How to catch a merman

by brazboy

The Lake Three Star is a forbidden place for humans, but its waters are said to be imbued with magical powers, and it is said that magical half-fish and half-human creatures live there, although they haven’t been seen in hundreds of years. Rafael is sure he has found a way to catch them, though, and by doing so he is certain to get fame and fortune…

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Rafael was a learned man, but he was also poor. He had read in the books about how in the olden days fishermen used to visit lake Three Stars and catch large amounts of exquisite fish there, and even an odd merman or mermaid, which they would then sell for a large price to the noblemen of the lowlands. To those few lucky ones, life around the lake was a passport to abundant wealth, but even to those who lived on the sale of fish alone, lake Three Stars provided them with abundance for their families for generations. That was a long time ago, however, as since many years men were forbidden from accessing lake Three Stars and all the techniques of fishing there had been lost to history.

He, however, had visited the shores of the lake in many occasions, and honestly, although the place was beautiful, he didn’t find it to be as special as the books described it to have been—yes, the mountains around it created a nice scenery, and surely such vast quantities of waters in such a high altitude were a truly amazing sight to behold, and indeed it had to be acknowledged that the three islands in the lake were each prettier than the last with their trees of white, yellow and pink leaves. However, Rafael couldn’t sense the magic the old books talked about, even when he went so far as to put his feet on the water—which was strictly forbidden.

There seemed to be nothing special there.

Soon, Rafael was visiting the lake every day, and each day he’d be a bit bolder about it than in the day before—first, he only stayed on the beach; then, he touched the water with his bare hands; then he put his feet on the water; and finally, he brought a fishing rod and tried to fish in the lake waters. Eventually, he decided to build a small raft, and tried fishing with his rod in deeper waters, to no success—not even there, in the middle of the lake, did the handsome lad feel the supposed magical energy of the place. He did, however, manage to get to the first of the three islands where he harvested many delicious berries and succulent fruits, and also found old pottery offerings which he later managed to sell for some good money.

The fruits he found there in the white island, finally, had the glee of magical energy he had been looking for so desperately.

A bit more excited after finally earning something from his visits to the lake, Rafael soon returned to the library in order to study the old texts which other people didn’t even bother to read anymore. One passage of particular interest read: “fishing Three Star Lake is more like harvesting than casting metal. A net is useful, but not necessary; it is the labor of men which is necessary and useful.” He pondered over the inscription for many days—was that a consideration on how all work comes from the human body? Perhaps a response to materialism or phenomenology? But why would an old priest from a village in the countryside write about such things? Particularly when the next section read, “and so the work of a fisherman is not unlike the work of a priest; the first uses one’s body to capture more bodies, the second uses one’s soul to capture more souls.” It simply made no sense.

Visiting the lake everyday now, Rafael got in the habit of going to the islands and eating more of their delicious berries and sweet fruits. The produce of each island had a particular taste, but they were all juicy and delicious and he liked the variety of visiting different islands every day.

Soon, Rafael noticed he was growing stronger—surely from all the rowing, walking, and hiking he was doing. His penis was also constantly getting hard, and he, being an expert on his own anatomy, couldn’t help but notice that over the seasons visiting the islands his penis grew substantially—from some proud 21 centimeters, to outstanding 27 centimeters by the summer, and then 33 centimeters by autumn. When the leaves were falling from the trees, Rafael was having to masturbate twice a day, once before he left for the lake, and once after he came back home, and soon, he’d add a third time, after eating the berries in the islands for lunch.

Not long after he started masturbating three times daily, Rafael changed his strategy of self-pleasure at home from the traditional jacking-off to actually taking his own engorged cockhead into his mouth and sucking it wholeheartedly—that, for one, because it was pleasurable to an excruciating degree, but also for pragmatical reasons: the lad was getting increasingly afraid of having his copious orgasms discovered by his brothers as the size of his orgasms grew, if he ever happened to not be careful enough in cleaning. This problem, at least, was immediately and satisfactorily resolved by ingesting the products of his balls. After just one attempt, however, Rafael was rather hooked by the taste and texture of his spunk, from which he also felt some of the magical glow he tasted in the fruits harvested from the islands.

During most of this time Rafael tried fishing with a net by the shores of lake Three Stars: he’d go knees deep in the water by the morning (just deep enough that his balls would hover over the water, without touching it), throw his net, and then pull it back and see what he would catch—a few small fish, but nothing like what the books reported many years ago. The abundant catches of the past were no more, unless he was doing something wrong. He decided to go deeper, and deeper, making his large low hanging balls shiver under the cold water, but that didn’t help. He sighed, and then went to his raft and to the yellow island, to eat some fruits before trying to fish again during the evening.

That time, however, it was particularly hot and he sweated a lot as he climbed the trees with his hard cock oozing cum on his clothes; soon, he decided to take off his shirt, as usual. When he did eat this large sweet and succulent fruit Rafael enjoyed it a lot, however, he ended up letting much of its juice fall on his shorts. He cursed, and then decided to remove them and clean them in the lake’s clear water—after all, it’s not like anybody else visited the lake, anyway. He hadn’t yet jacked off this evening, however, and so his cock was hard and leaking pre from having rubbed on the tree’s bark as he climbed it earlier. Rafael thus finished his fruit and went to the shore of the island, and entered the water to his knees and then sat on a stone and put his short under the water to start cleaning it. As he finished it, he decided that the water was so agreeable, so wonderful, so deliciously warm and fresh at the same time, that he would go in for a swimming for a change.

“In fact, I can’t believe I’ve been coming to this lake for more than half a year and yet I haven’t swam here once,” he thought to himself. “As plain and normal as its waters seem to be, I must accept it is a very beautiful and nice lake, and now my body is strong enough for me to confidently swim even in its deep waters… in fact, I think I could even swim back to the shore if I wanted to,” he pondered, and smiled, before deciding to do just that, in order to challenge himself and his growing muscular frame. And so he, for the first time, jumped fully in the waters of the Three Stars lake, and swam through them.

“It is funny how they feel on my naked skin, both fresh and warm… it tingles a little,” he thought, swimming and breathing well and quickly, until he was about half way between the island and the shore. He then felt a weird sensation in his hard bouncy cock, as if something was holding his cockhead and sliding around it. He stopped then and there and lowered his hand to his organ, and then touching it he found a large beautiful fish whose mouth was sucking on his cock. He freaked out, and held the fish between his hands and pulled it from his large hard member, but the fish resisted, pulling back in, effectively sucking his cock for a good thirty seconds until Rafael managed to pull it off and he came profusely in the lake’s water. When he brough the fish up he saw it was a large adult specimen—it was very colorful, like the fish pictured in the old books, and some magic seemed to glow from it.

“So… is this the answer?!” he thought to himself “It cannot be!” he thought again, but then he let go of the fish, surprised, as an even larger creature was now sucking on his cock and he had to pull it up again, against its wishes; the creature resisted being pulled off Rafael’s cock and thus the fishjob this time lasted more than three minutes. When the lad did manage to pull it from his leaky cockhead, he found it to be another colorful and large, expensive fish.

“It is!” he thought to himself, filled with surprise, and his cock throbbed in excitement.

After that day, Rafael stopped masturbating at home completely, and even sucking himself there was something he’d only do in rare and desperate occasions. Instead, he would choose to go to the lake in the early morning to fish. He’d fully undress and then enter the waters until they reached his knees (and by then his balls went lower than that), as always, but then he’d masturbate and ejaculate on the lake, and when the fish came to taste his seed, he’d throw his net. He was quite successful that way, catching lots of fish which he’d sell for a decent price to some merchants who’d agree to take them far from his village and sell them for a more decent value in the lowlands (as he didn’t want anyone knowing he caught them in Lake Three Stars).

During this period, Rafael continued going to the islands to eat their fruits, but now he’d take them home and eat them in his every meal, which made his cock continue growing alongside his muscles and even his height. He grew so much, in fact, that he was starting to attract unwanted attention in his village from a few women and men who before would have scorned at him. Seeing his feeble brothers, Rafael would also start sharing his food with his family, which slowly turned his them into a collection of hunks who simply couldn’t get enough of his healthy fruits. Given how he started at times unwillingly catching his brothers jerking off in random places, his main worry soon became how to evade their questions about where he spent all his time and the source of his delicious fruits, far more so than about the size of his own body and ejaculations.

Finally, one day, Rafael decided to take his raft to the middle of the lake and fish there. He sat on his raft and jacked off on the water. Several large and valuable fish appeared. He threw his net and caught them all, smiling widely and pleased with himself. What he didn’t realize is that his gigantic 40cm cock was now softening, and soon it slipped into the lake waters alongside his legs, as he threw in the net. After he pulled the net and caught several fish, he smiled and laid back on the raft under the sun, as his muscles glistened with his sweat, his cockhead and legs under the water. Then, a second later, he jolted up, feeling lips on his cock, and then a cozy wet mouth around his cockhead.

“Damn, another fish!” he thought and moved to catch it, but all he saw under the water was a person! Except, bellow that person was a fish tail. He looked down at him—he was a handsome figure, with pleasing curly hairs which flowed under the water almost as if he were in a painting—and the merman looked up to him as he suckled his cock, certainly eating his powerful muscles with his eyes. The merman then started sucking very strongly, and Rafael soon couldn’t resist but coming in his mouth while panting and moaning. He felt like that spunk was stolen, sucked, pulled right from his balls against his wishes.

As soon as he delivered his seed, the creature’s lips left his manhood and it swam back to the depths of the lake, and Rafael felt the lake’s cold water on his sensitive cockhead again, as it oozed the last droplets of his orgasm on the lake’s waters. “What…what was that?!” he thought to himself in surprise, until a few small fish came to clean his cockhead giving it some small pecs and making him moan and get completely off the water and back on his raft, as he pulled the small hungry fish from inside his slit..

Rafael soon accepted the importance of his discovery: not only had he uncovered the traditional and lost technique of how to fish on Lake Three Stars, but he had even found out how to catch a merman! He posited that his cock had become attractive to the fish after consuming the fruits of the islands that had also made him grow—and which he had noticed were imbued with magic. Looking at the old tomes, however, he found out that this was not entirely the case—although yes, a magic-enhanced cock was more attractive to the lake’s creatures and crucial to catching a merman, apparently all he would have had to do from day one to be somewhat successful in catching fish there was to have used his own seed (or better yet his hard cock) as bait.

He sighed, having discovered that. He knew it was a great discovery, but it also got Rafael a little bummed out as he felt like it took him too long to discover it—if he had swum on the lake naked earlier, then surely… but that was useless thinking. What mattered now, he realized, is that he knew it—and he could use this knowledge to see the merman again, hopefully. For one, he knew catching a merman could make him wealthy, if he could sell the beast; but more than that, he was curious, and the creature had the thickest, wettest and warmest lips, and coziest mouth Rafael had ever experimented. He wanted to see him again, he decided; but increasing his chances of doing so meant also increasing his cock.

And so, Rafael was constantly travelling to the islands on his raft to collect fruits to eat, leaves to make teas out of, berries to feast upon, and he even started hunting there to eat magic-imbued meat. It got so bad that soon he ate nothing but the fish of the lake and the produce of the islands, and his body grew accordingly—soon he reached 208cm in height; 51cm in cock, and a musculature which other inhabitants of his village started finding so suspicious that the priest came to talk to him and ask if he had been using dark magic. He said no, of course, but technically he didn’t know if that was true or not.

The fact that he also changed his brothers’ diets and as such had them grow alongside him turned out being fortunate, because it helped Rafael in defense.

“See, father,” he told the priest after asking his two younger brothers to come to the living room, as he served some tea. The two of the other younger lads had also grown fantastically taller and more muscular, although not quite as much as Rafael. “It is probably just something that runs in the family,” he argued, and the priest had to accept it as there were no hard evidences of wrongdoing.

Rafael’s body had changed, however, and that was undeniably magical in origin: his cock was now so long that he had to hide it under his shirt when he was hard; his muscles had become so evident that Rafael now preferred to wear tunics just to as to reveal less of his body’s true form. Still, he couldn’t hide his height gain, and so he became progressively more recluse—and being at the lake so often didn’t help his fame of being anti-social, of course. Thankfully, he had always been known as someone who wasn’t that fond of social life thanks to always spending so much time studying in the library.

Soon, during the middle of winter, Rafael felt it was an opportune moment to try to catch a merman again. More than ever, he felt confident about his body now, and he lived in a warm enough region of the world that the weather allowed him to swim comfortably all year long. And so he went back to the lake and, before even fishing, he rowed his raft to the middle of the water. Then, he prepared a few ropes, and jumped into the water, fully naked, allowing his hard cock to bob around and ooze his sweet and magic pre. He waited a few second, and a fish came and bit his cockhead; he used the full strength of his expanded muscles to pull it out and throw it on the raft, as he had—literally—bigger fish to catch. The fish’s little blowjob did help increase the amount of pre oozing out of his slit, however, which was certainly helpful in baiting more lake creatures.

Soon, another bite, this one by a thicker and much more willing lip, which went deep on his cock, until touching his groin—its suction power so strong Rafael felt as if his cockhead was being pulled, as well as compressed from all sides, by the creature’s throat. Rafael looked down to see the merman there; the same as before. The merman seemed more comfortable this time, as Rafael’s body was under water—his home element. Rafael then picked the rope from the raft and in a swift move, tied the merman by the torso. When the creature tried to escape, Rafael pulled him with one arm while using the other to grab the raft and pull himself up.

Truth be told, had it not been by his much-strengthened muscles, and thus the effect of his changed diet, Rafael would have either let go of the rope or have been brought to the depths of the lake by the merman, as he tried to swim in the other direction to escape—but as it was, after pulling for almost an hour, Rafael was able to win by fatigue. He pulled the merman up to where he was, and then hugged him and pushed him onto the raft, before pulling up himself, feeling victorious, rowing with him back to the shores of the lake—where he threw him on the sand.

“Do you understand our language?” asked Rafael, now marveling at how handsome the face of the creature was, and how nice his muscles were, as well as his thick pecs and large nipples—even now tired and sad as it was. Even his fish tail shone beautifully under the sunlight, as it had several different colors just like the fish or the islands of the lake.

“Yes…our language is the same, or very similar,” responded the creature with a thick accent, but one not that much thicker than his own, thought Rafael. He was actually shocked wthat it was that easy to communicate with a merman, and laughed out loud, as his cock trembled in its nakedness. The merman looked at him a bit scared, but especially eying his large manhood and licking his thick lips. “What do you want with me?” he asked, trembling and contracting his body as if to get a feeling of comfort.

Rafael pondered for a while before approaching the creature.

“Nothing, I think. I am just curious, as the old books tell of a people like yours living in the waters of this lake, but no one has seen you for generations, and in fact, since many years we are forbidden from coming to the lake,” Rafael answered, and the creature looked away from him and frowned.

“That is probably because we cursed your folk long ago, as you killed many of us. Even now, after many generations, we are forbidden from coming to surface, despite the curse having long been lifted,” he said, sighing, and Rafael nodded, unsure whether to trust his report or not, but accepting the information for now. He sat near the merman.

“So, if it is forbidden, why have you come to the surface?” he asked, and the creature gave a smirk.

“For the same reasons as yours, curiosity and desire. But unfortunately, ‘curiosity has killed the catfish’,” he laments, and Rafael lifts an eyebrow and then touches the creature’s muscles where the rope is tied around him—and where it made his skin red and hurt. Feeling a bit bad, Rafael suddenly stood up, went to his things, grabbed a sharp knife and went back to cut the rope.

“Killed? Nobody said anything of killing!” he said almost offended, after cutting the ropes tied to the merman, although that made the handsome creature tremble as the knife got close to his skin. “I only did not want to let you escape, it doesn’t mean I will kill you,” he finished, and the merman then nodded, unsure.

“My name is Yahanis, by the way; at your disposal,” he said, shyly, and Rafael took his hand and forcefully shook it.

“Rafael here, at your command,” he replied, and then put his knife away again and sat on the sand, as he waited for Yahanis to make himself more comfortable on the beach. “So tell me, are your people planning on cursing us humans again, if we choose to return to the lake?” Rafael asked, and Yahanis seemed to ponder for a while.

“I don’t think so, unless you return to capturing and killing us, but it is hard to say. The elders really despise humans,” he responded, and Rafael sighed and nodded.

“No plans for such things, but I do want to continue visiting the lake. This place has changed my life,” he said, and then lifts his arms. “This body, it is all thanks to eating the fruits of this land,” he said, and as the sun shone beautifully on Rafael’s sweaty muscles, Yahanis observed his tanned captor attentively. Whatever his intentions were, one could not deny he was hot.

“You means your muscles and penis? The legends of our tribe say all humans are large in strength and penile length, but you are surely bigger than average,” Yahanis responded, and Rafael laughed.

“Much bigger. I think it is the magic of the land which changed me. It probably changed those who fished here many years ago, but maybe as they had to share it, they didn’t grow quite as much as me,” mused Rafael, and Yahanis only shrugged.

“I don’t know such things, they are a mystery to our people. We have destroyed most records of the time when we were hunt. I just know humans are much longer than us, and stronger than us. You seem to fit the bill quite nicely,” said the merman, and Rafael nodded seriously, and then stood up and smiled.

Rafael spent a few seconds in silence, before saying: “Well… given how we met, I wonder if there were other plans I could have for you? Plans other than murder, that is,” he asked, and his cock which was still incredibly huge and hard was swaying around as he walked, well above the level of Yahanis face. The creature still blushed as he watched it, and licked his own lips, remembering the feeling of having Rafael’s gigantic log side him.

“If you mean to feed me, I will not refuse it,” he said, truthfully. “We love the taste of all which has life energy, and there is no better source of that than a human cock; although yours tastes better than what the elders said it would,” he admitted.

He moved his hands up to grab Rafael’s cock and pull it down towards his lips, and then between them. He soon started sucking and suckling the gigantic thing, which pushes further and further inside him as Rafael gets ever closer and starts bending his knees on the sand, his balls releasing more and more pre to feed hungry Yahanis.

“That’s probably because… I am eating only the fruits of the three islands of the lake… I think they are still… imbued in magic which increases vitality,” Rafael confessed, and Yahanis moaned in agreement around his thick and gigantic shaft, which was going deeper and deeper into his merman’s body, and in fact had already entered his throat and was making his neck bulge to accommodate it. “Damn, you can take cock well!” said a surprised Rafael, as he pushed his member as deep as possible into his eager catch. The merman was using his thick lips to suck and suck more of his cock in, as Rafael oozed more and more precum deep inside his merman’s system.

Soon Rafael was pushing, but also pulling his cock, and as such despite Yahanis wanting more and more, he was seeing his face being fucked and not only stuffed by the abnormally huge human meat spear. However, even if that was less than perfect for a feeding, Yahanis found himself loving the fucking aspect of the experience, especially as with his neck stretching and his face looking up towards Rafael’s enormous low hanging balls, he saw them swaying back and forth hypnotically, and soon slamming onto his face. The merman loved getting their strong scent all over him, as well as increasing their output when they slapped his face repetitively. His moans became loud and embarrassingly lewd.

Rafael also moaned and panted from the effort of moving his long cock in and out of Yahanis several times and increasingly fast, while the merman panted and moaned around the gigantic cock from the bliss of taking it. To him, as a merman, breathing was something he could go without for many hours—and so taking the abundant warm pre in his stomach, and having his mouth and throat filled, pierced and invaded by a large and thick human rod, and his face slapped by Rafael’s balls, was by far the most important part of what was going on.

One could even say, without any fear of error, that this was quickly becoming Yahanis’s favorite experience ever.

After several minutes of pounding, Rafael noticed a protuberance forming from Yahanis’s body, a little bellow where his tail met his human torso. He glanced at it, while holding the merman by the arms and pounding deeper and deeper inside his system, until his groin met Yohanis’s thick lips and the merman moaned violently as his protuberance throbbed and grew to about 25 centimeters in length, and acquired a fat mushroom shape. Rafael smiled seeing it and, guessing it to be the creature’s penis, bowed onto it even as his hips continued pounding his immense rod into and out of Yohanis’s mouth. Soon, Rafael kissed the merman’s hot meat, and then his lips slid around his cockhead and took it in his mouth, and he started sucking it furiously.

It didn’t take long after that for the merman to shoot his white juice inside Rafael’s mouth—the flavor was incredibly potent, and it was much thicker than normal human cum, and sweet like the lake water; also, Rafael felt the distinct glow of magic from the cum he had in his mouth, and thus he instinctively swallowed it, while Yohanis tried to moan and pant around his own gigantic rod due to the strength of his ongoing orgasm. Soon, Rafael also came inside the merman, his large balls pulled up and contracted and tensed, as huge amounts of seed were delivered deep inside the magical creature. Yahanis drank it all, his eyes rolled as he was filled, and he moaned around the gigantic member which continued to fill his upper cavity.

After Rafael’s cock stopped shooting, he stayed like that, on top of Yohanis, recovering his breath for a while—his orgasm had been so potent that it had weakened his legs a little. Soon, however, he moved and took Yohanis’s cockhead from his mouth, stood up and longingly pulled his own gigantic soft cock from Yohanis’s system to a slurping sound from the merman, who particularly licked his cockhead and slit clean of its final juices before having it pulled out of his system entirely.

“Now I know for certain why the old folks used to risk being capture to experiment your people’s seed,” he said, enchanted, and then sitting up again, looking at Rafael with shiny eyes.

“Indeed, what surprised me is that the fishermen didn’t keep the secret of your people’s existence to themselves,” responded the human, with a warm smile. “Should… I return you to the water?” he then asked, and looked at the lake. Yohanis nodded, but with a smirk.

“Yes, if I don’t return home there’ll be a ruckus and they’ll suspect I did something wrong. But I will return for you, I will come to the surface, anytime you call me. You know how to, right?” he said with a suggestive smile, and Rafael laughed and nodded, and then picked the merman up and walked with him to the water until it was more or less on his navel, and then the human dropped him in the lake. Yohanis swam around, and took Rafael’s soft cock in his hands and licked it again before pulling away.

“But don’t share it with anyone else! Neither your juices, or our secret!” he said, serious, and Rafael nods, enchanted and also afraid of what the other humans would do both to him and to the lake, if they knew that he had broken the law and found merpeople here.

After that first time, Rafael would often swim naked with his hard cock to attract Yohanis for a mutual sucking session. Exploring each other’s bodies, they discovered there were other pleasurable ways for a human and a merman to spend time, such as by having Rafael take Yohanis’s penis up his anus and guts, and, of course, having Yohanis do the same—although a merman’s hole is especially tight and thus demands a long session of foreplay before it can be penetrated, particularly by a member such as Rafael’s.

Soon, Rafael and Yohanis became close, so much so that they spent a lot of their time apart hoping for when they can meet again—not only to mate, but also to talk and share the joys of the lake’s surface which they have only for themselves. Rafael brought them succulent fruits which they can share, and even cooked them meat. The magic continued having an effect on Rafael’s body, although the speed of his growth decreased, but it seemed to have no discernible effect on Yohanis.

“Oh, that is to be expected,” said the merman, one day, after Rafael commented on it. “We harvest the lake’s magic in our dwellings and use it to grow the fruit on which we subsist. This amount of magic, as nutritious and delicious as it is, won’t be enough to change my body, considering the amount I have been exposed to since childhood,” Yohanis finished.

Rafael was really thrilled by that discovery, which to him explained why the waters of the lake seemed to have no magic in them now—it was not so much that the source of magic had fully vanished, no! The merfolk had simply started channeling and using it for their own goals.

Many days later, Rafael pondered about the possibility of enjoying the joys of each other’s presence more often, and for longer. In fact, Rafael had started thinking of moving to the lake’s shore, and so he brought up the subject to Yohanis.

“I think it would be lovely, but wouldn’t your family miss you?” replied the merman, and Rafael knew both that they would miss him and probably search for him—besides, his heart broke in pieces when he thought of the possibility of abandoning his younger brothers. Giving the thought of it more consideration, however, he concluded that had he decided to flee alone, it would be only a matter of time before his family went to look for him by the forbidden lake—especially given that he had been feeding them with special meat and fruits of origin unknown to them.

And so Rafael pondered for a while, as he stroked his mate’s delicious pecs, and as Yohanis handled and kissed Rafael’s gigantic cock, licking and drinking his ever-oozing pre.

“Maybe… I could bring them here too? We are only three brothers and there are plenty of resources here. I could teach them to fish, it would not be a bad life,” he said, and Yohanis ponders for a while before taking his long tongue from Rafael’s large cockslit, making the human moan.

“If you trust them so, then I see no problem, as long as they don’t disrupt our encounters,” he replied, and soon took Rafael’s whole cockhead in his mouth, while the human went to kiss his pecs and lick his nipples under the evening sun.

And then, as they said, it was done.


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