by LordTronimator

Bullied 18-year old high school student Nathan just wants to spend his time in class doodling. But he’s always mocked for what he does. So what happens when a mysterious app suddenly shows up on his phone and promises to change things?

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Prologue Bullied 18-year old high school student Nathan just wants to spend his time in class doodling. But he’s always mocked for what he does. So what happens when a mysterious app suddenly shows up on his phone and promises to change things? (added: 30 May 2020)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 Nathan’s revenge against his bullies continues as he witnesses his handiwork against the twins before working on his final bully. (added: 13 Jun 2020)
Part 4
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“Stop… stop growing…” the room smelled of musk and semen as the swelling continued, the 18-year-old high school student panting as he reached for his phone, far out of his reach as a pulsating light emanated from it. His body was completely immobile as the pulsating throb of his massive cock continued, inches being added to it as he blew another massive load, his back arching as it shot against the wall, adding more to the growing sea of jizz. “O-oh god… please…”

He could feel himself growing more and more massive as the light from his phone began to flicker. His body tensed up as he blew another load. The boy was whispering softly, begging it to stop as the intense throbbing sensation rang out in his ears. The phone’s light slowly started to fade as he futilely reached for it, another cum shot blasting out of his aching, growing length.

“Gotta… get… t-to the app. Gotta fix this…”

It was all because of this accursed app that this was happening to him. All he ever wanted was more size and boy, was he going to get it. Way more than he ever bargained for, as he lay across a room-filling cock, balls doing much of the same. His fingers grazed the phone just as, suddenly, the app closed itself. It deleted itself, too, leaving no trace. And the phone lost power as the boy’s growth finally ceased, his cock flaring up and gushing one last time as he screamed out in pleasure.


Part 1

“And that about wraps up our lesson for today,” Mr. Nelson finished droning on to his class. In the back, Nathan was too busy drawing in an old sketchbook. He didn’t even hear the bell ring as he sat in class, all the students getting up and leaving before someone slammed on his desk, knocking him out of his stupor.

His sketchbook was suddenly yanked out of his reach as one of the school bullies, Scott, took a look through it, Nathan reaching up to try and get it only for it to be pulled farther out of reach.

“So, loser, is this what you waste your time doing? Doing stupid little doodles of stupid little superheroes doing their stupid little hero duties?” he said as Nathan blushed and sighed.

“Come on, Scott… don’t do this again…”

“Do what again?”

“You know what! Just give it back and go back to your stupid friends!” Nathan said as Scott proceeded to rip out one of the pages from the book. “H-hey! Stop!”

“Listen here, you little shithead, you can’t tell me what to do. The sooner you realize where it is that you sit on this hierarchy, the better,” Scott sneered. “I’m at the top. You’re at the bottom. That’s where you belong, okay? I can do what I want, when I want and there’s not a fucking thing you can do it about it.”

“Seriously, Scott! Just because you have a big dick, doesn’t mean you need to be a big dick,” Nathan said as he motioned down towards the rather obscene outline that Scott was sporting as the bully blushed and began to tear up the book completely.

“Shut the hell up, you little shit! How dare you! You think I wanted this? You think I wanted to be endowed with this freakish thing? I’m only 18! How am I going to get a god damn job after high school if this stupid thing is always in the way!” he tossed the pieces of the book before grabbing Nathan by the collar and lifting him up. “Do not ever think about talking back to me ever again, you little prick, or you will be sorry.”

Nathan started to gag a bit before getting set down roughly against his desk chair, the bully proceeding to take his leave. Nathan let out a sigh as he got to his feet and knelt down, starting to collect the pieces of his notebook. “Stupid fucking Scott… with his stupid dick… thinking that its size gives him the right to be a dick… fuck him… I wish I could do something about his cockiness…” A low buzzing sound could be heard from his backpack. “I still have a few hours left… to deal with him before I can go home…” The buzzing picked up volume a bit, Nathan’s ears twitching as he started to pick up the sound. “What… what the hell is that?”

He got to his feet as he tossed his destroyed sketchbook in the bin and started taking a look around the classroom for the buzzing. He reached for his backpack and placed his ear to it as the buzzing picked up volume yet again. His fingers slowly fumbled with the zipper, afraid that a bee or something may have found its way into his bag as he was trying his best to be careful and not agitate it. He peered in and saw a light.

“My… phone? What’s that doing on?” Nathan asked as he reached in and pulled the device out, “I turned it off before class. What’s this…?”

On the screen was something rather unusual. It displayed the name Metachange and looked to be some sort of app that he had never downloaded and never even heard of.

“Choose your change!” came a robotic, kind of cutesy voice.

“Wait, what?”

“Choose your change!”

“What does… that mean?”

“Oh? Hello? Oh, yes. Are you a new user?”

“New user…?”

“Hello. I am called… Metachange… and you are?”

“I’m… Nathan. Can you understand me?”

“Ah. Hello user: Nathan. I am Metachange. I am an application, here to help you in whatever way you want.”

Nathan sat there, dumbfounded. Was he seriously talking to his phone? He seemed to have been quiet for way longer than he realized as the robotic voice chimed in again.

“Hello user: Nathan… are you still there?”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry. What… sorts of things do you do?”

“I can change things.”

“Change things? Like what?”

“Take a picture of someone and I will show you. It can be anyone. It can be a friend. Parent. Animal. Enemy. Or even yourself.”

“O-okay…” Nathan’s hands trembled a bit as he looked around, “but… who…?”

“That is up to you… but may I suggest… Scott…?”

“Scott…? How do you know that name?”

“I heard you talking while in your bag. I know… he is not a good person. I can change people in ways… that might be to… your liking. Ways that can maybe… embarrass someone you may not like…” the app explained to Nathan.

“I… yeah… dude’s got a big dick. Thinks he’s allowed to be a big dick to everyone else,” Nathan said, sighing as he got up and picked up his bag.

“How big?”

“Excuse me?”

“How big is his dick?”

“Oh… uh… I’m not sure. It’s pretty huge, though. Hard to miss, honestly,” Nathan said.

“I see. Well… if you wish to try me out on someone you do not like, just take a picture of them and then the rest should be quite clear.”

The app suddenly went silent as Nathan looked at the blank screen, wondering if he really just saw that or if his mind was playing tricks on him. He plopped his phone down in his pocket before heading towards his next class.

Hello. I am called… Metachange… I can change things… I can change things… I can change things… This “Metachange”‘s words kept repeating in Nathan’s mind as he sat in the middle of math class, right next to the bane of his existence. Scott sat there, pretending to give a shit about what the teacher was saying as Nathan fumbled a bit with his phone, debating rather or not to try this new app out. It was too good to be true, right?

Nathan thought about all the possible ways that this app could change people as he pulled the phone up and turned it on, making sure to mute the sound as he aimed the camera towards Scott. Not like there was anything to lose from this, even if it didn’t work as he snapped a picture of the prick.

‘Enter subject’s name,’ showed up on screen as Nathan quickly tapped in both Scott’s first and last names as a 3D render of his entire body appeared on screen.

“Whoa… that’s cool…” Nathan whispered under his breath as he tapped away, an array of options showing up as it displayed various information about the guy, including but not limited to such things as height and dick size. “How the hell does it know all this…? Jesus Christ… his dick is 14 inches? There’s no way it’s that big… but then again, that bulge is… pretty insane…”

He proceeded to look through all the options as his eyes immediately drifted towards a slider that seemed to also be focused on the genitals. The size it listed was the 14 inches that was displayed earlier and the slider seemed to be able to go up. Not down, only up.

“Huh… hmm… so, Scott… you don’t like having a 14-inch dick, eh? Too big for you? Let’s try for… a little bigger… shall we?” Nathan said as he began to slowly tick the slider up, adding on the inches until it said 20. The lower numbers on the slider suddenly vanished, no longer allowing him to go back as he turned his attention towards Scott.

The bully sat there, completely oblivious as Nathan watched. Waiting for any changes at all. Only for nothing to happen. He let out a sigh and began to put his phone away, “I knew it… too good to be true…”

“Ungh…” Scott let out a groan and squirmed a little out of the corner of Nathan’s eye. “Ah… what the fuck…? I swore these pants fit… earlier…” he muttered under his breath. Nathan watched, his eyes widening a bit as the outline was a bit bigger and more noticeable than before.

“Fuck… Scott… what are you smuggling down there?” Nathan remarked as his mind was filled with overjoyed thoughts. Thinking, ‘holy shiiiiit! It works?! It fucking works?!?!’

“Shut your mouth,” Scott said as he squirmed, the outline expanding farther as Nathan took his phone out and began to check the different options out.

“I knew that thing was big… I had no idea it was that big…” Nathan said under his breath, a bit giddy. “I bet it’s really sensitive.” he began to increase the size slider some more, passing 30 inches before increasing the sensitivity slider.

“Ngh… I told you to shut up…” Scott squirmed more as his size pushed out against the front of his pants. “Stop w-watching me and just look at the teacher.”

Nathan’s own cock was starting to harden a bit, pulsing as he watched the display, Scott jerking about as that outline expanded and swelled.


Scott blushed. Nathan grinned. Had he just torn his underwear? It was so loud that it had caught the attention of the other students as they looked around for where that sound came from. Scott’s outline slowly worked its way down his pantleg as it began to lift it up, pulsing gently as Nathan began to tease him some more.

“Oh. Good lord… it’s so big. Is it actually starting to get hard?”

“Shut… up…” All this teasing seemed to be getting the bully worked up more as the monster trembled and swelled, lifting a bit higher as his leg rested against the underside of his desk. A cool breeze brushed gently against the head of it as the cock started to grow out the bottom of the pantleg, the head glistening with pre as it drooled the clear liquid.

The bully’s pantleg began to shred, his eyes widening as he thickened and grew more, his leg falling to the floor as it was no longer supported by his expanding boner as that monster thudded against the bottom of his desk, twitching and throbbing as it leaked, brushing along the desk as it expanded farther.

“Ahhhh… what’s… happening…?” Scott said as he shivered, blushing as his boner was freed for all to see. No one seemed to notice it creeping along quite yet but that was about to change as he felt it beginning to build. Starting to get ever closer as he shook his head. “Fuck… fuck… fuuuuuck… d-don’t do this…” he said, his cock twitching and jerking a bit as it drooled more.

“Jesus… hmm… what’s going on, Scott?” Nathan asked as he watched that pulsating boner leak some more.

“Mind… mind your own b-business…!” Scott squirmed as his cock flexed and finished growing, reaching its new 30-inch length as it tensed up, his balls tugging up as they tingled.

“Are you… about to cum…? Here? In class?”

“No… shut up. Stop looking. Stop looking. Stop looking!” Scott groaned as he gripped the sides of his desk, trying to hold on as his monstrous boner tensed up some more, the head beginning to flare up.

“Wow… I can’t believe you’re about to do this, Scott. I thought you had more self-control than that,” Nathan said, grinning as Scott squirmed some more.

“Shut… shut up… stop it… stop!” Scott shouted, seemingly at his own dick as the class’ attention was drawn to him, his nuts tugging up a little more before letting go, painting the classroom completely white.


Part 2

“Do they seriously think it was just puberty?”

“I mean, what else could it be?”

“A dick doesn’t just grow like that randomly. Especially that big.”

“But puberty…? Man, wish I had been that lucky.”

Whispers echoed throughout the halls of the school as boys discussed what had happened to Scott. Nathan’s clothing smelled of seed and had little white splotches from Scott’s enormous orgasm. The bully was still gushing five minutes later as he was escorted to the nurse’s office so even the halls weren’t safe from that massive, spewing boner.

Nathan quickly hid himself away in a bathroom stall as he took out his phone and unmuted it, smiling. “Wow… so… uh… you really work… huh?”

“Hello user: Nathan! Yes, I do. Is this what you wished to happen to SCOTT?” Metachange chimed out happily.

“Oh, hell yes. Asshole must’ve been so embarrassed. I wasn’t expecting him to actually cum from that, but it was a nice touch,” Nathan said as he chuckled.

“Well, sudden growth like that is really quite pleasurable so it would be more surprising if he didn’t cum from it.”

“So you’re used to that sort of thing?”

“Oh, yes. It’s one of the first things that most users do. I was sort of predicting that you would also do it user: Nathan. Especially after all that talk about how big his dick already was. It only made sense to make it even bigger.”

“So… what’s the limit?”

“Limit?” Metachange asked, confused.

“Yeah. Like… how big can you make a dick?” Nathan asked as the app seemed to be thinking a bit.

“Li… mit…? Oh. No. There is no limit. You could have made SCOTT as big as you wanted with no limits, whatsoever.”

“So I could have made him as big as the classroom?”

“And then some, yes. You can do anything you want. Why don’t you browse more of my options user: Nathan?”

A plethora of different options and settings displayed as the app began to scroll through them.

“As you already know, you can make dicks grow bigger. You can also increase their sensitivity. Make their balls bigger. You can increase the amount that they orgasm. Could even make it endless… but fair warning, you can’t turn that off,” Metachange explained. “You could give them extra limbs. More penises. Add wings. Give them tentacles. All sorts of weird stuff that your mind could conjure up.”

Nathan blushed as his cock throbbed, his hand grabbing it through his pants as he nodded. “W-wow… this is a lot to think about…”

“Is the thought arousing to you, user: Nathan?”

“O-oh… um…”

“I can tell by your body heat. Seems you’ve got a boner. Why don’t you take care of that?”

“I… will wait until I get home. I’ve never been comfortable doing that in school.”

“Well, all right. If you insist. Before you head to your next class, though, is there anyone else you wish to punish for being horrible to you?”

“Well, there’s these fraternal twins who I hate almost as much as Scott,” Nathan explained as he sighed. “Granted, one of them hasn’t done anything to be personally but… I just can’t stand him because of his association with his brother. He could have easily told his brother to lay off, but he never does.”

“Well, do something about them user: Nathan.”

“… I will…” Nathan exited the stall and walked through the halls of the school as he spotted both of the boys hanging out, making sure to stay out of sight as he snapped a couple pictures of them.

Nathan could hear some of their conversation as he entered their names into the app, Max and Miles.

“What’re you going to do after school, Miles?” Max asked his brother as they strolled through the halls, making their way to their next class.

“Eh… same old, same old. Probably just going to play some video games. Maybe I’ll stream, again,” Miles said as he shrugged. “There’s this one game I’ve almost beaten on stream so I think I’ll probably finish that up.”

“Yeesh… that’s so lame. If you weren’t my brother, that would be something worthy of picking on someone for,” Max responded as Miles just chuckled nervously.

“Yeah… I suppose so…”

Nathan moved away. “Ugh… I hate them… just the way they talk… it makes me sick. And with how much of a little bitch Miles is when it comes to his brother who literally just said that he would bully him if they weren’t related… they both deserve what I’ll do to them,” Nathan said as he hurried to his class.

“When will you take action?” Metachange asked as Nathan grinned.

“I’ll wait until school’s over. I’ll let their parents stumble upon them.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Miles flopped onto his bed as Max followed behind him, throwing his bag onto the floor as the two situated themselves, finally able to rest after a long day at school.

“Did you really have to give that kid a whirly?” Miles asked as he sat up and looked at his brother who just gave him a shrug.

“We’re 18 now. Aren’t we above juvenile bully antics that you would see in a move from the 90s?”

“He was asking for it. Looked at me the wrong way,” Max said. “Pretty sure he was going to come onto me. I don’t swing that way.”

“I don’t think he was going to do that. He was just looking in your general direction,” Miles said, sighing as he got up and began to set his computer up to stream, “I really do wish you would stop being such a dick to people, sometimes.”

“Sorry but it’s just too much fun,” Max said as he sat on the bed, “it’s thrilling, honestly. I’m not ready to give up on this.”

“One day, you’re going to pick on the wrong guy and we’re both going to get dragged down,” Miles sighed as he booted up his streaming software, turning on his webcam and booting up Steam. “You should really stop before we’re 20, at least. Can’t have you screwing everything up once you get yourself a job.”

“I think I’ll be fine.”

“What if you end up working for one of your victims?”

“I’ll just find a job at a place that isn’t run by one of these losers, then.”

“Ugh… well, anyway, sit down and shut up or leave since I’m about to go live,” Miles said as he began turning on his stream.

“Whatever. While you’re talking to your nerd crew, I’ll just be over here, napping,” Max said as he crawled into bed and sprawled out, his eyes closing as he began to fall to sleep.

“Hmm… well… here we go… Hey, my beautiful people! Sorry for the late start! I just got home from school and had a little bit of a scuffle with my bro. So, first up on the agenda today is finally getting around to finishing up Resident Evil 2.”

Miles began to boot up the game as he squirmed a little in his seat, his crotch stirring a little as he could feel his large dick twitching a little. In the back, a visible bulge could be seen starting to form around Max’s crotch as it grew a little.

“So last time, we stopped right after getting to NEST on Claire’s second campaign. So there’s not much left. We just have to get the cure for Sherry and take on the final boss… er… bosses.”

As Miles started to play, going through the dark halls of Umbrella’s base, he could feel his dick twitching and stirring some more as he cursed under his breath. ‘Guess this is just the annoying curse of having a 10-inch schlong…’ he thought to himself as he continued playing, trying to ignore his pulsing package. Him and his bro had very similarly sized endowments so while Max napped, his own was making a rather noticeable indent against the front of his pants.

“What the…?” Miles’s cheeks turned red as he spotted the huge bulge on his brother via the webcam as he turned to face him. He quickly muted his mic and hissed, “D-dammit, Max! Go take care of that! I don’t want you getting me banned from Twitch!”

“Hmm…? Huh…?” Max sat up, groggy, as he looked down at his tight, straining pants. “O-of fuck… sorry! Guess I have a bit of… um… sleep arousal…”

“Well, get out of here with that! Dammit…”

“Fine, fine. I’m going! I’ll just go wait it out for it to go down,” Max got up and headed to the bathroom as Miles let out a soft sigh.

“Sorry about that,” he told the stream. “You guys can stop spamming MonkaS emotes, now. He’s gone. But I swear, he has no self-control or shame. He would have… probably just sat there until it went away on its own.”

Miles squirmed a little more as his own member tented his pants, working his way through the game as he made more and more progress. After a little bit, he made his way to the antidote for Sherry before getting interrupted by panicked shouting by his brother.

O-oh fuck! Miles?! I need… Y-you… N-now… O-oh god!” Max shouted as Miles glared in the direction of his brother’s voice.

“Oh, come on! It can’t… be that important. You always do this and pull me away from my stream! Just come here!” Miles shouted back.

“I c-can’t! Please! You have to trust me!”

“God… ugh… no. I’m putting my foot down! If it’s that important, just come in here!”

“Oh g-god… fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck… f-f-fine… ahhh…” Max groaned softly as he shuffled around in the bathroom a bit before coming out with a towel wrapped around his waist, coming into view of the camera as his face was completely red.

“What… the hell are you doing? Why are you wearing a towel?!” Miles rolled his eyes as he scooted away from the computer a bit.

“Ugh… o-oh god… Miles… I don’t know what’s… ngh… h-happening…” Max said as he squirmed a little, the towel bulging out against the erection that he no doubt had as it was getting pushed about by something, “it won’t s-stop.”

Miles’s own throbbing bulge intensified a little as he squirmed. “What the hell are you talking about? What are you hiding?!” Miles grabbed the towel and pulled it away. Big mistake as he soon found himself blasted in the face by his brother’s own massive cock as cum shot out of the tip.

“Ah! I’m sorry, Miles! P-please, help!”

Miles coughed as he pulled away and ran over to his computer, shutting the stream off as the chat was suddenly bombarded by MonkaS emotes. “F-fuck! If I don’t get banned now, it’ll be a miracle! Jesus Christ! What is happening to you?!”

“I don’t know! For no r-reason at all… I started cumming and now… and now it won’t stop! It’s been going for over 10 minutes!”

“Did… you say 10 minutes?! The longest I’ve gone for has been two… what the hell…?” Miles watched as Max helplessly painted Miles’ room with white as his veiny dick spurted again and again, his body squirming some as he whined and fell onto the bed, his hips thrusting a bit as he gushed more.

“I can’t fucking stop! It feels too… too good… but, oh god… i-it’s too much! Make it stop! Make it stop!” Max cried out as Miles stood up.

“I’ll call mom and dad! Then 911! There’s… gotta be some reason for… this…?” Miles staggered a bit as he felt his own cock tense up and lurch in his pants before finding himself letting loose, cum oozing down his pantleg as his eyes widened, “o-oh fuck… oh… ahhhhhh…”

“Unf… Miles…? What’s… wrong…?” Max groaned as he humped at the bed sheets, coating them with more and more spunk.

“I’m… ah… ahhhh… o-oh god…” Miles started to fumble with the front of his pants, starting to unbutton and unzip them as he freed his big, throbbing dick as it sprayed all over the floor. “Wh-whatever’s happening to you… i-is happening to me, too!”

“Miles, what’s… h-happening? Oh god…” Max tensed up, moaning as his member bulged out and shot a huge load all over the sheets, “ooh… it feels so good… but… w-we need help!”

“Ahhh… y-yeah… maybe I can… g-get to the phone… we need to call for help… ahhhhh…” Miles curled his toes in pleasure as he panted and slowly got to his feet. He began to stagger a bit as the pleasure increased, his cock pulsing as it painted his brother white.

F-fuck! M-Miles! Stop!” Max gasped out as he was coated in his brother’s cum, his body shivering as he moaned, “Y-you’re c-c-cumming on… meeeee…”

“Ahhh… I know… I know… I can’t help it… o-oh god…” Miles gasped as he turned towards his bedroom door, cum blasting against the wooden surface as he slowly made his way to it, the wet carpet squishing beneath his bare feet, his 10-inch cock raging as it gushed.

Tears began to well up in Max’s eyes as he moaned out, rolling over onto his back as his own 10 incher shot into the air, his fingers gripping at his brother’s bedsheets. “Hurry M-Miles! Ahhh… I’m losing it! Oh fuck, oh fuck… I c-can feel something b-big coming!” his balls began tingling intensely as his cock flexed and throbbed, shooting out more globs of seed.

“I think… I think I feel it, too…” Miles said, panting as he trembled, reaching out for his cum painted door, “it… it’s an intense t-tingling… i-in my balls. Is that… is it l-like that…? Is that what you feel…?”

Y-yes! It is! Oh my god! M-make it stooooop!” Max squirmed and kicked as the tingling intensified even more, cum blasting out of his throbbing tip as it soaked everything in its path.

Miles’ cock throbbed and pulsated as the tingling in his balls intensified even farther, his trembling hand turning the knob on the door, pulling it open. He took a few steps before letting out a low moan, his eyes rolling back as he found himself kneeling down, unable to support himself anymore as the pleasure increased. His toes curled as his rock-hard member blew a few massive loads onto the carpet, his body trembling and shaking as his journey to reach a phone was cut short.

M-miles?! Are you okay?! D-did you make it to… the phone?!”

“Ngh… n-noooooo… I c-can’t stand up… ahhhhh… oh fuck… oh fuck… ooooooh fuuuuuuuck…” Miles trembled as his nuts tensed up, swelling a bit.

Max tried to sit up, his body trembling as his cock throbbed and gushed more, coating the floor in front of him as he curled and splayed his toes from the intense pleasure, “M-Miles… we need… ngh… help…”

“You think I… ahhh… don’t know that…?” Miles moaned out as his eyes teared up, his cock pulsing hard, spurting ropes of seed into the air before landing on his already soaked body, “I need… t-to get back up… but… I c-can’t. Ahhhhh… m-my legs are too wobbly…”

Max gasped, moaning again as he arched his back, cum spurting from his pulsing cock’s tip as ropes of the stuff landed in his brother’s hair, “I c-can feel something b-big building up… i-it’s getting stronger and… ngh… stronger…”

“I know, Max… a-ahhh…” Miles moaned as he fell forward, grabbing onto the wet carpet as he tried to pull himself out of the bedroom and into the hall, his eruptions continuing as it began to splashback against him with his throbbing 10-incher pointing straight down at the floor.

Max trembled as he squirmed and blew, his feet kicking a bit as he whimpered and moaned, his nuts twitching and tightening a little as the tingling sensation increased, his cock pulsing a bit harder as it flexed and painted his body even more.

Miles slowly made progress, crawling his way across the cum covered carpet, working his way towards the kitchen phone even as he continued to gush and make a mess. He could feel his own balls twitchening and tightening, the tingling sensation building as his cock pulsed harder, flexing and painting the floor with more spunk.

Suddenly, it stopped. Both boys were given a moment of rest as both cocks stopped erupting finally, Miles gasping a little as he rolled over onto his back, staring down at his erection. Max doing the same as he watched his pulsing meat.


“Yeah, Max?”

“I… I think I stopped…”

“So… did I…”

“Oh, god… is it finally over…?”

“I don’t know, Max…”

“Miles, maybe… still call for help, just… in case…”

“Yeah… that’s probably a good… ah… ahhh… oh god… oh fuck… oh… fuck… oh fuck!”

Miles?! What’s wr—oh shit!”

The boys’ relief was short-lived as their cocks began to throb faster. More violently. Pulsing hard. Flexing over and over again as they trembled and squirmed, their nuts tightening and tingling.

Miles! H-help me!”

I c-can’t, Max! Oh, fuuuuuck!”

They squirmed, toes curling as they kicked and bucked their hips, their eyes rolling back as their minds were completely shattered by the biggest, most intense orgasm of their lives as veins bulged out along their massive cocks as they blew hard enough for the ropes to hit the ceiling. They could no longer think straight as they shot rope after rope, covering everything within their immediate vicinities.

This continued for hours as they moans of pleasure and cum splattering against the walls and ceiling echoed throughout the house before the sound of an unbolting lock barely being heard over the boys sounds as the front door opened. In came a man and woman.

“Boys! We’re home!” the woman said, barely able to hear the faint moaning of a pair of teenage boys.

“Honey, what is that smell…?” the man asked, getting a whiff of some intense musk.

“And what is that sound? Boys…?” the woman began to slowly creep upstairs, stumbling upon a rather horrific and erotic sight. She lets out a blood curdling scream as the man proceeds to call 911.


Part 3

Nathan entered his room as he sat himself at his computer, dropping his bag to the side as he booted the machine up.

“What are you doing user: Nathan?” Metachange chimed in.

“Miles streams on Twitch. Before I activate my punishment for him and his brother, I want to go check his stream,” Nathan explained as he logged in and entered the URL for Miles’ Twitch page, “he should be going live in a minute or two.”

“You wish to witness their punishment online?”

“Oh, hell yeah. Max is just a major piece of shit. His brother is no better. They’re related, after all,” Nathan said as he sat there, waiting, as he began to enter in the details for the boy’s punishment. His pants tented a little as he grew hard.

“Hey, my beautiful people! Sorry for the late start! I just got home from school and had a little bit of a scuffle with my bro. So, first up on the agenda today is finally getting around to finishing up Resident Evil 2.”

“And right on cue,” Nathan said, grinning as he put his plan into motion and activated Metachange. “This will probably end up being the most interesting stream on Twitch… heh, heh.”

Nathan sat there, watching Miles play through RE2 as his eyes fixated on Max, napping in the background as he appeared to be making quite a noticeable bulge. The bulge flexing and twitching quite a bit for a few moments before Miles snapped, turning to face his brother.

“What the…?” Miles cheeks turned red as he spotted the huge bulge on his brother via the webcam as he turned to face him. “D-dammit, Max! Go take care of that! I don’t want you getting me banned from Twitch!”

“Hmm…? Huh…?” Max sat up, groggy, as he looked down at his tight, straining pants. “O-oh f fuck… sorry! Guess I have a bit of… um… sleep arousal…”

“Well, get out of here with that! Dammit…”

“Fine, fine. I’m going! I’ll just go wait it out for it to go down.” Max got up and headed to the bathroom as Miles let out a soft sigh.

“Sorry about that. You guys can stop spamming MonkaS emotes, now. He’s gone. But I swear, he has no self-control or shame. He would have… probably just sat there until it went away on its own.”

Nathan grinned, watching as Miles seemed to be squirming a bit, himself. “Looks like things are about to get really interesting. Hey, Metachange, you watching this?”

“Oh, yes, user: Nathan.”

“Good. You’re about to see my handiwork at play,” Nathan said as the stream continued like normal for a bit before Max began yelling from offscreen to his brother.

Miles was clearly getting annoyed as he shouted at his brother to just come to him if he had a problem. Max returned soon with a towel wrapped around his waist as Miles grabbed hold of it and tore it away, only to get sprayed in the face with cum. That huge cock flexed and throbbed as it gushed, Miles quickly rushing to get the stream turned off, much to Nathan’s annoyance as he slammed down on the desk.

Fuck! I really wanted to see how this played out. Max was already cumming… Miles was, no doubt, going to follow suit,” Nathan said as he sighed.

“Do you wish for me to hack into his webcam, user: Nathan?” Metachange asked as the screen lit up.

“Wait, you can do that?”

“Of course. Just ask me and I shall do it.”

“Yes! Do it, please!” Nathan said, giddy with excitement as the app began to work its mysterious magic. Within seconds, an image popped up on his phone screen of the two brothers in a cum soaked room, their bodies trembling as they both shot their loads.

“Is this to your liking, user: Nathan?”

“Yes, Metachange. It very much is,” Nathan said as he smiled, his hand gently caressing his own throbbing bulge. “Mmm… I never realized how hung they were. They’re not like Scott but still quite a pair of well-grown cocks on them.”

The sound of moaning played through his phone as the two brothers panicked and tried to plan out how to stop it as Nathan undid his pants and pulled out his own thick 7 inch cock, stroking it gently, watching the horrifying situation unfold for the two on screen.

“Mmm… fuck, this is hot. So, Metachange, they’re never going to stop cumming…?”

“Yes, user: Nathan. It is now physically impossible for them to ever stop climaxing,” Metachange confirmed as Nathan’s hand began to glide along his length faster. “Their pleasure will just continue to increase.”

“Ahhh… that’s good. That just means that they will never screw with anyone ever again.” His cock throbbed as he stroked up and down the veiny length. “Just… keep cumming, you two. Let it alllllll out… hmm… where does Miles think he’s going…?”

“Seems like he’s trying to go call for help, user: Nathan,” Metachange said, “but no one will be able to help.”

“Huff… damn… but now he’s out of view. Eh… oh well. At least… I’ve still got Max to watch,” Nathan said as he kept jerking himself off, the cock on screen continuing to shoot off and erupt. “Heh, heh… this is what you get, you jerk…”

After a few minutes, though, the erupting cock ceased as Max sat there, beginning to yell back and forth with his brother.

“What the fuck…? Why’d it stop? I thought you said it wouldn’t stop, Metachange!” Nathan shouted, furious.

“Give it a moment, user: Nathan,” Metachange said as the cock onscreen started to throb and pulse faster and more violently, the boy beginning to shout.

Nathan jerked himself a bit faster as he watched the display, Max’s cock erupting in a much messier and violent manner than before as cum blasted out of the bulging tip, Nathan’s hips jerking forward as he moaned and let loose, strands of cum blasting out of his tip and all over his desk, his body shaking as he fired several ropes, his legs kicking out a little bit.

This went on for at least 20 seconds before stopping, Nathan’s eyes wandering back to the phone as Max’s orgasm continued, the male having turned into a writhing, squirming mess as all he could do was moan, the room getting completely soaked in his spunk.

“I bet that felt good, user: Nathan,” Metachange said as a smiling emoji appeared onscreen.

“Oh… it did. In more ways than one…” Nathan grinned as he turned the video feed off and sat in his own afterglow. “Mmm…”

“User: Nathan, do you have any other bullies you wish to punish?”

“Just one…” Nathan responded as he got back to his computer and went to Facebook. “He might be even worse than Scott and Max combined…” He went to a page belonging to someone named Nick Richards and snapped a photo of his profile pic, which displayed his annoyingly smug face for all the world to see. “Hmm… seems it’s his birthday today, too. Just turned 18. I guess he’ll be receiving a late birthday present tomorrow when I see him.”

He gleefully smiled as he worked, the app asking for a name and displaying all the tools necessary for altering someone’s body.

“Heh, heh… you know, Metachange… after this, I think I could use you to help out a lot…”

“How so, user: Nathan?”

“Well… bullies may be pretty crummy. But there are far worse people out there who deserve some sort of… divine intervention…”

“So criminals and rule-breakers?”

“Mhmm… so many get off the hook when they deserve so much more… after Nick is taken care of… I’ve really got my work cut out for me,” Nathan said, “and now that I know that it works simply by taking a photo of another photo… well… this is only the beginning, Metachange…”


Part 4

Nick let out a loud, obnoxious yawn as he took a seat on the subway, his asshole of a father having sent him out to get a pack of smokes. Maybe he could take this time to do some proper grocery shopping, as well.

He took out his phone as he began to fiddle with it, messing around with a few apps as the train continued on, stopping every now and then to pick up other passengers. Luckily for him, none of them seemed to come anywhere near him so his peace and quiet wasn’t disrupted until suddenly, a loser stepped onto the train and took a seat across from him.

Nathan glared at Nick for a moment or two before feigning a smile. “Oh, hi Nick… didn’t realize you’d be here.”

“Hmph…” Nick just scoffed as he turned his attention to his phone.

“So, I know we don’t have the… best history together, but I heard it was your birthday yesterday. Happy 18th,” Nathan said as he took out his phone, tinkering with a few things.

“Hmm…? Thanks… I guess…” Nick said, sighing.

“So where you headed?” Nathan asked, pretending not to know despite stalking him on Facebook just to be sure he was around to be able to witness Nick’s sudden changes.

“Cigarettes. My old man’s forcing me to go out and buy some for him,” he said. “Now that I’m 18, I can legally buy them for him. I can’t help but think he only had a kid so that he could just be as lazy as possible.”

“Aw… sorry to hear that…” Nathan said, shrugging a bit as he looked through a few options on Metachange, seeing if anything in particular stood out.

“It’s… fine, I guess…” Nick said, rolling his eyes. “Anyway, I’d rather not be bugged right now. Especially not by you.”

“I see, I see… okay. That’s fine. I’ll be quiet,” Nathan grinned as he began to mess with the options, his eyes wandering towards the default cock length which read as 10 inches. He began to increase it slowly, going by increments of 5.

Nick began to shift a bit in his seat as his hand wandered down towards the front of his pants, adjusting himself a bit as his dick twitched a little, starting to stiffen.

Nathan grinned as he slid the counter passed 30 inches, wanting to make him even bigger than Scott. Nick’s pants began to visibly tent and bulge as the male looked around, trying to make sure no one was watching as he reached into his pants and adjusted himself, pointing his cock up towards the waistband of his pants, hoping that this sudden erection would go away quickly. Nathan continued to increase the counter. 35… 40… 45… 50… 55… 60 inches… Nathan stopped, thinking that 5 feet of cock was more than enough.

Nick’s pants grew tighter as his balls expanded and swelled, his prick beginning to slowly slide out of the waistband of his pants and up through his shirt. Nick’s heart began racing as he looked down at it, seeing it slowly bulge and snake its way up his shirt, the length throbbing a ton as it grew.

Nathan smiled, pretending to only be paying attention to his phone as that throbbing monster continued, already halfway towards Nick’s chest as it went past his belly button. He softly hummed to himself, his eyes looking towards Nick every now and then as that length grew bigger.

Nick groaned, grabbing his dick through his shirt as he felt it throb and bulge out, swelling thicker and longer, too thick for his hands to wrap all the way around, his boner pulsating and pushing up towards the neckline of his shirt. The wet head began to nudge gently at his chin as he whined softly, his member bulging and forcing a rather obvious outline against his shirt as it began to tighten around the monster.

“Well, Nick… it’s been nice talking to you… I suppose. I hope things get better for you. I’ll just leave you be and head to a different train car…” Nathan said as he got up, nose still in his phone as he quickly left the car, leaving the panicked and throbbing Nick all by himself.

“O-oh… w-wait… ah…” It was too late as Nathan was gone, completely out of earshot at this point as his shirt began to tear, his pants growing tighter against his balls as he began to push against his own cock, trying to keep it down but to no avail.

H-help! Oh my god, help!” Nick began to cry out, feeling warm pre drool all over his chin as his moist cockhead pushed up against it. “Oh, please! I d-don’t know what’s happening!”


His shirt tore off as his length twitched and bulged out more, his body shaking as his length grew longer and fatter. “That was… that was my favorite shirt… s-stop, please… wh-what’s happening to me?!”

Nathan grinned as he looked through the window of the neighboring train, watching as Nick’s cock expanded more, gushing pre all over the 18-year old’s body and the floor before him. He grinned as he opened up the app again, looking for any other interesting options that he could go through.

“Oh… hmm… what is this…?” he checked off an option that simply said ‘human spider.’

Nick panted, arching his back as his length throbbed and grew some more. Suddenly, a strange sensation started to form beneath his arms. Not just there, either, as the same sensation started to form beside his legs. It didn’t hurt. If anything, it felt pleasurable as his cock proceeded to make very clear as it throbbed harder, jerking about as it expanded some more.

Suddenly, without any prior warning, Nick was completely naked as his pants had been torn completely off, his massive balls freed from their imprisonment. But that wasn’t what caught Nathan’s attention. No, it was the extra pair of legs, completely barefoot, that the boy seemed to be sporting. The legs twitched a little as he gushed pre all over himself. Not only was he sporting an extra pair of legs, he had another pair of arms situated right beneath the original pair.

“Oh ho… so that’s what that meant. Human spider… he’s now an eight limbed freak with a massive dick… how fascinating…”

“That’s right, user: Nathan. My abilities have no bounds when it comes to what I can do to a human body,” Metachange said, clearly proud of itself.

“Looks like I’ve still got a lot to test out, then… heh…”

A-ahhhh! Fuck!” Nick screamed out he looked down at himself, his balls trembling and expanding as his cock flexed and bulged out, the head bumping against the roof of the train car, before its growth finally stopped. The male’s breaths were quick and labored as his cock pulsed and throbbed heavily with his beating heart. His new limbs squirming a bit as pre drooled from the tip of his member, his toes flexing as he tried to regain his composure and calm himself down.

“He’s about to cum, user: Nathan,” Metachange informed Nathan, “he can hardly handle these changes his body has gone through. It’s pleasurable to him. He’s about to cum and there’s nothing he can do to stop it.”

Nathan grinned, rubbing himself through his pants as he watched, turned on by the trembling male in the other train car, the four-armed, four-legged, monster cocked figure squirming and moaning as pre gushed out of that tip, painting the roof. “Guess Nick’s last name has taken on a whole new meaning, now…” Nathan said.

“Richards? Because Dick is short for Richard?” Metachange asked.

“Yes, of course,” Nathan nodded. “Oh… I think he’s ready… he’s going to pop, just like you said.”

Nick’s balls tugged up as he squirmed and clawed at the leather of the seat, his aching cock trembling and jerking about as he whined and arched his back. “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” he began cursing as he could feel it beginning to bubble up, his cock starting to tingle a bit as cum began working up his monster, bulging out the underside.

He gasped, starting to stand on all four of his legs, nearly tumbling over from the weight of his throbbing erection and as he tried to get used to his new legs. He knew he had to get out of here and get help but that turgid boner of his wasn’t going to allow him to escape as it pulsed, veins pounding against it as he found himself falling to his knees, his eyes rolling back as his body gave in. Cum blasted out of his aching tip as it began to flow into the train car, nuts tensing as they forced out more and more seed.

White painted the windows as it obscured Nathan’s vision. He sighed as he turned away. “Well, guess that’s that… that was the last of those wretched bullies, for now.”

“User: Nathan, the fun part is just beginning, right?”

“Yes, Metachange. The fun part is very much just beginning.”

“Ooh… this is going to be very interesting.”

As the train came to its next stop, the doors opened allowing for Nick’s cum to cascade out, shocking everyone who had been waiting patiently. Moans echoing through the tunnels as Nathan quietly made his way to the surface as he left the train.

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