The streamer

by MuscleNexus

Daniel psyches himself up for his first Twitch livestream. Maybe he should try doing a low-risk midnight dry run with that obscure game he downloaded…

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Laptop, open.

Webcam, recording.

Ring-light, illuminated.

Twitch would never knew what hit it. It was Daniel’s first time broadcasting and he wasn’t sure what he was going to say. He just knew he wanted to make a good first impression and pick up a few followers, the beginning of what would become a vast internet audience. He saw his face come up on the screen. Between the light from his laptop and the ring-light he had purchased from Amazon Daniel looked more like a deer caught in headlights than he cared for. Even in the small viewing window he could see the fear in his eyes and the diminutive posture that his slender shoulders took.

He swallowed hard as his mouse hovered over the ‘GO LIVE’ button. He faltered. What if nobody came to watch his stream? He flicked his mouse away and leaned back in his gaming chair with a sigh. He moved to close the tab when an advertisement in the sidebar caught his attention. It was a picture of your stereotypical successful Twitch gamer girl. She was pretty, Daniel thought, very pretty. Busty too. Very busty. The ad-line simply read “entice your audience—augmented reality for streamers.”

Daniel looked at the advertisement with skepticism and then disgust. Augmented reality? Wasn’t that basically fraud?! If that’s how the top Twitch streamers were doing it then he wanted no part in their dishonesty. He slammed his laptop shut, extinguished the ring-light, and turned off his bedroom light. “That’s enough internet for one night,” he muttered to himself as he wiggled into bed and pulled the covers up.

He lay there in the dark, but did not sleep. The Twitch ad swirled in his mind as he tossed and turned, trying to forget about it. He wasn’t attractive, witty, or even talented at any video games. He had no business being a streamer. Nobody would watch him.

Nobody would watch him…

He sat up in bed. Maybe… He looked at his bedside clock. 2:30 a.m. Surely nobody would even be awake at this hour… Perhaps, he thought, he could just try it for a few minutes. It might be worth a laugh. Maybe the augmented reality would help dispel some jitters for when he was ready to go on stream as himself.

He tossed the covers aside, got up, and slid into his chair.

Laptop, open.

Webcam, recording.

Ring-light, illuminated.

He clicked the ad and was brought to a page with a big download button. “Probably a virus,” he said under his breath, clicking the link anyways. The program downloaded and installed easily enough.

An image of himself popped up on the screen. He looked at his reflection with bitter disappointment, this program would have to work a miracle to make him ‘enticing.’ A suit of options appeared next to the window along with the ‘GO LIVE’ button. He scrolled through.

Gamer girl next door 1
Gamer girl next door 2
Anime girl 1
Anime girl 2
Fur-girl 1
Fur-girl 2
Fur-girl 3
OnlyFans girl 1
OnlyFans girl 2
OnlyFans girl 3
OnlyFans girl 4
Man 1

Daniel couldn’t help but laugh. Only one male option, of course. It was sure to be half-assed. He shrugged and selected it before hitting the ‘GO LIVE’ button anyways. The fans in his computer revved up and the screen glitched out for a few seconds. When things returned to normal he looked at the image of himself with confusion. He looked the same. Completely the same. “Probably some damn virus,” he muttered bitterly before moving the cursor to close the window and shut things down for the night, this time for good. But something stopped him.

“Okay,” he said aloud. “I think I see it a bit.” Sure enough his face looked differently. Jaw slightly squarer, hair a little thicker, eyes a little brighter. He saw a couple spectators had joined his stream. “Hey,” he said awkwardly into his mic. Nobody responded, but they didn’t leave the chat.

He laughed nervously. This was awkward. He reached up to brush some hair out of his face.

‘Nice biceps’ someone wrote in the chat.

“Huh?” Daniel looked at the comment with furrowed brow. “What biceps?” he said with more confidence than he was intending. Only a few people in the stream… “Aw, what the hell.” He lifted up his arm into a classic bicep flex, just like the emoji. He jumped back in surprise, almost knocking over his chair. He stared at his pumped up bodybuilder arm lit sharply by the light of his monitor in stunned disbelief.

‘Wow, typical bro.’ One viewer wrote.

‘So cocky’ said another.

Daniel laughed loudly then at the computer as he noticed the number of viewers had risen to over a dozen. “It really does work…” he muttered to himself. He faced the screen directly put on a cheeky grin and said, “You guys want a show?”

‘hell yes big boy’

‘show us’


Daniel ignored that last comment, he was drunk on the attention and wanted more. He backed his chair up and threw up a double bicep pose. The sleeves on his t-shirt strained along with the veins running up his forearms in webs. He grimaced at the effort of keeping the pose up as he admired his lats flaring against the shirt’s fabric and bull-neck straining its collar. He grunted deeply as he let his beefy arms fall to his side.

That’s when he noticed the slabs of pec muscle making a shelf in his shirt. “Shit,” he breathed as he began to flex each side, watching as the muscle bunched up satisfyingly under the fabric before dropping back into shape. . Before long he was bouncing his chest like a pro. He looked at the viewers number and was somewhat unsurprised to see that they had risen to 100.

‘damn man, looking huge.’

‘sharing this on twitter, too good to miss.’

‘take it off’

Daniel stared at the last comment and thought for a moment. How powerful was this program? Would the illusion hold? He shrugged. “guess we’ll find out!” he said to his clueless audience. He reached down to grab the hem of his shirt and began to lift it up. He got it halfway before realizing he was stuck.

Suddenly he noticed that the shirt was way too tight, everywhere. With the bottom half of it over his head he couldn’t really see anything, but he could feel it. He reached around his body with excited panic as he felt warm hard lumps of muscle where previously there had been none. “Uh, hold on guys.” His deep voice was muffled by the shirt.

The viewers continued to pile into the stream. With each new viewer the program’s effect became stronger. His exposed abs deepened into defined peaks and valleys. His chair creaked as titanic quads and hamstrings threatened to crush it beneath them. His boxers became skin-tight on him and revealed a growing bulge with its own monsterish proportions. Even his calves and feet grew, causing his socks to split at the seams and fall away in tatters.

With one load rip the shirt came to pieces in his hands and Daniel was free. He looked at the screen in bewildered shock, mouth agape. The scene on his monitor was terrifyingly awesome. A half-naked bodybuilder sat on his chair gawking at his pumped, vascular reflection. He raises a hand to his head in disbelief, eyes widening as his arm was stopped by shoulders and traps that were just too big to let him reach all the way.

“Uh, guys…” he said in an unfamiliar voice to his viewers. “I think I might have made a mistake.” But as he stared at his reflection that thought faded away. His head became clear, empty even.

As if on auto-pilot he moved his cursor to the box that said ‘name your stream’ and typed in ‘muscle worship and posing—betas get in here’ and hit submit. With a cocky grin he began to flex until sweat beaded up on his body and his muscles glistened in the light of his monitor. “If you like what you see,” he said between grunts and poses, “don’t forget to hit like and subscribe.”

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