Triple trouble

by Tommyhawk

An accident turns lab assistant Val into Val-1, Val-2, and Val-3.

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I walked into Professor Zetter's laboratory just as the explosion started. I saw the flames shoot up and did a tuck-and-roll over to the side and behind a lab table, whose side had been reinforced with three-inch steel on all sides and bottom and top. The purpose of this was what I used it for, I got over to it, rolled into it and the explosion dented the steel in a couple of places and scorched the entire laboratory…but I was safe.

After the ka-boom, I waited until all the crashes and tinkles stopped, then poked my head up cautiously and said, "What happened this time, Professor?"

He was blackened with soot and his hair was smoldering some, but long experience told me had come through the encounter with his usual combination of luck and endurance. "Now, Val, I made a slight miscalculation in my formula." he said to me.

"No shit!" I said. "If I'd gotten here two minutes earlier, I'd be splattered all over your walls right now."

"Nonsense." he said, rising to the occasion as usual. "Just a simple error in the arithmetic." He walked over to his chalkboard which had lost a chunk out of one side, but still bore his equations and turned a plus sign into a minus. "There, that should do it."

"You added instead of subtracted?" I asked him. "What did that do to your formula?"

"Made me add five hundred million kilowatts too much electricity." he said blithely.


"Oh, come on, it could happen to anybody." he said. "Mph!" He licked his fingers and reached up to his head, used his fingertips to extinguish a small blaze that had bloomed on a spike of his hair. Shook his fingers and said, "Once we clean up this little mis-step, we can finally put my transporter into operation."

"I'll fetch the bucket and mop from the janitor's closet." I said with resignation. I was the lab assistant, but this was getting ridiculous!

Having cleaned up after the Professor's miscalculations any number of times, I was at least adept at my chore. Two hours later, the Professor was tooling away at his improved model. For a teleporter, it was awfully small, it all fit on the lab table top, with room to spare.

The Professor had a tendency to natter to himself, so I picked up everything just by keeping quiet. Those horn-like things were the induction field guidance tubes, intake and exhaust, which meant that whatever was in front of the intake tube was transported to be in front of the exhaust tube. A trip of about eight feet. Hardly seems worth the trouble, which is more or less what I said when I figured that part out.

"Nonsense, my boy, it is just a prototype." the Professor said. "When we perfect the teleportation technique, we can then figure out how to send the signal over any distance you care to name."

"So, what kind of test animal are you planning on testing it on?" I asked. We didn't have any, unless you count a couple of barbecued mice which had been in the cages on one table and were now in garbage bags in the basement. Unlike me and the Professor, they hadn't been able to hide from the blast. "I keep telling you to put the test animals in the next room until you're ready for them, but…."

He wasn't listening to me. "We'll start with non-living material." he said to me. "If you'll put something on the stool, Val, and set it in front of the intake tube for me."

Now, I really should have been forewarned. The Professor often confused his lab assistants with his test animals, as witness my predecessor. I don't see why he was complaining, so he now had a tail like a monkey and found himself with a strong hankering for bananas. It could have been worse. Like the one before him, who was converted into a living protoplasmic blob, and was now residing with his mother in a jar on her kitchen table. Every now and then, she got him confused with the raspberry jelly and would smear him on her morning toast, but his screams usually alerted her before she took a bite.

But I was preoccupied and took the stool over, along with a small beaker that I figured would work for the test. I was just putting it in place when the Professor gave a little chuckle of triumph and hit a button.

Damnedest feeling I ever had. I felt my butt get hit by the beam and then my entire body was covered with blue flickering light. Then it was like I was rushing through a tunnel of colored lights sort of like that scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey, and then it was over, and I shook my head.

"Damn, that felt weird." I said. Funny, it was like I was in some kind of marble-lined place, because I had a heck of an echo. "Why the heck do you keep…." I stopped. Because I was looking right at myself!

Same me, same stool, same lab beaker in my hand.

"What the hell!" I said in stereo and turned around toward the Professor like a man next to a mirror. "Professor, you promised the police that you would stop using your lab assistants like lab mice!" Even that was in stereo except my duplicate said, "lab rats" instead.

"Very interesting." the Professor said. "I must have made another miscalculation.

"Miscalculation!" I screamed in a duet. "You fix this, you hear me!"

"And I mean now!" my copy said in addition to that.

"Not a problem, not a problem." he said. "You." pointing to me. "You just step aside and take that stool with you. You" to my copy "just stay right where you are."

"Now just a minute." my clone started to say, but I ducked out of the way and the Professor hit the button.

I knew what he was about to try, as did my copy, but he had chosen to stand his ground and complain, whereas I didn't say anything, just jumped, and fast. The Professor was going to reverse the process, which ought to erase my copy.

Only it didn't. Another copy of me appeared where I had been standing.

"Oh, my God!" I and my first copy said.

"Not again." we all three said. "Professor! You have to do something!"

"I don't understand it." the Professor bleated. "You're supposed to travel, not be copied."

"I did travel." I pointed out as did my third copy. "I just stayed put, too."

"Quantum mechanics." the Professor said, his eyes agleam. "Of course. The molecules don't alter their state, they reverse their polarity instead."

"So what am I?" the second one of me said. "An anti-Val?"

"Not at all." the Professor said. "You're not anti-matter, just a reversed polarity in your molecular structure. Your atoms change their quantum state constantly, so it's nothing to worry about. You've been copied, not turned into a living time-bomb. If you were anti-matter, you'd have exploded by now."

"Thanks a lot." my second copy (I'm going to call them Val-2 and Val-3 from now on) said. "So what do we do about it?"

"Do?" the Professor said, "My dear boy, why would you want to do anything about this marvelous invention of mine."

"It doesn't teleport anything!" Val-2 and Val-3 said together. I kept quiet; I think the Professor's idea was correct. We were copied from an exact instant in time, but after that, we were individuals. While we sounded together at times, we did so less and less, even after a couple of moments.

"It's not a teleporter, my dear boy…boys." the Professor said. "I have just created a duplicator. We can take a single can of corn, and by using my machine, we can duplicate it over and over and over. My boy, this is an end to world hunger!"

"You mean you can't undo this?" I asked.

"Undo it?" Val-2 said in horror. "Hey, this is my life you're talking about!"

"It's my life and it just got multiplied." I said sternly.

Val-3 put in, "We should vote on it. All in favor of trying to reverse this, raise his hand." He paused, I didn't move. "All opposed." Val-2 and Val-3 raised their hand. "Motion carries."

"Hey, my life isn't a democracy here!" I said indignantly.

"Think of the benefit of this to mankind." the Professor said to me pleadingly. "Think of all the lives it can save."

"Think of the cost of using it. How much electricity does your machine consume with each use?" I asked him. I had seen the electric bills of this place.

"Well, now it does use more than your average television set, I agree." he mumbled.

"How much?" Val-3 wanted to know. He had the same idea I had…of course.

"Let's see, the cost is what, a quarter-cent per kilowatt, isn't it? Well, let's see, at that price, the total price for each item duplicated would be…" He worked the amount and frowned, did it again, "…hmm, approximately six hundred thousand dollars per duplication. Well, we can work on the economics of this, perhaps by duplicating gold. Although if we do that, there would be an inflation factor to be considered. Hmmm…."

I looked at my watch. "Well, Professor, I have to get to class now." I realized I had said that in dual stereo and looked around. "Oh, fuck." That was echoed as well.

"What are we going to do?" Val-2 wanted to know. A damned good question.

"Two of us could always just stay home and goof off two days out of three, while the other one goes out and works." Val-3 suggested.

That got me and Val-2 interested…briefly.

"Wouldn't work." I said.

"We'd eat three times as much." Val-2 agreed. "Three people cost three times as much."

"Hey, guys, you're not looking at the big picture here." Val-3 said. "We can make some use out of this, don't you think?"

"Yeesh, I'm talking so much, I'm giving myself a headache." I groused. "Professor, I'm going home. Tomorrow, be prepared to figure out how to put me back together again, okay?"

"No way." Val-2 said.

"If coming here means going back inside that little box, I'm staying away." Val-3 agreed.

"I'm being outvoted here!" I moaned. "Think about it, me and me! What are we going to do for bus fare, even? I only have a dollar and twenty-five cents left, enough for one fare."

"You mean this dollar and a quarter?" Val-2 said, pulling out his copy of the money.

"Well, we can always use the machine to counterfeit money." I sighed. "Well, it's only a dollar and a quarter. We'll use it to get home and after that, we'll be living off of my income. I hope both of you like a lot of peanut butter and macaroni and cheese."

Getting on the bus was an experience, we were stared at, identical guys in identical clothing. I waited for someone to ask questions, but nobody seemed to need to do more than stare. At home, we did Rock-Paper-Scissors to pick who made dinner (Val-2 lost the second throw against Val-3, I won handily in the first round), so I got to sit on my butt and watch television with Val-3 and then sit down to dinner. After that, the worst thing that happened was that I got outvoted on whether to watch the rerun of the "Justice League" cartoon or a World War II documentary on the History channel, also a re-run, so I wasn't too put out on that.

Eleven o'clock and I was ready for bed. I stretched, yawned and said, "Well, I'm going to bed."

"Uh-oh!" Val-3 said.

"Another problem." Val-2 agreed.

"What? Oh! Yeah." I said. I only had a regular bed, not even a king-sized. It could maybe sleep two people, if they didn't mind cuddling, but three, "Well, I guess you two can make out a pallet in here."

"What do you mean." Val-2 demanded.

"We should draw straws, or throw another round."

"I'm not going to vote on every single thing I own." I said indignantly. "I'm the original here, I should get first choice!"

"And what if we don't agree on that?" Val-3 said. "It's our stuff, too, you know! This is my television set, my couch, my table, my plates."

"I'm the original!"

"Sez you!"

"Yeah, sez you!"

"Oh, geez!" I put my head in my hands. "What the fuck are we going to do, guys? There's three of us, but we only got one income, one bank account, and one fucking bed. I didn't ask for this! I just wanted the damned hundred-fifty a week I got from working in his laboratory for twenty hours. Four fucking hours, five days a week, and now what? I've been fucking duplicated! Triplicated!"

I felt Val-3's hand on my shoulder. I was in the middle of the three, Val-2's hand went onto my leg in the same sympathetic touch.

"Hey, hey, we didn't ask for this either." Val-3 said. "Far as we're concerned, you're one of the copies."

"Thanks a lot!" I moaned.

"We can find other jobs to do." Val-2 said. "I mean, one of us goes to college, and comes home and tells the other two of us what he's learned. Or maybe we all qualify for the scholarship now. At the very least, we can all get jobs as lab assistants. It's not like Professor Zetter can keep assistants around for very long."

"We got to look on the positive side of this." Val-3 agreed. "So chin up, Number One."

"What's the bright side of this mess?" I grumped.

"You'll never be alone again." Val-2 put in. "I mean, haven't either of you considered the more…erotic aspects of this?"

"Been thinking of nothing else since the bus ride home." Val-3 agreed. "How about you, Number One?"

"About that long." I admitted. "But I mean, isn't this a little weird? A lot weird? Not to mention incest?"

"Incest?" Val-2 looked surprised. "Nah! Masturbation, you're just talking about playing with ourself. You just got a better situated cock to play with, is all."

"And more of it." Val-3 agreed.

I looked back and forth. "Did you two plan this?"

"While you were in the bathroom." Val-2 agreed. "Why do you think we put you in the middle when you got back?"

"You were playing with each other while I was in the bathroom?" I said, acting shocked.

"Yeah." Val-3 admitted. "What about it?"

"And you stopped when I got back."


"Hell." I said. "I'm offended. If I'm going to be playing with myself, I want to be there for it."

Val-2's hand slid up to my cock while Val-3's lips reached for mine. Hell, this wasn't really any sort of seduction, we were all still thinking a lot alike. We had conversations, but it was almost like thinking aloud, and we waited for the other to continue the thought. I wondered how long this complete similarity would last. Probably not long, different experiences ought to drive us out of synch in time. I wondered if that would be a relief, or if I would miss it.

Kissing myself was something of an experience. It was moist and warm and soft and ardent…but also kind of bland. Like kissing my sister!

Val-3 leaned back and I could see we were on the same wavelength on this. "Well, that clarifies that." I said. "This is definitely masturbation we're engaged in."

"Better if we treat it like jerking off." Val-3 agreed.

Val-2 had my pants open by then and was taking my dick out of my pants. "Only more so." he said and his lips clamped onto my cock.

Damn! I was good at sucking my own dick! "Damn straight!" I breathed as warm sensations washed over my body. "Oh, shit!"

Val-3 laughed and I tried to get my hand over onto his crotch, only to hit Val-2's hand when I did so. Shit, this was getting complicated! Masturbation is one time when you don't expect to run into yourself!

"Let's take this onto the floor." was Val-3's appraisal of this problem.

"And get naked." I agreed. "If we're going to jerk off in 3-D here, we're not going to want clothes."

A quick time was spent divesting ourselves of clothing. Naked, we got down on the carpet, a large green square between the television and the couch. By a mutual consent, we made a triangle of bodies, each of our heads at another's crotch, and when I got my lips locked around one of my copies' dicks (I had lost track of which one!), I had my own sucked down by the other.

Shit, yeah! This was masturbation done the right way! I never knew how well I sucked dick, my lovers had ranged from enjoying it to being indifferent and even losing erections while I did it, I had a complete range of reactions leaving me mystified.

But I was doing just what I wanted myself to do on my prick, so yes, this was masturbation, done right! I had warm, wet lips on my dick that knew exactly what I wanted, exactly how to work my pud so that it sang with maximum delight. I was also sucking on a cock that I knew intimately, just how hard it took to make the foreskin slip up over the head, how to rub the glans so that it would tingle most delectably, how fast to move so that the joy was maximized while at the same time, drawing down and taking the greatest length of my prick into my mouth. God, I was sucking myself here! Sure, it was on another body, another version of me, but shit, it felt the same, sure, hell, this was like I was bent over slurping my own pud, because while the movements of the three of me weren't identical entirely, they averaged out the same, my body had the same hormone levels, the same stimulations through the day, the same distractions that delay pleasure, all of this was boiling up and mixing itself to make the ideal mixture, the potion that made me the king of my own nation, a kingdom of three, all alike, all together, all of one intent, to suck and be sucked and to give and receive joy, to be sent into a state of total, perpetual bliss.

I sucked on myself and was sucked for I don't know how long. I was in this sort of formless, timeless, endless joy, the perfect suck, the perfect, wonderfully marvelous suck, and my brain was willing to spend the rest of the night doing this, with no need to do anything more, no need to climax, no need to shoot, just suck this and feel this, just this, on and on.

The Val who was sucking me must have felt differently, for after a time, I felt his hand replace his mouth, and he was pumping my dick, and I wondered at this…the pumping wasn't doing it, quite, like he wasn't thinking about it, much, but then he started sucking again and I'd decided he must have just wanted to take a break or maybe got a bit of the gag reflex, but then I felt his spit-slicked fingers probing my ass. I gave a grunt of surprise, looked down. The other Val was doing it to him, that's how he got the idea!

Okay, no reason to be the odd man out here, I dutifully licked my fingers and started playing with my Val's ass. Again, there was the knowledge of self that made every motion proper and careful…or maybe knowing for myself what the other Val was doing to me, made me more careful with my own Val.

We stimulated each other's asshole while we sucked each other's cocks and that felt pretty good, but I was still a good ways away from orgasm here. I let go, panting and said, "Hey, guys, let's take this up another notch, okay?"

"What are you thinking?" the Val I'd been sucking (I decided to call him Val-2, he seemed to be Val-2 to me, though don't ask me to explain why) asked me.

"Either we suck each other off, or we fuck each other." I said. "Either way, we need to get this done and get some sleep. Have you forgotten we have an eight o'clock class tomorrow?"

"So who's going?"

"Shit!" I said. "I'm the original, I ought to be the one who goes."

"That'll work for the first day." Val-2 said. "Then I can be the one who goes the next day and then Val-3 can go the next time. (I told you I felt he was Val-2)."

"Fine." I decided not to argue. I didn't think it would work, only attending 1/3 of my classes, but I didn't want to argue. "So what does that mean?"

"It means Val-3 and me better get you off and fast." Val-2 said. "And you get the bed, so you can sleep better."

"Fine." I said. "Now what?"

The duplication of effort was over. I was rolled onto my back and while Val-2 sucked my cock, Val-3 was working on my neck, breasts, arms and lips. Shit, if this was me being creative, I was good at it!

Val-2 climbed on top of me and stuck my cock up his butt and proceeded to bounce on me, but good. God, that ass was so tight and warm, and felt so fucking great! I was fucking my own ass! Shit, no wonder Todd had been so insistent on chasing me even though I didn't want him beyond a one-night stand, no wonder Scott had wanted to fuck me every night, even though I wanted to trade off half-and-half, share-and-share. God, yes, a wonderful fuck, yeah, shit, yeah, I was a great fuck!

Those athletic thrusts Val-2 was using was amazing, shit! God, yes, yes, shit, yes!

"Fuck me." I breathed at Val-3. "Shit, fuck me. God, I got to have it all, have it all!"

We settled the mechanics of this by me rolling Val-2 over and getting on top, and my fucking him while Val-3 got on top of both of us and shoved his dick into me!

I felt that dick, my dick, slide into me and it was an old friend. Not just that it was my own cock fucking my ass, it was the right size and the right shape and the right angle and the right one!

I was fucking and being fucked, and it was all me! I was the best, I was the one, I was incredible, God, I was GOOD!

"Oh, oh, oh!" I gasped as I fucked my ass and was fucked by myself! "Oh, fuck, oh, shit, oh, God, I'm going to come!"

"Come on, shoot that wad." Val-2 panted in my arms. "This is your night, Val-1, this is your night, and tomorrow, you're all mine!"

"And then you're mine!" Val-3 agreed. "Shoot your wad, Val-1, shoot it and cream but good, because you're going to class in the morning and we're going to stay home and figure out just how to make you love coming home afterwards!"

"Ah, ah, AGH, UGH, UHH, UGH-HUH-GGGUUUHHHH!" I shot my jizz right into my hot little ass, and Val-3 was panting in my ear and he grunted and he came in my ass right at the very peak of my own climax, I was bursting with jizz, flowing out of me, pouring into me, and Val-2 gasped and creamed and splattered the both of us with his own packet of spunk.

Three thrusting, humping, panting, squirting Vals exhausted their wads and fell into a puddled heap of arms and legs on the floor, gasping, three breaths, three voices, all in one perfect harmony, all me, all me!

"Oh, man!" Val-3 said as he rolled off of me. I got off of Val-2 and onto my knees. "Oh, man, that was great!" Val-3 gasped as he put his fingertips on his face in a circle, only the tips touching. I saw myself in that position, one I used after some really good sex, and it was really attractive, really hot and sexy and I resolved to use it more often, it just looked that good. I was learning so much about myself with these duplicates of mine, everyone ought to have them, everyone ought to be duplicated and able to share all of this.

"I don't mind the floor after that." Val-2 agreed. "Put a couple of Grandma's blankets down and it ought to be all right."

"To hell with that." I said. "That bed will sleep us if we don't care how much we lay on each other. And right now, I want all of me in bed."

They didn't argue, like I said, we were still pretty much on the same wavelength here. I hoped that never ended.

The bed was crowded all right, but when it's your lovers, somehow your brain just doesn't care as much, you can touch without it waking you, disturbing you. I slept as well as you could expect in such an odd circumstance, for it was me I was touching, me I was cradled in the arms of, me I rolled my leg off of me from, all me, all of me.

I went into class and Professor Zetter was waiting when I got out of my morning classes. "Your…friends." he said to me obliquely. "They are doing well?"

"They were when I left them this morning." I said.

"Good, good." Professor Zetter said. "I was wondering if you could…talk to them for me."

"About what?"

"Well, my dear boy, you are one of the best lab assistants I've had in a long time. And both my other assistants quit on me this morning. You know how difficult it is to train a replacement assistant up to where he's useful to me. And it occurred to me, since there are three of you already, and all of you trained…."

"That you could hire my other two selves to be your other lab assistants." I finished for him.

"Then you'll talk to them."

"Sure." I said. "I'm sure they'll be willing, especially if you'll help me get the college to give them scholarships to match my own."

"And why not? You're a good student, the kind the college wants, I'm sure they would want your other selves to continue their educations here."

"Well, then, speaking for myself, myself and myself," I grinned to show him the joke, "I think we'll have a deal, once we get it signed in triplicate, that is."

Professor Zetter mock-winced. "That, my dear fellow, is a clear case of duplicity on your part." Now it was my turn to groan. "Now, come on, we have work to do on my new duplicator machine."

"Okay." I said. "But remember, Professor, that cheating is against the school policy."


"Copying off of someone else." I clarified.

"We'll use rabbits." Professor Zetter promised. "They always were very good at multiplying. Where are your other selves, by the way?"

I couldn't resist. "Oh, probably out cloning around somewhere."

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