Cursed Thong

The curse of the pink thong

by WIP Topping

 Max makes homophobic comments in the locker room and gets cursed. Will he learn to embrace the havoc that the curse wreaks on his body?

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“Outta my way, fag!” Max shouted. Owen jumped, dropping his towel and cowering against the locker. Max snorted. “If your dick was any smaller, it’d be a fucking pussy.”

Emilio snickered behind him as Max shoved Owen and continued on to his locker. He was so fucking tired of these pansies lurking in the locker room. Why did the school have to change the rules? It was better before PE class had been mandatory. Now all the fruity nerds were intruding in a space meant for the real jocks.

He tossed down his towel and stood proudly naked in front of his locker as he twirled the dial on his padlock. Emilio stopped beside him and fiddled with his own lock, though he opted to keep his towel wrapped around his waist. Max was proud of his size, his big muscles, his prowess. He was the undisputed alpha dog at the school and he made sure no one forgot that.

“Dude, what are you up to tonight?” Emilio asked, wrinkling his brow as he forgot the combination and had to start over. “Wanna go off-roadin’?”

Max was seriously tempted. Emilio’s dad had a pair of the coolest ORVs and their house was right next to the state land. It had been a rainy September so there was guaranteed to be a lot of mud. But...

“Naw,” Max said, reluctantly. “I told Zoe I’d hang out with her. She’s helping me study for the big Spanish exam tomorrow.”

Emilio looked at him askance. “Dude, I can tutor you in Spanish! It’s my fucking native language!”

“Yeah,” Max snorted, “But does your ‘tutoring’ include heavy petting?” Shit, the thought of running his hands over Zoe’s smooth body was enough to get him hard. He hastily pulled on his boxers before his big cock could stand up.

Emilio gave him a wink. “Maybe if you wore the right outfit.”

Max laughed sarcastically. “Ha ha. Nothing you can say will get me to wear pink panties for you.”

“You could always borrow some of Zoe’s,” Emilio said slyly as Max hit his arm.

The guys laughed, unaware that Owen was watching them with narrowed eyes.

Zoe wasn’t home when Max got there. Her mother answered the door and beckoned him inside, saying, “She’s out with Brittany at the mall. She said she’d be back by 5:30. You can wait for her if you want.”

Max forced himself to smile as he stepped inside but inside he was seething. That bitch always keeps me waiting! He slung his backpack over his shoulder and trudged down the hallway to her room. He shut the door and pulled out his phone, shooting off a terse text.

>>WTF? Where R U?<<

Her reply was nearly instantaneous. >>At mall. LOL. Back soon.<<

Fucking bitch. He was getting seriously horny, too. He paced around her room, more and more worked up. The room, he realized, was so redolent with her scent that it distracted him. It smelled like lavender and lilac and some other, tantalizing aroma. God, it was getting him so fucking turned on!

He reached down to massage himself and was surprised that his huge cock was fully erect and throbbing in his jeans. Good thing he always wore these old-fashioned relaxed fit Levis. (With a dick like his, he had to!) Flushing, he shuffled over and locked the door. He didn’t want her mother barging in while he was sporting an erection.

The minutes ticked by and Max grew more impatient and turned on. His cock was on fire in his jeans and ready to bust out. He sighed and sat down on the bed but that put too much pressure on his balls and he stood up again. Beside himself, he stalked over to her dresser and pulled open her underwear drawer.

Shit. So many colors! And styles! Why did one girl need so many pairs of underwear?

But they were all so hot. Fuck, he’d give anything to have her model some of these. His cock thrummed at the thought.

Wait! What...?

He grinned mischievously when he saw a neat little pile of thongs pushed toward the back of the drawer. He pulled one out and held it up to his nose, savoring the perfumed scent. Unfortunately, it was clean and he could only detect a hint of her smell. Still, it was enough to make his cock pulse insistently in the confines of his jeans.

Max leaned against the dresser and inhaled deeply. Shit, her thongs were intoxicating! He couldn’t stand it! He rubbed his hand over his erection and felt his knees grow weak. He had to do something about this fucking hardon!

Casting a glance back at the door to make double sure it was still closed and locked, he kicked off his shoes and unbuckled his belt. In a moment, he had yanked down his jeans and pulled off his boxers. His big, long dick flopped free, engorged and heavy between his thighs. He pulled off his t-shirt and stood there, panting.

Shit! What the fuck was he doing? He was naked in Zoe’s bedroom with her mother in the next room! This was crazy! Part of him didn’t care, though. Yeah, he really didn’t care. All he wanted was to get off. He had to fucking get off.

Turning, he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror on the wall. He flexed, admiring himself. Max didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about his body because he didn’t have to. He’d matured early, growing tall and big a year before the other guys. He lifted weights a lot, focusing mostly on his arms because he knew chicks loved guys with big arms. The rest of him was decent. Sure, he had a bit of a spare tire and his legs weren’t that big. So what? As long as he was bigger than the other guys, it didn’t matter.

And he was definitely bigger than the other guys.

Bigger in the most important area: Max was incredibly vain about his beer-can sized cock. With his carefully shaved pubes, it looked truly impressive. He’d compared himself to guys in the shower and even sneaked a peek at some online videos and it was official: He had a porn star cock. It was almost ten inches long and close to a foot in girth. There were probably only a handful of guys on the planet with a dick as big and thick as his. He bounced up and down, thrilled to see it bob lazily under its immense heft.

Slowly, he unfurled the flimsy piece of fabric in his hand and held it up to admire it. It was black and sleek, a really delicate treasure of a thong. The material felt almost liquid in his hands. He wondered if he’d be able to talk her into putting it on tonight? She could be weird about shit like that, though. As much as he’d tried, he still hadn’t been able to fuck her. The farthest he’d gotten was getting his hands into her bra and that was only for a moment before she’d slapped them away.


He was so fucking horny! The thought of Zoe wearing this tiny thong was driving him insane.

Later, Max wouldn’t be able to remember why he did it. One moment the silky thong was sliding over the callouses of his hands and the next moment he was bending over and it was sliding up his thighs.

What the fuck was he doing?

Why was he putting on a girl’s thong?!

This was sick.

This was wrong.

But, shit, it felt amazing on his skin. It was so shear, so fucking smooth, so satiny.

It wasn’t very big but it was stretchy and he was able to easily pull it up his legs. He held it out, stretching it as wide as he could as he stared down at his giant cock and hefty balls. They looked so ridiculously huge hanging above the minuscule t-shaped triangle of fabric.

This was a woman’s thong and it wasn’t designed to hold a man’s package, especially not one as endowed as his. What was he thinking? What was he doing? He could never wear such a girly thing. Why was he even trying it on?

Still stretching it out with his hands, he pulled it up further and then cringed when he felt the fabric slide into his butt crack. Ok, that wasn’t cool. That was definitely not cool. He clenched, embarrassed. He was about to pull it off when the fabric touched his balls. An electric burst of pleasure shot through his body and exhaled audibly.

Oh. My. God.

He let go and with a loud snap the stretchy fabric engulfed his member causing him to almost pass out. Holy fucking shit, it felt good! God, who knew that a piece of clothing could feel this great? Against all odds and all laws of physics, his package melted into it and he stared down at himself.


That was it. The mere sight of his massive cock and balls straining mightily against the nearly transparent black fabric was too much. Too fucking much. He convulsed in orgasm, blowing his load all over inside the little thong. He barely stifled a cry as he fell to his knees, his whole body trembling with ecstasy.

After a couple of minutes, his vision returned to normal and he propped himself up on his elbows. Fuck, oh fuck! He’d just shot his load in his girlfriend’s bedroom wearing one of her thongs! Zoe could walk in at any minute! What the fuck would she say if she saw him like this?

Max pushed himself unsteadily to his feet, pulling off the thong. He stared at it in his hand. The silken fabric was slimy and dripping with his jizz. Seeing it like this made him wonder why he’d decided to try it on. There was nothing sexy about it.

He tossed it on the floor.

Nope, nothing sexy about it at all.

Nothing sexy...

Max leaned in and looked Zoe’s underwear drawer again. This time, he pulled out thong adorned with Hawaiian flowers. He held it up, examining it. God, it was so bright and colorful. Why did girls wear shit like this? It was stupid. Men were lucky. Yeah, guys like him were so lucky they could wear normal underwear. Still, he imagined Zoe sliding it on in front of him, bending over and pulling it up her smooth thighs.

He was rock hard again.

He held it out and shook it. It was even smaller than the black one. The waistband was barely an inch wide and the piece in back was only a string. He imagined that string sliding up her perfect butt and shivered. Ok, so thongs may not be practical but...God, he was fucking turned on as shit again!

Shaking his head, he saw himself in the mirror again and smiled. God, he loved his body! All of those hours working out at the gym with his best bud, Emilio, were really paying off. His arms were big, sure, but his chest was really impressive. His pecs stood out and his abs rippled. He had mostly worked off the flab around his middle by focusing on his diet, drinking lots of protein smoothies and avoiding sugar.

He faced himself, lifting his arms and popping his biceps. Shit, yeah! He was looking good. His muscles were more defined, visible even under the hair sprouting on his chest and stomach. Max didn’t manscape because he thought it was fruity and Zoe said she preferred him natural. He didn’t have a lot of body hair yet but he was hopeful it would grow in as he got older.

Max made one concession to personal grooming by trimming his curly brown pubic hair. He didn’t trim much, just enough to keep his bush from getting out of control. It made his dick look bigger and that was a good thing because his cock was pretty average, measuring about six inches erect. Not that he spent a lot of time comparing but he’d checked out the dudes in the shower and even (accidentally) seen some porn videos with both chicks and dudes in them. Yeah, he was average in length but his cock was pretty chubby. Somewhere, he’d read that girls thought girth was more important than length. He didn’t have the balls to ask Zoe if that was true but he sure hoped so!

Turning, he checked out his legs and ass. They were coming along, too. Emilio had started riding him about skipping leg day and Max had realized he couldn’t ignore his lower body now that his upper body was so impressive. He dutifully did leg presses, lunges and squats even though he didn’t care for them as much. Surprisingly, Zoe loved the results; she was always complimenting him on his perfect butt and he kind of liked it. She had fun showing him off to her girlfriends and he liked being shown off.

The mesmerizing thong stole back his attention then and, dazedly, he bent over and pulled it up his hairy thighs. He had to work a little to get around his quads but the thong was elastic and he managed to stretch it up and over. His cock was straining and his balls were pulled up tight in his sac as he stared down at himself. When the slender string worked its way into the cleft of his butt and touched his sensitive hole he cringed. Shit, that was fucking fruity!

He let go of the waistband and instantly the elastic snapped into place, pulling in his cock and balls and sending a thrill down his spine. He had cum before he knew it and watched with stunned fascination as the white glob of his jizz soaked through the crotch of the thong.

Snapping out of it, he shook his head and fought to pull the stupid thing off. Zoe would be there any minute! He really had to get dressed and hide the evidence of his stupid shenanigans. He never did shit like this. Why was he suddenly so interested in trying on her underwear?

He tossed the thong aside and was closing the drawer in Zoe’s dresser when he saw a flash of pink. Entranced, he reached in and pulled out a lacey thong. It was the most delicate thing he’d ever seen. It melted into his hands as his fingers touched it. God, he couldn’t believe that Zoe had been hiding this from him!

Gently spreading it out in his hands, he admired it for a long time before he realized he was trembling with desire. The thought of Zoe in this incredibly feminine thong was enough to get him hard again in seconds.

He closed the drawer and, out of the corner of his eye, noticed his reflection in the mirror. Holy shit, was that him? His shoulders were so broad that they didn’t fit in the frame. Smirking, he realized he’d been so obsessed with lifting that he hadn’t taken the time to check himself out for a while. His body had really exploded with muscle! I guess all those supplements that Emilio’s been giving me are paying off! His arms were bulging and his pecs were square and defined. His abs ran in a tight ridge down to his narrow waist. He couldn’t resist posing and admiring the way every sinew popped on his body, clearly visible even under the brown mass of his body hair.

Max loved the way his body hair had filled out. He’d had a full beard before most of his classmates had even started shaving. He was extremely proud of his beard, though he was careful to keep it trimmed because Zoe complained that it tickled when they kissed. She was always on him about doing more manscaping but she didn’t know what it was like to have this much hair! He would have to shave constantly to stay on top of it and then he would be miserable with razor burn and rashes as the stubble grew in. Nope, no way. Men were meant to be hairy and Max was a real man.

The body hair served another purpose: It made his small dick less obvious. Yeah, it was true. He couldn’t deny it. His penis was nothing to brag about but Max didn’t care. If he had to choose between having a big dick or big muscles, he’d choose the muscles any day. No one could see his dick unless he was naked but everyone could see his big muscles no matter what he had on. At age thirteen when he’d started to grow and put on muscle, he’d been disappointed when his cock hadn’t followed suit but he’d gotten over it. Zoe loved him the way he was and that was all that mattered.

His gaze landed on the little pink thong in his hand and he held it out, bending over to step into it. For the hundredth time he wondered why he was doing this? And what the fuck would he do if Zoe walked in right then? Something about the shear fabric overrode his apprehension, though, and he forgot all about Zoe as he struggled to pull it over his enormous quads.

Christ, his thighs had gotten huge! It was all those squats. Max was able to lift more than anyone else in school and he had the ability to squat down super low before powering up. It was so fun that it had become addictive and Emilio was encouraging him to compete. He said that Max could win his age group without any problem. Shit, he could probably compete against the adults with thighs like his. The only problem was that his legs had ballooned so much that he had to work really hard to stretch the thong up and over his quads. With a lot of effort, he slid it over the fattest part of his thigh and breathed a sigh of relief.

He’d forgotten about one thing, though.

His ass.

Max flushed, chagrined. He always forgot about his huge butt. Maybe he should lay off all the squats? Leaving the thong straddling his upper thighs, he reached back and massaged his cheeks. Yeah, they were pretty big and meaty alright. It was getting to be difficult to find jeans that fit him. Even the baggiest ones were like a second skin. In a way, he was glad he had a small dick and balls because otherwise he would be in pain squeezed into tight pants all day. He patted his ass and felt it jiggle. Good thing that Zoe said she liked it! He didn’t fully believe her but what choice did she have? He was a big man after all.

With a lot of concentration and some creative stretching, Max managed to get the frilly little piece of fabric over his giant ass. When it settled over his little package—which was rock hard at all of two and half inches—and slipped around his waist, he moaned. Shit, the string even felt right as it nestled against his hole! It was so fucking hot! It should have been stretched past its limit but instead it fit perfectly. Almost like it was custom made for his man-sized body. He laughed at the thought, looking down at himself.

He was ridiculous! This delicate pink lace was completely incongruous with his hairy, beefy body. No guy should ever wear something like this! It was beyond fruity. He had to take it off. Now. Zoe was going to get back soon. Shit, what time was it? Why wasn’t she already here?

His phone buzzed and he padded over to extricate it from the pocket of his jeans. He expected it to be a text from Zoe but instead it was from Emilio. He opened it and saw that his friend had sent him a picture of two gleaming ORVs. The text under the photo read: >>Ready 2 ride?<<


Oh, yeah.


Max surprised himself then by doing the weirdest thing.

Later, he would try to understand what came over him but he could never quite figure it out. He would finally decide that he was just so fucking intoxicated with the thrill of wearing Zoe’s thong that he lost all control. Whatever the reason, in an instant, he reached back and snapped a selfie of his huge, hairy ass. Staring at it, he blushed at the sight of the gauzy pink band of the thong pushed up by the burgeoning mounds of his cheeks, the little string disappearing into the depths of his crack.

And then he did it.

He did it!

He fucking did it!

Max sent the pic to Emilio with the caption: >>fuck yeah! im ready 2 ride!<<

He tapped ‘send’ before he knew what he was doing. Desperately, he tried to stop it but he couldn’t cancel it in time.




What the fuck was he doing?

OMG, he had to think of something, anything. Emilio was going to fucking lose his shit when he saw that photo!

A moment passed. Then another. Max wanted to die.

His phone dinged cheerfully.

He looked down at it with a sick feeling in his stomach.

It was from Emilio.

He held his breath as he read it.

>>LOL. You slut.<<

Max swallowed, his heart stuck in his throat.

There was another ding.

>>Get over here now.<<

He did.

Emilio was sitting on his ORV, helmet in hand, when Max pulled into his driveway. Max got out of his car stiffly. He was still wearing Zoe’s thong. He could feel it searing like a brand against his tender skin. He’d barely been able to squeeze into his pants in his desperation to get dressed and get on the road. His t-shirt was riding up his back and he knew—he just knew!—that the delicate band of the thong was visible over the top of his low-rise jeans.

“Sup, dude?” Emilio raised his chin at him and revved the engine on his machine.

Why was his heart pounding in his chest? Max did his best to get himself under control and strolled somewhat nonchalantly over to the ORV next to Emilio’s. His hands were shaking as he lifted his leg awkwardly to settle onto the seat. Starting the engine and pulling on his helmet, he sagged down with relief when it roared to life. He needed to race! He had to race. He had to do whatever he could to get away from the uncomfortable sensations flooding through his body.


He was wearing a pink thong!

A fucking girl’s thong!

Emilio was watching him with a bemused expression but remained silent until Max started his ORV then he tore off down the trail to the state land. Max took a deep, shuddering breath before chasing after him.

They had a great time splashing through puddles and fording streams, seeking out the roughest and muddiest terrain. In spite of himself, Max loosened up and enjoyed the simple noise and pleasure of tearing up the trail. For some reason, Emilio never stayed out in front for long. It wasn’t like him. Usually, he was eager to outdo Max, jostling past him at every opportunity. Today, though, he stayed back. It wasn’t that he lagged behind, exactly. No, he kept a close tail on Max. Every time he looked back, Emilio was right there, a wild smile on his face. Max leaned forward, pushing back in his seat and accelerating. He heard Emilio whoop over the growl of the engines as he gave chase.

Nope, there was no losing Emilio.

They had so much fun that they went further than they ever had. It was starting to get dark when suddenly the engine on Emilio’s ORV cut out. He yelled and Max stopped. He left his machine idling as he got off and walked back to Emilio’s vehicle. Dark clouds of smoke were pouring of the engine and his friend was cursing loudly in Spanish.

“It’s the exhaust manifold,” Max pronounced, precipitating another colorful round of swearing from his friend. He bent over to examine it. The engine was so covered in mud that the exhaust had become clogged and the engine had overheated. He didn’t say so but it was clearly due to the fact that Emilio had been following so closely behind him. Most of the mud that Max’s ORV kicked up had splattered all over Emilio’s machine.

Emilio, like his machine, was so covered in mud that Max scarcely recognized him. For some reason, he had left the visor up on his helmet and his face was filthy. Max lifted his hand and wiped thick cakes of dirt off his friend’s cheeks. Emilio scowled but didn’t resist his ministrations. In contrast, Max barely had any mud on him at all. His boots were wet from crossing streams and his jeans were splattered but mostly he was clean.

“Shit, I guess I deserve it,” Emilio muttered. “That’s what I get for riding your, er, I mean being too close.”

Max stiffened, his mind finishing the sentence left unsaid. The awkward tension between them returned with a vengeance and Max was reminded of the indiscrete photo he had sent to his friend. He kicked himself mentally. What the fuck was wrong with him? And why was he still wearing that stupid thong?

Emilio straightened then and put a warm hand on his shoulder. “Well, puto, I guess we’ll have to ride back on your machine.”

Puto? Wasn’t that the Spanish word for...?

He didn’t have time to finish the thought because Emilio was already leading him back to the idling ORV. Wordlessly, he swung into the seat and motioned with a backward flip of his head for Max to get on behind him. Max hesitated before settling in, uncertain and uncomfortable.

“Hang on, dude,” Emilio ordered before slipping on his helmet. When he abruptly accelerated, Max clutched wildly, barely managing to wrap his arms around his friend’s stomach to keep from falling off.

The ride back to Emilio’s house was the strangest and most thrilling ride of Max’s life. After a quarter mile or so, he lost himself in the certain comfort of pressing his body against his friend’s. Emilio was so unlike Zoe. His body was hard where hers was soft. He was a big guy like Max and, while his muscles were different, he was every bit as bulky. Even when he leaned forward, his abs were a rigid shield around his belly and Max couldn’t feel an ounce of fat. His heavy pecs hung down and pressed on Max’s hands. Shit, Max could even feel his tits rubbing against his wrists. His friend had big, hard nipples!

They hit a bump and Emilio took the opportunity to shove Max’s hands under his belt. Max gasped as his fingers grazed the tip of Emilio’s raging hardon. He tried to pull back but Emilio grabbed his hand and moved it forcefully back down. Max’s mind exploded as he wrapped his hand around his friend’s burning cock. Shit, Emilio was hung! Even better, he was shaved smooth down there so Max had no trouble jacking him when Emilio urged him to do so.

He was jacking off Emilio!

And he loved it! He could feel his tiny prick pulsing to life in the lacey nest of the thong.

They arrived back at Emilio’s too soon but he perked up when he noticed the house was dark.

“Everyone’s at my grandma’s,” Emilio murmured as he cut the engine. “I was supposed to go but we’re too late.”

“I...I’m sorry,” Max started to say but Emilio silenced him with a finger to his lips.

“It’s Ok. Come on.”

Time and reality became suspended as Emilio took his hand and led him into the darkened house. He stood there waiting in the back entryway after he flicked on the lights. Max gaped when he noticed that Emilio was looking down at himself meaningfully.

“Help me out here.”

Max glanced bashfully at the floor before reaching to lift Emilio’s muddy shirt over his head. He slowly undressed his friend, even unfastening his jeans and peeling them down his bulging thighs. When he started to remove Emilio’s tented boxers, though, his friend stopped him, laughing.

“Let’s take this in the bathroom.”

Max followed him through the house, marveling at Emilio’s taut body and easy grace. He moved with such confidence that it sent little shocks of electricity through Max’s body each time he took a step. They arrived in the tidy bathroom and his friend stopped and turned, a little smile on his face. Max felt himself melt as he took in the sight. Emilio was not only muscular, he was also very handsome. His thick, black hair was cut short on the sides and in back but he’d left a sultry mop in front that flopped down and covered his eyes when he wasn’t paying attention. His skin was tanned chestnut brown from a long summer in the sun and his still-muddy face was smooth and open, his eyes bold and sensitive at the same time. Yeah, Emilio was pretty fucking hot alright. Max couldn’t believe he’d never noticed this before.

He didn’t have much time bask in the glory of Emilio’s beauty, though. His friend’s hands were already reaching out and gently pulling his t-shirt over his head. Max couldn’t help it, he wrapped his arms around him when Emilio stepped back to survey his naked torso.

“Stop.” Emilio’s voice was hard but there was a tender edge to it as well.

Max stared at his friend before dutifully lowering his arms to his sides.

“Fuck, you’re stacked.”

Max hung his head. Was that good?

“And hairy.”

Max hung his head lower.

“I like it.”

When Emilio’s fingers fumbled with the button on his jeans, he froze, remembering the thong. Shit, he’d forgotten all about it!

There was a long pause. Then, “Christ, that’s perfect.”

Max looked down. His top button was undone and frilly fabric was on display through the gaping Y of his zipper. The forest of his pubes spilled out the top, nearly burying it. He...looked fucking ridiculous!

But Emilio didn’t think so. Or at least his dick didn’t.

His friend bent over and slipped off his boxers, letting them fall to the floor as he stepped out of them. Max held his breath and then exhaled slowly. Holy fucking shit! That was one huge cock! Emilio’s monster sagged low and thick, a little trail of precum sliding out from the bunched up tip of his foreskin. God, what a cock! Max swallowed. He’d never seen anything like that before. Shit, he’d barely even seen a guy with an erection before!

Before now.

Now it was all he wanted to see.

Especially when it belonged to Emilio.

Emilio stepped forward and pulled him into a tight hug, letting his hands explore Max’s body. He traced the etched contours of his lats down to his narrow waist and then massaged the top of his fat ass cheeks before pushing his fingers under the waistband of the thong.

Max was too enthralled by the feeling of Emilio’s big cock shoved against his belly to notice much but he was dimly aware that Emilio was murmuring in his ear.

“God, you’re fucking gorgeous, man. You’re the hottest guy ever...and you’re all mine.”

He didn’t resist when Emilio tugged down on his jeans, working carefully to peel them off. It wasn’t easy because they were so tight but he eventually managed to get them down around Max’s ankles. Max kicked them off and Emilio stepped back to survey his body. He was mortified to be seen wearing only that silly little thong but, again, the thong only seemed to excite Emilio more.

“Perfect, bro. You’re fucking perfect.”

Max stood up straighter, feeling inordinately proud that Emilio approved of him. Shit, he’d wear anything if it turned Emilio on.

“Let’s wash up, Ok?”

Emilio caressed his buttocks as they waited for the water to warm up. He said over and over how much he loved Max’s big ass. “The bigger, the better!” he said reverently. Max even jumped up and down for him, letting him savor the way his enormous cheeks swayed and jiggled.

“Delicious! Yeah, so tasty. And that fucking hair, man! I love your hairy ass!”

Then Emilio was helping him into the shower and the hot water was cascading down on them. The mud swirled into the drain at their feet as Emilio very gingerly worked the thong over the jutting shelf of Max’s butt and extricated the string from his cleft. When it was finally over his quads, he pulled it off and then lifted Max up by the shoulders.

He was completely naked in front of Emilio!

There was a really long, breathless pause before Emilio whistled appreciatively.

“Ah, man, this is great!” He shouted as he stared down at Max’s crotch. “Shit, you’ve got a fucking ‘man-gina’!”

Max blinked and Emilio gazed meaningfully into his eyes. Max stared back, feeling dazed. He was so overwhelmed and turned on by being naked with Emilio that he’d forgotten about his inverted penis. Yeah, it was weird but he was used to it by now. Shit, it was the way he was born. What else could he do but get used to it? It wasn’t like there was surgery that could fix it and magically give him a normal dick. And he wasn’t going to change sex and become a woman. Nope, he was one hundred percent man. One hundred percent stud, that is. Yeah, he was a fucking stud!

Belatedly, he realized that he should have been worried about Emilio finding out. He’d always been careful not to expose himself in the locker room and used the stalls to pee because he couldn’t piss at the urinals like the other guys. No one but his parents and his doctor knew the truth. No one except for Emilio.

Shit, Emilio knew!

And Emilio thought he was even hotter because of it.

He gave Emilio a big, goofy grin and reached out to pull him in for a tender kiss. Emilio’s lips were hot, almost burning. The chaste kiss turned rapidly carnal as he opened his mouth to devour Max with an insatiable hunger. They locked together fiercely for a long time before Emilio pulled away, panting.

Max was elated. He’d found the perfect man. The perfect man who thought he was perfect, too. How lucky was that? He was the luckiest guy in the world!

Emilio put his hand on Max’s chest and let it slide down his hairy torso. It seemed to take forever but finally his finger was tracing the little opening of Max’s man cunt. He shivered as Emilio entered him, delicately probing before he located the buried tip of his penis. Max shivered with ecstasy and Emilio leaned in. They kissed again, this time more sweetly.

“Fuck, man. I’ve always loved men’s bodies but not their dicks,” Emilio confided finally. “I don’t like pussy, either.” He shrugged, adding, “I didn’t even know there were guys like you. I’m so glad I found you!”

It was crazy but his words made Max choke and he had to fight back tears. He felt so happy! So fucking happy! The warm spray caressed them as they rocked against each other, bodies and tongues intertwined.

When Emilio had stretched him out enough with his fingers, he guided Max’s hand down to his cock, saying softly, “Push me inside you, bud. Please.”

Max gripped his cock, amazed at its weight and size. He could feel Emilio’s pulse if he held it tight enough. Emilio sighed breathily and nibbled his ear. It took him a while to work up his nerve but he eventually helped Emilio to mount him, wiggling back and forth to ease Emilio’s shaft deeper and deeper inside him. Their mouths locked as their bodies locked and lights exploded in Max’s head when Emilio began to thrust. He took it slow and steady, only very carefully increasing the speed and depth of his thrusts. He knew that this was Max’s first time and he made sure that it was memorable. By the end, they were both howling at the top of their lungs, their bodies grinding against each other and their lips raw. Whether through luck or skill, they reached climax nearly in tandem and Max got to experience the thrill of his young life when he felt Emilio’s hot cum filling him up and mixing with his own inside his tight cunt.

They collapsed into the tub afterward and Emilio turned the shower off. He let the faucet run, though, and they took a deliciously long and sensuous bubble bath. They had time for a couple of leisurely fucks before Emilio’s family returned home and they had to sneak sheepishly out of the bathroom to avoid being discovered. Max spent the night draped over Emilio’s hard body, his ear pressed against his lover’s sternum as he listened to the contented thud of his heartbeat.

“Sup, dude?” Owen asked in a deep voice as Max sauntered into the shower, tossing his towel aside and standing proudly naked in front of the rest of the guys.

No one raised an eyebrow.

They knew better. They would have Owen and Emilio (and Max) to deal with if they said anything.

He took up position in front of an empty spigot and turned on the water, swiveling in time to catch Emilio’s sly wink from across the room. Shit, he loved seeing his boyfriend naked! He still had to pinch himself every day. How had he managed to land the hottest guy in school?

Owen finished rinsing off and stalked out of the room, giving Max a friendly nod. He didn’t bother covering himself with his towel. Shit, why would he? Max thought. His cock was beer-can sized and nearly ten inches long! As much as Max loved Emilio, he had to admit that Owen was pretty fucking hot, too. And the dude was gay and proud. He felt fortunate to have a friend like him. He didn’t know what he would do if he didn’t have a friend like Owen.

Yeah, Owen was the best.

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