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by Aphon

 Justin curses himself thanks to an old book, and his roommate is quick to take advantage of the opportunity—whether Justin likes it or not.

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Justin hadn’t expected much from the tag sale, but during what had been a boring summer day it seemed like the most interesting thing to do. He was in college but the semester had just ended. This left him with too much free time and not enough to do.

Roaming around the tag sale, he made his way into the garage where a book on the shelf caught his eye. It was bound in a deep brown leather cover with gold leaf all over it. He got a chill down his spine and felt the air cool down as he picked it up. Something drew him to this book… he had to buy it. When he asked the woman how much it was, she said she wasn’t sure what the book was and guessed that it might be her husbands. Either way, she let Justin walked away with the book and a dollar.

Justin threw the book on the counter as soon as he got home and hunched over it. As he flipped through the pages, he began to realize that this book wasn’t telling a story, it appeared to be describing spells and potions. It was difficult to understand, but he stumbled on one that intrigued him and began to read it out loud; “incrementum potentiae uis aeternam dona concede”. His hand traced the depiction of a hugely endowed man drawn below the text. Justin began to suddenly imagine what it would be like to be so endowed. He pictured the mass of manhood swinging between his thighs and was freaked out by it. A couple inches more was his dream, like every guy on earth, but this was too much. Hopefully no one actually did this to themselves, he thought.

He closed the book quickly as his roommate walked into the kitchen. “Hey Sam,” he said.

Sam looked up from his phone and seemed to do a double take before smiling at Justin. “Hey dude, what are you up to.” They shot the shit for a little bit, and Justin started getting a weird feeling that Sam was trying to get with him. He kept trying to shake it off and dismiss it, but Sam was standing very close to him now and would rest his hand on his shoulder or look at him longingly. It became unbearable and was making Justin horny. Justin was the only openly gay guy living in his rented house, and Sam was a built rugby player, generally straight as can be. That’s why Justin couldn’t believe it. But sure enough, he confirmed it.

“Justin, hello?” Sam stared at Justin as he snapped out of his train of thought. “Justin, do you wanna maybe watch a movie in your room?” He nodded and led the way. This felt like a weird dream. Sam had always been his forbidden crush, to admire but never to experience. The sun filtered through Justin’s window and illuminated the two men as they climbed onto the bed.

“Cut the bullshit, I wanna hookup.” Sam stared at Justin as he said this and moved in to make out with him. Justin thought he would explode right there. His cock was sandwiched between the two of them as they grinded together. He had always been decently happy with his cock size at a respectable 5 1/2 inches. It was pretty thick, which always made guys happy. Today, however, it felt like it was extra hard and swollen as ever. The rubbing continued as they made out, Sam’s hand massaging Justin’s cock through his blue jeans. It felt more amazing than anything he had ever felt. Sam’s own hard on made quite the impression in his jeans. As Justin stroked it, he thought it might be a good 7 inches, a truly fat cock.

“Wow, you’re so fucking big,” Justin panted to Sam.

“Hard to believe that when I currently have something much bigger under my hand,” he replied back. Justin looked down and his cock really did look swollen… very swollen. Actually, maybe swollen wasn’t the best word anymore. Justin knew he couldn’t chalk it up to just some swelling anymore. His dick had clearly grown, for real. It traveled almost all the way to his hipbone, pressing so hard against the denim Sam was able to run his thumb under the ridge of the huge head. Justin was left breathless. His penis was a python now and his mind was racing. Sam began to unbuckle his belt. He didn’t know what to think, but he figured a couple inches was a godsend anyways. Maybe the spell did work? But that was impossible, right?

In the kitchen, out of earshot, the pages of the book fluttered suddenly as if in a breeze. They settled on a title page a few pages back. The dark lettering was jagged and menacing. “Maledictum” it spelled out. Had anyone understood Latin, they would have known not to read aloud from a chapter titled, “curses”.

Sam pulled down Justin’s pants and finally let the beast out. It was already wet with precum, drooling with a strand as it swung out heavily. It bobbed at about 45 degrees, an incredible 9 inches of thick veiny cock. Justin was shocked to find that his hand just barely wrapped around it. It felt so heavy! This was absurd how was he going to use this monster? He snapped back to reality and went to pull Sam’s pants off. But Sam pushed his hand away and said, “All I care about is taking care of that monster dick. You are so lucky. I think you have the biggest, sexiest piece of meat in the whole world.” He seemed enamored with it; squeezing it, feeling its weight and warmth in his hand. Justin squirmed as he felt his dick being stimulated constantly. Even just simple touches sent pleasure shooting down his spine. He felt almost drunk.

Sam started moving his hand up and down Justin’s member before stuffing his throat with it. The sudden tightness of Sam’s throat against his oversensitive glans sent him over the edge. He knew it was coming but he couldn’t hold back any longer. He gasped a warning to Sam but it was too late. He braced himself and shut his eyes. But suddenly, it faded away and he was denied release. Instead, in a sex crazed stupor, he felt Sam’s throat become tighter around him. He gasped—this was unlike any blowjob he had ever felt. Sam suddenly spat out his cock, coughing. “Wow, bro, I love your cock, it’s getting too big even for my mouth. That’s so hot.” He continued to stroke it and Justin looked on in a haze. He could swear that he was bigger now than before. He was leaking pre down his shaft where it dripped down his pumped-up balls. They too had grown, they were almost to the size of tennis balls. Looking at his dick, it seemed to push outwards against Sam’s hands.

His eyes grew wide and he pulled away. “Dude, I think I’m getting bigger! I think I need to see a doctor!”

Sam looked up at him. “You’re complaining about having this gorgeous cock? Do you know how many people would kill for this? Besides, I like you big.” Since he had pulled away, the growth stopped. His cock was nearing the foot-long mark, which really started to scare him. Sam started up again, “You see? It stopped growing.” He grabbed onto the pole again and Justin was taken over by bliss. Sam guided Justin on the bed and lowered himself on the rod. There was enough precum to loosen his hole and he filled himself with Justin’s thick cock. He started lifting himself up and slamming back down onto it, fucking himself with his roommate’s growing dick. He was sure he had seen it swell up… this man must have a gift, he thought. Sam quickly brought him to the point of cumming and when his knees shook, Justin prepared for the mother of all orgasms. But it didn’t come. He felt a familiar feeling, his cock that was to the hilt in Sam started to push outwards. Sam moaned at the top of his lungs as the swelling cock squeezed his prostate. He came instantly. Justin was left laying there, watching the hunk jizz all over himself, impaled on his cock that he was sure was growing rapidly. There was something terribly wrong. Cumming only made him grow, and the lack of release only made him more and more horny. It was a deadly combination.

Sam got up off the still hard shaft and started running his tongue all over it as Justin whimpered weakly. It was utterly ginormous. Easily 14 inches long and as thick as a beer can. It was unstoppable. Justin had to come, it was driving him insane. But how could he… it was already so big. While the size was a disaster to Justin, Sam worshiped the cock with newfound energy. His muscles bulged as he pumped his meaty hands across it, forcing precum to cascade down the sides like a volcano.

“P-please, I can’t get any bigger,” Justin croaked in between gasps for air. Sam ignored him and only doubled down his efforts. Justin was nearly immobilized by the relentless pleasure and his own lust. Sam couldn’t even suck him off anymore, Justin realized with desperation. But it didn’t matter anymore to Sam, and he was in complete control.

Justin’s meat surged forward again and this time Sam pulled it and actively pumped it bigger as it grew. “Yes!! I’m going to make you into the biggest, most hung guy on the planet, and you’ll be all mine!!” Justin couldn’t do much besides stare in disbelief as his penis almost doubled in size. “Oh fuck… you’re such a freak.” Sam attempted to wrap his hands around Justin’s manhood but he was unable to. He was the size of a two-litre soda bottle now. His head was the size of a softball. Sam massaged his balls and they gurgled with new mass and cum. They swelled outwards, soon overfilling his palms and resting on the bedsheets. Both his nuts were the size of avocados. “Man you got those big bull balls now, I love it.”

Justin tried to push Sam away as he started jacking his cock again but he felt too weak. It was like the energy had been drained out of him by his cock. His arms flailed weakly towards Sam. “Don’t worry, I’m gonna take care of you, but first I’m gonna grow you until you touch the floor.”

Justin threw his head back as another wave of arousal hit him. He felt himself cumming again, his cock surging forwards wildly. He had to be at least 3 and a half feet long and still swelling before his eyes. It started to bend under its own weight and gently fell to the side. Sam kept at it, working his hands across the shaft in every which way. The growth seemed to respond to the touch, every motion pumping the juicy dick bigger and thicker. It was as if the growth was fueled by Sam’s selfish desire for more. Only this time, the cursed dick didn’t slow down. It only accelerated its growth. Sam was out of control, wild with lust and almost drooling at the sight of the impossibly enlarging penis. It lolled around on the bedsheets, swelling past the 6-foot mark. It was taller than Justin himself.

Justin wanted to scream. He was as thick as a bucket and his balls continued to swell larger, his sack stretching to accommodate his supersized coin purse. His cock eventually weighed so much that he was forced to lie on top of it, unable to move much. It stretched off the bed and was too thick for him to even hug. As Justin struggled, Sam was still preoccupied with growing him ever larger no matter the consequences. He was using his entire hand to pleasure Justin’s slick cock head. It was driving him crazy and he watched Justin get hit by a wave of growth, his cock ballooning up and hitting the far wall of the room.

With nowhere to go, Justin prayed his nightmare was over. The feeling of Sam’s hands on his shaft told him otherwise though and he braced himself as he felt the wall in front of his colossal prick start to crack…


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