Stretchy summer’s day

by Josh Dugan

The cool thing is that all this is really happening; it's not some digitally generated special effect.

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It was such a relaxing day, warm and fragrant with a pleasant breeze stirring the shade trees. I had mixed pina coladas for everyone, with a little stretch powder to spike the drinks and help “melt the ice.” All the guys had been looking forward to our pool party and picnic, because it gave us all a chance to enjoy each other's company and to see how all of our tans and body building were progressing.

I was inside getting ice, feeling pleasant and kind of turned on by all the handsome guys. The guys' bodies were looking really good, tanned and muscular, and I was looking forward to seeing them as they started stretching when the powder went to work on them.

I had finished filling the ice tray and turned the cold water tap off, twisting it around. My wrist twisted like taffy as my hand went around several turns until the faucet was all the way off. I giggled to myself. The stretching powder was taking effect. I held my hand up and watched it spin a few lazy turns as my wrist went back to its regular shape.

I do have nice hands, large and smooth, and it looked neat to watch the wrist twist and untwist. I put the ice tray down and interlocked the fingers of both hands, and bent my hands downward and around and under and up. Then around and down again a few times, my arms pleasantly deforming. I smiled to myself. This was cool. I reversed direction and spun them out straight again, finally unclasping my hands.

I loved that stretching powder! I picked up the ice tray, but decided not to walk over to the 'fridge.

Instead, I reached out one hand across the room, my arm telescoping silently until my hand reached the freezer door, and I opened it, and my other hand carried the ice tray over and into the open door on its own stretched arm.

Job done, I closed the freezer door and retrieved both my hands. Cool!

I could bend my arm between the wrist and elbow, fold it on itself either way or, grabbing it with my other hand, stretch it like taffy. I could keep my shape, too, if I willed it. I wondered about my legs.

I stood on one foot and bent the other leg, grabbing it behind my back with my hands. A little tug and I felt a tingle, and I could pull the foot and the lower part of my leg up and over my shoulder. It felt kind of warm and sexy having my own leg over my shoulder, and I could feel the fine leg hairs gentle on my face. I could twist the shin and ankle like taffy, and point the foot away from me or right at me. I twisted it around a few times, and smiled as it slowly untwisted. I helped it back across my shoulder as my leg went back to its regular shape. This was awesome!

I struck a muscular pose, feeling quite magical and studly there in my speedos. Then, on a whim, I let myself collapse, and my legs, torso, arms and neck literally tumbled to the floor, like a fallen rag doll. My arms were impossibly bent and tangled, my legs a fallen heap of tangled muscle. My cheek rested against a warm foot. I wiggled the toes and scratched my ear. I laughed.

I suddenly realized I was kinda drunk, but even then I was so turned on my my body's stretching power! I reached a long arm up to the counter top, stretching it far above me, and my hand found a grip. I was able to pull myself up, letting my body resume its normal shape, quite handsome if I do say so myself.

The sound of aroused young males laughing made me remember that they were probably feeling the effects of the stretching powder in their pina coladas out there, too. I fairly floated through the house to the backyard door, my stride somewhat lengthened as my feet planted themselves far beyond the ordinary reach of my legs. I stood my body by the door and let my neck crane out the door. I telescoped my neck and let it bend around the door jam like a cartoon character, and, sure enough, a stretch party was in full swing.

Quite literally in swing, as guys were tying each others's arms and legs to the trees and using each other as handsome, sexy hammocks. “I'm dreaming!” one of my blonde friends laughed, his tall boyfriend's body enveloping him as he swung back and forth on his beautiful male hammock.

“Gentlemen,” he intoned, holding his boyfriend's elongated penis like a microphone, his other hand playing with the balls and the stretched base, “start your engines.”

“Anyone's lawn need watering?” another handsome stud called out, unreeling his endless lengths of penis from the garden hose caddy. “Yippee yo ki-yay!”

yelled another guy, twirling his rope-length penis in a loop overhead, holding its base with his other hand, and finally lassooing another guy with it. “Cool!” the guy said, enjoying the snakelike penis holding him captive.

As the penis dragged the guy towards his cowboy captor, other guys grabbed the feet and held them, everyone laughing and turned on as the guy's handsome body stretched out across the yard in a sexy tug-of-war.

There was more laughter from the other side of the lawn, where what had started as a game of leapfrog was turning into muscular guys dissolving in laughter as they sabotaged each others' leaps, grabbing ankles or wrists and sending their boyfriends tumbling down in stretched and splayed tangles of arms, legs and torsos that still shook with laughter. More and more guys let themselves tumble into loose collections of limbs, throwing themselves into the handsome pile of snaking bodies and stretched apart limbs. It looked kinda like an earthquake in a statue factory, but all the parts were alive and quite sexy as they snaked all over each other, bodies, legs, arms, necks, and the huge, uncontrollably lengthening penises.

Guys were sending their penises after each other like snakes in the grass, the giant sexy penises wigging and wagging this way and that until they found the handsome ass or the beautiful lips they were looking for. It was sexy! It was also funny, as arms snaked after torsos, and large, sexy male hands grabbed waists and feet and tickled mercilessly. Though erotic pile of entwined male bodies was confusing, you could usually match up the handsome face laughing with tears in his eyes and crying for mercy with the victimized foot being tickled by remote-control hands.

In the pool, guys swam like beautiful eels, their lengthened, tanned bodies undulating beneath the surface. Bodies poured down the water slide and slid silently below the cool surface. Young men entwined like octopusses, their bodies warmly wrapped in a sexy twist, their faces smiling at each other with gentle drunken arousal, lips sucking each other in sweet french kisses.

Tongues lolled forth, wrapping around necks and shoulders, snaking after nipples and finally twining around the equally outsized, lengthening penises.

Throats and necks engorged with the giant snakelike penises, stretching in length and thickness to swallow the giant genitalia whole.

Guys groaned with arousal as their jaws and throats stretched prodigiously, eating each other whole. A beautiful guy calmly sucked his boyfriend's enormous enlongated penis, his graceful, muscular neck stretched and reaching up from within the boyfriend's mouth as he rested comfortably within his boyfriend's body, swallowed whole.

One guy served his enormous penis to his boyfriend, and as the boyfriend swallowed, the first guy's penis visibly pulsed with gallons of come from its distended prostate. When the guy had sucked down all the come, the first guy stretched the second guy's penis up from its base and gave the guy seconds from his own huge penis.

Two other guys, very tall and beautiful, appeared headless at first, but on second glance I saw it was their bodies embracing while each held his own head in his arm, neck stretched down from between the shoulders; the faces alternately kissed or spoke or sucked each other's penis.

I had to come so bad, and I was so stretchy by now it was hard to walk. The hammock guys were in a similar condition, drooping on the ground. We mostly rolled or helped carry each other to the pulsing twine of human males, for an embrace and an experience of male love I'll never forget. Arms and hands from everywhere found me and stretched me, legs lovingly wrapped their muscular warm length around me, handsome faces stretched to me on long necks for kisses and smiles of love. Every penis found a home in a mouth or a beautiful male behind, and the come just kept on pumping.

I awoke in the warm summer's dawn, mostly my own shape again, gently cushioned on the beautiful bodies of my wonderful friends. The occasional arm was wrapped three or four times around a friend's body, and two guys were trying out all their double-jointed parts—but nobody can really dangle their feet around their own shoulders, so I knew that the stretch powder was still wearing off.

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