by Kaelan

Kevin finds Bryan on Tinder, but doesn’t realize that he’s a special man who can help him realize his dream to continuously grow bigggggeeerr

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Part 1 Bryan’s cravings for being big are matched only by his need for a man who’s even bigger. (The first part of this was missing when the story was originally posted.) (added: 9 Mar 2018)
Part 2 Kevin finds Bryan on Tinder, but doesn’t realize that he’s a special man who can help him realize his dream to continuously grow bigggggeeerr… (added: 26 Jan 2018)
Part 3 Bryan lays down the rules for how he’s going to make Kevin bigger all over. Kevin can’t wait. (added: 9 Feb 2018)
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Part 1

Bryan met Kevin on Tinder.

They both thought each other were really cute. Kevin was thirty. Nicely fit, but not overly built. Tall, around 6’ 1”. Dark hair and honey colored eyes. Bryan was also thirty. Sandy, short hair. Piercing, icy eyes. And he was built. Majorly. The kind of body in fitness magazines.

They hit it off over texting. And after a short while, Bryan asked Kevin to meet up for coffee that evening. Kevin was new to town and said, “Sure, I’d love to get to see some of your favorite spots.”

Bryan sent a wink face back. And then a smiling, horned devil.

Forty-five minutes later, they were at the coffee shop. Both were as attractive as they seemed in their photos. Both of them had fabulous chemistry.

Kevin talked about how he’d just been in town two days. He moved here on a whim, and as he could work remotely, he thought this would be an amazing city. He didn’t know anybody in town.

Bryan talked about his career as a personal trainer and model. How he had a hard time finding the type of guys he really liked…

Kevin inquired what kind of guys did Bryan fancy.

Bryan just smiled back.

“No, seriously,” Kevin pushed. “What’s your type?”

Bryan was hesitant.

“Come here,” he said.

Kevin walked around the table, and a surprisingly aggressive Bryan pulled him into a quick, fierce hug and kissed him hard.

Several people looked over to watch them. Mainly because they were so attractive to watch together.

After a moment, they separated.

“I really like you, Kevin. Can we take a walk and talk?”

Smitten, Kevin replied, “Sure.”

They closed out their tab and hit the windy streets.

Not holding hands, but desperately wanting to, they started to circle the nearby park. It was dusk and they were alone.

“Kevin, what would you say if I told you I was psychic?”

Kevin thought for a moment. Then he said, “Okay, I’ll go along with it.”

Bryan smirked. “You see, Kev… I can tell what people want. Like, really want… deep down in their soul. I can sense their driving purpose in live…”

“Okay…” Bryan whispered, egging him onwards.

“And you see, Kevin… the thing that turns me on the most… since you asked what I want in a guy… is for him to have a desire to… well, I don’t know how to say this… but to GROW.”

Kevin’s stomach clenched. Ever since he’d been a kid, he’d been fascinated by giant muscle guys. Men with ridiculously oversized, photoshopped cocks. Cartoons where normal looking dudes had grown to massive proportions and burst out of their clothes, possibly even causing damage with their gigantic size.

… but how did Bryan… suspect this about him?

Bryan continued. “What I really want is a partner who will stop at nothing to become the biggest, hungest, horniest stud imaginable.”

Kevin paused. He looked down at his feet. He wasn’t those things. Well, he did have a pretty huge cock… over eight and half inches… but it wasn’t grotesquely huge. And he was really fit… but not monstrous. All his life, he’d struggled to put on weight, but never succeeded. He wasn’t the kind of guy Bryan was looking for. And that made him sad… because he really liked him… and felt a strong bond with him.

“Wow… that’s really great, Bry… But, man, you’re already so physically big… you’ll have slim pickings to find a lot of guys much more built than you… and I don’t know what you’re packing in your shorts (yet), but … well… I mean, I am hung… but I’m no monster.” Kevin admitted.

Bryan stopped and turned to Kev. Their eyes connected and sparks danced between them.

Bryan, after a pause that felt like an eternity, spoke: “No… but would you like to be?”

Kevin, hesitantly, replied: “What do you mean?”

Bryan took Kevin’s hand in his and they began walking again.

“It’s like this, man. I know a lot of really built guys. And I know my fair share of really hung guys. But in real life, there are very few of them who want to be monstrous. They’re okay being in the realm of normality. They’re okay weighing 200 pounds and having an eight or even nine-inch dick. Most of them wouldn’t want much more than that… because, well, it’s a little scary. But you, on the other hand… in you I sense a longing for the freaky. You would love to be like a ridiculously proportioned cartoon man. Dick to your knees. Biceps the size of my head… you would… wouldn’t you?”

Kevin’s head was spinning. When he was a little boy, he would stuff t-shirts down his shirt and pants to make himself look like Hulk Hogan with a two-foot dong. He had wanted that from the time he was little. It was something he had desired deep in his bones, and never thought was possible.

He wasn’t sure how to respond. Finally, he admitted: “Yeah… you’re right… how do you know this?”

Bryan winked. “I told you, man. I’m psychic. I’ve got the magic.”

Then, suddenly, Bryan stopped them, put his hands on Kevin’s shoulders.

“Look dude. I know we just met… but I’ve been looking for someone like you for a long time. If you want… I can give you those things I’ve just talked about… but you’d have to trust me completely. Do everything I say. And I mean everything. I will have total control how you spend your time, how you eat, how you use your body. You will surrender all of your control to me. Mind, spirit, and body. And at the end of it, I will turn you into that muscle stud of yours and my dreams.”

Kevin’s long cock was rock hard. The head was sticking out of the lip of his jeans pocket…

He licked his lips.

Thinking it through, he asked Bryan: “So have you… have you done this on yourself?”

Bryan smiled. “No. Like, I always wanted to be big… but what turns me on is having someone who is so much bigger than me. Outgrows me. Puts my small gains to shame. …so… do we have a deal?

Bryan extended his hand. Kevin looked at it. This was all so surreal. Was this guy messing with him? He supposed that he could agree and then take it all back tomorrow, if Bryan turned out to be off his rocker and unable to deliver on his promises.

They shook on it, and to Kevin’s eyes it seemed like purple sparks danced around them.

Bryan took Kevin back to his place. “We will begin tonight!” He had said.

Bryan drove them to his apartment. It was an elegant, duplex on the city’s north east side. It overlooked the river and the downtown shopping district. Bryan gave Kevin a tour. Living room, kitchen, fully stocked gym, dining room, etc. All the standard accouterments of a city apartment.

… and then he led him down the back corridor.

“This is what I’m really excited to show you, Kevin! This is the area where the transformation happens… the magic… This will be your room!”

Kevin paused. “My… my what?!”

“Your room! You see.. when you shook hands with me, you actually signed a magical contract. You are now mine to do with whatever I want until the point that I deem your growth is finished… oh, by the way, I forgot to mention… I do have actual magical powers, and you will find that if you decide to try to leave the premises without my consent, you will find yourself gagging on the floor outside the lobby, gasping for breath. You are mine now… and I can do whatever I want to you.”

Bryan smiled a wicked grin.

Kevin was pretty sure that Bryan was joking. So he just smiled awkwardly and went along with it.

Bryan pushed open an industrial strength, metal door. Inside was what looked almost like a laboratory and bedroom combined. There was a king-sized bed in the corner by the window. But around the room were all sorts of devices and vials and straps… it looked like a mad scientist’s sex dungeon.

Bryan went on: “I will have all of your things brought from your hotel room, here. For right now, you can keep working, since you can do that on your computer here… but your schedule belongs to me now. Don’t get to comfortable, because you’ll never have been so sore or exhausted in your life as you will be over these next several months with me… until I’ve decided you’re done growing.

Kevin was starting to get nervous. Sweating even, a little. Suddenly, he was very sure that Bryan was utterly crazy. There was a mad glint in his eye.

He turned, about to head towards the door and make his apologies, when Bryan snapped his fingers and the door magically swung closed on its own accord.

Frightened, Kevin turned back to Bryan. “It’s really amazing what can happen when science and magic combine. I’ve been working for years on developing these tonics, these processes… but I’ve never had anyone to truly explore testing them on… until now. You, Kevin, will be my greatest achievement yet! And when I’m done with you… you won’t even recognize yourself… and you will LOVE the man… more than a MAN that you have become!”

More than a little freaked out, Kevin decided to bolt for the door. He had only taken two steps when Bryan snapped his fingers again, and like a plank of wood, Bryan toppled head forward, onto the rubber, lab floor.

Bryan clucked his tongue. “Tut, tut. That’s no way to start.”

Kevin tried to move…. And he couldn’t! He was paralyzed, all that he could move was his eyeballs. He heard Bryan’s soft steps approaching.

“I told you, man, you gave your will to me when you made that magical contract… there’s nothing you can do now without my permission because you handed over all of your powers to make decisions for yourself.”

Still, unable to move, Kevin felt Bryan’s strong fingers clasp him around his biceps and lift him, still straight as a piece of lumber, back onto his feet.


Part 2

Bryan clicked his fingers again. “You may move now, but only as I command you… walk over to that wall and raise your arms.”

Like an animatronic toy, Kevin watched in horror as his body did exactly what Bryan said. He marched over to a gray, plastic wall and hoisted his arms up above his head.”

Bryan came over, wrapped his arms around Kevin’s torso and cuddled his chin into Kevin’s neck… whispering gently into his ear.

“You know, the reason that I haven’t done this before is because none of this would really work unless the man I’m doing it to really wanted it. Deep down. If it were just a passing fancy or something he didn’t care at all that much about …I would have no power over him. But since we both know that this is what you truly want… I can do whatever I want with you because it is what you also really want for yourself. So you are really the one making this happen… not me… and I am so grateful to be able to fulfill your wishes.”

He kissed Kevin hard on the mouth and then pulled back, surveying Kevin (still with his arms hoisted into the air, unmoving, like an architect might survey a plot of ground.

“Well, I suppose the first thing I should do is see the canvas I’m working with. Remove all your clothes, please!”

Again, against his volition, Kevin was astounded and frightened to watch himself strip naked and then return to his spread-eagle position. He had been screaming inside his head for his body to resist, to do something… but he might as well have been yelling in an empty hallway for an army of raccoons to materialize and do a sultry dance.

Standing fully naked, Kevin tried to slow his breathing. Bryan examined him with microscopic detail. He touched his arms and fingers. He smelled his armpits. He lovingly caressed his ball sac and phallus (which hung a hefty six inches down, soft). He felt his calves.

“Not bad… not a bad starting place at all…” he spoke aloud to himself. “Yes… you’ll be a marvelous specimen to build upon, if I do say so myself… Now! For the shackles!”

Shackles? Did Kevin hear correctly? Sure enough, Bryan drew shackles from the sides of the room, affixed the ceiling and to the floor; and he chained Kevin’s hands up in the air above his head, and his feet too the ground.

“You can relax now.” Kevin felt himself regain mobility of his body. He strained. He pulled. But he was locked in tight, spread eagle, in front of his captor.

“I want you to be free to enjoy this process… We are going to start with the most important part…” and he looked dead at Kevin’s penis.

It was a really nice penis. Long. Hefty. All of his previous partners had always admired it. But the look in Bryan’s eyes told him that Bryan wasn’t looking at his cock the way it currently was, but the way he saw it in his own mind.

“Now,” Bryan continued, “I’m going to hook you up to this device. It is a machine of my own creation… I think you will enjoy it immensely…”

Bryan walked over towards one of the laboratory tables and wheeled back over a hip-height cart with a half-domed machine. It was about four feet long and three feet wide, with a circular opening on one of it’s end… the hole was about eight inches in diameter.

He brought the cart over and placed it right before Kevin’s pelvis.

“I’m going to have you spend the night in this machine. It’s eleven p.m. now… you will stay in it until 3:30 a.m., at which point, I will come release you and you can go to bed for the night… and I’m sure you will sleep like a rock at that point!” He smiled devilishly.

“What do you mean, put me inside this machine?” Kevin wondered aloud.

“Watch.” And Bryan slid the machine fully against Kevin’s crotch… and his penis was sucked into that eight inch, circular opening with a loud “Thwump!”

At first he was confused… how or what was this machine supposed to…..

And then he felt it! It was like a thousand little hands were massaging his cock. Kneading it. Caressing it. Pulling on it. Stretching it. He was instantly hard and overwhelmed with the greatest physical pleasure he’d ever imagined.

In seconds he was sweating from every pore. His body was convulsing. He had never been a terribly vocal lover, but he was making grunting and heaving noises he’d only ever uttered on the rarest of occasions.

And he’d only been in the machine for two minutes!

“Yes… I thought you’d like it… Now, here’s the thing… the machine won’t let you cum… it will send electrical impulses back into your body, confusing your brain and preventing ejaculation… so you’re about to spend four hours in heaven, my dear stud. Enjoy!”

And with a wicked smile, he turned away from the heaving and panting and moaning Kevin and left the room.

Kevin lost track of time. He lost track of days. He had no idea how long he’d been in there or what life had been before arriving. It was like an orgasm that ran on and on and on for hours… days… weeks.

He lost all thinking. He plateaued and plateaued again in higher levels of ecstasy. The fact that he couldn’t move his arms or legs or body only heightened the physical sensations.

He sweated so much that a pool over a foot-wide collected underneath him before Bryan came back into the room. Every muscle in his body stood out in stark relief from all his clenching and releasing. It was the greatest core workout of his life!

Finally, at a that he suspected must be 3:30 am, Bryan finally reentered. He was wearing a velvet smoking jacket and holding a pipe in his hands. He slinked over to the wildly bucking and neighing Kevin and flicked off the machine.

Kevin came back to his senses. He realized that he hadn’t been able to see or hear for hours. That he existed purely in a world of ecstasy inside his own body… totally oblivious to the outside world. Bryan smiled heartily.

“I’m glad to see you enjoyed yourself so much!”

Kevin couldn’t speak. He was so exhausted, and his voice was so hoarse from all the screaming that he could not form audible words.

“Well, let’s see how we did, shall we? First, the fluids!”

Bryan bent over and withdrew a teardrop shaped vial from under the machine. It was about the size of a large lemon, and half filled with a clear substance.

“This is your precum, Kevin. Not bad for a first go! But when I’m done with you… there will be buckets of this stuff. And I’m not exaggerating when I state the amount…. Now—for your meaty friend…”

Bryan wheeled back the machine and with a loud “Slurp!” it surrendered Kevin’s manhood.

Kevin gasped. Perhaps he might be unable to see straight after this marathon endeavor, but it looked like his cock was bigger than he’d ever seen it! It looked monstrous! It had to be well over nine inches long and another half inch wider than he remembered! It’s volume must have increased by thirty percent!

Bryan wrapped both hands lovingly around it.

“Not bad, eh? Now, it won’t retain all of it’s current size… but we can help the process with a little injection…”

He waltzed over to another table, withdrew a syringe, and walked back. With a speedy precession, he needled Kevin’s heavy cock… and it got even harder!

“This injection will keep you hard for the next seven hours… so while you sleep your body will start repairing itself to maintain your current, inflated size… and then, the next time you go in… you’ll get even bigger!”

Kevin found his voice. It was rough and scratchy… but it was there… “Oh man, Bryan! It’s so huge already… how big are you going to make it!?”

Bryan smiled. “Oh my stud… when I’m done with you… you’re not going to be able to walk without it slapping your calves…

And with that Kevin finally passed out… still with a raging hard on…

He didn’t remember Bryan tucking him into bed. He didn’t remember Bryan gently kissing his massive cock head or covering him with a sheet. He didn’t remember Bryan shutting the door and turning out the lights.

All he remembered were dreams of ecstasy and of flying.


Part 3

Kevin awoke in a haze. Sunlight was streaming through the window… but he didn’t know where he was or how he’d gotten there. He had strange dreams of orgies with huge, muscle gods with fifteen inch cocks and giant testicles. It was heaven… it was a dream he hadn’t had since he was a kid…

He opened his eyes, and blinded by the sunlight, he wasn’t entirely sure where he was… but as his eyes adjusted, he took in the medical nature of the room. Beakers, humming machines, manacles hanging from the ceiling…

And then his memories came back!

Last night… Bryan… that machine! He went to throw the covers off of himself and was surprised to find himself buck naked. He almost always slept with pajamas, so that was weird enough… but that was even before he saw his own cock.

It was soft… but it was nearly the size his cock formerly was hard. Over eight inches long and ropy with veins. He picked it up and heard its “slop!” as it landed hard back on his thighs.

He stood up, and the weight of his heavy, flaccid manhood pulled down slightly more on his groin muscles. It swung heavily in the warm lab room air.

He was speechless. He just stood there, feeling the sensations of the air dance across his meaty cock.

The door opened.

In walked Bryan with a tray of food. He was smiling. There was a flower in a vase on the tray.

“I see you’re happy with your… modifications.”

“Fuck, Bryan… you’re… you’re really not shitting me are you?!”

“Sit down, stud.”

He wasn’t forced. Of his own accord, Kevin sat down on the edge of the bed. Bryan wheeled up a table and put the food in front of him. A mountainous pile of eggs, bacon, spouted toast, and some sort of purplish smoothie with green chunks in it.

“Eat. You must be starving after last night…”

Gratefully, Kevin dug in. While he ate, Bryan talked. Kevin hung on his every word.

“Today you begin your training regimen. You will wear this device at all times.”

He held up an egg-shaped black bag. And ever so gently, he reached under the table, heaved aside Kevin’s flaccid snake, and clamped the bag around his testicles.

“This will be hyper-stimulating your testicles. It will make them over-produce testosterone by nearly 500%. Additionally, it will have your body start over-producing sperm as well. You will find, as you wear it, your testicles will also continuously grow. By next week, I will need to refit you with a larger bag. The device is weighted, so it should also cause your sac to grow proportionally and there’ll be enough room for your ever increasing balls. In a few months, I imagine that each testicle will be the size of my fist and hang roughly halfway down your thighs.”

He held up a clenched fist. Kevin had a hard time swallowing. Partially from fear… but more so from an incredibly deep level of excitement and longing.

“Over time, your increased testicle size will also send your sex-drive into over-drive. But until that happens… I’m going to artificially stimulate your longing for sex with this shot.”

He opened a small box shaped like a pencil case, and withdrew a syringe. He leaned over and injected it into Kevin’s bicep.

“It’ll kick in approximately twenty minutes from now. You’ll get one of those every other day until your testicles reach the size of large lemons… then they will take over from there.”

Kevin nodded, eating. Too excited to speak. This was his wildest dreams coming true!

Bryan continued. “You are going to want to jack off, make love, touch yourself at all times… I’m going to ask you to refrain as much as possible when it isn’t that time in your daily schedule. You’re going to be spending roughly seven hours a day in that machine I placed you in last night…”

Kevin’s face turned white and he began to sweat at the mere thought of it.

“And also, in a few weeks, you will start making love to me as part of your training regiment. One, because I want this for myself. I want to see you grow and become ever bigger in front of me. And two, you are going to become so huge and so strong that you are going to need to practice not killing or seriously hurting whatever person you are choosing to make love with.”

He paused.

“And you will have a choice, Kevin. When I’m done with you, when I’m satisfied with your growth… and only then… I will let you go. You will always come back to me at least twice per month, but apart from that… when I let you go… your life will be your own again; this I promise you.”

He smiled at Kevin. Both men feeling more than they could express; both of their wildest wishes coming true.

“Now, when you are not in the machine, you will either be eating, lifting, running, working, or practicing your sexual stamina exercises I’ll be giving you.,” he said, counting the activities off on the fingers of one hand. “I will give you two hours off every day to read or watch TV or whatever you want. But the rest of the time you’re on my schedule. You will work out with me every single day in the gym. I will push your muscles and your body harder than you will ever believe. In addition to the copious amounts of testosterone your balls are now pumping into you, I am also adding some special ingredients into your food every meal that will make you gain up to six pounds of lean muscle every single week. You’re around one hundred and sixty right now? Think how huge you’ll be, even by this time next month! …and we won’t stop there!”

“If my reckoning is correct, I’ll have you where I want you by mid-July. Which means you will have maybe five and half months in my care… you’re going to be probably three hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle by then! Won’t that be something, Kevin?!”

Kevin was so excited, his cock was rock hard again and oozing precum. As if sensing it, Bryan peeked under the table, and examined his cock. He carefully placed one finger tip on his glistening cock head, and pulled his hand back to examine it…

“Ahhh… yes… that’s another thing…”

He got up, went over to another lab table… and brought back a beaker of clear fluid.

“Drink this.”

Kevin did as he was told. It tasted sweet, like pineapple… and as it hit his belly it created a warm, buzzy feeling.

“I like my men to precum, Kevin. A lot. And cum too. You will have two of these vials a week, and by next month… as soon as you start to get even the slightest bit hard… your massive cock will start drooling like Pavlov’s dog at lunchtime!”

His cock gave a little lurch, and a single tear of precum began to descend towards the floor on a glistening strand.

“Six meals a day. No exceptions! Are you ready to begin?!”

Kevin, who had just finished his breakfast, pushed the table aside, stood up and roared in affirmation.

“Oh, and that’s another thing… there’ll be no clothes while you’re here with me. Not that I’m afraid that you’ll try to leave again, but because you’re going to grow so quickly, there’ll be no point in them. Plus—I like looking at you.”

He stood up and kissed Kevin. Kevin kissed back… hard. His injection must have been starting to kick in. Bryan could feel Kevin’s nearly ten-inch erection pulse against his pants. Bryan wouldn’t have sex with him yet—that would be a treat for later. Bryan was very good at delaying gratification.

Meal completed, he led Kevin to the workout room. Together, they benched, squatted, rowed, and made out. He wouldn’t let Kevin go near his crotch yet… only kiss. Soon the entire gym was covered in a film of sweat and smelled musky. The windows were steamed thickly white.

Kevin was looking good. More pumped and swole than he ever had in his life. Wherever he sat, he not only left a little puddle of sweat, but also a little dollop of precum, too.

They pushed hard for nearly two hours… and then Bryan fed him lunch and swiftly hooked him back to his cock-massaging machine.

For five hours Kevin stayed there in ecstasy but never cumming. When he was done with the machine, he ate again. He begged Bryan to let him cum, but Bryan just smirked and said “no.”

Then, Bryan hooked him up to the treadmill. His giant dong and cupped balls swung ferociously as he ran. He imagined that soon he would very much have a hard time running, if they kept growing.

Dinner, then the cock machine again. By the evening his dick had indeed reached ten inches. It looked monstrous and fierce. And both Kevin and Bryan were thrilled with his rapid results.

Kevin worked for a bit, read and watched some television. Later that night, Bryan gave him permission to cum, but asked him collect his specimen in a petri dish.

Kevin sat on the edge of his bed… he was so turned on from all the sensations of his first full day that he knew he would spew in just a few moments.

Looking down at his gigantic dong, he was in awe. It was the most beautiful hunk of flesh he’d ever seen in porn or in real life. And it was all his. He couldn’t believe that it was himself that he was holding.

He was so turned on that his entire cock was slick with thick precum. It’s was like he had poured a full bottle of lube over his cock he was so wet. And just the sensation of all that wetness pushed him over the edge.

It was the most intense orgasm of his life. He screamed from the bottom of his lungs. His whole body shot and contracted. He shot rope after rope after rope of steaming, hot cum into the petrie dish.

When it finally subsided, he looked down and saw that he had covered the whole bottom of the dish and filled it halfway. Fuck! That was more than he had cum in his entire life!

Gratefully, at eleven. It was time for bed. Bryan gave him another injection directly into his cock, and it immediately stiffened back to full erection. It was like a baseball bat that he could swing around, firmly attached to his crotch. Kevin quickly and easily fell asleep having completed the most physically intense and wonderful day of his life. He was creating a tent in his sheets that four boy scouts could have camped under.

He felt bigger. Stronger. More powerful. More sexual. More of a man than he had ever before felt in his life.

…and it was just the beginning!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next several weeks proceeded in a similar manner. Gym. Penis machine. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

End over end.

Kevin soon began to balloon up. His biceps were the size of baseballs. His chest looked like someone had placed deflated basketballs over his pecs. His glutes rounded out four inches away from his back. He looked like an Olympic wrestler.

…Except for his cock. His cock was now a monstrous thirteen inches and could touch his knees. It was thick as a Coke can… and his balls were now the size of medium lemons and felt heavy in their sac.

Bryan had to rig him up a special type of harness that would keep his heavy manhood secured when he ran or did anything overly physical.

Between being constantly turned on, craving sex every moment of every day, and all the supplements Bryan had been giving him, Kevin basically trailed precum nonstop. He was like a snail… everywhere he went, he left a trail of slime in his wake.

He came so much more too. Just four days after his arrival, he was overfilling the petri dish. Soon, he had to come into measuring cups. Then, just a month later, was given a quart to come into. He could now spurt over a cup and a half of semen in one ejaculation—even with coming every single day. It would rocket out in over twenty ropes… shooting three feet away. Kevin’s orgasms now lasted almost two minutes! He just kept coming and coming and coming.

And he could orgasm now without coming, if he wanted. He really was a sex machine… When he chose to orgasm without fully coming, he would spurt seven or eight times precum across the room.

Bryan had to clean the lab twice a day now, with all the fluids and sweat everywhere.

They had started to have sex now. And it was more amazing than either of them anticipated. They could be rough, gentle, loving or ferocious. And Kevin was learning to manage his strength and size so he could take Bryan right to the breaking point… but never past it.

Bryan added in two hours of full on sex to their daily schedule.

Soon, Kevin gave up working. He couldn’t focus on anything but his constant need to grow and express his sexuality.

Bryan could financially supported them, so that was fine. He was more than happy to watch his creature devote himself fully to his own growth and acceleration of size.

Bryan had been right when he told Kevin that it truly was Kevin’s deepest desire to attain all of this. Kevin had never known how deeply or truly he wanted this. And the fact that this was all really happening was more fulfilling than he could have ever anticipated.

All too soon, spring turned to summer. And it was July.

Kevin had grown to three hundred and forty five pounds of rock solid muscle. His cock now dangled limp halfway down his calves. His balls were bigger than fists… almost softballs. When he got hard, his cock needed both his hands to be able to come close to stroking it. It was two and a half feet long, thick as his (huge) wrists, and hard as iron. It climbed up to his chin, and all he had to do was tilt his head down to place his waiting mouth on his slimy cock tip.

He precame so much that his gigantic, oversized cock was constantly slick and wet, providing ample lubrication for anyone trying to engage with it. He literally left pools of precum wherever he went. When he came, it was like a missile. His ejaculations took almost a full five minutes, and could literally fill a half-gallon jug with hot, steamy semen.

He was truly a sex god. All he wanted was sex. All he knew was sex. He was both Bryan’s and his version of a perfect man.

Finally the day came when Bryan turned to Kevin and said:

“You’re done now, Kevin. You’ve fulfilled everything I’ve wanted you to. The choice is yours now. You can go where you want—do what you wish with yourself and your amazing abilities… so long as you always come back to me twice every month.”

There was sadness in his eyes. They had grown so fond of each other. More than lovers. More than friends. They were brothers and so much more. Incestuous brothers, yes… but more than that. They were true companions.

Kevin looked sadly into Bryan’s eyes. He wanted to say something in his voice that had dropped nearly an octave since when he arrived. But all he could do was hug him. Hug the man that give him everything he ever wanted.

And in that moment, as his captor offered him his freedom, he decided he wanted to stay… that he wanted to live his life with the amazing man that made him this way.

And so he did.

Bryan and Kevin lived together for many years. They took trips together where everyone ogled the giant sex god that wandered around with a third leg down his pants. They ate and played together. And always, without even necessarily telling Kevin… Bryan was always making Kevin just a little bit… bigger.

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