The transform center

by Zboro

 Seb gets ahold of a business card for a strange place called Transform Center, after hearing a stranger at the gym talk about how big he’d gotten. Can it be for real? And what was all that about fantasy creatures?

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Seb was an average guy, or so he thought. Stats like 6 feet in height or a 6 and a half-inch penis made him a little above average, as well as his weight, last measured at 230 pounds. He went to the gym, so he had some muscles on him, but they didn’t show much behind a layer of fat he was trying to loose. Usually he looked at other guys thinking of their muscles, to be like one of those buff guys that talked about their routines, how many pounds they did last time on the bench press or squats. His muscle fantasies were just about envy, though. He was straight. He liked boobs. He’d enjoyed sexy time with his now ex-girlfriend and her stunning rack, but imagining having muscles over his body with a nice huge cock made him easily aroused.

Once he was checking out two guys doing bicep curls next to him. One of them had unbelievably huge guns and was encouraging his partner to go to a special organization and try their products. Seb thought it was about some kind of steroids, or other supplements he couldn’t afford with his student scholarship.

“I tell you it’s incredible feeling, you’ve got to try it too!”one said.

“I don’t know man. I don’t feel it is safe.”

“Oh come on! Look at me! Is something wrong? I look liked I always did. Maybe I have big muscles, but that’s all from the gym. Nothing changed. You seem to have a different attitude towards me after I went there.”

“Because it freaks me out! You said you turned into a fantasy creature? Just by drinking some stuff these people gave you? So why did you change back?”

“I told you a million times. It’s not only the drink you get, there are also… Other thing you have to do. Pleasant things. I can’t tell you more, since I signed a contract and can’t speak about what happened in the rooms.”

“Rooms? Now there are rooms? What? Like a testing laboratory? No. I’m not going into that. Too weird for me.”

“Come on! I’m telling you it’s totally safe!”

Seb was there doing his curls listening to those guys. It got him interested. Did he get some extra muscles from that thing? Or extra length in cock department? Just a peek at their direction… Ah, there are his gym shorts. Looks kind of normal, Seb thought to himself disappointedly. What man doesn’t want to be bigger down there? He had to keep going with his routine, so he went to do some chest exercises. Maybe he would bump on them later so he could admire those guns, and maybe hear a little more?

Unfortunately he didn’t. All through his workout he was trying to find those guys and pick machines next to them, but nothing helped. He gave up. Time to get to the locker room and get out of here for today. But there was a surprise waiting for him. The guys had their lockers next to him! And their shirts were already off. Oh yeah! Look at their muscles, so chiseled, so big. This guy’s pecs are so firm, oooh, he’s squeezing on of them while flexing his arm, I’m so hard, play it cool, just look away, not here, not here… And he heard them talking again.

“Dude, I have their business cards in my bag. I’ll give you one and I guarantee you’ll check them out. It’s incredible. To feel bigger, stronger, powerful…! Dude, trust me!” He handed a card to his friend.

“No. I said before and I’ll say it again: No. I trust you, but I don’t trust them. What if it is their marketing trick? One guy gets to feel incredible, then the others will get sick, or brainwashed. No,” he exclaimed and shredded the card into pieces. “No thanks. I’m going to take a shower now, and I don’t want to hear about that Transform thing again.” He grabbed a towel and stalked to the showers. The bigger guy stood there for a second, grabbed his towel and jogged to the showers too, shouting for his friend to wait for him.

‘Bigger? Stronger? Powerful?’ And earlier… ‘fantastic creature’? Damn, it had to be some kind of trick for sure… But what if… That guy was so sure it works, and tat it’s very pleasurable… Checking if there was anyone nearby, he dropped to the floor and collected the shredded business card. He would check it out later when he got home. But now, it’s time for shower! And I’m getting hard again justthinking about seeing those guys in there… naked.

In the showers he couldn’t see anyone else. It looked like he would be alone with those guys! After a moment he started hearing moans from the stalls. He could tell it was the smaller guy! Oh man, they think they are alone here, have to be silent! On this toes he came closer and glanced at what was happening. The smaller guy was standing, water going down his blonde hair wet going down to his neck. He wasn’t as developed as his friend, but man, those were really cut muscles, his torso, arms and damn his deep abs. Below that was… the bigger guy giving him head! That was the source of those moans. The bigger guy was going up and down on that dick, moving fast, up and down and with each slide of his lips a deep moan went from the blonde. With each move the bottoms of the muscle hunk’s pecs bounces, with each move his arms flexed, with each move he squeezed his friend’s ass with those meaty hands.

Seb had a rock-hard erection behind his towel. He couldn’t resist, he dropped the towel and started jacking off right there, focused on those guys. As the bigger guy pulled up on his blow-job, Seb saw the “smaller” guy’s penis and—hell, it wasn’t small. Seb couldn’t believe how the big guy was able to take it whole. It was 10 inches long easy, and thick. The big buy still was going up and down, up and down and started slurping the precum that was seeping out of the tip. The more he slurped the louder his friend moaned. Seb was trying not to moan himself from the scene that was right before his eyes. He let his eyes wander over their physiques. Below were thighs bulging with muscles, and the muscle guy’s amazing ass. The head-giver now moved his right hand to stroke his own erection. Now Seb thought he knew why the more muscled guy was blowing the smaller one—he wasn’t as endowed, and was about 8 inches. Still pretty big, bigger then Seb, but not as thick. Yay… At least I beat that guy in one thing.

“I’m about to cum!” shouted the blond.

“Yea, give it to me,” answered the “bigger guy” and begin to move faster and slurp louder.

“AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa” the other one groaned. Cum started spurting from the big cock and was swallowed. After a few shots the big guy backed off, and got some of the cum on his muscular chest and abs.

“You are so good at this, Brad.” Oh, that’s his name.

“I got better in The Center,” the muscle guy responded smugly.

“Oh my god, again with that?”

It was this moment Seb understood the sexy time was ended, and he should move back a little, so he couldn’t hear the guys talking. He was still hard, even though he’d cum along with those guys, and he had to shower. He made some noise and entered the shower area like nothing happened and he hadn’t seen what they were doing, covering his own erection with a towel. The guys were showering like normal people after a good pump in gym, semi-hard. Seb entered the last shower and ended up jerking his cock for the second time in the last five minutes. ‘I’ve got better in The Center’? They teach killer blow jobs there too? I’ll have to check it out in the net when I’m back home. When he was back in the locker room, Brad and his friend had already left. Maybe that was a good thing, though, because Seb couldn’t stand a third erection. He put some clothes on and went to his apartment as fast as he could to check the ripped-up business card.

Okay, let’s see what the card says. He threw all the parts on a table and started sorting them out, first the corners and ridges. Brad’s friend hadn’t put much attention to destroying the thing entirely, so it was easy enough to put the pieces on the right places. After five minutes he had the card taped together and could read it.

There was a red Chinese dragon going all the way around it. “Want to feel better? Want to feel bigger?” Oh hell I want that. “Want to be something more? Try us out! The Transform Center is at your service!” Oh hell yeah, I want to try that. Seb didn’t have much to lose, after all. He was a little above average, but who doesn’t want to be bigger? Or way more than average? He looked again the card, turned it to see the other side. There was no address, no nothing. The hell l am I going to find it if there is no address? Damn… Let’s see if the internet says anything. He put the phrase on Google. Enter. Nothing. White screen.Try again. Enter. Nothing again.

Seb felt miserable. The way for his averageness to go away had melted away in a second. Well, it was good to fantasize. He would try to work harder in the gym. And maybe he would meet Brad again, and the “bigger cock” guy. But maybe he was too naive to believe in something like this. How can you change? Into a fantastic creature? Ha! How could he fall for that? Now off to sleep, but before that… maybe another session with his cock won’t hurt him, after all. It was a pretty busy day for him.

He woke up in the middle of the night. There was someone banging to his door. What the hell? Do you people know what time it is!? He grabbed a pepper spray just in case and went to the door cautiously. The banging hadn’t stopped. Seb opened the door a little but it was enough. A big guy smashed through, shattering the door to pieces, and two more guys jumped from behind him. Seb tried to use his spray, but futilely, because the other two grabbed his arms and turned them behind him. The three stood straight and a fourth man entered. He was in a suit, stood tall at about 6 and a half feet and so broad he had to had to turn sideways to enter the room. He had a bag in his hand and put it over Seb’s head. After that Seb lost his consciousness.

He woke in an office. He was sitting in a chair. There was a desk in front of him and the same guy in the suit behind it. The guy had a square jaw, short black hair and a tiny nose. Seb had time to look around and at him. Around him was just a normal office—a flower in a corner, and some lockers. And a few bodyguards…

“Welcome, Seb—” He checked some papers. “… Derrys. Seb Derrys? Am I right?”

“Where am I?” Seb answered.

“I’m here to ask questions and give instructions. Are you Seb Derrys?”

“Yes. Where am I? Who are you people?”

“You should know that. You searched for us on the Internet. How did you get that card?” He showed him a business card he glued together earlier. The one with dragon around and talking about bigness.

“I found it in a locker room. Some guys talking about it. Is it forbidden?”

“No, just asking who should we thank for our newest customer.”


“As I said. You are now our customer. It is written on the dragon. Around his body there’s a text. Haven’t you read it?” The guy threw the card across the table for Seb to see.

“No. Of course not, it’s so tiny.”

“Anyway. Let’s start immediately. Here, drink this.” When he said that a man walked to the room with a cup in his hand and put it on table very carefully not to spill a drop.

“What? What is this? I still don’t know what am I doing here.”

“The Transform Center. This should be an answer to all of your questions. Now drink.”

“Okaay… But what is in the drink? What am I going to do?”

“First you have to drink, without that we cannot start. And you cannot say no.”

“What? Why?”

“The text on the dragon. It’s like a contract. Drink, or we will have to make you drink that with not so pleasant ways as asking you to.”

“Okay, okay.” Seb took the drink. He didn’t have any choice. He wasn’t a fighter, and they had a numeric advantage anyway. Plus, if it was all true… If it really is the Transform Center… Maybe I really could change? After all the place exists… Brad said the truth… The drink smells sweet… There is only one way to find out! “Bottoms up!” And he drank in few large gulps the whole cup.

“Good. That’s a start. Now, you drank an antidote to what will happen to you. If you fail to move forward, you will come back to your normal body. At the end you will find a neutralizer. If you manage to get to it you will be able to stay in the form you have become. Good luck and have fun.” He pointed a door and a man next to them opened them with a key. Well… here I go… There is no going back now…

He entered the next room. Brad was right… He spoke the truth… There was some kinky stuff going on here…

Brad was right… He spoke the truth… There was some kinky stuff going on here…

The room was pretty bigand abnormally high, around 20 feet across with a large bed in the center and a small bar near one of the walls. But that wasn’t the thing that had Seb staring in awe. He was standing in front of a fantasy creature… a dragon!

He was 7 and a half feet tall and his scales were blue with white patterns all around, a large muzzle, and horns on his head. And his physique… Not as large as Brad or the “smaller guy”, but on a 7 and a half foot frame it was quite a view. Lean abs with a nice pecs above them and biceps showing some thick veins. But below that there was a pillar of a real dragon. A cock, looking like a normal human penis, was 9 inches long and easily 7 around, still soft. And balls in his nutsack were like large plums. His thighs were hard with muscles. And he had wings behind him spread wide and their wingspan was like 16 feet. The dragon was smiling with a wild grin on his face.

“Hello there,” the dragon said. “I’m Wearys, you?”

“AAAaaaa… ” was all Seb could say with his jaw wide open, because he was still staring at the creature in front of him, getting harder with every second.

“Ah, you are new here? Want me to show you around?”

“AAAaaaa… ”

“Okay, looks like you’re enjoy the view here, hehe.” The dragon flexed his biceps, more veins poped up, pushed his hips forward so his cock jumped and bobbed, also getting harder, now around 10 inches.

“I think you should take those clothes off,” the dragon suggested. “It’ll get quite hot here in a short while.”

“AAAAaaaaa… ”

“Here, let me help you.” Wearys walked closer to Seb and with just one swing of his paw he tore off Seb’s shirt like he was tearing down a paper. “MMmm… You don’t look so big in a shirt, I like that… ”

Seb was just standing there bewildered that there was a dragon here. A dragon that was so hot, so big. He didn’t know what to do. He tried to cover his erection, but failed miserably when the shirt fell in tatters to the floor.

“OOhh… someone is turned on… ” With that the dragon’s dick throbbed more and rose to a whooping 13 inches in length, and a good 10 inches around. “Let’s see what you got there!” And with that said he swung his paw and took down Seb’s pajama trousers. “MMMmmm… nice… ” The dragon said, coming closer. Now he was so close his dick was pressing against Seb’s stomach and pecs. “Hmmm… so, they didn’t tell you what to do? Hmmm…?”

“N-N-nooo,” Seb stammered.

“Let me help you out, then.” Wearys took Seb by the arm, gently and brought him to the bed. “Now lay down and enjoy.” The dragon knelt in front of him and took Seb’s cock into his maw.

“MMMMmmm” came from Seb’s mouth and he came instantly, spurting his cum into the big dragon, who took it all.

“Looks like you are really impressed by me… hehe… Now let’s get to work for real!”

Wearys started moving his tongue around Seb’s penis. It was impressively long, and sometimes slid out of his mouth to lick Seb’s balls, which were aching now, trying to produce new sperm after such a sudden release. “MMMmmm” Seb moaned. The dragon used his hands to grab the human’s chest, then he started turning himself, all the time blowing his cock. He was moving around so that finally his dick was in front of Seb’s face, who got the hint and started licking the massive dick. They were in a 69 position and Seb tried to put his dragon-partner’s cock into his mouth. It was so thick he had to use both his hands to encircle it and guide to his watering lips. He tried as best as he could, but finally was able to put the head inside.

It was the dragon’s turn to moan with pleasure. “Yea, you are getting good at it,” he growled, and went back to blowing Seb’s smaller cock. Seb was in ecstasy. It washis first time getting head, much less by a dragon! It was amazing. He was also giving head to the biggest cock he have ever seen in real life.

Now the dragon started swinging his hips to put more of his cock into Seb’s mouth. It was really a tight fit, but slowly human could take more of it going down his neck. Seb couldn’t take it any more and came again, the dragon swallowed the whole load and came too, since the human was doing a great job on his large shaft. “Drink it boy, drink it all!” shouted the dragon. And Seb did, he didn’t have much of a choice since half of the cock was in his mouth and he couldn’t force the huge, strong dragon off him. So he swallowed, and swallowed, load after load. It was thick, but sweet and a little salty at the same time. He loved the taste, he just wanted more and more. With every load his stomach growled and expanded a little, there was so much cum. After a while the dragon stopped and pulled away to lay panting on the other side of the bed, next to Seb, who now had a nice and round belly.

They were laying on a bed for a while. Eventually Wearys got up and went for a chair behind a bar and put it in front of the bed. Seb felt dizzy now, and his body was all itchy. He felt something, like a twitch, a flex of his muscles. He decided to sit up, and saw Wearys hard again and masturbating in front of him, enjoying the view. He was shocked again by a twitch and looked at his arms. The fat that used to be there was evaporating! He could see his arms and thighs get smaller, because the fat was vanishing together with his cum stocked belly. He felt another twitch, almost painful, as his muscles started flexing and swelling a little in front of his eyes. His belly getting smaller by every second and he was getting buffer. His pecs started to inflate, a little at a time, like his biceps, triceps and thighs! It was like getting a similar shape as Wearys, but the dragon was tall and stretched.

Seb was rock hard again, all 7 inches… Wait, My cock too?! Now 8 inches, and getting thicker too… another inch and another one came into his length, there was no sign of stopping. He touched his dick and felt his hands expand together with his dick. That feeling was incredible—he wanted to cum so badly, but something was not allowing it. He felt his balls grow too, once a mere almond size, now going bigger and bigger until they were the size of golf balls. Suddenly the growing stopped, but it was just a pause because hardly a moment passed before he started another surge—except this time it was his whole body that was growing. His height, his frame getting broader, his legs lengthening, his cock and balls growing too together with everything. It was painful, and le let loose a roar, but he was imagining himself after the whole process had ended and it was glorious fantasy.

Wearys knew exactly what would happen and clearly had got the best seats in the house for it. Now he leaned closer and started to suck on Seb’s cock, again twisting his tongue and the growing shaft in his mouth. Seb started to change more. His skin started to contract and red scales started to appear all over his body. His feet started lengthening and getting wider and redder with every heartbeat. He was growing, swelling, increasing in every direction, more and more. He felt so powerful now, having super hot blue dragon sucking on his growing cock, feeling his muscles swell and expand, feeling his bones cracking and adjusting to his new height and mass.

The feeling faded, and Seb missed it. He stopped growing, but he felt his back tingling and a second later wings sprouted form his back—wide, red, strong wings that could take him into the air. He stood up with their help, grabbed Wearys behind his head and started rocking his hips back and forth. All 14 inches of his thick shaft was in the dragons maw, he saw the other dragon’s neck swelling with every push. The last change was to Seb’s face—his jaw started to lengthen, turning into a muzzle, his teeth getting longer and sharpen. Seb’s head lost all its hair for red scales and several black horns. The two at the front were longer at around 10 inches, going straight up from his skull.

Seb let out a mighty roar with deeper tone than normal as the change was complete and he knew was fully a dragon. At the same time he came hard into the dragon’s maw in the strongest orgasm Seb had ever experienced. Wearys grabbed Seb’s ass with one hand and cupped his now lemon sized balls to take all the seed he could take from Seb. He came and came, the dragons belly was growing this time with every spurt. After what seemed like five minutes of constant cumming, the dragons collapsed into the bed again. Seb was so exhausted he fell asleep immediately.

Seb woke up a while later and saw the other dragon doing something near the bar. He stood up and noticed that he stood on his toes with his heels above the ground, like a real dragons. He had to get used to his new height. When he walked closer to Wearys he could see he was bigger at 8 feet tall, and his 14 inch cock sprung to life again. There was a full length mirror on the wall, which he could swear wasn’t there when he entered that room. Standing in front of it, he took in a magnificent view. He was tall, muscular, red scales with black patterns around his body—twists, stripes and serpents. Chiseled abs, nice, toned pecs, bices that twitch with every move, monster dick, huge balls, massive thigs. He saw that behind him was a long red tail swinging with joy at his new size and beauty. It had to be eight feet long from where it emerged from his spine. He spread his wings with delirious pleasure, guessing his wingspan at around 16 feet wide, almost touching the walls on both sides of the room. Seb flexed his muscles and almost felt like cumming from just looking at his reflection.

“Look who’s up,” Wearys remarked.

“Yeah… That was an intense… night? I don’t even know what time of day it is.”

“I really enjoyed it, as I think you did as well,” Wearys said, and wild smile came on his face. “Now you should go.”

“Go? I’d love to stay here with you.”

“You’ve been here for enough time.”

“Uh… So now I have to get out of here to my miserable, average life?”

“No… They didn’t tell you anything?”


“Well… Here’s a key to that door. Off you go. Good luck and have fun!”

“But there are no other doors than the one I came here?”

“There are now. You may walk through them or go back. It’s your choice. But by going back you will not get to the Neutralizer.”

So there is only one way. He took the key. Opened the door and walked past them, the door closing behind.

Another room. Another dragon.

Another room. Another dragon.

Oh damn… And I thought everything crazy happened in the previous room.

In front of him was standing a yellow-colored dragon, but the difference was that he was huge. Taller than Seb by about 6 inches, but the greatest difference was in muscle department. The guy was enormous. Pecs like large pillows that stand out of the body for several inches, with nipples that barely seen the light, because they were facing the floor, shoulders bigger than bowling balls, biceps and triceps closing to 35 inches around, hard with muscles, forearms at 20 inches, thicker than Seb’s arms! Above him his wings were swinging, also much thicker and muscular than Seb’s, since they had to take more than twice more mass in the air! His pec cast a large shadow on this dragon’s eight-pack abs, that was so deep and cut you could go for sightseeing into those valleys for a day and it wouldn’t be enough. Looking lower he saw his hips widening into thick, muscular thighs, like mountains rising from his legs. And between them—a Cock. This thing was 11 inches long, soft… Only for a moment, don’t worry. I’ll take care of that! It was also plenty thick. Seb could flex his bicep and that cock would rival its circumference! And then, those balls! Hanging low around that dragon’s knees at the side of melons. You could almost hear the cum sloshing and flowing in there when the dragon was moving around the room.

“At last, I thought you hadn’t gotten past Wearys,” the yellow dragon said.

“No, we’ve just had great time together and I didn’t want to move on,” Seb confided.

“Oh… Then I look forward to what will happen in here,” the dragon said with a wild sparkle in his purple eyes.

“Me too. My name’s Seb.”

“Kostro,” the other dragon replied. “I like your horns.”

“Thank you,” Seb answered and moved closer to the dragon,grabbing his waist with his hands. Kostro was soft when touched, but then he flexed his pecs and arms. They were hard as marble, Seb tried to push them but he failed, even using all of his strength. The dragon did a double bicep pose and Seb was hard in no time, his dick pressing into his new partners huge balls. He started to kiss the bigger dragon on his neck and chin.

“Looks like you are ready for the fun.”

“I love your muscles.”

“I can see and feel that. MMMmmm… ” the dragon moaned as the kissing continued and moved to his pecs. “You can have them, you know?”

“I hope so… ” Seb answered in-between his kisses.

“All you have to do is drink.”

Drink? Like the previous time—my mate’s cum? If yours tastes the same, than with pleasure, thought Seb to himself, not able to speak, since his lips were glued to the hunk’s nipples.

“MMMmmm… Go on… you can have it… All you have to do is to take that fluid out of me… ”

The newly transformed dragon didn’t have to be asked twice. He moved lower and lower with his kisses, camping for a while on mounds of abs and getting closer to the cock, which was now rock hard, as Seb could feel it pressing into his own pecs. He grabbed it with his hand and tried to squeeze, but with no effect since it was like the dragons muscles, hard as steel, unbendable with Seb’s strength. All 15 inches of a thick cock stood straight from Kostro’s groin. Seb kissed the whole length from the base up to the tip, slowly, to make the moment longer, more intense and then he started licking the cock, from top to bottom and back. His new tongue was just made for it, longer and thinner so he could twist it around the huge cock. Finally he put that dick into his maw, which after the transformation was long enough to take half of that shaft.

“Do you know why I like your horns?” Kostro asked.

“HMMMnohmpmh” Seb tried to speak.

“This is why,” the other dragon replied. With that the dragon took Seb’s horns in both hands and started moving his head back and forth, so he was taking more and more of cock into his mouth. Cock was pushing into his throat and back out again. Seb couldn’t breathe and tried to stop, but he was too weak compared to the bigger dragon. He tried to loosen his neck muscles and it helped a little, but he was still struggling for breath. Kostro still was fucking Seb’s muzzle with roars and moans.

“Damn you. You are really good at it.”


“I’m glad you like it!”

Seb finally found a good position for him to breathe with that thick rod in his throat and could enjoy the fuck. He again started to move his tongue around the shaft, making Kostro moan with pleasure even more, which then turned into faster thrusts. Seb started to play with Kostro’s balls, those huge and heavy orbs that were waiting for a release. He hugged them, massaged them making his fellow roar, and he felt them going up, starting to pump the seed into the cock.

“I’m cumming!!!” screamed the dragon.

Seb could feel the jizz going out of those balls, going up through the base of the shaft that was around his lips at that moment, then he felt that cock thickening by incoming seed, and at the end deep inside his throat where the tip was located. Sweet cum started going down to his stomach, making his belly growl and stretch. He could feel again Kostro’s balls tense up and another spurt of cum was going the way of the first, landing in his hungry stomach and making it swell a little more.

And again and again and again.

His belly was inflating like a balloon, stretching his scales to its limits, and then some more. Kostro’s balls were much bigger than his previous fellow dragon, and the whole load was much bigger. At the same time Seb was cumming too, his spurts jetting up and covering Kostro’s balls and abs in thick, white cum. Shot after shot he was emptying his balls tothe last drop. Seb moved his muzzle away from the giant cock he just serviced and rolled over next to a bed with his gut sloshing full with dragon’s cum.

He waited, breathing hard and looking up at Kostro, who has smiling and laughing.

“You think this is the end?” he asked.

“Last time it worked.”

“Well… every dragon is different and I’m not done yet.”

Kostro walked over, lifted Seb up like he was just a feather and put him on the bed with knees still on the floor so his whole rear was nicely positioned. “Are you ready?”

“For what?”

Kostro lifted Seb’s tail up with one of his hands and smacked his ass with second one. Seb gulped. He had never been fucked before—hell, he hadn’t even imagined himself sucking dicks just a day ago, and now here he was, an eight-foot-tall dragon with huge dick, on his knees, full of cum and about to get dragon-skewered.

“Relax,” said the bigger dragon and bend down to lick Seb’s ass. It was kind of pleasurable. Kostro put his tongue inside that ass and twisted it and slurped. He took away his tongue, stood straight and then put a finger in the ass.

“HNNNGH” escaped Seb’s maw. Maybe this wouldn’t be so good…

“Now you are ready,” said Kostro putting another finger inside. Seb grunted loudly in response. He was in pain, not surprising as it was his first time being penetrated by another person… dragon… and he knew he had a huge dick to take. A third finger entered his ass.


“Ok, I think you are stretched enough, now comes the main event!”

Kostro aimed his dick and pushed it into the hungry ass. Seb was stretched beyond limits, his belly sloshing with cum, his ass getting wider each second by cock that he was being impaled on. The dick was going in further and further… 8 inches, then 9 inches, 10 inches. Then suddenly Seb felt pleasure as Kostro hit his spot and he relaxed himself finally, allowing more of that unreal cock inside. The top dragon felt that and started going faster. Before Seb knew it, all 15 inches was deep inside him. He started to back up and with great force thrust again all the way in. Seb was floating on his belly, back and forth and he loved every second of it.

If only he had some cum left he would spurt it, but the previous orgasm left him dry. Back and forth again, dick out and in again. He felt Kostro’s balls hit his gut and hard dick that was forced down by that belly and orgasm hit him, without cumming, but his cock spasming. Kostro was also in ecstasy, feeling how tight the smaller guy was, feeling his sack hitting his partner, feeling all of his cock in that nice ass. He was soon on the edge and he couldn’t hold it any longer. Seb could feel again that Kostro was cumming. He could fell his ass hole stretch a little more when cum was shooting through that magnificent cock, he could feel it stretching his insides. The pleasant warm fluid seemed to coat his insides, filling him further. More of it came from Kostro’s balls and Seb could feel himself rising higher because of his belly expanding again. It was swelling and swelling, looking now like a pro couch potato. Finally the flow stopped and Seb was spent. Kostro took his dick out and some of the cum leaked out, he walked to the bar and started preparing a drink for himself, watching Seb with anticipation.

Seb rolled over to see the other dragon, and sat on his stretched ass, feeling it tighten so as not to leak any more cum. He looked at Kostro and seeing that face he knew exactly what would happen now, and smiled wildly. He felt it again, the tingling over his body, it started to intensify and when he looked at his swollen belly he could say that it was now shrinking. His stomach was absorbing the potent seed into him, feeding his muscles and bones to grow.

Seb could see his biceps tense, flex and expand, power flowing through them. His shoulder getting bigger and rounder with every second, until they grew to the size of bowling balls. His wings behind too were getting thicker because of his increasing mass, spreading wider and wider, now around 20 feet. His forearms thickened together with his hands making them wider and stronger. His pecs, a few second ago just toned, now were growing with great speed jutting out of his body. Mounds of hard flesh growing in front of him until his nipples were facing down and Seb couldn’t see them. He could only moan and roar with pleasure. He could feel his back growing, his lats spreading his arms wide. His belly was getting smaller and with it he could see his legs, that were not forgotten by the magic juices. Thick as tree trunks with muscles and still growing a little more, his feet and calves getting wider and stronger to support the dragons increasing weight. His belly was no more and abs started to shine. Firstly just some bumps but a second later there was an 8 pack of huge abdominal muscles that put Kostro to shame. His waist started to thicken and widen too to match his torso making his abs look even bigger. He was still looking at Korso who was masturbating furiously behind the bar and he could see that he didn’t have to look up as much as before. I must have grown taller too!

He felt his balls grow too, small lemons going into oranges and then large melons, all the better for quickly producing cum. His dick tensed too, gaining another inch in length to a whooping 15 inches—I’m as big as Kostro!—and thickening until the circumference had the same digits as his length. A 15 x 15 inch dick was magnificent and all his. He started massaging his newly grown member with his hands, up and down they went, barely going around its shaft. It was too much for the dragons and they came together. Seb was cumming all around himself, his orgasm so strong cum was flying above his head smacking the wall behind the bed, which also got a fair amount of jizz. He aimed the tip to his maw and pecs so he could taste himself and it was great. Kostro who was standing on the other side of the room was cumming too and with such a force he hit Seb a few times with his cum, who eagerly licked it from his maw. They roared together and moaned together, walls shaking with that power. They came and came sinking the floor in wet, white fluid and newly muscled dragon fell asleep, because it was too much for him to handle.

When he woke up again there was a mirror on the wall and he decided to get there as quickly as possible, but found out that when he was sleeping Kostro joined him and was lying on top of him. Oh… He’s so huge, so firm to the touch… But I got to see myself… Sorry pal… With that he tried to push him aside and it worked. He was much stronger now and moving his friend around wasn’t a problem. Gently he took his head from his pecs, Ooohh that felt so nice… Why am I doing this to myself, took his arms from around him and stood up and up, taller than he was before. In front of the mirror stood a dragon bodybuilder. Arms wide, thick with muscles, pecs bigger than pillows, abs so dense and sculptured he thought only statues could look like that. His thighs were tight… He couldn’t see half of them because his dick was on the way blocking the view, but that wasn’t a problem. His dick was 11 inches soft, growing in front of his eyes to full mast revealing large melon sized balls beneath. Seb lifted his ballsack with his hand, but figured out that one was too few and had to help with the other one, to marvel his thighs, flexing them.

By the time Seb was done checking out how much he grew, Kostro had woken up and walked silently to his friend, grabbed by his waist and pulled closer so that he felt his dick deep in his abs looked up to see Seb’s eyes and kissed him in the lips. Their tongues were swirling around each other, pulling deeper into their mouths. Kostro was getting hard and his dick was pressing into Seb’s huge balls. They broke the kiss.

“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had,” Kostro said.

“Thanks,” Seb said. “I must say that was my first time and if felt amazing.”

“Really? Well, you did a really good job with that ass of yours.” The yellow dragon smacked Seb’s ass and he felt his dick pulse. “Hmmmm… ready for more?”

“Oh yes, I thought you would never ask!”

“Uh uh uh. Not with me. Here’s a key.”

“There are more huge dragons here?”

“Yes, and they wait for you to come. But remember, every dragon has different needs, but they may seem the same.” He stroked Seb’s cock with that and felt his whole body shudder. “Now good luck and have fun!”

Oh I will have my fun!

Seb went to the door and opened it and went through.

“Hello there, little guy,” said a voice from inside the next room.

“Hello there, little guy,” said a voice inside.

Seb saw a dragon speaking this. He was green with white strap on his neck going down, probably to his belly, he couldn’t say because the dragon was standing behind the bar and only his torso was in sight. He was muscular, but not as spectacularly as Seb was now, after the last growth spurt he had by drinking Kostro’s cum and being fucked by him. His new friend was around 7 and a half feet tall, his wings almost as large as Seb’s. His biceps were around 25 inches around, his abs were cut deep, and pectoral muscles proudly stuck out of his body. He was drinking something from a mug.

“Little?” Seb asked.

“Yeah, little.”

Seb flexed his bicep.

“You think that my muscle is puny?”

“Not only muscles count.”

“Then you think my dick is small?” He reached for his throbbing cock, all 12 inches starting to harden and getting thicker.

“Well… On your frame it looks pretty small. You’re like 9 feet tall? And only 15 inches hard?”


The dragon walked around the bar, revealing lower part of his body, and Seb could only open his maw and gasp loudly. “Yeah, only 15 inches.” The green dragon started to stir his hips in circular motions and his cock—or rather, his third leg—started to move around, hitting the guy’s knees. It has to be at least 2 feet long, still soft! Oh fuck! I want that cock! Not only was it long but also very thick, almost rivaling the dragon’s biceps! Underneath the cock there were two balls as large as the biggest of watermelons so the cock was resting on them. Seb was hard in no time, just thinking of the possibilities of him growing his own penis to such monstrous proportions. He saw also that the dragon’s feet were much wider than Seb’s.

“Maybe introductions are in order?” he said. “My name is Seb and I’m going to give you the greatest pleasure you have ever felt.”

“Heagen. And we will see about that pleasure. But if you are so willing, you’d better drink this.” He reached to the bar and took a cup with a strange liquid inside. “I’ve prepared this while waiting for you, just in case.” He handed it to Seb, who smelled it—its aroma was heady with orange and a hint of apple. Can’t be something bad if smells so good, Seb thought.

“The drink is called The Stretcher,” Heagen said. The green dragon started to rub his penis with long strokes with his hand making his cock harder and longer each time his hand was moving down. This guy’s not only huge, but also a grower! Seb couldn’t take his eyes off of it, seeing it grow longer. Two feet became 2 and a half and then more, and more. The cock started to rise, now at 45 degree angle, getting longer and thicker, starting to stick straight out from Heagen’s groin. Heagen put both of his hands under his cock and lifted it, until it completely covered his abs, reaching his pecs and still swelling. It stopped when the cock was 3 and a half feet in length, almost as wide as Headen’s waist. He leaned down a little and licked the tip, tasting the precumthat was already seeping out of it. Seb licked his maw with his long tongue and started to move his hand that was holding the cup to his mouth and he drank it all with one fast gulp. He felt his neck, ass and hips getting a little wider and softening to the touch.

“I see how does this Stretcher works…” he murmured, envisioning what was to come.

“Haha, what else did you expect? To make you bigger? Nooo, you have to deserve that. And while we are speaking… I am waiting…”

Seb didn’t hestitate, moving in response to what Heagen had just said. He stepped closer to him, grabbed him by the waist and leaned in for a long, passionate kiss, while their cocks were pressed against each other, squeezed between their huge dragon bodies. Seb worked his tongue down his fellow’s throat, twisting it, caressing the inside of that mouth and the other tongue. After ten minutes of moaning they broke the kiss.

“Now that’s a good start,” Heagen said.

“It’ll get much better,” Seb answered and quickly started to lick the tip of the 3 and half foot cock.

“No, no, no…” The green dragon moved back, leaving his friend open mouthed with precum drippling from his muzzle. “Now let’s see how well the Stretcher worked for you in practice. Lay down on the bed,” he ordered. Heagen knew he had great power over Seb, since the huge dragon was so intoxicated by his enormous penis and was willing to do anything to get it. Seb obeyed and moved to the bed, lay down at the edge on his back and raised his legs up revealing his hungry, swelled by The Stretcher ass.

Heagen grabbed that cheeks and started massaging them. “MMM… So firm and so eager…”. Then proceeded to slap that rump with his penis, each hit making a loud smack sound, while some of his cum stuck to the muscled dragon’s butt. Heagen then shoved his huge prick into that hole and heard Seb’s ROOOOOAAAAR when his butthole was being torn by that thick rod. He was coming closer to the bed, while his dick sliding deeper into Sebs anus, who was roaring louder and louder. “Yes, my small friend! Scream when I’m in you! Scream and feel the power of my huge dick!” Heagen backed up a little just to move forward faster a second later.

Roars turned into moans as two feet of dragonhood was inside Seb. He could feel Stretcher working inside him, moving his organs to accommodate more and more of the green dragon’s cock—which he could see, because the outline of it was clearly visible under his thick absshoving up and up, reaching his sternum. Finally Seb could feel Heagen’s balls slap his ass cheeks. All three and a half feet of dragonhood was inside him and now Heagen started to rock his hips back as much as he could, just to ram it again all the way into Seb.

As he rode Seb, the green dragon took Seb’s feet and started licking them, circling his tongue around those long toes ended with shard claws, putting them in his mouth and sucking. Seb wasn’t that much into most foot fetishes, but it felt nice and warm, so he just moaned in pleasure and started to guide his tail to caress those huge balls swinging between Heagen’s legs, to lift them, to touch them, to feel those enormous orbs and the cum that was sloshing in them. Then he moved his tail around to the back, slapping Heagen’s ass.

It was too much for Seb to handle, his ass pounded by behemoth cock, his foot in a warm, wet mouth, his tail wrapping those huge balls. He was in ecstasy and after a minute of fucking in this state he suddenly couldn’t hold off from cumming. His spunk shot straight onto his massive pecs and into a muzzle that was open from screaming in raw joy. More and more semen was pumping tirelessly from his melon balls.

He was completely coated in his own white spunk when it ended and Seb felt empty. Not because he’d exploded like a firehose, but because there was something missing now. He looked at his belly and it wasn’t bloated, he could see his glistening abs—no cock inside and, what was more important, no cum inside him. Heagen was lying next to him on the bed with his rigid phallus resting on his chest.

“What’s wrong? You didn’t enjoy that? Why didn’t you cum?” he asked.

“That was awesome, but you need to do more than just get yourself fucked to get my delicious juices.”

“What do I have to do?”

“I don’t know, but get to work since I’m already hard.”

Seb didn’t hesitate and started to take his cum off of him by rubbing it into Heagen’s penis, who seemed to enjoy the touches and wetness by moaning slightly. He then stood up and started coating those huge orbs, massaging them with wide circles. With that stimulation Heagen’s cock started leaking precum, which immediately disappeared in his maw, because he only needed to lean a little to be able to wrap his mouth around the tip. Hey! That should be mine! I’ll show you who’s the boss now! Seb couldn’t stand that he didn’t get his share of those exquisite juices, so he pulled the dragon’s nutsack up and rammed his now-rehardened cock into Heagen’s ass.

“MMMMhhhhhng, you really want that, don’t you?” the green dragon mumbled when he got his muzzle off his cock.

“Oh hell yes!” He put more force into his fucking, moving back and forward and he could see Heagen’s balls jump up and down with every thrust he made.

That’s not enough! Seb thought. He his mate wasn’t moaning with pleasure or joy yet. He had to do something more. Hmmm… What to do? I need that cum! Then he remembered that he had his feet sucked. Maybe that’s the point? He grabbed both feet and moved them up to his chest, he had to bend a little for that and started licking those overgrown toes. Now he could see that each feet was as wide as one of his pecs. Seb took his tongue out of his mouth and started to swirl around those thick toes and with every twist Heagen moaned with more enjoyment. With such big feet I’m not surprised they are so sensitive. Seb put the biggest toe into his maw and started sucking on it.

“MMMmmmm, don’t stop!” was the response from his lover.

“I’m not going to stop until I have that juice of yours!”

“So far it’s all mine!” Heagen teased and started to suck more enthusiastically on his own huge prick, just to goad Seb even more. In response Seb took another toe into his maw and then the next one. He bit his teeth into the foot, sending electric shivers up the leg and then to the cock he wanted so badly. The roles were completely reversed compared to what happened earlier, and Seb could feel Heagen’s tail circling around his melon-sized balls, between his massive thighs and on his ass, caressing his stretched hole. What? Heagen moved his tail inside Seb. A mighty roar issued form Seb’s mouth.

“Surprise!” Heagen smirked and looked at Seb’s eyes. All he saw was wild lust and need and because of that he felt frightened, but did not back up. Instead he moved his tail deeper, hearing moans escaping Seb’s maw. The red dragon started to hump his hips stronger, biting his fellow’s foot harder and this time Heagen was in ecstasy, he could feel coming closer to the release. Seb’s hands went back to massaging Heagen’s enormous balls, what was enough for him and he felt his balls tighten and perk up. Seb could feel it too, and with force put his hands under his friend’s massive shaft and took it out from his maw. It slapped Seb’s pecs and abs with an audible smack and he could feel the cum already going up. With no time to waste Seb took the head into his muzzle and started sucking.

It was Heagan’s turn to roared deafeningly. The green dragon moved his hips up to help his powerful orgasm and he shot his massive load into Seb, who swallowed it all. The cum was like drinking a cocktail—it was sweet and you felt a little dizzy afterward. Seb wanted to feel it making his belly grow again, full of that delicious seed, but it didn’t happen. Instead the cum was automatically absorbed into his body, and he could feel his balls churn and start to expand, just as his cock, still pushed deep inside the other dragon, gained an inch in length. And then another two. Seb bent a little more to gat a better hold of that cock and he was surprised he could take a little more into his maw.

Another cry came from Heagen and a new blast of cum came out of his dick, to be eaten by the huge dragon. More inches piled onto Seb’s cock, and it also gained some girth this time. His balls were gaining more weight as they reached the size of bowling balls. And again Seb could feel himself be able to bend and take more of Heagen’s cock inside his maw.

“ROOOOAAAAAR!” and again the dragon erupted, feeling his ass being spread wide and deep by now almost two and a half feet of Seb’s cock, who did not stop rocking his hips roughly back and forth, taking his dick in and out, each time going a little bit further. Heagen’s cock was now past Seb’s throat. Heagen had never felt this way, since no dragons he new could take that much of it, and it justmade him cum with more force than ever.

“AAAAAAAAAAA!!” he cried out, his roars becoming became shouts of pleasure as another load jetted out of that cock. Seb had to move his legs wide, cause of the increased size of his balls, now big as basketballs. Their growth wasn’t stopping any more than his cock’s, which was 3 feet long now and had achieved 2 feet in circumference. Seb stole a glance at his fellow’s belly and instead of abs he saw the bulge of his dick sliding up and down, each time going deeper, now reaching the underside of Heagen’s pecs.

Another moan came from the green dragon, as Seb pushed in as far as he could. He reached 3 and a half feet and 2 feet in circumference and the growth stopped. Seb’s balls big as large watermelons. He needed release—and then, with no warning, that was just what happened. Now the small dragon’s belly expanded with every load, bursting inside him. The belly inflating with every second, growing larger and larger until he couldn’t see his fellow dragon’s pecs, because his belly was in the way.

But Seb didn’t intend to stop there. He finished cumming, but he wanted more from Heagen. He didn’t want to be the same size. He wanted to be bigger. He started to move his head up and down on the still hard cock, making already horny dragon even more desperate, now being humped by a 3 and a half foot cock. Getting a massive blow job did its job and Heagen didn’t hold back any more, orgasming for the second time.

“MMMMMmmmm!” came the moan from the green dragon, as Seb pushed in further still. Heagen felt a tingling inside and allowed the growing shaft more into him, stretching his insides to their limits. Seb’s dick reached 4 feet in the next few seconds, showing the outline of its head in Heagen’s neck. Even the Stretcher the smaller dragon drank earlier couldn’t make more space inside him and now Seb had to move away from his ass to be able to ram his colossal cock into it again. As the flow of cum was slowly dying the growth waned as well, but with last spurt Seb’s dick thickened to become a behemoth dragonhood measuring 4 and a half feet long and 2 and a half feet around, with each nut huge as a beach ball. Both dragons were totally exhausted after all that fucking and cumming like a fountains and they both drifted off to blissful sleep, thegreen dragon on the bed, and the red dragon on the other’s distended belly, hugging it to his frame.

When Seb opened his eyes he was lying on his friend’s pecs, as the whole belly head deflated revealing his nicely cut abs. His muzzle was really close to Heagen’s and he kissed him, putting his long tongue inside. The green dragon woke up with a pleasurable moan and understood almost immediately what caused his sudden awakening and leaned in to answer the kiss with his own tongue exploring Seb’s mouth. Both of them started to get aroused again and Seb could feel Seagen’s cock starting to put pressure on his abs and his own cock… Oh God, I haven’t pulled out! to fill Heagen’s anus again. Seb broke the kiss and backed up to free his now 3 feet semi-hard tool.

“MMMmmmm, that was the best sex and blow job I have ever had,” Heagen said when Seb’s dick popped out of him.

“Yeah, for me too.” Seb stood straight with his dick out. Something felt different. He looked down.

“You ARE a BIG dragon now. Thank god I drank the Stretcher too.”

“Oh hell yeah, I am huge!” Seb shouted in joy when he finally saw his newlygrown cock. He started to touch it, weighing it in his hands, and he became fully hard. Marveling at his dick he couldn’t resist and pulled it up, between his massive pecs and the head was just with the level of his chin. With his tongue he stroke the head of his penis, feeling incredible pleasure and he could just cum there from it, but he saw Heagen on the bed, also sporting a hard erection.

“Sorry, it’s hard to control myself. You know.” Here he poked his dick which wobbled and fell down to stick straight from his groin, touching the other dragon’s abs, who took it into his hands and started stroking by himself.

“Yeah, I know. That’s what I did when I first got to this room.”

“MMMMMM… You mean you also were transformed? MMmmm…”

“Yeah, I was a human like you. I drank my Neutraliser and stayed as this dragon you see.”

“WoaAAaaah. You mean I could stay like this too?! MMmmm…” Seb flexed his arm and with the other hand he cupped it, feeling it turn into marble, hard and shine.

“Probably… If you will get to it.” Heagen stood up and came closer to Seb. And he was stunned.

When Seb entered this room he was eye to eye with Seb’s pecs. Now he only saw his abs. Seb had to grow another foot or more in height. He was now around 10 and a half feet tall with huge one and half foot horns sticking out of his head.

“Woah, man! You have grown taller too!” Heagen exclaimed.

“What?! Oh, that’s why I feel dizzy all over.” He looked down at his friend, but saw only his cock.

“But how is it possible? That never happened before.”

“What? That you grew someone taller? Not only his cock and balls?”

“Yeah,” Heagen conformed. “It’s like, you can take something from my body if you really want it, like my cock and balls. You didn’t get my wide feet. But you couldn’t take my height, since I’m shorter than you.”

“Really? Good to know how it works. But it is also freaky.”

“Anyway… It’s not my job to understand that. Here, I will make you a drink to help you get used to your new body.” Heagen moved to the bar and started to mix some liquids together. Seb followed him still mesmerised by the size difference. He hugged the now much smaller dragon from behind, feeling his wings brushing his abs and pecs, and Seb’s cock pressed against Heagen’s back.

“You like to show how big you are?”

Yes, I love it! The power! The strength!”

“Here, drink this, you won’t feel dizzy.”

“Thanks!” and Seb took a small cup into his too-large hands, threw it into his maw and crushed with his sharp teeth.

“You know you could have just drunk it and left me the mug?”

“Yeah… But that was easier.” Seb smiled.

They stayed like this for a time, in muscle embrace, cuddling into each other, making them hornier, but then Heagen broke it and took something from the bar.

“Here is your key. You will not get any more from me.”

“You know what I will find in the next room?”

“No. But I’m sure lots of pleasure, if you will tame another dragon.”

“Thank you.”

“Did he drank the potion?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, monitor every change he gets from now on. We cannot allow the massacre again.”

“Yes, sir.”

“What are his current stats?”

The display read:

Height—10,5 feet
Cock length—4,5 feet
Cock width—10 inches
Tail—9 feet
Wingspan—24 feet
Bicep circumference—35 inches
Thighs—65 inches.

“Do you want to know anything else?”

“No, that’s enough for now.”

Seb took the key and went to the door that materialized on one of the walls. So here I go again, another room. He put the key in the hole, turned it and opened. When he went through the door he couldn’t believe his eyes. And I thought I saw everything in Heagen’s room.

“Are cameras on?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Okay, keep an eye on him and tell me later how is he doing.”

“Yes, sir!”

He stood there, just past the doors and was looking mesmerized at what he saw. two dragons. Not one, like in the previous rooms, but two. Double the dragons, double the fun?

…Not quite, for what he could tell. They were standing in front of him, but looking the opposite way, so he could see their broad back muscles, their lats spreading their arms even wider. He could see a green line on their spine covered in spikes that ended at the tip of their tails. They started moving around and Seb could see their fronts. The dragons were all white in colour, around 9 feet tall, so he towered over them. They had nice, huge muscles, well proportioned, like Seb’s. Thick pecs sticking out of their bodies, wide shoulders, like cannon balls. Their 8-pack abs were awesome, even better than Seb’s, so cut and tough they also bulged out of their bodies a little, making their already narrow waists a block of raw power. Thighs, each almost as thick as their midriff, full of muscles to support the massive bodies. Calves swelled with the movement of their bodies, that ended on their long feet with ankles high above the ground. Their balls hanging around their knees large as watermelons making the dragons stand in a stride. So far, they were identical.

But their cocks and arms were a totally different story. The dragon on the left, standing proud with his hands on his waist, had two cocks. One next to another, now soft at one and a half feet long and a foot in circumference. They were sticking out of his groin, bobbing and sliding against each other with every move the dragon made.

The second dragon had one penis, but it was way thicker and longer than his friend’s, standing at around two and a half feet long and a foot in diameter, not circumference. Hell… He’s thicker than I am! But the dragon on the right had one other advantage—four arms sticking out of his torso. Both dragons had arms ballooning with power, covered in veins like they just had finished workout.

So now you could say two dragons, quadruple the fun. Or even eighth times the fun.

“Oh my,” is all Seb could say as he looked over those bodies.

“Oh my, indeed!” the dragons spoke at the same time, also checking out Seb’s stats, his tall and wide frame, monstrous pecs, bulging biceps, tight 6-pack of abs and his hard behemoth of a cock standing up at full attention between his chest pillows. The dragons’ dicks also started to pulse and harden on the sight of him, the two-cocked guy’s shooting up to two and a half feet and the four-armed guy’s monster rising up to three and a half feet.

They started to move simultaneously towards Seb with their rigid cocks bobbing in front of them.

“You’re a big… ” started one.

“… stud.” the other ended the sentence.

Seb grinned. “Your friends helped me to get this big.”

“Oh, they sure did.” They approached Seb from both sides and started to touch him. On the left, the dragon with two hands grabbed his forearm and hugged it tight, pressing his cocks into Seb’s side. On the other flank, he was being grabbed by four arms, two on his bicep and two on his forearm. They started to kiss Seb’s thick muscles, again simultaneously. The red dragon was dumb struck at what was happening. Two hot muscle dragons were worshipping his body and it was incomprehensibly amusing and his immense cock couldn’t be harder. He managed to say something though.

“How did you guys end up in the same room? Usually there’s one dragon in the room,” he asked.

“I… ” started one and kissed and when he was kissing the other spoke.

“am… ” kiss on his right forearm.

“one… ” kiss on his left forarm.

“dragon.” kiss

“Wait? What?!” Seb said dumbfounded and the dragons started to move slowly up with their kisses.

“Yes… ” kiss

“it’s… ” kiss

“true.” kiss

“How did that happen?!”

“I…” kiss

“took…” kiss

“the…” kiss

“Neutralizer.” kiss

“What?! That stuff made you double?!” Seb exclaimed. Already he was imaging what it would be like if there two of him. Two giant sexy dragons having fun with others… Mmmmm That’s an awesome idea! The dragons… Or the dragon? stopped kissing him, took him by his hands and moved to the bed, which was a must have in every room, like the bar, and they again started speaking at the same time.

“The Neutralizer gives you another change, beyond the previous ones you acquired from the others. And it’s different for every person.”

“So you doubled? But first can you switch off the stereo? It’s pretty weird.”

“Yes, Sherlock, I doubled,” started the dragon with four arms this time. “You can get a huge cock, height, muscles, like the guys before me. And I could take it from them, as you did, I see.” Both dragons chuckled on that. “Is there something you would like to know?”

“I don’t know where to start… Are there lots of dragons here?”

“No, people usually pick horses—’cause they think they have biggest dicks.” The dragons snorted in unison.

“What? Horses?”

“Equines. Anthro-horses.”

“What? There are other species?”

“Yes, quite a lot of them,” the double-dicked dragon said. “Cats, foxes, dogs.”

“Whoa,” Sen said. “Now I’m so happy I got dragons. How is it to be doubled?”

“Well, it’s pretty great,” the four-armed one said. “You can suck yourself off—not that you can’t do that, but you can’t grab your own ass doing so, or deep throat yourself, since you can only get the tip inside your mouth.” Both dragons winked to each other and smiled. “That’s the thing I first did when I got my own room here. But enough chat! Give me that body of yours!” Both dragons pushed Seb onto the bed and he collapsed with bed’s springs squeaking under his mass and his dick bouncing on his chest.

Dragons again started to kiss him, but this time they started from his thighs and when their lips touched the developed muscles Seb shuddered from sensations going through his spine straightly to his cock. MMMmmm, they… he… are… is? so horny that taking their seed may not be aaaaaaaaAAAAAAA, moaned Seb when the dragons started to caress his huge balls with their soft lips and hands trying to grab as much flesh as they could. They couldn’t of course wrap their hands around those orbs but they squeezed and massaged them making Seb shiver with every touch. Also the dragons started to move their bodies, pressing them into their new friend’s legs, so he could feel their hard-ons too. The feeling from the left side was incredible since there were two cocks that touched his legs from both sides of his leg.

The dragons moved up a little again. Their hands still caressing Seb’s balls, but their kisses moved to the base of his cock. He could feel three cock tips pressing slightly against his balls and the feeling was incredible, what made him moan more. Seb used all of his willpower not to lick his own cock and put it in his mouth. He didn’t want to cum yet, but the sensations were ridiculously arousing from the dragons beneath him only.

The dragon on the right again moved his body up brushing his frame against Seb’s balls and legs. He grabbed the cock with one hand and with its help pushed his head underneath it and started to lick Seb’s abs. His tongue slid into those valleys and mounds of abdominal muscles, making them wet, slick and glistening. Seb flexed his muscles and his mounds turned into large hills of steel hard sinew making the dragon work his tongue more eager to worship the muscle dragon. Two of the dragon’s upper arms went higher and started clasping Seb’s pecs, which felt like mountains compared to his abs. They found Seb’s nipples and squeezed them, making Seb go rooooaaar as he felt a shock of pleasure going through him. The lower arms were taking care of Seb’s cock, stroking and massaging it right above the other dragon’s head, who still was kissing the base and servicing his balls.

The four-armed dragon moved again, this time sticking his maw to Seb’s nipples and started to suck and slurp and twist his tongue around them making Seb to arch his back, jut his head and moan. Also his dick started to bob up and down due to sudden movement slapping the white dragon’s back and pinning him closer to Seb’s body. The lower arms changed their subject of attention to touching Seb’s abs and lats. The upper ones got a hold of Seb’s magnificent biceps, wringing and pressing them to feel their power. After a whi,e the kisses on his nips turned into bites and stings thanks to dragon’s sharp teeth leaving small marks on Seb’s pecs. Amazing! He loved every moment of it, gasping and panting with each eager clasp of the dragon’s muzzle on his beefy torso.

Meanwhile the double-dick dragon now pulled up the hefty balls with all his might and put them atop the behemoth cock and started to move his hands around Seb’s ass cheeks and his hole. Seb knew exactly where it would lead and so did his member, which started leaking steady rivers of precum. It slowly dripped on his chin and neck, some running down his body to his pecs where it was almost immediately slurped and eaten by the other dragon, some falling onto the bed sheet. Seb felt something slippery going around his anus and it was the dragon’s tongue circling around it, preparing it for inevitable.

“MMMmmmm… AAAaaaa…” Seb was moaning with joy and suddenly the four-armed dragon pulled up again and pressed his lips to Seb’s in a passionate and wet kiss. The dragon’s arms were holding Seb’s head, making the kiss more ardent, the other pair was seizing his pecs in between which was laying a monstrous cock cramped amid huge dragons’ bodies. He got a hold of his mate’s pole and started stroking, making the white dragon quiver with each stroke. Seb’s cock still leaking precum which now was going on the white dragon’s head, flowing around it to the neck and later onto Seb’s pecs, or his cheeks where were drained by Seb’s tongue, or down his spine, making him more aroused by the wetness he was experiencing. They made out for a while and precum started to escape the “smaller” dragon’s cock, adding itself to his already soaked pecs and bed. The white dragon moved a little, just to be near Seb’s ear and whispered.

“It’s time for a grand finale…”

Seb’s eyes opened and widened, a little in dread, a little in anticipation and lust. The dragon, who was playing with his balls and anus, now stood up and aimed one of his dicks at his glory hole and the other one above it, between his giant nuts, the other dragon also rose up, went above Seb’s head and turned around. It was a magnificent view from down below for Seb to see another immense dragon above him, with his erect penis and hard muscles on his frame. The dragon directed his phallus so its tip was on Seb’s face. So that’s the grand finale… I love it! He opened his maw as wide as he could and let the dragons go at him. Both of them, at the same time started to push their members into Seb, who was drowning in pleasure. The dragons roared and moaned as more of their rods pushed deeper and deeper into Seb’s insides. He couldn’t believe he was taking two cocks at the same time, one into his maw, one up his ass, but the one in his mouth was making him dumb, it was so huge, so thick, and we has taking it. It was a tight fit, but he it felt so good his throat being stretched. Seb also clenched his ass muscles from time to time, making the dragon below scream with bliss and surprise, as his bubble butt slapped the dragon’s cock.

Suddenly he felt something on his nose… It was balls… of the dragon he was blowing… I took all three and a half feet of cock in my mouth! So hot! I’m going to cum soon! I’m not going to stand that pressure! The cock’s happy owner maneuvered all his four arms and lifted Seb’s slippery cock, leaned in and started to suck on its head. The other dragon immediately moaned louder as if he took the others voice. The dragons started to hump their hips back and forth, fucking Seb from both sides, rhythmically, sometimes as one and sometimes changing—one out, the second in, taking turns in who should push forward and who withdraw. Seb furiously stroked his sensitive cock making him go over the edge. Finally he erupted into dragon’s mouth, which bloated at the second and then collapsed when the cum was swallowed. The dragon salso felt release and started pouring their seed into the red dragon as well as on his balls, abs, cock and pecs since the dragon rocking his ass had two hard hoses. Yes! YES! Give it all to me! I want to get huge! Seb could see the belly of the dragon above him start to bloat as gallons of cum were sucked down. Seb’s own gut started to rise and balloon outward from his body.

Then his muscles tensed, his dick hardening even more. Yes! It’s happening! Make me MONSTROUS! He could feel again the tingling along his whole body. He had his hands groping his cock and he could fell the fingers widening as his cock gained girth. Under his arms he could feel another pair burst to life—small at first, then growing with great pace, stacking muscles and sinew on their growing bones. Soon they matched their upper brothers’ size and Seb used them to stroke his expanding cock and massage the bottom dragon’s cum into his flesh. The arms were still growing and flexing with every move. His dick was becoming so wide that the dragon sucking on it had to move his maw away from it, because he wasn’t able to put the whole tip inside. Now he just focused on catching the load in the air helping with his tongue to slurp the ones that hit his face. Seb could feel himself getting closer to the dragon above who had to move back a little and it repeated twice making the dragon back up. The growth completed as their orgasms started to weaken, leaving Seb’s cock at 25 inches across, more than twice his old width, and with four huge arms going out of his upper torso.

The two dragons collapsed next to him exhausted from the fuck they just had. Seb on the other hand was vigorous like never. He looked at his mates and kissed them both intensely on lips, one after the other. When he kissed the four-armed one, he could see him spasm, and the other dragon moaned loudly. Then he switched and the same happened with the other one. Heh… Funny guy…

Seb stood up and something was off. He could tell everything around him was lower then before. HELL YEAH! I’ve grown taller again! Seb started to flex all of his four arms making a quadrople bicep pose, his biceps around 45 inches each. He could feel his dick start to rise again, like he haven’t just cum like a volcano. He estimated he had to grow around a feet in height, so his colossal tool was nearly five feet long and six and a half feet in circumference. Thank god I didn’t get a second cock! Where would I put it if the one I have is already so gigantic!

When Seb was admiring his new body the dragons rose from the bed and walked towards him.

“Whoooaaaa… That was the best fuck I’ve ever had,” both of them said.

“Yeah… For me too… But could you turn off the stereo again?” Seb asked, while still failing to encompass his member with his hands.

“Sorry… I can’t… I can’t concentrate enough…” both dragons said and started to touch and feel the enormous muscles on the dragon before him.

“I see you really like muscles,”Seb said.

“Yes… that’s my thing… The bigger the better…”

“Hehe… So you got lucky I was around!”

“Oh yeeessss… MMMmmm… How did you get that big?”

“Thanks to you,” he said. With that Seb bent his neck and kissed one of the dragons again making the second moan, and both of them clenched their arms harder on his muscles.

“MMMmmmmm… Yes… thanks to us… It’s a pity you didn’t want a second cock…”

“You think so? I’ll stick to one for now, since it’s already taking away a lot of my sight.”

“Hehe… Maybe you’re right… I have to drink something… so I can recover….” The dragons strode to the bar and prepared a drink, which they eagerly gulped down.

“AAA, that’s better!” said the four armed one.

“Ooh, the stereo is off,” Seb grinned.

“Yes. The juice helped. You’ll learn how to make those drinks later, if you get to the Neutralizer.”

“And what kind of drinks there are?”

“Lots of… I think you know the Stretcher, and there is also an extra energy one, or an extra potency one if you get bored in your room.”

“Can’t wait to learn it and try them!”

“It’s a lot of fun! Especially when there are two of you!” Here he smiled at his other half. “Anyway… Here is your key. I think you want to go on with your journey, since it’s almost at the end!”

“What do you mean at the end?” Seb asked surprised. He wanted this to go on and on.

“I can tell you that only one dragon has left this room before now.”

“And what does it do with end of my journey?”

“Because you get the Neutralizer after the last room… if you pass its owner.”


“Yep… Go now, good luck and have fun!”

Oh yes! Only one more to go! Seb took the key and came closer to the door. Then he turned around and asked, “I don’t even know your name.”

“Ethan. And it was pleasure to meet you.”

“Seb, and likewise. I loved your presence.”



“Em… He passed the room…”

“Eh… Okay… Show me the cameras…”

The servant clicked a few buttons and a picture appeared.

“Oh God… He’s gigantic… Do we have cameras in the next room?”

“No, Sir…”

“What do you mean, no?!”

“The dragon destroyed all of them.”

“That makes things complicated…”

“Hold the Neutralizer for Seb until we know his intentions, after his stay in the last room.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Prepare for the worst. You remember what happened the last time? I don’t want another unstoppable dragon roaring this facility.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Fortunately we were able to break that dragon… Maybe not enough…”

Seb turned towards the door and opened it.

Hell, that’s got to be a challenge, even for me, he thought.

Hell, that’s got to be a challenge, even for me, Seb thought.

The room he entered was so immense, Seb barely saw the walls of it, about 400 feet apart and 300 feet for ceiling, you could say it was a hangar. The floor was made of something like grass, it was warm and soft to touch, very good for Seb’s bare dragon feet. Maybe because there was no bed in the room and lying on hard floor wouldn’t be so comfortable.

And before him stood the reason for this room’s vastness. Another dragon, of course. But Seb’s face was on the level of the dragon’s white cockhead, which dangled right past his knees and was as wide as Seb’s shoulders. Moving his head up, Seb could see more of the magnificent cock, veins as thick as his biceps, broadening to its base. On both sides of the dragonhood he could see the biggest pair of thighs he had ever seen, bulging with muscles and power, almost twice larger than the pillar they hold between them. They were in deep orange colour scales turning white when approaching the dragon’s hips. Behind the meaty legs there were two protruding balls, each with a diameter bigger than Seb’s height, so they had to be around 13 feet!

Moving his head up again Seb saw the dragon’s abs, a glistening six pack of a muscle wall, each individual was bigger than Seb’s both pecs. Above he could see another four muscles, but shadowed thanks to the dragon’s gigantic pecs that jutted out of his body. Huge slabs of beef large enough to let Seb sleep on them and still some space would be left. His abs were white, but the pecs were turning orange again, getting darker on his dome-like shoulders and double mountains of his biceps and triceps. The behemoth had two sets of arms, just like Seb, and they were similarly proportionated to his body too, but being on an over 50-foot frame made them truly astounding.

Above all that was the dragon’s muzzle, long, smiling wildly mouth showing sharp teeth, two nostrils that enlarged with every breath the dragon took, two black eyes looking straight into Seb’s. Behind him Seb could see a pair of wings spreading far beyond the dragon’s head, reaching what seemed like 80 feet, dense with muscles and power, and his tail, which base was resting on dragon’s balls and the rest of lengthy tail was lying on the floor.

The dragon started to lower himself, since he had a visitor it would be rude to look at him from above. He started squatting, making his thighs tense and flex, making his muscles there even more pronounced. His cock landed on the floor with a loud thump and his balls followed the same fate, squeezing themselves between the grass and dragon’s monstruous ass cheeks. Seb gasped, bewildered by the sight, and the dragon started speaking.

“Mmmmm… Finally someone made it to ME…”. Seb had to resist the wind gushing from dragon’s mouth when he was talking. “So there may be a chance!” The dragon’s eyes started wandering around, they sparkled like he was imagining great things that were somehow lost in the past.

“Um… Hey?” The colourfull dragon’s eyes focused on Seb again.

“Hello. You look quite large for a dragon who just stepped out of the double room.”

“Yes, I’ve been told so too that I grew uabnormally bigger then anyone else,” Seb answered, and dragon’s eyes started moving faster again.

“Excellent!” The dragon started talking to himself, not paying attention to the new quest he had. “That would make things even easier… If he is just worthy of ME…” he started mumbling to himself now and Seb couldn’t understand a word.

“Um… My name is Seb… And yours?” Seb asked faintly, because he was still overwhelmed by the giant and didn’t know what to do.

“What?…” The question distracted the dragon and he again recalled that he wasn’t alone. “Ah… They call me Jupiter now.” He stood up and spread all four of his arms showing his hangar. “Welcome Seb… to my prison room…”

Prison room?”

“Yes. These rooms, all you have seen are a prison for all of us who drank the Neutralizer.”

So here is the catch…Better to know more of it…

“What do you mean by that?”

“You haven’t read the tiny text around their ad?”

“Ym… Nope…”

“Of course… just like everyone here. When you drink it, you become their slave. They put you in a room to serve others if they will come, like you have just come to me.”

“But the others are looking pretty happy here.”

“The others don’t remember the old world any more.” Jupiter started with anger and started moving there and back again, his dick slapping his thigs with every fast turn and his balls flying around his bulbous ass. “How to be a free human. The longer you are here, the more you forget about your old self. I barely remember my name… I’m Jason… I was Jason… Or James? I don’t remember!” The last sentence echoed in the room and in Seb’s head as Jupiter shouted it with his loud and low voice. “you!” The behemoth turned his face towards much smaller dragon. “You are my chance.”

“Chance for what?”

“For freedom! HAHAhaha!” The dragon started laughing uncontrollably, but soon it tapered off. “Ha… ha… If you are worthy, of course… Because if not, I will stay here forever…”

“Worthy? Of what?”

“To take me! To take my seed! To grow beyond imagination! What have you been doing in the previous rooms if not that?!”

“But if I grow, I will have to take the Neutralizer and I will become one of you.”

“I tried to escape. But I was too small. Too weak, too tiny for them. I see potential in you—you are bigger than any of the others! You can succeed where even I failed.”

“This is their facility. I don’t know where this is, nor how to get out of it. And they probably have sensors all around this place, microphones. They probably listen to this conversation!”

“No. I’ve destroyed everything in this room that could infiltrate. Don’t worry. We are safe here.”

Meanwhile in the observation room….

“Ugh… In the previous rooms we could at least watch them fucking.”

“Yeah… Now we have to stick to the screen, so we have his stats. That’s no fun.”

“Fuck. It made me horny just thinking about those dragons fucking each other.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Since the boss is out… Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Hell yes. Let’s go into the toilet at least though.”

“Fuck yes!”

“Move up here. It’s hard to look down all the time.” ordered Jupiter.

“What? How?”

“Wings! Use your wings! Remember you have them?” Orange dragon shook his head and rolled his eyes in disbelief and murmured to himself “And he is to free me…”

“Easy man. I’ve never used them before, all the rooms were small and I didn’t have any reason to do so.”

Okay… How to fly? No one taught me that… Let’s try… Seb spread his wings, now they approached a 30 feet wingspan, thick with muscles to lift Seb’s form into the air. He started to swing them up and down with great force, seeing the grass fold under the wind. When he thought he got used to his wings he started to run and after few steps he jumped into the air with his wings fluttering aaaand… He didn’t fall down as gravity would call him, he clapped again his wings and he flew higher.

“I’m flying!”

“No shit, Sherlock.”

“I’m flying! Wooooohoooooo!” Seb shouted in excitement. He started to turn now, since he got closer to one of the walls and left Jupiter behind.

“Well… I didn’t have any chance to fly either. This place is too small to enjoy it as you do. Maybe someday…”

Seb stopped and stayed in the air right in front of the giants head.

“Sooo… What’s the plan?”

“First you need to be bigger, so let’s take care of that, since the whole plan depends on that.” With that he put his tongue out and reached with it to Seb’s cock, which shuddered and started throbbing to the touch. Seb closed his eyes with the sensations going through his body, still swinging his wings not to fall down. His cock was already fully hard at 5 feet, yet it was whole enveloped by Jupiter’s tongue.

“MMmmm…” Seb moaned and in that moment the orange dragon moved away making Seb fly in place with face that said, Why have you stopped? I loved that!

“You have a very nice taste. Now it’s your turn.” The dragon turned around, walked to the closest wall and sat by it.

Seb followed him still flying and landed on Jupiter’s hard abs.

“Mmmhhhmm… That tickles a bit!” said the dragon.

“Wait till I start doing my job.” Seb answered with wild lust in his eyes and started to kneel and move up a little, until his maw touched the monstrous nipples. They were so big, the red dragon had to open his mouth fully to take it. His tongue swirled around it and Jupiter started moaning in pleasure and his dick stirred to life, rising slowly, gaining length and girth with every second. Soon, he could feel the tip on his back pushing him into the body. Seb could feel it’s weight and suddenly he was in a shadow of the immense cock. He turned around, leaving the wet nipple for a moment and was stunned. The pillar he saw was already twice as wide and long as Seb and still it was growing.

“Oh my…”

“Oh yes, I’m a grower, not a shower.” Jupiter put all four hands on his meat and pressed it, pinning Seb under its weight. The small dragon could feel the penis’s skin to move and lengthen, gaining more mass with every heartbeat. All he could do is to go back into sucking the nipple. Also he started to move his tail and pet the giant cock with it, what made the behemoth shudder, since earlier he had only experianced his own hands rubbing his meat. With the extra stimulation his junk started to grow faster, reaching Jupiter’s chin, then mouth and more, the head reaching above his eye level. The mighty pole was around 30 feet long, Three times bigger than I am! , and its circumference was nearing 35 feet! Just imaging himself growing into such proportions and being so huge made Seb even harder with lust and need. His dick throbbed and was poking the underside of Jupiter’s pecs, sending powerful sensations over it’s length into Seb’s body. He wanted to fuck, to push his cock in and out, to swing his hips back and forth like a mad man.

He found his prey, he found his target. All he needed to do is to move a little, but his strength couldn’t match with Jupiter’s hefty penis. So he still sucked on the nipple as much as he could, slurping, kissing and biting it, waiting for a proper moment to make his move. Soon he could feel the dragon beneath him maneuver himself, thrusting his hips a little up, making Seb free for a moment. He didn’t hesitate and quickly stopped the lovely carresses and pulled himself up and a little to the side. Jupiter felt a sudden decrease of pleasure and opened his eyes to see what was happening with his little friend, who was clawing his way up his pecs. When he was at the top, his head bumping into behemoth’s chin, he started to shift his penis into position. It was laying in a valley made from Jupiter’s pecs. Seb’s cock fit perfectly, filling the canyon fully with his meat.

He started pushing his hips forward, deepening in the sweet muscle embrace. The feeling was multiplied when the dragon beneath him flexed his chest making it bulge out and envelope Seb’s dragonhood tighter. The head of his cock rocketed out of the pecs just to be taken by Jupiter’s tongue, licking it. Seb moaned in pleasure and started to lower all his body, backing up, his tip back in the valley of flesh, now unflexing. When his whole dick was out, but the head, he rammed again and a powerful roar came out of his maw. The pecs again flexed intensifying the pleasure in Seb’s cock, which was going all the way in the gorge. The head popped out of them again, but this time it was enveloped by Jupiter’s maw, his wet lips and sharp teeth. Surprised, Seb moaned again in joy. He was so horny, he was so close to exploding—one more thrust and he’ll be in heaven.

He had never thought pec fucking could be this awesome. Maybe because he hadn’t imagined being a muscle dragon with massive cock making out with an even bigger one. He was ready to move back, he wanted it so badly, to thrust again with all power he had, but something was stopping him. Turns out he didn’t feel Jupiter’s two hands on his back, not allowing him to withdraw. In fact he could feel them pressing into him. Seb stopped resisting and he was pushed towards the bigger dragon’s maw. His dick sliding at the bottom of the crevice of muscle, sending unbelievable enjoyable shocks through his cock. Also he could feel his penis going deeper in Jupiter’s mouth, his tongue circling the head and then along his shaft. The hand was pushing him stronger, faster, but all he could do was to moan and roar in pure ecstasy. He tried to hold his orgasm despite all his lust. He knew where he was being pushed and he wanted to feel that wet lips like a cave opening taking his cock, sharp teeth going through the length of it and the tongue sliding down his pole the deeper he got. With a loud smack he hit Jupiter’s mouth, his sack punched the dragon’s chin with a thud. Seb’s penis was all the way inside the gigantic maw. And in instant he came.

His cum was going directly down Jupiter’s throat, who started sucking on the cock to wring as much of the thick fluid as he could. The huge dragon loved the taste of Seb’s juices and wanted more, pushing his back even more in order to get even more cock. The red dragon was swinging his hips back and forth and with every thrust a new fountain of cum escaped his tip, pouring it into Jupiter’s hungry esophagus. He gulped it all down, every burst, every drop was going to be his. He never felt like this, all this lust, all this horniness, all this need to fuck and cum. It was euphoric for both dragons, yet the giant dragon one was not as pleased.

After a while, Seb’s orgasm slowed down and he could finally think straight… to an extent, since he just came for what seemed like half an hour. He could focus his eyes on Jupiter’s face, who was staring back at him and said:

“Haven’t you forgotten about something?”

“Huh?” was all Seb could answer, still dazed after his eruption.

Seb could feel now Jupiter’s moving, tilting his head, so it wouldn’t get hit, and in a moment he was smashed with a monster cock, making Seb cram the space between behemoth’s pecs.

“Oh… that…” the small dragon said with a grin on his face.

“Mhm, it would be great if you could take care of it.”

“With pleasure… just… let… me… free…” Seb tried to speak but the pole was crushing him, taking all the air out of his lungs.

“Oh, right, you can’t do much from down there. Here you go.”


“Now back to work! You’ve got to be huge!”

“Yes sir!”

“Anything unusual?”

“No sir! Just increased adrenalin and endorphins.”

“Ok, I’m going back to my office then. Don’t disturb me.”

“Yes sir!”

The boss walked out of the observation room.

“Jim, wanna go back to the bathroom and have a round two, since nothing’s happening?”

“You read in my mind, Steve.”

Jupiter lowered himself so he was all lying on the ground and Seb used his wings to fly his way to the top of Jupiter’s cock and it’s bloated head. The shaft was almost twice wider than Seb, so he landed there with no problems. The tip was broader and fatter, stretching above the giant’s head. He laid down, his tail trying to encircle the mighty penis, but it couldn’t go all the way around, it was too short. Nonetheless Jupiter was enjoying himself, two hands on his dick starting to rub it up and down, and the other two hands groping down his body to the monstrous balls. The white-orange dragon now also had a friend taking care of his cockhead, what multiplied the feeling. Seb’s tail started moving, together with Jupiter’s hands and sometimes in snake like movements along it’s length and from the other side. His hands grabbed the cockhead and massaged it and when he started a mighty rooaaar escaped Jupiter’s maw. He also jerked his hips forward making Seb jump a little, who now was close to the great hole that was opening at the peak of the penis. He didn’t falter and started licking it, swirling his tongue around near the edge. Again Jupiter thrust his hips up, but this time Seb was prepared and didn’t move as much.

Seb went back to the tongue job, tail job and hand job. All his body was focused on pleasing the bigger dragon, who from time to time shoot up in pleasure loudly gasping and groaning.

“Mmmm… I’m so close…”

Seb tried to speed up his efforts, his movements, what resulted in… nothing yet…

“MMMmmmm… so close…”

But… But… That’s all I can do…Think… There’s got to be a way! The red dragon started panicking. I don’t want to go back to reality. Not after what happened here. His eyes rummaging for places he could use for his advantage. All he could see was the giant cock and it’s slit, from which some precum started to ooze out.

If I can’t make him cum, I may drink his cum anyway… From the source… Seb thought and looked closer at the hole. It was big enough for him to squeeze himself…

But that’s so gross.

Gross? You have just sucked on like 4 cocks and you’re grossed out?

But that’s different…

And was fucked by the same cocks.

But I’m going to get into one.

So what? Want to go back? To old, ordinary Seb, who barely lifts weights in a gym? Look at all the power you can have. .

I know… but…


What if people knew?

People?! You are above people now! You’re a dragon! A huge one! Besides, who’s looking?

The cameras…

Jupiter destroyed them.

But still…

Still?! Do you listen to yourself? Do it and no one will ever stand up to you. Do it and you will be the biggest dragon in the world.

Right… Okay. …

When Seb was battling with himself Jupiter’s cock slightly got softer, since his moves dwindled, as well as Jupiter’s hands stopped rubbing it with same vigour as before.

“Oh… Seb… I’m so disaaAAAAAA…”

In that moment the smaller dragon moved his hands into the cockslit. He had decided. No more small, ordinary Seb, no more rejections from nice girls. Now he was to be a dragon, and he didn’t care if he was to spend all his life here, in just one room. All he wanted was to be bigger, stronger, more powerful. He ran his hands around the insides of the cock. It was wet and sticky from the precum, but he stretched it a little. Then he maneuvered himself, with the help of his wings, to be just in front of the cock. Uh… Here I go… Anything to be like Jupiter!

Seb pushed his head inside, next was his rigid cockhead and his shoulders, what was enough to fill entirely the opening.

“AAAAAaaaaaaa, what are you doing up thereEEEEeeee…” screamed the megacocked dragon.

But Seb couldn’t answer, since he was already inside the penis. He used his hands to massage the tunnel, sending shocks of bliss into Jupiter’s body, which spasmed with every movement Seb made. He grabbed the walls of the pit and pulled himself up, getting hi swing and pecs inside until his abs disappeared in the shaft. Seb could tell Jupiter loved it from the loud moans and roars, but slightly muted due to his position.

The behemoth couldn’t comprehend what was happening. His cock hard in seconds after what occurred. Pure ecstasy going down his cock. The head of his penis was growing thanks to the mass going inside and the feeling was unbelievable. He used his hands to grab the place where Seb was and started pushing him down.

“OOOOOoooooaaaaaaaaaah, Yes! Yes! Deeeeeepeeeeeeer!”

Jupiter, overflooded with great sensations, now was drowned in pleasure, his eyes absent from the real world fixated on a distant point, his tongue out from his maw drooling saliva onto his pecs.

Seb pushed himself again, feeling his horns and wings brushing the top of the tube, his balls popped inside together with his while legs. He could feel the bigger dragon’s hands on his sides, moving him further, now around halfway down his cock. in front of Seb there was starting to gather cum, thanks to closed flow and soon there was a large pudle reaching Seb’s maw. Not to drawn there he started to gulp it down and after a second he felt weird—like he was pushing the walls of his cock-prison.

The bulge made by Seb inside the penis was slowly growing! But Jupiter didn’t care, he lost the connection with reality. He moved his hands up to the head of his cock and with full force moved down, grabbing Seb on it’s way down to the base of his cock. I’m so close! But he could feel the orgasm coming, the tunnel hardening, preparing itself for upcoming cum apocalypse. Seb opened his mouth to take as much as he could.

“Ah, ah, ah, harder Steve, harder!”


The floor trembled and shook.

“Fuck, what the hell was that sound!?”

“We’d better get back to the control room!”

Steve pulled out his penis and started to zip his pants, bursting out of the stall both guys ran to see the monitors what was happening.

With the first outburst Seb was shot out of the cock, completely covered in cum, already two feet taller then before. In midair he swung around on his wings and quickly came back to the bulbous cockhead, preparing himself for the second blast, opening his maw wide again.

It hit him hard. Firstly because it was bigger then the previous one and secondly because he could hear the deafening roars and moans Jupiter was making. Seb again managed to get as much as he could into his mouth to guzzle down his throat. Another layer of cum was added to the earlier one, which was slowly being absorbed by the dragon making the growth faster. He now stood around 17 feet tall, his prick glued to him thanks to the sticky juice that he was covered in from toes to the top of his horns. His wings surging with power to be able to hold him in the air, again put in motion to allow Seb to keep a hold of that giant cock. He tightened the grip, pulled his legs and tail up to embrace the potent shaft. He was big enough to cover half of the phallus, and he didn’t intend to stop there


Steve and Jim go into the room and checked the monitors.

“Fuck! He did it!”

“Wish we could see that!”

“Yeah… Where’s the boss? There’s no way he cannot hear this!”

“There is… His office is soundproof. Run and tell him!”

“Why run, there’s an intercom here?”

“No connection to the boss’s office… He needed privacy,“ emphasized Steve.

“So why me? He was not to be disturbed, you know how he behaves when you disturb him?”

Seb surged another few feet in height, his body growing with it in all directions. His muscles expanding even more. The cum he was coated in was disappearing very fast now, making Seb gain more height, now approaching 25 feet, his cock’s length the same as his old height! Thanks to Seb’s increasing mass, the pole he stuck to was pulled down so now he laid on Jupiter’s torso and face. The red dragon stood up, standing on the bigger dragon’s chest and abs, his dick pressed into the other one, leaking precum again and mixing hot juices of both dragons. Seb’s maw now large enough to cover almost all cockslit, his arms spread wide to encircle the whole dragon meat, but still a few feet apart.

Jupiter cherished the feeling of someone growing on top of him, increasing mass, pressing his size into his body. At the beginning Seb was to him like a feather, but now—now he was expanding, developing, all the while taking care of his cock, and he was like a pleasant weight. He was lost in pleasure, but he was able to focus his sight for a short while. He could see the center of his lust and desire. His upper arms drifted from his cock to his partner, grabbing him by his beautiful butt and hips, which grew with every second.

Okay, the boss has to know. Boss’ office… There’s the intercom, let’s try…

Waiting… Let’s try again…

Waiting… And again…

Klick. “Who the hell is disturbing me? I told you never to disturb me! Now go away!”

Klick. “Um… Hello?… Hello??”

He must’ve turned off the microphone? Let’s try again… He has to know about this…

Waiting… No reaction…

Another klick. “One more try and I’ll go out there and find you! And you don’t want that!”

Klick. Oh great… Maybe if Steve were to open the door, he’d hear the roars?

Waiting… Waiting…

The door opened. He could see a naked woman inside. She quickly tried to cover herself with the boss’ jacket.

“You are in for it now!”

“But, sir…”

Steve, this is not your first time. You’re fired! Now get lost!”

The door closed.


Uh oh.

Jupiter’s hands blew up with another surge of growth that went through Seb’s body. His hands expanded as the red dragon’s butt widened, his hands went higher as the dragon grew taller. Seb’s frame adding more pounds of muscle onto it, his tail lengthening, his wings spreading broader. He was now reaching 35 feet in height and had to bend down a little to still suck on the great cock. His hands finally met on the other side of the pole, reaching all the way around it.

Sudennly he was pushed back, his ass landed on Jupiter’s pecs. Seb could feel his friend’s muzzle sneaking it’s way under his tail and closer to his bubbly cheeks. He helped Jupiter by arching his back, exposing his butt more. Soon after he could feel the bigger dragon’s tongue caressing his butt alongside hands.

“MMMmmmm” moaning was the only expression Seb could do, since his maw was still locked on Jupiter’s penis.


Jupiter clenched his maw on Seb’s left round ass cheek, which bulged out more as a result of Seb devouring his cum. The smaller dragon, not so small any more, was swelling pretty fast. 38 feet became 40 and then 43 and 46! His feet were moving on the ground, tearing off the grass that was there.

Seb felt Jupiter’s teeth dig deeper into his butt, but his only concern was to chug as much liquid as possible and grow. The dragon finally withdrew his fangs from Seb’s butt leaving small spots of bent scales behind, and immediately came back to licking the butthole, making Seb again moan and move uncontrollably, shaking his hips. Jupiter’s lower hands couldn’t reach his dick now, since Seb was in their way, so he took care of Seb’s thick and muscled thighs, worshipping them and massaging. His upper hands caressing the red dragon’s abs, its valleys and hard as rock mounds of muscle.

Steve went back to the observation room just to caught Jim furiously shaking his hand over his cock.

“What the hell, man?” asked Steve.

“I just couldn’t resist. I’m the numbers, guy and look! He’s still growing!” answered Jim, showing no sign of stopping.

“Ugh, I don’t care anymore.”

“What? Why is that? Where’s the boss?”

“Well, he doesn’t care anymore too and he fired me.”

What? Really?”

“Yeah… I decided to just go and get far away from here.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

“I have a plan. You coming with me? I’m sick of this place.”

“Is the plan good enough?”

“I think so. There won’t be another chance.”

“Eh… Okay… I’ll go with you…” Jim reluctantly stuffed his rigid member into his pants and, pausing only to zip up, went after Steve.

More globs of cum rushed into Seb’s wanting maw as another burst was rushing through Jupiter’s cock. He was again inching up… feeting up to the white-orange dragon’s height at 55 feet. But Seb didn’t stop there. He was still expanding, his back broadening, his legs pumping up with raw sinew, biceps bulging more and more, wings spreading wider, tail lengthening. He had to bend his body in order to still be able to suck his partner’s penis.

Seb’s cock was also increasing its measurements, but it was getting fatter, not longer, all the time it brushed Seb’s chin, but now it was as wide as his waist, rivaling his thighs in thickness. Fortunately his hips widened too together with his frame, so his monstrous legs wouldn’t decrease his maneuverability.

The growth started to flag, its speed decreasing, with no more bursts or explosions. Seb’s body adjusted to his new form, his bones made a final groan and shift, his muscle the last flex, his cock ending throb. Yet he still drank the cum, because Jupiter hadn’t stopped cumming. Maybe his spasms weren’t so potent as before, but still a steady flow of his juices poured from the cock. Seb’s belly started to inflate a little displaying his cut abs even more. He put his hands on his stomach and when he was satisfied he decided to finally let go from his fountain of growth.

Seb turned around and lowered himself so that his butt was at the base of Jupiter’s penis, his tail wrapped around it twice and still some pulsing to milk it completely from its juices. Seb looked down, searching for his friend, but he just saw his fat cock and the ground. He moved lower a little further, making his friend’s pole now bend down at 45 degree angle, until he finally could see the other dragon’s face. He wasted no time and kissed him, shoving his tongue deep into his partner’s maw, who moaned and made one last orgasm from his cock shot out lightly, landing on Seb’s muscular back.

Seb’s cock again was lying between Jupiter’s pecs, though it no longer fit there now that it was so big. After five minutes of kissing and groping each other’s bodies, each with four powerful hands, they stood up, marveling at the size of Seb’s dragon torso. The red dragon now towered over the other one, taller by a good ten feet. They compared their cocks and they were the same length, but Seb’s was way thicker.

“Ha! At least here you aren’t longer.” Jupiter started.

“Haha! But it’s fatter, score for me!”

“True. Now you are ready.”

“For what?”

“Weren’t you listening before?!” Jupiter said angrily.

“I kind of forget.”

“You cannot forget! That’s the point! You cannot!”

“Okay… okay… but what?”

“To free us! To get us away from here!”

“Ah, right.”

“Not ‘ah, right’! You are our chance! Imagine this body in an open world where you can do anything! Not just fuck a few lucky guys who get sucked in here.”

“Okay. What do I do?” Seb asked, more interested now, and listened carefully.

“Here’s a key.” Jupiter took it out of Seb’s ear like a magic trick. “Go through the door. Drink the Neutralizer. Then just smack your way through walls until you find me again,” explained Jupiter.

“Shouldn’t you be here?”

“The rooms change their position. I don’t know how, I don’t know why. Do anything you must to get to me.”

“Okay. You know how the drink works?”

“No. I wanted to get doubled like the guy before me, but it didn’t work. You just get the change, despite your feelings, I think.”

“I’ll come for you.” Seb said taking Jupiter into his arms and hugging him strongly.

“I hope so. I’d really love to repeat that.”

“Me too.”

“Good luck.”

Seb opened the door and stepped through.

“Now, Jim, can you tell me why Steven did such an unacceptable thing and disturbed me?” asked the boss when entering the observation room.

No one was inside.

Monitors flashing with red alerts.

“Fuck.” He quickly got to the nearest intercom and pushed red button.

“Red alert! We may have a security breach! Red alert!”

But the device made a small explosion and the panel fall to the ground.


He ran to his office.

Seb opened the door and stepped through.

He was in a long corridor. It was all dark inside, but lamps started to flicker on and light up his surroundings. The corridor wasn’t very wide and tall, and Seb barely fit into the enclosed space. At the end he could see another door. He started to move in that direction and thanks to his new size he covered 20 feet with every step. It didn’t take him much time to cover the distance and arrive before the door. Seb grabbed the handle and pushed it.

Jim followed Steve and ran through passages of the facility.

“That was a good idea with the intercom,” Jim said.

“Yeah, it will give us another minute.”

“So… what’s the great plan?”

“Once I went on a walk here and I found a place.”

“I’m intrigued,” Jim said. “Could you explain?”

“I’ll tell you when we get there. My bigger concern would be how to bypass guards. Or take them down,” he added thoughtfully.

“This is getting pretty serious…”

Suddenly red lights flared up, circling around the hallways and an alarm started to sing its song. “Attention all employees!” barked an voice over the loudspeakers. “All employees go to the security hall located in sector 3A. All security guards, report immediately to sector C1 and D1. This is not an exercise. I repeat…” and so on.

“There goes our quiet escape,” Jim groused, trotting after Steve.

“It was nevergoingto be quiet. We’re going to section E. Let’s try to catch a guard and get his outfit. With any luck, they’ll be too busy to deal with us.”

As soon as Seb started to set foot over the threshold, the lights turned red and he heard a chain clicking above him. Looking up he could see bars coming down with great speed. The way forward would be blocked. Seb didn’t have time to run, so he just put his 4 hands up to stop it. Bars creaked and bent with the contact, but still pushed down, leaving Seb squatting. His biceps, thighs and ass muscles flexed with great power—their first test of strength.

After a few seconds he started to stand up, pushing the bars back. When he was fully straight he stepped through the door and let the bars go, which fell down and crushed on the floor. The way back now was blocked. But what caused this? They cannot know my intentions…

He looked around and he saw more bars coming down from the ceiling all the way to the floor. But they were bigger then the ones in the doors. They were wide, like the columns on a building, made from what looked like concrete with steel poles inside. The room itself was as small as the corridor in terms of height, his horns brushing the 75 foot ceiling, but wide enough to fit 10 dragons as wide as him and at the end of this room there was a bigger space. He could see, with newly improved vision, that on a pedestal at the far end, beyond the massive metal bars, there sat a huge phial containing shining purple liquid. That was it. His goal. Blocked with many bars on his way.

What could it give to him? Would he jump up in size like Jupiter? The orange dragon grew like 4 or 5 times his previous height. An extra cock like the double Ethan? His thoughts were interrupted.

“Seb Derrys,” came a female voice from a speaker, “due to some problems with security you have to stay where you are until all problems are resolved.”

“What?” Seb shouted up at the voice. “I’m am your client and I want what I was promised.”

“Due to some problems with security your reward has to be postponed until all problems are resolved,” the voice repeated calmly.

“I want it now!”

“Due to some problems…”

Noooooooooooow!” shouted Seb with his thundering voice making the earth shake.

“Due to some problems…”

“So I’ll have to take it myself!” Seb grabbed the first set of bars with all his four hands and started to push them apart.

They groaned and they creaked. He could see again his muscles flex and bulge with the effort. Big veins as thick as normal man’s torso appeared on his muscles. Finally the bars gave way to Seb’s superior strength. Still they didn’t allow him much further, because he made them just bend a little, too narrow for the giant dragon to move between them. He tightened the grip and pulled harder with all his might. The poles strained and curved more and with a loud crackle popped out from their hinges. He checked them and inside it wasn’t just a normal steel, it was darker and glistened a little. Are they titanum? That would be the reason they’re so hard. Seb tossed them aside. Tired from the exertion, he stepped to start doing the next ones, but he could hear the female loudspeaker voice change her mantra.

“Security breach. Sealing sector D1.”

Before, there were five layers of bars Seb would have to break through. Now more descended down, doubling their number. Seb started to destroy another pair.

They stepped in front of a harried-looking guard. This was their chance.

“Make way! I need to go the section…”

He couldn’t end his sentence since Steve had already attacked him with a punch that landed on his nose.

The guard wasn’t prepared and couldn’t do anything the block the punch. He fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Wow. That was a strong hit,” said Jim.

“Yeah. We need his clothes if my plan is going to work.”

“Sure. I assume we need to find another one too?”

“Yep. Shouldn’t be hard to find another one running around. Okay, hurry up! We don’t have much time!”

Seb was spent. After detorying the third pair of pillars his muscles were sore and aching. He was crouching down, resting and thinking how to pass the rest of those bars. There were seven sets left and he was pretty sure didn’t have the strength to pass through super reinforced concrete, even in this body. He had no chances going that way.

I… don’t have… enough strength… to go through… so many… bars…I have to… go… around… Seb looked around. He only saw the phial, there weren’t any doors at the end of the room. The doors he came from disappeared. The dragon stood up and went back to the wall from which he came here. So what’s behind this?

Seb punched the wall, not very strongly, but enough for it to make the plaster fall. Hmmm… This wall doesn’t look so massively structured compared to the bars. With that thought the dragon hit it harder, making a cavity deep enough to take his fist and half of his arm. The wall was not reinforced at all. Seeing that, he moved to the opposite side of the room. Facing again the damage he’d done already, Seb started to run towards the wall. With all his mass he struck the wall, which gave way and let him pass through it completely. Except—didn’t feel anything under his feet. He was falling down.

Steve was looking ridiculous in his uniform, since it was a size or two too small for him, not because he was fat or muscular but because he was tall at 6 feet 3 inches. He even had to go commando, because his shorts were too constraining. Almost every guard on their way was smaller and they had no other option. Jim had found a costume for himself that turned out to be a better fit, and was making fun of his friend, laughing behind his back.

“Would you please cut it? We’re in the place already.”

Jim looked up and saw the nondescript sign that read Section E.

There was a fingerprint security machine in front of the doors, but in the evacuation no one noticed that the doors weren’t locked down; so they just opened them and stepped inside. The room was completely empty, full of scattered papers lying on the ground and overturned chairs.

“Wow, I didn’t think people would run away in such a haste,” Steve observed.

“Yeah. What a mess. What we are looking for here?”

“This.” Steve walked to the other side of the room and opened the door there. Normally it would be closed and guarded, but now everyone had other problems. He opened the door and entered another room, a laboratory. There were lots of chemical instruments, pipettes, test-tubes and books. The most important thing was hanging on a wall in a glass locker. Inside there were four vials, each containing a strange liquid.

“Do you know what this is?”

“The Neutralizer?” Jim answered.

“No… That’s the Starter.” Steve said with a smirk on his face.

“You want to turn us into dragons?!” his friend shouted.

“Yes, that’s my plan.” Steve took the closest chair and smashed it into the glass. It shattered and exposed the untouched serums. He grabbed one and tossed another one to Jim.

“Bottoms up!” Steve chugged the Starter in one gulp.

“Ugh… Why did I agree to this?” Jim muttered, but he gulped the liquid.

“Now we need to get to section D1.”


“That’s where our dragon is.”

Without thinking Seb spread his wings, now around 150 feet wide. He flapped them and was able to steady his fall and fly back to the level of the room he was in before. It was completely dark, but thanks to his dragon eyes he could see clearly. The room was on a large rock that was located in the middle of an enormous cave. Light poured from the hole he had made.

Seb flew closer to the walls of the cavern to see what it was made of. It looked like a stone, hard and flat. But it was also changing its structure every second, making it move and stretch. What the hell is that? He tried to punch it, but he didn’t even make a scratch. Another few tries also didn’t make a difference. Seb decided to go back to the room. Once there he flew from the hole to the other edge of the room where he thought would be the place with the Neutralizer.

All of the sudden the cave started to shake and shift. From the opposite side of the room there was creating a branch of rock, expanding, lengthening and connecting the cave with the room. Not knowing what to think, he backed up a little and shattered another part of the room with his body.

Once inside Seb saw a lot of tiny people going out of the door that were now in the room, gathering around the Neutralizer. Now they all looked at the great dragon in disbelief, stopping their actions. In a moment of silence nothing happened and one man shouted: “Ready and aim!” Half of the guards raised their guns, the other half stood still, clearly thinking something like So big! Monster! Look at that dick! We’re going to die! The dragon saw the commotion in people’s ranks and went into action.


The first raw of people was knocked back by the sheer force of his shout, falling into the middle of their ranks. The back of the line had already ditched their guns and started to run away. “The last one was smaller,” someone shouted. “How did he get so big!?”

Seb took a few long steps toward his prize. It was around 6 feet high, so he could easily grab it with his hand. He swung his tail to scare the closest guards, which brought the desired effect. The dragon didn’t have time to think about how to open the sealed vial, so he just tossed it whole into his maw and chewed it. The fluid quickly spread inside his maw and was instantly absorbed by his body. He smiled with a wild grin and looked around at the remaining humans.

“Run! Run for your lives!”

“Who knows what will happen to him now!?”

“Look at that cock!”

“God save us!”

As soon as he’d turned his gaze on them Seb saw most of the guards running to the doors, pushing each other, squeezing themselves in a narrow corridor. Some guards stayed in positions, not because they wanted to stop Seb but because they were admiring the view. Some even started to jerk off with their dicks out.

The potion started to take effect. It kicked him hard and in mere seconds he became highly aroused, his cock throbbing, filling with blood at extreme speed and smacking the crevice made by his enormous pectoral muscles. Seb could feel himself getting taller again and with it his whole frame, proportionally. YES! YES! IT’S WORKING!MAKE ME HUGE, MAKE ME BIGGEEEEER! He roared and moaned as the powerful feeling once again spread through his body. The 78-foot-high dragon had to duck his head now, since the room was too small for him. His penis was pure hardness and super sensitive, so that every movement made the behemoth shiver and leak more and more pre cum. At 80 feet he had to lower his head even more and looking down all he could see was his bloated cock covered in his juices. At 85 feet he decided to kneel down, his monster ass squishing his gigantic balls and increasing the semen flow.

Seb’s musk was growing stronger and for the mere mortals beneath him it was too much to handle. Some fainted, while others had already experienced severalof themost powerful orgasms of their lives and now lay on the ground in bliss and agony, desperate for more, only their limbs were too heavy to move and give any more strokes to their cocks.

The floor beneath the dragon was coated in a thick layer of his cum that advanced to expand further and further. It reached some of the guards who had stood too close, drenching their little forms in his hot spend. Seb’s hands roamed his body, caressing his muscles as they got denser with every moment. He cupped his pecs, muscles overflowing his hands—he tried to squeeze them, but they were so hard even his brutal force couldn’t do that. His biceps bulged with power as he worked his chest, and his nipples were more sensitive than ever, sending shocks of pleasure as his fingers brushed them. Seb gasped and moaned again, sending another bigger spurt of his juice out of his cock, which now neared 40 feet in length.

The dragon continued to grow, higher and higher his head rose, his frame widening. He felt his waist speeding up the expanse, no longer being so narrow on his body, it was gaining bulk. When Seb put his other hands there he could sense them build up and swell with sinew, catching up to his hips and shoulders. He also felt something changing there, deep within him, new cords and organs emerging in the very core of his giant dragon body. The behemoth didn’t bother about it yet, since it didn’t hurt, but made him feel mightier, bigger and more potent.

Then suddenly he felt dizzy, his head lighter, his vision blurring. His hands fell loose to his sides. He tried to move, swinging his body right and left, his limbs flapped along, hitting the wall and bars crushing them and his horns scrapping the ceiling once more. His whole body started to rotate and finally he collapsed down onto his still rock hard penis, which sunk into the floor a little due to the dragon’s enormous weight. Fortunately he didn’t smash any of the cum-covered guards beneath his bulk. Everything shuddered as Seb crashed down and some of the guard’s limp bodies jumped up a good feet above the ground. Three layers of bars were torn apart and destroyed by the impact.

He couldn’t move. All his strength had abandoned him. He couldn’t even think. He fell into a very deep sleep, dreaming of Jupiter’s body.

When they arrived at the right place, Jim and Steve peeked out from adjacent corridor to the main hall, so no one could see them, and they found chaos. People were running away from the passage that connected the facility with the dragon’s rooms. They could hear roars coming out of that direction, despite all the loud screams of the retreating guards.

“Well, any idea how to get pass all that crowd?” Jim asked.

“Not yet. Let’s wait till all of them come back and then try to sneak in.”

“Sure, boss.”

“Don’t call me that,” Steve protested.

“Why not?”

Steve leaned in, pressed Jim into the wall, lowered his head and kissed him in the lips. Jim’s cock stirred and throbbed a little. After a short while they separated.

“Because that’s why.”

Jim was staring at his lover, bewildered by the unexpected show of affection.

“Now come on, we need to get closer.”

Everyone in the large hall didn’t know what to do. A sergeant was yelling at others, trying to gather troops around and form a line of men to guard the pathway. Jim and Steve ended up next to him. Now a loud rumbling came from the dragon’s direction. It continued for a while and ended with a great boom. People running away from the giant dragon were overtaken by a large cloud of dust. And then… silence. No more noises, roars or moans. When all of the guards were out of the corridor, the two lovers saw their chance and rushed for it, but they were stopped by the screaming sergeant.

“Where the hell you think you’re going?!” The guys looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

“To scout!” Jim blurted.

“To scout you say?!” and after a second of thinking the sergeant added, “Fine! Do you have the new weapons with you?” They shook their heads no. “Well then, take these. They are filled with some laboratory shit that is ought to stun that thing in there… If people would fucking shoot it that is, because everyone was just running away when they saw him! If possible, lure him out here!”

“Yes, sir!” both men said and ran into the corridor.

As soon as they did so they were struck by a strong scent. They couldn’t recognize it, but was alluring.

“What is that? Smells delicious!” Jim said when they were moving through the dust-covered hallway, running behind his friend.

“I don’t know. By the way, good call with that scouting idea. I can’t believe he fell for it!”

“Me either. Let’s see what happening there.”

“Yeah. I wonder how does he… Oh my god!” Steve stopped walking and stood stunned by what he saw.

“What is it?” Jim asked and looked into the room. First his jaw dropped and after a moment he managed to say “Wow…” Their cocks immediately hardened and made visible bulges in their trousers.

They were looking on the dragon. Well… his cockhead to be more accurate. The penis was partially buried in the floor, but only a little, and was around 14 feet wide and it was spilling the dragon’s essence on the ground. Next to it lay Seb’s horned head, which was slightly smaller compared to the thing that it was lying beside. The giant’s shoulders were packed with brawn and were broad enough they were probably 40 feet across. One of his hands occupied half of the entrance to the room and each finger was 6 feet long, what made them bigger than Jim, who was 5’10’’. The taller man started to climb the hand to get closer to the dragon, Jim followed, but slower and stayed behind.

“Amazing…” Jim was still shocked. He walked on the dragon’s arm, up to his bicep. It was like walking on a granite, nothing bulged, he was not sinking down into the flesh. “Unbelieveable…”

“I think he’s sleeping!” Steve called to him.

“So be quiet not to wake him up!” Jim answered, trying not to be loud.

“But that’s the point!” Steve went back to examine the dragon near his maw and cock.

Jim still was fascinated by the great bicep beneath him. He wanted to touch it, to feel it, the shining scales, the hard muscle and breath the scent that dragon was emitting. He closed his eyes, drowning in his bliss. After a moment of just experiencing the euphoric scent, he heard something. It was kind of a slurping sound, followed by loud gulping, like someone wanted to drink all of Niagara Falls in just one swallow. Turning his head to the source of the sound and opening his eyes he saw Steve. He was hugging the giant cock, his head at the lower part of its hole. He was trying to take as much cum as he could into his mouth. And even as Jim watched, Steve started to grow.

Jim could see his friend’s sleeves filling up with biceps, his shirt tightening over his now pronounced pecs, his trousers trying to contain his expanding thighs and most importantly the fat bulge in his groin. Everything was magnified because he still had smaller clothes for his stature, and having a little more brawn on his body made the clothes to strain and stretch. Steve’s muscles already looked like the ones models in muscle magazines as the sleeves began to tear and buttons of his shirt began to shoot away, revealing his growing pectorals.

His pants also ripped, setting free a swelling dick that bobbed straight up at full 10 inches, twice as big as it was before. His balls were still hidden, but they looked like a small apples under what was left of his pants. Steve was inching higher, gaining height, making him bend over so as not to stop drinking his growth juice. His back and shoulders widened tearing more and more of the already destroyed shirt. His ass filled the trunks, making it perfectly round. After another second of growing they lost the battle and shattered, revealing Steven’s ass, which bubbled up and down thanks to its increased mass.

Steven felt powerful. While expanding in size he could feel his muscles, joints, bones growing, and he could also sense his body changing. It started with his feet, as his ankles started to move over the floor making him stand only on his toes that were tearing their way through ruined shoes. His skin started to twist and itch as he started sprouting black and white scales all over his body. They arranged into a pattern, so Steven’s hands, pectorals and abs were white, but his arms and sides of his torso black. The torn fabric of his trousers revealed his muscled calves and thighs, which were black, but feet again in white colour. His cock, now reaching 14 inches in length and 4 inches across, turned white, two orbs hanging below it now the side of oranges, started to overflow the cloth which broke, and Jim could see that they were painted white too.

Steve was now almost 8 feet tall and still snooting up. Snow-colored scales started to appear on his neck and face. His mouth lengthened creating a muzzle, his teeth sharpening. His hair hadn’t fallen out, but instead changed colour from brawn to black and made a fringe on his forehead.

At last Steve felt that something was happening with his back. Something was growing on it, at first just three bumps that expanded into something like limbs. The lower one, just above his butt was turning into a tail, the upper ones are to become wings, all of them black. In a matter of seconds those appendages were as big as a “normal” dragon of Steven’s height, reaching a wingspan of 20 feet.

Jim had already creamed his pants just from watching his friend’s transformation. And Steve was still growing, bulging out with bigger muscles, longer dick, rounder balls and taller frame. Now 9 feet high Steve was still getting taller, though not as fast as before. His bulk was like bodybuilder’s in dragon form, thick and hard with brawn. His cock was now 18 inches long and 6 inches wide, sticking straight and stiff out from his huge body.

The new dragon felt the last growth spurt, thanks to which he shot up one feet more in height, his dick 2 and as half feet long and balls like melons dangling near his knees. He still slurped the magic cum, but it didn’t work anymore and made his belly fill with it. Then he turned his head to look at Jim, who still was leaning on Seb’s bicep, drooling saliva at the sight of his friend.

“You’re going to join me or not?” Steve asked with a smirk. His voice was deeper and full of lust.

Jim heard his friend’s voice and came again in his pants. The voice was so strong, so filled with sex, the human could only watch and listen, drowned in the sight and sound of him. Steve, seeing his friend was riveted and unmoving, decided to help him. He grabbed a handful of Seb’s juice and smashed it onto his body, making a show. First he splattered the cum on his muscular chest, massaging his pecs, squeezing them in his hands until they were covered completely. Next came his arms, Steve caressing his biceps, now 40 inches around, flexing them to bulge out more, and when they were fully covered in spunk he made a double bicep pose, all the while looking straight into Jim’s eyes.

He felt the power. He wanted to show off—he needed someone to worship his new form, and he saw a perfect candidate. The dragon continued his display with his cum-filled belly, going down to his thighs, which were so big his hands couldn’t encompass even half of them. Then were his calves and feet, especially his toes, which he coated richly in the cum. Last was his pillar of dragonhood with matching balls, lubricating them in slow and very long strokes and squeezes. As a cherry on top of all that he turned around, lifted his tail to expose his butt, which was right away slapped by a large amount of semen and massaged into. Steve’s ass was wiggling and bouncing as he also flexed one buttcheek after the other. After the show off he wiped his head off from sweat, leaving a considerable amount of cum there instead. He was coated from top of his head to the tip of his cock and down to his grown toes.

Jim was mesmerised by the sight. With every movement his lover’s muscles flexed and bulged, his prodigious penis stuck out proudly. Then the dragon walked towards Jim, carefully climbed the giant’s hand and then on his arm he got to the bicep where his friend was.

Steve pinned his friend down with his foot, then moved it up, until his toes were just below his chin and said in a commanding tone: “Lick it.” And Jim obeyed, sticking his tongue out and tasting the glorious fluid. It was like trying heaven for him, sweet and bitter a little, but the sensation overwhelmed him. He wanted more from the first lick—no, he needed more, so he put the whole toe into his mouth to slurp it all. His tongue working up and down the toe not to miss a drop and when he was done he quickly jumped to another one. Jim could feel his body starting to shift. His muscles tensed and slowly grew with every swallow of cum. New inches were gradually added to his cock and height.

Nothing else mattered. Grow. The scent of Seb’s semen was strong and made only to lust for more. Grow. More muscles, more cock, more ass and balls. And Steven totally covered in it. Lick. Slurp. Swallow. Grow. Now Jim proceed on to lick the foot, since the toes were cleaned already. Long fondles of his tongue sent mini orgasms through the dragon’s body making his cock and balls ache for release. When the foot was glistening with polished scales Steve changed it to the other one and again sucking started on his toes.

Jim’s body had toned muscles now, with every slurp getting another pound to his frame. He could feel his shirt and trousers filling up with brawn, his cock adding length and now being 6 and a half inches. When the second foot was done he added another inch there and was already at Steve’s old height at 6’3’’.

Now he had to pull himself up a little to take care of the wet calves, but not for long, since Jim was working his tongue like crazy. He quickly managed to clean them and he advanced his efforts up higher, to Steven’s knees. There he had to shift his position to kneeling and adjust his clothes, since they started to strain on his now gym-rat sized body. His dick pushed past the belt of the trousers, standing proud at 8 and a half inches long and plenty thick at 3 inches, balls started to push the front by growing into a large tangerine shape.

The dragon was on the edge of cumming, but wouldn’t allow himself to. He waited for the proper moment, which slowly was approaching. Now Jim was moving his tongue on his thigs, first from the outside, but slowly coming to the inner, much more sensitive part. Steve moaned and roared, shouted “yes, do it, yes!” in his lust and desire, while his friend was licking his mounds of leg muscles. Jim’s head was moving up the thigh length, in the middle his head hit something and when he opened his eyes he saw huge balls dangling there, wet and waiting to be taken care of. He continued to move up, lifting the melon sized orb. Every touch, every caress was sending Steven’s senses into overdrive, but still he constrained… it wasn’t the time yet.

Jim also enjoyed every moment of that, his growing biceps started to shred the shirt, tears appeared on his trousers, especially in the groin area, that was growing faster now. Buttons popped from the top, showing big pecs, thick neck and broadening shoulders. He looked like a professional heavy weight bodybuilder, but much taller then most humans, standing at 7 feet tall, when he finished licking Steven’s thighs. Now was the time for balls.

He started with biting his teeth into them, what sent another wave of pleasure through the dragon’s spine, making him wiggle his tail right and left. Jim traced his tongue all around those balls, sloshing all cum that they were covered in. He felt his feet shifting, his skin itching and changing too. His transformation finally launched and scales appeared on his body. They were white at his legs, but slowly turning red, while inching up his body.

Shoes burst and steel-cutting sharp claws were visible going out of them, as shredded clothing fell off of Jim. His whole body was on display now. Mountains of cut muscles sheathing in hard scales, fighting for space. But there the transformation stopped. He licked all the cum from balls and they were so lost in it he was wiping them clean several times already. It was time to move up a little.

Jim started at the base of the cock, feeling the return of growth. His neck widened and changed its structure, his mouth lengthened, teeth sharpened. His head moving all the way from the base of Steve cock to its head and back. Black horns spurted on his head in many spots taking place of his hair.

One of the last slurps on the cock and he put the tip into his muzzle. His lengthened tongue circling around it’s prey, twisting and licking. His hands stroking the remaining shaft, which slowly disappeared in Jim’s maw. 10 inches, a foot, a foot and a half of dragonhood was deep in Jim’s throat. Steve couldn’t hold back any more, it was his time, he waited for it for too long, he needed release, his balls tightened, his dick hardened even more and he came with a wild rooar.

The smaller dragon took all he was given, his lover’s cum tasted sweet and sour, but he loved it and ached for more. And that’s exactly what he got. Steve was edging for a while and his orgasm was a massive one, he pumped and pumped more and more seep into Jim. Now the cut of his abs dwindled, letting his stomach grow and fill with delicious juice. After a few minutes of constant cumming Jim had now a big muscle gut resting underneath his bloated pecs. He looked up and saw his friend exhausted from the release, but he didn’t intend to stop his tongue running over Steven’s body.

He quickly let go of the cock, which still was spilling cum, and moved to drown in the valleys and hills of abs. His tongue was unstoppable, it got in every crack, draining it to the last drop of sweet spunk. He felt again growing, but this time on his back where his wings and tail started to spurt. He was also getting taller, now at 8 feet, but that wasn’t going to end there. Jim, after taking care of each abdominal muscle independently, started to suck on Steve’s nipples. Thanks to that Steve moaned and another spasm went through his body, throwing out more cum. The bigger dragon’s pecs were serviced with great expertise and care, as if Jim’s tongue was created just to do that, worship and lick his every muscle.

Steven want to thank his friend, he wanted to reciprocate all that Jim had done. He started to lean in. Jim, seeing that, did the same, though he had to move his head up, and their lips met. Their tongues swirled around each other, exploring their maws and teeth. But the smaller dragon broke it, he had more work to do and he didn’t want to wait. He kissed and licked Steve’s neck, gulping Seb’s cum that still was on this part of the dragon’s body. He leaned in even more, allowing Jim to clean his muzzle too. When that was done, they went back to kissing and Steve could feel his friend inching up to 9 feet of height.

Now they were lost in each other. Hands grabbing as much as they could of the others muscles, flexing for each other, all the time being close in embrance. Steve found his lover’s prick, that stood up for 2 feet now and 5 inches thick, and started to stroke it making Jim moan and shiver from this new sensations going through his body. Lower were his balls bigger than cantaloupes. It was like a sexual dance of these two dragons, hands roaming on pecs, biceps, triceps, cocks and balls.

This time it was Steve, who broke their tango. He whispered to Jim’s ear:

“I still have more of that cum on me… If you want to have it.”

Jim’s eyes opened wide and he remembered that beautiful display of his friends bubbly butt, that was all soaked in the magical juice and he answered, “Yes, yes, yes, give it to me,” also in a quiet and amorous way.

“No, you give it to me,” said Steve squeezing his lover’s cock, while turning around and bending over.


Jim eagerly knelt down so his face was on the same level as Steve’s butt. He then stuck his magical tongue out and grazed the ass’ surface. It was soft to the touch, he could feel the scales bend a little when he pressed them, and when he quickly moved to another part of the cheek it would bounce a jiggle. He was super aroused now—not only was he to grow more, but also fuck his friend, something he had wanted to do since their brief escapade in the men’s room before this whole crisis. His tongue was caressing Steve’s whole butt, its cheeks and the hole, to prepare it for what was coming. When he was done and the ass was squeaky clean he aimed his pole.

Jim grabbed his lover by the hips and moved in slowly, so that Steve could get used to the cock and its girth, but that didn’t help and he moaned with ache in his deep sex-laden voice. The red dragon enjoyed that a lot and thrust his hips with more force. He felt himself growing again, including in his penis, which gained more inches in his circumference and length inside Steve, stretching Steve’s hole to its limits. One foot, one and a half feet in and going deeper. Jim backed up and slammed in harder, the force making his balls dangle and hit against his friend’s orbs. He continued that motion, speeding up, until his whole tool was inside the white and black dragon.

Jim was astonished that he, despite all his arousal and lust, managed had not to cum so far. But that moment he was all the way in it happened and he flooded Steve’s ass. Cum overflowing, spilling out when he backed up, just to thrust again afterward. He came and came, like he had been holding it for a month, just for this moment of sexual bliss. Steve after a while of humping finally was able to enjoy it and he decided that it was something that he needed. To be filled with a giant cock, to be fucked with wild desire.

Their roars and moans combined shocked the room. The bottom dragon’s belly was filling now and after a moment he had a gut just like his friend. It was soft and sloshing inside, making it bounce with their simultaneous movements. When they were done and spent they collapsed and fell into each others muscular arms.

They lay there on Seb’s bicep for a while, hugging each other and kissing sensually. That’s when they were caught by a deep echoingvoice: “Mind if I interrupt?”

Both dragons opened their eyes and looked for the source of the sexual voice. It was Seb, who finally had woken up.

He’d woken up much earlier, but didn’t want them to stop, so he just observed, it was so hot looking at other dragons making out and making love. Now when they were finally over he decided to let them know he was awake.

When they jumped off his arm, he could finally pull himself up, so he could at least sit. But there was a weird feeling, like he was seeing everything doubled, and he could also swear that he was seeing his back—it was kind like all the time you can see your nose, but your brain erases it. They were looking at him with opened maws, but quite weirdly, because once straight at him and then like there was something on his shoulder, but still he could see their eyes fixed on his. But that was not his greatest concern yet.

“Who are you two?” he asked with an echo.

“Ehhr… it’s a long story. Maybe now it’s not the best time to tell you all of it,” the black one said after a moment.

“Why is that?”

“We have to run away from this room, since there are guards outside preparing and they have guns. We have to find another way out of here.”

“And what will they do? Shot bullets at us? I can feel how my scales are much denser and can withstand that! I hear a lot of steps coming from the corridor, let them come!”

“When we were there, they said they had something that could stun you. Us. We have to hurry up if we want to get the four of us away from here.”

“Four? What are you talking about?”

“Turn around.”Seb turned around and gasped. He was looking at himself.

Fuck, I doubled.

Steve was surprised that Seb didn’t know about it, but it wasn’t his top priority, because there was something happening with his stomach, as it sloshed and gurgled. He looked at Jim and saw his belly disappearing. Then… they started to grow again.

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