Encounter with a boytaur

by TreborNawoc

If you’re going to be stuck in an elevator, it might as well be with your super-hot boytaur office crush.

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The elevator doors opened, and I was joined by the hottest guy on the planet.

“Fuck,” I whispered to myself as he walked in. His four legs had been the object of my desires since I first saw him.

“Hey Bry,” I said, politely greeting him as my cock started to get hard.

“Oh, hey Josh,” the boytaur replied.

I quickly glanced at his perfect form. The short brown hair, the youthful , clean-shaven face, the white shirt straining at the seams with his bulging muscles, his tight waistcoat showing off his slender waist and emphasising his V-shaped torso, his unique trousers hugging his four huge legs. My cock continued to get hard...


The lights blanked out as the elevator ground to a halt. A few seconds later the emergency lights buzzed into life, the red light silhouetting Bry perfectly.

“Ah shit,” Bry spat out, frustrated, throwing his backpack to the floor. He tried the emergency button.

The speaker hissed into life. “Hi there. Unfortunately, we are unable to restart the elevator mechanism until the engineer gets here.”

“I take it the camera isn’t working?” Bry asked the invisible voice on the other end.

“No. The only thing that seems to be working is the two-way speaker.”

“A pity. Otherwise, you might have noticed that the engineer that you’re waiting on is actually in the elevator,” Bry said, with some sarcasm in his voice.

“Oh, Bry is that you?”

“Yes. You’ll need to get another engineer over from the Grover Square building,” Bry sighed in frustration.

“But that’ll take at least thirty minutes to get him here.”

“You better call him soon then,” Bry responded and clicked the speaker off.

He turned around to look at me. He took his waistcoat off, followed by his tie.

“Okay dude,” Bry said, looking at me with a smile, “that gives us about an hour before the lift is fixed.”

I looked at him, confused but aroused, as he started to unbutton his shirt, revealing his juicy pecs and ripped abs. My cock strained at my trousers, wishing for release.

“C’mon dude, stop looking at me like that,” Bry teased. “I know you’ve wanted this for a long time. I’ve seen you watching my butt every time I walked past your desk.”

If it wasn’t for the red light, he would see me blush. Unfortunately, the light did nothing to hide my growing bulge. And the sight of my boytaur crush was making it harder...

Bry threw his shirt on the floor of the elevator, flexing his huge biceps, teasing me with his hot body. Fuck it, I thought and started to strip. I had desired this for the past year, ever since I first saw the unique boytaur at work. I released my cock from its cotton prison, allowing it to stand to its full size, earning a whistle from my companion.

“Hmmm,” Bry hummed as he knelt down on all four legs. Without another word he took my full length in his mouth, swallowing it completely without any difficulty, before sliding it back out of his mouth.

“Nice, dude,” Bry smiled at me. “You must be about 13 inches.”

I nodded. I had always been proud of my cock. He slowly took the head of my cock into his mouth again, slurping sensually. I had been sucked before, but there was something special about this particular mouth. His tongue playfully flicked at my slit, forcing me to moan with pleasure. Suddenly, he took the whole length in his mouth again, humming as he did, the vibrations of his throat passing through my cock.

As quickly as he took my cock in his mouth, he slid it out. Standing up, he started to slide a zip down his extended back, stopping at his hind ass.

“Ever fucked a boytaur before?” he asked.

I shook my head slowly, feeling like my brain was flowing down into my cock. My hardon remained as stiff as ever, almost painfully erect at the sight.

“Let me just make some room for you,” he said, his voice as smooth as silk.

He turned sideways to give me a show. With just the slightest strain showing on his face, his rear ass opened up, wider and wider—as a 3 foot long dildo slid out and dropped to the floor with a thud. Without a word, he picked it up, opened his mouth and slid the entire dildo down his throat. In less than a few seconds it was gone out of sight again. He turned his head and looked at me with a smile.

“Ready to fuck the most amazing ass on the planet?”

As though hypnotised I moved towards his ass—an ass that just held a 3-foot-long dildo without any difficulty—and slowly slid my rock hard cock in. Fuck, I thought, he’s right. It is the most amazing ass on the planet. I continued sliding my cock in until my balls touched his balls. It was like an electric shock surged through my body. Like a wild animal, I suddenly roared and started to pound that heavenly ass. The sounds of Bry’s moaning just drove me on, and on, and on...

But something just didn’t feel quite as I expected… As I pounded his ass, it felt like my cock was also being jerked off. It took me a few more minutes of drilling Bry’s hole to realise that he was also gripping my cock with his ass muscles. Another wave of pleasure surged through my body as I picked up the pace.

It wasn’t long until I shot my load into that fine ass. My body fell forwards as I did, my arms wrapping around Bry’s waist. My breathing was ragged as I felt a tinge of exhaustion. My companion, however, was just getting started.

“Fuck, dude,” he breathed, “that felt awesome. But now I think it’s my turn.”

With a well-practiced motion, Bry, with my cock still firmly inside his butt, removed his trousers revealing his own enormous cocks. My God! I thought, what must it feel like to have two cocks... Then it dawned on me. He wanted to fuck me with one of those things!

“Ok, bro,” Bry said, seeing my obvious panic, “no need to worry. A boytaur’s precum has some unique properties. It’ll let me stretch your hole without causing you any damage, but you will feel every bit of it.”

“Do me, please,” I begged him. “I need to feel those cocks inside me.”

He released his hold on my cock, letting me slide out of his bubble butt. Something felt a bit off with my cock, but I just put it down to still being hard, despite blowing my load. He laid down his huge body on the floor, his two cocks rising up, and up, and up...

“How about you ride my rear cock,” he suggested with a devilish glint in his eye, “and suck my front at the same time?”

Without a word I positioned my hole above the tip of his rear cock. I could already feel the pre starting to spew out of his slit. He gave me a look as if to say ‘don’t worry, it’ll be fine,’ so I gingerly started to work my way down...

Instantly I felt my hole open wider than it had ever opened, and yet, I felt pleasure coursing through my body... but not pain. Smiling, with the realisation hitting me, I leant forward as I slid down, taking his front cock into my now wider than possible mouth, his pre stretching my lips and throat to unimaginable sizes.

With a plop my ass touched his balls, and with another slide I took his entire front cock into my body. Sweet mother of... I thought, this is incredible! I began to see-saw on his cocks, sliding up on his rear cock, whilst sliding down on his front. Then switching around and sliding down his rear cock, and up his front. Getting myself into a rocking motion, I started to go at it with the vigour of a rocking horse at the Grand National.

With his eyes closed, and biting his lips, Bry’s beautiful face was displaying pure ecstasy. There can’t be many guys who get to feel not one, but two cocks getting action at the same time. He opened his eyes and looked right into mine. I felt as though he was looking right into my soul...

“Dude,” he whispered, “you’ll love this next bit...”

Without warning his cocks exploded with cum. I was trapped and couldn’t move as he pumped me with gallon after gallon of sweet nectar. I struggled to breathe as my stomach filled up from both sides. A few minutes passed and I sensed, rather than felt, that he had finally stopped cumming. I couldn’t talk, my mouth still full of cock, as my body suddenly felt numb.

“You might want to watch this bit,” Bry said, using his hands to slide his cock out of my throat, and pointing down to my legs.

I watched, mesmerised, as my legs started to warp, as though bubbles were forming underneath my skin. For the first time since we entered the elevator, I felt pain. My torso started to lengthen, pulling my legs upwards, yet my legs remained still. As they reached double their size, I saw a groove start to form in the middle. The fleshy groove continued, like a fault during an earthquake, to race down to my feet where my toes had grown toes on top of them—or was it underneath? With a jolt, my legs separated into four, and my torso continued to stretch.

Another tingle, this time in my crotch, my lower one, as my new second cock started to form, along with a pair of balls. I felt another burst of pain as all the nerves seemed to connect to my original ones, and I blacked out completely.

“Josh? Josh? Josh?”

I opened my eyes at the sound of the most beautiful voice I knew. “There you go, big guy,” Bry said, handing me a bottle from his backpack.

I took a sniff. It smelled horrible, but I drank it anyway. Instantly I felt awake, as though I had accidentally stepped into a cold shower.

“Ha,” he laughed, “I know it doesn’t taste great, but you need it to wake up your new body. I’ve also got some trousers for you to wear.”

I looked at him as he handed me the four-legged trousers, my eyes narrowing.

“How did you know I’d need these trousers?” I asked. “And how did you manage to plan this? It’s not like our situation could be predicted...”

“C’mon, dude,” Bry laughed. “Who do you think sabotaged the elevator?”

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