Jacob and Dameian

by Honkycat

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Jacob sat in his bedroom when he decided that he would go ahead and go out. Jacob sat on the edge of his bed, putting on the Levi's, debating which club in Dallas to go to. He liked JR's, but ever since the remodeling the crowd there gets a little silly, something Jacob doesn't necessarily deal well with. After debating between Village Station (“James or Joe? I always forget that bartender's name in the back, with the ponytail … ”), and the Round-Up (“Am I in a C&W kind of mood tonight?”), he went off the board and headed down Cedar Springs to Throckmorton. When he turned onto Throckmorton, he finds a parking place right up front (“Doris Day Parking” as one of Jacob's sassier friends called it), and proceeded in to Throckmorton Mining Company.

Throckmorton Mining Company is one of the smaller bars in the Big D, but it does have its charm. What Jacob likes about this bar is its lack of pretentiousness. These people (for better or worse) come here as themselves, mostly … not to show off the newest Tommy-style shirt or Calvin-anything. This isn't an S&M bar—stand and model, but rather a f ind-some-drinks-some-pool-and-some-dude s kind of place. And Jacob's in that kind of mood tonight.

He fits in here well … he stands 6’1” and weighs in at 180 lbs. of lean meat … he's quite a sight with his shirt off, and his long black hair cascades down over his shoulders, accenting his charcoal gray eyes. He looks around the room, to see if there is anyone that grabs his interest on this Friday night. That's about when he sees Dameian.

Dameian is from New Orleans. He's about 5’11” and carries about 150 pounds of ebony muscle. His dark-rich-caramel skin sets a light backdrop for his braids that come splashing down across his defined shoulders which hint at his defined body. The scintillating black silk long-sleeve shirt shows that the shoulders aren't lying. In fact, it was that shirt that caught Jacob's attention. This wasn't the first time that Jacob laid eyes on Dameian. He has seen him here before once and once back in New Orleans. In fact, it was the time that Jacob discovered the Power. Jacob recalled that night …

It was a sweet-smooth night, that evening three years ago, in the Big Easy, during Labor Day Weekend which is known around the world as Southern Decadence, a mini-Mardi Gras, of sorts. Jacob had been in French Quarter the entire evening, and was now sitting on the corner of Rampart and St. Ann, resting, waiting for the guy from Wolfendale's to come out with his phone number. As he sat there, Jacob noticed that a guy was sitting on stoop just down the street. He still wasn't sure what it was about the man that made him look, but there was some not-quite-right quality about him. Jacob felt drawn to go over to him-again this was very out of character. Here's a man who has never been in a large city like this before, at 3 a.m., walking over to a strange man on a dark street in a pulsing city. But Jacob did it. But, as he crossed the street, a car came around the corner-Jacob still remembers to this date that it was a White Grand Am, which honked at him. After turning to the car, he dived out of the way, but the man is gone when he went back to look. All that shows Jacob that he hadn't totally lost his mind was a small leather-bound worn book. The front was written in a language he didn't understand, but the inside was all in that the pants were barely containing. This made his own shaft leap to attention as he stroked through the fabric the hard white meat that wanted so desperately to come out.

“Ya trust me?” Jacob asked.

“Sure” Dameian quickly replied.

“I'm going to show you a good time … one that you have never, ever had before. But I need you to undress, and relax.”

“Ummm … OK” Dameian wasn't sure why he trusted this complete stranger so, but he did as he was told. He stripped down in front of the beautiful dark-haired man. He was proud of his chiseled, tight frame, with his ebony tool jutting out before him, hard, seeking a warm mouth to take it. Jacob reached out and put his lips around the tip of his tool. Dameian felt a tingle all over. “Now just relax, and I will show you the time of your life.” Dameian couldn't even tense if he had wanted to. He was lying in an incredibly soft bed, with this beautiful stranger over him, be it felt so good. He watched as Jacob started sucking on his seven-inch ebony shaft, going up and down on it. It was quite the sight to see this white man's lips wrapped around his dark shaft, coming all the way down to the hand surrounding the base. But it felt different. Something is going on. Something unusual. He watched and figured out that his dick looked bigger. It looked longer. When Jacob took a rest between strokes and let his dick just fall, he knew something was up (no pun intended): his dick came up to his belly button. It had never reached that far before. Jacob slid his mouth down on it, as Dameian could feel his mouth slide around his dick. He felt it hit the back of Jacob's mouth, and then he felt the intense friction, and subsequent suction that told Dameian that Jacob was deep-throating him. It felt so incredible. His dick just kept growing. He was in heaven, never noticing that Jacob never had to take a breath, as he face-fucked Jacob. When he slowed for a minute to take his dick out, he slid it out, and slid it out, and slid it out! It was three times the size it was going in, it reached past his belly button and now the beautiful dark shaft was well on his way up his abs!

“I know you are confused. Just wait. It will get more interesting before this is all over.” Jacob leaned in and kissed Dameian. Dameian felt like something transpired in that kiss, because he wasn't worried. In fact, he thought, this could be fun!

That's when Jacob did the most amazing thing. Dameian was lying there, on his back, enjoying one of the best blow jobs his 7 inch—well, now 15 ½ inch dick has ever had, and then Dameian started feeling a tongue in his ass. It felt so good, licking around the rim of his smooth black ass, probing inside him, warm, slick, slithering around in him. He then realized that he had never turned over, but Jacob had flipped the bottom half of him over. He was looking down at his own ass!

“I've turned you into a sort of human Silly Putty. I can mold you, shape you, shift you, twist you, make you into whatever you want to be. Into whatever I want you to be!”

With that Jacob slid up Dameian's hard smooth body, and plunged his 8-inch dick right into Dameian's ass. It didn't hurt because his ass was putty (literally) around Jacob's hard white dick. He leaned forward and kissed Jacob, sucking on his tongue, while Jacob smoothed his dick in and out of his bubble-butt. He fucked in and out of Dameian, and it felt so good for the both of them.

Jacob reached over and started jacking off Dameian, and brought his dick around to his own lips. Dameian stared, as Jacob, while still inside his ass, was sucking on his huge black pole. It looked more like a black snake now, as Jacob looked up at Dameian.

“How 'bout something you never thought possible!” Jacob said. And with that, he stretched Dameian's dick up to Dameian's own mouth! Dameian naturally opened his mouth, and in came his very own dick! It felt incredible! Dameian was lying there, face-up, with his ass in the air too, with this longhaired white boy pummeling it, and his very own dick stretched around up into his own mouth! Dameian was sucking furiously on his own dick. It was so intense a feeling that he shot a creamy load into his own mouth. Wave after wave of ecstasy flowed into Dameian's own mouth. He sucked out every drop of cum out of his dick.

“Now taste me!” Jacob announced his climax, and shot a hot load of man-milk into Dameian's ass, and Dameian felt it go into him. He felt it boil in his nuts. Then, all of a sudden, Dameian felt another climax, this one harder then the one that he just shot not ten seconds before, as Jacob's cum traveled up Dameian's shaft and out through his tip, shooting more cum into Dameian's mouth, until the white fluid spilled out of Dameian's soft, full lips, and dripped down his ebony skin, landing on his shoulders …

And that was just the beginning … Jacob made sure of that …

Lying on his back on the soft bed, Dameian awoke from a hard sleep, opening his eyes in this foreign bedroom. It only took a few minutes for Dameian to get reacquainted with the room that he had been in for the last 12 hours. He felt tore up after last night. It was an—incredible event. For the first time, he had swallowed his own cum-which in itself was not that amazing-had it not been for the fact that he had swallowed his own dick! He immediately looked down. He was intact. In fact, he was normal. No weird three-foot stretched dick, no 180°-flipped waist. He was lying in this plush down feather bed naked, back to how he was before. Before last night. He smiled to himself as his hand glided down his body. There's just something to feeling yourself just to make sure which part was dream and which part was reality, he thought. He smoothed over his silky skin, enjoying his own touch, rubbing his abs. He readjusted his spent dick and turned onto his side. He moved his braids out from underneath his smooth black shoulder, and went back to sleep. He was jostled out of this dream state by someone shaking him. It was Jacob, smiling, his own black hair sliding down his olive-smooth, naked upper torso.

“Dame, wake up.”

“I think I need to rest a little longer—last night was definitely—energy- draining. I don't think I'm still quite sure what the hell happened.”

Jacob smiled. There was something definitely unique about Dame, and he knew that from back at the club in New Orleans. Just staring at him lying on his side with his beautiful braids swaying down over the pillow and his peaceful, full lips was enough to get Jacob aroused.

“Are you ready for some more?”

Dameian couldn't help but smile. Jacob was good people. Logic told him that he really couldn't make that kind of an assessment without really spending some time with him, and getting to know his values and morals, but there was something inside of Dameian that told him just that: Jacob was good people. And a fine-ass dude, at that.

Jacob was debating what to do with this man this morning, as he saw Dameian squint against the incoming sunlight, his sweet lips broken in a smile that showed his pearl-whites. “What route to go this morning—”

“Is this going to be a repeat of last night?” Dameian said. “I'm not sure my body is up for that.”

“Dame, everything I do to you is just as easily undone. I do this to make the lovemaking more interesting. We can have just as great of a time without doing anything 'special.' But hey, 'if you got it-flaunt it,' isn't that how it goes?”

At the concept of being under this man's control, Dameian's dick rose to attention, rising all seven inches, which was about four inches too many to go unnoticed.

“Ahhh—We've got a player!” Jacob grinned. “Well, it looks like although your head isn't too sure about the whole concept, your other head has just sold you down the river. Well, be prepared. And let the games begin!”

Dameian couldn't help but laugh, as Jacob launched onto him on the bed, wrestling him down, and sliding down onto Dameian's dick, which by that time was at full-mast. Jacob slowly encircled his lips around the dark-pink head of his cock, and started sucking on it, licking it, and making it a part of him. Dameian's body relaxed as he felt a tingle throughout him, but he didn't care. He felt like he was in good hands. Jacob started going up and down on Dameian, feeling his dick with his tongue, letting the thick black dick fill his mouth, and slowly nestle into the back of the throat before slowly going back up on it and repeating the process. Dameian's hips ground into Jacob's mouth as it hit the back of the throat, and Dameian felt his cock go into Jacob's throat and slide down it, as Jacob reached the base of the dick and rubbed his nose into the curly black pubes. As Dameian started fucking Jacob's throat, he noticed that Jacob hadn't come up for air. “Must be that magic,” he thought, and started bucking his hips harder into his mouth. His mouth felt incredible. He was sucking on his dick and moving up and down on it, smoothly—it felt like this was where his dick was made to go—It was hot, smooth, sweet, horny-make-you-moan sex. Just the way that Dameian liked it.

Jacob was slurping up that dick, having it fill him, feeling it in his throat, feeling at home here—he had gotten out his eight inch dick and was jacking off as he filled himself of Dameian. It felt like deepthroating a warm popsicle, he thought, but this one didn't have a flavor, just a cool noise it would make. They flipped over and Dameian was grinding into Jacob's mouth, as Jacob sprawled out on the bed. He was pinned to the bed by Dameian's dick. He went down to the root on Dameian, and held it there, tightening his throat, undulating the swallowing mechanism of it around this beautiful prick, and with each squeeze, forced another moan out of Dameian. It was a low, hard, sexy-ass moan. One that actually got Jacob to stroke his big dick even faster.

Jacob grabbed Dameian's ass, and clenched it, pushing more of Dameian into his mouth, just holding the ass he rode the night past. It felt so smooth and tight in his hands. Either from having his rod in his mouth, or from the caressing of his butt cheeks, Dameian flexed his butt and his dick, and it had the effect of forcing more dick down Jacob's throat.

It was at this point that Jacob felt Dameian get harder. He felt him get a little wider (he was thinking to himself that he didn't know this was possible without a little help from him), and the animalistic groan of Dameian's eeked out a “I'm gonna cum.” He felt the first pulse inside Dameian's dick and kept the dick in his throat and started using his muscles swallowing. Each time he swallowed, Dameian's “Uhhh—” staccatoed higher into a “Damn” and then dropped again. He just kept his throat wrapped around Dameian's dick, feeling the warm, pulsing power of it. Jacob pulled halfway off so he could taste some of Dameian's cum—It was actually a little sweeter than one would expect. It surprised Jacob as he milked the dick with his left hand into his mouth. Dameian started to lurch forward as he squeezed out the last of this shot onto his awaiting pink tongue.

Dameian was covered in sweat, and from the waist up, looked like he'd played a mean game of 1-on-1 with someone. Jacob sat up and smiled at Dameian. “Damn, dude, that was hot.”

Dameian looked at him, winded, and said, “—you tellin' me?” He laughed.

Jacob grinned. He kneed himself up on the bed and kissed him on the lips. “Man, he's got some sweet soft lips” he thought to himself. “See?” He said out loud. “We can have a pretty good time without having to do anything supernatural.”

“That was pretty damn hot, man.”

“Let's see how hot you think this is—”

Jacob laid back, and went spread-eagle around Dameian's torso, jacking off. He stroked his dick back and forth while inching up onto Dameian—He could feel Dameian's spent dick slowly coming back to life. He stroked his dick two- handed, looking up into the liquid eyes of his partner, which were focused on him jacking off.

“You want to know how that feels? Most people think it's kinda weird the technique I use to jack off.”

“I'm—it's intriguing.”

Although Dameian was trying to mask his interest, his face testified against him. Jacob was making all the gyrations of a bottom at him, and Dameian's dick thought it was a pretty good idea. He was voting, by pushing up on Jacob's round ass.

“You have a condom, man?” Dameian said.

“You don't have to use one with me—I have that taken care of.”

“Sure man—I still prefer to use one.”

“I understand, and I'll go get you one, but I want you to know that in this case it's unnecessary. In day to day stuff man, yeah, you should, but with me, because of what I can do, you don't—sorry…this is spoiling the mood—hang on.”

Jacob got up and went to his dresser and got Dameian a condom. He unwrapped it for him, and slid it down on Dameian's dick. It was a solid black condom, and just made his dick look like one of those huge dicks that you always hear about a friend of a friend of a friend riding.

Dameian positioned himself back between Jacob's thighs with his dick pointing right up at Dameian. He maneuvered a little bit to get inside of Jacob, and slid in just a little bit. Jacob let fly a “mmmm” that graveled across Dameian's body. “This is an ass you won't soon forget, Dame.”

Dameian smiled his sweet, crooked smile, cocking his head to the left, as he pushed in a little more. “Which ass? This one? This one right here?” And with that pushed in more, causing Jacob's eyes to close and a face full of ecstasy to form. Jacob continued jacking off his dick, as Dameian gave him a little more, right as Jacob groaned in the affirmative to Dameian's rhetorical questions. His hole pulsed with every stroke he gave his hard dick. In fact, Dame felt the insides of Jacob stroking his dick. It felt incredible, tight. He pushed in a little more. “You like that, don't you, J-man?! Huh? You want more?”

Dameian pushed his thick pole all the way inside Jacob, stabbing through him, it felt like. Dame then felt Jacob tighten on the tip of his dick, squeezing his dick. He started to back up, and back out, but he couldn't. He physically couldn't move back. The grip inside Jacob was holding Dameian, not in an uncomfortable way, but just holding him, teasing him. Slowly Dameian felt the grip on his dick slide down his pole, and the go back up the pole, milking his dick. He saw stars with his eyes closed it felt that fucking good to him. This stroke kept going slowly up and down his dick, grabbing him at the base, and gliding up his dick, increasing pressure as it got to his mushroom headed prick. He opened his eyes to see an unusual sight.

“Told you you've never fucked an ass like this before.”

Jacob was still in the same position that Dameian had him in from before—what had changed was Jacob's dick. Jacob was jacking off in front of Dameian, but with Dameian's dick. Dameian stared as he could feel every stroke that Jacob was doing with his black dick, probably because there it was in front of him getting jacked off. It was actually a weird sight for Dameian to see: there was Jacob, on his back, his black hair behind him, disheveled, stroking a sweet, ebony dick, up and down on his ivory skin. It might have looked out of place, but by Dameian's standards, it couldn't have been anywhere better. He could feel the warmth of Jacob's ass, the palm of his hand, the strength of his grip, and his weird technique of twisting his wrist as he comes up—

Jacob saw the expression on Dameian's face. Of all the things he liked to do with another man using the Power, this was one of his favorites—It was an incredible mixture of feelings: first of all, the look of having this obsidian cock rising out of his own pubic hair is an unbelievable sight, and then to feel his hand around it, blood pulsing through it; feeling his dick in there too, like jacking two people off at the exact same time with the exact same stroke; enjoying the sensation of being fucked, filled with this handsome man's dick; and the pleasure of knowing that he was pleasuring Dameian too. He knew this because as he approached his climax, he knew that Dameian was too. In fact, because their dicks were both one, he knew that he was going to shoot when Dameian shot. And to speed matters along, Dameian's innate sense of topping Jacob made him hit his prostate with every wiggle, every stroke.

Then, Dameian, on his haunches, saw happen again what transpired the night previous. He watched as his dick grew with each stroked. It lengthened as Jacob jacked it off toward him, slowly growing with each two-handed tug that the white boy pulled. It got a little thicker, and passed Jacob's abs, and then Jacob's sternum. This was incredibly hot, Dameian thought. He was amazed in all of his experiences with white guys-well, make that with anyone-he had never seen something like this! Jacob curled in and started sucking the tip of his own/their dick, and Dameian with his dick in Jacob's ass could feel his sweet lips wrapped around the tip!

It was getting really hot in this room for them, and sweat was mingling in the air, as was the sugary smell of sex. Without even looking down (although he was absolutely compelled to), Dameian could tell that Jacob was deep-throating his dick, swallowing on it again, but there was a definite difference this time. As the pending orgasm started to coalesce, and Dameian's vision started to cloud, he saw the image he will always remember: Dameian's silk chocolate body, squatted back, with Jacob's legs straddling him. Between Jacob's legs, just below the surface, Dameian's dick was working overtime rubbing Jacob's prostate, in a condom. But right there, in plain view, hard as a Milli Vanilli Reunion, was Dameian's dick and balls, growing out of Jacob's crotch instead of the smooth pink dick and wrinkled sac that had been there minutes ago. Dameian's dick inside the condom walls was feeling everything that Jacob was doing to it, which currently was sucking it. Jacob had stretched Dameian's/his own/their dick to about 32 inches long, and now was halfway down Jacob's throat.

Jacob opened his eyes as he felt the mounting tension, and slowly he curled his toes. In fact, he felt them pass the point of no return, and felt them reach a higher peak than he had ever been on, than he had ever known. He came off of sucking that dick to say “Oh my God—Holy—Damei—This is—I'm gonna—”

At the exact same time, Dameian felt the increase in stroke, the tighter grip, and knew he was about to cum. Jacob quickly went back down on the thing, swallowing it. Through the panting, Dameian managed a savage growl with utterances that no one would understand just as the first load shot out of his/their dick. It expanded in Jacob's throat, and he could feel the pulsating cock spraying down his throat. It was incredible for Jacob because not only could he feel his dick pulse, but also he could feel it pulsing in his throat. And when he swallowed around it, his dick registered that sensation for him too. And each time his dick pulsed, Dameian's dick in his ass pulsed against his prostate, causing another spasm.

Dameian was just as leveled. As he shot, he could feel the inside of Jacob's tight ass tighten, right as Jacob swallowed. But since he was staring at his stretched dick in Jacob's mouth, in effect, he was getting a blowjob. That sight really got him horny, and subsequently kept him shooting. He felt like Jacob's ass was pulling cum out of him, as he kept shooting. Finally, they both felt this climax ebb.

As the spasms that follow such an intense climax ceased, Dameian collapsed on top of Jacob, and looking at him through a forest of braids, smiled a bright Cheshire Cat smile. “That—That was—incred—just simpl—I'm impressed, man” Dameian stuttered, between breaths.

Jacob smiled his lopsided smile and said, “I definitely can't take all the credit.”

Dameian grinned. They fell asleep in that position, with Jacob lying on his back, and Dameian on top, and in him. They both had grins that lasted through the rest of the afternoon.

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