by BRK

My best bud Kev and I have a secret. Okay, it’s a really badly kept secret—I grow extras. But when Kev starts to change too, we soon find out there are lots of secrets at my school.

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Part 1 My best bud Kev and I have a secret. Okay, it’s a really badly kept secret—I grow extras. But when Kev starts to change too, we soon find out there are lots of secrets at my school. (added: 1 May 2003)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6  (added: 24 Jan 2012)
Part 7 Being in Jay’s body and making it all extra’ed up and everything for him is actually kind of cool. Kev doesn’t seem to mind. (added: 1 May 2021)
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Part 1

I was in class on Tuesday when I felt an extra arm growing on my right side. Shit, I thought, I hate it when this happens.

The hand was pushing out of my underarm already. I sighed and raised my other hand. “Mr. J, can I go to the bathroom?”

The teacher didn't care. I might as well not have even asked. “Go ahead,” he said. I got up, trying to squeeze my new arm against my side with my regular right arm.

“Hey, can I come?” said Kev, my bud. He sat next to me and knew all about this shit that happened to me.

I said whatever, and we went to the bathroom and got in a stall.

I pulled off my shirt. The new arm was almost all out. I looked down at it and thought it looked pretty good.

“Man, that's awesome! I wish I could do that!”

“Go ahead. Maybe you can.”

“Shit, I try every day.”

We checked my left armpit but there wasn't so much as a finger.

“Well, here, you can have this one, anyway,” I said. I pulled off the arm and handed it to him. I usually give him the extras I grow, but sometimes I keep them. I know he sleeps with them, ’cause I can still feel them even after I take them off. Sometimes I can control them if I concentrate. Then I give him a hell of a time. He loves it.

“Hey dude, how many cocks you got on you right now?”

I had to check. “Four. No, shit, I just sprang a fifth.”

“Can I have some?”

I grinned at him. “How many do you need?”

“Man, as many as you'll give me!”

I was a little more reluctant with the cocks, ’cause everytime I pulled one off the next one grew in a little bigger, and I didn't want them to get too big. Still I liked for Kev to have them. I looked up at his beaming face and thought he was pretty hot.

“Take off your shirt.”

“Naw man.”

“Do it or you won't get any.”


Kev had a great bod and he was really built in a natural way but he was shy about it ’cause he had three pecs going across instead of two. I thought it was awesome, but he thought it was weird.

My cocks were all struggling to get hard. “Damn! Here, take these.” I pulled out two cocks. They were swelling in my hands. He immediately stuffed them down in his jeans. There were two of mine already in there, I knew ’cause I could feel them.

I was turned on, though, and by the time we finished making out I had four cocks again. Then we had to wait for me to finish growing two more arms. We made out some more while that was happening, and I grew two more cocks that were a lot bigger than usual, but I didn't care. We both forgot to put our shirts back on and didn't remember until after we'd dropped off my arms in Kev's locker and some girls giggled at us. Then we went back to class, holding hands without even realizing it.


Part 2

When Kev and I got back to class I noticed that one of the Doten twins was watching us. Johnny, I think. I met him first, last year, before his twin brother transferred in. They were both pretty fuckin’ hot—well built, compact, long blond hair. They spent a lot of time in their home gym, too. Johnny looked twice as built as when I met him. I wondered where he found the time.

Anyway, they were even hotter together, always talking quietly to each other, laughing at private jokes. I'd spent a few nights stroking my bones thinking about the twins together.

Johnny looked like he had something to say to me, but class was still going on, so I smiled at him and nodded for him to join us in the hallway (of course, Kev never missed this shit). The teacher droned on, back to the class. ignoring us as much as we ignored him.

Johnny seemed bashful, which looked cute on him. “I heard that you grow extras,” he said finally.

I sighed. It was the worst kept secret in the school. I'd had guys come up to me before, all shy and stammering, and say the same thing. And the next question was always if they could watch. Or if they heard my extras come off, they'd ask for one. Pretty cheeky. I saved all that shit for my main man Kev.

“Does he ever!” Kev said, enthusiastically. Before I could stop him he hauled up the front of my tee to reveal my two latest cocks, which were still hard from our make-out session in the bathroom and standing tall above the waistband of my old jeans.

I yanked my shirt down, but Johnny was just nodding thoughtfully. “Can you control it?”

I shook my head. “It just happens.”


“Well, when I'm really, really turned on, mostly,” I said. Kev beamed at this. He knew I grew stuff mostly around him.

I guess he thought a demonstration was called for because he grabbed my face, right then and there and started making out with me. I must have been turned on by doing it in the hallway for all to see because by the time he pulled those awesome lips off mine I'd grown two arms and a cock, all the nicest specimens I'd ever grown. He stepped back, looking insufferably pleased with himself, and drank in my enhanced form, with two muscular arms sticking out of both the armholes of my shirt.

I rolled the sleeves up for ease of movement and let myself enjoy the feeling of having four hot arms for now. I was pleased to see Johnny was totally turned on, and thrilled to notice what were obviously two paper-towel-tube sized erections trying to thrust out of his jeans.

I said, “You, too?”

“No. Well, not exactly. I mean, I've always had two cocks,” he said, adjusting them unconsciously. Two broad cockheads poked regally out of the jeans. “But something does happen when I'm really really really turned on, and I was hoping you had some advice.”

Kev was hanging on every word. I said, “What happens?”

Johnny took a deep breath, pushing his slablike pecs against his tight-in-the-right-places shirt. He looked me right in the eye and said, “I replicate.”

I was so stunned and turned on by what he said that I didn't even notice the muscle arms that popped straight out of my shoulders, crowding past the existing arms. Kev came in his pants.

“Wow,” I breathed. “How many of you are there?”

“Thirty-seven,” Johnny said softly. I nearly came right then and there.

“Holy fuck!” I exclaimed. “Where are they?!”

“That's the thing. After the first few I knew I couldn't hide any more so now I send them off to join the Navy. I have a cousin who fixes the paperwork. But that can't go on forever. I need to be able to control it!”

“You mean there's a whole ship of you out there?” Kev said. “Awesome!”

“Wait, you said after the first few. What happened to them?”

“Well, my twin brother is one. And there's two more at home. We trade places every day. Two of us go to school, and two of us stay home and study.”

“And work out most of the day,” I guessed. Johnny nodded.

“And whack off every twenty minutes,” Kev added. Johnny actually smiled.

“Can you help me?”

“Sure he can,” Kev cut in. “But you gotta give back a little.”

“Anything. I'm desperate.”

Kev winked at me. “Okay. If he helps you control your thing, he gets to take one of you home.”

“Kev—” I started to say. “He wouldn't—”

“You get a twin? Done. Happy to. In fact I'll be jealous of him,” he added, eyeing my six-armed muscle hunk body with its bundle of mondo cocks.

The bell rang, signalling the end of the last period. “Let's go, guys.” Kev said.

“Yeah, let’s,” Johnny said suddenly, eyeing me hungrily. “I think this deal calls for payment in advance.”


Part 3

I had this weird dream that night. I was walking around school but I was butt naked. Funny thing was, I had no clothes but I had my books, which I was carrying in one of my right hands. I even remember feeling my algebra text sticking a little to the side of my hip. It was broad daylight and the sun was streaming in the big windows at the end of South Hall, but the place was completely empty. No one there. My feet were slapping on the gray tile floor.

I stopped, trying to figure out what was going on. I heard noises from a nearby classroom. I turned and opened the door.

The door didn’t open on a classroom, though. It was somebody’s bedroom. I recognized it after a minute—it was Kev’s room. There were all kinds of comic book posters on the wall. The drapes were pulled, making everything seem fuzzy and hard to focus on, but I could see it was daylight outside here too. Nonetheless Kev was in bed asleep. He was curled up under the blankets, his arms wrapped around a couple of lightly tanned muscular arms (some of the extra arms I’d given him—I could feel them, very dimly, and spent a moment enjoying the taste of my arms snuggled together, being held tightly in a warm, strong embrace), and he had a big smile on his face. I grinned, thinking he was a little nuts for getting off on my cast-off extras, but happy my best bud was happy.

As I looked at him, noticing that Kev, who’d always been a beanpole, had been filling out lately, I realized that what I’d thought was one of my arms wasn’t. Kev was wrapping two right arms around his treasures—and two left hands showed a little further down!

My mouth hung open. Kev had been talking for months—ever since we’d first discovered I was starting to grow extras (we were at the movies, watching some summer blockbuster sequel, and gradually we both noticed that I was grabbing popcorn out of his lap with four hands!)—about how much he wished he could do it too, but we’d both assumed it was a freak thing that only happened to me. But now I stood there in my dream and it looked so right, so natural on him. His lanky frame was so suited to extras. And even as I found myself wondering what else he’d grown besides a couple of really nice arms my eyes strayed to the bottom of the bed, and I gasped. Sticking out from under the covers were four big feet!

I was amazed. I’d grown a dozen arms and a couple dozen cocks in the last few months, but never a single leg or foot. I was startled at the power of the emotion that washed over me in that moment, emotion I couldn’t really name. I barely noticed that all four of the Pringles-can-sized cocks I had in this dream (way bigger than my regular cocks) were suddenly painfully, impossibly hard.

I dropped my books and moved toward the bed, but at that moment the school fire alarm went off deafeningly. I pressed all my hands to my ears…

And woke up. My cell phone was ringing.

I sat up, completely disoriented. It took a second for my room to come in focus. It was the middle of the night. What the fuck?

My head was still swimming. Fortunately the phone was on my nightstand, but it took me a second to see it and I nearly knocked it across the room trying to pick it up with four right hands. Shit, now I was growing stuff in my sleep?

I finally picked a hand, pressed Talk, and held it up to my ear as I fell back on my pillows. “Hello?” I said quietly, so as not to wake up the Doten hunk clone, who was curled up against me, snoring gently. A couple of my left hands strayed idly to my crotch. I’d grown some stuff there, too, and it was all wide awake. More so than me.

“Dude!” It was Kev’s voice. He sounded weird, strained.

“Dude, what’s the big idea calling me in the mid—”

“Dude, you gotta get over here.”

“What are you talking about? It’s—” I looked around for my alarm clock, but I’d knocked it over.

“Just get over here. I’ll leave the back door open.” And he hung up!

I shook my head, thinking Kev must be drunk or crazy. But then I froze. The dream. Had I dreamed something that had really happened to Kev? No wonder he was freaking!

I sat up, suddenly wide awake. My movements roused the hunk clone, who’d come home with me that afternoon thanks to a very grateful Johnny Doten, who was finally starting to get his replication under control. The clone in my bed smiled groggily at me, then rolled over, taking the covers with him, thereby exposing his nicely built back and muscle ass. He was hot—Johnny’s clones mostly worked out all day—and we’d sure had fun, but it was nothing like what I had with Kev. We were friends, is all, but when Kev and I made out I got all warm inside, and I grew stuff too, which had never happened when I made out with other guys. Kev was under my skin and I didn’t want anything to change about our friendship.

I decided to head straight over there. I reached up to start taking off my extra arms, but, damn it, they felt really good, and Kev would love seeing them. No one else would see. I pulled on a tank top and some baggy sweats, pulled on my sneaks without socks, and snuck out of the house as fast as I could.

My car was cold inside and I got gooseflesh on my bare arms. It was a little Toyota and it felt cramped inside—I didn’t usually drive it when I had extra arms. As I pulled out and started driving over to Kev’s I noticed I had butterflies in my stomach. I was excited about sharing my freaky whatever it was with someone else, I figured. But I was really, really, really glad it was Kev.

I got to his house, pulled up to the curb, and snuck around back. The door to the kitchen was ajar, and the little light over the stove was on.

Kev was sitting at the kitchen table, barely visible in the dim light. His hair was all toussled. He was wearing a crooked nervous smile. His green eyes caught some of the light and were glinting. They seemed moist—had he been crying? He sat there, waiting for me to come, and now I was here, waiting for me to react.

He was wearing a very dark terrycloth robe. It was open some at the top, so I could just see the tops of his three pecs. The robe was so dark it was hard to see in this light, so the parts of his body that emerged from it seemed disjointed. I looked at each of those parts in turn, holding my breath, while for some reason my cocks struggled to emerge from my sweats.

There were two of Kev’s big left hands, at the end of long forearms emerging from the sleeves. Two right hands too, both hanging off the edge of the table—his right elbows, inside the sleeve of the robe, were up on the table. They were his for sure. I’d seen him pretending to wear my arms when we were goofing around at his place, but they didn’t stick to him, and he was paler than I was, and not as beefy—though his hands were bigger than mine, and his fingers were longer. I knew his hands as well as I knew my own, and I was looking at four of them. It was hard to take my eyes off them. I clenched my own hands unconsciously.

I made myself look down. It was just like the dream. Four of Kev’s size-13 feet were planted on the kitchen floor, at the end of four lightly hairy, lanky legs that disappeared into the folds of the robe.

I licked my lips, which seemed dry at that moment, and smiled at him. He smiled back.

I gestured for him to stand up, not trusting my voice. He did. The robe looked small on him. I moved closer. For the first time in all the years we’d known each other he was taller than me!

“Dude, what’s up with this?” I whispered, nodding to indicate his new height. He just grinned at me. He seemed giddy, but still anxious. I tried setting him at ease.

“What’s wrong?” I said, reaching up to clasp his upper arms with four of my hands. “It’s totally awesome! I’m actually kinda jealous of the legs.”

He swallowed. When he spoke, I noticed it was just a tiny shade deeper. Maybe it was just husky from him being nervous. “Dude,” he said, then stopped and swallowed again. “They don’t come off.”

I immediately understood. He was thrilled with his new bod—he’d been aching for this stuff ever since that night at the movies—but at the same time he was desperately worried about school and stuff. I mean, some people knew about me or had heard rumors—like the Doten “twins”—but most people figured it was just a weird urban legend thing cause I always tried hard to walk around school with just the two arms and with my extra cocks hidden away. But there was no hiding extra arms—and legs—that didn’t come off.

I realized he was shaking, he was so overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. I stepped forward and pulled him into all of my arms. “Then from now on, neither do mine.”

He’d rested his heard on my shoulder, but now he pulled back just enough to look me in the eyes. His face was inches from mine. I could feel and taste his warm breath. His eyes were definitely wet now. “No,” he whispered, “you don’t have to—”

I’m not sure what impulse seized me at that moment. I had to shut him up, and the easiest, most natural way to do that was to kiss him. It was a little weird having to tilt up a little to do it.

It wasn’t our first kiss, but out of all of our kisses it’s the one that stays with me, like it never really ended.


Part 4

The next day Kev and I showed up at school proudly showing our extras, and there was absolute pandemonium.

I’d woken up that morning in Kev’s bed, intertwined with my best bud. I was so stoked. For all the times we’d fooled around, got comfortable with each other on the couch watching TV, or wrestled on the floor in his family room, or held hands while we were driving around in my car, we’d never gotten naked together. It felt so right. We couldn’t get enough of each other. I woke up smiling and sated, and there was a smile on Kev’s sleeping face too.

I checked us out. Kev looked the same as last night, except his hair was slicked back with sweat. His three pecs were glistening very lightly too. His four arms and his four long legs were all wrapped around me. When he’d dropped his robe for the first time last night I’d given a major whistle: he had one hell of a long thick heavy-looking cock soft—and there was another one between his back legs! Anyway, both cocks were sleeping but still just a little pumped, like he hadn’t come all the way down.

I was holding him with something like 12 arms, which looked ridiculous but felt awesome. There’s a really big sense of power in having those extra arms. I loved the feeling, but even so in the back of my mind I was reconsidering my promise not to take my extras off. I couldn’t see them, because they were nestling Kev’s rock-hard belly, so I wasn’t sure how many cocks I had, but I could remember growing several during our antics of the night before, and I’d arrived with five as it was. They were getting pretty big lately, which of course I loved, but that made them tough to hide. Still…

I looked at Kev’s face again. It was smiling. Nothing else mattered.

I kissed him. He woke up gently, his eyes still closed, and kissed me back. We really got into it and started kissing hard. All my cocks got way hard and I distinctly felt a new one suddenly jam up against my best bud’s bod. Man, he really did it to me. I blasted twice just while we were making out, from the pure pleasure of kissing him and touching him and feeling his hot bod against mine. I think he came like three times. Eventually, we pulled apart, grinning like idiots. He looked me over greedily. “Dude, what happened to you?”

I stood up and stretched my arms. My cocks were still like three-quarters hard and man they felt heavy. They were pulling on my groin. How many were there? “Yeah, I’m going to be quite a sight today,” I said.

He stood up too, stretching his arms, then his legs, two at a time. His cocks swayed half-hard in front of him. I watched, fascinated. “You know,” he said coyly, “you don’t have to…”

“I know,” I said. “I want to.”

He gave me a brief kiss while giving a few of my cocks a playful yank. “How ’bout you just keep four of each?” he said. “That way we’ll match.”

“Yeah, that takes care of the arms,” I said, “but you only have two cocks. How will me match if I have four?”

“Easy,” he said with a big grin. “I always carry around a couple of your cocks in my shorts, remember?”

“Awesome,” I said. Actually that was one of the little pleasures of my school days—for weeks now I’d been feeling a cock or two of mine, from a distance, snuggling gently in Kev’s warm, comfy crotch. We started pulling off some of my extra arms, which seemed bulkier than usual—was I putting on muscle somehow?—and some of the bigger, more obtrusive cocks, when we stopped at the same time and looked at each other. “Clothes,” we said together.

It took us nearly an hour to stitch some clothes together for Kev. First we sewed together a couple of pairs of Calvins—though we had to try it two or three times to figure out what would fit and be comfortable. Then we sewed up a couple of pairs of sweats. By the time we finished it was time of school. Kev threw on a tank top (I was wearing the one I’d worn over last night) and two pairs of mismatched sneakers and we dashed out of the house, crammed ourselves in my car (Kev had to hunch over on account of he sat way high on his second pair of legs, it looked like he was sitting in his own lap—plus he was taller than before too) and sped off to school. I realized as we got there that I could feel some of my cocks crammed into his double-assed Calvins. He hadn’t forgotten to shove a couple of my cocks in with his own monsters. He smiled sheepishly at me. I just shook my head.

Like I said, when we got there, everything went nuts. We walked up from the parking lot together, hand in hand and hand in hand. A crowd started to gather. We smiled and waved at our friends, who just stared at us. Every guy we passed seemed unsteady and short of breath. What was really weird was dark spots were forming in everyone’s pants. We gradually realized that we were somehow causing spontaneous orgasms in everyone we passed. We looked at each other, mystified.

The crowd of guys drew in around us, and we slowed down. I was face to face with the school’s celebrated football/basketball jock, Josh. His handsome face was transfigured with awe. “How—how do I get like you guys?” he asked.

I shrugged. “It just happened,” I said.

But Kev was more devious. “No, you can tell him,” he said to me. “Listen, Josh, the only way you can get this way is to suck your own cock.”

Josh knitted his brows. “But I already do that,” he said, which admission caused a distracted stir in our crowd of admirers. “Every day. Like you wouldn’t believe.”

Kev shrugged. “Guess you’re not doing it right.” We pushed on.

When we got to the doors we noticed the Doten twins just inside. They hadn’t seen us. When they did their eyes went big. I’d noticed yesterday that they were double-dicked (and mondo hung), and I saw their cocks swell up and discharge before they could even realize what was going on. Suddenly they looked distressed and yelled out “Shit!” and bolted into the school. Kev and I followed and ended up in the nearest boys’ bathroom. Some guys had followed us but I locked the door. Both Dotens were frantically shedding their clothes, which was hard to do in the cramped space, but they were already getting ready to split: both of the muscle hunks had two heads and four arms and legs. By the time they got their undershorts off they were starting to split, and a few seconds later there were four of them. All six of us were massively turned on, but the Dotens looked a little worried.

“It’ll be okay,” Kev said, his eyes shining. “We’ll find some clothes for you and sneak a couple of you out the back.”

They started nodding, and then one of them said, “You know what? No. If you guys can come out, so can we!”

I grinned. “Good for you! But you know, everyone’ll want one.”

The hunk clone smiled, and then looked thoughtful. “I wonder,” he said. “If there’s three of us guys at this school that do weird stuff, I’ll bet there’s more.”

Kev and I exchanged glances. “Let’s go find out!”


Part 5

It didn’t take long for one of the clothed Doten hunk twins to grab a couple of pairs of school-issue gym shorts from the locker room for his two new brothers, while Kev and I enjoyed being pressed close in the tiny bathroom with the three remaining muscle hunks. We didn’t do much, really—well, we all let our hands stray a little, and since Kev and I had four hands it sort of evened out against Johnny Doten’s three blond-maned, built bods. We grinned a lot, and just enjoyed the moment, waiting. We were all majorly boned, as hard as we could be. It was kinda weird. Each of us had at least two cocks, but they were all different—the Dotens’ bods were equipped with two long straight cocks (uncut), while Kev had a big broad heavy cut cock in front, struggling against the waistband of his homemade jeans, while another one was hidden from sight between his rear legs; plus he was carrying a couple of my fat cocks, which were hard as well as snuggling against his boners. Of course I had a bunch of cocks, too many really, and all were too big. I was just thinking of giving a few away when Johnny got back with the shorts. He joined our gropefest for a while, but then we decided to go back out into the school.

That morning was all about finding out who our fellow morphers were in the student body, and what shocked me was how many there were. They all came to us, so relieved they could finally talk about what happened to them when they started to get hot. I had to fight to keep control over my body to keep from growing extras as I heard story after story about boiling hormones so strong they transformed, and transformations so hot they only fed our teen friends’ rampaging libidos.

Finally Kev and I decided to make a video project. We spent the next couple of days taping dozens of hot morphing guys—Kev started calling us “metateens,” and it caught on—with Kev’s funky new digital camcorder. Nights, Kev and I spent together, exploring our new bods—fucking like animals, kissing like lovers, intertwining ourselves: everything. We were happier than we’d ever been.

Friday night Kev, me, and seven Doten muscle hunks—the four from school plus the two who’d stayed home Wednesday, and the one I’d “earned” for helping him learn the beginnings of control—got together at my house. We played hoops for a while, naked, four on three (“my” clone played with me and Kev), until we were pumped and sweaty. And you haven’t played hoops until you’ve played it with four arms. Kev had an advantage—not only was he taller than all of us, but he was learning to shoot with two hands while blocking with the other two, something I was having trouble with, and his three-across pecs seemed to give him some real power in his shots. I think his extras were more intricately a part of him than mine, because I could pull mine off, while his were concretely part of his flesh and fiber. I drank him in. His tall fluid form was a delight to watch. I grinned like an idiot the whole time. Though watching Kev didn’t keep me from putting the move on the Doten team. We played hard, and at the end we were tired, but exhilarated. We drank like three gallons of Gatorade between us.

Afterwards we all piled laughing onto the big bed in my room and pulled up the video on my big iMac screen, enjoying just being a part of a pile of firm, sweaty, impossibly hot bods. A cool breeze from the window played across our glistening bods, sending pleasant shivers up our spines. The video started and I settled back, as we all pressed our bods together and slowly moved our hands across each others’ pumped chests, and broad shoulders, and taut, bumpy abs, and arms and arms and arms…

The tape came up from black onto Billy Vane, standing nervously in the wrestling practice room (where we did our taping), shuffling a little and grinning crookedly. He was tall with wiry black hair and bright blue eyes.

My voice came from the tape. “Tell us what happens when you get turned on.”

Billy grinned sheepishly and said nothing. Kev came into the shot, and Billy watched him avidly. “Why don’t you show us?” Kev said. With that he closed up with Billy and leaned down to kiss him, wrapping his four muscular arms gently around him.

In the bed, watching the tape, I was slightly surprised to feel a twinge of jealousy watching Kev kiss Billy. In all the excitement of doing the video I hadn’t felt it when we were actually taping. I filed the thought away and decided to just watch and enjoy. At that moment one Kev’s head was on my chest, and one of his hands had found some of my quivering boners and was slowly, every so slowly stroking them. I firmly instructed myself: No more thinking!

As they kissed, Kev realized that he was bending down less and less. They pulled apart, and Kev and Billy were face to face! They both looked down and saw Billy’s abs, three inches of which were now showing under the hem of his tee (which had been tucked in his chinos). Billy pulled up his tee and exhibited what was now a twelve-pack abdomen, a long, luscious expanse of rippling tight muscle. Billy ran his free hand along it, clearly enjoying the sensation, his cheeks flushed. He was breathing hard. “How long does it last?” Kev asked. Billy answered in almost a whisper: “Until I come.”

I saw myself appear in shot, bringing in a chair. There was a sheen of sweat on my shoulders. Kev and I both went off screen, leaving Billy alone. He sat down, unzipped his chinos and pulled out his cock, still stroking his elongated abs with his other hand, and started to stroke himself off.

“Hey, you didn’t tell us the guys beat off in the video!” one of the Dotens protested, clearly aroused—they all were, more than they’d been.

I grinned at them. “That’s the surprise,” I said. “It just happened, though. We didn’t tell ’em to.”

“Do they all do it?” another “twin” asked breathlessly.

“Watch and see.”

We all turned our eyes toward the screen, the pace of our mutual caressing and groping quickening just a notch.

Billy was way turned on and came quickly, shooting hot cum all over his long, twelve-pack abs. He tossed his head back, and as he slumped in the warmth of afterglow we watched his abs slowly contract, until he had a simple, cum-covered six-pack again.

“Awesome,” someone in the bed breathed.

There was a brief black screen, and then Joe Jones, the basketball team star, appeared, dressed in loose jeans and a tank top. There was a moment of adjustment as the camera was pulled back to take in his seven-foot height.

“He’s hot,” one of the hunk twins said.

“Don’t tell us he gets taller!” another one added.

Kev and I just grinned and nodded toward the screen.

Joe looked cocky. He had a big smile on his face—he was stoked about showing off his gift. “Okay, get this,” he said. “Let me just look at you guys. I’m already feeling turned on. Wait—here it comes.”

A look of rapture came across his face as he started to swell. His entire body started to expand and grow exactly as if he were a seven-foot tall half-hard cock that was growing into a full boner. Arms, legs, torso, neck all grew and thickened in a matter of moments. The picture blurred momentarily as Kev, behind the camera, tried frantically to keep him in frame. Finally he seemed to level off. His head was bent against the ceiling, his jeans were like long shorts, and his tank top was showing a foot of abs—for a different reason than his predecessor. Joe reached into his jeans and pulled into a vertical position a rock-hard boner that had to be at least 18 inches.

“Shit!” several of the Doten hunks said.

Joe had a huge self-congratulatory grin on his face. “Now watch this,” he said, and, unbuttoning his pants (to reveal his complete lack of underwear), calmly bent over and started going to town on his own cock.

“Fuck,” was the general reaction in the room. Now we were all just stroking each other’s cocks, enraptured by the video.

After several fascinating minutes the hugely tumescent Joe finally came in his own mouth, and as he softened up his body gradually returned to its original size. “Awesome, huh?” Joe grinned. “I’ve been measuring and I think every time I do that I get just a tiny bit taller. That’s why I’m so tall already. And I’m gonna be that tallest fucker on the planet!”

Kev spoke from where his head was resting on my chest. “I so want to see him in five years,” he said.

There was another brief moment of black, and then the camera picked up Jay Amangual, the pretty Puerto Rican kid in my homeroom. He was cute, but I’d never really noticed him much before. I was noticing now, though, that he had beautiful eyes, and great, full lips.

Unlike Joe he was a little bashful. “What happens to you when you get turned on, Jay?” my voice asked on the vid.

Jay smiled sweetly and said, “I have to show you.” He beckoned off camera and a Johnny Doten appeared (the original, I think—he and one of his twins had helped us out with the video while the rest stayed home). Johnny walked over to Jay and stood quite close to him, his bulging broad shoulders and big, heavy, spherical pecs straining his tee shirt.

Tentatively, Jay leaned forward and kissed Johnny, wrapping a long-fingered hand around Johnny’s neck under his long blond hair. They kissed long and deep, and we all watched, stroking a little faster now, until they reluctantly pulled apart. Then a look of satisfaction came across Johnny’s face, contrasted with Jay’s look of complete astonishment. “He switched us!” Jay said, looking first down at his body, then at Johnny.

Johnny was staring down at his own body, and when he tore his eyes away to look into the camera, his eyes were glinting with joy. “It’s true,” he said. “When I am turned on, I found out I can kiss some one and if it’s really, really hot, we—trade.”

“Wow,” said several of the Johnnys in the bed. Our pace started to quicken even more—we were totally jerking each other off now.

“I’m having trouble concentrating,” I said. “Let’s pause this and get our rocks off before we go on.” The other guys were in complete agreement. I looked down at Kev’s smiling face. He looked totally awesome. “You want to—’trade’?” He grinned up at me and we started making out, while I stroked several huge hard cocks with my four—no, six—no, eight hands, while I don’t know how many warm strong hands stroked my I don’t know how many cocks.

Kev came up for air after a moment, and he looked thoughtful. He glanced at the frozen image on the screen. “Hey, do you remember if Jay and Johnny traded back at the end of this?”

I was having trouble remembering anything. “Uh uh,” I grunted.

Kev addressed his question to the double-dicked Doten hunks on top of and around us. “Did they switch back, guys?”

One of the hunks broke away from a liplock with an identical twin, only the look on his face was suddenly un-Doten-ly sheepish. “No,” he said. “I’m—still here.”

We all stopped—well, slowed down—and looked up at Jay, in one of Johnny’s bods, as he straightened up on his knees at the foot of the bed, breathing hard, his perfectly sculpted muscle bod drenched in sweat, his two gigantic boners pressed hard against his abs and leaking thin precum. We all looked at him.

Jay looked down at his borrowed body and said, “I love this bod so much, I couldn’t let it go. So we agreed to stay—traded—for a while. But now,” he went on, lovingly caressing his bowling ball pecs with one hand and his huge double erection with the other, “I am not sure if I can go back.” He looked up at us, into the fascinated eyes of me, Kev, and six Doten clones. “You have so many of you already,” he said to the Dotens. “Can’t I have this one? At least for now?”

For an answer, the Dotens laughed as one and pulled him back down on top of them and started working on him as a team. We all started going at it hot and heavy, and no one was having more fun than Jay. I think he was the one who grabbed one of my stray cocks (Kev had pulled five or six off and strewn them around the bed) and started sucking it off while Kev fucked him (and while Kev was fucking himself with his hind cock). I know I had only three boners at one point, and one of them was in a hunk twin muscle butt while two more Johnny Dotens sucked the other two; but I could feel like eight more huge boners of mine being attended to in various ways around the bed, and I was getting so turned on, and kept on the edge for so long, that I did something I had never done before—in addition to something like twelve beefy arms, I realized at one point that I had grown an extra set of legs as well—and I had mondo cocks between my new back legs as well as my front legs!

At this point I grabbed Kev and we started kissing really hard, our huge erections frantically jostling each other, and while I stroked our cocks with all my hands the Dotens watched us, working each over feverishly, until finally Kev and I built each other up to complete bursting, and we exploded with cum, quarts and quarts of it, all over us and all the others, and they came automatically, enthralled, and we all just collapsed on each other, still pumping out cum, until we were completely spent.

We were all quiet for a long time, sated and submerged in pure postcoital joy and the pleasure of each other’s hot, sticky bods. “Okay,” Kev breathed finally, idly caressing one of my hands, “let’s rest a while before we watch the rest of the video.”


Part 6

After the mind-blowing intensity of an hour of group sex with my beautiful, newly boytaurified man Kev and seven of the hot Johnny Doten musclehunks (one of which was really the sweet bodyswapper Jay—he looked the same as the others, but you could totally tell it was him from ardor of his kisses and his heartstoppingly cute crooked smile), there was something immensely satisfying about collapsing into a big pile of sexy, sweat-sheened muscle on my wide king-sized bed and enjoying a gentle, sultry group grope.

I was still pretty aroused, but in a relaxed kind of way. My countless big cocks—I honestly didn’t know how many I had, between the ones on my body (front and back!) or detached, strewn around the bed, lying on muscular Doten chests, grasped in strong Doten hands—they were all still pretty much hard, throbbing quietly to themselves. Everyone was resting with big smiles. A couple of the Dotens were softly making out.

My mind drifted and I thought about Kev—how perfect it was for his tightly muscled arms and legs to be wrapped around me, his tousled head resting on my chest, his breathing becoming long and regular. He was drifting off to sleep. I smiled. I wanted him to always fall asleep curled up against me, his head on my chest.

Just then, distantly, I heard the doorbell downstairs.

My heart started pounding. Who could it be? All of this transformation stuff, I realize looking back on it, still seemed pretty personal to me—despite my own exposure to the school as a boytaur in support of Kev, and our video project revealing that I was far from alone in what happened to me. I guess it was the fact that my changes, all our changes, were induced by erotic stimulation (though it had taken me a long time to figure out, I knew that I grew extras because I was totally into Kev) that made the changing feel, even if others knew about it in theory, very private.

I eased slowly out from under Kev—he grumbled in his sleep but didn’t wake up, grabbing one of the big pillows with his four sleepy arms—and stood up. A few of the Dotens were watching me from where they lay, their eyes shining, and one of them whispered, “Wow.” I glanced in the mirror over the dresser—“wow” was right. I was a sight. My shoulders were exploding with something like 12 or 14 arms! Fuck, they were beautiful arms, too—generously muscled, with firm biceps, triceps, forearms, all round and hard and laced with a hint of veinage, but still not too huge—perfect, and having a pile of them hanging together, muscle rubbing against muscle—it felt so amazing.

My mostly hard cocks suddenly reacted to my amazing look and even more to the amazing feel of having so many arms. I looked down and breathed, “Shit!” I had at least six of my footlong, Coke-can-thick, extra-wide cocks all jostling each other to stick straight up—and, I realized with awe, six more in between my back legs as well! And that wasn’t even counting what felt like a dozen more detached and twitching somewhere in the muscle-pile on the bed (and I could distantly feel a dozen or so more back at Kev’s house, earlier gifts to him that he kept in his sock drawer when he wasn’t sleeping with them—not to mention the four or five pairs of my beefy gym-thickened arms that I’d given to him before, and could still feel even now).

Almost instinctively—under the rapt stare of the reclining Dotens who were awake (the one nearest me, lying on his side, had a big crooked smile—that must be Jay)—my hands moved by themselves to wrap around my girthy iron poles. Even as my mind started to haze over with erotic amazement I registered that my hands now had extras too—six fingers and a thumb. All that meant right now was more to grasp my huge cocks with.

The doorbell rang again.

I snapped back to reality. I realized I had to get more presentable. With my hands still wrapped around my cocks I started pulling them off, experiencing that weird sensation of still having a boner but not having it thrusting out of my groin in greater quantity than usual, handing them to a grinning Jay Doten until I only had two in front. I did the same with my back cocks, marveling at the end of the process at the pile of eight beautiful boners that Jay was snuggling against his oversized Doten pecs, his own two paper-towel-tube cocks rigid and drooling.

I quickly started pulling off arms, handing those to Jay as well, until I had just four. I thought about pulling off the extra legs, but I had my promise to Kev firmly in mind—his four arms and four legs weren’t detachable like mine, so I’d promised to match him even in public so that he wouldn’t be alone. It’s weird, I was coming out for real as a guy who grows extras, but it was for Kev so I didn’t even think about it.

Remembering again that someone was waiting downstairs, and that continued doorbell ringing might disturb Kev and those Dotens who were also slumbering, I rapidly pulled on a (of course) sleeveless navy blue tee—which felt unusually tight across my chest for some reason, as if my pecs and lats had grown a little somehow. Looking around I spotted the loose four-legged jeans we’d hastily knocked together for Kev, and pulled them on, one leg at a time. They fit okay, though they were a little long because Kev was taller. Not that my cocks fit in them—my front cocks were sticking straight up out of the waistband, and my rear cocks were trying to shove between my front legs, getting slick from my crotch sweat. God, I could fuck my front legs with my back cocks right now. But I shoved that enticing thought aside—thinking even as I did so that Kev must be able to do the same thing with his big rear cock—and, quickly pulling my shirt over my exposed front cocks and rolling up the cuffs, hurried out of the room –

—And almost hurled myself down the stairs. Walking on four legs is tricky at first! I grabbed the banister and righted myself, descending the rest of the way paying very careful attention to the placement of each of my four big feet on the gray carpeted steps, trying to ignore the sweat-slicked, lubricated action of my rear cocks sliding between my front legs inside my jeans.

I got to the foyer and yanked open the door, feeling weirdly like I’d accomplished something just in getting downstairs in one piece, and without cumming.

Standing on the porch, looking at the doorbell as if he were wondering whether to ring again or go home, looking very cute in a loose tee shirt and old jeans, was Jay—except, I realized immediately, it wasn’t Jay. “Johnny?” I said, with a tentative smile, even as he looked up at me with big beautiful brown eyes and grinned. He hadn’t shaved, so his sweet face and mouth were ringed around with a dusting of dark stubble, which just made him that much cuter. But then his eyes widened with appreciation as he drank in my sweaty, pumped-muscle bod, my four thick, glistening arms, and the two bodacious boners outlined in every detail by my tight, damp muscle-shirt. He was about to whistle when suddenly he caught sight of my new extra legs and the whistle turned abruptly into a blurted “Fuck!

I beamed, twisting my torso one way and my backside the other to show off my new jocktaur bod. “You like?” I teased.

“Fuck yeah, I—shit!” Johnny Amangual’s eyes suddenly bugged out, and a trickle of sweat appeared on his forehead. “Lemme in, I gotta strip!”

Quickly I stood aside and let him into the cozy little foyer, realizing with amazement what was going on—Johnny was so aroused looking at my newly augmented bod that he was twinning—he already had two heads, one behind the other! Which was extremely hot, except that while he’d managed to kick off his unlaced sneaks and drop his jeans to the floor he was now struggling—with four arms—to get his shirt off. I stepped in and, grabbing the collar with both hands, pulled as hard as I could and managed to rip it open. We worked together to pull it off the rest of the way, and then we were just standing there, boned and incredibly aroused, in the foyer—me, the jocktaur, and two incredibly cute, and buck naked, Johnny Amanguals. They were standing one behind the other, the one in back with his arms wrapped around the buff, tight torso of the one in front. I was standing so close to them that I knew they could feel the heat from my body.

“Whoa,” said the first Johnny. “That was fucking intense,” the second one went on. “And we didn’t even cum,” the first one added.

I stepped closer. “We can fix that,” I said, gently wrapping all of my arms around both of them—his frame was slight and lanky enough that both of him fit easily in my embrace. We moved into a sensual three-way kiss that went on for a while—anyway I don’t know how long it was before I heard the whispered “Wow” coming from the stairs.

We broke the kiss and looked up, and three of the Dotens were standing there halfway up the steps watching us intensely, their twin cocks all sticking straight up and leaking on their incredibly tight abs. I recognized the one in front as Jay.

“Fuck—you twinned me,” he breathed, staring in amazement at the multiplied edition of what under normal circumstances was his body. I separated myself from them, and the two Johnny Amanguals, arms tightly around each other’s waists, turned to face the Jay Doten on the stairs.

“We didn’t mean to,” one of them said. The other added, “We didn’t know the transformation went with the mind.”

“Yeah,” the first one went on, “we figured it was the body that was doing all the reacting.”

I could tell Jay’s mind was racing. He looked suddenly at me. “Wait—so if you were in my body—that body,” he added, pointing at the Johnny Amangual nearest me, “you could grow extras?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Clearly excited, Jay went on, “And then—I could get back in that body? And I’d have—I’d have extras?”

I grinned. “You want extras, Jay?”

Jay’s eyes bugged out. “Fuck yeah!!”

The two Dotens behind him exchanged glances, laughing. “And to think this morning you were satisfied with big muscles and twin cocks,” one if them said.

“I am,” Jay breathed, looking down at his amazing Doten bod. “I love it. But I have always fantasized about having more arms, and more cocks, and—”

“Believe me, we understand,” I said. And suddenly I was very curious about what it would be like to be in Jay’s hot Puerto Rican bod—and make love with Kev, and grow extras for him in a totally new and freaky way. “Tell you what. Why don’t you get back in your bod—one of them—and then—sure, yeah, you can swap with me.”

And before anyone could say anything else, Jay had thundered down the rest of the stairs and practically jumped onto the nearest of his two doppelgangers, wrapping his thick, pale, muscular arms all the way around his targets darker, tight body. The Johnny inside Jay’s old body laughed at the suddenness of Jay’s pounce, a laugh that was smothered by a sudden kiss—deep, passionate, and prolonged. It was fascinating to watch, knowing that Jay, in Johnny’s body, was making out with Johnny in Jay’s body, but they were both way into it, running their hands over each other’s naked backs and moaning with pleasure.

In fact, it was more than fascinating—it was intoxicating. The way they were going at it, knowing they were swapping bodies, was saturating me with intense waves of arousal—as if the swap were so hot that it even affected others around them. I remembered back to when we’d filmed Jay and Johnny swapping back at the school—just sitting there watching, six or eight feet away, I’d gotten really turned on.

And then Jay, now back in his own bod, turned to me eagerly, while Johnny stepped back with a look of wonder on his face—it looked as though the experience of swapping was pretty intense. I noticed with surprise that his oversized chest was covered in cum—both his monster cocks had cum. His two brothers had come down the stairs and now stood with him, and the three of them interlaced their arms. The remaining Johnny Amangual joined them, and they all stood watching us, eyes wide, deeply aroused.

Then I looked into Jay’s excited dark brown eyes and realized that this experiment was erotic as hell. I lurched forward and grabbed Jay and took him up in my arms and kissed him hard and deep, my cocks writhing and stretching and pumping up front against his slick abdomen—they’d wrestled themselves out from under my muscle shirt—and down below between my front legs. And then—fuck, I don’t know how to describe it—I was a spirit and Jay and I were fucking, not with cocks but with our entire essences, we were these intense astral beings twisting around in the cosmos, beings of pure, intense erotic stimulation, and then I felt myself gaining physical form again—and I was cumming, I was cumming with my whole body, as if orgasm were erupting from every cell in my body. We were still making out passionately as we came all over, and as I broke the kiss I was looking at my own face.

My own grinning face.

He/me set me down, staring at me in intense awe. “I had no idea it would work so quickly! Or so—fuck, I—you—I look amazing!”

I looked down at myself, a little dazed and dumbfounded. I was in Jay’s body—or rather, a boytaur version of Jay’s body. I raised my hands to look at them—four of them, all with an extra finger—and Jay’s cock, a bit thinner than I was used to but still long and sexy, was pointing straight out of my groin three times over. And I could feel three more of those long hard cocks between my back legs, too. My tight torso looked a little pumped, like I’d just taken Jay’s bod to the gym for a heavy workout. And it was covered with cum.

Jay, in my body, stared down at me wide-eyed, not even noticing his three thick cocks or the six sweaty muscle arms hanging from his shoulders—I must have started changing my old bod even before Jay swapped me. Suddenly I felt a pang of guilt—how would Kev feel about my growing extras for someone else? The intensity had been uncontrollable—I hadn’t cum because I loved Jay but because the bodyswap itself was literally orgasmic—but still, I felt funny. I’d have to find a way to make it up to Kev.

“Fuck, this is so fucking incredible!” Jay was saying, staring at me in his jocktaurified bod. I realized I was hearing panting from a couple feet away on my right, and when I glanced over I saw there were six Dotens instead of three—at first I thought that some of the sleeping Dotens had come downstairs, but then I realized they were all panting and flushed, covered with cum all over their pecs and shoulders and faces—including the two Johnny Amanguals.

“You guys have got to stop doing that!” I said laughing.

They just shook their heads helplessly, their blond hair damp with sweat—and cum. Clearly watching us—being close to us—as we swapped and came and burst out with extras right in front of them had been just too hot. Maybe they’d even been caught in the blast.

I turned back to Jay, still staring at my bod in wonder. “So you want to switch back now?” I said hopefully, wanting to get back to my sleeping lover upstairs as soon as possible.

But the look in Jay’s eyes was unnervingly insatiable. “Fuck no,” he said. “I want you to keep growing stuff! I want my body to have more of everything!”


Part 7

Kev was staring hard at me, right in the eyes, like he was trying to see inside my head.

“So wait,” he said. I could tell he wasn’t sure he’d gotten it. “You’re not really Jay, you’re you, and Jay’s in your body? Because he wants you to grow arms and cocks and stuff for him?”

I nodded, watching him close. Was he upset? I tried to put myself in his shoes. What if Kev was in some other body? Like… mine, for example—my real body? Fuck. My way-hard cocks lurched and spat when that scenario popped into my head, and I wasn’t even sure why.

After I’d reluctantly agreed to stay in Jay’s tight, very fit, and newly boytaurified body for a while to see what more I could grow him, Jay-in-my-body had decided he was wiped from the body-swap and the spectacular orgasms that had come with it and wandered back up the stairs—though seeing as how he was hard as fuck, with three giant, raging erections bubbling with precum and tapping his upper abs, plus even more insistent cocks between his back legs, I wondered if he’d be able to actually get to sleep. I noticed as he headed up the main staircase that he seemed a lot more nimble on my recently acquired quadruple set of legs going up the stairs than I had been coming down, like it was instinctive for him. Maybe he was meant to be a boytaur after all. Though I was also pretty sleep-disoriented on top of not being used to the new legs. I kind of lost my train of thought as I followed my own rhythmically shifting butt as he climbed the stairs to the second floor.

Everyone else who’d come down followed him, “everyone else” now being a lot more people than it had been a few moments before. By my count there were two Johnnys-in-Jay’s-body now, seeing as Johnny-in-Jay’s-body split almost as soon as he’d shown up; then Johnny had taken one of them back to swap with me (the Jay-body I was now in); and then the remaining Johnny-in-Jay’s-body had split again. I guessed that that situation, with those Johnnys wearing Jay’s body, was pretty permanent, seeing as there was only ever going to be one Jay. I got the impression, though, that the Johnnys-in-Jay’s-body liked their new bodies a lot, maybe for the variety, or maybe because Jay’s bod was not only very cute and very fit, but he seemed to have as pretty high sex drive too. His body gave whoever was in it a lot of pleasure just from being turned on, as I was already finding out. And his mouth was great for kissing, as I’d also had a chance to discover. Maybe Kev would like that part too.

Anyway, I realized that the crowd of naked hotness going up the stairs—Jay-in-my-body, a thick-muscled boytaur with four legs and six arms, plus two grinning Johnnys-in-Jay’s-body and six hunky, cum-covered Johnnys, was probably too much to fit into bed with everyone who’d stayed upstairs—namely our extra-tall, ultra-buff boytaur Kev and four more hard-muscled Johnnys, plus all the extra huge, thick cocks and arms we’d pulled off me. Damn, I’d made a pile of arms and cocks just so I could answer the door. I could still feel all of it, too, which was a relief.

“There’s another king bed in my brother’s room,” I told them. It had to be safe to lend Wade’s room seeing as he was away at college and hardly ever home. Jay-in-my-body gave me three high thumbs-up without really turning around. The others were already gathering around him, touching him here and there, the way people did with my body. I would have been jealous, except it was hot as fuck to watch. It was kind of like I was having an out of body experience. Which, I thought with a grin, I actually was.

I was feeling thirsty, so I took my four-legged, four-armed version of Jay’s sweet, hypersensualized sexbod to the kitchen, barely managing to keep my hands off my long, incredibly needy cocks—fuck, how many times a day did Jay have to jerk off? When I got to the kitchen I’d expected to be alone, so I was surprised to see Kev through the sliding doors sitting at the picnic table out on the deck, a steaming cup of tea in front of him, staring at nothing. He was wearing a loose bathrobe again for some reason—one of mine, this time—with two arms emerging from each sleeve like before and his four big, bare feet flat on the deck. The two arms in one sleeve thing was really hot, but what really cranked it for me was the way his robe was hanging open and I could see his firm, square middle pec. That was such a turn-on for me, and given how riled up I was I almost shot six high-pressure geysers of cum right then and there all over the linoleum.

The water in the kettle was still hot, so I made myself a mug of tea as well and went out to join him, sitting next to him on the bench. He was startled at first, not expecting to see Jay—much less a Jaytaur—but I explained, and he seemed to get it.

I took a sip of my tea, stalling. But I had to ask. “Are you mad?” I asked.

He gave me a crafty look. “I dunno,” he said. “Can you still give me stuff?”

I tried to look exasperated. Johnny doubling despite being in Jay’s body—coupled with the extras I’d grown in one of the resulting Jay-bods—had pretty firmly established that the change went with the mind, not the body. If that was true, my being able to pull things off had come with me to Jay’s extra-randy body the same way my tendency to suddenly grow extras had, and like a good budding scientists I was kind curious and excited to test this theory out for real. I had to needle him a bit first, though, and made myself look disappointed. “I knew it,” I said, shaking my head. “You only hang out with me for my extras.”

“Absolutely!” he responded gleefully, giving me an enormous grin that set my heart skipping a little. He reached under the table and squeezed one of the big, hard, leaking me-cocks he had in the pocket of his robe, because of course he always had a couple of my cocks with him, even on a weird night like tonight. I gasped at the distant but very pleasurable sensation, and he managed to grin even wider.

Fuck, I needed to kiss him. So bad.

Instead I rolled my eyes and gave one of my long, demanding Jay-cocks a hard tug and a slight twist. It pulled off easily, just as I’d known it would. I handed it to him wordlessly. He took it without breaking eye contact, holding it gently in his hand while we stared heatedly at each other.

We both knew the pulling-off thing didn’t matter, and the body swap didn’t matter either. It was Kev and me, me and Kev, simple as that.

We moved closer, and our mutual stare became a brushing of lips, then a soft, shallow kiss as we just enjoyed the most tender of shared satisfactions for… I don’t know, it seemed like a long time. My hands started to rove his body, and he did the same, one hand still holding the warm, rigid extra-large Jay-dick I’d given him. The kiss went on and on, making me both utterly serene and unbearably aroused. At some point the kiss deepened and we found ourselves snogging rabidly in a make-out session so intense it was almost like fucking. That went on for ages and somewhere in there we both came, hard, at least once and maybe twice, shooting cum up onto our chests and necks and seemingly everywhere else.

We were still kissing though the afterglow, messy and panting and very, very happy.

Eventually I became more aware of the real world again, and when I did I was in for a bit of a shock. Not only had I grown two more arms and visibly bigger pecs, but all of my cocks had actually doubled and gotten bigger and thicker as they’d nutted. They’d jetted their massive, hot megaloads of cum everywhere, and I was suddenly picturing every stream of cum splitting in two as my cocks multiplied and swelled in size and potency. Even the one I’d given Kev had not only cum but doubled like the others while he was holding it. Even weirder, the pair of me-cocks from my original body had cum along with the others—and, somehow, they’d grown and doubled too! I didn’t even know what to think about that. Was that normal?—I mean, me-normal? Or was it a me-in-Jay’s-body thing? I tried to pick up on my other detached extras, to see if anything like that had happened to them. I got this latent after-sense of my extras upstairs being very happy, like, post-orgasmic happy, but… Had my extras experienced that release at the same moment I had? And also: had anything had happened like the doubling of the ones in Kev’s robe pocket? I didn’t know. Which to me was understandable, seeing as I’d been too busy experiencing awesome total climax in glorious mouth-union with Kev to notice anything else.

We rolled our sweaty foreheads together a little, both of us grinning like idiots. Me and Kev. Kev and me. Nothing more basic in all the universe.

After a while I saw that Kev was looking over my borrowed and cum-spattered body, admiring the spontaneous revisions. “That should make Jay happy, you think?” he joked. I barely even heard the words—I was too busy watching his mouth, and the long, deft tongue moving just beyond those swollen lips as he spoke.

“I think I’m not done kissing you,” I said. As soon as I said I knew that truer words had never been spoken. As moved in for more I saw a glint of excitement in his eyes telling me he wanted more kissing, too.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

At some point I came up for air and noticed that the sky toward the east was beginning to lighten, and I started laughing. Kev was confused, so I nodded behind him with my bristly chin. “We’ve been kissing all night, dude!” I said, still chuckling. I was actually feeling almost a little woozy from how amazing it had been just making out with Kev, like mouth-melding with him was so awesome it made me a little drunk. I didn’t mind.

Kev turned back to me with a wink. “Not all night,” he said. He had a little stubble, too, now, mostly along his razor-sharp jawline. It went amazingly well with his green eyes somehow. “We were watching videos in a bed full of hot guys before that.”

“Very true.” I leaned forward and kissed him, briefly but with a bit of tongue, just because.

Kev kissed me back. Then when we’d broken the kiss he added, “And somebody had a little body swapping interlude, too. In between the bed thing and the kissing thing.” He arched his brow just a little.

I gasped and looked down at myself as if in shock. Truth was it almost had slipped my mind I’d been having fun in Jay’s body, upgrading it for him just how he wanted, but I pretended I’d actually forgotten and went, “Oh, yeah!” and everything, looking up at Kev with wide eyes. We grinned.

At that point It seemed like a good idea to get clean. After I called in a biiig breakfast delivery order from my favorite place in town—bagels, eggs, bacon, the works—we headed upstairs to find the master bathroom. I was so glad I had the run of the place with my parents in Europe and Wade at school. As we passed down the hallway I poked my head into my room. Four identical blond-haired, big-pec’ed, monster-double-hung Johnny Dotens slumbered in my bed, looking tousled, bonelessly relaxed, cum-spattered, and utterly content as the first rays of the breaking dawn filtered through the window.

I couldn’t help but admire their bodies and how hot they were wrapped around each other, not to mention the several me-arms and me-cocks they were snuggling like teddy bears. As I watched one of the guys stirred and opened his sky-blue eyes , and when he saw me he beamed at me, rubbing one of my arms against his chest. I was pretty sure I could feel which arm it was, and I gave his right pec a light, playful squeeze. He was smiling happily as he closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep, clutching my arm close.

Next we peeked into my brother’s room where the scene was very similar, apart from the fact that two of the six pale Johnnys piled into the big bed were very languidly making out with the two slightly darker and less bulky Johnnys-in-Jay’s-body, as if they were so into pleasuring each other they’d ended up kissing in their sleep. Except as I was watching, one of the Johnnys-in-Jay’s-body opened his eyes and looked right at me, and the fire I saw there told me that that wasn’t Johnny-in-Jay’s-body—that was Jay back in his own bod. Well, one of them, anyway.

He winked, and as he did so I suddenly realized there was a player missing from this tableau. At the same time, Kev, standing next to me but looking down the hall, said, “Sounds like someone’s already in the shower.”

I looked at him, and then I heard it. Water running. An unexpected and very stimulating thought struck me, and I said, “Wanna go spy on me in the shower?”

Kev nodded eagerly, so we headed down the carpeted hallway as softly as we could, despite both of us being doubly supplied with big, bare feet to keep quiet. We stole into the big bedroom, rounded the corner into the master bath, and froze.

We had a really big shower in that bathroom, with those huge rain showerheads and everything for maximum coverage. Which is good, because there were two big, muscular, insanely hunky six-armed boytaurs in there, and they were both me. They weren’t just washing up, either. In fact they were making out so lovingly, so sweetly, I was flooded with an all-new wave of arousal on top of the nonstop, almost insuperable horniness that was my constant companion in this body. They were holding each other close, stroking soapy backs and shoulders and butts with so many hands their movements were kind of mesmerizing to watch. Between them, mostly protected from the shower spray, their three massive front hardons each slid against each other, lubricated by bubbly bodywash and a steady flow of pre, while their hind cocks pushed slowly back and forth between their front thighs in a gentle, easy rhythm that looked very much like it was their natural, instinctive state, or should be.

“Fuck, dude,” Kev breathed after a few moments, while our cocks tried to get harder. “Watching them… it’s like, it’s almost as hot you being one of them.”

“What, you think I should stay in this bod, just so they can keep putting on a show for us?” I whispered, teasing him.

Kev just shrugged his broad shoulders, not looking away from the two mes in the shower. He had a big grin on his face, and his dicks were even harder than mine.

The two hunks in the shower seemed to become aware of us and turned their heads our way, giving me identical sheepish, Johnny Doten grins. I gave them a thumbs up, and they seemed relieved, if still a little chagrinned. The whole story of what we were seeing seemed pretty clear now, and the only thing I really wanted to know was what Jay had done to Johnny-in-my-body (after Jay had swapped back into one of his bodies) to make him orgasm so hard he’d twinned himself in my bod.

That could wait, though. Probably Jay would be more than happy to tell the tale.

“You guys hungry?” I asked, raising my voice a little to be heard over the shower. “We ordered food.” I figured that since I usually was hungry after cumming, probably anyone inhabiting my body would be, too, and they nodded in agreement. For my part, being in Jay’s body guaranteed I was more horny than hungry, but, heck. I probably needed food if I was going to keep nutting all day, right?

Guessing we were going to shower too the Johnnys-in-my-body left the water running and stepped out, the moist heat from the shower radiating pleasantly off of them, mixed with the smell of soap and just a hint of spunk. I handed them a couple of big white fluffy towels from the linen closet next to me and we traded places. I was actually glad they were there, as the spectacle they put on of carefully drying each other almost made it possible for me to ignore my recently doubled complement of big, hard, aching, and completely insatiable boners as we stood together under the hot water, and the way Kev looked almost edible with the shower spray trickling over his taller, tighter, beautifully boytaurified body. I did say “almost,” right?

They finished their drying and left to find the others, and Kev and I, with iron determination and lots of giggling at each other’s “serious faces”, focused on just washing the sweat and cum off each other. We were still toweling each other off when we heard the doorbell.

One of the Johnny Dotens, hearing from the shower twins that I’d ordered food for delivery, had thought ahead and found some of my old clothes to wear, if briefly, so the poor delivery guy didn’t have to deal with all our naked bodies and apparently tireless boners. That got me thinking. Now that there were four boytaurs among us, it occurred to me as we were setting the stuff out on the kitchen island that we needed a plan for coming up with several pairs of four-legged jeans. The ones we’d thrown together the morning before were really, really ad hoc and probably wouldn’t last another outing. After all, Kev couldn’t just go to school naked on Monday. Or could he? No, probably not. And whether I got my own my own bod back or not I’d be in the same boat, four legged either way. Definitely something for later discussion.

We didn’t all sit down at the table and eat together—for one thing, there were too many of us. Instead we each gathered food on our plates buffet style and spread out in clusters of two or three. Jay, finally back in his body, moved among Johnnys, almost like they were all boyfriends with each other. I sat with Kev, perched on the wide railing of the deck eating my toasted bagel and egg sandwich, and watched. There was a lot of whispering and sneaky looks our way, like Jay and the Johnnys were plotting something hot and devious.

As soon as Kev was done with his breakfast (everything bagel, scallion cream cheese, orange pekoe tea) and had set his plate on the railing next to him, Jay and one of the Johnnys-in-my-body came over and grabbed Kev by both wrists. “C’mon,” Jay said, “secret meeting.”

Kev gave me a surprised look as they hustled him inside. I watched them go, wondering if I should follow, but… honestly, I was so into the idea of a secret plan that I decided to wait and see what was going on.

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