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 A fraternity party goes wrong when a bottle of transformation pills is introduced to a game of spin the bottle.

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It was a typical Friday night at the Alpha Sigma fraternity house. The party was in full swing, with music blasting and bodies writhing on the dance floor. In the corner, a group of boys huddled around a makeshift bar, laughing and chatting as they passed around a bottle of tequila.

One of the boys, a tall, lanky sophomore named Jeff, had brought something special to the party. He fished around in his pocket and pulled out a small, crumpled bag. “Check it out, guys,” he slurred, his words slightly slurred from the alcohol. “I found these at the corner store downtown. They’re supposed to be magic pills. Each one gives you a different transformation.”

The boys crowded around, curiosity piqued. They counted out eight pills, each a different colour.

“What do we do with them?” asked one of the boys, a chubby freshman named Dave.

“We play spin the bottle,” Jeff slurred, a wicked grin spreading across his face. “The person the bottle points at has to take a pill, and whatever transformation they get is what they have to live with for the rest of the night.”

The boys cheered and began to spin the bottle. It landed on Dave, who hesitated for a moment before reaching for a bright green pill. He tossed it back, chasing it with a swig of tequila.

Almost immediately, Dave began to shrink. He shrieked in surprise as he dropped to his knees, the rest of his body following suit until he was just eight inches tall.

“Whoa, dude,” said one of the boys, picking him up and examining him like an action figure. “That’s some serious shrinking power.”

Dave’s little legs kicked in protest as he tried to escape from the boy’s grip, but he was much too small to ever succeed and finally stopped kicking and squirming (something which was making the rest of the boys laugh uncontrollably) and accepted that he was at the mercy of his much larger and more powerful friends. When they got bored of him not reacting, Dave was placed unceremoniously onto the coffee table amongst the empty bottles and red plastic cups.

The bottle spun again, this time landing on Jeff. He reached for a deep purple pill and swallowed it with a flourish. Suddenly, his voice shot up a couple of octaves, becoming a high-pitched, helium-esque squeak. “Whoa, dude,” he said, his voice echoing around the room. “That’s some serious helium action.” His squeaky giggle made the other boys laugh too, because of how ridiculous the once very masculine-sounding Jeff had become.

The game continued, the boys taking turns and experiencing all sorts of bizarre transformations. One boy, Tom, gained a hundred pounds in minutes, his clothes straining to contain his newfound girth. Dave, now a tiny shrunken version of himself, watched in awe as Tom’s belly grew and grew.

Dave was fascinated by the growth. He ran to the other side of the coffee table to get a better look. He yelled in an attempt to make his now much weaker and smaller voice be heard above the din of the rowdy teens. “Dude, I can’t believe how big you’re getting,” Dave said, staring up at Tom in amazement.

“I know, right?” Tom replied, patting his swollen belly and then placing it on the edge of the table, almost knocking little Dave off his feet. “I’m not sure how I’m going to fit through the door at this rate.” He laughed, but a genuine look of concern filled his eyes.

Another boy’s penis shrank to the size of a thimble. He made the terrible mistake of informing the others as soon as he realised what had happened, and he was immediately set upon and tackled by Chad, the hulking captain of the football team, who pulled the boy’s pants down to reveal his tiny, unimpressive cock to the fraternity. Chad also took out his phone and began posting photos and videos on social media of the poor boy’s microdick.

Some would call it poetic justice, but it was Chad’s turn next to take a pill, the Budweiser bottle pointing directly at him. He was unfortunate enough to choose a pill that resulted in his muscles rapidly shrinking, leaving him a weak and feeble shell of his former self. He lowered his head, his former very healthy self-esteem evaporating with his physique, and moved away from the crowd to an empty corner, feeling humiliated.

As the night wore on, the transformations continued to be bizarre and unexpected. One boy grew a pig’s tail, while another lost three-quarters of his intelligence and had trouble forming coherent sentences. The partygoers watched in amazement as their friends transformed before their eyes.

When the pill bottle was finally empty, and some dozen or so boys were attempting to come to terms with their transformations, Dave began using all of his reduced power to knock empty beer bottles off the coffee table in an attempt to attract someone’s attention. Most had wandered away from the table in smaller groups and he’d been left tiny, naked and helpless on the table.

“Okay, stop knocking bottles off, you little shit.” The voice was deep and powerful, and when he looked up, Dave saw it belonged to the now-inflated Tom.

“Can you help me down from here?” he squeaked.

“Maybe. What’s in it for me, squirt?”

The micro man shrugged. “What do you need?”

“Well, actually, I’m horny as fuck and I can’t reach my cock around my massive gut now. Wanna give me a hand? Or two? Two itty bitty hands?” asked Tom.

“Ew, dude. That’s gross,” replied Dave in his pathetic, small voice. “Why would I wanna touch another man’s cock?” As he said this, his own exposed, almost microscopic prick began to harden.

“Looks like you’re warming to the idea,” said Tom, moving closer to get a better look at the man’s inch-long schlong. He reached out and gave the tiny erect penis a little flick with the end of one finger.

“Ouch! That hurt.”

“Aww is the ickle man’s lickle pickle sore?” laughed Tom. He then lurched forward, his massive gut pressing into the table and wrapped his hand around Dave. Before he knew it, Dave had been placed down on top of Tom’s fully erect cock, with the significant belly fat weighing down on top of him, almost crushing him.

“Let me out! I can’t breathe in here!” His already tiny and insignificant voice was muffled further by the thick layer of belly fat.

Tom moved to the sofa and sat down, carefully removing Dave and placing him at the underside of his hard cock. “Just stop complaining and get to work, you tiny little cockroach.” Tom started rubbing his giant inflated stomach, then tried to reach for his dick but couldn’t. This made Dave excited, and he didn’t understand why. He loved how big and fat the guy was. He ran to the underside of the giant sausage, which was close to the length of his entire body and wrapped his small arms around it as best he could. He then began jumping up and down, trying to jerk the bigger man off.

“I can hardly feel anything. You’re so fuckin small and weak. Put some effort into it! I need to cum.”

Dave tried harder. He was soon exhausted but continued anyway. A minute or so later, a thick clear trail of precum was oozing down the shaft of the veiny cock and began covering him. This, unexpectedly, made him even more excited.

“Look who it is,” Tom’s voice boomed. Dave stopped and turned to see Aaron, the boy whose penis had shrunk, standing there watching the action and rubbing his own considerably reduced package. It was so small that Dave couldn’t see it at all. The kid was only using his index finger and thumb to jerk off, but it was enough to completely obscure the mini cocktail sausage.

“What do you want?” asked Tom. “Your tiny cocklet hard watching a big man’s cock, is it?”

Aaron licked his lips. “I wanna fuck your big fat ass, you dirty fat slut.”

Whoa. Dave was shocked. What had gotten into everyone? He was beginning to wonder if those pills had had a secondary effect on the boys’ sexual preferences.

Tom was laughing. “Hate to break it to ya, buddy, but you ain’t fuckin anything with a tiny todger like that. Nobody’s gonna feel that little thing.”

“You’ll feel it. Don’t worry.” He took a step closer and Dave panicked. Was he about to be crushed in the midst of savage, wild sex between a massively obese man and a micropenis perv?

But Aaron swept him up and put him in his front shirt pocket. “You’ll have a good view of the action from here, little man.”

And Aaron wasted no time in getting to work. He pushed his shrivelled little microcock up against Tom’s huge flabby ass, but it was immediately apparent that the pathetic prick was nowhere near long enough to penetrate the big fat shitter.

“You in yet, shrimp dick?” yelled Dave. “Oi, get Chad over here. At least that guy’s got a real man-sized cock.”

“No, I got this.” And the little-dicked loser kept trying to no avail.

Not feeling anything at all, Tom yelled over to Chad. “Oi, slim Jim, get your skinny ass over here, will ya?”

To Dave’s surprise, Chad got up off the stool in the corner of the room and did as he was told. Dave could see the hardening, thick, long cock in the man’s now looser jeans. Obviously, the muscle theft hadn’t affected his dick.

Chad had finished unbuttoning his pants before reaching the other men. Aaron moved aside instinctively when he saw what the other man was packing. Chad’s thick nine-incher sprang out of his underwear and was immediately ready for action.

“Fuck me hard, bro,” Tom yelled, desperation in his voice.

“Don’t worry,” said Chad, some of his confidence returning now that he felt useful again. “Daddy’s got this.”

Dave watched the skinny big-cocked captain of the football team pound the life out of Tom, making his gigantic belly wobble. Then, Dave started fiddling his own micro cock from inside Aaron’s shirt pocket and after a couple of minutes, he’d shot his miniature load into the boy’s pocket. It was so insignificant that Aaron didn’t even appear to notice. He was too busy playing with his own diminished penis as the action unfolded before him.

Ten minutes later, Chad groaned, cried out, and shot a massive load into Tom’s disgustingly fat ass. Tom moaned too and tried to sit up, but his porkiness forbade it. Dave realised that the man had grown even bigger when Chad filled him with his cum. He was now too fat and round to move unaided.

“Help me, I’m stuck!” cried Tom, and the rest of the boys jeered and laughed and called him fatty and Jabba and porky. Tom began to cry, tears running over his inflated round cheeks as his little arms which had all but vanished into his inflated torso wiggled around trying to find a surface to lean against.

But as the sun began to rise, the effects of the pills started to wear off. The boys gradually returned to their normal selves, nursing pounding headaches and regretting their decisions. As they stumbled home, they vowed to never take mysterious magic pills at a party again.

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