The new student’s body

by brazboy

Alexandre is a normal 18-year-old high school senior in almost every way joining a new class in the middle of the school year. One way in which he definitely isn’t normal, though, is his body.

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It felt weird to continue going to high school even after I turned 18—I felt ready for college but, of course, it was still May, and classes only end in December. The weirdest thing in my senior year, however, was the new student that got transferred in early June—Alexandre. Apparently, his father had changed jobs and so he had to move to another state and, consequentially, school, and so he’d stay with our class for the last eight months of the year. Usually, this would not cause much reaction from the other students, but this particular case was far from usual.

Yes, they did warn us about his body—they showed us pictures and even a documentary about his kind. Still, they are only 0,01% of mankind, there’s only 21 thousand of them in the whole country, so how could we help being amazed and shocked and curious when we did see him live for the first time? And the second time, and the third time—but I digress.

I still remember when it happened—it was the first class of Monday, Portuguese. The teacher said we had a new student who’d introduced himself and called him in—and in he came.

He had to lower his head to cross the door—because he was then about 3m tall, head to toe. But that’s not the only different thing about him. The easiest way to describe Alexandre—and how we all understood him at the time—is by comparing him to a walking cock carrying a huge set of balls. He has two big, broad, powerful legs; they carry his huge scrotum which he keeps from touching the ground thanks to a powerful net he uses as underwear. Above his crotch, there’s the main body: a wide, 200cm long cock-looking tubular torso, neck and head, more or less. About two thirds of the way up from his crotch he has a powerful and muscular set of arms, and above that you see what I can only describe as his head—although he is all, very much, cock.

His head is distinguished from the rest of his body by its larger size, its mushroom shape, its softer skin, and the fact that sometimes it’s covered by his foreskin—just like a normal cock’s head. Unlike a regular human dick, however, his slit has a large flat tongue inside, and on either side of it you see a large purplish eye—his eyes being more similar to those of a crocodile than to our own. His incredibly special body was covered by an adapted version of our school’s uniform which covered most of it, except the part above the arms.

At the time I didn’t know whether he could speak, smell and listen, as he didn’t seem to possess a throat, ears or a nose—but later I learned that the extremely soft and sensitive skin of his cockhead is capable of sensing smell, and that he can vocalize and hear sounds almost like a normal person, although his voice is deeper than that of most men.

After being called by the teacher, Alexandre entered the room and then turned towards us students. To introduce himself, he lowered his head so that he could see us with his large purplish eyes—making his slit face the students in front of him, almost on top of the first row—and started to say something. Whatever he did say I do not remember, I have to admit, as all my attention went to processing the image of that large, walking cock now moving its slit as it talked, its large wet tongue visibly moving around unable to hide behind lips.

He made me instantly hard, and I knew I wanted to get to know him further.

After Alexandre joined our class a lot of things changed. Firstly, we had to get used to this constant strong smell his body exhaled during classes—which some people found enjoyable, and other people, like me, found too enjoyable for their own good. Sometimes Alexandre also drooled a thick crystalline fluid from his slit during class, which he cleaned with a large absorbent towel—or which we would simply swallow back down his throat, when he felt like it. Other than that, he was more or less like a normal student—he made friends and hanged out with them, his favorite subject was history and he disliked math the most; you know, normal stuff.

His body did cause him to attract a lot of attention, though, and he soon became popular amongst our colleagues—even students in other classes would come talk to him during recess, to try to see this new student which was so special in the way he looked. Alexandre didn’t seem to thrive in the attention, but he seemed used to it and as such he didn’t seem to mind it much either. The only thing I didn’t like about it, to be honest, is that I couldn’t penetrate this crowd of admirers and get to know him for the first few days after he joined our class.

The first time we really got to meet each other, if I remember correctly, was during out second PE class. Alexandre couldn’t move as well as other students, due to his balls’ immense weight, but he was great as contact sports—thanks to his muscles and large size, which made him unmovable as far as other students were concerned. In fact, I’ll never forget when he had a friendly match with a proud jock from the jiujitsu team, but that’s a different topic. In that particular day, what Alexandre showed us all is how he excelled at volleyball where he could use his muscular arms without having to move too much, and that his powerful legs were able to impulse his jumps higher than I had expected—having a huge, wide and super tall head and upper body also helped with the defenses, I guess.

After PE, however, came the surprise: the coach told us that Alexandre had trouble getting cleaned last week due to our school’s lack of proper accessible infrastructure, and proceeded to ask for two male volunteers who’d to offer themselves to help Alexandre with showering, since he couldn’t really do it well alone in this situation. Initially it seemed like no one was willing to help, but after a few awkward seconds one hand was raised: it was André’s hand which was up, and, suddenly, as there was only one position open, I started freaking out. “Should I or shouldn’t I?” I asked myself in my mind. And yet I did, almost instinctively, raise my hand—just a little bit more than a second before three or four other colleagues did the same -, and so we were both selected.

It was a bit surprising to me that a jock like André would be interested in helping Alexandre, but I can’t complain. He was one of the best soccer players in school, and his social legitimacy meant that people automatically viewed helping to shower Alexandre with relatively good eyes. Besides, his nice muscles would certainly help in cleaning around Alexandre’s heavy balls, as much as his long arms would help reaching up in Alexandre’s back.

That day—and all other days we had PE after that—André and I helped wash our cock-like colleague. We scrubbed him, and then we washed him—we all tried to act professional about it, but slowly our cover was revealed and we started being more playful and even teasing each other. This opportunity also served to me as a first exploration of Alexandre’s anatomy—his muscular leg, which carried all his weight; his amazing arms, which he was so proud of; his immense balls, which seemed always so full; his sensitive head and round shaft-like torso; even his muscular butt. As we became more and more playful with his body, he also became less shy and more comfortable with us, his body hardening and expanding with our touch more than once.

Out of all we did, washing his balls was the hardest part because it demanded André and Alexandre to hold them up as I went under them to clean their underside—and more than one they let one of them slip and I was buried under Alexandre’s cum orbs for a few seconds. I can’t say I hated it, but it was a bit claustrophobic to be buried under a large and heavy scrotum out of the blue.

If when we started our arrangement was rather awkward, as we got to know each other and as Alexandre noticed he was doing us a favor as much as we were doing a favor to him, we started getting really close. Soon we started focusing more on the cleaning of his head, as he seemed to like it, leading him to harden a little and even expel some precum. Once he got so hard as we cleaned him that we collectively decided he had to be drained before we could continue—he lowered his body on the floor and then André and I started caressing his whole frame until he exploded in the showers and we could go back to washing him.

Thankfully none of our other colleagues got to see our little private show that one time, but I have plenty of stories which did involve an audience as usually all PE students went to shower at once.

In one situation, for example, as Alexandre lowered his head so we could clean it before we were alone, and a river of precum started flowing from its slit—precum which he had previously been swallowing himself. The smell got so intense that all the other three students who were still showering got an immediate hardon. These three were already above 18 and maybe for this reason they felt a bit more courageous and adventurous than most—courageous enough to look at each other and start masturbating to Alexandre then and there.

Regardless of these situations, eventually André and I even started cleaning Alexandre’s ass—which was a round muscular butt, as it held together his two big legs, used to carrying his whole weight. Our fellow student seemed to like that, and André and I started exploring his butt a little—you know, the cheeks, the crack, and when we were feeling really daring, even soaping his hole. Such attentions being granted to his back hole had about the same consequences of our being so thorough when cleaning his head—it would often lead to Alexandre having to be drained more than once in a single shower.

Draining Alexandre was positive—it was pleasurable to the three of us and it led to Alexandre drooling less during class, as well as allowing him to pay more attention to the teachers. To André, who wanted to study biology in college, it was a way to really experience the wonders of the human body. To me, meanwhile, considering I was gay all the way to the marrow of my bones, it was a simple and vulgar delight to see such a large cock-shaped man coming from his slit.

Pretty quickly the three of us became friends—which was crazy because I had never been one of the popular dudes before. I started hanging out with André and Alexandre during recess, and I vividly remember the raging hardons that watching Alexandre eat would give me: he’d lower his head on the food and then suck it into his slit, which made my imagination go wild.

André would also get curious, as apparently, Alexandre didn’t have any teeth but yet he was able to eat a lot without choking. One day he asked Alexandre if he could investigate it a little, after being explained to that Alexandre’s large long throat was powerful enough to crunch the food he ingested as it travelled down to his stomach. Alexandre surprisingly said yes and then André basically immersed his arm deep down Alexandre’s slit—then starting to laugh as Alexandre’s throat “chewed” (or as he said, tickled) his muscles. After he was satisfied with his experiment—done in front of many other students who were eating at the cafeteria—André removed his wet arm from inside Alexandre, and then licked his fingers.

“Sweet,” he said, almost more to himself than to the rest of us.

Alexandre started to really ooze a lot of precum after that, so much so his usual towel got soaked and the cooking ladies gave us a big pot where he could collect his slit’s liquids—he filled it fast, but at least it gave him enough time to collect himself and recover for having his throat explored by André’s sexy muscular arm. After that situation I started noticing that while Alexandre did eat fast, sucking his food in and up his slit, he also tended to leave behind a trail of his sweet drool which would cover our table and sometimes even be found around my own dish.

Overall, I’d say Alexandre tried his best to be like any one of us, but that was never 100% possible. He couldn’t, for example, join the soccer team because he was not mobile enough to be running around a soccer field with huge balls like his—and so while André went to play with the others, he and I stayed on the sides to talk and watch the game. Sometimes Alexandre’s body would grow watching the other seniors running and playing, especially when the teams brought no uniforms and thus one of them became the ‘shirtless team’ to differentiate.

I would get hard too, sometimes, but my hardon wasn’t as visible as his—as when he grew, his body would increase in size by almost 50%. Also, the cause of my own dick’s reaction was becoming more and more Alexandre himself, and less and less other people around me.

Never did he ejaculate in front of everyone during sports or recess, however—when he started drooling too much, he’d excuse himself and go somewhere private. Eventually, I decided to ask him if I could go with him, and he would let me. The first few times I just watched as Alexandre rubbed his body against the a grass lawn or against a big tree, his foreskin being pulled up and down and his head rubbing and getting dirtied by nature—all in order to come majestically at the end. Soon, though, as he rubbed his whole body, I touched his ass and he, without even thinking twice, invited my hand towards his hole.

Soon I was fucking him during recess, while André went to play soccer with the other jocks, and although we didn’t talk about it at the time, I slowly noticed he became more and more possessive of me—often pulling me by the hand when he wanted my attention and even sitting between me and André at times.

I also remember the day Alexandre and I first kissed. He was nervous and asked me out after school—I accepted eagerly, although I didn’t realize he meant it like a date-date, as I was a bit on denial when it came to my feelings for him, and thus projected the same denial onto him.

We went to the shopping center where he had several hamburgers—I ate sushi but honestly seeing him eat was even more fulfilling than eating myself, as I loved the sight of his large cockslit chugging in the food; his tongue pulling it in and his urethra-like throat swallowing and crushing it. When he finished his food our table, including my food, was covered in his precum-like drool—which he apologized for, while offering to buy me another dish. I didn’t accept his offer, however, and simply ate my food, which was now sweeter and even more delicious than expected.

As he saw me eat, Alexandre looked around and touched my leg with his gentle hand, and then looked down towards me, his enormous mouth-slit exactly above my face—unknowingly to him, dribbling his drool all over me.

“I need to tell you something,” he says, serious.

“Okay,” I reply, and he sighs.

“Please don’t be offended,” he says, and I laugh, telling him to just say it. He does, “I really like you. Romantically. I am gay and I like you like… well, like a gay man likes another man,” he lets out, almost too fast for me to understand with his deep voice.

I blush and my brain loses any coherent trend of thought that it had been developing. I don’t know what to do with myself but my whole body melts and twists as my thinking runs at 1000km/h: he likes me, he is gay. I think I am gay and I think I like him. I can’t believe it. Should I tell him? I must. But what will happen then? I was afraid and, honestly, I hadn’t even come out to myself yet, and yet… yet he was so brave it would not be fair not to be honest with him either.

“Are you serious?” I asked, however, now looking up towards his face, seeing his cockslit and his large tongue moving inside it. A large blob of his pre fell on my shoulder, warm as always.

“Yes,” he says, moving in an unnatural fashion and playing nervously with his hands, “I am sorry if it makes you uncomfortable but I think you should know, as we are friends.”

“It doesn’t make me uncomfortable,” I reply, and then breathe in. I breathe out and in again, and then I raise my hand and touch his nervous hands. He seems to flicker, like a current of energy just crossed his whole body. “I like you too,” I then say, slowly.

I was not expecting what came next: a kiss. His slit fell on me and engulfed my own head, housing it in his warm male cave, completely covering my torso in Alexandre’s warm drool. We kissed for maybe two minutes before I touched his head asking for a time—he pulled away and I breathed in, and then we kissed again.

The whole mall was probably watching us at this point, but I couldn’t care less—yes, I am gay, and yes, I am in love with my cock-bodied friend.

Before I started fucking Alexandre during recess, he had to find other alternatives to relieve himself when he got too excited seeing the soccer team play. He’d usually either rub himself on the ground, but when he was feeling particularly horny, he’s play with his ass and grind his whole body against a tree—usually one of the large mango trees on the back of the school, away from any attention.

His technique was unique, but simple: simply support his whole length against the tree trunk, and then start rubbing up and down against it with his powerful legs providing the impulse. The friction, he said, was amazing, and the unevenness of the trees only made it more delightful. The orgasms he achieved this way were indeed quite a sight—his cock would go up and down the tree, hitting the branches and leaves and making them shake. Birds flew away, and he picked up pace. When the trees were bearing fruits, many of those would fall, as he continued rubbing against the tree—if not, then it would be only some small branches that’d get shaken and knocked down.

That’s usually when his hands reached his but, and then his two of his fingers entered his ass. They explored down there as he picked up speed, and he picked up speed as they explored down there. Soon the cycle reached a limit—Alexandre’s limit—and he came. His balls pumped out his viscous cum, many dozens of liters, and the trees’ leaves retained most of it—just a little flew over them and then rained back down, covering the tree even further. The majority of his seed, however, coated the trunk and then slowly dribbled and dripped back down, making the tree sticky for weeks thereafter.

A few months after that, although we weren’t at high school anymore, I was casually told by a friend that the mango trees in the back of our former school were giving amazingly sweet mangoes—some parents were even asking the school to collect them to sell, so they could buy the mangoes themselves. When I told Alexandre that he laughed and joked that maybe he should change his course from law to agriculture.

During our winter vacations (July) Alexandre invited me to his house for the first time. It was really interesting seeing his large home where the ceiling height was of 4m, and door frames were well above 3m and round at the top. He welcomed me in and alerted me that his older brother had come home to spend his college vacations with family—and I have to say I was a little excited with the prospects of meeting him. Their parents were at work, though.

“But I want to show you something you have asked me about before,” he said, while dragging me around, his whole dick body seeming pretty excited—his head drooled pre and his heavy balls were almost touching the floor, despite his net underwear. I lifted my eyebrow as I suspected that, for some reason, he hadn’t masturbated today yet.

As he walked, I wondered what exactly he was going to show me, since I was interested and had asked him about almost every aspect of his life. We left towards the garden when I saw the figure he mentioned before, though—his brother, relaxing in the hot tub outside, about 3 meters of his semi hard cockish body outside of the water, while another 2 to 2,5 meters and both his balls stayed inside, enjoying the tub’s powerful jets. He hummed in pleasure, precum oozing from his mouth-slit onto the green grass. Their large backyard, now that I paid it some attention, looked in fact pretty green and well nourished.

“Caio! I have visit! Stop drooling everywhere,” chastised Alexandre, kicking his brother in his long tubular torso. Caio lifted the 3m of his semi hard cockbody which were outside the water and moved it towards us, including his immense arms. His length was sufficient that the he could do that without moving his literal butt a single centimeter.

“Ouch, dude! I’m just chilling. By the way, I’m pretty sure this small dude there is used to some oozing if he is really your friend,” said the older brother, then looking at me and in fact bringing me in for a hug. Hugging a tubular, fleshy, meaty human-sized cock is an indescribable feeling, and although I had become used to it thanks to Alexandre my cock still hardened and tried to pierce its way out of my pants—the only thing it did accomplish though, was piercing Caio’s soft cockskin and making itself noted by the hot older brother, “He seems to have no problem with it!” completed Caio, laying again on the floor with his whole length, and opening his mouth so increasing amounts of cockjuice could leave at once.

“How are we supposed to get past you though? I want to take him to the backroom,” asked an obviously pissed and mildly jealous Alexandre, pointing out that his brother’s length and width created a large flesh wall between us and the small construction on the other side of the backyard.

“You can go around the tub, or over me,” responded Caio, matter-of-factly. Alexandre seemed a bit pissed with the reply, but I simply decided to take a step and go over his brother’s large body, which was so immense that when going over it I had to effectively ride it for a while, as both my feet left the ground. “Nice ass,” he complimented me, and then laughed.

Alexandre then followed me, except he used his much larger weight to pressure down on his brother while he crossed over him, making Caio gag with his own precum due to the unexpected weight on himself obstructing the natural flow inside his tubular self.

“Stop teasing my boyfriend,” Alexandre then said, pulling me away, past the regular cold water pool and towards the large construction on the other side of the backyard, leaving his brother behind laughing to himself and wetting the green grass.

We entered the other building and Alexandre closed the door behind us. The space where we entered was in most ways similar to one of those large bathrooms at college or at a club—I suspected the family used it to clean themselves before and after going for a swim. There was at least one noticeable difference, however—a large whole in the wall that Alexandre brough to my attention.

“This is how I relief myself at home,” he said, his slit twisted in a smile. Then—before I could really comprehend what he was saying—he kissed me, his whole slit covering my head. Immediately he started undressing.

“Really?” I asked curiously, all wet with his juice, after we pulled from the warm kiss. He nodded, his huge, immense, missile-shaped cockbody wobbling and sending his juice everywhere.

I then moved towards the hole, wanting to explore it. It seemed large—probably large enough even for Alexandre’s body, but I couldn’t see how Caio’s larger erection could fit in there, even in its semihard state. As I bowed down to lean into the pleasure hole, I felt Alexandre huge cockhead hit my butt and I fell forward—effectively inside his masturbation space.

“It’s huge,” I say, feeling the soft plastic covering of the space, “But… does your brother also use it?” I asked. Alexandre’s face—which looked towards the hole’s entry and basically covered it completely—seemed not at all amused by the question, but still replied shortly.

“It’s adjustable. We all like it tight, though,” and I nod, then taking his powerful hands which help me get out of the space and up again. “So… I was wondering if you… want to see me do it?” he said, now a bit more excited, his balls certainly looking as full as ever.

I can’t even trust my mouth to convey my excitement over his proposition, so I just jump over his balls, hold both his ass cheeks and kiss his immense fleshy chest.

“More than see it, I want to join,” I say, and his slit smiles at me, his juices raining down on me like a waterfall.

“I hoped you’d say that,” he says, and then starts helping me undress with his powerful hands, while his cockbody towered over me.

When he sees I’m naked, I get down from his large balls and he turns towards the giant hole in the wall. Alexandre then lowers his head and bows down to it, until his immense red head is parallel to the floor. This movement makes his mouth and eyes stare directly at the gates of pleasure, but it also opens the doors of his asshole to my own view. Alexandre then puts his two arms straight on the side of his fleshy body and pushes his head in, and then his torso, moaning frantically. When he is completely inside the pleasure hole, only his legs, ass and balls still visible to me, he says, between pleasurable moans:

“Oh, hmm, Hugo, please fuck me!” he asks, from the depths of his lustful prison, his voice seemingly drowned by the vast amounts of liquid coming out of him.

And of course, I do as I’m told. My 21cms are already hard, pointing up towards the sky, so I hold my manliness down, parallel to the ground, and search for Alexandre’s beautiful ass between his twin muscular butt cheeks with my other hand. I start then teasing him, and as I do it he uses his legs to hammer his whole body in and out of the immense pleasure cave where he is laying. As he picks up pace, I point my organiz spear towards his ass and one of his fast pulls engulfs me almost completely. He screams in pleasure, and I moan in delight.

His powerful legs are moving his own body half way in and then half way out the large purpose-built case where Alexandre is moaning in pleasure—these movements also force my cock in and out of his ass, and soon I’m also pounding him as I follow his flow. We are both sweaty, his large balls adding to the heat that my body is feeling. I love it all: being inside him, seeing him fuck a damn house with his whole body, having him moan when I enter him and having his butt cheeks in my hands as I plow his intestines.

Soon he comes, violently—I know because his balls tremble and then, when it happens, his ass becomes tighter and also frenetic. His orgasm lasts more than a minute, and it makes me wonder about the drainage system that they have in that little fuck cave of theirs. Even as my boyfriend comes, however, I am still pounding him, until I myself grunt and hug his rear, shooting deep inside him. Finally, I fall exhausted on top of his bowing cock body, which he is slowly removing from the immense wall fleshlight of his.

At that very moment someone opens the door: it is a completely naked Caio, his semihardened body looking so huge that he has to bow down to enter the space—and even then his head almost gets so far as to touch me in this action. His heavy balls, in their immensity, are being dragged on the floor. He still oozes precum from his mouth, and I feel like I want to taste it.

“Who is there?” asks a suspicious Alexandre, with his head still inside the cave.

“It’s your beloved brother,” said Caio, “I was just waiting for you two to cum before I called you guys for some food I just made.”

Still having my softening cock inside his ass, Alexandre seems to ponder how to reply before he sighs.

“Thanks bro, what did you make?” and I pull myself out of his ass, now revealing my whole self to my boyfriend’s larger, older brother. Alexander moans as his sphincter is now not at pressure anymore.

“You know, hot dogs, the usual. There’s also bread, butter, fruits, cake, that sort of things,” responds Caio, then taking a step back before leaving a final comment, “Nice cock your boyfriend has, bro,” and then he steps outside, his even increasingly elongated and wide cockbody basically scraping on the door on his way out.

Soon Alexandre is out of the cave, and his huge, hot and completely soaked slit is kissing me. I feel the taste of his cum, and I drink some of it from his slit as I am also showered by it.

“Don’t mind him,” he says. I shrug.

“I don’t,” I reply, and Alexandre smiles, before kissing my whole body with his mouth, basically coating me with his juices.

“Okay, now he’ll know who you belong to. Let’s go,” he says, as he holds my hand and pulls me outside and towards the large table his brother had set in the garden, his softening shaft-like cocktorso bouncing around in a self-satisfied happiness with each of his steps.

Caio was already sitting at the table, his balls comfortably placed under it, sucking inside his immense slit enormous amounts of food, which he could do as easily as Alexandre since neither of them had to actually chew anything they ate. Alexandre then sat in front of his brother, put his balls also under the table, and starts eating. I sit between them and pick up some bread and coffee.

“I’m sorry if we are tainting all the food,” says Alexandre, noticing his and his brother’s juices were getting everywhere on the table.

“It’s okay,” I reply, eating some bread.

“I’m sure he likes it,” comments Caio, making me blush. His size was dominating, his large torso was so powerful and so round that I could hardly take my eyes off of it, “Ouch! Okay!” he said, after my boyfriend kicked him in his impressive nuts though.

“Apologize now,” Alexandre said, looking serious. Caio seemed amused, but then noticing his younger brother’s seriousness, he caved.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry, hmmm, Mr. Boyfriend,” said Caio, looking towards me, “I am just teasing my brother, okay? I actually think you guys look great together,” he completes and I smile like an idiot.

The brothers then started talking about their life. Alexandre asked Caio about university, and he described how difficult it was to be the only one with their kind of body in the whole student body of engineering, but that it did bring him some attention.

“At least my roommates are also tubies like us, although not quite as large as myself,” he boasts and laughs, proceeding to then ask his brother about school.

Alexandre tells him about how school had been going, how he likes it there and the friends he has made—including myself. He also points out we’ve been very willing—to say the least—to adjust for him and account for his needs, and that he had done the same for us. I agreed and completed that everyone in class liked Alexandre—although I was quite a biased source, of course.

While the brothers talked, however, I noticed they became more and more physical with each other. It is not surprising, if you think about it, since their large frames gave them more than enough capability to reach it other over the table and made it almost inevitable that they rubbed against each other while reaching for food—but by now they were laughing as their immense cock bodies sometimes bounced on each other as they ate and talked.

And then I saw something which really surprised me: trying to be edgy, a semihardening Caio laughed and twisted his lenght around his brother’s thick cockbody, almost like a snake would. Alexandre then laughed and tried to get away from him, but his brother was just too strong. They both ended up standing up and their bodies twisted up in the air, like two anacondas trying to suffocate each other, 3 soft and then 4 hardening meters against 4 soft and then 5 hardening meters of man meat first struggling like snakes, and then fighting as swords, over the table.

Soon they had moved aside from the table, and their hands and arms joined their bodies in the struggle between brothers—soon not only were they fighting, but rubbing against each other as well. They fell to the ground, Caio on top of Alexandre, the elder covering the youngest with his bigger, wider, and overall more majestic and more developed cock-like frame.

“It’s a brother eat brother world,” he said, chugging growing amounts of pre through his mouth as his brother struggled under him, “and the oldest is king. Long live the oldest!.”

Alexandre laughed and struggled, but he was hard and I could see he enjoyed being dominated, to a degree. At this very moment, however, Caio stopped robbing against my boyfriend and called out to me.

“Will you not defend your beloved boyfriend?” asked the elder sibling.

“I…. no, I’m fine,” I said, despite my brain telling me to jump at his call.

Alexandre then struggled more.

“Leave him alone,” he said, and Caio only rubbed his whole lengthy body more and more against his brother, making him so hard he had trouble moving.

“Come, come, Xande, so you can move again,” he teased. And then, after gathering some corage, uninvited, I stood up and moved in between the brothers, literally bringing them apart from one another.

“That’s fine, can’t we just finish our meal?” I asked, immediately before being pulled in by a strong arm—Caio’s. I fell on top of my boyfriend’s tubular body, just between his and his brother’s mass.

“Yes, in a second,” said the older sibling, then lowering his whole weight on me and humping his cock, rubbing it on top of my whole body several times, forcing me in a huge cock sandwich. I admit I came more than once, and I also hugged Caio’s large frame, which made him laugh and start using my whole body as a hole to pleasure himself.

Caio, who was obviously into the whole control thing, came first—well, third after me and then me again—and as soon as he showered us on his cum, he stood up and went for a swim in the cold pool. The water, of course, washed and mixed with his leftover fluids, and also served to help the older brother’s cockbody to soften and return to a more contained, bouncy state.

My boyfriend, however, was still on the ground, struggling with his desires, now left with a big pair of blue balls by his brother, chugging out large amounts of pre but yet uncapable of coming once more. And he moaned desperately, asking me for release, while he tried to rub and grind against the soft grass bellow him to get some desperate relief.

Unprepared, not knowing how to please this much cock, this much man, I moved towards his softer, more sensitive head. As I had come thrice in a matter of an hour, I couldn’t get myself hard again, so I started fingering his slit, and then inserted all my arm in his large mouth. He moaned, he panted, he loved it. Caio, now looking from the pool, incentivized me:

“That’s it, go deeper! He’s going to love that. Theres no tubeman who doesn’t like having his tube getting filled,” he informed, and I followed his wise instructions, burying my whole arm inside my boyfriend, and then going further, including my head. When I got some footing in the ground, I pushed on and soon I was in all the way to my waist, and then the hips—and then my feet were off the ground and it was Alexandre’s muscles that were gently sliding me in, as if I were being swallowed.

He screamed, he moaned, he grunted in pleasure, as my whole body entered his slit, traveled down its immense depth, all the way to his throat. I was also loving it: the warmth, the wetness, the pressure of his flesh against mine—constant pleasure. And then I head fast steps, something held my feet, and I was pulled out of Alexandre’s cockbody almost completely, before being shoved in again. That happened maybe half a dozen times before Alexandre released, covering me and his brother (who had been the one shoving me in and out) in this action.

As Alexandre stood there in the ground, still shooting immense amounts of cum on us, Caio moved his face to kiss his brother and as such consume most of his ejaculation. His slit was big, wide—so much so that when he stretched himself to the limit, squeaking as he tried, he managed to engulf my bourfriend’s immense head into his own. When the explosion became a drizzle, he finally parted from Alexandre. Instead, he took me in the arms and threw me in the pool where I finally recovered my reason thanks to the temperature shock.

When I came out of the water Caio was once again rubbing his whole body against his brother and moaning.

“Come, do that again,” he told me, “But this time be careful not to get too deep inside him. Remember, these are our cocks, but they are also our mouths, and accidents can happen,” he said, mysteriously. His brother, panting in pleasure, kicked him in the balls again.

“Stop scaring him! We aren’t monsters!” Alexandre said.

“True, that,” Caio replied, his purple mushroom head rubbing against his brother’s, “But we aren’t normal either.”

“Fuck normal,” I thought to myself, as I dragged myself out of the pool.

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