by TreborNawoc

 When your boyfriend has been held up in traffic, what’s a guy to do but have some fun…

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So here I am, sitting waiting on my boyfriend to get here so I can have some fun and he texts me to say he’s stuck in traffic on the other side of the city. Well, fuck. What’s a horny guy to do?

Thankfully, I know just the thing…

Without moving any of my arms, I start to expand my two, long, prehensile cocks, slowly letting them extend towards the floor. Just before they reach it, I start turning them upwards, letting them expand a little as they keep floating towards my mouths. With just a few feet to go (my cocks already over four feet long at this point) I flick my four tongues out and start exploring the length, two tongues to a cock, twisting, reaching, squeezing all along the length. As I start to guide my cocks into my mouths, I let out a moan—fuck, there’s no real way to describe this feeling—as I open wide to accept my 7-foot-long pythons.

With all four tongues I start massaging my cocks, hitting that sweet spot that only me and my boyfriend know about (although my boyfriend only has one mouth, so I can only get a double hit when I do this myself…), enjoying the taste of my pre-cum and feeling my cocks expand to fill my mouths.

After a few minutes of bliss, I start allowing my cocks to stretch some more, slithering down my throats, before meeting together in my stomach. At this point I’m thankful that my nose is connected to my lungs (all four of them) so I never need to come up for breath.

Passing through the rest of my body, the cocks part ways, albeit briefly, as they exit from my anuses (yip, you read that right) and I finally allow my arms to unfold and take hold of my cocks. With one cock in my right hands, and one cock in my left hands, I sensually squeeze and release with all 32 fingers before slowly starting to stroke my steadily hardening cocks. It doesn’t take too long before I feel my four balls getting close to release. I up the tempo of my sucking and my stroking, moaning louder, in harmony from both mouths.

I feel it—the climax—but my cocks are so long that it takes a few seconds to ooze its way through. I see the first load travelling along the shafts, before disappearing into my mouths, followed by so many other loads that I don’t even bother counting them. In ecstasy I shoot my load—thankfully we have an easy to clean floor—and continue cumming for another 10 minutes, catching each breath, feeling the pulse of both of my heartbeats, watching each spurt of cum hitting the floor on the other side of the room.

Not wanting to miss out, I start retracting my cocks back up into my anuses, pulling the still pulsing heads into my mouths. Mmm… my cum really does taste good. Maybe having so many tongues gives you more sensitive taste buds, who knows? I drink up every last drop of cum, swallowing it down my throats, before allowing my cocks to retract back into my shorts.

I release a satisfied breath I didn’t realise I’d been holding in, and think to myself, “Okay. That’s the warm up done. Now to have some real fun…”

I hear the car pull up in the drive and decide to continue my fun.

As soon as my boyfriend walks through I pounce on him, lifting him off his feet with my lower arms and diving straight in for a kiss with my upper mouth. He lets loose a soft moan as three tongues wrap around each other, while I open my lower mouth and let my tongues explore his smooth chin and long neck. After what feels like an eternity, our lips part and I pull my tongues back in my mouths. “Feeling horny, are we?” he asks.

“You bet!”, I exclaim in stereo, as I start walking us towards the bedroom.

I duck my head through the door frame (we have a lovely house in the suburbs, but it was built and designed for Norms, and being 7’4” tall I get used to ducking) and lay him on the bed, my arms sadly letting him go. My boyfriend starts to undress, but I stop him, saying, “Ah, ah, ah—allow me.”

He smiles and says, “Be my guest.”

With four arms, I remove his shoes, throwing them over my shoulders, unbutton his trousers and pull them down (folding them before setting them down—we’re not animals, and we both hate ironing!). I then take of his socks and start licking his feet with my tongues. He lets out a little laugh as they hit his tickly spot. Feeling mischievous, I decide to play a little game.

Taking his right foot into my hands, I stretch open my lower mouth to take in all his toes at the same time, and as I lick each toe in order from biggest to smallest I start reciting the old poem from my upper mouth:

“This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.
This little piggy went to the gym,
This little piggy went on a run.
and this little piggy went,
Wee, wee, wee, all the way home!”

As I said the last line I shoved the whole foot in my mouth and licked it all over with my tongues. My boyfriend started writhing with ecstasy and started ripping off his shirt (okay, we can sometimes be animals!), “I can’t take it Tre—I’m getting near already.” His cocks were definitely agreeing with him, standing proudly, having pushed his boxers down. I’ve always loved my boyfriend’s cocks—sure, they aren’t as ‘remarkable’ as mine, but they just look perfect, each one 25 inches of thick, pure, unblemished muscle. It’s almost as if they were made just for me, and boy was I thankful that I got them all to myself!

Releasing his foot, with one last flick of the tongues in between his toes, I let my lower mouth return to normal and start to make my way up to his cocks. Wrapping them from tip to base in my talented tongues, I start slowly jerking him off, bringing him near to release. I stop, just before he shoots, retracting my tongues, then I take them both in my mouths. We both moan in unison as I start working on them, slowly gliding from tip right down to the base and back again. I hold his hands with my upper hands, putting his 7 fingers in between my 8—it’s like we truly were made for each other.

After a few minutes of this, I decide to join in on the fun, stretching one of my cocks up and into my boyfriend’s ass, and the other one up in front of his face. Grinning like a Cheshire Cat (he can grin from ear to ear and he loves doing it to weird out our norm neighbours!) he opens wide and reaches out his tongue to welcome my cock in. We suck and fuck together for a few minutes before I feel the tension as he reaches climax. His three balls give up their load and I swallow the lot down—god it tastes so good—with a slurp and a moan from all three of our mouths.

I let go of his hands (but not his cocks) and use my arms and cocks to switch places. I’m now on my back and my boyfriend is on top of me. Releasing his still hard cocks from my mouth, I get him in to the perfect position. Putting my upper arms behind my head, I remove my cock from his mouth and put it in my lower mouth. With his mouth now free I kiss him with my upper mouth, allowing all three tongues to meet and caress each other. Separating for just a second, I whisper, “Do me!” and twist my waist 180 degrees, keeping my upper body still, presenting both my holes as an invitation for his 25 inch cocks.

“With pleasure,” he whispers back, and starts slowly entering me as we return to our sensuous kiss. It doesn’t take too long before he is pounding my asses, whilst I start to pound his ass. (What a sight we must be—if only our norm neighbours could see us… Hmm… maybe next time we should do this in the back garden to see their reaction.)

With all the stimulation, it doesn’t take long for us both, and with scream of ecstasy that shook the entire house, our balls burst their banks and shoot out their massive loads. After 15 minutes, the cumming starts to subside and we just stare into each other’s eyes. “You know, Ky, I’ve always loved your eyes”, I said. They were so beautiful, with their split irises and deep green pupils, making my sky blue one’s look absolutely mundane.

We lay there for another 20 minutes, just enjoying the feel of our bodies touching each other, my boyfriend resting his head on my four pecs, listening to the pulse of my hearts, whilst I held him tightly in my four arms, never wanting to let him go.

Eventually, our stomachs rumbled, telling us that it was time to move. I looked at my watch—hmm, that was a quick session, only 2 hours—and said, “I suppose we better get cleaned up before dinner.”

Ky smiled that wide grin of his and said, “I’ll meet you in the shower for round two.”

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