The legend of Ben

by TreborNawoc

 When Ben found out the things he could do with his body, he became very popular with all of his randy dormmates.

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zzzt zzzt

Ben reached over and picked up his phone. Looking at the message he smirked, “That’s tonight’s plans taken care of…”

Thinking back, Ben was just a normal boy, like all the other 400 boys at Janus Academy, one of the most prestigious (and therefore expensive) boarding schools in the UK. Situated in the Highlands of Scotland, in a secluded spot of natural beauty, Ben always thought of Hogwarts when he saw it. There even seemed to be something magical about the school where all the boys were unbelievably attractive, and very fit. In fact, I don’t think there’s anyone without at least a six pack or bigger waist than 30”…

Then it all changed on his 16th birthday. His body went through a change like no other, which definitely made him the most popular boy in the school, not that the teachers could figure out why as all the boys kept the secret to themselves. Now 18 and in his final year, Ben liked using his ‘talents’ for fun more than anything.

zzzt zzzt

“Hmmm, getting impatient, boys. I’ll be there soon enough” he said out loud to no-one. One of the benefits of his parents’ wealth was being able to afford one of the few single rooms in the dormitories—unlike the boys who were messaging him from a 20-person dorm. It meant he could lie naked on his bed, without any of the teachers finding out what he was truly capable of, especially after lights out.

“Well, no time like the present,” he said, but didn’t make any move from his bed. Instead, he started stretching his neck towards the open window, his body still lying on his bed. His head continued towards the window, easily squeezing through the gap as he started heading straight for the 18-year-old boys’ dorm the messages came from.

With his neck stretching several hundred metres, he spots an open window in the room and his head goes through the gap. Stretching his neck further, he stopped with his head in the centre of the dorm. One of the boys looked up and excitedly whispered, “Guys, Ben’s here!” All 20 boys threw their covers off, showing their naked, fit bodies with their big cocks. Ben just smiled and turned his head to look at the floor.

Having gotten the idea from watching Orochimaru on Naruto, he decided to try something new. Slowly, a huge bulge made its way along Ben’s neck, squeezing through the window without any difficulty until it reached his head. Ben opened his mouth slightly as two hands suddenly burst out and forced his mouth open wide—wide enough to fit a full grown copy of Ben through it. As Ben 2 dropped to the floor and stood up, the boys took in the astounding sight—before them stood not a boy, not a man, but a God! All 6 foot 10 inches of muscle, topped with spiky blond hair and a face that would make any model look plain, with two python-like cocks between his legs, still soft but reaching past his knees. While the original Ben started withdrawing his neck back to his room, the new Ben looked around, smirked, and said, “Who’s first?”

The nearest boy looked at him sheepishly and asked, “Actually, we were wondering if you might be able to do all of us together?”

“Ha!” Ben laughed. “I like a challenge.”

Suddenly Ben’s two cocks started growing towards the nearest two boys—*that’s two* Ben thought. At the same time he slightly opened his stance, allowing another two similarly sized cocks to emerge from his ass—*that’s four, still 16 to go though*. From the belly button in his magnificent 10-pack abs another two cocks emerged, making six in total. An idea suddenly come to Ben. He closed his eyes and concentrated. The boys looking at him don’t notice anything at first (other than a look of sheer bliss on his beautiful face) but then they saw it—his head was getting wider. As his head got wider and wider, his shoulders also started getting wider to accommodate the growth. His nose split in two, and a third eye formed in between his two noses whilst his grin would make the Cheshire Cat’s grin look absolutely normal. Eventually, the new eye also started to split in two as Ben’s head and shoulders continued to stretch outwards. Finally, with a small ‘pop’, his two heads separated and he opened all four eyes, smiled with both mouths and said, “That’s better” in stereo.

Taking stock of the situation, he remembered that there were still 14 boys waiting on his ‘attention’, so he grew a cock out of each earhole and stretched them out to meet four boys—*that’s 10, we’re halfway there*. He then opened each mouth wider than any human mouth and grew 5 cocks out of each mouth. With 20 cocks now under his control, one each for the boys in the dorm, he folded his massive arms and allowed them all to grow towards a hole. Ben experienced absolute ecstasy as he heard all twenty 18-year-old boys moan in unison, giving them pleasure like they’ve never had before.

Meanwhile, back in his own room, the original Ben (still in complete control of his copy) started jerking off his own two cocks, whilst splitting his own head in two and stretching his necks over to suck himself off at the same time. So that he wouldn’t be entirely missing out, he grew a cock out of his belly button and stretched it towards his ass, feeling all of this and his copy’s bliss at the same time.

After 30 minutes of hot fucking, the boys were ready to shoot their loads. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, Ben grew an extra cock from each shaft, each of which had a mouth at the end instead of a cock head. He placed these cock-mouths over the boys’ cocks and started sucking. This finally burst the banks as all 20 boys in the room came together, as Ben sucked every last one of them dry. He shot his load from all 23 cocks in two bodies. As the boys lay exhausted, Ben started retracting his cocks back into his body, feeling every inch as they slither back into their respective holes. He then started merging his heads back together on both bodies. Back to ‘normal’, one of the boys looked at him and said, “Fuck, that was unbelievable.” Ben just smiled.

Suddenly the original Ben’s head stretched back into the room stopping over the copy of his body. With one swift move he opened his mouth incredibly wide and swallowed the copy whole. The boys watched in amazement as they saw the bulge travelling back along that very long neck. Original Ben just said, “Good night guys. See you all tomorrow for some more fun…”

Ben sat through the monotony of classes. After discovering his abilities he never had any problems with his classwork, and was by far the most intelligent person in the school, but he didn’t want any attention drawn to him so he made sure that he appeared unremarkably average. He even wore loose clothing, as he didn’t want anyone to see how ripped he actually was. Thankfully, Janus Academy didn’t have a school uniform so he was able to wear whatever he felt like.

After classes, Ben sat in his room doing his ‘homework’, completing it in less than a quarter of the time it would take anyone else to do—this was a sight to see in itself. He grew an six extra arms, six extra eyes and elongated his head so that his brain could expand to times its size—this way he could control each hand and eye independently whilst also absorbing and regurgitating the subjects at the same time. After one final check to ensure that he put enough mistakes in for it to appear average, he collapsed his body back to normal.

Picking up his phone he messaged Jason in the next door room to see if he was up for some fun after lights out, then lay down with his thoughts to keep him company. He thought about his remarkable body and some of the small, insignificant bits of his change. He had discovered that he no longer needed to breathe after deep-throating himself one night, but this meant that he had to still keep up the motions in case someone suspected something. He also discovered that he could digest anything that he wanted to, which meant that he hadn’t had to shit since he changed, leaving his ass simply as a pleasure tube. Alcohol had no effect on him, and he could drink vast quantities without it appearing on his body, like when he drained the swimming pool then pissed it all out again. As he could create body parts wherever he wanted on his body, he also could swallow with any part of his body, and he had tried swallowing with every part possible—his cocks, his ass, his belly button, his nose, his ears, even his tear ducts. He had also discovered that he could swallow things without digesting them and regurgitate them exactly as they were—he hadn’t tried that out on anyone yet, but maybe tonight…

zzzt zzzt

He picked up the phone as he drifted out of his thoughts. “Hey, I’m up for ‘fun’ tonight,” Jason had replied, with a picture of him lying on his bed naked. Jason was one of the hottest guys in the school, and Ben’s best friend. He was always up for trying something different, but Ben had always been careful not to freak him out.

The teachers were patrolling the corridors, announcing lights out, but that wasn’t exactly a challenge to someone with Ben’s talents. As soon as his lights were out and the teacher had moved on down the corridor, he threw the covers off and leapt out of bed. Stretching his torso up towards the ceiling, he spotted the crack in the wall between his and Jason’s room. It was no wider than a pencil, and only half as long, but that was more than enough for Ben. Stretching himself towards it, his face collided with the wall and started squeezing through the tiny gap. More and more of Ben oozed through, whilst his feet were still on the floor…

Jason heard a light tap as Ben’s face hit the wall next door—he knew his friend was on his way. He looked up and saw something flesh coloured oozing through a crack in the wall—eventually enough had come through that it formed into Ben’s face, and then his whole head. “Hey Jason. Hope I didn’t startle you too much,” Ben said.

“You know you could have just used the door, or the window,” Jason replied.

“Where would the fun be in that?” Ben asked. Jason just grinned. By now most of Ben’s upper body had reformed in the room, and his feet finally left the floor in his own room. After another minute Ben was whole again, stuck to the wall like Spider-man, looking down at Jason.

“Fuck, you are hot Ben,” Jason whispered. Ben just smiled a smile so wide that his cheeks actually stretched away from his face. With the grace of a gymnast he leapt to the floor, and stood up—his 6’10” frame completely hiding the fact that he just squeezed through a 4” by 0.5” gap in the wall. His cocks hung low, their heads down past his knees. Jason just whistled. “Ben, how about you show me what you can really do.”

“What do you mean?”

“Like, if you were on your own what would you do for fun?” Ben smiled.

“So you want a show, is that it?”

Suddenly Ben’s torso started to swell up, his belly growing to an enormous size. He sat down on Jason’s chair, opened his legs wide so that Jason could see his ass, just as a finger popped out of it, followed by another, and another, until two hands were now coming out of Ben’s ass. Ben kept smiling, showing no sign of any pain, as the hands grabbed both sides of his ass and violently pulled it open wide enough to fit a full size copy of Ben out.

“Shit, Ben, you’ve just gave birth to yourself.”

“That’s nothing,” Ben said. As his copy stood up, he twisted at the waist 180 degrees so that his upper body was facing the original Ben, who stood up and started caressing his copy with his hands. More and more hands appeared, until Jason lost count. Meanwhile the copy returned the favour to the original and grew many arms and hands and started feeling all over the original Ben’s body. Original Ben then shoved both his cocks up the copy’s ass, pushing them so far that they came out of the copy’s mouth. Opening his own mouth wide, Ben swallowed them both, and felt them continue to grow until they both popped out his ass. Ben’s cocks had now gone through two whole bodies and showed no signs of stopping. As he continued sucking and fucking, he grew a tongue out of his original ass to wrap around his cocks, giving them a tongue bath for good measure.

Feeling that Jason was missing out on some of the action, Ben changed one of his cock heads into a mouth, and said, “Do you want to join us?” Jason leapt towards the two bodies and soon found himself being caressed by many hands, whilst Ben shoved one of his cocks in his ass, another in his mouth, and used the one with the mouth to suck Jason’s cock. The fourth cock Ben made into another mouth, using its tongue to caress both of Jason’s nipples.

It wasn’t long before Jason came, and Ben sucked every last drop up—can’t have a mess for the teachers to find now, can we?—whilst Jason lay down on his bed, exhausted. Ben looked at his best friend and decided to ask him a question, but first he merged his two bodies, by becoming like a flesh colour goo and moulding into one Ben.

“Jason, can I try something new with you?” Ben asked, his eyes pleading.

“Only if I don’t have to move too much—you’ve taken all my strength!” Jason replied.

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll like this one, but just let me do all the work!”

Ben opened his mouth wide, wider than any normal mouth could open, but it kept getting wider and wider until it was big enough to swallow Jason whole. As Jason started heading towards Ben’s stomach, Ben closed his mouth and concentrated on what he was going to do to Jason. He sat down on Jason’s bed, looked down at his massive belly, then closed his eyes. Expanding his body to allow Jason to be comfortable, he started to take up almost the entire room. Inside, he concentrated and made his stomach more comfortable for Jason, including generating some light, then formed a head and neck inside his stomach so that he could talk to Jason. Jason was a bit nervous, but calmed down when he saw Ben’s gorgeous face appear.

“What are you planning on doing with me?” Jason asked.

“You’ll soon find out,” Ben replied.

Ben then stretched his head over to Jason’s and started kissing him. Jason soon noticed that Ben’s tongue felt like it was getting bigger, thicker, and had a familiar consistency to it. He pulled away for a second and saw that Ben had changed his tongue into another cock. He leant in again to kiss and suck, whilst another Ben suddenly appeared on a long neck stalk near his crotch. This head started sucking Jason’s cock, wrapping what felt like 3 separate tongues around it. Jason moaned in pleasure as a third Ben appeared and started licking out Jason’s ass before again transforming one of his tongues into a huge cock and sliding it in, slowly fucking him with both tongue and cock. After what seemed to be an eternity of ecstasy, both boys reached climax, with Ben shooting from two cocks, and Jason from his one cock. Exhausted, Jason just lay comfortably, chatting with the Bens until he started to feel sleepy. Ben withdrew his heads and simply split his torso in two, from navel to pecs, and slowly placed Jason on his bed.

After making sure Jason was comfortable, Ben turned to him and said “Good night buddy. Sweet dreams” before transforming into a flesh-coloured gas and flowing back through the crack in the wall, reforming in his own room and heading to his own bed. Both boys dreamt well that night!

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