The mansion of Re-Petes

by TwinReplica

 Wyatt is finally visiting his online date Pete for the first time and is surprised to find he lives at a mansion, which holds multiple secrets inside…

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Wyatt’s alarm on his phone has barely gone off before he’s hopped out of bed and run excitedly over to turn it off. Today is the day he will be heading over to Pete’s place for the first time. They have been messaging each other on Tinder for a few months now and have hit it off instantly. And when they laid eyes on each other in person on that first date, it was pure heaven.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Wyatt quickly goes through his morning routine. First some stretching in his apartment’s living room, then hopping in the shower, his tall frame just above the shower head and just below the ceiling. Normally he loathes having to crane his head to properly shampoo his hair but today he doesn’t care. After toweling off, changing into the day’s clothes, and scarfing down breakfast, he walks briskly out of his apartment feeling light as air. Little does Wyatt know that he is about to have a very, very strange day.

When Wyatt pulls up to Pete’s place, he audibly gasps and he jolts from pushing the brake pedal on his car too fast. The place was a literal mansion, decked out with a sprawling garden path and surrounded by a man-made pond with waterfalls dispersed throughout. “Woah, is this the right address?” he says while he steps out. The gravel underneath his feet crunches as he begins to walk up the garden path towards the front door.

A giant lion’s head brass ring door knocker greets him at the entrance. Even the door knocker was exquisite. If Wyatt hadn’t been on an adrenaline rush from the excitement of seeing Pete again, he might have turned around on the spot. Pete hadn’t really talked about his personal life much.

Breathe, Wyatt. Just breathe. You got this. These thoughts float around in his mind for a few seconds before Wyatt finally gathers the courage to pull back the brass ring and knock on the door. The metallic thud reverberates.

Pete opens the door with a smile. The sunlight behind them streaks in his face, making his black skin glow. He’s shorter than Wyatt but has a very powerful build, accentuated by the vest and tight corduroy pants Pete is wearing.

Holding his hand up to his face to block the sun, Pete says, “Hey, glad you came! Come on in.” He leads Wyatt into the living room area. There is a couch, a TV on a stand full of video games and movies and a coat rack.

“Feel free to set your coat on the rack.” Pete continues. “If you have to use the restroom, the bathroom is down the hallway, second door on the right.”

Wyatt is still shell-shocked. They both look at each other for a moment before Pete gently taps Wyatt saying, “It’s nice to see you again”, and heads off to sit on one of the many living room couches.

Wyatt shakes out of his stupor. “Likewise! I don’t think I managed to introduce myself properly when we’re messaging. The name is Wyatt.” he says with a cheerful smile. Wyatt goes to hang his coat up but cannot help but notice the sheer number of coats already there.

“That sure is a lot of coats you have there.” Wyatt says with a giggle. He returns to the lounge where Pete is sat.

“Wyatt. What a beautiful name. It suits you.” Pete flashes a bashful smile. “As for the coats, well it never hurts to be prepared.” The bashful smile widens into a mischievous grin.

“I cannot deny that reasoning!” Wyatt laughs. “Very sensible. Did you say the bathroom was just down the hallway?” He points in some direction behind Pete as if trying to figure out the direction.

“Yep! I’ll be out here waiting for you. Should I pop in a movie?” Pete shifts towards Wyatt on the couch, his powerful legs flexing as they move.

Wyatt catches his breath for a moment before quickly spitting out, “Sounds perfect! Make sure it’s a fantasy movie. I am in the mood for some make-believe!” He laughs and then runs awkwardly to the bathroom, hoping Pete didn’t see Wyatt’s blushing face.

After Wyatt finishes his business, he walks out into the hallway. The corridors twist and turn. How many rooms are in this mansion? Did Pete say how to get back? Wyatt turns at a random hallway that looks to be right but suddenly finds himself in the kitchen instead. Pete is standing in the kitchen taking a pitcher of water out the fridge. Relieved to see Pete, Wyatt beams. “Oh hey! I think I took a wrong turn trying to get back to your living room. I thought you were putting on a fantasy movie for me. What did you do, forget and walk into the kitchen instead?” Wyatt can’t help but laugh at his own joke. Pete does not look amused.

“Uh… who are you and what are you doing in my house?” Pete stands with his arms crossed, face pensive.

Wyatt abruptly stops laughing and looks at Pete with a puzzled look. “What do you mean? It’s me, Wyatt…” He pauses for a couple of seconds. “Here to watch a movie with you? You told me where the bathroom was, I took a wrong turn and ended up here!”

“Wyatt. What a beautiful name. It suits you.” Pete flashes a bashful smile, then changes back to his pensive face and tilts his head. “Not sure who you are, but you don’t seem to want to harm me, so I guess it’s okay for you stay. Where did we meet again?”

“We’ve been messaging for about a month now!” Wyatt implores. “We met online. You said you loved the way I wrote, I… I thought it was really kind and sweet.” It was almost as if Wyatt had completely ignored the fact Pete didn’t seem to know him and just explained who he was without even a second thought. “You really don’t remember any of this Pete?”

“Oh yeah…” Pete says starting to remember. “We have been messaging, have we? Nice to finally meet you. Don’t know how you found this house though. I made sure my estate was tucked away from the city.”

“Oh, believe me, it is tucked away quite well, it’s such a beautiful estate too! I found it by you telling me, handsome.” Wyatt says with a cheeky grin. “Shall I go back through to the lounge and get ready for the movie you picked?”

“I told you?” Pete looks at Wyatt skeptically. “If you say so. And thank you, I take extra care to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. Go ahead back to the lounge. Get your favorite fantasy movie for us. I’ll get ready in the shower. “

“Ooooookayyy….” Wyatt says to himself. He turns back around and walks past the bathroom and eventually finds the way towards the living room. After a few steps in the hallway he stops for a second to think of what in the world just happened, shakes his head, and continues the rest of the way back. Wyatt almost topples when he walks back into the living room and sees Pete sitting on the couch again.

“Woah…” Wyatt says in bewilderment. “Didn’t I? Weren’t you just… in… the kitchen?”

“Huh?” Pete looks at Wyatt skeptically. “I’ve been sitting here the whole time. I put in Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Director’s Cut for us. You were gone for a while. Did you get sick in the bathroom or something?”

“Oh, well I took a wrong turn and found myself in the kitchen. You were in there, Pete. You asked me who I was, almost like you didn’t know me. I figured you had just forgotten.” Wyatt says as he sits down next to Pete.

“Are you okay? I would never ever forget you Wyatt, you know that.” Pete smiles sheepishly.

They stare at each other for a few seconds before Wyatt continues, “I’m fine, I don’t know, maybe I was just half asleep and my mind was wandering. Come to think of it, you said you were going to get a shower. You changed your mind?” he asks quizzically.

Pete tilts his head. “Huh? I took a shower a few hours before you came here.”

“I must have misheard, that must have been what I meant. Tell you what, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this house. It has intrigued me. Care to give me the grand tour, Pete?” The look on Wyatt’s face screams curiosity to Pete who smiles and sighs.

“I’ve seen this house over a thousand times.” Pete says. “ I’m more ready to watch the movie but you can wander around if you’d like. I’ll be waiting for you when you come back,” he grins.

“If you don’t mind, I just might take you up on that offer! Thank you!” Wyatt gets up and boldly gives Pete a kiss on the cheek who blushes. “I will be back soon Pete, don’t have too much fun without me.”

As Wyatt saunters off, Pete can’t help but admire Wyatt’s husky and powerful physique as he saunters off to explore the mansion. Pete giddy from the kiss, slinks back on the couch.

Meanwhile Wyatt heads to the first room he sees when he walks out the living room. The ornate double doors open up to a reception room. It’s huge, as if one could hold a hundred people in here. He starts to contemplate exploring some more rooms when he hears a scream behind him. He turns around to find Pete holding his hands outward with a startled look on his face. Wyatt jumps a little too, but is relieved to see Pete so soon.

“Oh my… wow… Pete, it’s you.” Wyatt breathes out. “You scared me for a minute there.” He walks toward Pete whilst saying. “What’s wrong? Did you get bored of waiting to start the movie already? Thought you would come and keep me company instead?”

“Uh… who are you, how do you know my name and what are you doing in my house?” Pete stands with his arms crossed, face pensive.

“Pete, come on, you know who I am, it’s me… Wyatt!” he says with a little annoyance in his voice. “The joke was funny the first time but it’s starting to creep me out a little!” Wyatt’s face turns from annoyance to concern.

“Wyatt. What a beautiful name. It suits you.” Pete tilts his head. “Not sure who you are, but you’re handsome and don’t seem to want to harm me, so I guess it’s okay you stay. I don’t want to creep you out, but where did we meet again?”

This could not be happening. Wyatt just stands there with his mouth open. “On… online… month… I mean, we’ve been messaging for almost a month,” Wyatt replies. All the while inside his head he is trying to piece together what is happening.

“Oh yeah…” Pete says starting to remember. “We have been messaging, have we? Nice to finally meet you. Don’t know how you found this house though. I made sure my estate was tucked away from the city.”

“Ummmm… y… yes… I know. You have told me this already Pete… are you feeling alright? I am having a major sense of déjà vu at the moment.” Wyatt says as he giggles nervously.

“I’m feeling alright. More than fine actually. Why are you in here? I never answered the door.”

“Pete, what? You answered the door.” Wyatt begins to shuffle his feet around. “Pete, what is going on here, we have had this conversation three times now! What is happening?!” Wyatt raises his voice a little.

“This is my first time talking with you today!” Pete answers raising his own voice. “I need to relax in my study. It’s always been the best place for me to think.” He storms out.

Wyatt dejectedly walks out of the reception room and into the lounge again to see Pete back on the couch watching Lord of the Rings. “Pete, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to raise my voice, I was a little confused by something.” Wyatt says looking sorry for himself. “There is just something very odd going on at the moment, I keep seeing… well… you… in different rooms.”

Pete looks concerned. “I never raised my voice at you. I wouldn’t dream of it.” He takes the remote on a nearby coffee table and pauses Lord of the Rings. Suddenly, as if realizing something, Pete launches himself up from the couch and starts to exit. “I need to relax in my study for a bit. It’s always been the best place for me to think.”

“You’re going back to the study again? Wait! Maybe I should…” Wyatt stops in his tracks at the stairs, hearing the sound of a shower go off. He heads up the stairs to investigate. “Pete… is that you?” Wyatt calls out loud. He can see a silhouette coming down the stairs but cannot clearly make out who it is. Eventually he sees Pete, freshly clean and in a new set of clothes.

“Wyatt?” Pete says as he approaches. “I think that’s your name right? I said I’d be ready to watch your favorite fantasy movie once I finish.”

Without saying anything, Wyatt turns back around and runs from the stairs just muttering to himself “Yep, this is definitely happening. I’m officially going crazy.” Having left Pete behind, Wyatt finds a new room downstairs he hadn’t been in yet. It was on the opposite side of the bathroom he had ventured into earlier and the door was closed. Perhaps this could be the study that Pete had paused Lord of the Rings to go to. “I need to find him and get some answers,” Wyatt concludes.

The door does not open to the study but rather a laundry room where Wyatt finds Pete in his boxers folding clothes. Pete’s fancy get-up had hidden a lot of his muscles and girth.

Quickly recovering Wyatt stammers, “Oh my… I’m… I’m ever so sorry Pete. I thought you were in the study.” At the same time not being able to look away from Pete in just his boxers, Wyatt’s face goes a little red from the embarrassment.

Pete drops the clothes he’s folding and stands up. “Uh… who are you, how do you know my name and what are you doing in my house?” Pete stand with my arms crossed, face pensive.

“Wyatt… my name is Wyatt… we met online, we have been messaging for about a month and I have explained this to you in the kitchen, living room, reception room and shower,” Wyatt says with a very loud laugh, not believing that he is going through this again.

“Wyatt. What a beautiful name. It suits you.” Pete tilts his head. “I’ve been in here for the last couple of hours doing laundry alone. Not sure who you are, you seem kind of out of it, but you’re handsome and don’t seem to want to harm me, so I guess it’s okay you stay.”

“Oh, thank god! I’m starting to believe that I am not well myself. You look… very sexy in those boxers by the way, this is one of the more pleasurable encounters I have had with you today.” Wyatt says winking. “Which way is the study, gorgeous?”

“The study has always been the best place for me to think. Why do you want to go there?” Pete stares questioningly.

“I’ve heard such amazing things about the study that I am just dying to see it for myself.” Wyatt hopes his excuse didn’t arouse suspicion about the other encounters he had with Pete and it resulting each time with him going to the study. Wyatt walks up to Pete and gives him a kiss, his soft lips pressing against Pete’s as Wyatt takes a breath in. “Will that help get me into to the study?” Wyatt asks with a beaming smile.

“You sure know how to get things going Wyatt. Why don’t you meet me outside in the Garden? There’s a nice collection of pools and fountains we can relax near and… cool off for a while together.” Pete says as he walks towards the Garden. He bites his lip and turns to look at Wyatt before slinking off.

Deep in my mind, Wyatt knows he should be looking for the study where Pete has been walking off to multiple times before, but this opportunity was just too much to miss. He walks out and heads towards the garden. He thinks he hears some shuffling back in the laundry room but decides to ignore it for now. “These are some nice fountains” Wyatt thinks to himself, then stops, looking a little lost. “Pete?… Hello?… where did you go?!” No sound comes from anywhere. This estate is a lot larger than Wyatt imagined.

“Hmmm, I’ll retrace my steps, that’s what those survival shows are always saying to do if you find yourself lost… right?” Wyatt begins walking back towards the house. On the way, he looks back over his shoulder at the Fountain, checking that he hadn’t missed Pete. Looking to his right, he finally sees Pete, now in a gardening outfit, attending to flowers.

“Wow, he changes quick,” Wyatt thinks as he greets Pete. “Heyyy Pete! I thought I had lost you, handsome. You were right, these fountains and gardens are magnificent!” Wyatt smiles and takes in the surroundings. His head was spinning around so much looking at all the fresh flowers and the colourful auras that if he weren’t careful, people would think his head would soon fall off. “You changed quickly; I didn’t see you take any clothes out of the laundry room.” Wyatt ponders.

“Uh… who are you, how do you know my name and what are you doing in my gard—?” Pete stands with his arms crossed, face pensive.

Used to this repeated exchange, Wyatt quickly interrupts with, “Listen, I know this is going to sound weird, but here it goes. My name is Wyatt. We met online about a month ago, we have had this conversation about six times already and I think you’re incredibly attractive and beautiful. That last part is new, I hadn’t put that in my precious conversations with you yet!” He finally exhales and inhales again, waiting to see what Pete would make of this.

“Wyatt. What a beautiful name. It suits you.” I tilt my head. “I’ve been in here for the last couple of hours doing gardening alone. Not sure who you are, you seem kind of out of it, but you’re handsome and don’t seem to want to harm me, so I guess it’s okay you stay.”

“Hey uhh, random question, do you know the way to the study?” Wyatt asks.

“It’s always been the best place for me to think. Why do you want to go there?” Pete stares questioningly.

Wyatt tries to change tact this time as to why he needs to go to the study. “Oh, I left something in there, this estate is so big that I got a little lost trying to find my way there.”

Pete looks shocked for a moment. “How did you get into the secret door?”

Secret door? Wyatt thinks. “Oh ohhhhh, I shouldn’t really say. You never know who might be listening. You let me in though, remember?” He hopes this was going to work, the mystery that surrounds that study was just too much of a pull.

Pete squints his eyes. “I never let anyone in the study! In fact, I need to go to the study myself to think on things.” He rushes around the side of the garden and Wyatt sees his silhouette run to what looks like a large blue door.

“Hey!!! Waittttttt!!!!” Wyatt shouts toward the silhouette. “I bet Alice never had this much trouble in Wonderland. Come to think of it, this was never posted on Pete’s profile about playing all this hide and seek.” he quietly mutters, finding it oddly amusing.

He comes up to the blue door and pushes through and enters through what looks to be a gymnasium. Pete is already sweating up a storm on the treadmill in his shirt and hoodie.

Sensing what might happen, Wyatt takes a chance and says, “Hello, I hope I am not intruding… Before you say anything Pete, yes, I know your name. My name is Wyatt, we met online… been messaging for a month, this is our 7th conversation, you need to go to the study, you’re gorgeous. Just kiss me already.” Before giving Pete time to respond, Wyatt saunters over to him, grabs him by the hips, picks him up off the treadmill and turns him round to kiss him as he lets out a big sigh.

“Wyatt. What a beautiful name. It suits you.” He tilts his head. “I’ve been in here for the last couple of hours running alone. I kind of know who you are, you seem kind of out of it, but you’re handsome and don’t seem to want to harm me, so I guess it’s okay you stay. Wait a minute, what are you doing in my house?” Pete breaks from the embrace and stands with his arms crossed, face pensive.

Wyatt collapses to his knees. “Pete… please, I repeat we have had this conversation seven times now. Each time I encounter you, you forget everything we have previously spoken about. Please take me to the study, I came here hoping to find a potential boyfriend but I think I have walked into far more”. Finishing, he picks himself up and looks at Pete.

“You’re beautiful,” Pete answers “and I would love to find a potential boyfriend too, but only those that could handle me. Plus, the study? The study has always been the best place for me to think. Why do you want to go there?” Pete stares questioningly.

“Oh, believe me, I think after today. I can handle anything; you would be a pleasure to handle!” Wyatt pleads. “I am interested in what is in there, it sounds like a lovely place if it’s the best place for you to think. I just want to know what makes you think so good!”

“What makes me think so good? It’s a place where I can be myself and relax and chill. No special benefits to my thinking cap. Come on, let me show you.” Pete grabs Wyatt’s hand.

He takes Wyatt through many hallways, winding and weaving to a room tucked in the corner of one end of the estate. The room is lined with thousands of books and multiple chairs and tables. A party of bookworms could be hosted here and there would still be room for more shelves. There is also an odd scent of heating wood and steam.

Wyatt can only stare at these marvels. Every time he tries to say something or wants to say something, nothing comes out of his mouth. He eventually manages to stutter out “I can see why this is so relaxing to you, it’s a pretty… calming environment!” The stress that was once there has now felt like it had been washed away.

“So yep. This is the study.” Pete takes Wyatt’s hand again and immediately starts to leave. He continues “Did you want to watch a movie? I need to go shower from this workout.”

“A movie? Yes… a movie… that sounds lovely right about now.” Wyatt answers “Phew, it’s been a strange day, suddenly Lord of the Rings doesn’t seem so make-believe after the day I have had.” Wyatt lets out a little giggle at just thinking about what the day has done to him, so many unanswered questions but I thought best not to complicate things anymore.

Pete smiles. “Wonderful. You go to the couch, I’ll join you later.” Wyatt barely has time to register as Pete pushes Wyatt outside into the hallway and quickly runs back into the study.

Wyatt quickly turns around. “But I… ok.” Feeling a little exhausted he goes back to the couch and flops onto it, the film still paused at the point Pete had left it. Time passes. Wyatt turns the movie back on.

“Can this day just get any weirder?” he thinks to himself and before he realized what was happening, the film had ended. Wyatt looks at his watch. It’s already evening?

In the silence, Wyatt begins to hear strange sounds coming from the direction of the study. It sounds muffled. Pete.

He gets off the couch and goes and stands by the door he was pushed out of. “What on earth is going on in that room? I knew there was more to that place.”

Suddenly Wyatt hears the sound of the front doors opening and runs back to the living room. Pete walks in, wiping the sweat from his brow.

“Are you alright Pete?” Wyatt asks. “Where have you been? You were in that study for a pretty long time!”

“Uh… who are you, how do you know my name and what are you doing in my house?” Pete stands with his arms crossed, face pensive.

“Oh, this is just a nightmare! Pete, look… I am… Ughhhhh, it doesn’t matter. We have had this conversation eight times now. Look, I really like you. I just want to know, What. Is. Going. On.” Wyatt looks into Pete’s eyes looking for something, any kind of acknowledgment that he remembers the previous conversations. Pete’s eyes are unknowing, inquisitive, and pensive.

“I don’t know your name or who you are, you seem kind of out of it, but you’re handsome and don’t seem to want to harm me, so I guess it’s okay you stay.” Pete says after a time. “Look, I’m just going to put my things away, go off to my study for a bit to think and then come back. Perhaps, we could watch a movie to relax. You look frazzled.”

“What?!… but I mean… you’ve already been there, a LOT… What… is… happening?” All of the tension from the day builds up and Wyatt cannot help but laugh hysterically, thinking maybe this is all in his head! Eight encounters with Pete, all new, as if he just met me for the first time today. But how can that be possible?

Pete begins to head towards the study, and Wyatt tails him and notices Pete stop in the bathroom to grab… towels?!?

“Pardon me for kind of intruding, Pete… why do you need that many towels?”

“This one is a face towel and this one is a full sized towel to wrap around my waist. Anyway, I’m headed to the study.” Pete sprints into the study and out of sight.

Alone, once again, Wyatt steadies himself. “Right, time to go through the looking glass.” He opens up the study door. The room is now completely empty. Everything looks clean and pristine. However, one particular shelf looks like it had been hastily messed with.

Wyatt goes to examine the odd shelf. Upon messing with its books, the entire shelf rotates around and Wyatt encounters… a tiled hallway, almost like one would see headed towards a swimming pool. There are lines of towels and articles of clothing. At the end of the room, the wall turns around a corner. Wyatt can hear voices but something is… off about them.

“Aha, it’s falling into place now.” Wyatt quietly says. “The secret door Pete mentioned… So the study was a ruse to make me think that it was just an ordinary study.” As he continues to wander towards the voices, I notice identical articles of clothing sprawled all over the floor. “Hello?… Pete, are you in there?” I bellowed but still a bit nervously.

As Wyatt heads down the tiled hallway, passing several showers, the voices stop and there are hurried whispers. Wyatt turns around the corner to a sight he never thought he would see. Eight Petes are all naked relaxing in a giant sauna area looking like African gods. There is a giant pool, a hot tub they are all in, and various rooms to the back where there are various types of saunas.

“Wyatt!” They all scream with identical gaped mouths.

“I told you to be more careful about hiding the real study,” one says.

“At least I didn’t tell Wyatt there was a secret door,” quips another.

Wyatt rubs his eyes, trying to focus in correctly on the scene that he’s seeing. “If my vision serves me right there are eight identical Petes before me. I don’t think it matters how I got in here now. More to the point, how are there eight of you?”

One Pete jumps out of the hot tub. “Wyatt I have a confession to make. I can split myself. The most I can make is seven others for a total of eight of me.”

Other Petes chime in, each sentence coming from a different Pete. It’s almost too unnatural to be unplanned.

“Makes it easier to get things done in this large estate.”

“I’ve always felt alone and thought having more me around would make it better.”

“It did for a time.”

“But then my selves and I figured if we could find a boyfriend that would be able to handle seven more of me, perhaps we could finally find a life partner.” Pete looks towards Wyatt for validation to speak further.

Wyatt clears his throat. “All right, so far I am understanding this… you have the ability to split.” He tried not to let it look like he was getting too excited at the thought of having this many identical Petes. “Carry on,” he said to them all.

“When I split, each Pete retains all my memories to the point we split.” The Petes start to exit the hot tub and surround Wyatt.

“Of course, we remembered you.”

“We would never forget you.”

“When I remerge, I gain the memories and abilities of the other Petes.”

“It’s a big reason why I stay in shape. One of us works out, the other gardens, another writes music and so on, and so on.”

“I would never forget a kiss like that Wyatt.” one says.

Wyatt snorts mischievously. “Oh I bet you do a lot more than just the mundane chores around the house. I mean, I’ve kissed you, many of you over the course of the day. I wonder if you kiss as passionately to the other Petes as you do with me.” He looks at each Pete in turn. Looking at the smirks on their identical faces.

“So. All of you Pete are identical?” Wyatt asks with intrigue staring at each of their eight-inch semi hard cocks. Are they getting bigger with each second?

“Haven’t you been staring at us down there this whole time? Of course, we’re identical,” all the Petes answer identically.

“Besides, what do you think we do with each other in our spare time?” the Petes start making out in pairs of two.

The redness in Wyatt’s face was a clear indication that he loved it whenever all eight Petes answered or spoke at the same time in unison. Coupled with the show of each pair of Petes making out, it did not help to calm his beating heart. Before he can think twice about it, Wyatt asks, “So… out of curiosity… Would I be able to watch you split?”

The Petes smile at Wyatt, not seeming to object to his request, and more boldly he adds, “I want to have a greater understanding of what you do to split into other Petes.”

The Petes each seem to merge towards one of the others until there was only one standing before him. Pete goes up to and whispers in Wyatt’s ear, “Now I remember everything from today.”

Pete steps back, concentrates and goes to step to the left but simultaneously steps to the right as there are now two of him. Pete repeats a few more times until they were eight again.

“Wow Pete, I could hear your deep moans every time you split. And I couldn’t help but notice you kissing yourselves after each new split. My god, to hear your voice double in my ear as you split fills me with so much happiness,” Wyatt observes.

He looks around at the eight identical Petes once again who are still making out. “Pete, I want you, I want you to be mine… I want all of you to be my boyfriend. I want to feel your kisses on my body.”

They suddenly all look at Wyatt simultaneously. “Really?”

“Absolutely, I can see how much you and the other Petes are enjoying it. I find every single one of you so damn attractive. I want to the guy you split and clone for. I mean, that is if you will have me?” Wyatt looks at all of the Petes from one to the next. It’s crazy yet alluring to see the same amount of desire and pleasure on each Pete’s face. They seem to silently communicate…

In a split second, the main Pete is kissing Wyatt hard. The other Petes start to surround Wyatt and caress him. Once there is no more room, the final three Petes start caressing each other and the five Petes touching Wyatt.

“Oh my god, that feels so good Pete, yes, don’t stop… oh wow!” Wyatt throws his head back amongst the amazing sensation of feeling each Pete’s duplicated lips kiss him all over his body and the moans from their mouths.

Every now and then when Wyatt would start to come out of the feeling of ecstasy, he would hear some of the Petes say comments like “Fuck Pete, you’re so sexy” and “That’s right Pete, I am sexy.” The giggles they give each other get him right back into Pete heaven. Wyatt starts to pick up the pace—

“Wait!” The main Pete says as he puts a finger to Wyatt’s lips. With instinctual communication, the other Petes back away from Wyatt and each other and form a circle around him.

“I feel horrible for the trouble we have caused you.” The other Petes chime in. Wyatt is unsure which one is speaking when. Sometimes they speak all in unison.

“I’m sure your mind must’ve been a puddle of jelly.”

“Maybe it still is.”

“Regardless, for the rest of the day, I’ll let you have your way with us.”

“Do what you would like.”

“We’ll be waiting with bated breath.” The main Pete steps back and joins the circle. All eight naked Petes’ chests, legs, dicks, everything all move in unison with each breath and shift of their weight.

“Well, I think as a little compensation for making me think I had turned crazy… I would like to see you kiss each other again… Stay in the circle around me though. Start kissing the Pete next to you.” The Petes oblige and Wyatt begins to turn around in a 360 degree circle, watching all of them passionately kiss each other.

The kissing is interspersed with comments like:

“Hey sexy..”

“Damn your lips taste great… my lips taste great.”

All of the Petes are so into their passionate kissing, they don’t notice bulge that is forming in Wyatt’s shorts. After what seemed like a lifetime, the Petes stop kissing each other.

All of them say in unison. “Did you like that babe?” They all laugh, knowing full well Wyatt did in fact love it.

As all the Petes notice the bulge for the first time, they continue in unison, “It certainly looks like he did.” They laugh some more, their giggles are infectious and intoxicating to Wyatt.

“Now this may be a very trouble causing question… but who wants the pleasure of unwrapping my dick?” Wyatt says looking at you from one to the next, almost as if he’s anticipating an argument over which Pete is going to volunteer first.

“Me!” they all exclaim. “However, as Petes, we’re more into loving than fighting our other selves.”

Communicating in that instinctual silent way they’ve demonstrated before, two Petes walk up to either side of Wyatt’s pants and start pleasuring each side working together to unzip and strip him. The other Petes start massaging Wyatt everywhere else, not minding that they end up standing very close to each other to be able to reach everywhere.

Sometimes the Petes would singly or collectively comment:

“Wow Wyatt, you’re huge.”

“You’re so sexy Pete when you’re massaging.”

“Aw no you’re sexy”

“Are you feeling Wyatt though? He feels amazing.”

Some even whisper sweet sexy words in Wyatt’s ear. “We’re all identical, each kiss and each hand is the same… feel how soft my touch is… how warm and wet my tongue is as the two of me lick either side of your dick, you’re… you’re thinking about watching me split again aren’t you, I know that turned you on… I loved doing it for you. I will split for you anytime.”

The two on Wyatt’s dick would ask:

“How fast do you want it?”

“Does this feel good Wyatt?”

“Where’s the best spots for you?”

As Wyatt gave his answers, they worked together to give Wyatt the greatest pleasure he had ever felt.

As Wyatt looks down at the two Petes sensually licking either side of his cock, he replies: “You don’t need to go faster babe, you’re doing pretty good, that is the perfect rhythm… oh fuck Pete, just like that, I love how you both start from the base and then slowly move to the tip where you then kiss each other. The feeling of both of your lips covering my dick… it feels amazing.”

Wyatt throws his head back again and places a hand each of their heads, slowly stroking their hair. “The way you work together to cup my balls too, you have such a gentle, soft touch Pete.”

Wyatt doesn’t notice, but as time passes, the Petes re-join and re-split, each gaining the other’s memories and continually switching off, pleasuring Wyatt from every angle. All continue saying Wyatt’s dream statements and complimenting the other Petes on their sexiness and hard work.

Soon Wyatt begins to catch onto the fact that Pete keeps merging and splitting again. One second he hears one Pete moan as alone… then hears two moans from the same place saying “Oohhh ohhhh yes”, the doubling of Pete’s moaning getting off both Pete and Wyatt himself.

At one point three Petes from behind switch with ones in front and kneel in front of Wyatt. Wyatt begins to direct all eight Petes. “You three Petes that just came to the front,” Wyatt commands. “I want to try something. I need one of you in front of my dick and two on either side of my shaft. You can decide who goes where.” he says with a wink.

“Okay,” Pete, Pete and Pete say in unison. They each walk to a side of the shaft. “Now what?” They say identically and look up with identical toothy grins.

“Pete at the tip, take the head into your mouth, slowly suck and swirl your tongue around it. Petes on my sides, begin to kiss and lick either side of my shaft up to where your double is…, then all three of you use your tongues and lips to kiss the head, kiss each other and make me feel so much pleasure.”

Wyatt slightly turns his head toward the Petes behind him. “Pete and Pete behind me, kiss either side of my neck and the other three Petes, stand in front of us. Watch these five Petes make love to me. I’m hoping it will get you… motivated. To entertain yourselves.”

As Wyatt says this, the remaining three Petes step around the group to get a look at the whole picture. With arms around each other’s waists gently rubbing their hands up and down their backs, they watch the spectacle that is happening.

Wyatt and the Petes on him begin to lose all sense of time. Wyatt kisses both Petes who are kissing his neck… first the one to his left then to his right. The three Petes at Wyatt’s dick kiss each other, then Wyatt’s dick and use their tongues to sensually cover every inch they can. The Petes standing behind also lose track of time as they are enraptured in kissing Wyatt.

The remaining three Petes in front are all over themselves from the excitement of enjoying the show. After a long three way kiss, two Petes start sucking on the third Pete’s dick all the while giving compliments. The third Pete (who happens to be the main Pete) is so turned on, he directs the other two to either side of him and has one fuck him while he fucks the other.

Wyatt notices what is unfolding between the main Pete and his Petes and directs the attention of the other Petes to the most amazing sight before them. Without saying a word, the two Petes kissing his neck stop and move over to the three fucking Petes. One Pete kneels and positions himself under the front Pete being fucked. As the Pete behind thrusts into him, the dick of that Pete is thrust into the kneeling Pete’s mouth. The second Pete makes his way around the back of the last Pete and bends down to rim him as he continues fucking the main Pete in the middle.

“You guys are just naturals at this, fuck… it’s so damn hot Pete, I love watching all of you pleasure and moan with each other,” Wyatt says. The three Petes still taking turns to suck his dick haven’t noticed yet what the others are doing behind them.

Every time a Pete switches to another Wyatt can hear sexy comments like: “Yeah, suck that dick Pete” and “Oh god, it’s so sexy watching myself do this.”

The five Petes are now in pure ecstasy as they continue pleasuring and complementing each other. The three Petes still with Wyatt finally notice, and turn back to Wyatt, getting an idea.

“Want three identical experiences?” they smirk as they face away from Wyatt with their butts sticking out toward him.

Wyatt looks at the three perfect bubble butts before him, pinching himself slightly just to make sure that this wasn’t a dream. Satisfied it wasn’t, he moves towards the three Petes and walks around behind them.

“Now, which one gets the pleasure of my dick first huh?” He playfully spanks the three Petes’ asses teasing each of them into thinking they would be the Pete to get his dick first. Wyatt gets surprised and laughs and chuckles a little as the three of them argue for the first time over who is going to be the first to be pounded, their asses twitching at the thought of being the first.

After arguing, they all identically shout, “Fine just pick one!” their identical bubble butts bouncing with each word.

Meanwhile the main Pete and his four counterparts formed a circle 69-like chain on the floor, each pleasuring the dick of the Pete to their right while being sucked by the Pete on their left. All of them are squealing identical moans at different times layering over each other.

Wyatt chooses the Pete on the left. He has a suspicion this Pete knew he was going to be chosen somehow. The left Pete feels Wyatt’s body heat radiating at the excitement of plunging his dick into Pete’s bulbous ass. With nothing further being said, Wyatt lines up behind the left Pete and begins to insert his thick pulsating dick, the initial feel sending shivers down both their spines.

“Oh fuck, Pete, your ass… it feels amazing.” Wyatt begins to pick up the speed and thrusts deep into left Pete. He can hear Pete’s beautiful moans and just as Wyatt feels Pete’s about to climax, he abruptly pulls out and moves his way to the Pete next in line. They repeat what Wyatt had done to the Pete before him… teasing him to the point of climax and then pulling back out before either of them unleash their loads.

The third Pete is next, and though he felt he should be used to it, Wyatt is always amazed by how identical every Pete acts, as this Pete was no different to the other two. He acted and did everything in the exact same way. It was hot getting to repeat the same enjoyable fuck over and over.

Wyatt pants, “I don’t think I am going to hold out much longer you sexy guys. I think I am going to shoot my load over your faces, would you like that babe?” he asks the three Petes.

“Not before you plunge into us!” the main Pete and his four counterparts say standing behind Wyatt, their arms around each other. They let go and each turns around to reveal five more amazing identical bubble butts.

“You’re right Pete, it is only fair to give you all a little attention too!” and Wyatt begins to do the same to each of the five other Petes. Except this time, as he plunges into each Pete, Wyatt spanks the Pete next in line his of telling that Pete that it was his turn next. The sound of identical moans and compliments Pete was giving to himselves was starting to get Wyatt to a point of no return.

“Fuck Pete, I can’t hold out much longer, I’m going to explode soon!” Wyatt says as he grabs the nearest Pete and locks lips with him.

“Where?… where should I cum?… what should I do?” Wyatt asks, almost like a whimper.

All of the other Petes stood up and gathered in front of Wyatt. “Fuck Wyatt, we’re close too! We feel like we’re going to explode!” They said at the same time.

The Pete kissing Wyatt looked in his eyes. “Wyatt…” The other Petes all staring with that same look all join in saying: “Cum all over our torsos.”

In that split second, Wyatt could feel a lot of hands on his dick, the warmth and sheer number of different movements that were happening was immense… so much that he couldn’t hold any longer. He backs off from the Petes with one big moan, a stream of cum like you have never seen erupts from the tip, splashing all of Petes on their big pulsing chests. The orgasm was so intense that Wyatt had to steady himself for a second.

“Oh my… god… that was amazing, I have never felt anything like that before.” As Wyatt regains his composure, he could see all Petes jerking furiously whilst smearing his cum all over their identical bodies.

Wyatt’s senses fully recovered, he sits down on the floor watching in awe Pete’s identical faces getting to the point of climax, it was a sight to behold. The blend of screams and moans were tantalizing. Identical streams of cum erupt as each Pete orgasms identically. They lay down in a pile and softly kiss each other, in pure bliss. After what seems like ages they sit up to recover and everyone heads over to the showers near the pool to clean off..

“Was that as good for you babe as it was for me?” Wyatt looks at all of the Petes, still trying to draw breath, his breathing still quite heavy.

Breathing heavily, all of the Petes in unison say “Yeah, though I’m thoroughly exhausted. Not sure how long I can hold out before I rejoin.” One by one they all merge into the original main Pete.

Pete and Wyatt both get back up together and start to make their way towards where their clothes are stored. The door to the study opens and we both quickly tilt our heads to look at it. Through the doorway comes… another Pete?!? This Pete is still in his boxers.

“This is impossible, I thought you had all merged together, I saw it myself… eight Petes merging into one!” Wyatt notes to his own naked Pete. Did he already consider only this Pete his?

Wyatt’s breathing returns to normal but he can feel Pete’s heartbeat get faster beside him, knowing something isn’t quite right.

Pete walks over to this new Pete. “Who are you?” they say together. Both Petes circle around each other, trying to figure out some explanation as to how this happened.

“Who the hell are you?” they both ask with shock.

“I’m Pete!” They get face to face and briefly bump their huge chests. It’s almost erotic, but the tense mood quickly dashed those feelings from everyone’s mind. The momentum knocks them both back a little bit physically and mentally as they try to piece what has just happened.

“No you’re not… I am!” both Petes reply.

Wyatt by this point has sat down and places his head in his hands on one of the many study chairs trying to grip this. As if the whole splitting situation wasn’t strange enough. Now this? He looks up. Both Petes are still circling each other but now it looks like while his head was down, the other Pete’s boxers fell off. They look identical.

“So… which one of you is Pete, my Pete?” Wyatt asks quizzically.

“It’s me!” One of says, whilst the other replies with: “No, Wyatt; it’s me! He is a fake!”

“You’re the fake!” the other Pete interjects.

“Not me!… you!” they both say in unison letting out a little growl.

Wyatt looks at both of them. “Pete, stop… this is getting us nowhere!” he says in a calming tone. He stands up and walks towards the both of them.

“How can there be two of me?” both Petes say at the same time, then look out of the corner of their eyes at each other.

Wyatt thinks back and suddenly remembers! “The laundry room!”

“Huh?” Pete and Pete say.

“That’s the room where you were in your boxers. I kissed you for the first time there. It felt magical and you seemed really excited. You must’ve been able to create a ninth you somehow. You’re both Pete.” Wyatt looks at one Pete and then the other.

“I guess my powers are evolving… or I guess our powers now…” the Pete on the left says to the Pete on the right.

They slowly turn toward each other and close in for a kiss. It’s unlike any kiss they’ve done before. This felt intimate, each Pete’s tongue exploring the other’s with great care. Wyatt stands back and marvels at how quick the Petes are getting along. After a good few minutes, the Petes break apart.

“Yeah, you’re definitely me!” the Pete on the left whispers to the other.

“I couldn’t agree with that more, me!” the Pete on the right responds, then at once both shift their attentions to look back at Wyatt, beaming with what seemed to be a new empowered energy between them. They felt inseparable, and they didn’t mind being two. In fact they almost wished they could always be two.

“Well, I feel energized!” both Petes say. They slowly look at each other. “I wonder…”

They each miraculously split into eight for a total of sixteen Petes. Pleased, they rejoin, except they still go back to being two. They look at each other confused.

“Babe do you know what’s going on?” Both say as they go to try to take Wyatt by the hand.

“Wyatt is mine. No, he’s mine!” They say at the same time.

Each Pete tries to pull Wyatt to his side and each ends up with a Wyatt in their arms. Pete and Wyatt stare agape at the other Pete and Wyatt, the four silently starting to get excited.

“We can… split others?” the Petes say in tandem. Wyatt who has already been thinking about the new possibilities now that there is another Wyatt slowly smiles. He looks up to see the other Wyatt also smiling.

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