Finding Mark

by nightwolf285

Turning 16 means lots of changes for Mark. The one he’s not expecting is the ability to change his own body.

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Part 1: Sweet Sixteen Surprise Turning 16 means lots of changes for Mark. The one he’s not expecting is the ability to change his own body. (added: 9 Oct 2010)
Part 2: Shoots and Mirrors
Part 3: When Size Becomes You
Part 4: Scorpio
Part 5: A Long Bus Ride
Part 6: Concord Academy for Boys
Part 7: Filling Up
Part 8: Last Period
Part 9: Ear at the Door
Part 10: An Adoring Fan
Part 11: Getting to Practice
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Part 1: Sweet Sixteen Surprise


Mark's alarm clock was going off. It slowly pulled its owner out of his sleep with its annoying sound. Mark rolled over to face the glowing red numbers. He instinctually smashed his palm down on the clock, hitting the large off button on top. “You shouldn't have to go to school on your birthday,” Mark grumbled agitatedly.

After a few moments of lying on his queen sized bed, he finally slid out from under the thick blue covers and stood half awake next to his bed. A chill came across him, now that he was no longer draped in sheets. All he had on was a pair of navy boxers and an oversized white t-shirt.

He grudgingly walked to the closet door in the darkness. Mark opened the door and flipped on the closet's light, making his eyes squint from the sudden brightness. The glaring full length mirror on his closet door didn't help any. At least he couldn't see how wild his overgrown bed head hair looked right now.

He looked up, still squinting, and grabbed a long black robe off the wall. He stared at the oversized garment with a heavy sigh. “You would think that this was a hand me down,” he mumbled sarcastically to himself, “But noooo. I'm an only child and my parents still keep forgetting how damn short I am.”

Holding the robe in his hands, he just stared in the mirror at disgust with himself. On the back of the closet door, there were height marks from years past. The last one had last month's date next to it. All of them were just as unimpressive in his opinion.

“Six feet by sixteen indeed,” he remarked at his reflection, remembering what a doctor had said when he was a kid. “What a load of crap. Five six is more like it.”

Mark continued to just stare at his stout reflection. “No wonder I've never been seen,” he sighed.

Mark recalled years of schooling where he had been nothing. He had no friends, no enemies; he just was. Every once in awhile, he would wish that he was picked on, at least then he would have been noticed for a little while.

Over the years, he blamed it all on his size. Always inches shorter than the rest of the class, he always had to look up to everyone else. People wouldn't ever look down to see him. They would just glaze over him, barely having even noticed a ball of dark hair in their way.

In a moment of hopeless desperation, he intently stared at his reflection. “I just wish I was taller,” he sighed, “Six feet tall would be nice.”

After only a moment of the depressive silence, Mark felt the strangest sensation in his stomach. It was like a warm tingling that spread out through his whole body. It came so suddenly and unexpectedly, it made him drop the robe. “Wha—what's going on?” thinking he was still groggy.

He looked at his reflection in the mirror again and saw the impossible. He felt the impossible. All of his limbs were growing. His whole body was expanding inch by inch every way he could see. His bare, smooth legs stretched longer. His shoulders widened out, and his head was approaching the top of the full length mirror.

Bit by bit, his whole body was enlarging, like it was inflating by some unseen force. His feet continued to slide across the floor without having to even move. Above, his legs continued to push his hips higher in the air. They, in turn, widened as his torso also grew in size.

Then as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. It left him staring at himself in bewilderment and awe. “What—the—” he stammered, bereft at the sight before him.

He looked down at his legs, lifting his tighter fitting boxers up. He stared at them like he didn't believe that they just did what they did. Mark even grabbed a thigh and rubbed it to make sure it wasn't some kind of trick. “Real?” he whispered in amazement, “This is real.”

He looked back into the mirror, as if to study his taller form again. Mark just stared at himself in awe; slowly realizing what he had once thought was the impossible. His fear was slowly turning to joy. The biggest smile of realization had just strung itself across his face. “I'm really six feet tall,” he rejoiced.

Moving his hands onto his hips, he flexed his elongated fingers and started to feel up his body, fully taking in what had just happened. As his hands moved across his now regular fitting shirt, it made him wonder what else he could do. As if he were staring at a genie, he gleefully commanded to himself, “I want more muscle, a lot more. And I want this baby fat to go away.”

Instantly, that same sensation returned, and like before it filled him. But rather than shooting taller, he felt his muscle slowly starting to inflate. He quickly took off his shirt as to not miss the transformation to his body.

His flat chest started to swell. Rather than bones, he could see little bulges of muscle pushing their way off his chest. Shadows were welling up between his pecs in the rising crevasse that grew between them. His stomach flattened out and started to show signs of a six pack forming. His whole body was tightening as muscle swelled on his once thin frame.

His shoulders widened with bulging strands, forming hard balls of muscle. His neck flared, bringing two growing humps off his body to surround his thickening neck. Veins had begun to grow thickly on his arms. They shot blood faster and faster to every muscle in his arm, making them swell against his widening lats and still thickening chest. The biceps were leaping off his arms, swelling with size, just like his forearms. A valley of veins pumped blood through them, fueling their growth.

He couldn't feel any better. He couldn't look any better and that is when his legs caught his attention. They had started to strain his boxers past the point of no return. His quads filled with rippling cords of strength and size. They were fitting in the boxers tighter and tighter. His butt bubbled out, growing bigger by the second, stretching the boxers even further out. Mark could feel the two cheeks harden with size. Below, his calves bulged out. They formed growing, hardening rocks, surrounding his lower legs.

His joy was overwhelming, even as the growth slowed to a halt. He stood there, buffer than ever, looking at his hulking reflection in the mirror.

Not only was he buff, but he was ripped. There was practically no body fat on him what-so-ever. Every muscle rippled with strength if they were moving or not. The cleft in his chest had grown so large and was huge. They hung above a perfectly rippling six pack.

He brought his hand up to the cleft in his chest and gripped it. His pecs were hard as steel and they weren't even flexed. Mark slid his fingers underneath the cleft and continued to grope his thick chest. It felt so different; he had never had pecs before, but it felt great to him. While feeling up his chest, he could also feel the bicep in his arm ball up and rub on the other pec. It responded to the slightest of movements, hardening every time he moved his arm.

He took the opportunity to rub his nipples as he headed down to his abs. They were pointing almost straight down. Every finger glided along his bulging abs and caressed them, feeling every deep valley that the washboard made.

Mark wondered what it would look like if he actually flexed, so he did. He hardened his pecs, making them budge with strength. Every chord rippled together as they pushed even further off his chest. He also noticed a large vein snake each of his biceps as they balled up. He thought that was very hot, so he brought his arm up and flexed it, watching the huge ball leap up and harden instantly. It looked to be a little bigger than a baseball, but when he felt it up, it was even harder than that. His arm was solid.

Still exploring his new, huge body, he decided to turn a little bit to get a better view of his legs and hardened them as well. He lifted his foot up to flex one of his calves. Before he even flexed, it has already began to bulge out further than before. Strands of muscle rippled together when he did flex it though, forming hard diamonds. After admiring his thick calf for a minute, he set his veined foot, with its long digits back down and shook his quads. All the muscles swayed quickly back and forth, but he could already feel the strength that they held. The huge mass shook his whole hip as he moved his leg back and forth. Then he finally flexed it, and every huge chord of bulging muscle solidified. His quads fought for space not only in the straining boxers, but also against each other. Not to mention that his butt was hard as a rock and could probably crush walnuts if he had tried to.

“I look—amazing,” he gasped, “I am so buff.”

The amazement was overwhelming, but his boxers were even more overwhelmed. They couldn't take the strain anymore and ripped apart, leaving him totally naked in his bedroom. “Oops,” he childishly commented, “Guess I don't know my own strength.”

He noticed that something else had also grown during the experience. Looking down, he stared in more amazement than he had yet. “Is that… mine?” he stammered.

Looking down at his hips, he noticed a fully erect member that was a few inches larger than he last remembered it being. It had also enjoyed this little worship session, seeing as how it was throbbing really hard with each heart beat. There was one vein that went straight across the top of the shaft, and it was bulging just as much as his dick was.

“I'm hot,” he grinned ecstatically.

He was bubbling with joy, and only being sixteen years old, he was hornier than ever. Gripping his rock hard member, he stroked it back and forth. It was so much thicker than it had been and it surprised him, but he didn't care. All he could do was stand there and look at himself, stroking it back and forth. His body filled the mirror with its new found size and that excited him, making him stroke faster. That's when he got what he thought was a clever idea. “I want my dick to slowly grow longer, thicker and harder until I finish jacking off,” Mark slyly grinned.

And of course, it responded to his command. Not only was he getting off on his huge body, but now off the feeling of his dick growing in his hand. He stroked faster and faster, getting really turned on by his growing member. It felt so erotic to have it swelling in his hand.

Mark just kept staring at his massive muscular body and kept beating off to it. All the while, his dick was creeping bigger and bigger, filling his already huge hand. His abs started grinding together, each one swelling and pushing together as he felt the end approach. They crunched harder and harder together. His jaw fell wide open, as the sensation and his penis grew.

His member had grown a few inches and was only another few away from the mirror when it finally happened. Cocking back his head, he jerked on his dick furiously as he felt it cumming, watching thick streams shoot out all over the mirror, some of which bounced back on his smooth, beat red, body. His hand jerked some, but he loosened his grip on it, thus making his dick stop growing.

His body kept jerking though for a few more moments as last bits of ecstasy escaped. Finally regaining a little composure, he looked into the mirror again. “Oh… my—“he breathed heavily, “that was… so—“

He couldn't even finish speaking he was so exasperated from the experience. Sweat glistened every crevasse of his rippling body, and all he could do was stare at his engorged member that was still sticking straight out at the mirror, staring at the mess it had just made. “I must be at least… twelve inches long right now,” he exhaled excitedly.

He was right; it was about a foot long and a little over half as thick, making his dick look almost gigantic in comparison to the way it had looked before.

Mark knew he was going to have to clean this up before getting ready for school, but it didn't matter. Mark's body, once an average one was now probably the hottest and sexiest one he had ever seen. Even though his long hair was still standing every which way on his happy little head, he couldn't wait for the day he had been dreading to finally begin.

“Happy birthday to me…”


Part 2: Shoots and Mirrors

For the next several minutes, Mark continued to stare as his massive reflection in the long, skinny mirror. He had to move side to side just to see it all. The bulging biceps, his thick pecs, and his rippling washboard abs stared back at him, also enjoying their new size. In their own way, they were just begging for more.

All the while, his cum was still sliding down the mirror, obscuring his legs in the reflection. “Guess I should clean that up,” Mark chuckled matter-of-factly.

Looking down at his hand, he also gazed upon his thick forearm, seeing the veins still snaking around it. Mark commanded his hand up to the door, following it with his eyes. Gripping its edge, he pushed the door in some. Mark had to, or he would not have been able to fit in his rooms little entry way.

As he lifted his foot, he noticed something odd. His first steps were like a baby's first effort in walking. His limbs moved differently with their added size. Rather than driving a car, it was more like trying to drive a semi. “Whoa,” Mark exclaimed, feeling the new thickness and size of his own body, “This feels so weird… but so cool.”

However, Mark, unlike a baby didn't fall. He wasn't used to having all this mass on his body. Being short and skinny all of his life, he could never have been prepared for being a sixteen year old hulk, not to mention a hunk.

He gripped the knob of his bedroom door and swung it open. Mark, not being aware of his new strength, was surprised to see the door fly open with a bang as it hit the hallway wall. He brushed it off as another thing he would just have to get used to.

Then there was the doorway. Mark's shoulders had gotten too wide to fit head on, so he turned his body some in order to escape. “I'm wider than doorways?” he thought in awe, grinning to himself, “This just keeps getting better and better.”

Heading down the hallway was a different story. With each step, he could feel his calves flexing and his thighs rubbing up against each other. They had gotten really big. In fact, that was not the only thing his legs were rubbing up against. His thighs were also grinding against his package, and he had to figure a way to keep from crushing them. Having little experience with such things, he decided to just change how he walked. He straddled his legs like a person would on a horse. However, in this case, it was his own stallion that he was riding.

To the casual observer, he would appear to be walking almost normally, but Mark felt like he was doing the splits. Normally, people don't have a problem with this. Then again, normally people don't grow into giants over night.

As he passed over the living room balcony, light shown in from the first floor windows. The clear blue skies soaked his smooth skin, finding every ridge in his hardened body. The light made his skin glimmer, reflecting off his cold beads of sweat. Even the cum that had gotten on him earlier shimmered as it rolled into his tightly strung naval. Walking through the shadow and the light, Mark looked liked a true bodybuilder. He strutted all of his rippling size without having to even try. Even the muscles that just had to hang there coursed with strength in their relaxed state.

Finally reaching the end of the hall; he had arrived at the bathroom door. Opening the door more carefully this time, he revealed a long, oversized space, full of all the amenities. However, it felt strangely small and cramped as he twisted his large figure into the room. Flipping on the light switch, little balls of light flickered to life above a large vanity mirror that stretched along one side of the room.

Mark caught sight of his body once again and could only smile. Muscles were still bulging all over him like large boulders. His nipples were just as hard, pointing almost straight down at the floor. He grabbed one and rubbed on it, pulling and twisting it. Mark watched as it caused his chest to spasm, making his pecs ripple and bulge outwards.

A sudden pain in his dick made him look down. Although he was standing half a foot away from the sink, his cock had gotten hard again, and hit the vanity on its way up. The sight of his throbbing member was so hot. It had sprung to life again like nothing had happened.

In a flight of fancy, he imagined himself expanding higher and higher until he hit the ceiling of the room. “How cool would that be?” Mark said gleefully.

His eyes widened. His breath slowed, and his mouth dropped as he realized what was about to happen. The overwhelming sensation he had felt twice before had returned. “But I didn't say anything,” he laughed. It didn't matter though; the tingles were already embedding themselves all over him.

Mark's body was beginning to inflate once again, inching taller and higher in the air. Though his muscles weren't growing bigger on his frame, they were getting larger as the rest of him was getting taller. In the mirror, he watched as his body slid up higher and higher by the second. He saw that his dick had not only completely hardened but was also growing proportionally to his new height. His penis stretched over one of the marble sinks, its blood filled mushroom head being pushed further from his body and closer to the mirror.

He only watched in delight as his torso filled the extremely large space. The cum in his naval seemed to disappear as it was engulfed by his growth. His head, once many inches from the top of the mirror was about to grow right past it. Mark only giggled in ecstasy as his huge teenage muscle body inflated like someone had hit the zoom button on him.

His feet slid across the white tile, also growing with his height. As body inched higher, they were inched further apart. Mark's body just kept expanding, trying to fill the space as he had imagined. In doing so, his quads had begun to rub up against the vanity. The pulsing chords of his thick muscles were grinding against the polished marble. At this rate, Mark's thickening teenage legs would crush the older thin marble in no time if he didn't stop growing soon.

Mark's whole body was filling more and more of the space. To him, it felt like the space was getting smaller and smaller. Briefly looking up, he noticed that the ceiling was only a few inches away. Eight feet was almost his. All he had to do was stand there and feel his body be engulfed in the erotic sensation sweeping over him.

A sharp feeling from his cock brought his attention back down to the vanity. He had expanded so much that his dick was now rubbing up against the mirror. It had been doing that a lot lately. The pressure hurt a little bit, but the sight of his huge mushroom head rubbing up and down against the mirror as it pushed against it was almost too much for this teen to take. It began to spasm with pleasure, hardening even more.

Before crushing his thick rod into the mirror even further, Mark's head brushed the ceiling and his growth stopped. His bed head hair was being firmly pushed back down on his giant head. He immediately had to take a step back. His large legs and long feet were being crushed against the cabinets and vanity far below his head. If he had only taken another few steps back, he would have hit the other wall too.

“Oh—wow,” Mark bubbled in amazement.

The room looked so small now. The vanity only came up to his mid thigh, and everything in the room seemed so tiny. “This is amazing,” he finished quickly.

He was right. His body was exactly the same as it was. Now, it just “was” at eight feet tall. His girth and muscles filled the space due to his growth, but relatively to him were exactly the same.

Lowering his head, he looked into the vanity mirror and waved at himself. “Hey,” he bellowed, “You have got to be the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

His throbbing member just couldn't take the teasing anymore. It made his enormous hips thrust back and forth, getting ready to shoot its load. Feeling the swelling ecstasy in his package, Mark quickly straightened back out. He never thought his penis could get this hard. It was so hard; it felt like it was trying to pop right off of his body. Instead, he began to cum. Mark screamed in ecstasy. He hadn't even touched it and it began to shoot its thick juices all over the bathroom mirror. It throbbed harder and harder, making every vein engorge in blood around it as it continued to fire its massive load. Mark's transformation had just been too much for him to handle, especially so soon after the first one. Besides, this sixteen year old didn't need or want much of a reason to cum anyway.

After a minute or so of just standing in the bathroom, wincing to the last bits of cum dripping off the mouth of his dick, he looked back down and roared with laughter. “What is it with me and shooting all over the mirrors?!”

Still laughing some, he finished, “I almost hope this becomes a trend.”


Part 3: When Size Becomes You

Mark could only stare straight down. Why would he want to take his eyes off of it? Peering through the huge crevasse between his pecs, he gazed at himself in awe. His hulking form stood lifeless as he stared in awe at his body. His member was still throbbing, but now just out of reach of the cum covered mirror. Every once in a while, it would jerk, causing his abs to crunch, sending a wave up each rippling brick. It was a surprise he could see his abs at all, considering how far his pecs hung away from his body. They were still staring down at the floor with Mark, also looking upon the erotic sight of his engorged teenage body.

As he stared, his eyes had become increasingly irritated. Maybe he had been wide-eyed for too long or maybe it was the fact that he just grew a whole two feet taller, but his eyes felt like they were on fire. Mark slowly brought his left hand up and rubbed them down with his long fingers, trying in vain to make the pain go away. “This is why I hate contacts.”

Mark wasn't blind without them by any means; however, he liked to be able to see just as much as the next person. He wouldn't have been wearing them at all, but a few days ago, he had misplaced his favorite pair of thin black frame glasses. Not wanting to wear his “old people” glasses, as he called them, he decided to use the contacts. He's been wearing them ever since.

“Where are those eye drops?” Mark asked the counter, sounding more irritated.

Looking around both sinks, he finally spotted the white bottle sitting all the way down there next to one of the silver faucets. Of course, Mark instinctually grabbed for it, but ended up wiping out not only the bottle, but his toothbrush holder, a cup, and a hairbrush that was lying out near the eye drops. “Damn these large hands of mine,” he joked sarcastically.

With more focus and a little less speed, Mark clutched the tiny bottle. Though it would normally be as big as his hand, it was barely the size of his palm. “It's official,” he began, “I am living in a doll house.”

His own reeking sarcasm brought a small smile to his face. As humorously irritating as all of this was, the real fact was that he was almost too big to mingle with ordinary household objects. “Can't wait to get in there,” Mark said, glaring at the normally spacious tub, sitting at the end of the bathroom.

Mark was catching onto what being this large meant and realized his next problem. He would have to tilt his head up to put eye drops in, but the ceiling was already possessively rubbing his head. He let out a small groan as he thought of the answer. Looking behind him, he noticed that there was a little space between him and the next wall. Perhaps it was enough for him to bend down and put this stuff in his eyes before they burned off.

Taking a step back, he was only a few feet away from the wall behind him and the counter in front of him. Bending straight down at the knee, he lowered his head away from the ceiling. He was able to bring his eyes level with the little lights above the mirror before his butt hit the wall. Mark had gotten as low as he could without destroying the room. He held his massive body suspended in the air with his rippling quads. Each chord was hard as steel, erecting mountains of budging muscle from his legs.

Using the tips of his fingers, he carefully unscrewed the cap. He watched his moves carefully to make sure he didn't accidentally crush the bottle. His hands had thick veins coursing down them, surrounding thick balls of muscle next to his thumbs. They were just as strong as anything else and could crush things just as easily as a misplaced foot or lunging arm.

Dropping the pointy top down onto the vanity, he held the bottle up in the air above his dried out emeralds. His elbow rubbed up against the smooth eggshell ceiling. From holding his thick arm in the air, his bicep formed into a small basketball that reached off his arm. The thick vein on top stared back at Mark as it was squeezed further off his shredded muscle. Mark finally squeezed the bottle as gently as he could but could still feel the cool liquid flood from the bottle onto his barren, dried contacts.

A sweeping sense of relief swept over him as he flooded both of his eyes. It only took a few more seconds to finish them off; unfortunately, it also finished off the bottle. Though he was being as gentle as he could, all of the contents had been forced out of the bottle by his gigantic hand. Streams of cool liquid flooded down his face and dribbled off the rolling hills of muscles below, hitting the floor. The sensation made every little hair on his chest stand straight up and tingle intensely.

Blinking his eyes rapidly, he pulled his head back down and dropped the empty bottle in the sink. It looked like tears were still falling from his eyes and dripping off his rounded jaw. Though he was sixteen, and now a eight foot version of his former self, his face was much like a child's in that it was not all that defined. It was smooth and rounded, with thin eyes peaking around his nose.

Straightening back out, he bumped his head on the ceiling, having almost forgotten just how tall he still was. Finally opening his now relieved eyes, he looked around with a condescending look on his face. “Oh, is everything still tiny?” he remarked.

With his cum still flooding down the bathroom mirror though, it brought the teenage overlord back to reality and reminded him of the task at hand. He not only had this mess to clean up, but also had the other one in his room to clean up too. Turning around, he reached for the double door closet. The knobs were level with a bulging chord of muscle in his leg. He fumbled with one of the knobs for a moment, trying to figure out how to get his incredibly long fingers and huge palm around it. Finally, he was able to open the door. “Thank God,” Mark sighed in relief, “I thought I was going to break the door.”

He took a step back and felt his huge hams hit the vanity. The sudden stop also made his head bump the ceiling again. Mark let out a small squeak. He would have rubbed his head, but it was still being coddled by the hard, cold ceiling.

Still standing right up next to the sink, Mark's cheeks hung over the vanity by several inches. Though it was relaxed, his large bubble butt still was hard as a rock. Even the mirror had to admit how brilliant Mark had become. Following the thick valley along his spine, going straight up his back, it too thought he had grown into the sexiest teenage hunk the world had ever seen.

Mark finally got a few rolls of toilet paper out and was beginning to wipe up his mess. It took almost a whole roll, but he got every drop. After throwing away the used roll into the tall waste basket next to the toilet, he was faced with his new problem: how to get out of here. “Oh, I didn't think about that.”

His head hung far above the door frame and his body was far too wide to fit through the opening. Unlike the space he was standing it, the door was much thinner. Mark tried to bend down and get his huge body through the frame anyway. The shelves of bulging muscles protruded from his chest like two thick balloons. With his thick shoulders and widened back together, they cleared the doorway by no more than an inch on either side.. As he bent his knees down to fit his head through, his butt shot out and began rubbing hard against the door frame. Mark's granite cheeks grinded against the molding, unrelenting with its size and shape.

While stuck in the door way, Mark had to admit that the sight must have been pretty funny. With all of his enormous muscles and his rippling mounds of strength, he was still being beaten by a few slates of molding. He looked much like a baby who was trying the wrong way to get out of the womb. However, unlike the baby, Mark couldn't figure out how to get out.

Mark had to pull back. “This sucks!”

As great as Mark thought that was, being so big that he couldn't even fit through a doorway properly, he knew this presented a major problem. “I don't want to bring the house down trying to get out,” he realized.

“But why should I have to be small just to suit the house? Maybe it's the one that is too small,” Mark retorted sarcastically.

Looking down at his tiny surroundings once again, feeling his head bumping the ceiling as it had before, he tried to think of a solution with no avail. “Then again,” he thought, “I can't go to school looking like this either. I think people would get pretty suspicious if some random hulk showed up to school today.”

Mark knew that he had a point. He wouldn't be able explain this, and he can't even fit into any of his clothes. He knew that for every question he had, they would have two. Besides, Mark had some questions of his own that he wanted answered. How did this happen and why? What triggers it and most importantly, what is the full extent of what he can do?

Thinking back on the past few times this has happened; he reasoned that all he had to do was think it and it would happen. Like here in the bathroom, he only imagined getting this tall. “But will it work in reverse?” Mark asked himself nervously.

Looking at his huge body, he wished it goodbye for now. He tried to visualize what he had looked like before. However, he couldn't get a clear picture in his mind. Thus, nothing happened. “Ok,” Mark thought, “When I was in my room, I only had to say it and it happened.” This time though, rather than saying it, he thought the words to himself to see if that would work. First, return me normal.

A familiar sensation swept back over his heavily muscled body and in a matter of seconds, all that size and strength fell away. Air was rushing past his face as it flew closer and closer to the floor. He quickly descended past the top of the mirror, and watched in sadness as his body withered back to the way it was. It was painful to watch, but he knew he wouldn't be like this for long. Mark could feel his legs shrinking, shortening back to their original length. His torso became drained of its muscle and size, thinning back to the way it had been before. Even his arms shrank back to the little things they had been.

Everything that he had wished for had completely disappeared, leaving an average, but short sixteen year old staring at his smooth, naked reflection in the mirror. Even a thin layer of baby fat had returned, covering what little muscle he did have. But Mark had a plan. Now, make me three inches taller and give me a little more muscle.

Though he at first thought it odd to give himself third person commands, it seemed to work fine. Maybe later, he would practice doing it the other way. Until then, he was ok with this.

Sweeping tingles briefly covered his body. In the mirror that had seen so much this morning, it watched as Mark crept up a few inches closer to the ceiling. All of his body lengthened and widened out a little bit.

His muscles also responded, each of them balling up some. His chest poked back out, showing signs of muscle under the skin. A faint four pack reappeared on his stomach, and his legs thickened up some, showing a few of the chords of strength that he had lost only moments before. However, all of these muscles were not very defined, seeing as how there was still a layer of fat above them. This gave Mark a slightly stocky look that he didn't mind.

The growth came to a halt and Mark was content for now. He didn't look that much different, which saddened him. Although, he did pull his legs up and down, glad to have their original freedom returned to them. However, just because he gained some mobility back didn't make him feel that much better. Trying to make himself feel a little happier, he pulled his arm up and flexed it. A ball of muscle did come to life, balling up toward his thinned shoulder. It was nothing like it had been before, but there was defiantly something to show on his arm.

“It will do,” he sighed, “for now.”

Bringing his arm back down, Mark felt a new sensation in his stomach. He gripped it, feeling it begin to twist. “I didn't do this,” Mark wondered, soundly a little worried, “Did I?”

His stomach started grumbling at him. It was loud. “I'm hungry?”

Feeling his stomach painfully twist again and gurgle some more, he reaffirmed, “I'm hungry.”

Mark wanted to throw on some clothes, but didn't have the time. This sudden wave of hunger was intense. It was causing his abs to spasm, making him try to double over on himself. Mark just wanted to get this new feeling appeased, so, he quickly rushed out of the bathroom. Rounding immediately to the left, there was a cherry wood banister heading to the first floor.

Mark hurriedly got downstairs. Rounding the right of the staircase, he quickly walked through the lavish living room with large panned windows and made it into the kitchen. He would have flipped on the light, but there was plenty flooding in from another group of windows on the far right wall. Besides, he felt his stomach yelling at him again. “I'm hurrying,” Mark snapped at his stomach, “Just… give me a second.”

Rushing to the pantry on the other side of the kitchen, Mark opened it up and looked inside. There was a wide array of food, but he reached for what he wanted: his favorite cereal and a box of cherry pop tarts.

Holding the boxes firmly in his hands, he turned to the island in the center of the kitchen and set them both down. Mark whipped around. He swung open one of the many cabinets above the counter and grabbed the biggest bowl he could find. Rather than a cereal bowl, he had grabbed a large, silver mixing bowl.

Opening up the box of Fruit Loops, he dumped its rainbow colored contents. It only filled up a little over half way before the box was empty, but Mark hoped that was enough. Rounding around the glossy, black marble counter, Mark went to the refrigerator and opened it. A breath of cold air rushed onto him, sending a shiver all over his body. Quickly grabbing a half full carton of milk, he went back to the bowl of cereal and left the refrigerator door wide open.

Mark spun the little blue lid off and poured it on the cereal, filling the bowl to the top. He put the carton down, opened a drawer just below him and pulled out one of the many tablespoons sitting in a tray.

At first, Mark tried using the oversized spoon to stuff his face, but he wasn't eating fast enough. His stomach was still yelling at him for more. This made him drop the spoon and just drink the cereal. For the next minute, he emptied the large bowl's contents into his mouth, shockingly not spilling a drop on the counter or his bare body. As he drank the bowl, he could feel his stomach tightening as it filled up with cereal. It began to pug out slightly, drawing his abs taught around his waist.

Mark finally finished the bowl and set it back on the counter. Taking a few deep breaths and gripping his bulging stomach, he realized he still felt hungry. Opening the new box of pop tarts, Mark grabbed one of the silver packages out. He furiously stripped the two pop tarts of their aluminum covering. Not wanting to wait for the toaster to heat them up, he inhaled not one, but both of the cold cherry delights. It took less than a minute for him to finish them both off. Though his stomach was very tight and felt overfilled, he felt strangely satisfied. In moments, he felt his stomach loosening back up and returning to normal.

He opened his eyes and stared at the barren remains of what he had just devoured. Mark knew he wasn't fully by any means. However, it was appeased for now.

As Mark cleaned up what he had left on the counter, it didn't take him long to realize that there was another reaction to his new gift: hunger. “It must be where all the energy comes from,” Mark said knowingly. “It had to come from somewhere I guess.”

He was more right than he knew. As he finished putting everything away and closed the refrigerator door back, he noticed that he had totally missed a note that was stuck on it. Removing a round brass magnet, he grabbed the slip of paper:

“Mark, sorry we had to leave early again. Your father and I had to get an early start on this case we are working on. Have a good day at school. Don't wait up for us; we will be home late. And happy birthday. “Mom”

Crumpling the note in his hand he could only say one thing, “Typical.”

Opening up the trash compactor under the sink, he threw the note into it and didn't give it any more thought. “It's probably better anyway,” Mark commented coldly, “Two less people I will have to explain all of this to. And maybe when this is over, perhaps they will even notice me from time to time.”

Looking up at the embedded, pristine microwave that hung above the sink, Mark saw little green numbers showing him the time. It was 6:35. “Oh shit,” Mark yelped.

Barely staying on his own feet, Mark darted for the staircase. And why was he so concerned? “I'm covered in sweat. I have cum all over me. I'm naked—” Mark listed off franticly to himself, “and I have ten minutes to get out that door!” Rounding the top of the stairs, and with oozing sarcasm, he screamed, “Perfect!”


Part 4: Scorpio

Tucking in his red polyester polo in his pants, Mark was booking it down the stairs at amazing speed. His steps created a small thunder from underneath the carpeted staircase. Although his pants were hanging wide open and barely holding onto his thin waist, he didn't miss a beat all the way down. When he finally made it to the ornate tile below, he quickly zipped up his khakis and tightened his brown belt to one notch less than where he would have normally put it. Having grown about three inches, everything just didn't quite fit the way he remembered it. His pant cuffs hung dangerously close to his ankle. Mark's feet felt tight in his plain tan dress shoes, having little room to even wiggle his toes. Even his oversized polo fit better than it ever had. “That's at least one nice thing about this,” Mark muttered sarcastically.

Scampering to the arched entryway, he stood in front of a large decorative mirror hanging on the wall. Curious as to what its antique brass frame and large oval eye had been over looking for all this time, it glared at Mark when he stepped in front of it. The mirror went blank. For all the lead up, it wasn't that impressed. Mark's brown hair was still as shaggy as ever. He was still a light pink and had hardly any muscle to show. All he had going for him were those thick lashes and his green eyes.

Fingering still damp hair over to one side, he swooped his thick bangs off his nose and down the side of his face. It didn't matter though. Once Mark's hair was dry it would randomly rearrange itself anyway. Between cleaning up his mess in the bedroom and scrubbing down his body in the shower, he hoped that everything was done. Glaring at his reflection he gripped a gold piece of string hanging around his soft neck. “Got my key,” he checked off to himself.

Mark released it, leaving it exposed over his shirts. Going around the long string, he pulled at the collar of his polo, straightening it up a bit. Moving his hands along, he smoothed out the gold embroidered lion, which was reared up in the pocket position on the polo. Continuing down his waist, he felt some of that new muscle sitting relaxed under his shirt. Although his shape was nothing like it had been this morning, what he did have fit a little more snug in his clothes, making him look a little bigger. No one else would notice, but he did.

Quickly looking over himself one more time, he grinned in approval at what he saw. Reaching down at his feet, he grabbed up his thickly filled backpack and a deflated gym bag that he had set there the night before. Putting on his heavy backpack, and throwing the large red bag with gold straps over one shoulder, he was off.

Opening the large mahogany door, he went from a slight darkness to being bathed in bright daylight. A crisp air blew past him, reminding him that it was chilly but fortunately not cold. Despite a few goosebumps rising from his hairless arm, Mark stepped through the door, noticing Josh standing at the end of the long walkway. By Josh's demeanor, it seemed that both of them knew he was running late. This encouraged Mark to pick up the pace a little bit.

Removing the string from around his neck, Mark held onto the long gold key at the end of the string, locking the door. The opaque, textured glass on the door wished him off as Mark hurried down the long, cobble stoned walkway. As he approached the sidewalk, putting the key back on his neck, he heard a familiar voice say sternly, “Cutting it a little close aren't we?”

Mark saw his only friend in the whole world standing in front of him. Josh was similarly dressed with the same uniform on, also carrying two bags with him. The only difference was that Josh was about half a head taller than Mark. Tucking the key under his white undershirt, he sheepishly looked up into his unnaturally bright, aqua blue eyes. The blue and the green seemed to swirl about like waves in the sea. Mark liked that. “Sorry man, I… di—didn't mean to keep you waiting,” he stuttered out hurriedly.

Mark couldn't keep his head up. This was the first time he had even been running late. Mark decided to fix his worried gaze on Josh's ripped forearm. A few thick, conspicuous veins tightly webbed down them, showing off in their own small way just how ripped Josh was underneath. In that brief moment, Mark realized that his friend's lean body had probably been inspiration for earlier this morning.

Glancing back up, Josh was wearing a peculiar expression. A look of realization passed over his face, bringing him a step closer to Mark and his hunched shoulders. “Hey, could you stand straight up man?” Josh kindly asked.

Mark embarrassingly complied, worried as to what Josh was getting at. Josh held up one of his sport beaten, but still smooth hands. He leveled it with the top of Mark's head and brought it in to touch his thinly sculpted nose. “Just as I figured.”

“What?” Mark's voice cracked.

“You're finally growing up. I could have sworn you weren't this tall yesterday,” Josh scrutinized in a sarcastic tone.

“But you didn't see me yesterday,” Mark sheepishly reminded him.

“I know.” Josh cheerfully spat out, “Guess that's why I just noticed.”

Mark took a sigh of relief that Josh wasn't suspicious of him. What if his gift scared him, or what if he didn't understand? They may have been best friends for the past four and a half years, but Mark was still quick to rattle. The butterflies in his stomach would beat their wings harder and harder with each passing year. Though this was of slight annoyance to Mark, he had grown accustomed to their presences.

However, Mark didn't get to wrestle with these thoughts for longer than a second before Josh quickly rounded behind him, scooting Mark quickly from his house and down the sidewalk. “One thing I do know is that we need to get a move on,” Josh said more seriously into his ear.

Walking side by side now, Josh looked down at Mark with his stark white smile, throwing one bronzed colored arm over Mark's strap filled shoulders. Mark struggled with trying not to stare at him, but couldn't help notice a rather large smile that Josh couldn't seem to wipe off his face. “You know I was kidding before, about the whole ‘cutting it close’ thing right?” Josh asked, trying to reassure his friend.

“Yeah, I know,” Mark chuckled, trying to recover.

“We just have to keep working on your sense of humor is all,” Josh smirked jokingly, still leading the two of them quickly down the sidewalk. “I think you have embarrassment down, but we still need to work on playful banter.”

Mark knew that Josh was right. Even though he was really excited about what had happened this morning, he was having trouble putting it into words. Then again, Josh didn't really give him a chance to. “I have something for you,” Josh grinned, reaching into his pocket.

“What?” Mark asked looking over, getting a perfect excuse to look up at his beautiful face again.

From Josh's left pocket, he pulled out a familiar pair of thin framed, oval glasses. Stretching his thin red lips across his face, Josh happily handed the long lost pair over to his friend. “Oh my gosh!” Mark exclaimed, “Where on earth did you find them?”

“In the grass when I was waiting for you this morning. You need to be more careful with this stuff,” Josh playfully scorned.

Mark was glad to have his glasses back, tucking them into another pocket for now. However, he didn't recall a time that he could have dropped them in the grass; he was always wearing them. Then again, how could he have lost them in the first place? He was just happy to have gotten them back.

“Thanks Josh,” Mark said sincerely, staring back into his eyes.

Changing his tone, Mark added, “This is the best birthday present you could have ever gotten me.”

Through his long dirty blonde curls, Josh glared at Mark in amusement. “Better, my young padawan.”

Chuckling to themselves, the pair was still walking at a fair pace down the sidewalk, passing house after house that looked exactly the same. They were all big, they all had neatly trimmed grass, and almost all of them had a token SUV parked in the driveway. Only the dwarf oak trees that peppered the long necked cove spiced up the monotony. Coincidently, the trees’ halfway glued on leaves were all that provided any sense of color. The lush reds and oranges were much better than the dyed and unnaturally green grass.

As they continued to walk though, Josh opened up his gym bag and pulled out a small box. “However, your glasses were not what I got you for your birthday.”

Taking the small package from Josh, he laughed. The Sunday Comics neatly covered the palm sized box. It wasn't the jokes that Mark was laughing at though, it was the paper itself.

Years ago, when Mark was about to turn twelve, Josh had only known him for about four months. However, Josh knew he wanted to get his new friend something. He didn't know him that well, and spent all of his time trying to pick out a gift. By the time he had selected one, it was the morning of and he had no wrapping paper. So, he used what he had. Josh loved reading jokes in the Sunday Comics. Actually, it was more like he enjoyed looking at the funny pictures. Nonetheless, he still had some sheets lying around in his room. So, he quickly wrapped up his new friend's gift in them like a bag, twisting it together with a twisty tie. Although he had become a more skilled wrapper since then, every birthday since, Josh would always wrap up Mark's gift with the comics.

“Should I open it now or open it later?” Mark asked.

Josh smiled and slowed them to a halt, taking back his arm. He eagerly nodded at the box. “Now's good,” Josh said.

Ripping between a frame of “Dilbert” and “The Wizard of Id”, Mark uncovered a plain black box. Crumpling the paper in one hand, Mark took the lid. Inside, he pulled out a thin silver chain attached to a thin pressed symbol. It looked like the letter M with an arrow curling off from the far right stem. The necklace reminded Mark of the one Josh would always wear, but rather than an M, it was some kind of line drawn star with a circle around it. However, that didn't help Mark figure out what he was staring at.

Seeing the confused look on Mark's face, Josh tried to explain. “It's your sign,” he said, “That symbol is Scorpio.”

Both of them were now staring at the smooth, twirling M. “I know that you don't usually wear jewelry, but when I saw it; I knew you had to have it,” Josh beamed cautiously.

Holding the symbol up to his face, letting the sun's unhidden light bounce into his eyes, Mark smiled at his new possession. The light that was being reflected at Mark was almost unnaturally bright, as if the symbol was glowing itself. Obviously, it wasn't though. Besides, even though it looked simple enough, Mark knew that Josh must have put some thought into this. “And it's silver sterling like mine. Not just some cheap plastic,” Josh joked.

Putting on an old woman's voice, Josh finished with, “Better to protect you with my dear.”

The funny voice made Mark laugh. “I love it,” he grinned sincerely, “Thank you.”

Josh let out another smile, beaming his perfect pearly whites again. “Do you want me to help you get it on?”

Without missing a beat, Mark enthusiastically said, “Yeah.”

Quickly shoving the remains of the box and paper into his gym bag, Mark held out the silver chained necklace, giving it back to Josh. Josh went around behind Mark. Having to stand back due to Mark's overfilled backpack; he stretched his arms out and slipped it around his neck. This made Mark's heart race. The butterflies were back and in full force. His goosebumps also returned, though there was no wind.

“Do you think you have enough stuff in this bag?” Josh jokingly criticized.

“Maybe you should consider filling yours up with a book or two once in awhile,” Mark quipped back, trying to hide the unusual sensation he was feeling.

Josh's backpack did look fairly deflated, especially in comparison to Mark—s. “Touché,” Josh said, brushing off his defeat, eager to get this necklace on Mark.

His eagerness seemed to make him completely unaware of Mark's discomfort. Hooking the chain around Mark's neck, Josh rounded back in front of his friend and took a good look at him. “Perfect,” Josh said complimenting Mark and the necklace.

In its own way, Mark felt a strange since of comfort in wearing the necklace. He looked up at Josh with approval, not only happy that he had gotten the gift, but that Josh thought it looked good on him. There were so many things Mark wanted to say at that moment, but he couldn't. His denial wouldn't let him. All he could do was stare down at the silver ornament, before tucking it under his polo.

“Who knows, maybe that thing will bring you some more luck—” Josh said, sounding genuine.

“—short stuff,” he finished with a familiar sarcasm.

Mark took a breath of relief and responded with, “Hey now, you won't be taller than me forever you know. Being a year older is the only reason you have a head up on me.”

“For your sake,” Josh chuckled, “I hope you're right.”

In the distance, both guys could hear the familiar sound of a rickety old school bus pulling up to the gates at the end of the street. This sent a wave of panic into both of them, realizing that they might miss the bus if they didn't hurry.

Running as fast as they could, they barreled down the street past the few houses that remained between them and the gates. Mark fell a little behind Josh. Finally, Josh brought them both to a screeching halt just past the huge black steel gate, which was hanging wide open.

Standing between the decorative brick entitling the neighborhood “Growing Oaks” and the Vanderburgh county school bus, they waited for the thin yellow doors to swing open.

“You would think after all these years, CAB would send better county busses to pick us up,” Josh commented matter-of-factly, staring into the rather beat up metal.

Unlike Josh, Mark was still trying to catch his breath from that sudden sprint. Noticing Mark had hunched over a little bit, huffing and puffing, he gripped his friend by the shoulder. “You should really run more man.”

Craning his head, greeted by Josh's annoyingly happy face, he huffed out, “You… don't have… a thirty plus pound backpack on.”

Looking over his shoulder, Josh looked mildly amazed. “Huh, I guess your right.”

The doors were finally opening, allowing the chatter of the bus to escape its walls. Both boys walked toward it. From either the slight lightheadedness or having found a scrap of courage, Mark had made his decision. “You know… there is something I need to show you,” he said nervously.

Putting his arm back around Mark's shoulders, Josh chuckled, “As long as it isn't a lung, I'll agree to see it.”

More seriously, Josh finished, “But now, we need to get on the bus.”

Josh stepped up onto the long yellow shack on wheels, leaving Mark's side. Mark, on the other hand, just stared up at the bus for a moment and gulped at what he had just said. He wasn't ready. What would he say? Was Josh going to freak or be happy for him? Finally stepping onto the bus, he thought to himself, Maybe it had been the lightheadedness.


Part 5: A Long Bus Ride

The squeaking metal doors slowly shut behind Mark, leaving him staring at the withered old bus driver, Gary. A thick poof of curly white hair sat behind the oversized wheel. Where eyes should have been, coke bottles were instead, making his gray irises three times as large as they should be. Mark always wondered what kept them from crashing every day. Then again, he wouldn't have minded. At least that means something interesting would have happened in his previously rather dull life.

Rounding a metal divider, Mark stood as close as he could behind Josh. He peered around Josh's bags at the guys already sitting down. All of them were wearing the same uniform: an embroidered red polo and khakis. Though the bus had space to spare, it sounded like every seat was filled. They were so loud from chattering away, Mark thought even Gary might have heard them today.

Mark had also established that Gary was nearly deaf. When he tried to hold a minute long conversation with him once, he didn't even flinch. Then again, if there had been a conspiracy going on, it wouldn't surprise him that even Gary was part of it.

Despite the commotion, almost all of them seemed to notice that Josh had gotten on the bus. As they slid across the long, slender walkway, Josh got head nods from almost every person they passed. Mark, on the other hand, went unnoticed.

As they walked, Mark kept his head down for the most part. He only glanced around at the different guys sitting there. Unlike Josh, none of them even acknowledged Mark's existence. It was like he was a ghost that had just randomly decided to follow Josh. Mark was used to this though. Ever since Josh had moved here, he had always been noticed. Being a great soccer player helped, but Mark knew that his appearance was good enough to get people's attention. His bronzed skin, that cute smile and those piercing eyes were a little hard to miss. Thus, they all wanted to be his friend, but for some reason, he picked Mark. Mark would occasionally ask him why he stuck around, and Josh would say things like, “People are screwed up,” and“No one knows who they really are anymore,”and “They never take the time to notice what's truly good in this world.”

Mark thought it was sweet for him to say so, but he suspected that it was also a little thing he called “the nerd factor.” As they drew closer to the last row, where they always sat, Mark recalled a conversation they had last week to justify himself.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

They were up in Mark's room just hanging out like they always did. Even though Josh was usually kept busy practicing for soccer, even in the off season, he would always find time to spend with Mark outside of school. Right now, they were having one of their favorite kinds of debates.

“You have to be kidding!” Josh exclaimed, “Anakin's descent to the dark side was completely justified in the new trilogy.”

Mark rolled over, setting his glasses down on the night stand. Rolling back over, Mark's elbows were hanging right off the edge over Josh. Maybe they were meant to remind Josh who was on top, especially now. “That is totally not true. When he attacks Mace Windu, he makes like the quickest switch I've ever seen in my life. Heck, it would be like someone in school actually noticing me. It would be sudden and without cause.”

Josh stopped fiddling with his necklace, and looked straight up into Mark's eyes with sincerity, softening his defined but adorable features. “Don't worry about them man. People are screwed up anyway,” he said, “I know its tough, but they will get theirs someday. It'll all balance out somehow.”

Moving his stare to Josh's dimpled chin and squared off jaw, Mark sighed as he always does. Readjusting himself on his neatly made blue sheets, Mark said softly, “It'd be nice if it balanced out sooner than later. I just don't know how much more I can take of being utterly ignored. I'm not even important enough to be made fun of. That's got to be some kind of record.”

Still looking straight up with his swirling aqua blues and greens, he furrowed his thin eyebrows some, looking more serious. “Things will change. Just because they don't give a great guy like you a chance doesn't mean that they shouldn't,” Josh said sincerely, “Don't worry. Things will change.”

Mark only got up to “great guy” and began to blush. Josh seemed to notice, making Mark blush even more. The silence said it all. Josh always knew the right things to say. Not only the ones that made him feel better, but that could almost take his breath away. Trying to keep the butterflies from fluttering too much, Mark beamed at him, whispering, “You are so… sweet.”

“Always,” Josh whispered back.

Mark's long shaggy hair hung down from his head. The shimmers of brown on Josh's bronzed skin defined every smooth line Josh had. It especially brought out his high cheek bones, making him look even more beautiful in Mark's eyes. Oh, how badly Mark wanted to say that, but he couldn't. He just let the thought run to the back of his head and he locked it away with so many other comments just like it.

Out of the blue, Josh's face turned to one of concern. “You alright?”

Mark stared at him, wondering what he meant. Shaking his head, he opened his real eyes. Mark found himself sitting next to a window at the back of the bus, staring at Josh's slightly concerned face. “Oh,” Mark slowly recovered, “Yeah, sorry I'm fi-fine.”

The bus was rattling rather loudly. With that and the other guys on the bus, it made hearing Josh almost impossible. Letting his expression go back to normal, Josh said, nearly yelling, “For a second there, I thought you had gone catatonic. Where you lost in a daydream or something?”

Grinning his embarrassment at Josh, he only nodded. Finally, he added, “Yeah, something like that,” speaking a little softer than Josh had.

Mark looked out the window and saw they were already out of their little corner of the world. As he continued to reorient himself, he felt his stomach growl at him. It was loud enough for him to even hear. That little sprint might have caught up with him faster than he thought, making him hungry again.

Josh's eyes went straight down to his friend's stomach. “Wow man. Did you even eat this morning?”

“Yeah,” Mark sighed, “I guess it wasn't enough though.”

“I guess not,” Josh laughed.

Reaching between his legs Josh pulled out his gym bag from underneath them. Opening it up, he pulled out two granola bars and gave them to Mark. “I've got plenty more, and it sounds like you need them a hell of a lot more than I do.”

Mark clutched the bars, ripping their covering off in two swipes. In another four bites, both bars were gone. Josh stared in amazement at what he just saw. Not a single crumb had been dropped. “I eat fast, but not that fast. Did you even chew, or was it like a bird and you just swallowed it whole?” Josh gawked.

Nervous as to what other kinds of questions Josh might come up with, he decided that now was the time to spill the beans. “Actually, that was nothing. This morning, I ate about half a box of cereal and two pop tarts in like under two minutes.”

“And you didn't barf?” Josh asked somewhat amazed.

“Nope,” Mark continued, “Actually, I was still hungry, but I was running late as it was.”

Letting out a small chuckle, Josh asked, “So is this what you wanted to tell me? That you can eat scores of kitchens in a single bound?”

Josh's reaction calmed Mark down some, making him less nervous for what he was about to say. “No,” he began, breathing more heavily, “Actually, you know how you thought I got taller since you last saw me.”

Josh nodded. “Yeah, but I was just kidding though.”

“No, you were right,” Mark blurted out, “I actually got taller.”

The roar of the bus and its patrons were still making it hard for either of them to hear each other, but Josh completely understood what he just heard. “Like a growth spurt over night?” he asked.

Josh was smiling now. Mark noticed that Josh seemed excited by what he was hearing. Though he thought that was a little odd, he wasn't going to question it. Feeling more confident, Mark continued, “Actually no, I did it, myself.”

There was momentary silence between them. “Noooo—” Josh drug out, “You mean—“

Mark figured that this was the time for an experiment, to show Josh what he meant. “I'll prove it to you. What would you like me to do? Get more muscles, get taller, what?”

Josh was a little bereft at the request and didn't know how quite to respond. “You mean, you can control this growing of yours,” Josh realized, “at will?”

That made Mark actually grin. He didn't know why, but Josh's amazement in him was invigorating. “Yeah,” Mark beamed, “So, what would you like me to do?”

“Well, um, ho-how about your muscles. Put on a little size,” Josh stuttered.

Mark nodded with the biggest grin on his face. Not sure exactly what was about to happen, Mark took his glasses out of his pocket, and he put them in his gym bag. Sitting up again, he closed his little emeralds and thought the words to himself like he had before. Alright. I need to grow some muscle. Make me big and take this baby fat back off.

At first, Josh didn't see anything, but then Mark could see his eyes widen as the tingling sensation swept over him. He knew his body was getting bigger. Josh could clearly see Mark's arm swelling up. Resting right next to his own, Mark's bicep was pushing up on the skin, inflating his whole arm. His triceps did the same thing and soon, a horseshoe formed on the back of his arm. The skin tucked around it as the muscle continued to shape itself larger and larger. Every strand rippling as the fat fell away, making his arms far more defined. As his arms continued to grow, his short sleeves were filling up. The muscles kept inflating bigger, and the sleeve was being force to ride up his thickening arm.

Josh followed a long vein that had formed on Mark's bicep down to his forearm. At the base of his swelling bicep, a long ball of muscle started to lift up, pushing his forearm further up his own arm. A river of snakes appeared, engorging the rest in blood, making the rest of his arm grow with strength and size. His whole arm bulged and inflated. Josh could even see the base of his shoulder swelling up under the shirt. A large ball was inflating under the cloth, swelling up with thick mass. He wasn't sure how much those sleeves were going to be able to take.

Following Mark's rising boulders up, he could see his neck also swell. Two large veins had appeared and were bulging off his skin. The polo was starting to ride up his neck, even as it thickened because of his two large traps swelling up. Their increasing size forced the polo to stretch around the thickening chords as well as lift higher up off his torso. He hoped as Mark's neck got bigger, that it wouldn't snap his new necklace.

As his shoulders expanded, Josh had to scoot over in his seat, or Mark's widening shoulder would have hit him. This moved his eyes along to Mark's tightening chest. Even with the polo, Josh could see Mark's pecs inflating. Every second more and his chest would swell even bigger. Two thick slabs were quickly dividing under his shirt, pushing it out away from the center toward his meaty, but ripped arms. The lion on the pocket of the polo almost disappeared from sight as it was pushed along the side of one of Mark's inflating pecs.

Mark's pecs were pushing out so hard that Josh could clearly make out two rock hard nipples. Pointing straight out, they weren't relenting. The polo seemed to strain around them as they tried to force their way through a few threads of fabric.

His upper body had gotten so big and looked strained under his two sizes too small clothes. Not believing his eyes, he also caught sight of the transformation below. Mark's legs were also keeping up at amazing speed. His pants were stretching to hold in his inflating thighs. Through the thin fabric, Josh could see large tear drops being formed near the knees. More cords rippled to life, filling up with their own mass as every strand continued to swell. Marks legs rippled with strength, barely being contained in the thin khakis he was wearing.

All Josh could do was stare wide eyed and with his mouth hanging open as Mark's gorgeous growth came to a halt. Mark had gotten so wide, that his shoulder was rubbing up against the window and he filled over half the seat. Josh had to sit on the edge just to keep from either being crushed or falling off.

Mark looked over to his friends overwhelmed expression. Unsure of what it meant, he sheepishly said, “Surprise?” shrugging his large shoulders up to his thick neck and back down.

Josh was speechless. Though Mark was no where near the size he had been only hours ago, Josh's thin frame was dwarfed by Mark's hulking appearance. Josh quickly looked around the bus, as if to see if anyone had noticed the major growth that had just happened here. No one seemed to. Fortunately, those other guys were too wrapped up in their own lives to worry about the amazing thing that had just happened.

“Josh?” Mark asked concerned, “Are you ok?”

He would have moved his arm, but it was too big. His rippling bicep would have knocked Josh off his seat if he had tried to move it, not to mention he could feel how tight the sleeve was already. All the while, Mark was getting more and more paranoid about the choice he had just made.

Josh looked back at Mark to see that his expression had also changed. It seemed to be one of growing pain and of extreme pleasure. “A-a-are you ok?” Josh asked concerned.

It didn't take long for Josh to figure out what was happening. He looked down and saw that not only Mark's leg was filling his pants, but another large bulge had appeared and it was only getting bigger.

“I don't—” Mark breathed out, “understand. I shouldn't be getting off. I didn't watch like last time. I didn't—”

Josh would have asked, but it was obvious Mark was about to be in no condition to answer questions. As his member continued to swell, pushing its way along his leg, Mark got scared that it would rip right through his pants. It was growing, and inflating for no reason at all, and it was only getting worse. Not wanting his pants to split, he couldn't think of another alternative. He moved his hands to his pants and unzipped his fly. The pants enjoyed the relief of having a little more room to move around. Now a pair of black boxers was exposed. With everything he had in him, Mark reached in with his fingers and moved his tightly wedged cock around to come out the newly formed hole. Josh could only watch in amazement at the sight before him, hoping that no one saw.

Mark's rock hard dick shot out and was pointing straight at the seat in front of him. The sensation was getting more intense; his dick shook with excitement. Both of them knew what was about to happen. Mark's blood filled head expanded as veins ran toward it, filling his cock with even more blood. He had to bite down on his lip to keep from moaning too loud. Josh even tried to restrain him, putting his hand around Mark's tightly knotted biceps. They were hard as stone and bouncing with every flinch Mark made. Josh even saw that his pecs were hardening and bouncing with them.

Mark was about to do it. He couldn't control it. He was lost in the intensity. The sensation was too great. A feeling welled up in his tightly gripped orbs. It was pushed firmly along his shaft and straight out its mouth. Mark bit down hard as he began to cum, throwing himself against the back of his seat and the window. He reared up his head in ecstasy as following streams of his own thick juice shot at the bench in front of him. It throbbed up and down as it continued to fire his load. The feeling was extraordinary and Mark could only sit there, letting nature take its course. Even Josh's head turned down to see the sight of Mark's dick spraying all over the seat.

His hips were jerking back and forth with each shot, and eventually slowed as his ejaculation came to an end. Though his member was still rock solid, it was done immersing the fake brown leather in front of it in its cum.

Josh slowly let go of the behemoth, to see that both of them were sweating. Mark looked over at his friend with a satisfied smile on his face. But seeing Josh actually sitting there brought him head first back into reality.

Mark was horrified. Realizing what he had just done, what Josh had just seen, his face turned a bright cherry red. He saw his throbbing member still hanging there, bigger than it should be. Mark dropped his mouth in horror. Not only had Josh just seen his penis for the first time; not only had Josh just witnessed him getting off for the first time, but the back of the bus bench was covered in cum. Thick rolls of it were slowly heading for the floor.

Though the bus was as loud as it had ever been, there was nothing but silence between Mark and Josh. Mark wanted to escape, but there was nowhere to run. Besides, he was huge and it would be a little hard to hide in the bus. Despite the huge muscles and big endowment, Mark felt no bigger than a kid. However, Mark was so mortified and embarrassed that he didn't even notice Josh having to readjust himself.


Part 6: Concord Academy for Boys

Number 613 pulled up to a large set of gates, guarding a school just off in the distance. Once the bus came to a squeaking and racketed halt, jolting all the people inside, the decorative gold gates swung open, exposing a two way drive leading to the ConcordAcademy for Boys. The bus rattled its way up the hill past the sloping green and large oak trees, rounding its way up to the beautifully landscaped campus.

However, inside the bus, though still quite loud, were two silent people sitting all the way in the back. On one side, there was a large, hulking teenager with his incredibly hard member hanging out of his tightly gripped pants. On the other side was by all rights an equally beautiful sight, though far slimmer and with his pant zipper closed.

Mark had frozen with eyes front. Mark's long curls randomly hid parts of his face, while his emeralds were drying out rapidly. He couldn't blink. Josh kept glancing back and forth between Mark, the other students and his rather well endowed problem between his own legs. Trying to subtly readjust, Josh whispered to his huge friend, “Mark?”

No answer. Looking worried, Josh asked again, “Mark?”

Mark was completely petrified. It didn't matter that the bus made it too loud for him to hear Josh. To say that he was embarrassed would be a vast understatement. Completely mortified would barely begin to scratch the surface. He was in utter shock at what had just happened. So much so that he had neglected to notice all of him was still hanging out and quite far actually.

Josh didn't know what to do. So many things were swirling around in his head that he also couldn't sort any of them out. All he knew was that the bus would be stopping soon and Mark couldn't stay here like this. Gently nudging Mark on his bulging bicep, Josh forcefully whispered with more worry, “Snap out of it. You have to snap out of it Mark.”

The words made their way to Mark's ears, and even went so far as to swim in his brain for a short while before fading into the darkness. Trying to regain himself, Mark felt a light switch on in his head. The motors were running again, and all too quickly did he remember everything that had just happened. Not like there were a lot of reminders surrounding him, right? The cum was still oozing off the back of the bench, his clothes were still strained against his huge, rippling body, and looking down, he could see a half hard cock hanging out.

Something about that sight repulsed him. Something about all of this repulsed him. Grabbing hold of his huge cock, Mark tried to stuff all of it back into his pants, but he was having trouble. Mark was still too big. He couldn't force its size in without ripping his pants wide open. His whole legs and thick sack were already filling his khakis up to the brim. They didn't have anymore room for his enormous dick too. Yet he still tried to get it back in. How desperately he wanted to get it back in. Tears would have formed in his eyes from his frustration and shock if they hadn't been so dry. His whole face, as smooth as it was began to wrinkle up as quiet sobs erupted from his line drawn mouth.

To see the crumpled teenage form trying to stuff his oversized cock back in his pants with all the fury of his strength but without wanting to rip so much as another thread of his clothes was a little sad. All this power and all this strength, and yet such a simple thing was bringing him down.

Mark had had enough of this and wished it all away. He desperately wanted to return to the way he was, and it was so. His whole body began to shrink twice as fast as it had grown. All the mass in his torso escaped his muscles, deflating like a bunch of whimpering balloons. Marks legs shriveled back to their former state. Although he had a good pair of legs on him to start with, they were nothing in comparison to the ones he had granted himself only minutes ago.

As his arms finished thinning out to their old selves, he more easily maneuvered his body around in the seat. He was no longer crushed up against the window and finally could breath again in his now slightly stretched uniform. This change made everything go back to the way it had been before the start of it all, including his dick, allowing him to quickly slip it in and zip up his fly.

Mark was relieved that he was himself again, but was still faced with what he feared the most. He slowly turned his red beaten face to look at Josh, seeing a narrow tunnel the whole way. Only Josh's head could fit in it. Josh had a confusing expression on his golden-brown face. It looked like one of swirling surprise, anxiety and amazement, and Mark had no words for anything that had just happened. Mark did notice that even Josh seemed to be breathing heavy, exasperated in his own way. Probably his embarrassment of me, Mark thought.

As Mark's tearless sobs subsided, he could feel something stirring in his gut. It was getting more intense. He could feel his insides twist, like they were caving in on themselves.


Mark's stomach spasmed, causing him to lurch in on himself, sending his head flying toward Josh. Josh jerked back, just missing Mark's head from going into his gut, while another spasm of pain hit Mark's gut dead on. GGGRROOWWLL! If his regret and mortification hadn't been enough, Mark now had shearing pain to add onto it.

Josh lifted Mark's head up, and could see it twist with each growl of his stomach. Though the bus was loud, even its squeaks couldn't cover this up. Bending around Mark, he reached into his gym bag again. From it, he pulled out a whole box of granola bars. Acting as quickly as he could, Josh unwrapped them and began feeding them to Mark. Mark was still clutching his stomach with both hands in pain, but lifted his head up enough to eat. Mark inhaled each one in only a few bites, making Josh have to quickly open another.

Josh would strip a bar and feed it to Mark, one after the other. Ten bars later, there were no more. All that was left was the hope in both of them that this was enough. Mark's stomach was no longer growling, but neither of them was sure if it was over. Mark slumped back into his seat again, drenched in sweat from the ordeal. He still held his stomach, but not in pain. Mark's appetite seemed to be appeased for the moment.

Josh continued to stare at his friend. Shock and bewilderment couldn't begin to describe his reaction to all of this. He would have asked what just happened, but he figured out why. He knew it must have something to do with the growth and shrinking that Mark just did. Then again, he was still more confused than ever about a lot of other stuff. Putting the empty wrappers and box away, he tried to sort some of it out with no luck.

With a jolt, the bus suddenly came to a halt, shaking all of the people inside once again. As if this had been a sign from above, Mark quickly grabbed up his bags. Standing up and strapping them on, he didn't give Josh time to move before he was sliding past him out into the long walkway.

Rushing down the aisle, Mark quickly swooped past everyone, racing for the front. All he knew was that he had to get off that bus as fast as he could. As he rounded the metal divider, Gary had already begun to open the squeaking metal doors. He took one step down and froze for a moment. Mark looked back, through the heads of every other guy to only see Josh's thick curls facing back at him. With a whimpered sigh, saddened that Josh couldn't even bear to look at him, he quickly stepped off the bus.

Walking away from the embarrassment behind him, he voyaged into the oblivion of his school. He could feel his clothes sticking to him from all the sweat. His hair strung down in front of his face, annoying his nose and further irritating his eyes. Pushing a few strands of hair out of the way, he fought back waterless sobs. Mark was so confused and frustrated, but he didn't know what to do. Instead, he quickly scurried from the circle driveway, heading onto one of the many stone paths that led all around the school. Flat grass and the occasional falling leaves surrounded him as he headed off to the administration building.

Mark couldn't believe what had just happened. He had thought this gift would be a blessing and something to be shared with his best friend. Instead it turned into a feast of sorrow and embarrassment, probably alienating the one person that had ever noticed him. This thing had turned the one person that actually liked him away and for what? A ten second show of strength followed by ten more of absolute horrification that—

“The cum!” Mark shouted out to himself.

Though there were a few people walking all around, no one seemed to notice his small outburst. Coming to a large concrete clearing in front of the administration building, he took a seat on one of the many benches surrounding the area. More softly, he repeated to himself, “I left all that cum on the bus! Oh my God, how am I going to explain that,” he huffed. “How is Gary going to explain that?”

Mark was exasperated. Dropping his gym bag beside him on the finely finished wooden bench, all he could do was huff and puff again. Staring out onto the concrete, his eyes gazed at the great seal between him and the building far ahead, bearing the Academy's coat of arms. As he stared, his contacts had not only dried out but had begun to hurt. Mark tried to blink water back onto them but it was no use. So, he lifted up his head and clumsily popped both of them out. Irritated by the pain they had caused, he threw them to the ground, letting one of the few long cracks dividing the smooth blocks catch it.

His eyes instantly began to feel much better, but now the whole semi-circular courtyard of stone and fountains had become blurry. The building was nothing more than a blob. The two small fountains next to its borders were flowing shimmers of blue sparkles. Remembering where he had put his glasses, he opened up his pack and pulled them out. Placing the thin frames on his eyes, everything came back into focus. The people, the partly cloudy skies, all of it.

To Mark, it was another thing to be frustrated about. It didn't help that his clothes no longer fit right. Looking down at himself, he could tell that everything had been stretched a little bit. The lion drooped a little to one side, his pants had mysterious wrinkles aside from the neatly pressed crease he always had.

“Perfect,” Mark sighed agitatedly, “First my eyes, then my friend, and now my clothes.”

Looking out upon the curved stone brick building ahead he asked, “What am I going to do?”

Only a moment was given to Mark for pause before his stomach began to quietly growl at him again. Through his red polo, his thin framed black glasses and his long locks of dark hair, he stared at his gut in amazement. It had digested ten bars in a matter of minutes and like little Oliver was already begging for more. “I won't make it to lunch like this,” Mark sighed, hunched in on himself, “but what am I to do?”

There was just no end to it all. What's worse is that Mark would have to make it through the next few hours with no food and a growing hunger that nearly paralyzed him earlier. Hanging his head, and putting his hands on his lap in front of him, he just blankly stared at his lap. Mark felt utterly alone. He was isolated, alienated and above all, a freak. I can't see Josh like this; he can't see me, Mark thought.

The thought of Josh made Mark stand straight back up in a start. Regaining his balance and some of his composure, he looked around and didn't see him. There was a group of lower schooler's walking past him, but that was it. Mark didn't want to talk to Josh right now; he couldn't. Grabbing his bags, he headed off. The upper school was just a little further ahead, and he had to hurry before classes started.

Hiding behind his glasses and hair, he kept his head down as he quickly scurried off past one of the flowing fountains. Rounding away from the water and the administration building, all Mark could think about was one thing: I'll never get answers like this. I'll never figure this out, and I'll never be able to share it with anyone.—I'm alone.


Part 7: Filling Up

The line was at a stand still. Mark could only see the backs of a couple lower schoolers, but could smell the near by buffet perfectly. The last few hours had been the longest of his life and now there were just a couple of overgrown gold shirts between him and sure satisfaction.

His stomach gurgled at him again. It reminded him that it was hungry, as if Mark had forgotten. His bowels twisted just enough to tell him that not only was he ready to eat, but that his gut knew food as near by. Mark would have been more than happy to eat right then, but to his annoyance, the dimwitted trio didn't budge. Mark could hear parts of their conversation; none of it sounded important enough to be holding up the line. At least, it wasn't to Mark. So why aren't they moving?


If anyone had cared to notice the symphony coming from Mark's stomach, maybe the line would have moved a little faster. It wasn't only the food, his hunger or the gold shirts that were getting to him though; it was Josh. The past four hours were filled with worry over his friend. Mark still couldn't shake the incredible guilt and embarrassment for what had happened on the bus. Each time he tried, he would hide his face underneath his hair and just want to cry. Of course, no one noticed, but for once, Mark was glad that they didn't.

However, in this moment, Mark felt like screaming at the people ahead of him until finally the line began to move again. The gossip squad was either done for now or at least had grown enough of a brain to move along the buffet. Grabbing a large, red, plastic tray, Mark eagerly awaited his chance to start pilling on the food. His mouth let out a small glint of drool. Like a starved dog, he was ready to eat.

The trio moved further down the line, opening Mark to all the choices a wealthy Academy had to offer. As he worked his way down, he must have taken at least two of everything: a sandwich here, some salad there, a bag of chips off to the side, and so forth. Finally, he had made it to the end of the row and the three lower schooler's had checked out. As they moved out of the way, the cashier, who was a woman in her mid forties it seemed, got her first glance at the mound that was Mark's lunch.

He glanced up at her through his wavy hair, noticing the silent, accusatory disapproval on her face. She reminded him of one of those nosy neighbors you would see on TV. On any other day, it might have embarrassed him some, but on any other day, he wouldn't be this hungry.

Setting his tray down next to her register, he pulled out his student ID and handed it to the embittered woman. Ripping the card out of his hand, she glared at the picture on the ID. It seemed to Mark that she was almost hoping that this wasn't his ID, and all because of a little food. Well, who was Mark kidding? It was a lot of food, but still, she had no right to be sending him through the ringer just because of his selection.

The cashier seemed disappointed that the picture did resemble Mark. There was the same long hair nearly covering his face with a glint of green in his eyes. This allowed the irritated woman to ring up all the items on Mark's tray. It took a while to punch it all in, but most of that was because she was now intent on making sure every piece of food got rung up. She shuffled the food with her eyes, making sure to get every last bread crumb.

Finally, she swiped his card and handed it back to him. As he put the ID away, a rather long receipt printed out next to her station. She quickly ripped it off, throwing it into Mark's hands. Rather than getting even more frustrated at her, he just tried to let it go. Folding up the receipt, his slipped it into his pocket. Mark picked up his tray, his two drinks and now needed to find a seat.

Emerging from the row of registers Mark had been staled at, he began contemplating where to sit. He slowly walked through the littered sea of round and squared off tables, many of which were already filled students. Mark either wanted to sit outside or in one of the secluded corners. Despite the foyer like appearance of the cafeteria, there were one or two corners that hid from the vast windows, giving Mark his predestined seclusion.

The sun had trouble shining in through the clouds, but that did not detour Mark from picking his final spot outside. It was unlike Mark to sit outside, but for some reason, he wanted to. Crossing the lake of wine red carpet, Mark pressed his back against one of the glass doors. These lead to a nicely sized courtyard of stone tables and benches, many of which were deserted. In fact there was only one other person outside. Mark couldn't get a good look at him since his back was turned. All he could see was his straight black hair that hung just above his shoulders. Along with him, there was an occasionally breath of wind followed by the chirps of various birds. All in all, it was a fairly peacefully, though sullen day.

Though he was in a new setting, he still had seclusion. Sitting far away from his black haired companion, Mark had set down his backpack beside him and was finally face to face with his glorious meal. This is what he had been waiting for ever since he left his house this morning: the chance to be full.

It took him no longer than it does a shark to smell blood for him to tear into his food. With quick hurried bites, Mark began devouring everything on his tray. His sandwiches were reduced to crumbs in mere minutes; chips became crumpled balls of packaging. As he ate, Mark could feel his stomach fill up like it had this morning, but even more so. His small belly quickly filled with all of the food rushing to it, making it stretch out his skin as it inflated. His thin stomach pudged out further as more food slid down. Mark had wiped out everything but the desserts on his plate before slowing up a bit. This gave his overfilled stomach a moment to catch up.

The little pudge that had swollen bellow his naval receded back into him. Mark couldn't see it obviously, but he rubbed his belly with his hand and could actually feel his stomach flatten back out. This odd sensation and reaction didn't scare him as much as he thought it would. Actually, Mark thought he was onto something. This was just like when he had fed in the kitchen earlier today. He ate past the point of what his stomach could normally hold, yet it held anything Mark threw its way. I think it's like a furnace. I bet I could keep eating and it would just… collect for later use. He grinned at the notion and thought it was rather ingenious. Mark had never solved a problem like that before and he actually took a split second to relish in it, finishing with, So, maybe, if I eat enough, I won't tumble over in pain the next time.

However, unlike his revelation about his new relationship with food, Mark was less pleased with what he had just thought. Crouching over on his bench, his mood lowered with him. “If there is a next time,” he muttered.

The thought of a “next time” only sent waves of uneasiness through him. What had happened on the bus had left him shaken, and despite every attempt to get rid of these feelings, Mark still felt as if his friendship with Josh was hanging in the balance. The many hours that had passed brought him no closer to any kind of resolution. All he had was a filled stomach, a nearly empty tray, and no idea of what to do about Josh.

I completely wrecked it with my friend. I mean, I erupted on that bus like some kind of animal. I lost control and couldn't—

Mark had to stop thinking. The terror of how he had emasculated himself was too much. Instead, Mark slowly fed on a large brownie. He slowly gnawed on it, only swallowing occasionally. His bites were small, and drawn out. The dessert hung from his mouth, just out of reach of his hand when Mark just stopped. All he could see was Josh's face in his mind. Josh was flashing that perfect smile of his right at Mark. It was the one that made him feel better when he was down. It was the same smile that assured him that everything would be ok, even if it didn't seem so.

“—I'll always be there.”

Mark couldn't hear the words; he could feel them. Mark hadn't realized earlier, but he was clutching his new necklace through his polo. He could feel the dulled point of the M's arrow poking into his hand. Something about holding that necklace, seeing Josh's face and remembering those words gave new vigor to Mark. It made him grin with assurance that this would work out; that there was a happy ending in here somewhere.

Unfortunately, the brownie wasn't so luck. As Mark's mouth began to spread, the brownie that his lips had been so carefully holding fell out of their grasp and landed on the ground. It had fallen between his legs and tumbled off the stone bench. This startled him, but Mark couldn't help but laugh at himself. He must have looked pretty silly having a big brownie hanging out of his mouth like a pack of freshly lit cigarettes.

Mark bent around the stone table, picking up the brownie to set it back on his tray. He had thought that maybe the other guy had noticed this little mishap, but he was gone. It must have been while he was reminiscing over all of this. All the while, Mark hadn't let go of his necklace. He was like a small child holding his security blanket. Without thinking, he unsheathed the silver chain and symbol from his shirt, displaying it proudly around his neck. Something told him that everything was going to be ok. For a brief moment, he felt safe.

Mark was brought out of his trance by the sound of tones coming from the intercom. He knew what that meant: the last of the lunches was over. Collecting all of his stuff and throwing away the remains of his meal, Mark stared down at his present from Josh.

Josh had said earlier that this would bring him luck, and he hoped that was true. Mark still wasn't sure what he was going to do, or what he was going to say. Last period was coming; something was going to have to be done. However, in some strange way, Mark felt that if he needed any help, he could just look to his sign for guidance.


Part 8: Last Period

Mark plodded up a flight of stairs, trapped between the masses hurdling students. The four-story chamber whispered every sound into every crevasse, despite the carpeting and occasional wall hanging. Even the polished cherry wood railing wasn't enough to convince the reverberations of footsteps and chatter to cease its muffled, but relentless assault.

Making it to a small terrace, Mark weaved his way off the stairs and passed through an arched doorway leading to the second floor. Releasing the large brass handle, Mark was now graced with dim wall lighting and more wine colored carpet. Every ten feet, there was another door leading to another classroom. Mark glanced into a few of them as he walked by. Unlike the hall, each of them were harshly lit and slowly filling with students.

Like many of the other students, Mark was still lugging around two large bags. Despite taking up all that space, Mark didn't miss a step as he walked between students. It helped that his head had become focused on the floor rather than the faces of the other students mindless chatter. Each step that he took further down the hall brought anxiety. Right around the corner would be his classroom and in it would be the friend he had abandoned on the bus to school. Mark tried to clutch his necklace and calm down some, but his fingers couldn't quite reach it. The other students had closed in around him, locking his arms to his side. Mark felt trapped and started forcing his way through the crowd.

Fortunately, he was only a few steps away from the classroom. Squeezing himself past a couple of jocks, he made it into his last period classroom. Unfortunately, the stark white walls, and bright florescent lights blinded Mark. He moved his glasses out of the way some and rubbed his eyes. When they refocused, all his nerves hit his body like a pile of bricks. Josh was sitting in the back next to the wall. Despite having calmed down some, especially since this morning, Mark hadn't prepared himself like he had thought.

Josh looked up and spotted Mark instantly. He gazed at Mark for a moment, then cracked a small smile. This made Mark feel just as good as it did bad. Maybe Josh had forgiven him for what happened. Maybe he hasn't thought about it like Mark has. Or maybe Josh didn't even remember what had happened and it had just been some kind of a weird dream. As Mark pondered over every possibility of what that little smile meant, his feet slowly carried him forward, bringing him ever closer to his seated friend.

Josh stared at him the whole way. His eyes were glued to Mark with a strange curiosity that he couldn't quite figure out. Though his hands were loosely clasped in his lap and had a leg swung out from beneath his desk, Josh's eyes said something else. They said that Josh had something to say. Actually, as Mark got with in a few steps of Josh, he thought, “Or they are hiding something.”

That thought didn't sit well with Mark. It sent a creeping pain down his chest that felt like liquid fire.

“Hey,” Josh said.

This threw Mark for a second, sending a wave of confusion across his face, but then he focused back in on Josh and sheepishly replied, “Hey Josh.”

Then there was silence. Mark went beside Josh and sat in his usual seat in the corner. Starring out at the fifteen seats, Mark found it hard to focus. There was so much he wanted to say. He had a lot of good ideas last period, but her, not a one of those came to mind. Mark struggled with the silence, not sure as to what Josh was thinking or why he wasn't saying anything either.

A couple of soft tone erupted from the speaker in the ceiling, breaking the trance between them. The other students began taking their seats in the front. There was no one else in the row and the teacher was near blind anyways. At least everyone's eyes would up there, rather than back here. In a sense, they were alone.

Setting his bags next to his desk, Mark slowly took out his black spiral, his geometry book and a pencil, carefully setting them on his desk. Despite Josh not having gawked at him in disgust, Mark was still nervous. He still had no idea what Josh really thought. In fact, he would have had no way of knowing even if he tried.

Looking forward, Mark tried to zero his eyes in on the teacher who had begun rasping today's lecture, trying to calm himself again. Josh had other intentions. Leaning forward in his desk, he peered his head around to face Mark. He was trying to get his friends attention, but Mark continued to stare forward, terrified of what he had to say. The long silence has weakened Mark's resolution to get this over with. Mark was so curious to know, but at the same time, he felt like he could go for the rest of his life with out knowing.

Josh tried for a few minutes to get Mark's attention with no avail. Fortunately, he hadn't accidentally gotten the teacher's attention either. Turning to his white notebook, Josh gently ripped out a piece of serrated paper and wrote something on it. Mark was curious as to what he was writing and glanced through some cracks in his brown bangs. Swooping his head to one side, he moved some of the waves out of the way, trying to get a better look.

The moment that Josh was done writing, Mark quickly snapped front, trying to play it off like he hadn't been watching. Folding the piece of paper up, he slipped it onto Mark's desk. Mark saw it and stared at it with a wide eyed curiosity like a child gets when they see their first snow. However, rather than ripping it open and reading it right there, he slipped it under his notebook. Again, Mark didn't feel ready for what Josh had to say. Josh noticeably sighed, but just turned back in his seat and listened to the aged teacher continue his babbling about Geometry.

The next thirty minutes drugged on like a long winded funeral. Every student had started nodding off on cue, all of them, except for the two in the back. They weren't interested in the lecture, rather, they were more interested at what was going to happen after class. Mark still didn't know quite what to do or how he was going to explain himself. His uneasiness was obvious since he was sitting unnaturally straight up in his desk. Josh remained leaned back, but every once in a while would steal a glance at Mark.

Mark found it hard to focus on the lecture, seeing as how the teacher was merely reviewing something he had already said in a previous class. It was something his professor often did, almost as if he had forgotten exactly what he had done the time before. Instead, Mark was doodling nondescript symbols on his paper. There were a few curvy lines here, a dark blot there, nothing much since that was not were Mark's eyes were. Instead they were roaming in his mind, reliving some of the events before he met up with Josh. He thought about when he woke up, when he tried to escape his room, and finally the bathroom. What had happened since then? Why wasn't he as excited now about all of this as he had been? Mark wanted answers and couldn't' provide himself any.

All of the images flooded together, but from them emerged the thought of his friend. Josh protruded his thoughts, but in a pleasant way, like he always did. When Mark was alone, as he often was, he would just let his mind wander. More times than not, Mark would think of Josh, and just like everyone else, he could not escape Josh's exceeding beauty. A squared face with smooth, tanned skin, accented by his defined features was something Mark could stare at for hours on end. Then again, Mark couldn't deny his ripped body. He had only seen him shirtless a handful of time, but each time, Josh's body got more and more defined. He may have been lean, but every muscle was beautifully accented and rippled off of his body. This was made obvious from how Josh's forearm rippled as he took occasional notes.

It was in that moment, staring at Josh's rippling arm, Mark had a flight of fancy. He imagined Josh growing just like he had on the bus. The sight of his body nearly bursting out of his shirt and filling his pants was a truly tantalizing thought, and since there was no risk of his gift effecting Josh like it did him, Mark didn't worry about—

Mark was brought out of his little daydream by the sound of a grunt coming from next to him. His eyes moved wildly for a moment before finding the sources of the sound, which was Josh. Josh's arm had moved off the desk and was now rubbing his stomach. Mark wondered why his friend's face had contorted, and why he had crunched in on the desk. Suddenly, like a ton of bricks had smashed into Mark's face going a hundred miles an hour, his eyes and his mouth fell wide open, realizing what was happening. “No,” Mark muttered in disbelief, “I—“

It didn't matter what Mark believed, it only matter what he saw, and for the first time, he was watching what he had felt so many times before. Josh's hands had clutched closed rather tightly, and a few veins had erupted from his skin, snaking along up his tightening forearm. Mark could see Josh's tanned muscles beginning to grow, thickening with strength. Just like his forearm, Mark gazed at Josh's once thin bicep and watched as it inflated. Josh's whole arm was filling up the sleeve, and fast. As it filled the sleeve, a single vein popped up on top of his arm, helping to force his shirt to ride up his bronze skin. Above his swelling biceps, Josh's shoulders began pushing against the polo too. It welled up into a large ball, pushing his shirt further out, making it tighten.

Just like his arm, so was Josh's chest. Mark peered around Josh's thick, heavy arms and could see Josh's already ripped pecs starting to push against his polo. Once a loosely hung polo, it stated to strap again Josh's inflating chest, trying to hold on for its very life. The two slabs were quickly inflating, filling the space with size and bulging muscle. His polo had gotten quite a bit tighter and his pecs were still filling up, pushing his hardened nipples roughly against his shirt. Despite their already large size, his chest continued to spread out and inflate, forming a deep crevasse between them.

Josh's torso was not alone, Mark could also see that his friends legs were starting to grow as well. The desks were not large by any means, and Josh's thighs were getting thicker. Each grew with more muscle and started fitting more tightly under his desk. His khakis were straining against his bulging muscles, trying to hold them back. Like Mark's legs earlier, they fought against the fabric, but Josh's pants held on. Mark could even see Josh's butt inflating. His whole body slowly raised off the chair as a thickening ass suspended his growing frame.

The sight was incredible, and unbelievable at the same time. Mark could only stare in awe as his already gorgeous friend grew to nearly shirt ripping size. Josh's clothes strained around every crease of newly formed muscle. His face moaned silently with a mixture of pleasure and fear at his transformation.

In a few more moments, Josh's growth slowed to a halt. Rather than a tanned beauty sitting next to him, now there was this teenage muscle god. If his beauty hadn't been enough before, it was now accented by huge, rippling muscle. Regaining a little composure, Josh's eyes went wide. Looking over to Mark, he stared at him in shock. Neither of them knew what to say. Mark was worried that Josh was getting mad with him. It hadn't been enough that he had done this to himself on the bus, but now he had done this to Josh. I didn't mean to!, he shouted worriedly in his head, letting his face widen further. It seemed that both of them had forgotten what happened before. Only too soon was Josh swiftly reminded.

Before Mark could recover, Josh tried to stand up. He was stuck. Josh struggled to free his leg from beneath his desk. Finally forcing it out, he stood up. It took Josh a moment to get his balance, but once he did, he rushed to the front of the classroom. The teacher was sitting at his desk now, and Josh found himself hulking over the skinny professor. Mark slowly rotated his head over to the teacher and had to double take as he gazed upon Josh's huge form standing there, rippling in all of its new found glory. Josh seemed a little panicked, and Mark couldn't figure out quite why. The teacher lent in and whispered something to Josh that made his already shocked face go even wider. In a wobbling bolt, Josh's quickly left the classroom.

What have I done? Mark thought to himself, I was so close. We would have been ok before. But now?! He's going to blame me for this and I… I don't even know. Mark's eyes welled up again. He had almost completely gotten rid of his thoughts of a ruined friendship, but now, Mark didn't know what was going to happen. It was like he was sitting on the bench all over again.

Although he scared and confused, he decided to take out the note Josh had given him earlier. Mark's head felt like a great cloud and there was no end to the fog within. Opening the paper, he turned it around. Reading the words, Mark felt like he could not be anymore shocked or relieved. There the words were, plain as day. As comforting as it was, Mark's mind was reeling with new found questions. The note said, It's ok. Trust me. I know you are confused and even scared. But, I am your friend, and I will be here for you all the way. Besides, what you have is a gift. It's different, but it shouldn't be feared. I should know… I gave it to you.


Part 9: Ear at the Door

Mark re-read the note at least ten more times. Each time, he could only ask himself one thing: How? Only an hour ago, Mark was convinced that Josh would never understand, but now—Now, things were different. If Josh was the one who had given him this gift, maybe he could answer some of these questions he had. Perhaps, their friendship had never been hurt after all.

This made Mark smile. For the first time all day, it seemed as if a great pressure had been relieved from his heart. Josh understood and even better, he had answers. However, Mark's relief was tempered by a new concern. Josh did bolt out of class pretty fast. Where did he go?

It took a moment, but Mark finally realized what had happened. “The bathroom,” he whispered to himself, “He ran for the bathroom.”

All too quickly had Mark forgotten about that other pesky reaction after a major growth. Looking around the classroom, he noticed that most of them had fallen asleep, while a few studious students were actually working out of the book. Mark knew that he had to find Josh and make sure he was ok. If Josh's experience was anything like Mark's had been, he was going to be in for one hell of a ride.

Mark slowly stood up from his desk and walked through the few rows between him and the front. Like his students, his teacher had also begun to nod off. Mark knew he had to wake him but quite wasn't sure how he should do it. Barely rocking him on the shoulder with his hand, Mark whispered, “Professor?”

No reply. Mark waited a moment the whispered it again. “Professor?”

He wasn't budging. Mark went to shake his shoulder one last time. “Bah,” Mark's teacher called, waking from his little nap. This startled Mark, making him straighten back up, but he didn't scream like the professor just had. Trying to hid some of his embarrassment, Mark's teacher focused on his student, waiting for Mark to speak.

“Professor, where you asleep?” he asked.

“Hum, no,” he rasped, rubbing his head, “Just closed my eyes for a moment.”

Mark wasn't fooled, but he let the old man keep his pride by nodding in agreement. “So,” he asked, “What do you need?”

“I need to go to the bathroom, sir,” Mark replied.

“Oh, has that other student returned yet?” he asked, squinting his eyes, trying to peer around Mark.

Mark instinctively stepped in the way, blocking the professor from seeing where they had been sitting. It took a moment, but Mark sullenly whispered, “Yeah. He came back.”

The professor looked back up at Mark, squinted again and grinned. “Then you can go. Don't be long.”

“Ok,” he replied.

Walking past the teacher's desk, he briskly rounded out of the room. Continuing down the hall, away from the stairs he used to get up here, Mark quickly walked for the bathroom. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the relative darkness of the hall, but at least there was no one else here. Readjusting his thin frame glasses, everything came back into focus. In fact, he noticed that all the doors between his classroom and the bathrooms were shut. He was half way there when he heard a sound. Mark stopped for a moment, not sure of what he had just heard. Leaning his head out, he strained to hear it again. There was nothing. He started walking once more and a few moments later, he heard it again. Rather than stopping, he kept going. As he got closer to the end of the hall, the sound became louder. It seemed that it was coming from the bathroom. Mark knew instantly that it must be Josh.

Mark was just outside of the bathroom door and could hear a loud moan from within. He couldn't help but just stand at the door and listen. Pressing his ear against the door, he kept listening. Josh's moans grew faster and a little louder. Mark knew what was happening. He also knew that Josh wouldn't be able to stop until he was finished.

Mark's head was now roughly pressed against the door, as if he were trying to pushing himself through the wood. It was only another few moments before Josh had reached his climax and the sounds had stopped. Rather than moving, Mark continued to press his ear against the door, now faced with a little problem of his own. His boxers were getting tight around his cock, as it stiffened. The sound of Josh getting off had been more than Mark could handle. Mark could see Josh in his head, sitting in a stall, barely fitting on the seat as his monstrous dick erupted with cream. This made his pants even stiffer and the was now an obvious bulge protruding from his khakis.

For Mark, only an instant had past, when in fact it had been at least a minute. That's all Josh needed though. The door quickly swung upon, making Mark fall forward, knocking his glasses onto the floor. He was leaning so hard on the door that his ear decided to just follow it. Rather than hitting the hard wooden door, it hit something else that was just as hard. Mark's head had just smacked straight into Josh's pecs, which were still being strained tightly by his shirt.

There was a moment of indecision for poor Mark. As he quickly ripped his head off of Josh's huge, meaty chest, part of him just wanted to keep his head exactly where it had fallen. Scrambling to the floor, he found were his glasses had fallen. After sliding them back on his head, rather than standing, he merely looked up. Mark's eyes followed Josh's thick legs up to a large, obvious bulge in his pants. It looked as if a large snake was jammed up against his legs, forced to hug tightly against it due to the straining fabric. Trying not to linger on his enormous manhood too long, Mark's eyes continued upward, past his wide torso, which barely fit square in the doorway. Finally, Mark had made it up to Josh's eyes, and locked in. Mark could feel his legs trying to crumble from beneath his crouched position. They shook, readying to collapse. Rather than letting them give way, Mark rose with a stumble, nearly falling back into Josh's thick body.

Embarrassed from his reaction, Mark hung his head down and tried to hide his face behind his long wavy bangs. Josh, however, wasn't going to give Mark anytime to calm down. He had more pressing matters to discuss.

“Get in here,” Josh commanded, pulling Mark by the collar off his shirt.

Josh's stern reaction scared Mark a little. Butterflies with wings of fire were filling his belly again, worried not only that Josh would notice his hard on, but also at what Josh was doing. Josh, pulled Mark to a wide open space between the sinks and stalls. “Wh—what's going on?” Mark stuttered out.

Being the only ones in the bathroom, it made his voice echo for an uncomfortably long time. Hearing his question repeated from every wall it hit, only made Mark want to hide even more. Josh let go of Mark's shirt and stared down at him. “That's complicated,” Josh said with a tone of worry in his voice.

It was rare for Josh to ever be worried about anything. Mark was the one that always worried. So, in turn, Mark worried even more about what was going on. “But—but your note said—” Mark force out of his lips.

“Yeah, well, this wasn't part of the plan,” Josh shot back, fanning his thick arms out wide. “And you know what's even stranger,” Josh rhetorically asked.

Mark continued to lower his head like an ostrich in the sand, waiting for the answer.

“No one noticed,” Josh finished.

Mark thought back and realized that Josh was right. Josh walked past a class of ten students, and not so much as a head turned. However, why would they? Most of them were probably sleeping anyway. “Maybe no one looked up just cuz. I'm pretty used to that,” Mark sheepishly offered.

“That's not what I mean,” he said, now pacing back and forth, “Well, I don't know what I mean.”

Mark was confused. Looking back at his friend, Josh noticed Mark's perplexed expression. “I mean, when I practically demanded to go to the bathroom, the professor didn't say anything… about this.”

Josh's muscles were rippling through his clothes as he showed off what “this” meant. “This” is something Mark could understand, but he stayed quiet and just stared as blankly as he could. Leaning up against a stall, Mark nervously replied, “Maybe he didn't get a good look at you. All of them are almost blind anyway.”

Josh halted his pacing and gave a small nod. “True,” he said, “But you would think he would have said something. I mean, look at me. I can barely fit in all these clothes.”

Still showcasing his rippling appearance to Mark, he found it getting increasingly harder to play off his intense interest in Josh. Lowering his head further, he just gave a shaky nod. Josh resumed his pacing. An echoed silence filled the bathroom. Neither of them seemed to know quite what to do and all of Mark's “big questions” had ran off for now, waiting to get the current problem solved: what to do about Josh. “S-s-so, what do you want to do?” Mark asked.

Rather than replying immediately, Josh turned around. Putting his hands on the sinks, he stared into his reflection. Mark still kept his head down. However, when Josh didn't say anything, he lifted up his head some trying to get a look at Josh's face. Peering around one of his cannons, Mark saw that Josh seemed sad. More than sad, Josh seemed disappointed for some reason. Continuing to stare at Josh, Mark could feel the gears in his own mind turning. He had been so wrapped up with his own worries and his own concerns that he hadn't really thought about what Josh was really thinking.

“You were never really mad about his morning were you?” Mark whispered, walking closer to Josh.

He didn't turn around, but Josh did move his eyes to focus on Mark. They softened some, bringing forth his response. “Mad? You thought I was mad?”

Mark bobbed his head in agreement. With an edge of concern in his voice, Josh continued, “Why did you think that?”

Stepping closer to him, he was now standing side by side with his huge friend. Josh filled over half the mirror, leaving Mark with a little sliver to the side. “After what I did on the bus, and when I ran out, I just—I could understand why you would have been mad.”

Josh let out a loud sigh, followed by a small smile. Hanging his head down a little lower, he shook his curls some before looking back up at Mark. This left Mark waiting with baited breath for what Josh was about to say.

“I was never mad,” Josh assured him, “I was worried that something else I couldn't see had happened, and that was what was tearing you up so bad.”

Elation is one word that could describe how this made Mark feel, but it would fall short. In once sentence, Josh had washed away every worry and concern Mark had had all day. It didn't make the weight of the situation change, but for now, there was relief. Mark was so relieved that he leaned his head onto Josh's shoulder. Though the muscle straining the fabric was hard as stone, to Mark, it was more comfortable than a pillow.

In that moment, although each didn't know it, both felt safety in each other. Peace had received an unknowing glance. This moment was quickly curved, however, by the sound of tones ringing from the hallway. Both Mark and Josh quickly straightened up, startled by the soft sounds. It wasn't the sound that startled them, however, it was what it meant: class was out.

Wiping his hair off to one side, Mark looked back up at Josh, desperately wanting him to say something. If only he said it first, maybe the floodgate holding back every intimate thought Mark had about Josh would be opened.

“I've got to change back,” Josh echoed with worry.

That wasn't what Mark was hoping to hear. With those few words, Mark's heart sunk back into its usual resting place, deep within his chest, buried under all the cement he had poured over it these past many years. Perhaps Josh didn't feel that way, which is why Mark had to bury it so deep. However, Mark did sense the urgency in Josh's voice, listening to him further. “I can't stay like this. If someone really notices this time, what will I say. What will they say?”

Mark continued to listen intently to Josh, even though there was growing roar of footstep coming from outside. “I can't explain this, at least,” Josh paused, “I can't explain this to them.”

Mark knew that was meant for him. Josh was right, there were still a lot of unanswered questions to which Mark wanted answers to. However, the longer they stood there doing nothing, the higher the risk was of being discovered. With a somber tone in his voice, Mark said, “Ok. I'll change you back.”

“Thank you,” Josh whispered in relief, “And don't worry, when we get home, I will explain everything.”

Mark backed away from Josh. He really didn't want to change his friend back, but if that was Josh's wish, then that was what Josh was going to get. Alright Mark. We need to change Josh back before we are noticed. Change his body back to the way it was.

There was silence. Only the loudening stamper of footsteps could be heard. Nothing was happening. “Mark,” Josh asked, “Are you going to do it?”

Mark's eyes went wide. What's happening? Why isn't this working? He thought the words again to himself, and again, nothing happened.

Josh was getting worried. “Mark?” he said nervously, “Now would be a good time.”

“I'm trying Josh,” he panted, straining the thoughts through his head again, “But it isn't working.”

“What do you mean, it's not working?”

“I—” Mark began, getting panicked, “Change Josh back to the way he was before, now!”

Breathing heavily, both waited for something to happen but nothing happened. Nothing at all. The tension in the room was rising. Time was running out. What were they going to do if Mark couldn't fix this? Even worse, what if they were discovered?

“Mark!” Josh exclaimed, with a look of fear in his face, “You have to do something.”

Josh's thick frame was rippling as each muscle strained. His polo pulled across his chest even tighter than before as his pecs rose and fell with furious breaths. The awesome size at Josh's command wasn't making this any easier on Mark. It not only served to distract him, and even scared him a little.

Getting even more impatient, Josh strode over to Mark. His pants barely held on as the huge teen walked across the lime tiled floor. His quads scrapped each other with each step he took. Even his calves were pushing through his khakis, harshly rubbing against the fabic.

Just as Josh came within in few inches of Mark, his chest nearly hitting his friends chin, they heard the most frightening sound they could have ever imagined. The bathroom door was swinging open. Josh and Mark snapped their heads over to the door, watching in horror as it opened. It was too late to hide or to try again. Whoever was on the other side of that door was about to see everything, and there was nothing they could do about it.


Part 10: An Adoring Fan

The door continued to swing open. All Mark and Josh could do were look upon it in horror, not knowing what was about to happen. Would they scream? Would they get angry? There was no way to know.

While waiting for the door to finish its short swing, Josh had hunched over Mark. His head craned as far left as it could go to face the door. Mark had done the very same thing. Like his friend, Mark's body was still facing Josh, but his head had completely spun to the right, nearly snapping off at the sound of the door wisping open.

Finally, face to face for the first time, they could see who it was that had sent a chill down both their backs. Both of them were not prepared for the new guy's ironic appearance. It was a little guy, no taller than Mark was. His wine red polo hung off his shoulder, draping his body in the thick fabric. Judging by the smooth features on his face and his short stature, he must have been a freshman.

Time stood still. Mark and Josh unknowingly held their breath as the little guy walked in. They couldn't move. All they could do was watch. As the new arrival stepped closer, Mark could see a sweeping change occurring in the freshman's face. A blank expression soon turned to one more excited and wide. Mark desperately wanted to know what he was thinking, worried and even a little excited as to what was about to happen.

A bewildered voice emerged. “Joshua Colt?”

He knows him by name? Mark knew that his friend was popular, but he had no idea that he was on a full name bases with everyone. Then again, being the kind of sport's star that he was, Mark couldn't remain all that shocked that someone might know his name.

Still hunched down and with an even more stunned look on his face he yelped, “Yes?”

The next few moments would turn out to be the most exhilarating and confusing of the entire day. For Mark, he thought there was no reaction that would shock him more. He had prepared for the worst. They could all see the same thing. They were in the presence of a teenage hunk, many times larger than any other at that school. Even if there were, Josh hadn't looked like this until only a few minutes ago.

The boy merely stood there. It was obvious that he was in awe for he too had stopped moving and that wide, bright look on his face still hadn't gone away. If Mark didn't know any better, he would think that the guy was admiring Josh. This was not the admiration one gets from being an runway model or a well endowed stripper. This is the kind of admiration one gets for being a star or celebrity. The longer they all stared at each other, though it was only for a few moments, the less tense Mark got. Although he could not see Josh, he was sure that he was still braced for anything.

“Ah man,” they thin freshman began excitedly, “you've got to be like one of the best center forwards I have ever seen!”

Excitement seeped from every corpuscle, irradiating the already well lit bathroom. The freshman also began swaying back and forth, probably due to his excitement. Mark and Josh had almost relaxed some when they were startled by another, even louder comment. “And I have to say, you look a lot bigger in person.”

Not sure how to take that last statement, Mark just hoped it was a good thing. Though Mark was strangely relieved, he had once again been overlooked. That guy probably didn't even see him standing their, although he was still right next to Josh. However, Mark need not wonder about Josh's reaction. He heard the quick breath of relief escaping his lips. Shortly after, he also heard Josh's confusion as it was relayed to his obvious fan. “Umm, thanks.”

There was a moment of hesitation. The freshman took a step forward, then stepped back again. Looking down at his feet, as to reconsidered his options, the freshman decided instead to turn around and leave the bathroom. Pulling the door open, he looked back at Josh, who was still frozen in place, and flashed the biggest smile. He even giggled to himself some. Then, as soon as he had come, he was gone, probably haven forgotten why he was in the bathroom in the first place.

The door shut quietly. Not even the slightest echo lingered in the barren room, leaving these two bewildered guys just standing there. Both of them didn't move at first. They continued to stare at the closed door in awe and shock, half way waiting for it to swing open again. Despite the innocent appearance of what had just happened, that was what added to their confusion.

“Um,” Mark bleeped out, “What?”

Mark looked up and saw Josh slowly nodding his head in agreement. Walking a few steps closer to the door, Mark pointed at it like the guy was still standing there. His eyes squinted, and Mark's mouth began to move as if he had something to say. From behind, though Mark did not look back, Josh started forming his confusion into words. “See?”

Staring more intently at the door, Mark also nodded a little bit. “Yeah,” he began, “You have a little fan that worships you.”

Jerking his head up some, Mark continued. “For that matter,” he said, slowly turning back to face Josh, “you must have lots of little fans worshiping you out there.”

Josh started to agree with him, but then the words that Mark had actually said sank in and he quickly stopped himself. Eyes widening some, he stepped closer to Mark saying, “I guess.”

Though the little guy's reaction was a little unusual, nothing really shocked Mark anymore when it came to Josh. He knew that he must have a fan club out there somewhere. They must have met on of its outstanding members. Staring at Josh, trying not to linger on his thick shelf-like pecs, Mark kept his confused expression. Looking up at Josh's face, Mark saw him shaking his head. Josh continued with a sort of 'see, what did I tell you' voice. “I mean, he didn't notice. He was only a few feet away and I looked normal to him—well, more or less.”

“No you didn't,” Mark added with a meek objection, “He said—”

Cutting him off, Josh finished, “He said that I looked 'bigger in person'.”

Mark sharply nodded in agreement for that was what he was about to say. “The thing was that even from far away, a person this big doesn't look as skinny as I did,” Josh finished.

“I guess,” Mark said somberly, lowing his head some.

Josh noticed Mark's mood change, anyone could have seen it. Taking one of his still semi-smooth hands to Mark's chin, he gently lifted his head back up. Mark's eyes were wide with something Josh couldn't quite figure out. “What's wrong?”

Following his thick arm up to his beautifully defined face, Mark partially revealed his new concern to Josh. “I hope your right that they can't notice, because, I don't know how I am going to change you back. I don't even know if I can anymore.”

Josh let out a warm smile and looked into Mark's eyes. “Don't worry,” he grinned, “I'm sure everything will be fine.”

Mark gazed into his friends eyes and said, clasping Josh's risen hand with his own, “I hope so.”

The thing was, something about coming face to face with that other guy's overwhelming admiration for Josh stuck a nerve. Mark had always had a lingering fear that popularity would sweep Josh away from him. Though Josh would always dispelled this fear, Mark knew was that it wasn't going away. However, just like always, Mark pushed his fear down and tried to hide it from Josh.

As his fear faded once again into the darkness of his mind, Mark felt a strange calmness sweep over him instead. Josh was still gently clasping his smooth chin with his hand. The closeness was enveloping him like a warm cloud. His eyes softened, taking Josh's face out of focus. He put more weight onto his hand, and he even clasped Josh's hand a little tighter than he had before.

Then reality hit him. Mark was exposing himself for what he truly felt. The calmness he had been feeling was washed away and replaced with a prickling panic. Like a scared octopus, he wanted to get away. Rather than ink, his whole body tensed up, and rather than a quick swim, he stumbled back a few steps. Trying to recover from the sudden jolt, he stuttered, “W-w-we had better get moving, you still have a lot to tell me, and I need to figure out wh-what went wrong with changing you back.”

Mark could see the confusion in Josh's face and just figured it was from his own reaction to this close call. Josh walked past Mark to the door, but before opening it said sort of sullenly, “I'm sure you will figure something out.”

Right as he was about to open the door, he froze. Like a bolt of lightning, Josh had remembered something that he had been overlooking after all of this started. “I have soccer practice in half an hour,” Josh said forcefully.

Mark had totally forgotten. Since finals were starting in two weeks, Josh's team had been practicing everyday to get ready. “Wha-what are we going to do?”

Letting go of the door, Josh turned back to Mark with his answer. “I can't miss practice. The next few games are way too important,” he answered, sounding a little frustrated and concerned.

Mark understood, nodding his head. “And besides,” Josh continued, easing up a bit, “One way or another, I don't think coach would understand my reasons if I decided to skip practice today.”

“Then what do I need to do,” Mark asked innocently, looking like a dog left on the side of the road, “I don't want to go home, but I do want to understand what's happening.”

Josh let out a half smile and agreed. “I know,” he assured him, “I guess you will just have to tag along to practice until its over. Then we'll head back to my house and I will try to explain what's going on.”

Mark felt his heart skip a beat, excited at the idea of watching Josh during practice. Though practices were often, limiting the time Mark could see his friend, he would usually go to the library and study until Josh got out of practice. He wouldn't go home because his parents were never there, but it was rare that he actually went to watch. For in the past, he was afraid that coming to watch his best friend sweat in tight clothes might be “giving it away.” So, he was always too embarrassed to ask or too nervous to accept even when Josh offered for him to come to the field and watch. This time, however, due to the circumstances, Mark felt that was sufficient cover for coming to watch Josh. “Ok,” he said, trying to sound as plain as possible.

Josh chuckled at Mark's short response and added, “And maybe in the meantime you can work on how to change me back. Keep trying or something. Because I don't know how I will get into my work out clothes looking like this.”

This gave Mark a chance to glance back over Josh's still rippling and awe inspiring appearance. All of his clothes were still hanging on for dear life, straining around every bulge Josh's thick body had to offer. Mark also couldn't resist the chance to look down a little further and see how Josh's other gifts were doing. It seemed that his penis had calmed down a bit more, but there was still an obvious bulge where Josh's dick was resting.

After giving his friend the quick once over, and having calmed down some, he joked to Josh, “What? Don't you like a tight fit?”

Josh's eyes went wide. It took a moment, but then Mark realized what he had said and everything that it implied, and he immediately began to furiously apologize. “Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean—I mean, I di-didn't mean to say it like that. I didn't—”

Josh put up a hand, and calmly shushed his nervous friend. Josh immediately understood and laughed. “It's cool.” he said, “I'm just glad to see you have been working on your sense of humor.”

Mark took a deep breath of relief and still was kicking himself for how he said what he said. “We may have to work on your wording a bit,” Josh joked, “but we can work on that later.”

“Thanks,” Mark said with a breathy elation.

“However, speaking of clothes, I am not even sure if the ones I am wearing will make it to the locker room. I can feel them trying to burst open every time I move.”

Mark gradually slid his hands over front of him and clasped them together. Too many more comments like that, and Mark wouldn't be able to walk out of here due to shear embarrassment.

“And the last thing I need are these things ripping off while I am in the middle of the hallway,” Josh finished, sounding half concerned and half amused at the absurdity of his genuine concern.

Holding his hands even tighter, Mark replied slyly, “I'm sure your little fan wouldn't mind that.”

“Eww!” Josh laughed, “I don't think so.”

Mark's expression fell, turning blank as he thought about what Josh had just said. He didn't have much of a chance to figure it out though. Having his thoughts cut off, he heard Josh finish, “Well, we had better hurry, before someone else barges in here.”

“And wants your autograph?” Mark weakly contributed.

Chuckling some more, Josh looked back and said, “Riiight.”


Part 11: Getting to Practice

The hall was full of people. Everyone was walking at a sluggish pace, just like cars at rush hour. Both of them were trapped just outside the bathroom door, unable to find a way into the hall. It took Josh a moment to find their window of opportunity. Making room for the two of them to walk, Josh got him and his friend into the streaming line of students.

So far, so good. No one was giving awkward stares that Mark could see. Everyone was just carrying on as normal. Mark couldn't figure out why though. Don't they notice this huge guy in the middle of the hoard? And if they do, why aren't they saying anything?

The other people's reactions, or lack there of, was only part of what was on Mark's mind. Mark was also preoccupied with what Josh had said in the bathroom. When he had suggested that little freshman finding him sexually attractive, all Josh said was “Eww.”

What did that mean? Was Josh repulsed by the thought of a guy finding him attractive, or that guy finding him attractive? Mark didn't want to even think about the former. The implications were almost too much for him to bear. However, the lingering doubt he always had about Josh was inflamed a bit since he didn't know for sure. Mark was too embarrassed to ask Josh straight on, so he always hoped that Josh would clue him in based on what he would say or how he acted. In all the time he had known him, that scheme had never worked. Sometimes, he would give signals going one way, and other times, he would show something completely different. Despite the frustration it caused, that method was all he had.

While Mark was thinking and worrying, as he often did, Josh had gotten the two of them back to their classroom. Both of them had left all of their stuff in there after having quickly rushed out. Stepping into the classroom, Josh noticed that Mark was still in the hall. “Hey, Mark. You coming?”

Mark looked up from out of his thoughts and saw Josh standing in the harsh lighting of the classroom. Those florescent bulbs were sure getting their money's worth, highlighting every accent on Josh's skin and clothes. “Oh, sorry,” Mark recovered, stepping in.

Both of them walked over to their desks and got their things together After Mark had put everything away and strapped on both of his bags, he looked back and saw Josh struggling with his backpack.

Josh looked up with the cutest expression on his face. “It's these straps! They are too small for me to get around my shoulder.”

“Oh,” Mark said meekly.

“But I don't want to just rip the strap down. I'm afraid I might break it, and I really don't have to time to go backpack shopping.”

“No, you have to get to practice,” Mark added, not able to think of anything better to say.

“Exactly,” Josh finished, covering for his friend and the possible awkward silence that could have followed.

As Josh struggled with the strap some more, Mark was entranced by his hopping bicep. Every time he went to pull the cord, it would bundle up into a ball. The muscle was obviously straining his sleeve because every time it relaxed, the sleeve would look a little more worn. A few more goes like that and Josh wouldn't have a sleeve any more. Like his hands in the bathroom, Mark had to slide the large gym bag along front of him as to not arouse Josh to what he was thinking.

Finally, Josh was able to loosen the straps without breaking them, and he put the backpack on. The way the straps rested tightly on his shoulders, it made his pecs really pop. The polo was straining enough, but now was being forced to work even harder. It was almost obscene how large his pecs were and how they could just burst through the two little buttons holding them in at any moment.

“Ready?” Josh asked, readjusting the straps some.

“Yeah,” Mark's voice cracked.

Turning to the door, Josh lead them back out into the hallway. They hadn't taken two steps out when they heard a call from around the corner. “Hey, Josh!”

They both turned to see who was calling to him. Mark recognized him instantly, it was Cole, one of Josh's friends on the soccer team. He was just as tall as Josh was. Not as cute, in Mark's opinion, but still one of the popular folk for a reason. “Hey man,” Josh called back, raising an arm to him.


As Cole fought through the masses to get to Josh, Mark turned around in time to see what had caused that sound. The seam at Josh's armpit had ripped open. Before Josh could get his hand down, Mark could a fairly large gapping hole in Josh's polo. It surprised Mark to see that his under arm was completely smooth. However, it didn't surprise him that his skin was just as bronze there as it was everywhere else. Josh was gifted that way.

“Shit,” Josh whispered, keeping his head up.

Mark turned back around and found himself more amused than worried now. Rather than worrying about what Cole had to say, Mark was curious to find out just how much more stress those poor clothes of his could take.

Cole had finally made it to the two of them and greeted Josh again, “Hey man, getting out of class late?”

Mark looked to Josh to see what he was going to say. “Yeah, just about to head off to practice actually.”

The sweeping masses, carried the trio back into the main stream of the hallway. They were headed for the staircase Mark had used earlier. Just after getting a move on, Cole finally responded saying, “Same here, but I'm a little worried, man.”

“About what? Practices have been going well, same as always.” Josh asked.

“That's not what I was talking about,” Cole replied slyly, “I'm talking about you.”

“Me?” he asked with some concern.

Giving a devilish smile, probably meaning he was joking around, he said, “The last thing we need is every girl that comes to see our game this weekended staring at you. You need to leave some for the rest of us.”

“Oh,” Josh forcefully chuckled, “Right.”

“Yeah, we can't all be as big as you man.”

Mark and Josh exchanged a glance of worry, not sure of what Cole meant. Josh decided to ask. “What do you mean by that?”

Stopping just before the door to the stairwell, Cole looked right at him and said, “Well, you keep wearing clothes like that, and they may not even give us a second thought.”

Gently punching him on the shoulder, Cole opened one of the double doors. Josh probably didn't even feel that. Although it seemed that Cole was playing around with him, it would take a lot more of a punch to probably even phase Josh at this size. “Seriously man, did you like shrink your uniform in the wash?”

“Yeah, it was all I had,” Josh replied, sounding a little relieved, “last minute you know?”

“I know how it is man, I can hardly keep these guns under wrap myself,” he said, lifting an arm and giving it a flex.

Even from behind, it was obvious that Cole had nothing on Josh. It wasn't bad though, pretty toned, but it was a lot smaller. Josh didn't even have to flex to show he had an arm twice the size.

Walking down the carpeted staircase, Mark was doing what he could to keep up. Being a little smaller than the hall, it was harder to fight the crowd to keep his spot behind the two soccer players. Even though he was lagging behind some, he was doing his best to keep up. As Mark continued to listen to their conversation, he just kept studying Cole's responses. Mark couldn't figure out how he didn't notice Josh's growth spurt, but figured if this is how one of his friends was going to act, then everyone else would act the same.

Maybe that was something else Josh was going to have to explain. Perhaps Mark's gift had a way for covering itself whenever it made someone change size. But if that's the case, then why didn't Josh know about it? He did say that 'this wasn't what he intended'. What did he mean by that?

Making it to the ground floor, the group passed through another set of double doors. The hall ahead broke off in a few direction, but the main entrance out of Ebony Hall, the upper school building, was directly ahead. This hall was like all the others in the building. Every couple of steps, they would pass another set of classroom doors. However, after passing those, there was a lobby area containing the main way in and out of the building. A few plush chairs and couches decorated the room, providing a nice social area for anyone who wanted it.

Mark looked ahead and noticed that he had fallen behind. Josh and Cole were already heading out one of the glass doors to the outside. Mark was still only half way through the lobby. Finally making through two sets of doors, Mark made it outside. He was greeted by clouds, and even more bustling students. Just ahead, he could hear Cole saying, “Well, I've got some stuff to take care of, but I'll see you in a bit man.”

“Ok,” Josh said, bidding him farewell.

Heading off toward the Administration Building, Cole called back, “And remember, no showing off!”

Mark got up next to Josh, watching Cole head off. “No problem,” Josh whispered.

Josh looked down to Mark and apologized, “Sorry about that. He just wouldn't stop yapping my ear off.”

Mark understood. If Cole knew it or not, he was probably in shock about what he had just seen. “It's ok. But what are you going to do about that?” Mark asked, pointing to Josh's arm.

Josh looked a little embarrassed, but replied, “I'll have to get over it I guess. I don't have any spares here, and hopefully you will have me shrank back down before I have to worry about busting another one.”

If only you would, Mark thought to himself, unable to control the image that flooded his mind.

Mark was ready to head off, but noticed that Josh wasn't moving. Looking back, he saw a familiar look on his face. “What did you do?” he mustered out.

Mark didn't understand until he saw it. Josh was growing again. Oh no. I didn't mean it! It was too late though, Josh was already starting to stretch the polo even further than it had been. What's worse, is that there was nowhere to hide. Everyone was about to get a chance to see Josh's probably explode through his shirt.

Mark could see his arm balling up hard, is if it were trying to make the sleeves pop. His nipples got really hard also and were rubbing up against the polo, trying to poke straight though. Josh's pecs weren't helping though. Those two slabs of huge meat were also getting bigger. The crease between them was widening fast as they filled up with even more muscle.

Josh's bags were barely holding on as his neck and shoulders also grew in size. His shoulder's were filling up like two massive balloons, while his neck forced its way up even closer to his head. Then it happened. Josh's polo was giving way to his growing muscle. His shirt was ripping right off his body. The two buttons had spread so far apart that the shirt was ripping right down the center, exposing rippling cords of muscle hiding under Josh's thickening pecs. Josh's sleeves were doing no better. His arms had engulfed them with their size and ripped them clean off. The moment all of the seams had broken on not only his polo, but his undershirt, his growth stopped, leaving the remains of his wine red polo either on the ground, or hanging on from one of the tight straps of his two bags.

Mark stood there in shock, staring at Josh's even larger body. His whole torso had thickened up to the point of breaking his polo apart. Josh too was in shock, worried if he was about to have to make a mad dash to the bathroom. As soon as he opened his eyes, he looked around wildly. Finally, his eyes looked down upon the shreds of his polo and undershirt. With a great amount of effort, Josh was trying to get his bags off. While he was doing that, Mark looked at every face that walked past the two of them.

Most of them were wrapped up in their own business as usual, but those that did notice weren't pointing in shock or screaming, they were merely giggling or looking upon him in some kind of subdued awe. After seeing enough faces both laughing or not at Josh's appearance, Mark knew that they didn't notice. They could see that he was big. They could even see that his clothes had ripped off. But somehow, they didn't notice the growth. Everyone seemed to think that Josh just looked like that.

Looking back to Josh, he saw him bent over on the ground, ripping through his gym bag. His whole torso was bare, but it was absolutely beautiful. Muscles coursed and moved about under his smooth, bronze skin, responding to every command that Josh gave them. A deep valley had formed at the spine, clearly separating two very large wings of muscle, each with their own rippling bulges.

As Josh stood, up, Mark tried to play it cool and just look at Josh's face. However, he couldn't help glancing down. Pacing over a rippling and smooth torso, he made it to Josh's khaki's. He was shocked to find that his legs looked the same. Furthermore, his dick may have been little hard, but it wasn't exploding like he thought it would. Just something else to figure out I'm sure.

Josh was concerned, but not panicked. He was holding a large t-shirt in his hands and was trying to put it over his head. The shirt probably would have been a size too big on Josh before, but now, Mark wasn't sure if it was even going to fit. Josh was struggling to get it on. Mark wanted to help, but wasn't sure what to do. Instead, he could only stare at Josh's thick abs as they flexed. Each brick, clearly defined and solid, rubbed up against on another while Josh's hands were lifted over his head. Mark couldn't get over Josh having such a small waist in comparison to such a huge upper body. He also couldn't stop watching his abs dance for him as his arms struggled to move further into the shirt.

Josh was finally able to get the shirt on, but it was skin tight. It was a regular athletic shirt with the school's name printed across it. However, Mark only knew it was the name because he knew what his school was called. The crevasse between Josh's pecs had gotten so large and defined, that part of the word was hiding between them. It was like the shirt wasn't even on.

Mark had become mesmerized by Josh's pecs. He had just never seen any that big before, at least, not from out here. His eyes had gone wide and all he could do was stare.

“Hey,” Josh called out, “Up here!”

Josh's call broke Mark's trance, and forced his eyes up to his face. It wasn't angry, but it was red. It was like that either from all the effort of getting on the shirt or from the embarrassment of busting open his old one. Mark quickly stood straight back up. “So-sorry Josh, I didn't mean to stare,” Mark stuttered in apology.

“It's ok, I probably would have done the same thing. It's not every day things like this happen you know,” Josh remarked, glancing at a couple of students passing them by.

Mark looked over and saw a pair of them with eyes wide. They weren't in fear; they were in awe.

“At least we know your gift is still working,” Josh mildly joked.

Mark was speechless, but finally replied, “Yeah, I think that it pretty obvious.”

“However, I think it is safe to say this is not what we were aiming for,” Josh said, looking down at his even larger appearance, “What did you try anyways, cuz it didn't work right.”

Mark didn't reply, embarrassed to answer.

“Did it?” Josh asked.

Regathering his thoughts, Mark blurted out, “No, it didn't work like I thought it would.”

Josh nodded. Taking a heavy breath, Mark continued, “But don't worry, I'll keep trying.”

He laughed. “Well, for now, we may want to put a hold on that,” Josh chuckled out, “The last thing we need to do is make this any worse.”

Mark forced himself to laugh with Josh and agree. “Yeah—the last thing we want…”

Collecting his stuff, Josh said, “We've got to get to practice. It should only last a few hours. In the meantime, try to figure out what went wrong, and how to change it. We still have some time and if I can change back before rather than after, all the better.”

Mark merely nodded, and began to follow Josh toward the cafeteria. He had to walk carefully though. The sight of Josh growing, and him being so big and really excited Mark. He was surprised that Josh didn't notice. He was probably wrapped up in what had just happened. I know I was. Mark kept adjusting how he walked, trying to hide a throbbing pain in his pants. Rather than struggling with it too much, he just moved his bag in front of him as always. After a few minutes, Mark realized that Josh was actually headed for the entrance of the cafeteria, not just going around it to the field.

“Why are we going to the cafeteria?” Mark asked.

Josh stopped and looked back at his friend. Giving the biggest, most sarcastic smile in the world he said, “I'm a little hungry. Any ideas why?”

Mark understood immediately, but continuing with the sarcasm said in reply, “None at all.”

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