Max’s morning wood

by TreborNawoc

Max makes a bet with his equally gifted boytaur brother about the size of his morning wood—only it’s a bit tougher to estimate when the wood in question is meansured in feet rather than inches.

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He looked into Aaron’s eyes as they sparkled like sapphires. With little effort, he slid two of his arms under his boyfriend’s huge chest and raised him until he lay on top of him. Max’s gaze never left Aaron’s eyes as he placed two hands on his boyfriend’s taut waist, and two hands on either side of his beautiful face. Slowly, he pulled his lover’s head towards him. Just as their lips were about to meet, Aaron opened his mouth and started licking all over Max’s face. “Aaron,” Max said from his lower mouth, “what the fuck?”

As his eyes opened, he was disappointed to see his pet Bernese, Rosie, licking his face rather than his boyfriend.

“Okay Rosie,” he said, gently batting the pup away with all four arms, “I’m up. I’m up...”

Rosie, duty done, pranced out of the room, taking Max’s duvet cover with her.

“Oh, c’mon Rosie,” Max moaned, a slight shiver running down his elongated spine. As he made a move to get up, he realised that part of him was more awake than others.

Lying his head back on his pillow, he sees his cockheads bobbing against the ceiling. He had always been proud about his cocks. He had been the biggest guy in school, and that was saying something when there were plenty of multiguys in Avonkirk High. Heck, his older brother was a world-famous porn star, known for his unique body, and Max had bigger cocks than him too. Speaking of his older brother...

“Hey Maxy boy,” Danny shouted from the hallway. “Time to get up—just cause mum’s away doesn’t mean you get to lie in...”

“Woah, look at the size of those things,” Danny said as his four muscular legs carried him into Max’s room. He was completely naked, as always—his taut frame known to millions of fans around the globe.

“Heh, speak for yourself,” Max said, pointing at his brother’s hardening cocks.

“Seriously bro, they’ve got to be at least 5 feet long...” Danny trailed off, feeling his arousal growing with every breath.

“Wanna make a bet?” Max said, wiggling his eyebrows. Danny’s ears pricked up.

“A bet? Sure. What are you thinking?” Danny replied.

“Well, if you can guess to within 2 inches what size they are then I’ll take care of your cocks, but if not, you have to take care of mine.”

“Deal!” Danny held out his right hands, and the brothers shook on it. Turning about on all fours, and flashing his rear butt at his brother, Danny dashed out the room. Returning, he holds up the tape measure to show Max.

“What’s that for?” Max asked.

“Oh, just to make sure nobody’s cheating,” Danny winked. “Okay, I’m going to guess... let me see... let me get the angle just right...”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, just take a guess!” Max shouted playfully at his brother, as Danny looked at the cocks from almost every angle.

“All right, all right,” Danny laughed. “So, within 2 inches?”

Max nodded.

“And you’ll take care of all of my cocks if I win?”

Max nodded again, rolling his eyes.

“Right. I’m going to guess 5 feet aaaaannnnd... seven inches.”

Smirking, Max simply gestured to his brother to take a measurement. Holding the tape measure in his bottom hands, Danny placed the end on Max’s enlarged ball-sack. Max shivered at the sensation before lifting himself up onto his upper arms.

“Aren’t you meant to breathe on it first?” Max joked.

“Hey, if you win, I’ll be doing a lot more than breathing on it,” Danny replied.

Using a free hand to hold Max’s long, thick cocks steady, Danny almost reached the top. Raising himself up on his hind legs, with his spiky hair brushing the ceiling Danny started to reel off the measurements.

“Let’s see, five-five... five-six... five-seven... five-eight... five-nine... shit!” Danny looked down at Max’s smiling face. “Five foot ten inches?! Holy shit, Max!”

“Yip,” Max said, as his other mouth gave a big, toothy, Cheshire Cat smile. “Now, I believe that there was some sort of bet made?...”

“Okay, bro,” Danny teased, “you asked for it.”

Throwing the tape measure to the floor, Danny positioned his head so that each mouth was sliding along Max’s cocks.

With well-practiced motions Danny started to kiss each cock, gliding his lips along each shaft, coating them with spit. As Max’s back arched in expectation, Danny slowly let out his tongues and alternated between licking and kissing. As he felt his brother’s cocks hardening further, a mischievous idea began to form in his head.

After a few more strokes, kisses and licks, Danny pulled Max’s cocks down at an angle. They’re still rock hard, but no longer brushing the ceiling (although the trails of precum on the ceiling will need cleaned up later...)

Opening his lower mouth wider than most people could imagine, Danny took both wrist-thick cocks into his mouth, sucking on them while jerking them off with all of his hands. As he took more and more inches in, he lowered his front legs back down to the ground. He felt all of his own cocks demand attention, but he would take care of them later.

“Okay, Maxy?” Danny asked from his upper mouth. His brother looked up.

“Careful, bro,” Max smiled back, “I’ve never had anyone come close to taking my cocks to the base before.”

“Huh...” Danny laughed, the feeling vibrating along Max’s shafts, “well, I’m not just ‘anyone’.”

Max’s eyes opened wide as he saw his brother rapidly slide all the way down his nearly 6-foot-long shafts, until Danny’s chin was resting against Max’s balls.

“Holy shit bro!” Max shouted. “How?...”

“There’s a reason I get paid the big bucks,” Danny laughed.

With both cocks now firmly inside him, Danny started to slide up and down, squeezing with his tongues, playing with Max’s balls with his hands, and licking all over with the tongues from his cock-free mouth. With the sensation of feeling some world-class techniques on his telegraph poles, Max soon reached bursting point.

“Oh fuck, Danny,” Max moaned, “I’m gonna... I’m gonna... fuck!”

With the last moan, Max’s head shot back in ecstasy. Danny felt the warm seed travel up the long, thick shafts as they rested in his throat, eventually depositing load after load in his stomach. After a few more minutes, the stream of cum slowed and Max fell back onto his bed.

“Okay, big guy,” Danny said, “time to get up for real now.”

With another patented Cheshire Cat grin, Danny decided to have a little fun. Using his well exercised stomach, oesophagus and throat muscles, along with his long tongues, Danny started to tie some knots in Max’s cocks. To hide the little prank, Danny lowered down to his knees and lower arms, resting on all sixes, his own cocks brushing against his body. Keeping his head just below Max’s line of sight he slowly slid the softening, knotted cocks out of his mouth until both heads emerged with a ‘pop’. Closing his mouth with a click, he stood up again, looking innocent.

“Okay, Max,” Danny said, “I’m gonna go and take care of these bad boys”—he points to his five cocks—”while you make us some breakfast, okay?”

“Uh,” Max moaned, still in the moment, “okay, bro...”

“Now make sure you do,” Danny said in a faux-stern voice, “or I’ll send Rosie in again.”

Turning on all fours, Danny pranced out of the room, his cocks wafting in the air. After another minute or two, Max finally decided to get up. Lifting himself with his four arms, he slid his butt to the foot of the bed, placing his feet firmly on the floor. As he stood up, he felt something off, but shrugged it off, until after a few steps...


Max tripped on his knotted cocks and fell to the floor.

“Danny, you fuck!” he shouted with both mouths, “I’ll get you back for this!”

In his room, Danny smiled as he continued to suck off his own prodigious cocks...

Avonkirk, #7 1,444 words Added Apr 2023 3,044 views 5.0 stars (28 votes)

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