Chat transcript: More than plenty

by BRK

Two guys chatting about extras end up giving each other the works.

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metabods: hey, fellow multi

multiluvr: evening. how’s it going?

metabods: pretty good, got a lot done today so kicking back

multiluvr: ah. always nice to be productive. And always nice to relax afterwards. time for an adult beverage here.

metabods: exactly unwind, let loose, relax

multiluvr: still multitasking here though very poorly. got your feet up?

metabods: yeah, most of them :)

multiluvr: oh? :) there are many?

metabods: well, when i relax and unwind, it just feels natural for me to have a few more legs … and other stuff. i’m sure you know the feeling

multiluvr: i could certainly use some more arms right now. And i’d like to be eating this pizza while making myself a drink.

metabods: yeah i’ve pretty much given up on trying to get by with only two arms dude

multiluvr: nice. what number is most comfortable?

metabods: oh, i dunno. i used to wake up with four but lately it’s been six. And they’re just a little big longer than they normally are?

multiluvr: there’s a normal? :)

metabods: well, normal for me… i guess they were a tiny bit longer than you’d expect before, but then with the ten-pack you really didn’t notice…

multiluvr: ah. sounds like everything fits together nicely

metabods: yeah, my body tends to default to what’s really comfortable and makes for a good overall look

multiluvr: perfect. though, comfortable and stimulating are slightly different :)

metabods: well, true, but how can all your nicely muscled arms rubbing together not be stimulating

multiluvr: fair enough. it just slightly exceeds comfortable. :)

metabods: true… and i have to admit that if i’m horned up, sometimes i start growing stuff that only makes me feel more turned on…

multiluvr: ah. that could be all kinds of stuff. … all of it amazing…

metabods: in fact right now i have two more legs than i did a few minutes ago

multiluvr: sweet

metabods: i kind of have this pile of legs now… long and kind of built, like i’m constantly playing soccer or something

multiluvr: ooh soccer dudes are hot. imagining you as one with 6 or 8 legs very nice

metabods: yeah, my whole body is tight and buff like that, with, shit, ten of those legs, man

multiluvr: fuck, dude.

metabods: and eight hard, thick arms just like them too

multiluvr: wow. 18 limbs? and you have them all under control?

metabods: unh, yeah, man, but mostly i’m just moving them against each other, feeling the friction of my firm skin

multiluvr: i’m guessing some accessories came with the legs?

metabods: like lots of toes ? :)

multiluvr: well, sure lol. i was thinking just below the waist

metabods: yeah, i uh… i don’t know how many cocks i have right now. i always have at least two per crotch, and, uh—

multiluvr: good god.

metabods:—they’re all really hard? it’s tough to concentrate on them

multiluvr: i’m shocked you can still type :)

metabods: heh well i’m trying to keep my hands away from them… most of my hands are just sort of feeling myself up

multiluvr: what’s the most limbs you’ve had on a single body?

metabods: i woke up with, like, 30 legs once, it was awesome.

multiluvr: fuck i bet it was. you didn’t do that intentionally?

metabods: no, i grow when i sleep sometimes…

metabods: my torso had kept stacking too while i slept so i had a few dozen arms, but only six per row of pecs…

multiluvr: damn i’m wondering if you’d double your arms now

metabods: wow, really? do you want me to?

multiluvr: absolutely

metabods: wow, because eight arms is a lot for most people, but… that’s kinda hot, that you want more

multiluvr: more is better :)

metabods: fuck, i think you just made me grow a couple new cocks dude just from you wanting that

multiluvr: all hard, all dripping pre?

metabods: dude, they’re all really hard… sticking straight up against my abs… and up between my legs from my back legs… and between them

multiluvr: fucking hot. you cool with doing 16 arms? :)

metabods: i’m so cool with it, i just have to concentrate

metabods: it helps that i’m so hard, the cock-energy is great for this

multiluvr: ah that’s where it all starts? :)

metabods: oh yeah, dude, it all started with the cocks. when i was younger i was just a really horny kid with a regular body and two 14-inch cocks

multiluvr: whoa.

multiluvr: i loved teenage hardons. very intense

metabods: fuck yeah

multiluvr: and you started with 2 cocks?

metabods: i was always double-boned under my tee shirt :)

multiluvr: wish i’d gone to high school with you

metabods: yeah, i got plenty of attention… especially since my cum makes you grow an inch or two of cock. i was so painfully horny all the time…

multiluvr: you are literally a wet dream of mine

metabods: yeah, a couple of guys in high school told me that. i was like, you try have two crazy huge boners that won’t go down

multiluvr: well, that and the 8 arms and 10 legs :)… and who knows how many cocks

metabods: so do you want all the arms on one set of shoulders or should i double everything by stacking another chest?

multiluvr: whatever feels good, dude. … actually … one set of shoulders. is that cool?

metabods: wow, hardcore :) yeah, okay, let me focus. uhn, i can feel my cocks tingling and growing… driving their power into my arms…..

multiluvr: i’m sure

metabods: oh, fuck yeah, 17 arms dude!!! wait what? … whoa 17? i got an extra left arm!! ha ha ha it feels crazy, i got this crowd of thick muscled arms on both sides of me, and on my left side i can feel this mob of arms has got one more

multiluvr: lost control a little?

metabods: yeah, dude, i’m not used to this many, they’re all sort of flexing their thick biceps muscles against each other… and it’s like pushing the other arms around cause they’re mashed in so close… let me just pull off that extra one so i’m even

multiluvr: fuck so many hot, muscular arms

metabods: i’m doing a double bi with, like three arms on each side right now… and there’s still so many just hanging there flexing against each other

multiluvr: that many arms damn erotic. was that easy?

metabods: well it took some concentration but yeah kinda

multiluvr: whatthefuckareyou? :)

metabods: i’m feeling my muscle arms with all my hands, that’s what i am. here, feel how hard they are

multiluvr: oh fuck.

multiluvr: your arms are everywhere .firm and muscular and slightly sweaty

metabods: mmm, and sensitive, it feels nice when you touch them

multiluvr: it feels incredible touching them… i’m just wondering

metabods: stroke them, grope them

multiluvr: oh, hell yeah.

metabods: mmm, and sensitive, it feels nice when you touch them… stroke themplease

multiluvr: please .can you do it again?

metabods: wut

multiluvr: double your arms

metabods: stroke them

multiluvr: oh i’m stroking them… rubbing them… kissing them

metabods: unnnh you like them that much? cause they’re just a little bit long, like i said

multiluvr: i know it looks good on you :) and, yes. i like them that much

metabods: and the hands have an unusual number of fingers

multiluvr: (sucks the fingers on each of your hands)

metabods: oh jeez, i don’t even know, you’ll have to count them as you … unnnh … do that ….

multiluvr: looks like 6 on each hand but i’m not sure i’m counting correctly so many

metabods: they’re kind of sensitive, so it’s hard for me to tell

metabods: the thumbs are .. just a little like cocks, too, which… mmmmmm unh dude

multiluvr: i kiss you deeply… i’m ruining your concentration :)

metabods: it just means unpredictable things might happen :) but you want me to double my arms again??

multiluvr: hell yeah

metabods: and i have 16 arms dude! that’s fucking wild, i kind of love it

multiluvr: you do? doesn’t freak you out?

multiluvr: 32 arms is a turnon?

metabods: my freaky body should be freaking you out

multiluvr: i love your body

multiluvr: hot parts of you everywhere

metabods: even the fact that i have two heads now and we’re deep in a hot three-way kiss?

multiluvr: every part of you is fucking incredible

metabods: dude, i am going to double my arms for you

metabods: … do you still want them on the same shoulders?

multiluvr: fuck you can?

multiluvr: you like the idea of 32?

metabods: yeah but you’re going to have to keep groping me and maybe stroke some of my cocks along with the arms and the kissing and stuff

multiluvr: not a problem :) i i just want to try just a few more things with you tonight.

metabods: you’re insatiable :)

multiluvr: you’re impossible. and i love it. i mean 32 arms is cool with you? I think the other stuff will be cool with you too

metabods: yeah i’m working up to it, gathering the cock energy

multiluvr: dude

metabods: uhhh yeah keep doing that with your hands

multiluvr: rubbing them all over your arms

multiluvr: kissing your hands one at a time, as you pose them, rub yourself with them

metabods: oh oh oh it’s happening

multiluvr: you’re fucking amazing

metabods: thirty two fucking arms!! i’ve never…!

multiluvr: like a fucking eastern sex god

metabods: i’m hot and flushed all over

multiluvr: never had 32 arms before?

metabods: no not this many

multiluvr: but it look so natural on you

metabods: i feel incredible, it’s like the strength of each arm is flexing and building

multiluvr: i kiss you you are incredible

metabods: mmmm, you kiss really well

multiluvr: dude you make me feel indescribable… you’re pure possibility

metabods: mmmm, my tongue is getting just a bit longer as we make out

metabods: i wrap a dozen or so of my hard, thick-muscle arms around you as we kiss

multiluvr: i love thinking of you as a gay deity… or perhaps just slightly talented take your pick :) love your touch

metabods: uhhhhh mmm feels nice

multiluvr: please two more things… can you triple your size?

metabods: fuck, you want me as a giant, too?

multiluvr: absolutely

multiluvr: wouldn’t you want yourself that way?

metabods: fuck yeah

metabods: what was the other thing?

multiluvr: grow then i’ll tell you :) i think you’ll like it

metabods: okay… this is the craziest, hottest body ever… mmmm, starting at 6 foot 6……

metabods: okay… this is the craziest, hottest body ever… mmmm, starting at 6 foot 6…… already 7 feet now … 9 feet …. watching you looking up at me with big eyes :)

multiluvr: oh fuck dude. you’re actually doing it.

metabods: 12 feet …. 15

multiluvr: hell yeah please keep going

metabods: i’m so huge! 16 … 17 … fuck, 20, 21 feet—okay it stopped

multiluvr: i’m so hard seeing you like that … fucking 32 arms … god knows how many cocks

metabods: got, all the enegy, my body is like vibrating with power and energy and arousal

multiluvr: fucking huge

multiluvr: dude i want to touch you all over

metabods: i’m massive, and all this skin, it needs to be touched, needs it… all this hard muscle… all these arms and legs and cocks

multiluvr: and you’re aroused, powerful, magical?

metabods: mmmmmmf totally

multiluvr: please .last thing (for tonight :) )… replicate me. so i can touch every part of your massive impossible body

metabods: *slow smile* how many of you do you want there to be?

multiluvr: dude you can do it?

metabods: i need you to do it… i need to do it to you

multiluvr: do it to me

multiluvr: please i want you so much

metabods: okay this is easy i have so much cock energy… dude there are two of you… four of you … eight of u! okay gotta stop … dude there are … uh, ten of you

multiluvr: we approach you, naked, aroused… hard… touching your massive body …. starting with your feet

metabods: you’re all really buff and hard

multiluvr: crawling up your legs

metabods: i watch you all in amazement

multiluvr: on your cocks, rubbing them with our bodies

metabods: oh yeah… geez you’re going to get me close

multiluvr: a few crawl onto your chest, rubbing it, licking your massive nips… god, you’re incredible

metabods: i grab one of you with five or six hands and lift you up toward my face

multiluvr: i want to cum all over you

metabods: i begin licking your hard body here and there as you cock gets even harder and tries to grow

multiluvr: i want you to cum all over me

multiluvr: oh god please

metabods: your bodies pleasure me all over as i take your suddenly leg-sized cock into my giant mouth

multiluvr: you’re fucking indrecible

metabods: dude yeah my cocks are going to blow in a second

multiluvr: i want to so much

metabods: unh oh yeah dude i’m going to cum gallons of hot jizz all over all your bodies

multiluvr: do it. i’m going to cum all over you

metabods: yeah yeah cumming!!

multiluvr: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

metabods: unh, so much soooo much

multiluvr: i know. i love it :) … you’re just fucking amazing

metabods: uhhhhhh nice

multiluvr: you make a great giant multilimbed dude :)

metabods: yeah but i’m not gonna fit on the subway tomorrow! gonna have to shrink down to 7 feet or so… only a dozen arms :)

multiluvr: have a drink, get some rest

metabods: … can i keep some of you? ;)

multiluvr: please do.

multiluvr: i’d love to spend the night and day with you

metabods: okay, i’ll keep like three of you at regular size… and maybe three more at pocket size, … and then the rest of you can go home together :)

multiluvr: mmmm. thank you

metabods:—and dream of teenage me and my nonstop 14-inch boners

multiluvr: i will do that :) thank you

metabods: good night

multiluvr: night. take care.

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