The queen

by Dylan Utah

 As a big muscle alpha on campus, Peter had been used to admiration and envy. What he didn’t expect was to be captured and used for his growing muscles and cock.

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The 20-year-old muscle queen sat defeated in his throne, panting and sweating. He knew begging was useless, but whatever little spirit lingered within pushed him to plead.

“. . . Ugh . . .Please . . . No more . . .”

In a past life, Peter was top dog. Captain of his college lacrosse team, his daily life consisted of hanging with the bros, banging 9s and 10s, smoking good dope, and living worry free. He sported a head of thick, wavy, brown locks. Sharp features were accentuated by his defined eyebrows, and dark brown eyes. And with a golden, sun-kissed complexion, he was always eye candy.

How times have changed.

“ . . . Please . . . I promise I’ll leave and, and I won’t say anything . . . Just let me go!”

It was of no use, the immobile hunk wasn’t getting through. His captors ignored him.

In this damp and dark cave, Peter sat against a rock wall, unable to move. He had been transformed into a colossal mountain of beef, so big that he couldn’t even move his head as it was stuck in place by his pecs and traps. The freak must have weighed at least a ton.

His captors were well muscled too. Actually, well muscled doesn’t begin to describe them. At 7 feet tall, these behemoths stood at some 800 pounds. They talked briefly in front of him as if he wasn’t even there.

“Yes, the breeder has a ways to go before he reaches maximum capacity. Once he does, however, we will maximize seed production for this facility.”

“Good, good. We’ve located another university within 20 km. There are more than likely several athletic clubs and teams with which we can bring in new recruits, so we need as much seed as we can get. Up our queen’s feeding two-fold for the time being.”

“Consider it done.”

The leader captor lumbered his massive, muscular legs out of the room, leaving the captor and the queen alone.

The remaining captor made his way to the feeding tube to set it up.

“N-No please! I’m begging you! I can’t do this anymore. Please let me go!”

The captor ignored Peter’s cries as he moved to insert the tube into peter’s mouth.

With whatever movement was possible, Peter tried his hardest to resist.

“Heh, you breeders are always so whiney at first. When will you learn?” the captor said with a gruff chuckle.

As he shoved the tube into Peter’s mouth, the end of the tube inflated to lock in place behind the muscled queen’s teeth. That way, it could not be dislodged.

A tear began to roll down the 21-year old’s cheek as he heard the feeding machine begin to rumble and whirl.

A nearby glass tank full of protein sludge started pushing the thick pudding down the tube, forcing it down Peter’s throat.

As the force-feeding began, Peter began to whimper and cry. His muscles began to inflate slowly, only further exaggerating the ridiculous size of the beast.

His monstrous pecs pushed out further, and his 5-foot-long dick began to rise and harden.

The young man never had the slightest of homosexual tendencies, but the sight of the captor naked, thick, and virile was horning him up tremendously.

The captor began to stroke the monster’s massive dick, kneading it from base to head.

Since his time here, his penis had become hypersensitive, a result of his transformation. The slightest whiff of air could cause him to go erect, and the most subtle touch would induce pleasure no man had ever come close to feeling.

Even with the tube in his mouth, Peter began to yelp and roar like a lion.

He couldn’t move, but his monstrous howls echoed throughout the facility. The sensations were all too powerful. In fact, his mind couldn’t fully comprehend it. His other senses had to weaken to compensate. His vision became blurry, and his hearing slowly transitioned into a high-pitched deafness momentarily.

Peter was locked into what would become a 30-minute orgasm, as his behemoth dick began to continuously spurt out parasitic seed. His eyes rolled into the back in his head as he uncontrollably screamed out into the heaves.

Sweat poured down his muscular figure in streams. No part of his body wasn’t covered in a hot coat of manly musk.

More muscular concubines emerged from the darkness as they began to paw at other parts of the trapped boy’s body. Some started sucking on the beast’s nipples, while others simply worshipped different parts of his bulk.

This was his life now, 12 times a day. Usually he would pass out from these sessions. But as soon as he woke up, it was back to square one. The feedings only grew in quantity, the pleasure only grew in extremity, and the orgasms only lasted longer.

He wondered if he would ever be free.


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