by TreborNawoc

 After being transformed by Dylan, Brody and his boyfriend have some fun exploring his new body.

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Editor’s Note

This story follows on from Brody’s transformation in “Dylan,” Part 4 (“Catching a Buzz”).


After getting dressed and heading back home, Brody and his boyfriend sat in their living room and watched TV. Brody was still buzzing from his changes, and was trying different things, including drinking two drinks at the same time, eating and drinking at the same time and sucking on a lollypop while chatting away to his boyfriend. His boyfriend still wasn’t comfortable with the changes to Brody, and the fact that Brody seemed completely fine un-nerved him even more. As he watched, Brody was now stood in the middle of the floor trying to see how flexible he was—after all, he did just take his own cock down to the base without any effort.

“Hey, I think I can actually fold my back. Look!” Brody said. As his boyfriend looked, Brody bent his spine, folding it completely in two so that his shoulder blades touched his back in line with his kidneys, with his head resting against that tight, gorgeous ass. “I wonder if I can go further,” Brody said from one of his mouths. A slight shudder passed through his boyfriend as Brody now bent forward at the waist, keeping his back folded in two, until his ribs touched his knees. “Shit, this feels amazing,” Brody said breathlessly. “I’m going to be the star on the dance floor at the club tonight.” Oh no, thought his boyfriend, we’re going out tonight. What are people going to think? He’s a freak!.

Catching his thoughts, he suddenly felt ashamed of himself. This was Brody, the guy who he had been going out with ever since moving to this crazy town. This was the guy who first spoke to him, when everyone thought he was just some crazy guy from Australia. This was the guy who made sure he never had to sit alone, never had to be alone, and who had always made him smile. Okay, he’s now completely bent like a pretzel on the floor, with two mouths and a gorgeous, huge, long cock—stop drooling, he thought—but at the end of the day it’s still the same Brody…

“Hey, you okay?” Brody said, returning to his normal upright position.

“Yeah, fine. Let’s go get ready to go out,” his boyfriend said. Both went to their own showers—they might be boyfriends, but they still didn’t have the courage to sleep in the same room yet—and started to get ready. When he saw Brody, he whistled. “Hey, Brody, I think you’re putting on some muscle,” he said.

“Really? I haven’t been working out lately though…” Brody drifted off. The two boys headed out to the club.

As soon as he walked in, everyone’s eyes were on Brody. Instead of feeling shy or intimidated, he simply flashed them a perfect double smile. The boys headed to the bar for a drink, Brody deciding to order two just to show off. He was drawing some serious stares from both boys and girls, especially around his crotch where his tight jeans left nothing to the imagination. As the boys found some of their friends, they all slightly freaked when they saw Brody, and still didn’t look entirely comfortable when Brody explained the story. However, Brody felt too good to care. In fact, he felt like dancing. Once on the dance floor, he started letting himself go, his new flexible body giving him a look like he had no bones. As more and more eyes were on him, he just pulled even more unbelievable moves, causing gasps and applause at times. As the song ended, he gave them a big finale—keeping his head still he spun his whole body through 720 degrees back to its original position, bowed and then walked off with the twist in his neck still clearly visible.

Heading back to the table with his friends, all they could talk about was how amazing he was at dancing. His boyfriend just pointed to his twisted neck and said, “Isn’t that painful?”

Brody looked confused at first, then realised what he meant and just said, “Nah, I can’t feel a thing.” He then slowly rotated his head through 720 degrees bringing his neck back to normal.

Feeling his bladder wanting attention, he made his excuses and headed for the bathroom. As he took his trouser snake out of its nest (!) he laughed as he realised he could piss in the urinal from three feet away without any difficulty.

As he was having fun, a woman from the club walked in, looked at his cock and said, “Wanna take that for a ride?”

“Not really my type,” Brody replied, trying to be as nice as he could be.

The woman didn’t take no for an answer, and pushed Brody into one of the cubicles, pulling a knife out on him. “When I want a ride, I get a ride,” she said menacingly and started to jerk Brody’s cock with one hand whilst holding the knife pointing towards him.

A strange grumbling came from Brody’s stomach, causing the woman to laugh darkly. “Well, looks like someone’s hungry. Don’t worry, you can eat me later,” she said. An idea came into Brody’s head and he grabbed the knife hand with both of his hands, while opening his lower mouth wide. Without warning, he leapt forward and stuffed the woman’s head into his mouth. As she started to squirm, he started to swallow, pushing his head towards the ground to get more purchase. “Hey, you did say I could eat you,” Brody said from his top mouth as his lower mouth stretched out to swallow the woman’s shoulders. She still tried to put up a fight, and almost freed her knife hand, but the space in the cubicle was tight and she hit her hand against the wall, causing her to drop the knife. Using his arms to pin her arms to her side, Brody reached her breasts and started to struggle a bit. Deciding to use gravity as an ally rather than an enemy, he sat on the toilet and lifted the woman up, letting her slide further in to his belly. With his neck bulging out, he continued to swallow, reaching her waist and feeling some more resistance. A strange feeling in his tongue told him to try something, and he concentrated on sticking his tongue out. Seeing it reach her ankles, he wrapped it around them and used it to pull the woman in to his gaping maw. Finally, the feet passed into the abyss, and he closed his lower mouth with a click of his jaw. The bulge travelled down his neck, but as he looked down he saw no sign of the woman on his 8 pack—shit, he thought, when did I get an 8 pack?. Standing up and feeling no heavier, he pushed his hands down on his stomach. It felt full on the inside, but he couldn’t feel anything on the outside, even when he pushed it in. “Sweet,” he said out loud.

Looking at the door, he noticed that the woman’s struggles had jammed the lock shut. “Fuck! How do I get out of here?” he said aloud. Looking down, he saw that the cubicle door was four inches off the ground. I wonder, he thought. With his feet flat on the floor, Brody bent at the waist, pushing his hands under the door. As they reached the other side, he bent his elbows backwards and bent his fingers backwards to push against the door. Bringing his head closer, he turned it to the side and flattened it so that it was thin enough to fit under the door. Continuing to push he next flattened his chest, waist, and juicy ass down so that they could also squeeze under the door. He was almost through when he got his first problem—his trainers just wouldn’t fold enough, so he slipped his feet out of them, then reached under and pulled them through. Filling his body back out, and wiping off as much of the dirt from the floor as he could, he just stood laughing as he realised, he’d just squeezed his 6 foot 3 inch muscular frame through a four-inch tall gap.

Re-joining his friends, they asked where he had been. “Oh, just getting a bite to eat,” Brody said, innocently. Accepting his lame excuse, the boys partied on, with Brody taking to the dance floor a few more times, popping some impossible moves that had everyone speechless. His boyfriend just looked on—Yup, he thought, I am a lucky guy


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