Frank’s gym

by Writ Bro

Alec finds out more about what it means to be one of Frank’s bitches—and having his growth under Frank’s control.

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You may be looking for the following similarly named story: Frank by Anonymous.

Part 1 Alec finds out more about what it means to be one of Frank’s bitches—and having his growth under Frank’s control. (added: 4 May 2014)
Part 2  (added: 18 Jun 2014)
Part 3 Though James is Alec’s master, Kurt is hung even bigger and demands some servicing of his own. (added: 20 Aug 2014)
Part 4 Alec’s pretty impressed with how much his muscles and cock have grown overnight. But Master James demands he grow a lot bigger, so he arranges an overnight fuck session with a string of guys who have something special to make Alec grow—namely, cocks of a certain size... or even larger than that. (added: 8 Oct 2014)
Part 5 Alec learns that the orgy in which he’d been pounded all night by enormously cocked dudes to make him grow was only the prelude to a weekend of nonstop gangfucking, workouts, and impossible growth. (added: 15 Dec 2014)
Part 6 The final stages of Alec’s indoctrination and transformation, before the conclusion. (added: 6 Mar 2015)
Part 7 In the conclusion, Alec and Matt take some time exploring just how big Alec has become. (added: 28 Jan 2015)
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Part 1

I was new in town and still looking for a good and affordable gym to join. One day, on my way from work I passed an establishment I hadn’t noticed before. Granted I didn’t walk this way very often but it was also very well hidden. A door, painted black, in a little alcove just off the pavement with written above it in quite small letters:

“Frank’s Gym, helping you accomplish all your goals”.

I had gone into a few gyms to check them out but most had been full of small, petite girls on treadmills. I wanted, no I needed, a man’s gym. Somewhere where I could be inspired by big muscular guys to become the same. I opened the door and immediately the smell of manly sweat and testosterone hit me hard. I inhaled and was almost immediately convinced that this was the place I needed to be.

I looked around the place, and although most of the gym was out of sight, I could catch a glimpse of the main gym floor. I hardly saw any cardio equipment and although I couldn’t see if it was busy the guys there were huge! One guy doing dead lifts had biceps the bowling balls, another guy doing squats had an ass that even the sluttiest bottom couldn’t refuse to fuck. I walked up to the reception desk and behind it was probably the most stunningly handsome blonde guy I had ever seen in my life. It was difficult to guess how tall he regardless, he looked perfect. His huge muscles bulged underneath his tight tea that simply read “Frank’s gym”.

I’m sorry, I realised I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Alec, I have just graduated from university in a small town before moving to a similarly small town to start what would hopefully be a good job to get me kickstarted into today’s difficult job market. It wasn’t great but I made some decent money and had decided I would start saving for a deposit to buy my own place and use my time in a shitty small town to finally fulfil my dream of becoming a big guy. I was lucky to be a relatively tall guy. At 6ft I stood above most other guys but everywhere else I was thoroughly unimpressive. I suppose I had my charm but I wasn’t muscular, let alone toned and my dick, too, was just average.

So, as I walked up to the front desk the handsome lad behind it looked up and smiled. My god that smile!

“Hi there, how can I help you?” He said.

“Uhm, well I am new to town and I’ve been looking for a gym that can help me motivate myself and actually achieve my goals. There seem to be a lot of gyms with tiny girls in them that would just be distracting.”

He smiled. “Yes we get that complaint a lot. Well, we’re not like that, I struggle to remember if we have any female members to be honest. And if we do they’re bodybuilders!”

I had to smile back. He was just so charming. “So what are my benefits of coming here then, besides the lack of female distraction?”

“We are quite a unique gym actually. We offer a free 30 minute consultation when you first start in which we look at your goals and how we can help achieve them. We will also ask you to do a short little survey and one of our trainers will go with you the first day to make sure you are doing all the workouts properly.”

“Oh that sounds really great! When can I get started?”

“Do you have gym clothes on you?”

I had been carrying them with me for weeks now in case I found somewhere I liked.

“Yeah I do actually!”

“Great, why don’t you come with me through to the consultation room and we’ll get started before getting you started on your workout!”

He called over one of his colleagues and asked him to man the desk as he did the consultation. The colleague was just a bit less muscular and had curly brown hair but nevertheless stunning. I then followed the blonde to the consultation room and sat down while he sat down behind the desk.

“I am Frank by the way,” he started

“Wait, you’re Frank, as in you own them gym?” I interrupted him.

“Haha yes I am! I have been running this gym for three years now.”

“You must have started very young in that case?”

“I am 27,” he said, almost shy.

“You look a lot younger than that! I suppose the muscle should give it away though.”

“Haha yes I suppose it should! Anyways we should get this started. What’s your name?”

“Alec, Alec Jacobs.”

“Right Alec, so considering you were looking for a gym with no distractions I am guessing you have some big goals, but first I need to know your current height and weight and body fat percentage, so if you just want to come over here…”

I stood up and walked over to the wall where there was a tape measurer. I stood underneath it and heard Frank whisper “6ft flat.”

We moved on to the scales. “145lbs, nice and slim then?”

“Haha yeah that’s the problem!”

“Well let’s see your body fat percentage.”

He did the measurement and after doing the required calculations he said, with some satisfaction in his voice “15%, not a bad place to start Alec.”

“Well I am glad but that definitely needs to go down!”

“Well I think a lot has to change for you to achieve your goals, depending on what those are?”

“Well I would love to get huge. I guess I am quite tall but I need muscles. I would love to be over 300lbs of muscle.”

“So you want to be a very big guy?”

“Yes indeed!”

“Any muscles you like particularly?”

“I love big pecs but everything has to be super ripped and big anyways.”

While I was talking he was entering information into the computer.

“How old are you by the way?”


“Good age to get started at! Right, if I can just ask you to do this quick survey, it’s completely anonymous, it’s just for data information collection. While you do that I will prepare a workout plan”

He handed me a tablet that had the survey ready to go. It included questions on ethnic background, education level but to my surprise also sexual orientation and penis length. The question that surprised me most, however, was the simple question “ideal penis length.” I chuckled to myself. There was no selection box just two areas to type in, one read “soft” and the other “hard”. I thought it was rather funny and a joke so I typed in 12 inches for soft and 18 for hard.

I hit “submit” and handed the tablet back to Frank, who was just printing my new workout routine.

“Right, so as part of our service is that we provide whey protein shakes at the beginning and the end of your workout. When you swipe in your membership card our staff knows you here and a shake will be at the bar in the gym area when you come out of the changing room, with your name on it. When you are leaving, just let them know before you go into the changing room and they’ll get the other one ready, ok?”

“Great thanks!” We finalised the details including payment plans (it was surprisingly cheap for the good service) and after that one of the staff showed me where to get my protein shake and then took me round to spot me while I was using the equipment. Obviously the staff member, James, was another stunning specimen of a human being. He was an incredibly big black guy, with abs visible through his tanktop and a noticeable bulge in his gym shorts. But he was forceful in getting me used to all the equipment after having not been to the gym in quite a while and so he was surprisingly undistracting. We had some small talk while I was doing my reps and although I had that burning sensation in my muscles, James pushed me to my limits.

He worked here part-time while studying at the local university. He clearly loved his job and knew plenty about all the machines considering his own physique. James was very friendly and we got along very well. Turned out we had similar interests, besides the gym, and he managed to make me feel very comfortable in such a masculine atmosphere. At one point, without thinking about it too much I just blurted out “You must see quite some action in uni.” James Laughed.

“Yeah I guess but the girls usually can’t handle me.”

“But surely you have needs?”

“Yeah but there are other ways.”

I looked puzzled wondering what meant, but James just smiled.

After a good hour and a half, with James occasionally correcting my technique, I finished up. James said he would let the staff know I was going to get changed to make sure my shake would be ready when I re-emerged from the changing rooms. I started to slowly undress when I heard the door open and to my surprise James came in.

“So why do you want to grow bigger. You already have a beautiful body.”

I was surprised by his bluntness and by his statement in general. How would a guy his size think I had a beautiful body.

“Uhm, I love muscle, not this puny body.”

“I definitely prefer slim on other guys.”

“Other… guys?”

“Did you not figure I was gay by now? And based on how you looked at me, so are you.”

He was very blunt indeed.

“Well—I mean. I guess. Thanks?”

I had suddenly gotten very nervous and shy. Why was this guy so forward and, well eager?

I had slowly continued to undress until I only my underwear and socks were left. When I bent over to take off my socks I suddenly felt James’ hand on my ass as he started to rub it.

“Damn man that is one fine booty.”

I smiled, despite his forwardness I had always thought my ass was my best asset. Excuse the pun.

“You remember what I said earlier?” He asked. “That most girls can’t take it?”

“Yeah.” I said, gasping.

“Most guys can’t either.”

I turned around, now very curious.

“What do you mean?”

James looked around the locker room, almost nervous. When he had double-checked the room was empty he turned around and just pulled down his shorts, revealing a huge bulge in a rather tight fitting jockstrap.

“Fuck,” I whispered.

“And that is it still in my jock,” James smiled.

“Can I, uhm, see it?” My inhibitions seemed to slowly go.

“Go ahead.”

I got on my knees in front of him and started to pull down the jockstrap. It started to reveal a thick and long snake. Probably bigger than anything I had ever seen in my life.

“This is massive!” I said, in absolute shock.

“Yeah it is.” James said, pride clearly audible in his voice. It seemed like I was taking his underwear of for ages before the head emerged. It was as thick as my puny wrist and the length. God it must have been 10 inches soft.

“Seriously, I want to know how big this thing actually is.”

“10.5 soft bud. And much bigger hard. I’m a grower.”

Without hesitating much I took the big head in my mouth and started to suck. I had acquired some skill in this area over the years and without hesitating much I took the entire soft 10.5 inches into my mouth and let it slip into my throat.

“Fuck man that is incredible! No one has even managed to take that much.”

I slid off. “I don’t know how much I’ll be able to take when its hard to be honest.”

James just smiled, clearly still impressed as he grabbed my head and encourage me back onto his huge cock. I could feel it started to expand as I continued to suck it. It grew at least 3 inches in diameter and as I had thought my mouth was starting to struggle. When I tried to deepthroat again I could not fit the more than eight inches in my mouth but I continued to try and I could feel James push as I closed my eyes and let him take control.

When I reopened my eyes a few minutes later I was in shock. His dick must have grown to 17 inches long. An absolute monster and he was trying to get it deeper into my mouth.

“I think we should try something else.” He smiled and pulled me up.

“That won’t ever fit.”

“I am not so sure about that. If your mouth can do that I am very curious to see what your ass can do.”

I smiled and realised my willpower wasn’t very strong anymore. He lifted me off the ground and carried me to the showers.

“Hands against the wall dude”

I followed his order, my ass pushed outwards and spread. I could feel James getting onto his knees as he started to lick my tight hole. I moaned as I felt his wet tongue licked and poked my asshole. I could feel him push his tongue in and moaned softly as my sphincter stretched slowly.

“God man you have a juicy fucking hole. Are you going to be a good bitch for me?”


“You heard me boy.”

“Uhm… yes sir?”

“That’s right. You’re going to my bitch and anyone in the gym is able to find out when they come for a shower.”

Fuck. He was right. But the thing was, I didn’t give a damn. I just wanted to try and take that huge cock in my ass.

“From now on, you are a slave. You shall not refuse a cock offered to you by any member of this gym, understood?”

“Ye… ye…” I stuttered. “Yes Sir.”

“Good. I will decide your gym clothes next time you come in boy. But that is business for later.”

I could hear him spit on his hand and rub it onto his dick.

“Now, this is going to hurt but you better take it.”

With that I could feel him put his dick at my tight hole and suddenly he just pushed it in hard.

I screamed loudly.

“FUCK, FUCK, that hurts!”

“Shut up boy!”

I shut up immediately and just tried to take it.

“Fuck boi, not many guys can take a cock this easily up their cunt. I’ve got over 13 inches in.”

I could feel it. My ass was being torn apart, ripped into shreds. And all I could do was take it as James pushed me hard against the wall as he continued to push in. Once in a while he would pull back, almost all the way out of my asshole, before smashing back in. And every time I would scream in pain.

“Fuck yeah bitch, oh take that cock.”

“How much… is in… Sir!”

“Almost there boi!”

He pulled out one more time. He grabbed my hips extra tightly and pushed in extremely hard. I could feel his pubes hit my ass as he start to slowly fuck me. Slide in and out, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast. His low-hanging balls slapping against mine as his cock hit my prostate. My own dick was rock hard despite the intense pain caused by James’ huge dick that flowed through from my anus into the rest of my body. Thrust after thrust sent waves of pain and pleasure through my body as I felt his dick pounding. I hardly noticed the small group of gym users that had gathered around us and were now watching me getting used.

“Fuck yeah bitch, oh god you are going to take my load so hard!” Suddenly he pulled out, grabbed my hair and forced me to my knee—facing his giant cock.

“Open your mouth you filthy whore!”

I obeyed and opened wide. He slammed his dick down my throat and within seconds I could feel it pulls and throb as he shot streams of cum deep into my stomach. His dick was so deep in my throat that I could hardly taste his cum, but I could feel my ass dripping with juices as other guys started to dump their loads on my face and ass. The smell of the testosterone was driving me crazy and suddenly I blew my own load without touching my seven inch dick. When all the guys had blown their loads—there may have been around ten of them—they went back to their workouts but James picked me up from the floor and slammed me against their wall.

“This is your life now, bitch! Go clean yourself up and I am going to put some gym clothes in your bag for you to wear next time. If you don’t wear them the video of you sucking my dick in the changing rooms is going online. Understood?”

“There is a video?”

“Hahaha!”James laughed “Of course there is a video. Otherwise bitches like you think they can get away with everything. Now get showered and dressed and make sure you pick your shake up on the way out.”

When I finally did leave the changing room and walked through the gym to get the shake everyone looked. Although there were more guys here than there had been in the showers, they all knew. I grabbed the shake and downed it. I felt a bit dizzy but I got myself together and quickly left the gym, a little embarrassed and still a little horny.


Part 2

Once I got home I went to sleep after a big dinner and a quick wank. The workout had tired me out I didn’t mind, as I slept peacefully until my alarm went off in the early morning. I got dressed and for some odd reason felt all my clothes were a little tighter but attributed the odd feeling to the intense muscle ache I had all over.

I loved the muscle ache. It proved that my workout had been a good one and that I should continue as much as I could. So I made sure to take my gym bag with me, just changing the towel from yesterday ensuring that the clothes Master James had put in were still in the bag. I didn’t want to look at them, scared that I would chicken out on going. I new I had to go though or else everyone could see I was a cock sucker.

When I finished work for the day I wandered back to Frank’s Gym, my head hardly thinking, my feet carrying me automatically. I swiped in and went to get changed. I was surprised when I actually had a look at the outfit chosen for me. I tiny tight tank-top and a tiny pair of shorts that were hardly any bigger than boxers. And a thong. There were no shoes included but my own shoes were still in the bag—unlike the rest of my gym clothes. I put them on and briefly stood in front of the mirror and saw how slutty I looked. It was clear that I was owned.

I went to the bar and picked up my protein shake. The barman saw me and smiled.

“Your James’ new boi aren’t you?”

I just looked at him, shocked.

“Don’t worry, everyone in the gym knows how to recognise James’ bitches. They’re very accepted and really some of the luckiest guys in the gym. “


“He’s a great personal trainer and has a lot of knowledge! Plus, have you seen the guy? He’s huge! And he likes to help his slaves grow. Serve him well and he will reward you!”

“I thought he liked his boys slim?”

“He says that but that’s only because he wants to see them grow. Anyways, you better get to it if you want to please him!”

I grabbed the shake, downed it and started to workout following the plan James had sent me the night before. Today was a leg day, I had been working out for a good hour and a half when I was doing squats I saw James coming in. After he got changed he came up to me, with a slight smile on his face.

“Looking good boi. Glad to see you didn’t chicken out.”

“I don’t want to disappoint Sir.”

“I didn’t think you would. How much have you got left?”

“Probably half an hour Sir, until I have completed all the sets on my workout plan.”

“I will see you in the locker room in half an hour then.”

“Yes Sir.”

The remainder of my workout was tough—Frank had really set the bar high. But I was pumped but even though I was loving my new gym and my workout it wasn’t going fast enough. I noticed I was craving to serve James. I walked to the bar and told the barman I was off for the day. He had a huge smile.

“I am guessing you need about 40 to 50 minutes?”

“Uhm I guess…”

Slightly embarrassed but also slightly aroused I walked into the changing rooms. And sat down for a moment to catch my breath. And then James walked in.

“Perfect timing boi. Glad to see you made it already!”

“Yes Sir, I wanted to be on time for you.”

“I think I need to explain myself a bit more boi. You have probably noticed some guys checking you out today, maybe someone even made a comment that you are mine?

“I am known in this gym. I am the most loyal customer, and I can pretty much do whatever I want. So the gym staff, including Frank, know that I have slaves in the gym.”

He paused, staring me intently in the face. “Ok Sir.” I simply responded.

“So obviously you are my slave and my slaves dress how I want them. You have followed that part of the order perfectly. Although I think I will give you everything a size smaller for tomorrow. It looks to baggy on you.”

I was surprised as this was so tight my bulge was clearly visible. But I simply responded “Ok Sir.”

“You seem very obedient so the next step is that you behave as I demand and grow as I demand. By behaving I mean the following: if any guy in this gym comes to you and asks you to suck their cock, you suck their cock. Understood?”

“Yes Sir, I think so Sir.”

“You think so? Let me explain a bit more you little worthless cum dump. Not everyone who uses this gym knows that I have slaves here but the ones who do, know how to recognise them. So if they ask you, they know me and they know who to complain to if you refuse. You suck their cocks and swallow their loads. But under no circumstances do you let yourself get fucked by one of those guys. Understood?”

“Yes Sir.” I was getting really nervous now.

“Good. And furthermore, if you see me in the changing rooms, you will always kneel. If I demand to see you in the changing rooms after you workout I expect you to a good slut and have removed your top and shorts. Any guy should be able to see you if he walks in here in your little thong.

“In regards to growing—you will grow as I demand. I have already altered your protein intake to speed up your growth and you will receive a new workout routine via email tonight. YES, I know your email.”

He must have read my surprised face when he mentioned my email.

“You will grow to the size Frank and yourself established during your initial consultation meeting. This goes for every body part. The only alteration I make to it, is the size of your pecs. I like my boys to have really big pecs so you will have really big pecs too boi. They’ll be your muscle tits.”

“Yes Sir.”

“I feel like you have still not understood me fully boi!”

I thought for a second, about to ask what he meant but than I realised. I was in the locker room with him and I was neither on my knees or in just my thong. I swiftly undressed and kneeled in front of him.

“There we go.”

With that he grabbed my head and pushed me onto his still covered cock.

“This cock,” He whispered “is the secret to how I am going to make you grow. Well this one and others!”

I looked up at him, now really confused.

“HAHAHA!” He laughed loudly, making me more confused. “Your shake contains a special substance that speeds up your growth. But it is only activated when it is mixed with cum.

“And that,” He said as he roughly readjusted my face onto his hardening dick, “Is the reason you need to suck as many cocks as you can boi. Because it will make you grow quicker. And guess what?” He whispered, leaning down over me. “It’ll go even quicker if you take a huge cock in your tight little boi pussy. And by huge, I mean it needs to be at least 15 inches! And most guys in here don’t have that do they?”

I tried to look my master in the eyes but he held me firmly in place.

“But if you do find one, I suppose that would be the exception to the rule. You can get fucked by that one.”

“Yes, sir,” I responded. Too horny to listen to him talk but just wanting to suck him.

Suddenly I heard the door open and I jolted but my master kept me firmly in place. I heard footsteps and laughing but, it must have been when they saw James, they all became quiet and suddenly I could hear the men take careful steps, gathering around us. When it became silent James spoke.

“Just on time guys. This boi needs fed.”

With that he stepped away from me but still holding my head, starting to walk around me, giving both the guys the chance to see me and me to see the guys. They were all big, muscled guys, sweaty from their workouts. I wouldn’t be surprised if some had been slaves of James as well. There must have been about twenty of them. I had a hunch that I knew what was coming.

“You know how this works guys. One at a time, no more than five minutes and try not to waste a drop.”

“You first.” Master James said, nodding at a big guy. Although that is hardly a description that distinguishes him from the rest. He was slightly less trim than most of the others. He pulled his cock out of his gym shorts and revealed a decently sized cock. Still bigger than mine but nothing compared to James’ monster dick.

I eagerly started to suck him off. already hard he must have been working up to this and it didn’t take him the full five minutes to cum down my throat. The next guy stepped in, his cock only slightly thinner but a bit longer. Just as James gave him the warning his time was almost over he shot his load.

And that was all that happened. Cock after cock, load after load. I tried my best not to spill a drop. Some guys called me names others just let me suck them in silence. But all the other guys cheered when a guy shot his load. Some guys were bigger than others, one or two may have even been big enough to satisfy Master James’ requirements.

“Alright guys, round two!”

I was shocked. These guys were ready to go again. I suppose we must have been there for hours while random guys came in and changed, not disturbed by the ongoing events. Eventually James walked up to me again from outside the circle, grabbed my head, pulled me back looking deep into my eyes and smirked.

“God I have never seen such a big faggot dick sucker. You are real good. I do hope you are hungry for one more.”

I had been looking forward to sucking his big cock the entire day. I wasn’t just hungry for it, I was starving for it. I needed it.

I opened my mouth wide, indicating my hunger.

“No I don’t think so.”

My eyes widened with disbelief.

“Turn around slave.”

I smiled, and although I wasn’t sure if Master James noticed, he seemed eager to get to my ass.

“You’re ass looks pumped boi. I can see you had a good workout today.”

“Thank you Sir.”

As I sat there in all-fours I waited to see what happened. Half expecting him to just shove his huge tool in while at the same time hoping he would maybe rim me first.

He didn’t do quite either. I could him gather saliva in his mouth before he spat it all out straight onto my asshole, using his big cock head to rub it in. He gathered more, spat it on his hand and proceeded to rub it on his dick. He was playing nicer than the day before. He pushed slowly and within seconds I could hear and feel the head pop in. The guys around us cheered us on as he pushed further and further, his big snake massaging my insides.

“God your ass feels even nicer than yesterday boi. Such a nice little pussy.”

I just moaned, as pain flowed from my ass and spread through my body. It wasn’t as intense as the day before and I was looking forward to the point at which it would turn into pleasure and slowly, each time he pulled his dick back out and pushed it in, I could feel the pain transforming into pleasure. Every stroke, every inch, a bit more pleasure, a bit less pain.

The guys around us were cheering, wanking their dicks. But none made an attempt to fill my mouth too. Master James must have given strict orders. These men may not be his slaves, but they were definitely submissive to him.

“That’s it boi, take it deep.”

My master had now managed to get the entire length of his dick into me and I was in pure ecstasy. The pain had vanished and the pleasure only kept intensifying. I moaned loudly as his strokes became quicker and the cheers were louder. All the while guys were still coming and going, using the changing facilities for their actual purpose. Some stopped and stared, others hardly looked, some even joined the circle and started to jerk off.

When James was at the height of the fuck, alternating speeds constantly and surprising me occasionally by spanking my ass, to the loud cheers of the bystanders, he suddenly shouted “get in line guys!”

The guys formed a surprisingly orderly queu in front of me as I realised what was coming. All the guys seemed to be near their climax and I could feel that James was as well.

“Here we go, thirty seconds each!”

With that he started to breed my ass, cum flowing from his magnificent cock into my slutty boi pussy. And at the same time the first guy grabbed my head and I eagerly opened my mouth as he shot his cum down my throat. Guy after guy followed as I could still feel james’ dick shoot drain his balls. It wasn’t until the last guy had shot his load down my throat that James finally started to pull out as the last drop of cum dripped into my ass.

He leaned forward and kissed my neck, almost lovingly. “Well done boi. Stay put for just a minute.”

As I sat there the other guys began to disappear into the showers and started to get changed. James rummaged through his bag and must have found whatever it was he was looking for because he walked back to me, his little cum-fed slave. Then, without any warning, he shoved a big butt plug into me.

“Now, I better find that plug in there tomorrow evening boi. You can’t take it out until tomorrow morning and only briefly. I’ll be able to tell whether or not you’ve worn at work all day and during your workout.”

“It feels so big Sir!” I moaned.

“Hahaha. You bet it is boi. I told you it has to be at least fifteen inches to work didn’t? And the longer it stays in the better it’ll work! Now go get your shower and your shake and go home to rest boi. You need plenty of sleep if you’re going to grow big.”

I just nodded and got up and walked, with difficulty due to the big plug, to the showers. I wasn’t the only there and it didn’t surprised me a few more guys, especially some who joined later, wanted their cocks sucked. Although I was tired I remembered my masters orders and obediently sucked their dicks, some big, others just average like my own. But I eagerly did it anyways.

When I finally managed to get out of the showers a half an hour later I managed to get dressed fairly quickly. After sucking of a few more guys I was able to get the bar and my shake was still waiting.

“You made it.” The bartender smiled.

“Why wouldn’t I?” I replied cheekily.

“Well it’s a tough one I imagine. You were gone for a long time. Thankfully James warned me so your shake it still quite fresh. How are you feeling?”

“Tired mostly. A bit sore too.”

“I noticed you walked funny, definitely a sore one I imagined.

I blushed and wasn’t sure what to say. I just stood there, slowly composing myself in silence as no guy asked to get sucked.

“It’s ok. I know James’ deal.”

“What do you mean?” I said surprised.

“I told you he wants to make guys grow big. But the only way he is able to do that is by supplementing their diet with cum, and unfortunately by fucking them with his huge cock. Well. I say unfortunately, unfortunately for some I suppose but I reckon guys who weren’t into it wouldn’t succumb to it.”

I weakly smiled. I knew what he meant. It was sore but just being his slave was great, and maybe it was a good way of finally meeting my goals.

“Yeah I guess. There seem to be plenty of guys into it here.”

“Everyone is a little gay inside, and such a masculine environment as this one has managed to bring it out in our members. We’re obviously not like every gym around—and we’re proud of that.”

“Yeah if I were Frank I’d be proud too. He’s built an amazing gym here, that not only seems to let guys achieve their goals but also brings out a side that some guys would want to see.”

The bartender nodded. “Exactly. And the guys who don’t want to participate don’t. But they don’t hide from it and we’ve never had a complaint.”

I smiled. Why would anyone complain about this place.

“I’m Kurt by the way.” He stretched his arm over the counter and I shook it, noticing his big, ripped biceps bulging in the sleeves of his white polo shirt.

“Alec.” I said.

“I know. From making your shakes that is. I’ve almost finished my shift if you wanna hang around and I can walk you to your car.”

“Okay, that sounds good. Although I walk here.”

“You do? Do you live far away?”

“About ten blocks.”

“That’s okay I suppose. I live eight blocks south and when it’s nice like today I aim to walk as well.”

“Well I guess I can walk you home. I live south as well.”

With that his shift was finished and he went to the back to grab his stuff before we walked out of the door together.


Part 3

As Kurt and I were walking down the street towards both our places he told me he was in his final year at the local university. He was originally from the big city but had moved here to study and had gotten a job at Frank’s gym pretty soon after he started his studies. He told me that he definitely didn’t look like he did now, and probably still wouldn’t, if it hadn’t been for his gym.

“Frank doesn’t demand new staff of his to be big or muscular but he does want them to have the ambition. And he helps them. I mean—he helps his customers achieve their goals really successfully but he gives even more extensive support to his staff, because they’re the face of the gym and if they show real gains, his customers know they can as well.

“Although my quick growth will be nothing like I imagine you’ll get from James.” He sounded almost jealous.

“I have to make sacrifices for it to though. And I mean, I’ve only done it for two days so obviously I’ve not actually seem any gains. To be honest I doubt that his methods will work. I think it’s fun and he wants me to grow, so I’ll work out extra hard but doing those things he demands does not sound likely to work.”

Kurt smiled. He had a beautiful smile that fitted perfectly with his someone pale complexion and light blond hair. His muscles bulging with every step you could easily imagine he was a Norse god.

“I would make those sacrifices too if I knew it would help me achieve my goals!”

I laughed, I was glad to know I wasn’t the only slut around. But I was also a bit surprised. “You mean you haven’t achieved your goals yet?”

“No.” He sounded a bit more serious now. “Well—I did achieve my initial goal after about three months of starting work here. But I’ve not developed much since.”

“Has Frank said anything?”

“Not until recently. He asked me if I was happy with my size and I had to confess that I had been wanting to grow much bigger ever since I reached my current size. Frank seemed happy I said it and he was going to make an improved recipe for my shakes. I’ve started the new workout routine at the beginning of the week and I have to admit—I feel far more pumped than before.”

“You look incredible anyways!” I said, in awe with his beautiful body.

“Thanks! I’m working a lot this coming week so I’ll be excited to see your gains!”

“I doubt they’ll be visible in that short a space of time.”

“You’ll be surprised.” He just smiled, almost mischievously.

He stopped. We had been walking for quite a while now.

“You want to come in for a quick drink?” He asked me. “I even have some leftovers if you’re hungry.

“Thanks, but I guess I should head to bed soon.”

“Man, it’s only 8:30. Half an hour later won’t kill you. As long as you get nine hours of sleep you’ll muscles will get plenty of time to develop.”

He had managed to convince. Mostly not because of the words he used but how he said them. He had such a beautifully deep voice and with that gorgeous face of his, I couldn’t refuse. So went upstairs and he poured me a glass of orange juice as I sat down. My ass still sore.

“I’m glad you came upstairs I have to say. We’re not allowed to demand blowjobs from customers in the gym itself but here you are, and you’ve got orders to follow.”

I was surprised. Kurt had suddenly taken a decisevely dominant tone in his voice and as he gave me my orange juice he started to take of his shirt. I quickly downed my juice and knew what to do. I undid his sweats, pulled them down and revealed a huge bulge in his tight briefs.

“Now, you know I how everyone says James has the biggest dick in the gym?”

I didn’t but I nodded anyways.

“He doesn’t.”

With that Kurt pulled down his briefs and revealed a huge 14 inch soft dick. And balls as big as oranges.

“Fuck.” I said, letting out a sigh at the same time.

“I don’t want you to tell this to anyone at the gym, understood?”

I just nodded.

SMACK. “What was that?”

“Yes sir,” he said. “That’s right. I know who ownes you but you still treat me with respect.”

“Yes sir”

“That’s right bitch. Now get your mouth around that cock of mine!”

I eagerly wrapped my mouth around the head of his gargantuan dick. Despite it’s huge circumference I managed to take it into my mouth before I started to try and swallow more of it.

“Not bad, just like I thought. You filthy fucking whore. James is training you well I see.”

Kurt grabbed the back of my head and started to push his dick which soon hit the back of my throat. I gagged.

“There there, just relax bitch.”

I tried to relax as best as I could and I could feel Kurt push his dick further into my body. He simply kept pushing and reminding me to relax and to my surprise I had swallowed his entire cock in a matter of minutes.

A strange sensation came over me when I could feel it move inside me. I almost jumped but Kurt pushed me down on the floor.

“I’ve never had anyone who can swallow my cock hard boi, so I’ve learnt to control it and always insert it soft and then I let it get hard while it’s down their throats.”

And indeed I could feel it lengthen and thicken within me. I was trying to control my breathing as best as I could as I just simply sat there with his huge cock down my throat. When the feeling finally stopped he allowed me to sit there for a minute before grabbed my head again and started to pull out and, when the head was back in my mouth itself, shoved it all the way back in.

I gagged but Kurt had me completely under control as he started to fuck my face, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. My own cock was rock hard from the intense fucking. The feeling of such a huge cock in my mouth had my feeling hornier than I had ever been and I wanted Kurt to be impressed.

“Oh god no guy has ever handled me quite like this!” He moaned. “I can see why James likes you so much!”

He must have used me like that for a good half an hour. My throat was sore but I was able to breath alright and I think it must have been because of that, that I was able to handle it for such a long time.

But all good things had to come to an end. Although I was very curious to see where this ending was going. Suddenly Kurt slowed down and his dick started to extent further, in my mouth and down my throat, expanding my insides as it prepared to erupt. And then it began. I could feel shot after shot of thick cum flowing into me. But if I thought that Master James had cummed for a long time in my ass earlier, Kurt definitely beat him!

He just have taken five, if not ten, minutes to unload the contents of his huge balls directly into my stomach. Indeed, it was so much cum that I could feel my belly starting bloat as it was filled with more and more cum, adding to the four or five dozen loads I had swallowed earlier in the day.

When Kurt finally had stopped cumming he started to pull out slowly, allowing my throat and salive to clean the cum of his dick as it went through my mouth. Eventually I could see the big head pop out of my mouth and his dick was still hard. I stared at it. “Fuck,” I just whispered. It must have been at least 24 inches. “That was inside of me.”

“That’s right you filthy whore. You did very well. No guy has ever quite taken it that well!”

“You guided me well Sir.”

“I have had to get used to guys needing to take their time. It seems like the combination of your throat and my guidance was the perfect one.

“Anyways, you better head off and go to bed! You need to grow lots tonight. I’d fuck you but I want to ask James permission first.”

I smiled. I was wondering whether I should tell him that he had permission anyways, with the size of his cock!

“Sir…” I started.

“Yes. I know the rule. But I prefer to check.”

With that I gathered my things and headed out. My belly was still bloated by the time I laid down in my bed and all of my body was sore. I could feel the huge butt plug in me but despite it’s obvious presence I fell asleep quickly, not waking up again until the alarm went off the next morning.


Part 4

When I woke up I was immediately wide awake. I felt incredible. A bit sore and my ass decidedly had an odd feeling to it but nevertheless incredible. The sunlight had just started to peek through the curtains as it started to rise and my room was starting to feel really quite warm. Unlike my usual morning routine that involved me snoozing my alarm half a dozen times, I was keen to get going and kicked the covers away and jumped out of bed.

That was a slight mistake. Having forgotten the butt plug in my ass, it roughly pushed into me when I jumped up causing pain to shout through my body. I composed myself, accepting its domineering presence again and walked to my closet. When I opened it I immediately faced a mirror and my jaw dropped.

I guess I now understood what James and Kurt meant by growing.

Not only was it clear that my skinny self was completely gone, it was obvious that it had gone in the best direction possible. I stared at my reflection, noticing every inch, how it had changed and developed. Not only must I have managed to become as built as Kurt was, I was also more ripped. My biceps had grown to a decent 14 inches, with my waist having shrunk to 28 inches. Just above it was a beautifully carved set of abs, eight of them, in two perfectly even rows of four. And on top of that a spectacular set of pecs. Although I noticed they may have been somewhat disproportionately large.

My legs too, were incredible. Small trees seemed to come out of my upper body, sloping down to show strong and firm calves. In the centre of it all was my still underwear covered private area. I turned around, trying to see my ass in the mirror and the thong, a remainder of the outfit given to me by Master James, showed off a huge muscular bubble butt. It was more perfect than anything I had ever seen.

I could feel my cock twitch and although realising that I turned myself on confused me, I slipped off my thong and allowed my dick to jump to life. But that too had changed. It was still mostly soft but I could already see it had grown, quite proportionately, in both length and girth. I started to jack it off and when I felt it was fully hard I managed to compose myself for a moment that was long enough to measure myself. Eleven inches. I gained six inches on the length of my dick overnight.

Thinking about myself, feeling my new muscles bulge with each movement, and thinking of the dozens of men who dumped their loads in me last night, I quickly came to a climax. I rubbed a huge load into my eight pack as my big balls were unloaded onto me. I just noticed them. My balls. They must have been the size of baseballs. God I loved this body!

When I looked at my time I realised I was running kind of late so I quickly jumped into the shower and got dressed. To my surprise all my clothes fitted perfectly so I walked to work, stuffed with a butt plug with a new and incredible body. I wanted to go back to the gym as soon as possible and just go and live there or something. Thank god it was Friday.

Work was slow that day. The constant feeling of the huge plug in my ass was getting quite intense but no colleague seemed to notice so I just went on with my day and as soon as it was acceptable to leave I told them I was off, ran out of the door with my gym bag and went to the gym.

A stunning ginger muscle stud was on the reception desk today. He smiled at me, almost knowingly.

“Good afternoon. James is waiting for you.” He did know.

I swiped in and walked into the changing rooms. Indeed Master James was waiting.

“Ah you’re here. Glad to see you’ve made it today boi.”

I just stood there, not sure what to say.

“I see you’ve made some great progress after your feeding yesterday. I’m very glad that you’re getting to where you need to be. Now. Undress boi.”

I smiled, happy to know my master was happy with me. I quickly undressed until I stood there in my thong.

“All the way boi.”

I slipped out of the thong and stood there, naked and muscled. Master James came up to me and started to explore my body with his hands, feeling each crevice and mound of muscle. Counting my abs and cupping my strong ass. His hands moved towards my cock as he began stroking it, and it jumped to life, hardening within seconds.

“Excellent. But not big enough yet.” He mumbled.

“Sorry sir?”

SMACK. When I spoke he had smacked me in the face without a moments hesitation.

“Don’t speak unless I give you permission. Stupid Bitch!”

I didn’t utter another word as he kept jacking me off. “You need to grow much bigger for me to be satisfied. Kurt asked me permission to fuck you boi so now that we have a few more guys with huge cocks to start pumping you full of their cum we can make sure you grow real big. At this rate it should only take a couple of days!”

I stood there in silence as he kept wanking me.

“I have gathered about 5-10 well hung guys to fuck you tonight so you better be ready for it. They’re all about as hung as Kurt is so be prepared to get your ass torn. But it should make for some pretty great progress overnight. Now, during the weekend, I want you in here at 8am tomorrow and we will be here all weekend, is that understood?”

“Yes Sir.”

“There’s a good boi. Now go get dressed and do your workout!”

With that I got dressed in my usually slutty outfit and went to work, following the regime Master James had put together for me.

All the guys were checking me out as they saw my bigger body on display. I saw some guys adjusting their dicks as they lifted their weights. I kept working out, pushing myself, straining my muscle and making the most of my time.

After a good couple of hours an announcement was made that the gym was about to close. I saw Master James, who smiled. He walked up to me and as he walked everybody just stared at him.

“Don’t worry boi, you can stay longer as I have keys and will be locking up tonight. It’ll be easier when everybody is gone.

“You should continue working out until you it is closed. I will be busy making sure people leave and that it’s tidy and locked up but don’t let that be a distraction okay?”

I nodded, acknowledging his kind and friendly order.

While he made sure the gym was ready for closing I continued to pump iron as hard as I could. I tried not to pay attention to the many people leaving but I couldn’t help and notice some men being let in by the ginger stud that had been on reception. Usually the policy was not to let anyone in thirty minutes before closing but quite a couple of guys were getting away with it.

When the final closing announcement was made and the remaining guys who had been working out until the last minute went into the changing rooms, I looked at Master James again. As the gym was now empty he just shouted. “I SAID TILL EVERYONE WAS GONE BITCH.”

With that I continued to do my sets. Waiting for everyone to leave. A couple of guys left but I had a feeling that there were quite a few men waiting for me in the changing rooms.

“Oi! Bitch!”

I looked up at Master James. “Take of your tanktop and shorts boi. I just want you in your slutty thong for when the guys come through.” I looked at him as I undressed. I knew Master James wasn’t joking and that I should undress quickly if I wanted to avoid punishment.

After another ten minutes or so Master James went into the changing rooms and came back with a bunch of guys, all some of the hottest guys around—extremely ripped and nice bulges in their workout gear. Kurt was one of the last guys to come out but to my surprise the very last one to join was the ginger stud from the reception desk. There was one gap a third way down the line.

“Right. These guys are the lucky ones for you today. They’ll be stretching your ass and feeding you the juices your body needs to grow huge. They’ll be here tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday night to make sure you grow as much as possible over the weekend. By Monday morning you will be a huge muscle bitch, ready for action.”

He walked to the empty space in the line and the guys started to undress. When the naked bodies started to appear it suddenly dawned on me that these guys were in a specific order. One that was based on the size of their dick.

As Master James had explained that only dicks over 15 inches in length would help me grow, the smallest dick was fifteen inches. And from there it just went up. Two guys with about 16 inch dicks, Master James’ 17 inches. A guy with a 19 inch dick which was thicker than even Kurt’s. A set of young looking twins, both with huge 21 inch dicks and muscles so defined that it looked that god himself had carved them out of marble, the very good looking barman who had been making my shakes for the last few days was the skinniest of the group but that made his cock only look bigger; he was followed by Kurt himself with his 24 inch massive tool but it was without any shadow of a doubt that the ginger stud was the most hung guy in the gym, as his dick stood a good 30 inches hard.

“We’re gonna take you in turn. Straight into your ass and you clean each dick when we’re done. Each dick will feed you twice, once in the ass and once in the mouth. We start with Max.”

With that, Max came up to me as I readied myself on the bench, ass high in the air. He put his head at my hole and without any hesitation shoved it in. I screamed in pain as he fucked me, first slowly before he picked up the pace.

Max couldn’t have been older than 19: a young muscle jock whose dick was definitely not full grown yet. But with his youth came an intense amount of energy and stamina. He fucked my mancunt vigorously, varying the pace as I could feel him fill me slowly with his precum. As he stretched my hole he started to fuck harder and harder until suddenly his dick started to swell and he dumped load after load into me.

As Max took his dick out Master James already announced the next guy to go in. “Vince, your turn!”

I sighed with relief as my ass had a brief moment to relax. However, before I had the chance to recover even slightly I could feel Vince starting to push his huge cock into my boi pussy. “Remember what I said Vince!” Master James said, “No hesitating, just push it in!”

With that Vince suddenly pushed really hard. The stud, who must have been in his mid to late thirties was by no means the oldest but his very square jaw line caused him to stand out. He would fall into the category of unconventionally handsome.

Vince’s huge head invaded my ass in a matter of seconds before his shaft started to tear me apart. He pushed harder and harder and his cock accepted no resistance and just went deeper and deeper. Once I felt his low-hanging balls hit ass he picked up the pace, fucking me hard but with a certain attitude that told me he was not quite the merciless top like Master James would maybe want him to be.

Meanwhile, Max had taken his time but had managed to finally reach my front. He smacked my face and from the sheer shock I screamed, and Max fully utilised my open mouth as he rammed his cock deep down my throat. Now unable to scream I started to take the abuse as best as I could, without struggling. The pain was intense but I was thankful that Vince was not quite as aggressive as Max had been and so my ass was able to adjust to his dick a little better.

Although Vince might have been more gentle, he also had more stamina. I could feel his cock sliding into me for minute after minute. After five minutes Max shot his second load, but this time down my throat and has he pulled out I was once again able to moan and scream.

I looked at the clock in the gym and saw time ticking away as Vince kept fucking me for more than 15 minutes. When he finally picked up the pace, as a prelude to his climax, I sighed of relief, knowing fully well that the next cock would be in me in a matter of minutes.

As I expected, Vince’s load was massive. I could feel him shoot over and over again. I looked at the clock and realised he must have been shooting for more than five minutes before he finally pulled out. I could already feel the cum dripping down my inner thigh when I heard Master James announce that the next guy to enter me had to do so.

The cock that entered me belonged to Conner. Conner was a blonde guy on the local university rugby team. Built like brick house he was maybe not the most ripped of the guys here but by god were his muscles bulging! His cock was only slightly thicker than Vince’s and he slid in without any problems. My ass, now thoroughly lubed and ready accepted him without any form of resistance and within a matter of seconds his balls hit my ass and he started to pound me.

Vince, in the mean time, made sure I sucked his cock clean. Still covered in my ass juices and his massive load he almost politely told me to open my mouth. I obeyed, knowing very well that Master James would punish me later if I did otherwise. To my surprise

Connor was in no way ridiculously dominant. But he knew how he liked to fuck and his main requirement was hard. He grabbed my hips and slammed into me, thrust after thrust, with his balls slapping against my ass over and over. Although he had good stamina he came after ten minutes, dumping a decent load into me, but nothing compared to Vince’s. To my surprise, he dumped his second load in my mouth at the same time Connor filled my ass.

Next, without any word was a thick cock invading me. And I knew this guy was dominant. Master James’ huge black monster went straight in, helped by the cum of Max, Vince and Connor. Within a matter of seconds he started to fuck me hard as Connor put his cock at my mouth, which I eagerly took in to distract myself from the pain in my ass.

As Master James fucked me harder and harder he took full control of me.

“You’re a good little bitch aren’t you?” With that he spanked my ass hard as I jolted with pain, trying really hard not to bite on Connor’s thick cock.

He fucked me for more than half an hour as the other guys watching and wanked their dicks. Connor had dumped his load after ten minutes so all the while I was screaming and shouting in pain as Master James spanked me and fucked me harder than he hard so far. When he finally came I was exhausted but there was no chance I would get a break. He had hardly pulled out when he already said, “Come on Aidan, no waiting around here!”

Aidan come up behind me and his 19 inch dick may have been longer than Master James’, it was thankfully not much thicker. He slid in without much resistance, just pushing harder to make sure he got in deep enough. When his cock was finally all in, I was glad to feel he was far more gentle than Master James, maybe even more gentle than Vince had been. He just fucked me steadily for a good little while. Although Master James was using my mouth hard and his cock was deep down my throat, I felt more relaxed then when he was violating my ass and Aidan came only seconds after Master James’ had dumped his second load.

Aidan quickly replaced him but my ass not filled up immediately. It was not until after Aidan had gone by to join the others that I realised who were next.

I was not prepared for was the sheer intensity of what was coming though. The two god like men, who looked as though god himself had sent them to earth, who were exactly identical and had a fiery passion for violent fucking, were about to take their passion out on me.

The twins came up together after Master James had told them they were next once Aidan had cum for a second time. “Trevor and Travis. Just like we discussed okay?”

I had no clue what he meant but I realised it not ten seconds later. One of the two just rammed his dick in. From the feeling it gave me, he was significantly bigger than any of the guys that had fucked me so far. The other twin smacked me in the face with his hard cock, which hurt so much I screamed, at which point he just rammed it in.

Stuffed with two of the longest and thickest cocks I had ever had (okay Kurt was bigger, but now I had two in me!) Either Trevor or Travis started to fuck me real hard. I had never quite felt a sensation like this was causing. A dick longer and fatter than I could have imagined only a week ago, combined with a ferocity and almost anger caused me to feel an intense amount of pain flow through my body, while at the same time, the odd feeling of pleasure and joy spread from my prostate and filled me completely, until the two feelings were both so intense that I almost stopped feeling anything at all.

And that is probably what would have happened if it hadn’t been for the other brother. His cock filled my mouth as soon as I had opened it, and he had slammed it down as far as he could. He had gotten pretty far as well but my throat did not seem to remember Kurt’s treatment very well. And this twin was in no way as patient as Kurt.

“Hold on boi, I am making sure you are taking it all, whether you like it or not.”

Instinctively, I braced for what I knew what was coming. But when the brother grabbed my neck and started to push in real hard, intense pain swept through me as my throat struggled to expand in order to accommodate him.

In the end, the pain won. I could feel a little hint of pressure coming from my prostate but the pain in my ass and throat had the upper hand. I kept choking on the massive 21 inch dick in my mouth, which seemed to stimulate the brother further. He moaned loudly as he started to fuck my face.

“Ready Travis?”

“Almost Trevor.”

Trevor fucked my throat harder and harder until I felt his already thick cock get thicker. His dick was so deep in me that I could just about feel the warm liquid run into my stomach but I only got a bit of its salty taste when a hint of cum left on the head of his dick ended up on my tongue as he pulled out.

Travis grabbed me and threw me off his cock as he made space on the workout bench. I was surprised as I had no clue what was happening. Trevor laid down on the bench as Travis picked me up, lifting my ass right over Trevor’s still hard cock and slid me onto it. He pushed my face towards Trevor’s as I unerstood what was about to happen. I tried to relax as much as I could as I could the head of Travis’ cock at my hole. He started to push in and I screamed in pain, more pain than I had felt so far.

His head managed to slowly make its way in and when I heard a silent ‘plop’ I knew he had managed to get at least so far. He pushed further and further as my sphincter tried its best to stretch wider and wider. He must have tried for at least ten minutes until I finally had the feeling his entire shaft was in me.

“Fuck you are good fucking bitch! You took both our dicks, all the way, at the same time!” said Trevor as he looked me in the eyes.

“Yeah he’s a good boi isn’t he?” Travis agreed with his brother.

“Hey bro! You reckon you can fuck this boi while we’re here?”

Without answering verbally (although I suspect Travis had a somewhat evil smile on his face in response to his brother’s question) Travis just spanked me hard and started to slide out again. Without leaving me fully (although to be fair, he must have pulled out just about half way, still leaving him with more than ten inches to shove straight back in) and indeed did just that. With great force I could feel him push in as my ass struggled to cope with the size of his enormous cock. Yet he had no mercy as he started to thrust into me me harder and harder, over and over.

“Oh fuck bro that feels so good! You’re gonna make me cum again!”

“Wait on me Trev, I will join you!”

After a few more minutes of hard thrusts, Travis screamed “COME ON BRO!” and I could feel both their dicks expand and start to shoot cum. Both continued to dump their loads into me for what seemed like ages and my their cum started to leak out between their dicks. Eventually Travis pulled out and used his strength to lift me off his brother. When he had gotten up Travis threw me down on all fours and shoved his big cock in my mouth before I could utter a single word.

“You can go now.”

Next was the relatively skinny, but horsehung barman called Liam. As Travis started to fuck my throat, Liam put his dick at my ass and entered. Without much effort, especially after the twins had ripped me open, he shoved it all the way in before he went to work. His skinny body meant he had great physicality and he was able to fuck me much harder than any of the other guys, with the added benefit of doing it for much longer.

Yet his fucking was for some reason the most comfortable. Perfect length and thickness meant that I suddenly noticed my own dick was hard. I wasn’t sure if it was the first time during the gangbang or that it had been like this the entire time but it seemed as though Liam was hitting all the right places.

As Travis was fucking my throat and Liam my ass, my cock suddenly started to harden further. To my surprise, I started to cum uncontrollably and as I heard the guys cheer me on, Liam spanked me—almost as a way to encourage me to keep coming.

The sight of it and feeling of it must have triggered Travis and Liam as without warning, and much to my surprise, Liam suddenly dumped his load in my ass, filling me up even further. At the same time, Travis started to shoot his second massive load down my throat. Eventually they both pulled out and Liam quickly forced his dick down my throat.

I had known what was coming next. I had been most scared of this one. Even the ginger stud at the end couldn’t scare me this much, despite his humongous tool. It was Kurt. And Kurt had already shown to be in complete control of me. But after the events of last half hour my fear had mostly gone. Travis and Trevor had managed to rip me open completely and I felt as though I could handle anything now.

I should have probably thought again. I knew his dick was 24 inches long. I knew he was one hell of a dominant fucker. And when he slammed his dick straight home I was immediately reminded that this would not be an easy ride. But something about him felt a lot better than the twins had felt. The pleasure was more intense, and his long strokes sent shivers through my entire body every time.

It only took Travis about five minutes before he dumped his second load, leaving me all for Kurt. Occasionally he would lift my upper body by putting an arm around my neck and pulling me up, forcing a kiss on my lips or whispering something in my ear. He continuously reminded me that I was his bitch, and he owned my ass as long as his dick was inside me.

He fucked me with more passion than any of the other guys had so far and despite his absolute control over me he managed to make me feel oddly special while he was there.

However, all good things had to come to an end. Eventually I could feel him speed up and when his dick started to expand I could feel him dump ahis own huge load into me.

“You like that, bitch?”

“Yes Sir,” I replied softly.

“Good. Now clean my cock boi.”

I started to suck my dick when I heard Master James announce the last guy. “Go on Matt. You’re last.”

Matt came up to me and before fucking me he bent over and whispered softly into my ear “When you first walked into the gym today I knew I wanted to have you. You are beautiful.”

I wasn’t sure if it was a simple compliment or just cheap flattery. Regardless I thought it was nice to say and he sounded like he genuinely meant it. He gently put his head against my hole and pushed in. His dick was huge. 30 inches of ginger cock slowly started to invade my hole. Inch after inch slipped in until I could feel that Matt had to apply force to get it in further.

“God no one has ever taken my cock so far with such ease! I can tell you have been loosened up nicely.” He said, sounding rather happy.

He then started to push much harder. More inches slid in as he started to thrust, trying to get more of his dick into me.

“You can take it all the way. I know you would be the one person that could. Just relax.” He whispered in my ear.

His encouragement helped. I could feel more of his dick coming in. Eventually I could feel his softball sized balls hit my ass.

By this point, Kurt had managed to dump his second load, leaving me all alone in the capable hands of Matt.

“Fuck! Guys look at that, he’s all the way in!” Vince shouted.

The guys cheered as Matt grabbed my hips and started to slowly thrust in and out of my hole. He picked up the pace, fucking me harder and harder, taking long thrusts, allowing him to take out as much of his dick as possible before shoving it all the way back in. Almost ritually it seemed to go on for hours, as I blissfully managed to enjoy it. Although there was some pain, something about Matt’s methods had managed to relax me enough to make sure I enjoyed mostly pleasure.

It reflected in the hardness of my cock as well as my cock hardened again and within a matter of seconds was harder than it had been before. As Matt slipped in and out of my ass his humongous cock managed to hit my prostate every single time. I was enjoying this fuck more than any so far. I thought I was in heaven.

But this too eventually came to an end. It must have taken Matt ten minutes to dump the contents of his huge balls into my ass. As his cock was still pulsing inside me my own dick suddenly exploded, covering the bench in cum for a second time. When we were eventually done cumming I felt spent. Matt knelt down in front of the bench, kissed me and whispered “Well done.” before offering me his huge tool to clean and suck.

“Right boi. Now as final treat you get mine back in!”

Without much more warning than that, Master James shoved his huge cock back in my ass for a final quick fuck. His dick being just over half the size of Matt’s meant it didn’t faze me much this time. I could feel him dump his load in the matter of minutes as Matt did the same.

“Good job slave. We’re going to clean up and Matt here will be cleaning up for you, as is the duty of the receptionist on the Friday night. See you tomorrow morning at 8am!” He spanked me one last time and went into the changing rooms.


Part 5

I was spent. I had no clue how I had managed to survive that fucking session without passing out. I was in a dream-like state and was unable to move.

Without warning Matt slammed a big butt plug in.

“Sorry. Orders from Master James.”

“Do you do this for all his slaves?”

“Yeah, I fuck all of them and make sure they follow the correct procedures.”

“You like doing it?”

“Yeah it’s okay. Come on, let’s get you sorted.”


“Here is pair of jeans, socks and boots. And a cropped tank top.”

I looked at Matt, finally somewhat able to move. He was standing behind the bar and had pulled out some clothes.

“From tomorrow onwards, you are to wear these at all times when you are not at work. When you leave work you will put these on. You will have these on until you arrive at work. Don’t worry, your new body comes with one other thing. People will not judge you. They will understand your position and they will accept it. Your work won’t fire you.”

“O-o-okay.” I stammered.

“I know it’s a lot to take in.” He disappeared underneath the bar counter for a moment before reappearing. I will put this with your stuff just in case.”

I couldn’t see what he was holding but I am sure I’d find out soon enough.

“Are you okay? He finally said, coming over to me.

“Uhm, I feel a bit—” I didn’t finish my sentence.

“Dizzy? Sleepy?”

“Yeah but also just off. Like—kinda ill.”

“Oh that’s not good. You did take nine huge cocks to be fair. Mine all the way as well. No one has ever managed that!”

I smiled. He knew the right things to say.

“You know what, I’ll go clean up a bit more and you take a quick power nap and we’ll see if you feel better okay?”

I nodded and he walked away. I put my head down on the bench and fell asleep surprisingly easily.

“Wake up. Wake up!”

“Euurgh?” I slowly woke up and saw a handsome freckled face close to me. It was Matt.

“You’ve been asleep for half an hour! I really need to lock up and go home!”

“Sorry! What?” I was suddenly wide awake, feeling a lot better.

“How are you feeling?” Matt asked.

“All the better for seeing you!” Matt blushed. “You know, when I saw you this morning I was like, ‘God, he’s really hot!’ I really wanted to fuck you but I didn’t quite think it would happen this way!”

“Aww I am sorry man! It’s not usually how I deal with guys I find really attractive either but James and I have a standing agreement.”

“You… you find me really attractive?” I said surprised.

“FUCK YES! Man you are gorgeous. I would have asked you on a date if I could.”

“Okay.” I said.

“Okay what?”

“I’ll go on a date with you.”

“Are you sure?

“God yes! You are stunning!”

“Thanks.” I could see him blush through his freckles. It made him extra cute.

“You know what. Why don’t I take care of you properly tonight. Let’s just say we started a bit oddly but I can make it up to you by taking care of you.”

“Okay, that sounds good.”

“I thought so! Come on, let me take you back to mine. But you’ll have to have your shake first!” He gave my shake to me which I downed after which he grabbed my new uniform and took my hand as we walked home.

Once we got to his place he led me into a beautifully modern furnished apartment.

“Nice place,” I said to him.

“Thanks. It’s good isn’t it!”

“I’m impressed you can afford this off your gym wage.”

“Oh no I don’t trust me. I actually only work at the gym over the weekends. And really only because I enjoy it. I do usually really like my deal with James. I just wish you hadn’t been part of the deal so I could’ve picked you up myself.”

“Hey it’s okay I am here now.”

“I know, I am happy about that.”

“Good.” With that I walked up to him and kissed him. He was slightly surprised but eagerly returned the kiss with great passion.

“We should sleep. Master James will be furious if you are exhausted when you come in tomorrow.”

It must have been about 10:30 when we went to bed, without much ado. Despite our obvious attraction to one another I simply passed out in Matt’s arms and slept incredibly well.

In the morning I heard Matt’s alarm go off. I stirred as he turned it off. I immediately was quite awake, fully aware where I was. I turned to the ginger stud and smiled.

“Good morning sexy.” He said with a big smile.

“Good morning! What time is it?”

“Just 7am. Are you hungry?”

“God yes!” I said, suddenly realising I was starving. “I need to leave quite soon don’t I?”

“Don’t worry, it’s only a five minute walk to the gym from here. Go take a shower and I will make you some food. But first, we need to check your changes out!”

Than I remembered that I should’ve grown. And I had better grown a lot after having my ass used like that last night.

“Let me measure you.” Matt quickly grabbed a tape measure and told me to flex.

He jotted down numbers without telling me what they were. But when I finally got to read them, they were impressive.

- 20 Inch biceps—58 inch chest—26 inch thighs—17 inch calves

“Great stats man.” Matt said, sounding very impressed. He kissed me passionately as he felt my newly grown body. “But you better go have a shower, unless you want to see how Master James punishes those who don’t follow his orders!”

I quickly jumped into the shower as I could hear Matt starting to make breakfast. The hot water ran through the crevices, curves and corners of my hard muscled body. Although my dick hardened I tried to ignore it and quickly soaped myself off, dried myself and walked into the living room.

I saw Matt from behind, with his beautiful bubble butt, his long dick clearly visible between his legs and his wide lats tapering down to his small waste. He must have been about 6’5” and firm strong legs. I realised that in the daze during and after yesterday’s gang fuck I had hardly noticed how big Matt actually was.

“Hey Matt. What are your measurements? I didn’t realise how big you were last night!”

“Haha, too busy getting fucked were you?”

I blushed and nodded.

“It is okay, you were also bent over and didn’t see me when I was actually fucking you. But to answer your question, biceps are 24”, 59” chest, 30” thighs and 19” calves.”

“Safe to say you’re bigger than me then?”

“For now but I doubt I will be by Monday morning. You look great! Especially your pecs seem to be growing massively quickly. And your dick has grown into quite the tool too!”

“Oh fuck yeah it has!” I said surprised. My urgency to get out of the shower had meant I had completely ignored my dick. But now that Matt had pointed it out, I realised it must have been over 18 inches now! I had gained another seven inches again this night.

“You better get dressed though if you want to be on time!”

“Where are the clothes you brought with you for me yesterday?”

“They’re just on the sofa over there.” Said Matt, pointing at the small bundle of clothes.

The first item I picked up was a pair of ridiculously short jeans.

“I need to wear these on the street?” I said surprised.

“Yeah but as I said, no one will bat an eyelid.”

I grabbed the jockstrap underneath, slipped it on, before slipping into the jeans. They could have hardly covered more of my ass than any pair of briefs would do. And when I felt my ass I noticed that there was a zip right over the back. One of the other items on the sofa was a cropped tank top that exposed my abs. Lastly was a pair of socks and a pair of boots. All dressed I looked like an utter slut, willing to be abused and fucked by anyone.

“God you look sexy babe!” Matt said.

“Really? It feels weird!”

“Yeah I promise you do. Now, it’s ten to eight we better go to the gym.”

“Are you working?”

“No, I need a work out!”

With that we walked out the door, with most of my body on display. As we were walking to the gym I noticed that especially my somewhat disproportionately large pecs were straining the tank top, hanging out like big balls of muscle. I also noticed it felt great.

“So what’s happening today for me?” I asked Matt.

“To be honest, pretty much the same as yesterday but I imagine we’ll use the backroom.”

“Why? What’s in the backroom?”

“Oh it’s just more private from the rest of the gym.” Matt said, oddly quickly.

“Will the same guys be there?”

“A few of them. The twins are always there over the weekend. But I believe Kurt and Liam are usually off during the weekends. Who was your favourite yesterday?”

I smiled. “You of course!”

“I was surprised you took my dick like that. I hope you’re up for a repeat performance today!”

“I was hoping for it”, I said happily as I leaned over to kiss him.

“Good.” He just smiled. He looked happy and content as we walked into the gym.

“Hey do all the staff here have cocks big enough to fuck me?”

“Well if you go by Master James’ standards, yeah.”

“So who is the guy on reception?”

I had spotted a man behind the desk who had kind of taken me by surprise. He must have been a latino guy with the cutest and essentially most adorable face I had ever seen. Except for the fact it was also obvious that he was hugely muscular. Although he seemed to be quite a bit shorter than Matt, he must have had very similar measurements, which on his small frame made the muscles look much bigger.

“That’s Santiago. He’s the weekend receptionist. I think he’s a local student but he spends a lot of time in the gym otherwise!”

“Why have I not seen him before?”

“Because he works out in the morning and you come in in the afternoons I suppose.”

With that we walked into the changing rooms, where Master James was waiting.

“Just on time boi. You’ll be training in the backroom today. I dunno if Matt wants to show you where that is located?”

“Yeah of course.”

“You can work out with him if you want. And explain the rules okay?”

“Thank you Sir.”

Matt took my hand as we walked through a small, hidden door at the other end of the gym. It looked kind of odd for some reason, as if the door was covered in a white leather. I opened it without much hesitation as Matt’s hands rested calmly on my ass I could feel him push me forward.

What I saw inside was not what I expected to see. It was a darkly lit room, with mostly black walls. The gym equipment was also black, while it was clear that some dungeon-like equipment was also placed in the room my eyes fell on the leather sling hanging from the centre of the room, almost like a work of art it hang there with a single spot light right above it.

“What’s the point of this room?” I asked Matt.

“This is where slaves are trained the two days before their final growth spurt. When you entered into the room a red light lit up outside the room telling people that know about this room that someone is in here. Whenever the red light is on anyone is able to walk in here and you will have to service them without a moment of doubt. But the rule still applies, only cocks bigger than fifteen inches are allowed to penetrate you.”

“I won’t get a chance to workout in that case!”

“That’s not necessarily true. After every third guy leaves the light turns off for one hour and you get the chance to work out. Guys can only come in two at a time maximum.”

“Does anyone watch the door?”

“Whoever is on bar will. But to be honest, I went in with you, so no one is going to go in for a while.”

With that Matt grabbed me, rather forcefully but at the same time with fierce passion. He kissed me straight on the lips and as our tongues intertwined with each other my dick started to get hard. It struggled in the tight confines of my jockstrap and jean shorts.

“You already look so hot.” Matt whispered.

I looked at him, kind of surprised.

“You’re transforming. You’re growing bigger. I love muscles. You’re beautiful already. But you’re going to be even more beautiful.” Matt smiled, not ashamed for wanting to make me more muscular.

“I can’t wait to be bigger. But you have to help me.”

“I know. You want to lie down in the sling?”

I didn’t answer the question but walked towards the sling. Matt gave me a hand to help me into it. He grabbed my strong legs and tied my ankles to the sling. He tied my hands to the sling as well before he lowered his sweatpants. His humongous dick came to life as he started to stroke it, getting it ready to enter me.

His size still terrified me. In my head I kept thinking that there was no easy way to take it. But I also recalled how Matt had fucked me yesterday. He had been so incredibly gentle but so incredibly in control of it all at the same time that his dick had been surprisingly easy to take.

I still screamed in pain when his cock head entered my ass as I was lying in the sling. I could feel the copious amounts of lube he had spread over his huge snake-like dick before he had inserted it into me but it still did not seem enough. I forgot yesterday my hole was already stretched extensively before I had taken his dick. By now my ass had a chance to recover, and a 30 inch cock was not about to be easy.

But Matt didn’t hesitate or wait around. Instead he just kept pushing and pushing. As his dick slid in, inch by inch I could feel my hole stretched further and more intensely than before. I moan loudly and I could see that Matt was being careful not to hurt me. He leaned forward and kissed me softly.

“Just relax. I’m not gonna stop but I am going to take it slow okay?”

“Okay.” Is all I could reply between the kisses and moans.

He pushed further and further. I almost forgot how huge his dick was. It was so incredibly big that it seemed as if there was no end to his dick.

“How far in are you?” I asked Matt.

“Just three quarters.”

Fuck, I thought. This is going to take a while. But suddenly I realised that my ass had started to get better at accommodating Matt’s girth. He must have felt it too because he grabbed my hips and started to push in a bit faster. It now only seemed a matter of minutes before I felt his balls and trimmed pubes hit my ass.

“God that feels so good. You have an amazing ass. I’ve never seen such a huge cock slut as yourself!” Matt said, excitedly. He leaned over again and kissed me deeply. As our tongues intertwined I could feel Matt’s dick slide out before he pushed it back in. As he started to fuck me I could feel my own dick jump back to life.

With each stroke I could his dick almost leave me before he shoved it straight back in. The sensation was intense and with each stroke it was as though my prostate got punched in the most pleasurable way possible.

I could feel that Matt started to pick up the pace as he neared his climax. With each stroke the pleasure seemed to heighten until all of a sudden I could feel his dick slowly expanding, starting with the base and going up to the head.

The amount of cum that shot out was incredible. I could feel it flowing into my ass and intestines as shot after shot of cum was released. Matt kept his dick in place for a good five, if not ten, minutes before he stopped shooting cum. When he finally pulled out he quickly replaced his own dick with a big, long butt plug. I moaned as I felt it go in place, as I realised full well that I would have my ass stuffed at all times during this workout session.

“So when can I expect the first guy? I said, very much out of breath.

“Not for a while I promise. You need to do a good amount of working out before.”

With that I went to work. Under the watchful eye of Matt and his overly filled underpants I went to work. I focussed on various muscle groups at a time. The morning pre-workout shake that Matt had prepared giving me an incredible boost to work out harder than before. Matt spotted me, corrected my technique and made sure I reached my full potential. I could feel my muscles bulging.

“You’re doing well man!” He said excitedly. “I am very impressed with your lifting skills. My guess is that you are lifting way above what your actual strength is supposed to be. Meaning you will have a killer growth spurt tomorrow night.”

Once in a while I would take a break and eat some of the snacks Matt gave me. and every other once in a while it became clear that the red light outside was on. As guys came in, eager to have their way with me.

The first few guys were relatively normal. A few blowjobs, alternated with a hard workout. Usually the feeling of cum down my throat gave me an energy boost and once three guys had dumped their load, and the door would once again lock, I would hit the weights hard.

Occasionally an exceptionally hung man would come in and they would claim their right to fuck my ass. It started gently, with a few guys who could only barely claim their dicks were 15 inches long.

That was the case until he walked in. Out of all of the guys possible I never expected him to walk through this door. It was Frank himself.

“So, I hear that we have a new slave around?” He asked, in a rather jolly and happy way. The guys was bigger than I imagined him, his muscles bulging out of the sleeves of his polo.

I just stared at him, not sure what to say. Matt sat quietly at the back, almost as if he was scared.

“Don’t worry boi! You’re just a slave until the end of the weekend. Then you’ll have reached your perfect size and you’ll be free to do what you want. But in the mean time, I think it is time that you sucked my dick.”

With that he lowered his joggers, followed within seconds by his briefs. Purely from looking at them you suspected that he had to buy custom underwear to ensure his massive cock fit in. When he whipped it out it must have been at least 2 feet long. Although it wasn’t longer than Matt’s, it definitely looked bigger.

Frank looked at me impatiently, and I quickly got on my knees and started to service his cock. I had to lick it as it was far too thick to fit in my mouth but I did my best to cover its entire length and surface, including his big, almost orange-sized balls.

There was something odd about Frank’s cock. Not that it was weirdly shaped or anything—just that it was mesmerising. Once my tongue had touched it, I didn’t want to stop. The only thing I was willing to do to stop doing this was open my ass for him. No one had ever had that effect on me, and especially not by just making me suck his dick.

Every now and then Frank would use his huge tool to slap me in the face. The weight of the humongous sex instrument hurt but yet I wanted more. I was briefly worried that I would not get the chance when Frank released his thick juices down my throat. But within seconds it became clear that that was just foreplay. He grabbed me as if I was as light as a feather and virtually threw me into the sling.

Within mere seconds he had managed to rip out the huge butt plug still stuffed up my ass and had lubed his own dick and my hole. I could feel his still hard cock head attempting to invade my ass, which was intensely grateful for the stretching done by the butt plug. My cuntlips slowly parted to make space for the violent invader and as he went in deeper I screamed in pain.

Not even Matt had managed to hurt me so much. It seemed as though I could deal with the depth of his dick but Frank’s—Frank’s was a different story. As I screamed in pain Frank started to fuck me—harder and harder with every stroke. More violent than any other guy had taken me. The only feeling that came close was the twins fucking me together at the same time.

It seemed to go on for hours. Afterwards Matt would assure me that he didn’t fuck me for more than 30 minutes but the feeling of eternity seemed to come with the intense pain that constantly flowed through my entire body. When he finally shot his immense load into my bowels I was incredibly thankful that it was over. Frank pulled out, with a satisfied smile on his face.

“I’ll grab you again before you are done boi!”

With that he walked out of the room, after which a loud bang indicated that it was time to workout.

As the door locked I sat down on a bench for a minute, my ass twitching and raw.

“You forgot something sexy.” Matt pushed me back onto the bench so that my feet were in the air and he pushed in a big butt plug.

“You need to stay plugged this weekend.” He said, with a cheeky smile on his face. With that he kissed me on my lips. “Now back to work.”

I started to workout again, Matt continued to spot me. Every break I got from being used I utilised to focus on a different set of muscles. Once in a while Matt would get me some food or another shake to keep me going.

“Am I not over-exercising?” I asked Matt at some point.

‘No because of the contents of the shake, supplemented by the cum in your body, your body is able to take a continued beating of the muscles. That’s why you’re locked in here working out and getting yourself supplemented.”

With that I continued, shifting my focus to my core. My already ripped abs had to get more defined.

But before I knew it, I heard the door unlock again. There must have been a queue outside because before I knew it guys were coming in. Three guys came in at the same time. I gasped as I saw Trevor and Travis, along with rugby lad Connor, walk through the door.

“Is this bitch ready?” Trevor asked.

FUCK. That’s all I could think to myself when they walked in. Although I had taken quite a few dicks bigger than theirs today I wasn’t ready for the impending violence.

“You ready for this guys?” Asked one of the twins. I didn’t know what he meant, but the others nodded.

“Right. So here are the rules. For the next hour you are our bitch. We own you. We decided whose dick you ride. How many times you ride. And what position. Understood?”

“Yes Sirs.” I answered obediently. These were the rules for me all day so there was little change there.

Connor grabbed a black rope that seemed to be attached to something on the ceiling and was fastened to a hook on the wall. He loosened the knot that tied it to the wall hook and slightly let go of the rope. I heard a rattling above me and saw a metal bar being lowered. Once it was low enough to reach my arms he stopped and re-tied the knot to the hook.

“So. You are going to experience something you never have bitch. Stand, feet spread apart and arm behind your back.” Again it was one of the twins who gave the orders, making it clear that the twins were in charge and all Connor did was follow their orders.

I took position and both twins walked up to me as Connor handed them a long rope. Starting at my wrists they began to tie me up, First my arms together, before tying them to my upper body. All the while my dick was strangely hard.

Connor walked up again with a spreader bar that he fastened to my ankles. The twins subsequently tied my arms to the bar above my head, pulling me of ground. Once I was hanging in mid-air they tied the spreader bar to my torso as well, pushing my ass out, perfectly positioned to fuck me. This was going to be painful.

“Who is first?” Connor asked.

“I think Trevor can break him open.” Travis said.

Within a matter of seconds, Trevor pulled out his cock, spitting on it to lube it up just a bit. He roughly pulled out the butt plug before putting his dick at my hole and shoving it balls deep into me. And all I could do was scream. The pain was horrendous and Trevor never stopped for a moment to let me get used to his cock. Instead he immediately started to violently fuck my cunt, stroke after stroke breaking me, all the while listening to me scream.

“FUCK yeah bro! Fuck that fucking bitch!” Travis cheered him on.

After about five minutes of enduring the pain and violent fucking I saw Travis nod at Connor, who pulled up a workout bench. Trevor pulled out and as my hole gaped they positioned the bench underneath me. Both Travis and Trevor sat down it, wrapping their legs together and aligning their cocks together. They were planning a repeat performance.

Connor carefully undid the knot and lowered me, missing their cocks by a few inches. Once the knot had been tied again he grabbed me, lifting me up slightly to align me over the twins’ hard dicks. When I felt both their huge cock heads at my hole he simply let go of me and I fell onto their dicks.

I screamed in pain. No pain had ever felt like the pain did in that very moment. I screamed endlessly as I could feel the twins grab me and lift me up a few inches. They used the extra room to start fucking my ass really hard. I never screamed so loudly as I did in those minutes during which Travis and Trevor both fucked me incredibly hard. Connor wanked his huge dick all the while, stopping a few times to avoid cumming.

It felt like the fucked me for hours. It turned out to have been about three quarters of an hour. My hole was ruined after that and I felt as though I could take on any challenge. When they finally filled my pussy and Connor pulled me back up, all I wanted to do was hang there for a few hours to recover. Instead, Connor gave me a quick fucking himself, adding his load to the substantial amount I already received that day. I could feel them being absorbed into my body as I hang their and Trevor searched for a bigger plug. The one they had taken out wasn’t staying in anymore but rules were rules.


Part 6

The events of the rest of the weekend were very much like those of the first few hours. Guys would come in and fuck me, before leaving me to workout. Occasionally Matt fetched me some shakes and I would eagerly drink them.

In the confines of the dark room, which didn’t have any windows, I lost complete track of time. It turned out that the twins had visited somewhere during the night from Saturday to Sunday. I didn’t know how I managed to stay awake for the duration but every time I got fucked I seemed to get more energy.

The guys that fucked me during the night were specifically let in while I continued to workout. When another three guys had fucked me and walked out of the room in the early hours of Sunday morning I had to briefly sit down. The huge buttplug in my ass was getting kind of sore and I felt as though my muscles needed some support before I could continue to workout.

“Hey sexy. Are you okay?” Asked Matt.

“Just exhausted. And my ass is a bit sore to be honest. And my muscles need a moment before I can do more lifting.”

“Actually I think you need a nap. You get an hour before the gym opens again. It will help your body and muscles grow.”

“Is there even a bed here?”

“Of course, come on this way.”

Matt took me by the hand and opened the door into the gym. We went behind the bar where he quickly made me a shake, which I downed, before Matt dragged me further into a small staff room. There was another room just big enough to fit a double mattress, made perfectly. Upon the sight of it I laid down and as I felt Matt put his arms around me I fell asleep instantaneously.

I only woke up when Matt had started to kiss me. I immediately got hard as the hot muscled stud held me tightly in his strong arms with his big bulging biceps.

“Time to get up sexy. The gym is about to open and you need to be back in the room.”

Suddenly I was wide awake. “How much time do we have?”

“Twenty minutes. But I want to measure you and make sure you get fed.”

He dragged me out of the bed and back into the bar area. “You should have two shakes this morning to get you started.” He made me two different ones to stimulate different types of growth. “One is for strength. One is for size.” He explained.

When I finished them we went back into the dark room and Matt got out a tape measure.

“So how about we find out what an hour of sleep has done for you compared to yesterday. Flex for me!!”

I started to flex for Matt. He measured my biceps first. “22 inches. That’s 2 more than yesterday! Now your chest—” My chest had once again seemed to have grown disproportionately large compared to the rest of my muscles. “63 inches. FUCK. That’s 5 inches bigger than yesterday!”

“Now your legs.” He wrapped the tape measure around my thighs. “2 inches bigger, now 28” thick” and your calves are now 20” a solid three inches thicker.”

“You’re going to be the biggest guy to have ever worked out in this gym!” Matt said excitedly.

“I still think you’ll have the biggest dick though.”

“Well let’s see how big you are by now.” With that he unzipped my jeans shorts and pulled down the jockstrap. My big cock flopped out.

“Did you fill out the survey when you first came here? You know—the one where it asks how big you would like your cock to be?”

“Yeah. I was rather surprised by that question!”

“Haha yeah most customers are. I have to say—I think Master James may have ignored it a bit.”

As I looked down I saw what Matt meant. My cock looked huge. It was only 18 inches before I went to sleep but now, as I followed the numbers along the tape measure, I saw that it was 22 inches.

“Matt,” I said rather shyly, “I don’t want to be bigger than you.”

He smiled. “Don’t worry, James always promised me I would have the biggest one. You may get close. But never bigger.” With that he playfully kissed me on the cheeks.

“Now back to working out with you!”

I smiled and eagerly went back to lifting weights. I decided it was time to focus on my pecs and back first. My pecs had swollen more than any other muscle during my hour of sleep. And the huge tit-like pecs for some reason felt amazing. The felt strong and solid while looking amazing.

When the time came three guys eagerly walked into the room. I hadn’t seen them in the room before but they looked eager so I got on my knees in front of them and awaited instructions. I looked up and saw three impressive chests. I realised that all three guys were incredibly ripped, with washboard abs and pecs that, although smaller than my own, were beautifully tit-like. I was in awe at their straining tank tops, and wanted to get on my knees to worship them.

“So—this is Master James’ new tit boy. Those are some great tits boy! And you’re not even done growing—” The middle guy smiled as he looked at my tits. “We got very excited when James said he was growing another tit boy. And especially excited when he said he would make us suitable to bang you.”

The middle guy was slightly tanned and had the biggest pec-tits with thick, black hair and a perfectly smooth body. The guys on either side of him were more pale, one with curly blond hair and the other with cropped brown hair. And their pecs were some of the most beautiful I had ever laid eyes on.

“Master James told us that if we, with our big pecs, fed you our cum, yours would grow to inhumane proportions. So it’s feeding time bitch.”

They started to strip down, first their shoes, followed by their shorts and jockstraps. It was clear that their huge cocks matched their similarly huge pec-tits.

“Get on your knees bitch.” The tanned guy said. I immediately got down on my knees and awaited instructions. Looking up I noticed that, from this angle, their pecs were even more magnificent as they protruded as shelves from their bodies. The blonde, who possibly had the biggest dick at a good twenty inches long, went behind me, forcing me on all fours as I stuck my ass out.

He sat down behind me and immediately I could feel his wet tongue on my raw hole. The feeling was more intense than any rim job I had before and as I moaned the tanned guy told me to worship his pecs. Eagerly I started to lick them, from the crevices around the pecs to the huge nipples that stuck out. My dick was undoubtedly hard as I could feel my ass being eaten and enjoyed the sensation of licking this god-like figure’s pec-tits.

“This one is a really good one. He’s going to get huge!” The third guy watching said.

“Oh you bet! I have never seen such a bitch worshipping pecs like this one!”

I could feel the licking of my ass stop and before I realised what was happening I felt the blonde pushing his huge cock head into my ass. After the rather intense rimming session my ass felt as if it hadn’t been fucked in weeks and I screamed in pain as he slowly pushed the head in further and further. Eventually, a loud pop echoed in the dark room as I could feel his head fully inside me.

I was still in pain but slowly getting used to the feeling of dick again. The tanned guy stood up, grabbed his dick and slapped it in my face. “Time for the main course boi,” he smiled.

I eagerly opened my mouth as he started to push his huge cock down my throat. At first I thought I would gag but, as had happened so many times before now, the cock pushed past it as it continued to slide deeper down my throat and go toward my stomach. I carefully controlled my breathing as I enjoyed the feeling of being stuffed with huge cock on both ends.

I could sense that Matt had been watching the whole affair and indeed, from the corner of my eyes, I could see him wank his dick as he enjoyed the sight of a muscle slut getting spit roasted.

The blonde now started to pick up the pace and the third guy started to cheer both guys on. Especially the tanned stud seemed to enjoy it as he started to fuck my throat using the entire length of his huge cock. Before I knew it, his dick enlarged in my mouth and unleashed a torrent of cum into my throat. I hardly had to swallow as it shot down straight into my stomach. Suddenly, the blonde started to fuck furiously and he too shot his load, filling my ass with his warm cum.

He immediately pulled out and as the tanned guy stepped away the blonde forced his cock down my throat, making sure my saliva cleaned the length of his shaft. The third guy now took his 16 inch dick and rammed it down the well-stretched hole and immediately fucked me ferociously. As his dick slid in and out of my ass him and his buddies shouted abuse at me, calling me their slut and bitch. And all I could do was take their dicks.

It seemed to take forever, but eventually I felt both their dicks grow and as the blonde dumped his second load, the brown haired stud ensured that my ass was filled to the brim with cum. I moaned in pleasure and as they got dressed I collapsed on the floor, exhausted yet extremely satisfied.


Part 7

The rest of my time in the dark room was fairly uneventful. Or, I should say, the events were really very much the same as the ones described before. Late in the evening, it must have been about 10pm, Master James had come in and fucked the living daylights out of me and told me to go home.

Matt had taken me in his arms and assured me that this was the final push. He told me to down one more shake and after that he got me dressed in the clothes given to me by Master James and helped me out of the gym.

I was exhausted. I had never been this tired in my life. My ass was red and sore and yet still plugged. I recalled thinking the butt plug at the beginning of the weekend had been big but the one that I now had in my ass was out of this world. It was easily as big as two fists and yet it still felt as if my ass wasn’t full at all.

“You know where I live?” I asked Matt.

He smiled.

“I looked it up in our customer database.”

It felt as though he carried me across the street. He managed to find my keys when we got to my place and as he lifted me up the stairs I could feel he was hard. Although he made no effort to hide his 30 inch dick, he didn’t try anything and just put me into bed and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next morning I woke up by the sound of an alarm. I opened my eyes and I saw that I was looking at the handsome, slightly freckled, face of Matt. I smiled and remembered everything that had happened over the weekend. As I thought of the events I noticed the alarm was still going off and quickly shut it off.


A bit early for me to go to work. It wasn’t too far from where I lived. When I thought about it, I hadn’t even set an alarm.

Just as I was wondering who had set the alarm Matt began to stir and within a few moments he was wide awake, with a huge smile on his face.

“Time to measure you big man!”

He immediately dragged me out of bed. I was wide awake by now and started to flex for him as he measured my muscles. He didn’t reveal the sizes but wrote them down as he went along, keeping them a surprise for me.

“So. Potentially one of the biggest men to have ever been made by this gym. Your biceps are a staggering 26 inches. Your thighs are 31 inches and your calves are 24 inches. But the most impressive thing is the size of your pecs.”

I could hear the deep sense of admiration in Matt’s voice as he looked at the sheet of paper, as if he could not believe the measurement he had taken.

“69 inches. Fucking 69 inches! I think you must have the biggest pecs in the world. Can you even see your own dick?”

I looked down and realised that I couldn’t see the base of my dick. But my dick itself was pushed forward by my huge set of balls. If they had been the size of baseballs days before, they had grown to bizarre proportions now. If I could compare them to anything, it would probably have to be small melons, but the weight hardly bothered me as my huge muscles supported them, not least my impressive eight pack.

And then there was the matter of the size of my dick itself. Even without my huge balls I would still be able to see my huge cock, especially when hard. And as I admired my body it became just that. Matt eagerly knelt down in front of me and sucked it until it was rock solid and quickly measured it.

“Not bad at all man!” He said with a big smile on his face. “28 inches. And just a bit thinner than mine.”

“I am just glad that’s it is still smaller than yours. I would hate to surpass you in that area.”

I leaned down to the kneeling hunk and passionately kissed him. “I hope you don’t leave now that my transformation is complete.” I whispered when I broke the kiss.

“Of course. You owe me a date remember.” And instead of kissing me again he wrapped his lips around my shaft and started to swallow inch after inch of my huge dick. I gasped in awe of his ability to suck my massive tool and shivered with pleasure as I could feel it sliding down his throat.

He suddenly slid off before immediately pushing back onto it. “Oh fuck Matt! That feels incredible!” I screamed in ecstasy, my body almost shaking.

“Wanna have a pre-work treat?” Matt said, smiling.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, half-knowing where he was going.

He didn’t speak but instead stood up and kissed me. “Why don’t you fuck me?” he whispered in my ear.

I was surprised, I was fully expecting him to ask me to take his massive cock. But this was an opportunity I could not allow to pass. Even though I was really hoping that there would be more like this.

“Are you sure?”

“I want to feel you inside me. I have taken big dicks before.” Matt smiled. It was a smile that said he wanted it.

“Okay. But if you want me to stop me at anytime just let me know.” I gently kissed him on the lips as I pushed him onto the bed. He wrapped his legs around my waist and as I felt our pecs pushing together I kissed him more passionately.

“You don’t have that much time.” Matt whispered through the kisses.

I took the hint and searched in the bedside table for some lube. I knew we were going to need it and I quickly lubed up his hole and virtually emptied the bottle on my own dick.

“Are you ready?” I asked him, making sure he was definitely okay with this.

He just nodded and I put my head against his tight feeling hole. I started to slowly push in, and it must have taken a good couple of minutes before I heard a loud pop, and felt the intense sensation of the feeling of my huge cock head entering his ass. Matt screamed and I was scared I had hurt him. I tried to pull out but he quickly grabbed me, signaling for me to stay.

“Just stay still for a moment please! It hurts but it feels so good at the same time!”

I stayed still for a few minutes as Matt got used to the size of my cock. Then, he grabbed one of my nipples, pulling on it hard and I involuntarily pushed my dick in further. He moaned loudly but this time, there was no sign of pain. I let out a moan as well as his tight as engulfed more and more of my dick while it felt as though my nipple was on fire.

“Fuck me.” Matt whispered.

I couldn’t refuse for a moment. As Matt let go of my nipple, I straightened my back and looked at my huge tool in his tight muscular ass. I was amazed to see how far I had gone in. Most guys would struggle to take 15 inches of cock but I was determined to get more in. I started to slowly thrust in and out of his hole. With each thrust I could feel a bit more of the huge dick drilling into Matt, and I slowly watched the entire length disappear into him.

When it was all in, I picked up the pace. Without hesitating I started to fuck Matt hard, pushing his legs down on him as I watched his face in ecstasy. I could feel my huge pec tits bounce as my balls bounced against his ass. I was surprised by the stamina my new body had as I felt I fucked Matt for ages.

Sadly, I knew it had to come to an end and eventually I could feel my balls tightening underneath me. The sensation of cumming with this cock was the most intense ever. I could slowly feel the cum rise through the 28 inch shaft, a shaft which seemed to widen as the cum crept up. Eventually I felt it erupt deep into Matt’s ass, as I pulled him tightly onto the base of my dick.

As my cum flooded deep into Matt’s guts I leaned over and passionately kissed him.

“I love you,” I said without thinking. Immediately panicking in my head, but trying not to show it.

“I love you too,” he said, without hesitation. I was relieved. I slowly pulled out and lifted Matt up.

“We should shower,” I said.

We walked into his bathroom and took turns showering. Our physiques were so large there was no way we would fit into his shower cubicle together. But I enjoyed the sight of the water run into the crevices of his muscles and down the length of his dick.

Eventually we managed to get out of the house. As I wore my little jeans Master James has ordered me to wear for the rest of my life, I felt a bit self-conscious and although people were staring, I knew it was because I turned them on, not because they judged me.

And so from that day, Matt and I were together. I continued to work and got a very successful career, even though I was clad in those tiny shorts when I walked in and out of the office every day. Matt got his own career too, and together we were extremely happy. But we also continued to serve Master James. When he required a new slave to be fed and grown we happily obliged.

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