungs, all 30 of them, causing his torso to bulge slightly, and taking over two minutes to fill them all to capacity.

Dr MacNeill: “Nothing there that’s worrying me. Now if you can breathe out slowly and then breath in again.” Five minutes pass. “Nope, definitely nothing there to cause me panic.” He checks the bulge. “Hmmm… that has travelled almost two feet in that time. It looks bigger from the outside. How does it feel to you?”

Dylan: “It’s definitely feeling bigger to me. I think I could try to make myself sick if that would move it along quicker?”

Dr MacNeill: “Well, it does sound as if it’s going through your digestive system rather than anything else. I might get in trouble for saying this, but let’s give it a go and see if it gives you some relief.”

Dylan raises himself up on his arms and starts to strain his abs, pushing the bulge along. The effort is clearly great, as beads of sweat form over his perfect skin, giving a shine and definition to his muscles that even someone as straight-laced as Doctor MacNeill notices, catching his breath. Eventually, the bulge reaches Dylan’s chest, now the size of a fully grown man. Dylan turns his head and opens his mouth wide, wider than almost any other person (other than a certain six-armed Naga) could.

With a horrible splat, the vomit hits the floor, followed by a grown man, much to Dylan’s surprise and Dr MacNeill’s horror. The man, coughs and splutters, before opening his eyes and asking, “Where am I?”

Doctor MacNeill, ignoring all the vomit, helps the man up and into a chair. He starts to notice that there are differences about the young man. The man, in his early twenties, appears to have an extra pair of arms, and a third leg. Being completely naked, the Doctor also notes that he has an extra penis, extra ball sack and extra anus, giving his waist a symmetry that his feet appear not to have—it looks as though he has two right legs and a left leg. “Now young man, can you hear me okay? Can you tell me your name?” the Doctor asks.

Dylan coughs and says, “Hey, he’s one of the guys I ate last week. I think his name was Ezra, or something like that. Man he was tasty and hot…” Dylan drifts off.

“Ahem, well yes,” the Doc says, feeling slightly uncomfortable at the thought of someone eating another human. “Ezra, can you hear me?” he asks.

“Yeah, although can you talk quieter, my head is killing me”, Ezra says, holding the side of his head with two right hands.

Suddenly his eyes burst wide open in panic. “What the …!” he says. He looks at the two right hands, slowly realising that both are his, before bringing his left hands up to join them. Touching one hand, then another, then another, then another, he is mesmerised by the feeling, each touch sending a signal to his brain, letting him know that they are all part of him. As he puts his lower arms down, he find that his lap doesn’t feel the same. Looking down with trepidation, he notices his new leg. He tries to move it, and it obeys his mental command, touching his two outer legs and sending signals to his brain. All of this is starting to arouse his penises, which grew prodigiously, stiffening to almost 2 feet in length.

As Ezra continues to ‘examine’ his body, Doctor MacNeill turns to Dylan and asks him, “Have you ever experienced this before? Also, I thought you didn’t eat other multi-humans?”

“First time for me Doc, but I can say that he was a norm when I swallowed him.”

“What?! How is that possible?” the Doctor asks.

“Search me Doc. It’s all new to me…”

“Ezra, do you mind if I take you back to my surgery to do a few checks? Nothing worrying, I promise, and you won’t be there long, hopefully…”

“Yeah, sure. Can I ask a question though?” Ezra asks.

“Of course, young man” the Doctor replies.

“What am I meant to do now? I don’t have any family, and don’t have any possessions, money, friends, anything. I got rid of everything when I signed up to join Dylan’s food group.”

The Doctor glares at Dylan. “Your ‘food group’?”

Dylan just shrugs. “A guy’s gotta eat.”

The doctor frowns. “Well, until we can figure this out I suggest you stick to a more ‘normal’ diet.”

“Awww. C’mon Doc—they’re so tasty.”

“Look Dylan, I’m the soctor here and I’m telling you no humans until I figure this out.”

“Oh all right then. How about livestock?”

“You really just like eating big things, don’t you…?”

The Doctor helps Ezra on to his three legs and starts walking him unsteadily to the door. “Hey, Doc. You might want to cover him up? Don’t want you getting a reputation for bringing naked hotties into your surgery,” Dylan laughs.

The doctor seems perplexed. “Ah, do you have anything that might help?”

Dylan starts thinking, but as usual Fergusson the butler is already standing by with a beach towel for Ezra’s waist and one of Grant’s t-shirts, cut short, for his body.

As the Doctor walks Ezra to his car and heads back to his surgery, Fergusson turns to Dylan and says, “Am I to take it that young sir will not be dining in his usual fashion this evening?”

“No, Fergusson, not until the Doctor figures out what is happening.”

“Very good sir. I shall speak to the farmer and have him send up some fresh livestock instead.”

Dylan just licks his lips. “Thank you, Fergusson!”

Dylan had gotten word from Doctor MacNeill that the transformation he caused in Ezra looked to be a one off event, and so the doctor had, reluctantly, said that he could resume his consumption of human volunteers. Having eaten nothing but horses and bulls for the past month, Dylan had another ‘vorgy’ and broke his record again, consuming 52 massive bodybuilders in one night of sex and vore.

Waking up in the morning, with his legs still in Alex’s bedroom and his long abs laying across the corridor between their two rooms, Dylan just sat thinking about his amazing body and everything he could do with it. He decided to leave his legs in Alex’s room as Alex had his huge cock up Dylan’s ass, and he didn’t want to wake him up—well, not yet anyway. Using his long tongue, he grabs his phone from his balcony and starts going through his Facebook and Instagram. As he’s looking through the many fans sending pictures of themselves, as well as offering themselves to be eaten, he notices a message from a group calling themselves ‘The Followers of Dylan’…

“Almighty Lord Dylan, God amongst mortal men,

“We humbly send greetings as your faithful worshippers and invite you to visit our temple so that we who are unworthy might gaze upon your magnificence and welcome you to partake in a feast to honor your greatness, in the hopes that our brethren might transcend and become one with our Lord, and be proven worthy to be your followers.”

Cult forming around me now. Holy shit.

The message then continues with the address and the time of their next meeting. Shaking his butt to wake Alex up, he guides his sleepy boyfriend through to his room to show him the message. Alex instantly wakes up reading it, and gets hard.

“I take it you like the message?” Dylan cheekily says through as smile.

“Fuck, Dylan. That’s sooo hot. You actually have a cult offering themselves to worship you,” Alex says, starting to slowly hump Dylan’s ass, getting harder and harder.

“What do you think? Should I go along and see what they offer?” Dylan asks him, getting hard himself.

“Are you kidding me? Of course you need to go! These guys will probably commit mass suicide or something if their ‘God’ doesn’t acknowledge them. Plus, it would be interesting to see what they are offering you,” Alex says, putting his hands on Dylan’s hips and fucking him hard, his telegraph pole of a cock rigid in Dylan’s ass.

“Ooh yeah. Ooh. Yeah. I think I’ll say yes then and arrange the flights. Ooh fuck, yeah, yeah,” Dylan shouts, as Alex ploughs him hard. Not wanting to miss out he opens his own mouth wide and takes both of his cocks to the base, wrapping his tongue around them and jerking them off inside his mouth. With Alex hammering his ass, and sucking his own cocks off, combined with the thoughts that he is now a ‘God’, it doesn’t take Dylan too long to blow his load. The same thoughts make Alex cum a few minutes later and the two boys just sit for a few minutes and rest. Dylan pulls his phone out and replies, making the necessary arrangements.

A month later, Dylan is on flight to the United States, followed by a drive to a little town called Southforkton. As they drive up to the address they have been given, they see the Temple of the Followers of Dylan—a huge building with engravings of Dylan all over it. “Shit, this is actually real,” Dylan exclaims before having a laugh to himself. As the car descends into the basement, he is greeted by a single man, a tower of muscle at nearly 6’10”, dressed in something resembling a toga. The man prostrates himself before Dylan’s car and waits for Dylan to step out. Dylan, thinking the occasion warranted wearing something a little more formal than normal, is in one of his custom-made shirts and a nice pair of trousers and shoes. The man looks up, catches his breath and actually looks as if he is going to weep tears of joy.

“O great and glorious Lord, I, John son of James, High Priest of the Followers of Dylan in the Division of Southforkton, welcome you to our humble temple,” the High Priest says.

“Hi John,” Dylan casually says and the man starts crying, but smiling at the same time.

“O to be addressed by my own name by my God, is truly wonderful.”

“Wait,” Dylan says, “you said you are the High Priest of Southforkton. Are there other temples?”

“Oh yes, my Lord,” John says. “We are but one of 20 temples, but the first to reach out to you.”

“Fuck,” Dylan mutters under his breath. “Well, John, tell me what you have planned.” John tells Dylan that the worshippers are all awaiting in the throne room of the temple—a throne room?!!!* Dylan thinks—a room in which no man may enter clothed. It is there that the great feast will be held with the chosen ones, those who have attained the right to transcend and become one with their Lord.

Dylan is led to a chamber where he is to strip out of his clothes. He is then led, naked and showing off every inch of his body, to the Throne Room where 80 men prostrate themselves until he sits on his throne—a specially made chair that supports his full 19’8” frame, angled in such a way that his body sits at 45 degrees to the floor. There are steps leading up to the top of the throne to allow normal sized men to come up to him. Looking around, Dylan notices no food anywhere in the room, and realises that these men are the feast themselves. With that realisation, Dylan smiles from ear to ear. If only Alex were here—he’d love watching me eat all these guys.

John, the High Priest, commences with the ritual script, which Dylan barely acknowledges as he’s too busy scanning the men, looking at all the delicious men, naked and muscular. Suddenly, two men rush forward and lift Dylan’s cocks. They stare in awe at the cocks—no one else in this room has a cock even half their size—before starting to suck them off. Dylan moans. It’s one feeling to suck your own cocks off, but having two separate guys sucking each cock off in a different way is something that just can’t be described in words…

A bit more ritual from John before the first man starts climbing the stairs to Dylan’s upper body. He bows before Dylan and says, “Lord, please accept my mortal body as a tribute, that I might become one with you and transcend to greatness.”

On that cue, Dylan opens his mouth wide and the man steps in to the gaping maw. Dylan swallows him whole, and the assembled mass watches the body of their fellow worshipper slowly progress down his throat before slowly being crushed by those magnificent abs. “Behold!,” John shouts, “he has become one with our God.”

The men then start to form a queue and climb the steps one at a time, each jumping into Dylan’s maw with eagerness, so much so that he doesn’t bother to close his mouth and simply leaves it open for the men to continue to jump in. Men continue to jump in, disappearing underneath those abs, until, after an hour, he reaches the last one. Dylan closes his mouth to ask, “what is your name?”

“Findlay,” the man says in a familiar accent.

“Wait,” Dylan says, “are you from Scotland?”

“Yes, I was born there but moved to America a few years ago. My family all died in a fire, and now I have nothing left but to become one with you.”

“I’m sorry,” Dylan says quietly before opening his mouth wide. Findlay jumps in with a smile on his lips.

John, the High Priest, then announces, “It is done. This class has transcended and become part of our God.” He then invites Dylan to return in a year’s time when the next class will be ready to transcend.

“I look forward to that,” Dylan says. He then looks down at the two assistants who were sucking him off. After an hour, and Dylan cumming six times, the two are covered in cum and have blacked out with smiles on their faces. Some more assistants come in and wash Dylan before he is led to his dressing chamber and departs back for home.

Once he’s on the plane he has a quick snack of a horse, then phones Alex and tells him all about it. “80! You managed 80!” Alex shouts over the phone.

“Yip, and they all tasted good. Almost like they coated themselves in something sweet to make the taste even better.” Suddenly Dylan’s stomachs start gurgling and a bulge starts to form in his abs. “Oh, got to go Alex. Think I’m going to be sick,” Dylan hurriedly says before hanging up.

The bulge slowly progresses up his abs, getting bigger and bigger. Dylan thinks back, starting to wonder if this is the same as when Ezra was transformed…

The bulge reaches his chest and pushes it out to massive proportions. Dylan opens wide and vomits, before pushing out not one, but two beings. In a gargantuan effort, he notices that one of the beings seems to be the horse that he had just eaten, a beautiful white stallion, whilst the other appears human… Wait, no, he must be going dizzy or something because it looks like that horse has a human torso attached to it… Coughing and spluttering, the two beings wake up and Dylan looks at them closer. The horse definitely has a human torso where its head and neck should be, whilst the other guy is stretched out with extra abs. “Fuck,” Dylan blurts out, “you’re Findlay, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” both guys say at the same time.

“Wait, you’re both Findlay?” Dylan asks, confused. Then looking at them, they both have the same face and upper torso. “How the fuck? I’ve managed to make two of the same guy?” Dylan asks himself…

Findlay and Findlay both look at each other, then look down at their new bodies—one centaur and one with extra abs and an extra cock—then back at each other. “Who is the real Findlay though,” they both ask. Settling it the only way they can think of, they try Rock, Paper, Scissors. But it doesn’t work as each knows what the other will go for. They discover that they both have the same memories, but they are separate identities now.

In the end, Dylan decides to settle it. “Well you came out my mouth first,” he says to the centaur, “so you can be Findlay.”

“So who will I be then?” asks the other guy.

“Do you have a middle name or something?” Dylan asks.

“Arlo is my middle name.”

“Okay, you can be Arlo then,” says Dylan. “I think I might ask Doctor MacNeill just to check you guys over—this has happened before, but he said it wouldn’t happen again…” Dylan says, before passing out. Findlay and Arlo spend the rest of the flight checking out their new bodies…

Dylan gets back home from his visit to ‘his’ temple in Southforkton and takes Findlay and Arlo with him to the Scott Mansion. Once he gets there, he phones Doctor MacNeill and explains everything to him about how he has created another multi (or split one guy into two multis, in this case).

Doctor MacNeill comes round right away and has a look at Findlay and Arlo. Despite him giving them both clean bills of health, he still asks if they would accompany him back to his surgery so he can do some more tests. Both are happy to do so, as they are as confused about the situation as the good Doctor. Whilst at the surgery they are introduced to Ezra, Dylan’s first ‘creation’. Doctor MacNeill runs all the tests he could on them, but still nothing is really showing through…

Meanwhile, Dylan goes through his usual daily routine—sex with Alex, eating around 15 grown men a day, sunbathing his long body, playing PS5 with Alex, more sex with Alex and so on. After a few days, Doctor MacNeill calls him and says he had a small breakthrough. It appears that Dylan is able to somehow break down a normal human in his digestive system and rebuild him using some of the spare, undigested mass from previous meals. At the moment he is doing this completely subconsciously and at random, but he could potentially harness this with control. It seems that one of his 15 stomachs has some sort of chemical in it which triggers a reaction, and as his stomachs seem to be grouped in threes, it means that the mass from the other two could be used to rebuild a person.

“Right,” says Dylan, not really understanding, “so is that why Findlay’s body looks identical to the horse I ate that day?”

“Well,” says Dr MacNeill, “that kind of makes some sort of sense. I think. I also think that you could control this if you put your mind to it. But please don’t try anything until I’ve run a few more tests.”

The Doctor then says goodbye and hangs up. Dylan just smiles. Looks like I am a god, he thought. Wonder how I can test this out…

That day Dylan tries everything he can, including having a full sitting of 15 men for lunch, but still nothing seems to work. Lying down on the grass in the garden, he is ready to give up completely when he feels something midway down his torso, a strange sensation building in one of his stomachs. Looking around for someone, or even just something to eat to test it out, he spots a beehive in a tree. Shooting out his incredibly long tongue he swallows the hive whole, taking the bees completely by surprise. Inside his stomach, the bees go through a transformation as the hive is dissolved. Like the scene from The Mummy, Dylan opens his mouth and releases over a hundred bees to fly all over the local area…

In a field nearby Brody is getting frisky with his boyfriend, with his shirt off showing his ripped body, when he feels a sting in the back of his neck. Turning round he looks and sees a dead bee on the ground. He shrugs and turns to his boyfriend again, but something feels odd.

“Brody,” his boyfriend says, “what’s up with your face?” Brody reaches up to touch his face and he can feel the area between his nose and his lips lengthening, getting longer and longer, before a small scar starts to form above his lips. The scar slowly starts to grow, gradually getting bigger and bigger until it starts to form another set of lips. In his neck he feels another throat forming, with its own vocal chords, as his tongues start to lengthen. Finally, he feels his cock swell to three times its current size but remain soft. “Oh fuck,” he says in stereo, “this feels epic.”

Without another thought he rips his boyfriend’s shorts off and starts sucking his cock with his lower mouth. “Fuck, oh yeah, fuck, you have no idea what this feels like,” he gasps from his upper mouth as he continues to suck his boyfriend off with his lower mouth.

His boyfriend doesn’t take long until he blows his load, as Brody sucks it all up. “Now it’s your turn,” Brody says, pulling his shorts down to reveal his now 3-foot-long cock.

“I can’t suck something that big,” his boyfriend says.

“Fine,” Brody says, “I’ll just have to do it myself.” He then bends over, without any resistance, and takes his cock in his upper mouth, letting his long tongue wrap around the shaft. “You can still fuck me though,” he says with his bottom mouth.

Doing as he’s told, the boyfriend starts ploughing Brody’s ass, fucking Brody as he sucks himself off. After 10 minutes of attention, Brody’s cock finally bursts its banks and Brody lets the cum shower all over the two boys, before using his two long tongues to lick their bodies clean.

“I think I’m going to enjoy these changes,” Brody says…

Meanwhile, in a gym across town, Chase is working on his abs when a bee stings him. Thinking nothing of it, he continues working out, moving on to the rack but noticing that he seems to be pulling down less of a distance each time. Suddenly he looks down and notices that he’s further away from the ground than he thought, but his feet are still firmly on the floor. Standing up, he looks in the gym’s mirror and sees that his hoodie has become a crop top, and that his abs have stretched from a six pack to a twenty-six pack! He touches them, not believing what he is seeing, when he notices that the bulge in his sweatpants is huge. Releasing his cock, it flops down, his head sitting between his knees. Fuck, is this a dream, Chase thinks, looking in the mirror.

Getting an idea, and wanting to test how long his cock is, Chase drops to his knees and reaches down to push his cock between his legs, positioning the head just outside his ass. “Here goes nothing,” he says to the empty gym, before sticking his cockhead in his ass and starting to fuck himself. With moans of ecstasy, he pumps his long, hard cock in his ass until he can’t take it anymore and blows his load in his own ass. He cums and cums, so much that his lower abs start to bulge out, giving him a belly full of cum. He collapses on the floor of the gym, feeling the best he’s ever felt…

In another part of town, shy boy Milo is looking at himself in the mirror in his room. He might be 18 but he doesn’t look it, instead he looks like a scrawny little kid with thick glasses, thin gangly body, and a tiny cock. He notices the bee flying in the window too late, he’s stung, and it hurts. Like it really hurts. Why does my whole body feel like it’s on fire? Milo thinks, starting to panic. A few seconds later and a wave of pain hits Milo like he’s never felt in his life. He’s had his fair share of beatings from the bullies at school, but nothing they ever did felt like this. With his eyes squeezed shut he bites down and passes out.

When he wakes up a few hours later, he tries to stand up, but he feels different. His vision is blurry, so he tries to find his glasses, which have obviously been knocked off. Oh, I’ve really knocked my head, he thinks, it feels like I’m higher up than usual.

Eventually he locates his glasses—they are already on his face. Wait, that can’t be right… he thinks. As he reaches up to check again, he feels something hitting into his arm, at the same time feeling his arm hitting into something. Managing to grasp his glasses, he takes them off and almost blacks out again at the sight in the mirror.

Looking back at him is a buff 18-year-old, but this guy has some serious extras—four arms, four pecs, a twenty-four pack of rock-solid abs and two huge cocks. Then he realises he can now see perfectly without his glasses. As he moves his hands over his body to check that he isn’t imagining things, he notices his muscles rippling with power. Striking a few poses, he saw some of the big guys at school do, he gets a fright at how big his biceps bulge out, as well as his legs.

All this is making him hard. Lying down on his bed but keeping his body firmly within view of the mirror, he starts to jerk off both cocks, using two hands on each. It doesn’t take long for the not-so-scrawny kid to reach climax, having this new, powerful body at his command. His cum hits the ceiling with so much force it cracks the plaster board next to the light. “Holy shit,” he shouts, as he continues to cum. Sudden realisation then hits him. “Fuck,” he says, “what will my mum say…”

All around town there seemed to be new multis springing up, but despite the bees stinging anyone they found, it appeared to be only the males who were transforming. News crews descended on the town to interview the inhabitants, but most people seemed un-phased by it all. After all, there were already quite a few multis living in town at the Scott Mansion and other places, so folks were used to seeing them. And these new multis were their sons, brothers, and buddies, so whilst it took some getting used to, everyone just adapted as they always had…

With the stories of multis starting to appear around town, seemingly at random, Dylan smiles. Looks like my bees did the trick, he thinks. I wonder if there are any others…?

Harvey is 20 years old, an Engineering Student with the potential to also become a professional footballer with a cute face and hot body. He is sitting in his room studying when a bee comes buzzing in. Trying to bat it away, he ends up being stung instead. “Ah shit,” he cries out.

He starts to feel like he is burning up. Starting to panic a bit, he grabs his phone and tries to call his boyfriend, Paul, but blacks out before he can say anything. Paul, getting worried, rushes over to Harvey’s dorm.

Harvey, meanwhile, is convulsing as growths start to appear below his big pecs and arms. With a crack his spine suddenly extends by a foot as new pecs push out. Beneath his armpits, fingers start to appear, slowly extending out until they become fully-formed hands. A pain in his crotch causes Harvey to look down as his cock, a respectable 7 inches, suddenly swells up like a balloon animal before thickening out to three times its girth. By now the hands have now stretched out to become wrists.

Paul bursts through the door, ducking his head to allow his long body to fit in the room. “Holy cow, Harvey. What’s happening to you?” he shouts in panic.

Harvey is in too much pain to register Paul’s voice, but he starts to notice that his cockhead is starting to split into three separate heads. Slowly the split goes further down his long shaft, splitting his massive cock into three. As the three cocks finally separate, he now notices that he has a bigger ball sack. By now his new arms have fully burst out from his sides and the pain has started to subside.

He wakes up to see Paul, his gorgeous boyfriend, looking concerned. “Hi Paul,” he says, “when did you get here?”

“Harvey, I’ve been here for two hours! Are you feeling okay?” Paul answers.

“I feel fine. In fact, I feel great,” Harvey says. He looks over at Paul—Look at him sitting there with his extra abs. I would do anything to be like him, he thinks.

“Harvey, you do realise what’s just happened?” Paul says, with some concern in his voice. Harvey goes to rub his eyes and finds that he is rubbing with four hands. Sitting up, he sees he is completely naked, and notices the trio of long cocks between his legs. “Shit. It wasn’t a dream then?!”

Elliot and Noah have been boyfriends for as long as they can remember. They are completely inseparable, sharing all their secret desires with each other, making plans that include a two-year backpacking trip around the world. They adore each other, and share the same dark fantasy—they want to swallow another human whole. They aren’t sure where this desire came from, but as both boys have been bullied by others all their lives, they think the perfect revenge would be to swallow their tormentors up one by one as the others watch in fear.

Both boys are lying in Elliot’s bed, talking through their fantasy when two bees came buzzing in the window. The boys are too engrossed in each other to notice, until each is stung by a bee. “Fuck,” Elliot shouts as he is stung.

“Language, Timoth—aargh,” Noah says as he, too, is stung. Both boys feel strange, as a dizziness washes over them. They look at each other, bleary-eyed, each noticing that the other boy appears to be transforming. “Ha,” Noah laughs, “you look like you’re swelling up like a bodybuilder.”

“So do you,” Elliot replies, “but it looks like your body is getting longer. Did you always have an eight pack?”

“What are you talking about?” Noah asked. “I’ve never even had abs, let alone an eight pack.” He glances down and seesthat Elliot is clearly mistaken. There isn’t an eight pack there, it is a fourteen pack. “Shit, what’s happening to me?” Noah starts to panic, then he looks up and gasps. “Fuck, look at you, Elliot,” he shouted, “you’ve got four arms.”

Elliot looks down and sees that he now has a second set of pecs—wait, he thinks, I didn’t even have a first set of pecs!—with another pair of huge arms attached to them. He’d also grown to a twelve-pack of abs where this morning he had none. He stares up at Noah, who is now sporting a 26-pack. “Shit. We are ripped,” Elliot says.

With their tee-shirts torn and scattered to the floor the two boys stand up. Noah towers over Elliot and hits his head on the ceiling, whilst Elliot is more muscular than Noah. Noah bends his head down to look Elliot in the eye, and Elliot pulls him in for a kiss. As they kiss, Elliot starts pushing his tongue further and further into Noah’s mouth, until it is almost halfway to Noah’s stomach. They also realise that their mouths are getting bigger and bigger as they kiss.

Both boys’ eyes open wide as they broke the kiss. Elliot tests how long his tongue is—he wraps it around his upper right bicep five times before it starts to show resistance. Meanwhile Noah is testing how wide his mouth can open—he’s already managed to fit two pillows in, and it just keeps going. This reminds him of their fantasy, and he leans forward and opens his mouth wide enough to swallow Elliot’s head and shoulders. Releasing them, he bursts into laughter, realising that his dream might be coming true.

“No fair,” says Elliot, “I’m going to try too.” Slowly he opens his jaw wider, and wider, and wider, until he feels his chin touch his bed. With an evil grin both boys know what they are going to be doing that night.

Sebastian is one of the brightest and most gifted geneticists in the country, but despite this gift he’s always wanted more. He secretly envies one of the town’s biggest celebrities—Dylan, the multiab super boy. What he would give to have a body like that, in place of the pale, spotty faced, tiny, unremarkable body he is currently sporting.

As he is daydreaming, he becomes aware of a buzzing sound nearby. Spotting the bee, he captures it in a jar—he wasn’t cruel, but he couldn’t have any distractions with his work, so he’d just throw it back out the window to let it on his way. As he looks at the bee, he notices that it has unique markings. He also notices that it seems determined to sting him. Feisty little guy, he thinks, but I’ve never seen those markings on a bee before. Becoming curious, Sebastian decides that instead of releasing the bee, he’s going to study it.

After a few days his colleagues haven’t even noticed that he hasn’t left his lab. A week has passed, and still Sebastian hasn’t left. Inside the lab, he sits at his computer, staring at the screen—he has made a great discovery… The bee is carrying some sort of chemical in its sting which causes a reaction, triggering a transformation—and Sebastian thinks he might have a way to control this.

Looking up at his picture of Dylan, he throws himself into more calculations and experiments. A few more days pass and the genius still hasn’t emerged. Someone finally knocks on his door, but Sebastian says he’s fine and they go away.

Finally, Sebastian holds in his hand a vial that should, if his calculations are correct, give him the same body as his secret desire. Without ceremony or hesitation, he drinks the vial—and nothing happens. What? I thought that would work, he thinks, when a blinding pain overcomes him and he collapses to the floor.

When he wakes up, he feels woozy. He tries to stand up, but despite his legs obeying, his body remains on the floor. As his vision starts to come in to focus, he realises the problem—he is standing up from the waist down, but from the waist up he now has a long serpentine body with countless abs. “Shit,” he whispers, his voice sounding like weirdly doubled, “it actually worked.”

He feels his pulse start to race—no, wait, his pulses start to race as he beings to take inventory of his accomplishment. He counts off in his head as he works his way down—he now has two mouths and an 80 pack of abs. His cock has grown to four times its previous size. He has also piled on pounds and pounds of muscle where none had been before, and it feels like his whole insides have been rearranged.

Turning himself over so that his arms and upper body are in the push-up position (whilst his now far-away legs stay where they are) he surveys the damage that his transformation has caused to his lab. His computer is destroyed, and all his research from the past week with it. Whilst he could probably start over, he doesn’t have a source for the chemical in the bee sting.

He decides he doesn’t mind too much, though. He hadn’t been planning on sharing the transformation with anyone else anyway…

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