From the files of the Magic Misuse Office

by BRK

 High-ranking magilegal investigator Liam O'Brien reports on a YouTube video in which twin college students have an illicitly magical effect on anyone watching.

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Description: Notes and Transcript of Video Evidence (File MV1310-JUD-2, Item #337B)

Investigator: Liam K. O’Brien, SSG-5, Level 10 magilegal and Junior Delegate to the All-Magic Inner Council

Subjects: Travis and Trent Judson, 19, enrolled as students at a major nonmag University (specifically, [redacted]). Originally a single individual named Max Fitzgerald, 26.

Evidence Details: Video posted on Youtube (the cocky bastards). This public exposure would normally constitute an instant summons and spell reversal. But this video and its contents, like the six other videos in this series by the two perpetrators in question, is protected by a scary-good level A-4 submersion spell.

For the laymen on the council who aren’t magilegals and haven’t followed the other pending cases, let me spell out, no pun intended, how serious that is. A level A-4 is a whammy big enough to guarantee that for all nonmagicals watching, (a) they will not notice the magic enacted by the perpetrators when it’s being performed or even discussed, and (b) the results both will seem normal and are remembered retroactively as having been the way things were. It can be really wild to watch the nonmags buy into the freaky shit these kids are doing. And kind of amusing, if you like that kind of thing.

As before in the previous cases [linked below], the spell is executed so well that, ironically, exposure is not cause for immediate concern despite the advanced nature of the magic performed. The submersion spell is extremely well-executed with no detected leakage after dreamwalk follow-ups with 154 random viewers so far, conducted personally or by my assistant. This perfect a seal in itself leads me to suspect that they’re either unnaturally gifted prodigies, or they have expert help at a very high level. Not that I’m accusing anyone, though I reserve that right should the necessary evidence develop.

Transcript and recommendations follow.

[The video begins with the two twins in what looks like a typical college dorm room, though not much it it can be seen as they’re fairly close to camera. They’re sitting right next to each other, arms around each other’s shoulders, and they’re wearing striped tops that are complementary rather than exactly the same; from previous videos I know that while the twins are almost impossible to tell apart, Travis always wears red and rust related colors, and Trent wears blues and cyans.]

Travis: Hey, guys, welcome back to the T&T Show where our code is to make you explode! You know me, I’m Travis, I’m the cute twin.

Trent: And I’m Trent, the even cuter twin.

Travis: Actually we’re both amazingly cute.

Trent: So gorgeous. Not that we’re bragging.

Travis: We’re just quoting the comments. Thanks for the appreciation, guys!

Trent: And the cum!

Travis: So much cum. We love it.

Trent: In fact we love it so much that we took our cuteness up a notch. Can you tell?

Travis: Yeah, we got these awesome fitted tee shirts that really show off our buffness, see? And—

Trent: No, silly bro, I mean the way we upped our perceived hotness.

Travis: Oh yeah, check this. Guys already always get hard around us, that’s so fucking hot.

Trent: So hot. But now—

Travis: We’re now so cute that when we kiss, and you’re a guy who’s at all into guys—

Trent: You blow a load! Awesome right?

Travis: We’ve been trying it out on campus.

Trent: Discreetly.

Travis: Sort of.

Trent: Sort of discreetly.

Travis: We’re always kissing anyway.

Trent: It’s hard to hold back.

Travis: Because we turn each other on even more than we turn you on.

Trent: But this week we’ve been holding back.

Travis: Well—we did kiss in front of the whole Western Civ class the other day.

Trent: At least we waited until the end of class!

Travis: We must have gotten half the guys in the lecture hall to blast in their jeans watching us.

Trent: That was so hot.

Travis: Most of them came to our impromptu pool party right after, too, after we invited the guys who were still in the lecture hall. That was a great idea, Trent.

Trent: Well, they were already wet anyway!

Travis: Half the guys in class, standing there staring at us and blowing loads in their pants. I think we’ve got straight guys crossing over for us.

Trent: I know we do. They’re even gropier than the gay guys.

Travis: Totally. And we know what you’re wondering.

Trent: “Do you have the videos?”

Travis: And the answer is—

Trent and Travis: Of course we do.

[The video cuts to a shot of the twins in the middle of a well-manicured lawn in front of an ivy-covered academic building. They are facing each other, standing close together and grinning. They move their faces toward each other, but before their lips meet the camera has slid over their shoulder and zoomed in on two good-looking, athletic young men coming out of the building. One of them immediately begins to stare, presumably at the twins just out of shot, and then gasps loudly, grasping suddenly at the shoulder of his friend and obviously panting. The other student first looks at his friend, alarmed, then follows his line of sight and immediately stiffens his shoulders and reddens a little in the face before tipping his head back and letting out a moan that’s audible even to the camera microphone. Dark wet patches bloom in both their jeans near the crotch as the two guys cling to each other.

[Then another scene, this time in a bathroom. Who’s shooting these vids, anyway? Probably no one—they probably used that remote-seer-to-mp4 spell that’s going around. Anyway, there are three very hunky guys standing at the urinal pissing when the twins walk up to a single empty urinal at the end, but instead of unzipping to piss they turn toward each other, moving into a clinch. Once again the camera slides off them to watch the other three guys, who turn to stare, first in amazement and discomfort, then almost immediately in passionate, flushed arousal. They are all stroking their cocks, though we can’t see their boners, just their hands moving feverishly and their knees bending slightly. All that lasts just a second as they all blast loads into the porcelain urinals while watching fixatedly the kiss happening just off screen. On the audio you can just hear the splats of multiple spurts of cum from the three hunks.

[And then: A large, stadium-style lecture hall raked in a wide semicircle around the podium and chalkboards. As a middle-aged professor adjourns the class the twins stand up from their seats in the front row and move into a clinch, and the magical camera shifts off them and pans to pick up, one or two at a time, most of the guys in the class suddenly stiffening and grabbing their crotches or something firm nearby to steady them—the seat in front of them, or their buddy’s shoulder, or anything—and gasp, reddening in the face and arching their bodes as they orgasm hard and, in some cases, repeatedly, their eyes all riveted on the front. After the cumming tapers off many of the guys seems to holding onto each other in little clusters of two or three, red faced and wide-eyed, as if male contact is what they need now. One cute curly-haired guy, leaning into his buzz-cut buddy, has started kissing him on the neck, and the buddy’s turned his face toward him in surprise and after a second passes they’re making out. A few more couples and threesomes are making out here and there throughout the hall, ignoring their soaked crotches, as the video ends.]

Trent: Anyway, you know what comes next.

Travis: We have to test it out with you guys.

Trent: We’re pretty sure this is going to work over video, which means—

Travis: You better shuck your pants, guys!

Trent: Ready, Trav?

Travis: So ready. [They kiss sensually for about 20 seconds. Note to council members and any fellow investigators with access to this file: The spell is effective on both mags and nonmags and produces an immediate and sustained orgasm with unusual quantities of—well, what I’m saying is, be warned, and yes, take off your pants first. And probably your shirt. Also, you should probably have a damp towel handy.]

Travis: That was amazing.

Trent: Your tongue is so hot. And long.

Travis: Yours too. So, guys, did you cum?

Trent: Did you?

Travis: I know we’ll be hearing all about it in the comments and on all our social apps. Hey, T, you want to do it again, just to see if it works twice in a row?

Trent: Yeah, but we did that already, bro, at the pool party. It worked five times in a row, remember?

Travis: But c’mon, it’s so much fun.

Trent: Yeah, it is. [They kiss again. And yes, it does work twice in a row. After they finish making out, they turn back to the camera, grinning.]

Travis: Now, I’m sure you know that that’s only the beginning.

Trent: ‘Cause you can keep watching this video.

Travis: But you want to know what’s really wild?

Trent: So wild.

Travis: After you watch this very video a bunch of times—

Trent: What, like, five or six times, T?

Travis: More like ten, but you all’ll watch this vid at least ten times easy, right?

Trent: And after you’ve been watching it a whole bunch of times, and you’re cumming ‘cause of us, it’ll start to feel like our mouths are around your cocks, guys!

Travis: Do you feel it yet?

Trent: Do you? Our hot mouths? Wrapping around your big, leaky boners?

Travis: And not just while you’re watching—

Trent: Ssh, don’t tell ‘em, it’s a surprise.

Travis: It’s such an awesome surprise.

Trent: Now if it hasn’t happened to you yet, you’re probably wondering—

Travis: “But there’s two of you!”

Trent: “How can you have both your beautiful mouths around my cock?”

Travis: [winks]

Trent: That’s the other surprise.

[In the interests of fully documenting the violations embedded in this video, I spent an afternoon watching it several times in succession. As expected, the two kissing scenes in the video produced sudden and prodigious orgasms each and every time—fortunately for the sake of me and others watching, the spell is considerate enough to replenish your supply of semen, and then some, after each orgasm, so that you’re not left with your balls aching in agony. It also partially re-amps your libido, so if anything you’re half-horny for more of what you just had even after thorough and euphoric satiation.

[It’s the best-designed sex spell I’ve ever experienced, to be honest: the construction and execution is extremely thorough and perfectly self-contained. Every new orgasm is just as impressive and as enjoyable as the last, and I’ve never seen a sex spell that did that on successive exposure. These kids are beyond high mage level, at least when it comes to sex magic, except I’ve never seen a high mage that took that much simple delight in what they were doing, and performed their spells with this level of respect and consideration for their subjects, however unwitting.

[The second part of the spell kicks in during the tenth viewing, as noted in the video. This time the effect is purely physical to start with. As I started to get hard again as the twins’ second make-out session began, my cock started to expand in both length and girth, and then it suddenly split in two, and I had two large, rigid erections. Both of them seemed bigger than what I’d had before, but I couldn’t think clearly about anything like that because even as my cocks split apart I started to feel the exquisite stimulation of a hot and talented mouth around each of them—exactly as if both of the twins were fellating me at the same time. It was seconds before I came, harder than any of the twenty or more orgasms I’d had that night already, and when I came I could feel the twins sucking my cocks and swallowing my seed. The sensation continued as I softened, the twins gently ministering to my softening cocks with their lips and tongues, until finally it felt as though they pulled off my mostly flaccid cocks and left them wet and exposed, flopped across my rapidly replenishing balls.

[It was necessary to determine whether this levelling up of the spell changed the experience of watching the video. Sure enough, on my eleventh viewing the instant erection, or, rather, erections that came from seeing the two men start to kiss on screen were accompanied by the overpowering sensation of mouths wrapped around my cocks and the commencement of a double blow job leading very quickly to yet another incredibly intense orgasm, or, rather, orgasms, as it felt like two orgasms stacked on top of each other when I came simultaneously from both cocks. The same thing happened when I got to the second make-out session in the video.

[The phenomenon persisted on the twelfth and thirteenth viewings. On each occasion, the unstoppable erections provoked by seeing the twins start kissing immediately transformed into the sensation of double fellatio and a swift-building, earth-shattering double orgasm.

[As for the other “surprise”: I was perplexed as to what that could be at first, and my deconstructive parsing of the spells embedded in the video exposed only a series of masked contingencies that I have not broken through to date even with diligent and repeated application of my most powerful code-cracking spells. I did not have long to wait, however. That night, as I was having dinner with several other high-ranking guests at the home of Exalted High Mage Taurence and his wife Luzina, I found my mind drifting from the conversation about Luzina’s sons’ wedding, and my thoughts turned to the video. As it did so, I realized I was getting hard thinking about the twins, just from remembering their uncanny cuteness as they playfully talked and joked to camera; and even though I wasn’t thinking about the make-out sessions themselves I was nonetheless completely erect in moments, in what I believe was in this case a natural reaction to recollection of the twins’ appearance and behavior rather than a targeted spell. That, however, was when I discovered the second surprise: I began to feel the sensation of the two brothers going down on me under the banquet table, and as I experienced this rather mortifying pleasure, this part of the hidden spell was revealed to me: I now understood that once you’ve experienced the effect of the cock-doubling/fellatio part of the spell, any time you get hard after that just from thinking about the Judson twins, even away from the video, you felt their double blow-job.

[The difference was that, while the spell that makes you react to the sight of the twins kissing is designed to produce a quick and powerful orgasm, the thinking-about-them/fellatio spell is not. I sat at the table, fearing an uncontrollable double orgasm would take me at any time in front of all these important mages; but I soon realized that the orgasm from this part of the spell was entirely under my control. I was able to sit at the table, drinking wine with a shaky hand, for twenty minutes while experiencing the sensation of the twins pleasuring me with their mouths and their surprisingly long tongues, seemingly endlessly. Finally, most of the table got involved in a heated discussion over the pending dragon treaty, and I was able to slink away unnoticed, glad the occasion had called for formal robes instead of mortal attire. I found a restroom and let the “twins” bring me to full, mind-blowing dual orgasms.

[It’s my belief that this aspect of the spell only applies if you become aroused specifically because you’re thinking about the twins, and my assistant confirms that he’s had several encounters with his husband since he was turned by the video that did not involve the sensation of twinly fellatio on his cocks. I have yet to test, however, what happens if you get hard thinking about the twins, and then engage in sex with someone else. My reports on this aspect and related questions will be appended to this file upon completion of the relevant investigations.]

Travis: Anyway, that’s our video for now.

Trent: Join us next time, when I bet we’ll be even cuter.

Travis: Is that even possible, T?

Trent: I dunno, Trav! Want to find out?

Travis: Totally. Oh, and don’t forget, next time we’ll have a special guest!

Trent: Who’s it going to be? A hot celebrity?

Travis: A lucky fan?

Trent: Another brother?

Travis: You’ll have to watch to find out!

Trent: ‘Til then, we’ll leave you with this: You’re all cuter than you think you are!

Travis: And hunkier.

Trent: So much hunkier.

Travis: Go out and enjoy it! Kiss someone you think is hot in front of everyone, and see who you make explode!

Trent: You guys are awesome! We’ll see you in your dreams!

[Video ends.]

Recommendations: The Judson twins, though engaged in illicit and in some cases nonconsensual magical transformation of both magicals and nonmagicals, nonetheless do not pose an immediate danger of the magical world being exposed due to the extremely rigorous construction of both their sex magic charms and the A-4 submersion spell that seals the perception of their magic and its effects from the nonmags who experience it. The main byproduct of this video, in particular, is that there is a significant and growing population of good-looking, well-muscled men with two large cocks within both the magical and mundane world. This kind of effect can by reversed with the application of a series of deconstruction spells, should anyone involved wish to do so.

Given the lack of immediate threat, the more important question may be how the Judson twins acquired such expert-level abilities. Toward that end, I recommend both continued intense monitoring of the twins’ activities on YouTube and social media, and direct, first-hand surveillance of the twins’ activities with the goal of uncovering their secrets. I will undertake responsibility for both aspects of the investigation, in the latter case by going undercover as a young professor at their university. Further reports will be appended as new developments occur. With luck, I hope to find out exactly how the Judson twins are able to do what they do.

In service to the Society of Magical Beings and the All-Magic Inner Council, I remain,

Liam K. O’Brien, Mage.
Description: Case notes concerning undercover reconnaissance (File MV1310-JUD-2, UC Observation Session 1A)

Investigator: Liam K. O’Brien, SSG-5, Level 10 magilegal and Junior Delegate to the All-Magic Inner Council

Subjects: Travis and Trent Judson, 19, enrolled as students at a major nonmag University (specifically, [redacted]). Originally a single individual named Max Fitzgerald, 26.

Background: The Judson twins have now posted nine videos over the past four weeks. Of these, five have consisted of the twins talking to-camera from an ad-hoc studio in their home while enacting various magical enhancements on the viewer. Most of these changes are subtle but have each tested out as reliably effective by both myself and my assistant, as well as for randomly selected dreamwalked nonmagicals. In two videos (evidence items #336C and #336D), the enhancement is a small but palpable (and apparently permanent) increase in the viewer’s libido. Fortunately, the effect was is not reimposed on repeated viewings, though the timecode of the embedded spell invariably produces a sudden and very intense arousal accompanied an urgent need for climax.

Another video (#336E) contains a rare Level B-2 luck spell for encountering very good-looking, eagerly willing male sex partners within 72 hours. For my married assistant, thankfully, the conjured Lothario turned out to be his husband, who returned home early from a business trip to sweep him away on a lusty, sex-drenched weeklong holiday; from this I conclude the effects of the spell might actually be intensified for those in stable, long-term relationships, though further testing is perhaps warranted. For myself, I will state only that the spell produced dependable results across five separate trials, including one test where I deliberately located myself on a mountain far from any settlement (see attached potential ongoing nonmag sex partner clearance application re: [redacted], the handsome and enthusiastic Swedish mountain-climber encountered on said occasion).

Unexpectedly, the effect induced in the fourth to-camera video (#337A) seems to vary by viewer: most viewers achieve a one-time 10% increase in cock size and girth and no further effects from later viewings, but roughly a third, myself included, experience a significant bump in testicle size on first viewing, with a 15% increase in cock size deferred to the second viewing. I have been unable to determine the spell’s delineation criteria between the two groups; it may be random, or there may be a more intricate algorithm behind the distribution of effects we have not yet detected.

Evidence item #337B, previously detailed, is the most spell-intensive. In addition to the instant, automatic massive-orgasm trigger associated with the twins kissing sensually on camera (induced twice in the video, and repeatedly triggered without fail on all subsequent viewings), a powerful spell embedded at the end of the video produces a dramatic increase in the viewer’s cuteness and “hunkiness”. The most sensational effect occurs on the tenth viewing of the video: each viewer, on tenth viewing, experiences a one-time duplication and enlargement of his cock and a permanent alteration to his sensory matrix, allowing him to experience the twins going down on said cocks every time arousal is achieved as a result of thinking about the twins.

The remaining four videos (#336F through H and #337C) show the twins interacting with fellow students and each other in various venues. In the first video, several scenes show them gathering appreciative men while walking across campus; another has them shopping for underwear at various clothing stores and boutiques, much to the delight and/or sexual confusion of various menswear associates; the third has them dancing at a gay club. The gay club footage at one point seems to show the entire tightly-packed crowd of horny, hip-grinding and mouth-mashing mostly shirtless revelers swirling around them on the dance floor momentarily turning into exact duplicates of these very attractive, beautifully built, and infectiously exuberant twins; it’s unclear whether this actually happened, or was simply made to appear to happen in the video, but it’s pretty hot either way. The fourth video (#337C), showing the highlights of a sunny afternoon pool party at the twins’ home that continues into the evening, occurs after the “perceived hotness upgrade” described and demonstrated in #337B—the actual source of the instant-orgasm trigger included twice in that video—and so documents a great deal of spontaneous ejaculation and pairing off (or, frequently, tripling off) of the twins’ ardent and increasingly attractive admirers from among the student body. In the video you can see that a few of them have already very visibly experienced the tenth-viewing effects of #337B summarized above, which, as I can attest, is difficult to hide in any kind of swimwear.

Their social media presence beyond YouTube is as might be expected. Their Facebook page is almost normal for two extremely outgoing, popular, and randy college students, and their Twitter stream is mostly retweets of fans gushing about how hot and sweet and inspiring they are, often with pics expressing bashful, smiling thanks. A more stealthy effect is woven through their Instagram account: it’s a constant stream of pics of the two of them, candidly taken as they’re going about their daily activities, and in many of them they’re shirtless or wearing revealing tank-tops or tight, body-hugging gear. It took us a while to discover that each pic contains a very slight “pump” to the viewer’s muscles, as if from five or ten minutes of a routine workout, though the mundane user will notice only the pleasure that comes from such muscular stimulation. Browsing through more and more pictures multiplies the effect, so that binging through a week’s worth of pictures produces the cumulative pump of a hard afternoon at the gym—with, interestingly, an emphasis on the muscles you’d actually have wanted to have been focusing on had you actually been engaged in a driven, vigorous workout. (My own pump was concentrated on my legs at first, as my usual exercise is running and biking; but through semiconscious effort over the course of several days of studying the feed’s archive I was able to gradually shift the impact of the spell toward first my arms, then my shoulders and finally my chest and abs.) As with a normal workout the effect wanes but is not completely ephemeral, and a steady exposure to the twins’ feed produces an enduring residual muscle expansion, with the result that while the twins themselves are very fit but well short of (for example) typical magazine fitness models, a lot of their more loyal fans (not to mention myself and my staff, owing to the need to monitor the twins’ activity) are becoming increasingly and noticeably buff simply through exposure to their social media presence.

All of these spells have been found consistently effective on both mags and nonmags and are entwined in a positively masterful Level A-4 submersion spell that completely conceals any hint of magic and normalizes all magical effects. In fact, this A-4 whammy is so impressively powerful that even some lower-level magicals are taken in by it. (See attached interview transcript and dreamwalk notes of [redacted], talisman maintenance apprentice and ardent fan of the twins’ video channel. Thanks to the retroactive effects of the submersion spell, [redacted] is wrongly convinced that he has always possessed an athletic build, a distractingly cute face, and two hefty cocks that seem to drive each other to full arousal at the slightest instigation several times a day.)

Because the seal on the the twins’ spells is so rock-solid, the usual concern regarding the public exposure of magic is effectively nonexistent despite a burgeoning international fanbase and a growing population of spell-augmented mundanes, not to mention a not insignificant number of affected magicals. Our priority therefore has been on how the twins are accomplishing their advanced sex magic charms and, particularly, their beyond-expert-level blanket concealment and normalization; we also need to know whether someone is behind them, or whether they have achieved master-level adeptness independently of the paths of the Arcane Tutelage all magicals must tread—both sobering possibilities. Intense monitoring of the twins’ media output has produced only meager information bearing on these questions. The spells embedded in their videos and still images are uniformly as impervious to intrusive scrutiny as they are to perception as magical by those unaware of magic.

Consequently the next stage of investigation, direct covert engagement, was at length deemed justified. Normally a journeyman magilegal operative would be tapped for a case like this. Given the level of advanced magic and the underlying implications for the whole of our society, however, I quickly determined that no one but myself was qualified to undertake this mission.

The notes of my first encounter follow. Because the changes wrought on me and my reactions to them form part of the evidence relating to the twins’ case, my narration of events will be significantly more detailed and candid than is normally considered customary.

For the first encounter, I wanted something brief. A more lasting relationship—classmate, study partner, or even roommate—might be valuable later, but for the initial contact I needed something limited and controlled. (That’s not exactly what I got, but never mind.) I rented a small flat convenient to both the college campus in the city and the twins’ roomy but unostentatious house in a nearby upscale suburb and began remotely observing their movements and behavior over the course of three weeks, looking for a way in. One thing that drew my attention was the frequent pizza deliveries, especially on Friday nights, and the fact that the twins usually interacted with the delivery guy, sometimes inviting him in for a few minutes’ conversation. After some deliberation I decided to disguise myself as a college-aged pizza delivery guy and use this possible in to attempt a preliminary reconnaissance of the twins’ home and in-person behavior.

Before I proceed I should note a hitherto unanticipated aspect of the twins’ spells that surfaced only at this point in our investigations. In order to effect my disguise I used a Class 3 restricted genonominal tropomorphic spell to transform myself into this 20-year-old ordinary-looking blond guy I’d picked out at random from a picture on another college’s website—one of a bunch of happy but nondescript students wildly cheering on the local football team. As you know, such a spell retroactively reshapes the physical body from the point of conception (with mind and memories in protected reserve until the spell completes), so that instead of a potentially penetrable camouflage obscuring your appearance your actual form is completely rebuilt from the zygote forward, with no mask to be ripped away. I chose this method in spite of its difficulty (six hours of regressive meditation!—and I’d have to to it all over again to return to normal after the UC op wrapped) and the potential risks and side-effects involved, because when it came down it I was pretty sure advanced tropomorphics were my only option. It was painfully obvious to me that the twins were more than capable of easily penetrating a simple camouflage spell, and even, probably, a Class 1 body swap (I knew from previous ops that something from the person whose body you were borrowing always seems to bleed through somehow). That left me with the only forms of disguise spell that were, at least in theory, objectively absolutely undetectable.

I should have come away from the spell looking exactly like that random Joe College I’d chosen for his unobtrusiveness. And I did—except that the effects the twins’ spells had already exerted on me were so durable that they actually persisted straight through the tropomorph. I came out of the spell looking like that ordinary college guy, but applied to that bland face and unimpressive form were all the revisions I’d had visited on my own body in the previous weeks of intense investigation. The same cuteness enhancement and hunkification, the same effects on muscle and libido—even the enlarged and duplicated equipment. It was as if I had experienced all the spells that had been wrought on me up to this point in the Judson case, but it had happened to me in the body of this random 20-year-old guy!

Since I hadn’t been in this body when the spells had hit me, to be nonetheless bearing their effects now, plowing straight through the tropomorphic spell like a truck through a brick wall, seemed to indicate an almost uncanny level of magical ability well beyond the already alarming levels already indicated.

Once the tropomorphic spell was completed I stood naked in front of a full-length mirror and looked myself over, and I couldn’t do anything but stare for what turned out to be an embarrassingly long time. I was awestruck by what I saw. The transformations I had experienced in my original body had, I think, been somewhat tempered by the added years I had over most of the twins’ fans. As a four-hundred-year-old warlock (with the appearance of a forty-year-old mundane) I’d been decently handsome, like all the sorcerous O’Briens before me: my hair was straight, raven-black, and faintly silvered at the temples; I had a clean jawline and clear midnight-blue eyes; my body was fit, tall, and limber. I’d never had much trouble drawing men to me when the mood struck. The effects the twins’ spells imposed on me through the videos and image feeds had seemed mostly to enhance and intensify the kind of attractiveness I already possessed, so that I became a very handsome and very fit; existing attributes like my height and grace drew and focused men’s attentions, an enhancement rather than a transformation.

Now, however, I beheld the cumulative effects of those spells on this younger body, and… I was stunning. I stood there naked forever, unable to get enough of myself. I didn’t want to cover up, and I mean that literally. I did not want to not be able to stare at how perfect my body was. That ordinary-looking blond dud? That guy was now amazing-looking, elevated by nudges here and there that had somehow become shoves. Lush, loose white-blond hair tickled thick, tanned shoulders. Piercing blue eyes stared out from a startlingly cute face, with a sharp jaw, pale, suggestive brows, and full, wine-red lips I wanted to kiss just from seeing them in the mirror. My body was all sculpted, strong-looking muscle and miles of amber, perfect, caressable skin. My arms were mesmerizing, not bodybuilder-huge but round and firm, with veined, mobile muscle that drew the eye as I bent and twisted them, watching them shift and bunch in simple fascination. I had slightly flaring lats and even subtle intercostals that elegantly emphasized the way my lean, stretched torso tapered to a tight waist, a hard, round ass, and long, powerful legs that looked ready to outrun and outplay every World Cup champion at once. My chest was now beefy enough to grab and grope, with pert, dark nipples and a faint bit of frosty hair you’d have to look close to see; but what truly held my gaze the longest was what lay below directly it—eight hard, stone-carved abs. I’d had a flat stomach before, and the “hunkier than you think you are” spell had tightened and defined them into a lickable six-pack that was one of my new Swedish mountaineer lover’s favorite things about me; but this—this was exquisite, a tanned-marble work of art worthy of a museum. I couldn’t keep my eyes or my hands off them.

And my junk! Maybe, by some fluke, the Joe Nobody I’d picked almost completely at random had been prodigiously hung already… but the heavy, thick, fist-fat, half-thigh-length peens I was sporting now, and the warm, tight, lemon-sized nuts behind them, were an order of magnitude more massive even than the obscenely oversized cocks I’d barely been getting used to in my normal warlock body. I stared at myself, open-mouthed and increasingly turned on, and started to wonder just what the outlying parameters were on the seemingly innocent changes the twins’ spells were wreaking on their ballooning population of fans.

With considerable reluctance I donned the scarlet, logo-embroidered polo shirt worn by the crew of Rodrigo’s Pizza. It wasn’t as flattering on me as it could have been, considering how unexpectedly beautiful my physique now was, and I was regretting having conjured it with my real name, Liam, stitched below the logo. I considered myself in the mirror and surprised myself with the thought that the uniform shirts would look better on me with the sleeves completely gone. In fact I had an almost irresistible temptation to make it so. I gawked at my own thoughts and tried to force myself back to some semblance of reason. It was a bad idea, I growled at myself. For one thing, to keep my cover I would have had to do it for all the Rodrigo’s employees and push it back retroactively, and that’s the kind of reckless hedonistic world-shifting that would get me investigated by my own office. I forced myself the drop the idea and reluctantly went to finish getting dressed.

Owing to my swelling equipment I decided to forego boxer-briefs and pulled on my most comfortable jeans, adapted by the tropomorphic spell to fit my new body, augmented muscle-butt and all. By the time I had them up over my ass and ready to zip up I was mostly hard, and there was nothing to do but position my turgid cocks more or less straight up and trap them behind the waistband. A flush of arousal was coursing through me. It felt like my balls were sloshing with the massive quantities of jizz my body seemed hell-bent on producing. For the first time I realized I was going to actually be meeting in person these breathtakingly hot men, the sight of whose mere smiling faces and pleasantly bumpy shoulders had driven me to massive, euphoric orgasm on multiple occasions. Would I be able to keep from blowing my wads, juddering to explosive release, just from seeing them face to face? I knew that if they kissed I was a goner—that was embedded in their enhanced “perceived hotness”—but I was already so giddily aroused just from seeing myself in the mirror that I was in serious danger of uncontrollably climaxing just from being in the presence of any hot guy, let alone the super-arousing sex twins who’d been turning my crank—and magically sucking me off—for weeks now.

Don’t think about them sucking you off. Don’t think about anything even remotely like that… My only saving grace was that I’d started getting hard by turning myself on, because otherwise I’d be feeling their hot mouths around my fat knobs right in that very moment.

I struggled to focus. I seriously considered taking a few moments to get myself off right then and there, just to take the edge off. I was a hair’s breadth from succumbing. It wouldn’t take long, not in the state I was in. But the schedule was too tight. The twins had already called in their order, and I needed to intercept and take over the delivery (necessitating a minor, routine memory mod for the actual delivery guy) within the next ten minutes. Plus—if I whacked off now I would show up at the twins’ house smelling like jizz. Which they might like, honestly, given how much they talked in their vids about the vast quantities of hot, thick cum their fans produced, but it felt like a bad first impression. And… why was I worried about making first impressions, when I was (a) in disguise and (b) investigating these two as criminals defying magical law and endangering the magical community?

Slightly sobered in mind at least, if not in body, I squared my shoulders, repositioned my now-rigid, towering, damp-tipped uncut erections behind the taut, confining waistband of my jeans, and headed out.

I managed to waylay the delivery driver (Rufus, according to his shirt) only two blocks out from the twins’ place, sending him on his way with a nice tip and a memory of having completed the delivery, complete with the twins showering the bashful farmboy with smiles and compliments on his truck and his sexy cowboy boots. I could tell the guy was proud of both, and when I do have to interfere with nonmags I try to make it nice for them. Moments later I was climbing out of my own car, a used, nondescript dark-blue Altima I’d picked up shortly after I’d secured the apartment, and was heading up the walkway, thermal carrier packed with two loaded pizzas balanced in one hand, toward the twins’ understated two-story mansionette.

It was a fairly big house but in keeping with the poshness of the surrounding neighborhood. I had done some research and the house was real, not whipped up magically, having previously housed a tax attorney and his family before they’d moved on to greener pastures in Delaware. Nor did the twins use it as a 24-hour party central, with mobs of hooting, beer-buzzed ex-high-school-alpha-dogs and skankily-clad rich-hubby-hunters parading through the place at all hours accompanied by a trendy teen sex comedy soundtrack. They did have hot friends around frequently, and there were occasional shindigs like the pool party featured in one of the videos; but generally they seemed to sequester their mass interactions to the campus and various wanderings out in the wider world, leaving their home for more intimate activities. They also shot their to-camera videos here, and I was curious to see the space they shot them in, as I suspected there might be some detectable residual magic from the spell-embeds they’d done on the vids they’d made there already. With luck I might gain some useful clues toward my overarching questions as to how they were doing it, whether anyone else was involved, and if they had any deeper motives than just fucking around and having fun.

I rang the bell with my free hand and felt an unexpected flutter of nerves. I didn’t have time to dwell on it, though, as the door opened almost immediately and I found myself in the presence of two men who’d been filling pretty much my every waking thought for the past month—only now they were live and in the flesh, almost palpably beautiful and so intensely attractive that if I hadn’t already been hard as wrought iron I would have boned up so quickly and so unstoppably my dicks would have torn open my pants like so much Christmas wrapping paper. They were so much hotter in person, the pure boyish cuteness of their faces alone amped up past 11 and pushing toward 14 or 15. Their trim, humpy physiques and hefty packages were subtly emphasized by snug, well-made nubby henleys and chinos, and I was relieved to see that they were still dressing in their signature colors, brick-red for Travis and a deep sky blue for Trent. What I hadn’t previously registered was just how tall they were: I’d pegged my newly acquired Pizza Hunk body at around 6’2”, and it was a rush to realize that the twins’ limber frames had a good two inches on my own more muscled physique. They were standing so close to each other their shoulders were pressed firmly against each other and their arms brushed together all the way down to their hands, which looked like they would clasp together of their own accord if left too long unattended.

I stood there still as a statue, staring at them and listening to myself breathing. It seemed loud in my ears. My lips were parted as if I might be preparing to speak, but all words had left me and I forgot everything from the purpose of my undercover assignment to the fact that I was an undercover magilegal at all to the thermal container full of pizzas I still had balanced in my other hand. They smiled at me, their matching green-gold eyes sparkling with amusement at my dumbstruckness and with friendly, naked appreciation. My fat, rock-hard cocks surged behind my waistband and my balls seemed to go into overdrive, flooding my racing veins with pure, carnal need. Forget making out—if those two had even turned to look at each other I would blow my loads for probably an hour of continuous, unceasing orgasm. It sure felt like it would go that long, anyway. They looked me over, and I swear I could almost feel their gazes sliding over me like warm caresses. I had a crazy urge to turn around and make sure they got a gander at everything they’d done to me, but probably they’d get a chance to see it sooner or later.

“Wow, Trav,” blue-clad Trent said with an easy grin, not taking his eyes off me, “looks like we won the pizza guy lottery this time!”

“Yeah, definitely,” red-topped Travis agreed. “He’s the hottest yet.”

“By a mile and a half,” Trent said. Their eyes slipped back up to meet mine, and I sucked in a long breath. Their eyes were truly intense. Watching the vids and browsing their Instagram feeds I’d wondered if they’d shopped the saturation and color intensity, but… well, if they did, they managed to do it in real life.

Maybe that oxygen I pulled in thereby restored a bit of blood flow to my brain, though, because I started to remember the plan. I knew that my oversized double endowment would give me away as an ardent follower of their video channel the moment a shift of my shirt or some other eventuality called the twins’ attention to my eager, super-aroused cock-pillars, so I’d decided to out myself from the outset as a fan and see if their natural exuberance and the genuine interest in their fans they’d exhibited in previous videos could work to my advantage.

“You’re those guys,” I said, not having to work too hard to sound awestruck. Their smiles widened. “You’re the Judson twins!” I gushed.

“We are,” the twins said together, beaming.

“Fuck, you’re so hot,” I said, and once again I wasn’t really acting. My pulse was racing, my breathing still sounded loud in my ears, and my cocks were pounding at the doors of my libido for release. Let me put it this way: the level control I had over my own brain and body in that moment, standing there facing them at their front door, felt sort of like steering into a skid on an icy highway at night in a freezing hailstorm while being fellated by a troupe of naked, love-crazed acrobats.

They started to turn toward each other, and I realized they were going to do the thing where they rewarded fans with a few seconds of twin-snogging. They did this a lot in their walkabout videos, but if they did it know I would definitely lose my shit and cum bucketloads all over, and I wasn’t ready for that yet. “Wait!” I said, and they looked back at me, though, they were still half turned inward. I gave them a sheepish half smile. “I, uh—” I stammered, then explained lamely, “I only have the one shirt.” I nodded down to my uniform polo (and again the thought came to me that it really should be sleeveless). Both twins gave me a knowing smirk.

“We’ll just have to get it off you then,” Travis said.

Even as Travis spoke Trent was relieving me of my pizza burden. “C’mon, Lllliam,” he said, cheerily overenunciating my name, “let’s get you inside.”

“We’re going to need some help with these pizzas anyway,” Travis added, just his warm hand on my back guiding my inside almost making me lose it.

I affected a snort. “Coming on to the delivery guy? Really?” I said in mock indignation, as we moved into the cozy, wood-paneled, dark-tiled foyer. “You guys have watched way too much porn.”

“Oh, we don’t need porn,” Travis said in my ear, his hand still pressed against the small of my back as we moved through the foyer into a vast, well-equipped kitchen done up in tasteful whites and blue steel. “Right, bro?”

“Not even a little,” Trent replied happily. He was setting down the pizza carrier on a long, broad island that was almost as big as the entire kitchen of the spartan apartment I was renting. He slide the pizzas out of the sleeve onto the counter and checked each one to make sure it had survived transit. The heady odor of cheese and garlic mixed with the raw taste of sex all three of us were giving off. “Mmm, yummy,” Trent said, turning from the pizzas to me as he said it with, it must be said, a very cheesy grin.

“How much do we owe you?” Travis said. His hand was still right there, pressed against my back, like it he held it there long enough the fabric separating his palm from my bare skin would slowly dissipate until there was nothing between us.

I gulped. It took me a second to remember the details of the order they’s placed on Rodrigo’s website. “Uh, you guys paid by card,” I said haltingly, “so—we’re, we’re good.”

Trent did not say I’ll bet we are, but I swear his eyes did, and his dark eyebrows twitched as if they wanted to wiggle suggestively. I almost laughed. He moved toward me, positioning himself, unsurprisingly, on the side opposite his twin. “Don’t you want a… tip?” he asked, still grinning, as if the corniness of all this was part of the fun. Which, actually, it totally was.

I tried rolling my eyes, but it was hard to tear my gaze away from Trent’s. “Seriously?” I teased, my tone dire at the obviousness of their come-ons. I didn’t even have to mention the generous tip they’d already put on their card, of course—this was all just goofing around between three hot, happy guys who were flooded with hormones and very, very into each other. Something about their behavior intrigued me at some sub-basement analytical level in my brain: they were clearly operating independently of each other, confirming that they were two separate men who looked identical, even if, as our research indicated, they had once been one individual. Trent and Travis were like actual twins, though they were so perfectly aligned in desire and intent that they operated as more or or less as one.

I twisted to look at Travis. He was so close the twins’ extra height was making me look up. Those green-gold eyes were lit up with amused, intense interest. “You guys do this with all the pizza dudes?” I asked.

“You’re the first,” Travis said easily. He was close enough to me I could feel his warmth, standing on my left and just behind me as his brother moved to stand just as close on my right and a little in front of me.

“We were waiting for just the right hot pizza dude,” Trent elaborated, still smirking shamelessly. Weirdly enough, he seemed to mean it. Not just because they liked what they saw, but because they were somehow—playfully fond of me? How was that possible? We’d just met! And yet—

I looked between them, marveling at how well they were handling me. Their natural geniality, so obvious in the videos, translated in person into a feeling of utter ease in their presence. Flirting and joking around with these supercute hotness twins felt like the most natural, normal thing in the world, and it already seemed to have deepened and stabilized somehow between the three of us, almost as if some kind of spell had been cast to situate someone they both felt something for into a deep, emotional and carnal comfort zone with them from almost the very first moment of shared interaction. I was incredibly aroused, and might still cum at any minute, but it also felt like with these guys I could stay this turned on, this close to orgasm without going over, for a very long time. It was exhilarating, like knowing that the hot-blooded euphoria I had surging through me from being with them didn’t have to end but could be prolonged indefinitely. Endlessly, if I wanted.

Trent licked his lips and pressed his hand against my abs, just inches from the tips of my rigid dicks. “Mmm,” he said. “Feels nice.” This time he did wiggle his brows.

I shuddered, pushed infinitesimally closer to the edge. “Guys,” I said. “Your pizzas are gonna get—”

“Fuck the pizzas,” said Trent said.

“We’ll warm them up later,” Travis added. Still holding me immobile by the hand pressed against my back, he brought his lips close to the side of my neck just below the jawline and gave me a tiny, tender kiss. Trent, likewise holding me in place with the hand placed against my abs, mirrored his action, moving in for a small, sweet kiss against my neck on the other side. I shuddered again. How I kept myself from exploding in a kitchen-drenching orgasm at that moment I do not know.

“Guys,” I said again, my voice quavering.

“Oh yeah,” Travis said. His lips were still right next to my skin, brushing against it as he spoke and making tingles rush up my spine. I could not only hear the smile in his voice, I could almost feel it, the barest millimeter away from my neck.

“One shirt,” Trent added, completing the thought, his lips just as close to my skin on the other side. In one swift motion they swept the uniform polo up and off of me. Trent tossed it cavalierly onto the now empty thermal sleeve, then turned and froze. “Fuck, Trav, do you see this?” he said. He was drinking me in like a man who’d just discovered what thirst truly was.

“I was looking at his ass, bro!” But Travis came around me partway to get a better look, his hand sliding up my now bare back and onto my thick shoulders.

“Look at that body!” Trent said.

“Look at those cocks!” Travis exclaimed. His eyes jumped up to meet mine. “You really are a fan!” he said, clearly as delighted by this as he was by the sight of the massive, luscious erections I was sporting.

I returned their grins with one of my own. “I’m a huge fan,” I said, because that was the appropriately cheesy response. I was grinning just as wide as they were now.

“We can see that!” Trent laughed. He tore his eyes away from my flexing hard-ons and met my gaze in turn. He bit his lower lip lightly. “Do we make you this hard, Lllliam?” he asked, teasingly.

“Do we turn you on this much? Lllliam?” Travis echoed.

“You don’t know the half of it,” I told them. My voice sounded rough and a little deeper than before. There was no point in half measures. “You guys bone me all time,” I confessed. “Like, literally, all the time. I just think about you guys and, bam! I’m hard as a fucking rock.” Not really much of a lie. Actually, not a lie at all. I’d been rocking two huge hard-ons a lot of the time lately. Even before I’d turned myself into a muscled, horny, superhunk pizza guy with even bigger bits than I’d had before.

Trent and Travis exchanged a glance, their lust-darkened green-gold eyes twinkling with mischief.

“And,” Travis said, slipping a strong hand around the side of my neck, “what about what you see in the mirror?”

They both moved a little closer, and now that I was shirtless it was almost like I could feel their beauty on my skin like bright sunlight on a warm spring day, even apart from the places they were actually touching me. I’d noticed in the videos that there was something about the dark, expressive lines of their eyebrows that seemed to sharpen their beauty, maybe focusing the intensity of those dancing eyes, as if they could say more than words. Now that they were not on a screen but real and in the flesh, standing inches away from me, the effect was intensified. Not only did they seem heart-searingly beautiful, but their sweet, smiling eyes held me in a way unlike any others had before—not pinned or trapped, but held, as with a boisterous embrace, wrapping around me the way their hands were wrapped around my neck and shoulders, drawing me gently in.

“Do you turn yourself on, too?” Trent asked, echoing his brother.

The question took me by surprise. I ducked my head, feeling my cheeks warming as I thought about how easily I’d turned myself on examining my newly grown pizza hunk bod.

“Aw, look, we’ve embarrassed him,” Trent said.

“So adorable,” Travis added.

“Most adorable hot pizza guy ever,” Trent proclaimed.

“Well, yeah,” I confirmed, as if such a conclusion were obvious. I was still looking down, my cheeks still hot, but I shrugged as if my adorability were a matter of public record. “Clearly. All other pizza guys totally in the dust.” The twins laughed, and I managed to look up at them from under my brows, meeting their eyes in turn.

“Hey, Liam,” Travis said, squeezing my shoulder. Trent did the same, squeezing my neck as I looked between them.

“Yeah?” I said, finally raising my chin to look at them directly. My eyes tripped on their lips for a second, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted more, for me to kiss them or for them to kiss each other. I’d blast a double load either way. I kicked my eyes up to theirs, though. Anticipation swelled in me, though I wasn’t entirely sure what was coming next.

The twins exchanged boyish grins before turning back to me.

“Do you want to…” “…Make a video with us?” they asked.

“You can’t cum yet,” Travis said, and Trent continued, “Not until we’re done with the video.”

We were in the bedroom they’d converted into a studio, the twin seated on either side of me. Just as the twins usually did in their videos we were sitting very close, hip to hip to hip—close enough our broad shoulders were overlapping a bit. “If you bust your nut in the video we won’t be able to upload it,” Travis explained. Trent added, “They kinda frown on that.”

I gave them each a coy smile. “After the video?” I asked, because there was no way I’d be able to leave this house without releasing at least one earth-shattering jizz-eruption.

“After the video!” the twins promised laughing. I felt the acute urgency of my need to blow my load seem to bank somehow, though, as if my junk actually heard and accepted the twins’ admonishment not to cum yet. Maybe they did—there was probably a spell involved.

The bedroom was large and mostly empty apart from a long, rectangular leather-upholstered bench, sort of like a backless sofa where we were now sitting, Travis in red on my left, Trent in blue on my right. A few feet behind us was the pale pistachio-green-painted wall I recognized from all the other to-camera videos, while before us was the actual camera in question, a high-end Canon DSLR video camera mounted on a tripod with a fuzzy microphone attached. This apparatus was hooked up via long cables to a sweet Mac Pro 8-core workstation set up on a long computer desk with two large HD monitors, one of which was showing a real-time image of a still-shirtless me sitting between the two identical hotties who were, I had to keep remembering the targets of a magilegal investigation I was supposed to be in charge of. Tropomorphing myself into a pizza hunk must have clouded my brain, because the investigation, the undercover op, the dangers posed by the twins’ reckless use of advanced magic—honestly, it all seemed to belong to someone else.

The workstation desk was complete with two comfy computer chairs for when the twins were editing their vids and feeds together, presumably. Beyond it were a double set of large windows. During the day they probably helped provide some good cinematic natural light, but it it was dark outside and the windows were half-hidden behind gauzy white curtains. Instead a pair of LED light panels on stands stood in each corner, bathing us in cool, white light.

There was something else about this room, though, that was decidedly odd. It was the kind of latent spell residue that I was rigorously trained in detecting, and even with all my distractions I sensed it automatically, like an aftertaste in the air. There was something about it, though… something I didn’t quite recognize…

“You ready, Liam?” Travis asked.

I looked up at him, taken abruptly out of my thoughts, and it took me a second to realize what he was asking. “I guess,” I said. I felt a little fluttering in my stomach again. It had occurred to me only seconds before that actually appearing in one of the videos my office was investigating might not be kosher, but that wasn’t what was tickling my nerves. No one was going to be able to recognize me, anyway—I just looked like some guy with nice pale-blond hair, a cute face and a rockin’ bod, and, well below the camera frame of course, a pair of massive rock-hard dongs none-too-patiently awaiting their promised release. I was feeling a little self-conscious, though. I glanced down at my bare chest, then back up at Travis. “Are you sure I shouldn’t be wearing a shirt for this?”

Travis grinned. “Oh, we’re sure,” they both said together. “Trust us,” Trent added.

I turned and gave him a look. “I… don’t think so,” I said. Trent laughed and pointed toward the camera. I turned to look directly into the lens as the twins started their usual patter.

“Hey, guys!” Trent began. “Welcome back to the T&T Show… where we both know how to make you blow! I’m Trent, of course, the cute twin.”

“And I’m Travis, the even cuter twin.”

“And for those of you who keep saying in the comments that we’re both the cutest twin…”

“…Who are we to argue?”

“Don’t listen to them,” I broke in, winking at the camera. “This one’s definitely cuter.” I randomly pointed right, toward Trent. Then I looked toward Trent and feigned confusion. “No, wait, I’m wrong,” I said to camera, and turned the other way, toward Travis. “It’s definitely—” I frowned and turned back to the camera, shrugging comically. “I give up,” I said. “They’re both incredibly cute.”

The twins grinned, wrapping their arms around my shoulders from both sides and resuming their banter without missing a beat. “And this,” Trent said, “is the special guest we promised in last week’s video.” I filed that away to think about later. Had they foreseen this encounter, or had they just bet on some kind of hot guest scenario occurring serendipitously? It would be a dafe bet, given the life they led.

“Say hello to the fans, Liam,” Travis said. I waved for the camera and said hello. Their arms across my shoulders felt really good, and I was definitely glad they’d made it so I could fend off cumming long enough to enjoy the simple contact of strong arms across bare shoulders.

“Liam is one of our biggest fans,” Trent said.

“How many times have you watched last week’s video, Liam?”

“So far, that is?”

The question took me a little by surprise, and I was more than chagrined when I toted up the likely answer—all in the name of investigative research. “Er… maybe sixty?” I said sheepishly.

“That’s dedication,” Travis said.

“Though I bet a few of you out there could probably beat him,” Travis added.

“More than a few.”

“You guys love to watch us.”

“And that is so hot.”

“So hot. You have no idea.”

“We get off just thinking about you getting off.”

“Did you get off, Liam?” Trent asked me.

“Every time?”

I turned to Travis, then Trent, honestly incredulous. “Are you kidding?” I asked. I turned to the camera. “If any of you can watch these guys kiss and not bust a nut, you’re a better man than I am.” I was thinking about their “hotness upgrade”, which virtually guaranteed that any guy with a trace of gay would bust a nut watching the twins making out—and there were two make-out sessions in that video. The twins knew it too, but for the purposes of their banter, which was a part of what made them so bonerific as twins in these videos in the first place, they took it as a regular compliment on them being generally spunk-worthy.

“That’s so amazing,” Trent said.

“We’re so turned on just imagining it.”

“You getting off, over and over again.”

“Sixty times.”

“Damn, Liam, that is incredibly hot.”

“You just became, like, ten percent hotter to us just telling us that.”

“I bet some of you are cumming right now just looking at him.”

“All shirtless and hunky and hot as anything.”

I tried not to react to this last bit, because though I knew it sounded like the usual sexy palaver to the viewers watching, there was no question that I actually had just gotten a hotness upgrade myself—and I’d already been so hot I’d turned myself on just looking myself over in the mirror. “Guys, guys,” I said, jumping in and looking at each of them with an approximation of a shit-eating grin. “C’mon, you’re going to make them all crazy jealous of me.”

“Oh, we’re just getting started,” Trent told me, his smile brilliant as he twitched his dark eyebrows suggestively for the camera.

“But don’t worry, guys,” Travis added. “Some of you won’t be too jealous by the time we’re done.”

“So Liam,” Trent said. I turned to face him, and he said with a grin, “Which of us do you want to kiss first?”

My game face slipped as raw, seething lust boiled up within me, suddenly flooding me with the intense desire I’d been feeling from the moment the twins had answered the door and I’d seen those mouths I’d wanted deep down to claim for my own. With his arm around my shoulder Trent’s beautiful face was only inches away, and without thinking I dove in and covered those full, red lips with mine. It felt almost unendurably sublime even before Trent opened for me, accepting a fervent deepening of the kiss and meeting my questing tongue with his. My dicks jumped and slapped wetly against my abs, the spell-imposed moratorium on cumming now seeming almost excruciatingly unfair.

“Whoops!” I barely heard Travis laughing. “I guess the answer’s ‘whoever’s closer’! But… what if he wants to kiss both of us?”

Insofar as this registered in the midst of the greatest, most passionate kiss of my entire four-hundred-year life, the only sense I could make of this was that Travis was going to try for a three-way kiss. That didn’t make much sense, though—as much as I liked the idea I didn’t see how it would work with the three of us sitting all in a row en banc like this, and anyway I wasn’t really quite willing to give up this transcendent and hopefully endless kiss with Trent.

Travis moved closer, and I felt him kissing the side of my neck. I was in fucking heaven. But then something strange happened. I was making out with Trent, but the world seemed to be in flux, so that at the same time as I was making out with Trent I was also experiencing another reality where I was turned the other way, and I was making out incredibly passionately with Travis. Reality became mushy, and I was able to experience both overlapping worlds, one where I was kissing Trent and another where I was kissing Travis. And then… things seemed to solidify. No more mushy reality, except I was still fiercely kissing both twins at the same time.

I opened my eyes, breaking both kisses. I was looking directly into both sets of dancing, lust-filled green-gold eyes.

Looking back I should have become sick and disoriented with the sudden onslaught of impossible sensations. But I didn’t—it must have been part of the spell, my mind knowing how to make sense of what I was seeing and feeling. What I saw was two identical, dick-hardeningly hot faces, very close, flushed with arousal, eyes alight and dark with need at the same time. I was looking both ways at once. What I felt was two sets of bruised, ecstatic lips. Two tongue-licked, stimulated mouths. I swallowed, twice at once. Two throats. Two chests. The twins’ strong arms were around my shoulders still, but I had two sets of shoulders, and Trent had his arm around one set and Travis the other. I could feel something else, too, that took me a second to make sense of: a firm chest was pressing against my back, and I was pressing my firm chest against a pair of shoulder blades.

I didn’t look away from Travis’s gaze—I was a little afraid to—but in my peripheral vision I was registering with those eyes, very close, cascading pale-blond hair… the back of a head. The back of my head. The head, shoulders, and torso that had been having its way with Travis was directly behind, and pressed tight up against, the head, shoulders, and torso that had been doing likewise with Trent. As if it was something I’d been waiting my whole life to do, I snaked the powerful arms of my back torso around my warm, muscular front torso, letting my hands ghost over the firm, weight pecs and hard abs I found there. I lifted my front hands and rested them on top of the back ones, feeling the snug embrace from behind from both directions. It was almost as awesomely pleasurable as the four-way kiss had been.

I was determined, though, not to show the twins just how incredibly hot I was finding this. Despite a pounding—no, two pounding hearts that seemed like they must have been hammering loud enough to be audible to the camera, I raised a bemused eyebrow at Travis, trying for a pose of placid equanimity. “You couldn’t just take turns,” I told him, and his smirk widened almost ridiculously.

“Like any normal set of super-sexy twins,” I added, this time to Trent, whose delighted expression perfectly matched his brother’s.

The twins’ grins told me I wasn’t fooling anyone. They seemed about to resume their teasing banter, so I bent to kiss them both, this time slow and sweet. They let me do this for a beat or two, then pulled back, beaming and obviously very pleased with themselves and very, very aroused. For the first time I took note of massive erections tenting their loose chinos—one cock each, I was intrigued to note with the part of my mind that was still capable of rational thought. It made sense—two cocks was for guys the twins magically went down on together, not for the twins themselves.

“So what do you think?” Trent said.

“Do you like it? Is it awesome?” Travis added.

“I do like it,” I told Trent.

“It is awesome,” I told Travis.

Then I looked down, the back me peering over the front me’s shoulders. What I saw lined up with what my sensations were telling me: my shirtless, hard-muscled, pressed-together torsos both shared one tight waist, two impressive legs, and twin angry uncut monster dicks that were as rigid as titanium, slathered slick by now with more pre than I would have previously thought possible.

I looked back up at the twins, loving the fact that I could look at both of them at once. “But what if I want to do more than kiss?” I asked Travis—upping the ante on the question he’d asked before. “What if I want to do more than kiss… with both of you?” I asked Trent.

For the first time, the twins were taken by surprise, and they each stared at me, bruised lips parted, as each of them took a second to take in the scenarios I was offering them. No doubt they’d anticipated the idea of each of them fucking me, and/or each of them being fucked by me, as the likely end result of the game they’d started with me. But they’d become as distracted as I had by how truly luscious it was just making out with me—perhaps that was helped along with the effects they were experiencing of the hotness upgrade they’d so blithely given me. It felt nice to be be able to be smug at them for a moment and have them on the back foot for a change, though I knew it wouldn’t last.

Trent recovered first. He turned to the camera and winked, as if it was all part of the show. Maybe it was. “That’s the question—right, guys?” he said.

“We’ll leave it up to you,” Travis said. “Should we keep him like this? Option A: a Liam sandwich we can both kiss…”

“…or Option B: finish the split and get two hunky Liams for the price of one!” Trent finished.

“Give us your answers in the comments below,” Travis said.

“Don’t hold back! And in the meantime—”

“Remember we said some of you won’t feel too jealous?”

“Don’t worry, you can get in on this too!”

“If you have two guys you’re really into, just watch this video with both of them!”

“Sit between them while you watch, and when you get to where we start making out with Liam…”

“Just start making out with your two guys.”

“And you might just get the best of both worlds, just like we did!”

“You can even choose Option A…”

“…or Option B!”

I gaped at the twins, astonished. Had I just heard what I thought I’d heard? Apparently I had, because (and this is jumping ahead a bit) over the ensuing weeks we were able to track a sudden emergence of what should have been an impossible phenomenon: thousands of mundanes who abruptly had either two torsos or two actual separate bodies, thanks to an incredibly powerful spell embedded in this very video. And because all of it was still covered by the normalization intrinsic to the twins’ unassailable A-4 submersion spell, no one thought twice about it. All these hot guys were suddenly walking around in the world with two hunky torsos instead of one, going to work, buying clothes, acting in big-budget action thrillers, gay romantic comedies, and lavish Bollywood spectacles, and basically living normal lives, most of them with two loving, devoted boyfriends who enjoyed making out with them anytime, anywhere. The ones who’d gone for the full split were less obvious but no less prevalent, showing up everywhere from high schools to old age homes, from law firms to hardware stores. After a few months there was a push to allow three-way marriages where two guys married a third guy with two bodies, and eventually they were legalized in Tennessee of all places. …But all that’s for later documentation in this case.

The twins, meanwhile, were ignoring my shocked expressions and were already wrapping up the video. “That’s all for now,” Travis was saying.

“Don’t forget to vote in the comments for your dream version of Liam,” Trent told the viewers as if I weren’t sitting right there.

“And tune in next time where we’ll see the results…”

“And maybe even hotter things will happen!”

“Until then—you guys are awesome!”

“See you in your dreams!”

“Say goodbye, Liam!”

I turned back to the camera and gave the viewers a slightly dazed wave, and the twins laughed. Then Trent got up and switched off the camera, still chuckling.

I stood up too, staring at them as they moved about, switching off the LED lights and turning on the regular overhead ceiling lamp. I was still hugging my torsos tight together, and it felt so good I was unlikely to stop anytime soon.

“So that’s it?” I said. “You’re going to leave me like … this…?” I said, my words slowing down as both twins turned away from the equipment and, facing me, started pulling off their color-coded henleys. I let myself stare at their wonderful long, fit torsos for a moment as they answered me.

“What’s the matter?” “Don’t you like it?”

“I love it,” I said in a soft voice, still staring. “But—”

The twins were unzipping their chinos, and I forgot what I was going to say, or how to say things at all. The English language seemed to drain out of the back of my head.

The twins were both wearing dark blue boxer briefs which did little to contain their massive erections, each easily as long as either of mine and considerably thicker around. They pulled off the briefs as one and their dicks slapped audibly up against their abdomens.

“Fuck,” I said, swallowing hard. Whatever impediment they’d placed against my urgent need to cum was starting to fray, and in moments it would be in tatters and vanishing to the four winds.

“Soon,” Travis (I think?) said. It was tough to tell them apart now that I didn’t have the shirts to go by, but I was sure I’d find a way… when my mind was working again.

“But first we have a more pressing need,” probably-Trent said. Then, wonderfully, they sank in unison to their knees before me and started undoing my jeans. Seconds later my dicks were completely free, glistening in the cooling air of studio bedroom and with no other need than to be in those mouths I’d been exploring only moments earlier.

“Unnnnhhhh,” I moaned intelligently. I stared down at their adorable faces from two slightly different vantage points, mutely encouraging them to proceed.

The twins pressed together as tightly as they could, arms around each other’s long, bare torsos. “It’s not as easy to do in real life,” one admitted.

“But we’re going to give it our best shot,” the other said, grinning.

“Then later… the fucking.”

“You between us.”

“Fucking and getting fucked.”

“We’ve been dreaming of having someone between us.”

“You’ll be the first.”

God, were they trying to make my balls explode. “Guys—!” I pleaded.

They grinned, and then, all at once, they took both of my leaking, desperate cockheads into their hot, eager, expert mouths, giving me the same treatment they undoubtedly gave each other every chance they got.

Somehow I managed to hold out for five long minutes, but they were relentless, driving me to transports of pleasure so intense I hardly knew what planet I was on. They pushed me, remorselessly and with undeniable passion, until finally I rocketed over the edge. My whole body seemed to tighten, and then then there was a surging, rocketing release, both of my cocks releasing gout after gout of hot seed. I was cumming uncontrollably, like I had countless orgasms piled up over a night of overstimulation. I crashed to my knees, still in the final throes of extended orgasm and even as I took the twins into my arms and stared mindlessly making out with both of them at once I realized I was feeling their hot jizz splashing on me, too, and we all let our climaxes drift into a soaring post-orgasmic bliss as our four-way makeout slowed and steadied, lasting for an unguessable time until we came to our senses and decided a group shower was in order.

After more sex in the shower I was suddenly very hungry, and we decided we should see about restoring some energy for more intense play yet to come. I wandered naked into the theater room while the twins pretended to heat up the pizzas in the oven, and not long after we were enjoying hot, delicious, good-as-new pizza while we watched some supernatural cop show with improbably hot detectives on the twins’ big screen. The twins egged me into eating two slices at the same time, but after a while I settled into eating with my front torso as we cuddled in the deep, comfy couch, enjoying the feel of leaning back against the thick, firm pecs of my rear torso while lazily feeling myself up from behind. This was probably only temporary—I predicted the fans would vote two complete the split so each twin would get his own Liam, though the twins weren’t so sure—but it felt damn good, almost as good as having the twins pressed against me, naked and laughing and already half-hard with thoughts of the anticipated glorious lovemaking to come.

After said glorious lovemaking—which, for the moment, I will leave to your imagination, other than to affirm that it was, indeed, glorious—we took another shower and crashed, languid and sated, in the twins’ massive and extremely comfortable bed. I tried to lay awake and ponder the effects of what the twins had done to me on my investigation, and the repercussions of the next-level world-altering spell the twins alluded to in the new video. The unusual spell residue I’d tasted in the studio came back to me, and I knew I needed to figure out what was so odd about it. But I was really very tired and extremely fuck-happy, and it felt incredibly good to lie nestled close under the covers between my two impossibly sexy secret-sorcerer twins. I drifted off with hardly a responsible, warlocky thought completed, and dreamed very, very sexy dreams.

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