Peter and the magic forest

by Shamash

Peter takes a shortcut through the “Cursed Woods”, rumored to be full of wild beasts. Little does he know that this detour will bring him into contact with the inhumanly sexy, horny denizens of the Woods and leave him permanently transformed…

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It was only mid-morning, and Peter was already bored out of his mind. He pulled his produce-laden wooden handcart at a steady pace, barely exerting himself as he continued along the otherwise-empty dirt road to the town of Karsted. A few years ago Peter would have struggled to carry such a weight, but as the now 22-year-old young man had made deliveries between towns his lean muscles grew to be formidably defined, rivaling some of the strongest in his home village.

Of course, his angular, clean-shaven face, his physique, and his 6’4” stature made him quite popular among the young bachelorettes and some of the bachelors of the towns and villages his employment brought him to. While Peter had fucked both men and women, he found over time that he preferred men, when the option was available. With men, he could be rougher, more passionate, more spontaneous.

Damn, he thought, as his cock began to harden into a semi, I can’t let myself think about such things while I’m on the job.

Eventually he came to a split in the road, one which he had been warned about before he made the trip. The main road turned sharply right, while an older, overgrown path continued straight. The overgrown path was marked with a number of warning signs, and the most prominent one read, “Path leads through cursed forest—full of beasts and demons.” Ominous, but it sounded like an old wives’ tale. The edge of the “cursed” forest was visible from the crossroads, and it looked just like any other forest.

According to the maps he’d seen, going straight through the Cursed Forest would finish the delivery hours earlier than otherwise possible, hopefully impressing the customers. In addition, the sooner he got this job over with, the sooner he’d have free time to rest or, perhaps, find someone in Karsted to have sex with. Shrugging, he pulled his handcart onto the path less travelled and began to whistle as he approached the so-called Cursed Forest.

In front of the cart, a figure emerged from the dense forest and casually strolled into the center of the path. At first glance the figure seemed to be a man, but closer inspection revealed them to be something else entirely.

The being was 6’6”, slightly taller than Peter himself. The first inhuman characteristic Peter noticed was the pair of curved horns that emerged out of the sides of the being’s head, each about seven inches long and two inches in diameter at their base. Atop the horns laid shaggy brown hair, and below them was a broad, chiselled face which held a charming smile.

Most of the creature’s naked tan body was dusted with brown curly hair. It was highly muscular, with bulging biceps, quads, and traps that all clearly outmatched even Peter’s ample musculature. By far its most impressive muscles were on his massive chest which was almost three feet wide, tapering down to a two-foot waist. The being’s swollen, perky pectorals formed a ridge between them several inches deep, and each was tipped with a thick, stiff, inch-long pink nipple. Behind the being, Peter could see it possessed a cow-tail that was smoothly moving from side to side.

Peter gasped involuntarily when his eyes were, inevitably, drawn to the being’s crotch. This cow-man’s dick was impressive, measuring about 6” in its current flaccid state and relatively thick for its size. Two large, egg-sized testicles sat in a sack that seemed to be stretched taut from the size.

I should run, Peter thought, cursing himself for not heeding the sign that he’d seen. And yet, he felt paralyzed, unable to do anything but stare agape at the godlike body that stood but a few yards away. Peter’s arousal was undeniable, his 6.5-inch cock painfully hard in his tented britches. A cock that he once had been quite proud of, which was now dwarfed by the massive endowment before him.

The cow-man spoke first, in a deep voice that made Peter shiver. “Like what you see? Why don’t you come admire me with a more hands-on approach?”

Peter found his arousal too great to refuse such a proposal, and he swiftly approached the cow-man while discarding his clothes into the dirt. He knelt worshipfully at the feet of his seducer. Wasting no time, he palmed the cow-man’s hefty balls as he gave the shaft a few exploratory licks. The balls were even heavier than Peter had expected, as if they were made out of stone.

Damn, he thought, I swear I can feel the cum churning inside, begging for release…

In seconds the cow-man was rock hard, his dick a full nine inches in length and as thick as a spear pole. A bead of pre-cum was already forming on his tip. Peter’s tongue darted hungrily over to taste it. To his surprise, a sweet, rich, creamy taste filled his mouth instead of the mild saltiness he expected from tasting his own semen. To Peter’s disappointment, the taste did not linger, leaving him hungry for more.

There was no way that whole thing was going to fit in Peter’s mouth, but that didn’t stop him from trying. He closed his lips around the girthy shaft and began sucking in earnest, trying to milk out more of that delicious pre. His efforts were soon met with soft moans and a steady trickle of thick, sweet pre that soon coated the inside of his mouth. Peter moaned too, savoring both the delicious taste and the arousing sensation of sucking on a huge cock.

The cow man looked down, unable to hide the pleasure in his voice as he spoke.

“Damn, kid, you’re enthusiastic. You like my cum that much, huh?” he asked, cockily raising his eyebrow. “In that case, let me help you out.”

Peter felt two large hands on the back of his head and, without warning, they pulled him deeper onto the colossal dick he was sucking. Peter’s eyes widened in surprise as he felt part of the cock slide down his throat, as his chin slapped into the cow-man’s huge balls. The arms of the cow-man swiftly pistoned outward and inward, savagely facefucking Peter without restraint. Although he tried to focus on breathing through his nose, being used this way drove Peter’s mind almost delirious with lust. His untouched cock dribbled precum onto the soil dirt as the ravishing continued, threatening to blow its load at the slightest provocation. Peter reached down to jerk off his neglected hardon, but the hand of the cow-man stopped him.

“Let’s make this last, shall we?” he said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

The cow-man plunged his cock one last time into Peter’s mouth, then released the young man, causing him to stumble backwards in the soft dirt. Pre continued to dribble out of the cow-man’s dick, sliding down the underside of his shaft then dripping onto the ground. It was slick with a mix of saliva and pre-cum. Leaving a trail of droplets in his wake, he strode over to a patch of grass off to the side of the road and laid down with his hands behind his head, elbows out, showing off his enormous traps and pecs. It seemed to Peter that, if possible, they had swollen to become even larger than they were before.

“How about you give my teats a little love, boy?” the cow-man suggested, “Cows do need milking, after all!”

Peter needed no additional encouragement. He scrambled to his feet and threw himself in a lustful frenzy onto the cow-man’s chest. He had fucked guys who were into nipple play before, but it was hardly enough experience to know what to do with nipples this huge. Deciding to trust his instincts, Peter covered his teeth with his lips and bit down on one, squeezing the other between his thumb and forefinger as he ground his crotch into the cow-man’s, rubbing their slick cocks against each other.

Fluid shot into Peter’s mouth, fluid that he soon identified as fresh milk. It was rich and creamy, just as the cum had been, but more watery and in far greater volume. He struggled to gulp it all down, but he was determined not to release his grip. To the side, milk was shooting out of the other nipple as if it were a pressurized pump. When Peter began to be lightheaded from a lack of air, the low of milk finally ground to a halt, and Peter pulled off the nipple gasping and sputtering.

Based on the volume of milk he’d drunk, Peter would normally feel bloated and nauseous. For some reason, though, all he felt was a curious warm tingle in his gut that spread throughout his body. He began to pant as the heat bloomed throughout his body, though he never stopped thrusting up against the cow-man’s body.

“I think you’re beginning to realize that my milk is more than just nutritious!” the cow-man said with a laugh and a knowing look in his eyes.

As the sensation continued to increase, Peter gasped out, “Wh-what’s happening to me? It feels like something’s… hnngh swelling up inside of me…”

All Peter got was a grin in response.

That was when the burning heat peaked, and Peter grew. He could feel and see each muscle group grow individually, swelling with size and power as if they had broken free from invisible chains which constricted them. The sensation was overwhelming. Every inch of his body was being packed with hard muscle, and to his delight, he found that he was swiftly approaching the size of the cow-man (apart from his pecs, which were growing but kept their size proportional to the rest of his body). Though Peter had once been toned and skinny, he was now as bulky as even the biggest lumberjacks and blacksmiths he’d seen and he hadn’t lost a hint of muscle definition.

The cow-man was clearly enjoying the show, as his cock spurted small jets of pre. Meanwhile, Peter’s attention was drawn to his cock and balls, which were experiencing the same burning sensation that his muscles had. His erection felt harder than steel. Peter let out a shaky moan of pleasure as his dick twitched and, throbbing, began to swell with growth. It felt as if his heart had moved into his groin, and with each pump, his cock ballooned outwards. His balls were not spared by this miraculous growth either, steadily swelling and stretching out his ballsack, hanging ever-lower. By the time Peter’s growth finally halted, his genitals surpassed even the cow-man’s in size. His cock had grown four inches in length tot a total of ten inches with a proportional increase in girth, while his balls grew to be as large as half a fist each.

This final burst of growth drove Peter over the edge, his newly-grown balls pulling up as he neared orgasm. He reached out and grabbed the cow-man’s horns, using them as leverage to pick up the pace of a final frenzy of thrusts. In return, the cow-man pulled Peter in for a surprisingly tender kiss as both of them came, both cocks shooting spurts of warm, slick cum that mixed between them and spread across their abs and chests. The orgasm continued for literal minutes, with both Peter and the cow-man letting loose copious amounts of cum in the process.

Peter rolled over and laid down next to the cow-man, suddenly feeling exhausted. He tried to fight off the siren song of sleep, his eyes drooping. Sleeping naked in the woods was extremely foolish, and yet, it felt like such a good idea at the moment.

The cow man noticed Peter’s sleepiness, and spoke with a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry boy,” he said as he stood, “After all that growth your body needs a rest. And these forests—they’re special. The only “wild beasts” you’ll find are the kind you want to meet. If you choose to seek them out, of course,” he said with a wink.

“Oh, and there’s one more thing: I’ve got a little boon for you. Consider it a gift for making me cum so hard—you’re a talented kid.” The cow-man laid his palm on Peter’s forehead, and Peter felt a surge of some kind of energy pass into him. His balls, which felt totally drained a moment before, suddenly felt refreshed and ready for anything. They tugged lightly at his groin with a newfound heaviness.

“The gift of stamina, the endurance of the bull, is now yours. Something tells me you’re going to need it, kid,” said the cow-man in a solemn but satisfied voice. And with that, Peter finally closed his eyes and let the warm embrace of sleep overtake him…

Peter awoke clothed and surprisingly clean. His clothes were tight on his newly bulky body. His shirt failed to cover his midriff, displaying his abs and light treasure trail. Meanwhile, his pants were practically form-fitting on his sculpted legs, bulging obscenely in the front and failing to cover the highly pronounced “V” shape of his waist.

I bet that cow-man just dressed me to see how much I’ve grown, he mused, as he studied his current appearance. It was honestly, in some ways, just as erotic as walking around naked. Though, thinking back to what the cow-man had said about others in the forest, perhaps that was a good thing. Peter grinned.

Peter’s excitement was interrupted when he glanced over at the abandoned cart on the road. There was still work to be done…

Since I’m taking the shortcut, I should have lots of time for some further… exploration, he reasoned. Deciding not to give himself time to change his mind, Peter confidently made his way into the depths of the forest.

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