Blessed by the moon

by Saaruu

 Ritzy gets back from work, exhausted. He gazes at the moon, which somehow feels… different from usual. His roommate comes back home and they both enjoy a nice adult film when the werewolf in Ritzy decides to go wild. Really wild. And big.

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Ritzy just got back home after a long day in the office. He had been stuck in meetings for most of the afternoon with people he didn’t like at all. He had once again to put overtime and because of that he hadn’t seen the sun since long. He removed his uncomfortable shoes and put his slippers on. He threw his keys in the drawer, put down the mail on the living room’s table before heading to his room.

The man removed his vest and tie, hanging them both in the wardrobe. He undid his belt, letting his pants fall on the ground. His shirt was next as it was replaced by a comfy sweater before being thrown onto the bed. He didn’t even bother putting on anything over his boxers.

The black-haired man headed for the kitchen and opened the fridge in hope of finding something to eat. But it was still as empty as yesterday and the day before. It looked like they’d need to order something online once again.

Cursing, Ritzy went to sit at the living room table. He opened his mail: bills, ads, more bills, bank statement for last month, and bills again. He let it all fall on the table, sighing. Why had he hoped to find something interesting in the mail? It was always the same crap.

If only something could spice up his life. He went to the window and opened the curtains, revealing the moon encircled by clouds. Maybe it was just because it was a full moon, but for some reason it looked bigger and more beautiful tonight. He just lay here, looking intently outside and daydreaming while gazing at the majestic celestial corpse.

He broke out of his trance and went to the couch. He let himself fall heavily on it, basking in the moonlight coming from the window. He grabbed the remote and turned on the television. The image was frozen on the film that his roommate Ian had brought the day before. Ian was working at an adult toys store that also rented videos. It gave him perks such as being able to bring the tapes home for his own enjoyment. Yesterday was such a day.

The black-haired man felt a stir in his underwear. Remembering the previous night made him excited once again. They were friends with benefits, leading them to watch the films Ian brought while having fun together. This one recording from yesterday led the both of them to a particularly intense session. Ritzy hit the play button and brought his hand in his boxers. He was feeling very horny tonight.

The door of the flat opened, revealing Ian. He was a tall and well-built blonde man.

“Hey Ritzy, you should lower the volume. I bet everyone in the building can hear the moans from both the actors and you,” said the man jokingly.

“Shut up. Let me fap in peace,” replied Ritzy.

“Haha. Hey, I bought pizzas on the way here. Want some?”

“You bet I do! I’m starving!”

Ritzy paused the film, got up and walked to the table where the pizza was. His boner was visible through his boxers and Ian made fun of it, joking about how small and lame it was. Ritzy countered by teasing Ian about how he still loved it in his ass. They were both eating cheerfully while throwing burns at each other.

“Hey, Ritzy. How about we pick up where we left yesterday?”

“I was hoping you’d say that. I’m feeling extra horny today, so you better get your ass ready.”

Ritzy’s boxers were already tainted with pre. Ian threw all his clothes on the ground and Ritzy got rid of his sweater and boxers. He was painfully hard, his cock throbbing from need. The two of them sat on the couch. Ritzy grabbed the remote, but Ian snatched it from the black-haired man’s hands and hit the play button. They each minded their own business, working their cocks.

The film was really good. Ritzy was getting close already, moaning. Ian was looking more at his roommate than at the television—there was something very special about the black-haired man today. Ritzy reached his orgasm, shooting his small load over his chest and belly. He felt satisfied, but not relieved at all. His skin was burning. Ian leaned on him and licked the mess. The tongue running over his body was driving him wild.

Ritzy heard a powerful howl in his mind. He himself began howling. Ian got up and was about to ask what was wrong with him when he realized that the black-haired man was growing. The blonde man was getting scared at the sight. Thick fur sprouted all over Ritzy’s body, starting at his head. It travelled to the chest which ballooned forwards, then went on the shoulders which grew in power. The arms were next, biceps going from flat to well defined, the same treatment reaching his forearms. Ritzy’s hand then burst in size with his palms covering in padding and his nails turning black, elongating in scary claws.

The fur then grew all over Ritzy’s back, expanding every muscle beneath the skin. His slightly fat belly morphed into an impressive eight-pack. His pelvis’s hair thickened and grew, covering his dick in the same thick fur as the rest of his body. The transformation travelled down his legs, ballooning his quadriceps and then expanding his calves. When the change spread to his feet, one of his toes merged with another, transforming into digitigrade paws. Fur covered them, nails grew into claws and padding appeared under his toes.

A tail sprouted from the back of the black beast. It got fluffier and longer with each passing moment. His ears moved from the sides of his head to the top, elongating in pointy furred tips. His nose and mouth expanded into a wolfish snout. He was panting, revealing sharp fangs and a very long tongue. His eyes turned to a beautiful shade of deep blue.

Ritzy’s cock was throbbing wildly during all of the process. The skin had morphed into a protective sheath, and the whole cock inside it changed to a lupine shape. His balls expanded, adding capacity and extra seed, reaching a foot in diameter each. His enhanced shaft grew hard once again, the spire expanding and slowly getting out of its protection. It stopped at just over one foot long, knot filling the sheath of the growing beast. The cock was throbbing and Ritzy unconsciously brought a hand around it, working it once again to reach a well needed release. The knot freed itself, bringing the impressive tool to eighteen inches. The werewolf reached seven feet tall now.

Ian was in awe, not sure if he should be scared or aroused, but one thing was for sure: Ritzy was now impressively big and he loved the sight.

“Holy shit…” said Ian, baffled at the transformation.

Ritzy turned toward his roommate. A voice in his mind echoed, telling him to make the human his. He grabbed Ian, pulled his head and brought it to his gigantic tool. The black beast then forced his cock down Ian’s throat. The human eagerly welcomed it inside him and began toying with the big furry balls of the werewolf. His own cock was throbbing with need, but his Alpha needed his full attention. The werewolf was groaning and moaning, satisfied with his human’s work.

The black beast was losing himself to lust, he wanted more, he needed more, he had to fill his human. He was humping in and out, adding more of the length in his roommate with each of his thrusts while filling him with his abundant pre. The wolfish spire was distending the human wide open, an ample bulge forming in his throat. The werewolf pushed once more when he was stopped by the knot blocking against the human’s mouth. He was in desperate need, thrusting his throbbing cock in and out fast as his orgasm was building up. His humping became forceful as he was wildly face-fucking his roommate, hitting the knot against the human’s abused lips with every movement. With one very strong push, he managed to insert the knot inside Ian, whose cheeks became completely distended with the ball of flesh, making the bulge in his throat reach all the way down between his nipples.

The werewolf continued humping in his human, his cock throbbing madly inside the throat of his friend. He was really close and pushed one last time in while moaning loudly. His throbbing dick pulsed and began shooting his load. It spewed insane amounts of cum in the human, sending wave after wave of hot wolf seed down his throat. The human was eagerly drinking it all while massaging the furry balls of his Alpha to extract as much cum as possible. The wolf’s seed was filling his stomach nicely, his belly visibly swelling from the impressive load. After a minute of orgasm, Ian was so full that his belly looked like he ready to give birth to twins.

Ritzy pulled his cock out of the human’s mouth. Ian was coughing up the excess cum with a smile on his face.

“Holy shit, Ritzy, you sure know how to handle a man like me…” gasped the human.

But Ritzy wasn’t satisfied at all. His cock was still hard and throbbing with need. It felt as if something was missing for him to truly reach his release. More, he needed more. The wolf in his mind was howling once again, calling him, telling him to go in the moonlight and howl once again to get more power. He got up and went to the window, looking at the full moon. It was looking absolutely gigantic in the sky. He broke the glass before he took a deep breath and howled as loudly as he could. Ian was watching the wolf, puzzled by his behaviour. As if to answer the black beast’s plea, the moonlight hit him with energy.

Ritzy’s skin was burning under his fur. He took his head in his hands and groaned as he felt like he was melting from the heat. His frame was packing more inches by the second, his body pulsing with power. His already deadly looking claws and fang got sharper, his fur grew thicker and all of his muscles grew bigger, swelling from the added strength. He was forced to get on his knees as his head bumped the ceiling. His cock pulsed as it too started to grow, each throb adding an inch in length, bringing him to greater heights of pleasure. His balls reached the ground below as they expanded, sloshing with more seed, preparing for the next release. His balls reached two feet wide each, full once again for another round. The cock of the beast reached three and a half feet long, eight inches wide and the knot was one foot wide. The black beast was now ten feet tall, and he desperately needed another release.

He turned to the human, who was gawking at the beast.

“More…” the werewolf growled.

“Uh… I’m not sure I can handle you anymore, Ritzy…” said Ian, fear getting the better of him.

More!” yelled the wild beast as he leapt at his roommate.

Ritzy grabbed the human, sat on the ground with his legs spread wide and positioned the human over his mighty tool. He spread the butt of his friend and forced the human down his cock. At first he couldn’t push it any deeper than six inches and growled in frustration when he felt the resistance. The human was yelling in a mix of pleasure and pain as his asshole was spread wider than ever. The werewolf pulled and pushed the human at a steady pace, building another load. With every thrust he was able to add an inch in the human’s tight asshole. Ian tried to cling to the beast’s gigantic pectorals as he was being used as a living fleshlight by his Alpha werewolf.

Ritzy’s cock was throbbing wildly, shooting impressive amounts of pre in the human’s asshole, filling his belly even more with his essence. Ian was already down to the second feet of cock inside him, the outline of it visible in his belly. The werewolf could take no more and pushed the human, inserting everything he could in the human while reaching his third orgasm of the evening. The first shot of cum was enough to fill the human as much as the werewolf’s entire first load. With every shot Ian’s belly swelled more and more. He was soon too full to continue holding it all in himself. The cum travelled up his throat as he began leaking torrents of his Alpha’s seed from his mouth. Ritzy did not let any of it go to waste, he kissed tenderly his human, drinking the overflowing cum while continuing to blast huge amounts of it in Ian’s swelling belly. The beast pulled out of his roommate’s ass, careful as to not damage him and put him on the ground before him. He then grabbed his dick and shot the remainder of his load all over the human, coating him in a thick layer of cum. Ian deflated slowly as cum spewed from both his mouth and his gaping asshole. After three minutes of nonstop release, the werewolf’s flow finally slowed down. The entire flat was covered in an inch of wolfish seed. Ian wiped his mouth and collecting himself.

“Holy fuck, Ritzy, how are you doing that?” said the human in amazement.

Ritzy was so proud and happy. But he wasn’t satisfied, there was still something missing before he could reach his true release. There had to be more. He went to the window once again and howled even louder than before. He was waiting for the moonlight energy eagerly. It burned his skin once again.

Ritzy was lost in lust and drunk on this new power. All of his body was burning hot. He was growing fast and he loved every second of it. His shoulders got wider, his pectorals expanded forward, his eight pack of abs became a ten pack while growing stronger. His tail lengthened, his fur grew thicker and longer. His fangs and claws got stronger yet again, looking like they could tear apart metal. His calves grew in strength and volume, quadriceps following the rhythm and expanding too. His whole back packed more strength, his glutes becoming massive. His cock grew inches after inches, getting impossibly big. His balls expanded, adding yet more capacity and hanging lower once again. Then it was his arm’s turn to grow. They expanded, the biceps getting incredibly wide and strong. By now he was forced on all four, the ceiling getting too low for him. His spire was leaking torrents of pre once again, shooting loads of it that were as impressive as his first orgasm with each throb. He was moaning loudly from the pleasure the expansion brought.

When the growth stopped, he was fourteen feet tall, his cock was half of that in length and a foot and half wide. The giant balls reached four feet each, forcing his legs apart. His knot was absolutely gigantic, reaching four feet in width, almost as wide as Ritzy was. The tip of his cock was right under his eyes, making him drool at the sight.

“Ian. More! I want more!” ordered Ritzy, in a deep voice he didn’t recognize.

The human got up and reached to the werewolf. But the beast already began suckling on his own cock, hugging and massaging it very tightly. There was no room for Ian on Ritzy’s cock. He turned around the beast, careful not to slip in the pool of cum covering the entire flat and reached to the wolf’s butt, partially hidden by the gigantic wolfish balls. He climbed the sloshing orbs and ran his hands against the ample asscheeks there, when suddenly the tail lifted high up, revealing the large wolfish asshole. The human touched gently all around the ring of flesh. He spread the buttcheeks wider and licked the sensitive hole, making the werewolf moan and groan of pleasure. Ian brought his hand to the hole and started fingering it. But his fingers were too thin for the beast’s asshole. He had to use his entire hand to please his Alpha.

“More!” said the werewolf.

Obeying the order, Ian inserted his whole arm up until the shoulder in the waiting hole, scratching the insides of his furry friend. The black beast was clenching his hole, groaning from the pleasure brought by the stimulation.

The werewolf moaned loudly as he was sent to another orgasm. He shot his load in his own maw, trying to drink as much as he could. But the flow was too big, torrents of cum escaped his lips, adding to the already coated room. When his belly was full of his own cum, he let go of his cock and fired his load all over the walls in the room. It lasted for ten minutes, the level of his seed rising higher with every passing second. At the end of the orgasm, the flat was a three feet deep pool of cum. Ritzy was in bliss, but it was still not enough. He needed more, so much more. He needed the true release, why was it not coming to him?

The black beast crawled towards the window. It was so cramped in here that he wasn’t able to howl loudly enough. There was no energy flow coming in him. He started to panic. Was it already over? No! He wouldn’t have it that way. He needed more.

The werewolf grabbed Ian, put him between his gigantic spire and his ample chest and grabbed his whole package in his hands. He dashed through the wall, destroying it completely. They fell from the third floor of the building, landing on the ground with a loud thud and concrete cracking under the paws of the huge beast. Cum was starting to pour over him as their flat was emptying in a white cascade through the opening he made. Windows were lighting because of the noise he made, he had to find someplace safe for them to go. Using his enhanced legs, he ran full speed outside of town.

The werewolf eventually reached a hill, far from anything inhabited. He put his human on the ground, grinning at him. He filled his lungs with as much air as he could. He then howled at the moon, begging for more power. It answered, showering the beast with more power.

Ritzy felt the flow of strength reach him and empower him more than ever before. For every foot he grew, his cock gained almost as much size. His balls expanded faster than ever. His muscles all ballooned, expanding faster and faster as time passed. His ten-pack became a twelve-pack, swelling with more strength. His legs enlarged from the increase in muscle volume. His overall frame got beefier by the second. Ian was in awe before the growing werewolf. He was already small in comparison to the wolf before his previous growth, but now he was getting tiny. And the wolf grew gigantic. When the burst of growth was finally over, the werewolf was twenty four feet tall. His cock was reaching three feet higher than his head and was as wide as he was.

Ritzy grabbed Ian and put him on top of his gigantic knot, trapping the human between his enormous spire and his huge pectorals and abdominals. He then grabbed the throbbing spire and hugged it close to him.

“WORSHIP IT,” ordered the giant, in a voice that got deeper again.

The human compiled. Both he and the werewolf were massaging and licking the gigantic dick raised high in the sky. It was pulsing wildly and leaking torrents of pre on the hill below, creating a white river. Ritzy was getting close once again, but for some reason he couldn’t reach his peak. He worked his pulsing cock faster and faster, desperately trying to release all his pent-up pressure. He started humping against his gigantic arms and pectorals while licking every inch he could reach.

Ian was thrusting against the cock that was three times as big as he was, trapped between the spire and the beast’s huge front side. He loved every second of it, licking and working the giant piece of flesh before him. The human reached his orgasm and he shot his load over the giant dick of his Alpha.

That was what Ritzy was missing. He needed his chosen mate to orgasm for him. It sent the werewolf to his own peak as he fired another round of cum in the sky. But this time, it was a true orgasm that relieved him of all the pressure that had been building until now. He felt the intense satisfaction invade his mind and enjoyed his release. Each burst of cum was so powerful that it reached yards high in the sky and fell on the hill all around them in a white rain. The intensity of the orgasm was way too much for the black beast, who unconsciously began howling from relief. His howl was joined by Ian’s, who was slowly morphing and growing into a worthy mate for his Alpha.

Because of the howl, Ritzy felt another surge of energy hit him while he was shooting his load. And he grew once again.


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