Big Dick Energy

by Ziel

 Steven needs a serious pick-me-up if he is going to survive a day of classes on next to no sleep. Fortunately, there’s a store near campus that ought to carry just what he needs—an aptly named drink known as “Big Dick Energy”.

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Even before Steven had laid down for a nap, he knew the morning was going to be rough. He had gotten so caught up in the rush of the grand finale of the series that he was watching that he had to see it through to the bitter end in one sitting. As he laid down at 5 a.m. to grab a few winks before his 8 a.m. class, Steven quietly cursed Netflix and their business model. When his alarm inevitable blared in his ear little more than two hours later, Steven was feeling positively rancorous. He had had some double espresso days, but this, he knew, would require something even more drastic.

Fortunately, there was a small convenience store right off campus that lay directly along his path from his dorm to class. Due to the oddities that are zoning rules, the convenience store was “on campus” for all intents and purposes, but it was not actually a campus establishment. As such, they were free to carry whatever wares they saw fit, and many of the items that lined their shelves could not be found anywhere else. This was just fine for Steven. He knew he needed something with enough caffeine to give a horse a heart murmur, and he doubted he’d find something like that at the campus stores.

Steven perused the shelves of the shady establishment. He saw all the staples ranging from Starbucks to Coke and even some stuff he was sure was illegal in his state, but none of those were quite what he was looking for. He was just about to settle for a Red Bull when he saw it.

On a shelf in the back of the store was a six pack of green and purple cans. Each can was emblazoned with the silhouette of the male member, and the name made it clear why it had such a logo. “Big Dick Energy” the cans read. That sounded like the kind of kick Steven needed to get through the day, so he hastily carried the cans up to the register, paid, and shoved the entire pack in his bag.

Steven barely made it out of the shop before reaching into his bag and plucking one of the six cans. He popped the top and quickly downed the contents of the entire can. 20 full fluid ounces of what tasted like berry fresh battery acid passed his tongue and flowed down his throat, burning every inch of the way. Steven let out a sound that was half sigh of refreshment and half groan of pain after doing the deed.

The effects were almost instantaneous. Steven felt a jolt of energy coursing through his body, and something else as well. He felt warm and tingly all over—especially down in his nether regions. His cock felt nice and plumped up almost as if he was sporting a semi in his shorts. Steven was no stranger to energy drinks, but this was the first time he could ever claim to have been turned on by drinking one. He chalked it up to being partially sleep drunk and went on his way towards class.

As he passed the engineering building, something caught his eye—his own reflection! The solid wall of tinted windows served as a mirror in which he could view himself, and he had to admit, he liked what he saw. He was sure it was just his sleep deprived brain playing tricks on him, but the bulge in his shorts was looking pretty choice. It was painfully obvious that he was free-balling (he had been too tired to get cleaned up for class and set out in his pajamas) but Steven doubted anyone would complain too much. His bulge looked amazing! Steven had always been painfully average down south, but today it looked like he had a solid eight inches of floppy dong with a pair of golf ball sized nuts to go along with his thick sausage. He chalked the plus-sized package up to a trick of the light caused by his lack of sleep. He just hoped his bulge looked half as hot to others as it looked to himself.

Steven managed to slide into class right as the professor was getting ready to take roll. Roll was more of a formality than anything else at this point. This was a relatively small, discussion style class as opposed to one of those giant auditorium lectures. As such, everyone knew each other, and if anyone was missing, it was pretty obvious.

Steven couldn’t be sure, but it felt like all eyes were on him as he crept in the door and made his way to his seat at the back of the room. There were a few audible gasps as well. Steven’s mind was racing. It felt like one of those dreams where he had shown up to class and forgotten his pants. Everyone’s eyes were glued to his crotch just like in his pantsless dreams, but Steven was absolutely sure he was both wide awake and fully clothed.

Things seemed to calm down after Steven took his seat. With his plus-sized package safely hidden from view, the rest of the class had nothing to ogle, and soon things settled into the standard routine. The professor would go down the list and ask someone to speak up about what they read the previous day. Meanwhile, Steven found himself drifting in and out of consciousness. He was just so tired he could barely keep his eyes open. Even with a full can of Big Dick Energy coursing through his veins he was barely holding it together. This called for more drastic measures.

Steven reached into his bag and fumbled blindly for another can. It didn’t take him long to find it, and once he had it, he quickly popped the top and power slammed the second can much as he had done the first.

Once again, Steven felt a rush course through him. His skin felt like he had an electrical current running through it, and his cock felt twice as chubbed up as it had mere moments ago. He was amazed that he could even get hornier than he already was. He had been feeling hot and bothered since his first can. He had expected the pleasantly plumped sensation to die down as the day went on, but if anything, it had gotten more intense. Steven couldn’t help himself. His cock felt so amazing and he was so horny that he just could not keep his hands off of it. He slipped a hand beneath his desk and stroked the length of his shaft through his shorts.

Something felt off. His cock felt massive! He wrapped his hand around the thick shaft, and it felt like he was gripping a pool noodle. His dick felt thicker than his wrist! There was no way this could be correct. Steven figured it had to be a trick of his sleep-deprived mind.

Steven didn’t have long to contemplate just how huge his dick felt. Soon the sound of his own name being called snapped him back to reality.

“Steven? Are you awake?” the professor asked.

“Yessir,” Steven sputtered.

“It’s your turn to present,” the professor said.

“Present?” Steven asked.

“Page thirteen. Third paragraph,” the professor explained.

“Oh, right,” Steven said. He quickly flipped his book to the correct page and skipped the paragraph to get a feel for what he was supposed to be reading. Everything seemed pretty standard. He would read the paragraph and discuss what he thought of the contents. He had bullshitted his way through this class so far. Why stop now?

Steven slid his seat back and stood up. No sooner had his crotch come into view from behind his desk than he heard the gasps from the entire class.

“What the fuck!?” someone gasped.

“No way…” someone else murmured.

“He’s huge!” another said.

It seemed the whole class was fixated on Steven’s bulge. Steven tried not to pay attention to it and focus on his assignment, but it was proving impossible to do. No matter how hard he tried to focus, the thoughts in the back of his mind drowned out all else. He wasn’t that big, was he?

Steven repositioned his book a little further from his chest, giving him a clear view straight down to his crotch, and even he had to gawp at what he saw. His cock was far too large for his own shorts! His once loose and airy basketball shorts were now packed to bursting with an enormous set of cock and balls. His soft cock had to be over a foot long! It was thicker than his forearm! He had two fat nuts the size of schoolyard kick balls. His package was so massive that the sheet weight of it was pulling his pants down. His entire well-kept crotch was on display as well as the first few inches of his massive cock!

Steven tried to speed through his presentation as quickly as possible so he could get back behind his desk and take stock of his situation, but just knowing how massive and amazingly sexy his cock and balls had become was driving him wild. Add onto that the comments and leers from his fellow peers, his already enormous cock was quickly growing into a gigantic rod!

As soon as his presentation was over, Steven ducked back behind his desk and tried to play it off as if nothing had happened, but the rest of the class wasn’t about to forget so quickly. Steven could see the sidelong glances and stares from his classmates and even the professor. The whole room was abuzz with whispers and comments as the class devolved into a conversation about Steven’s enormous package. Steven had to admit it felt pretty good to be so amazingly hung that just his bulge could stop an entire class dead in its tracks, but at the same time he couldn’t stop worrying. There was no way this was normal. His dick shouldn’t have just surged in size like this, and since everyone else around him was keenly aware of the changes as well, Steven could not write this off as just a trick of the mind. This was really real!

There was so much chatter going on that the professor never did manage to get the class under control. Eventually the bell rang to release the class without so much as another presenter reading their segment. As soon as he heard the shrill ringing, Steven was out the door. He clutched his bag in front of his crotch and made a bee line for the bathroom. Steven quickly ducked into one of the stalls, hung his pack on the hook inside the door, and plopped his ass down on the toilet. He sat there for a moment and just stared in awe at his bulge. His package was beyond huge! His cock looked now far thicker than his arm, but he needed to be sure. He had to see the true size of it firsthand.

Steven reached down and fished his bait and tackle out from the front of his shorts. Even just the sheer heft of his package amazed him. His cock was so heavy it was like hoisting a slab of beef, and his nuts were even more immense. Either hefty orb was like lifting a sack of flour. He had balls the size of extra ripe cantaloupe. If things kept going as they were going, his nuts would soon be big enough to take the prize at the state fair! Even just the thought of it made his already massive cock chub up a bit more.

Steven silently chastised himself for finding his situation as hot as he did. He knew he should be horrified, not horny! And yet even as he grumbled under his breath, his cock steadily inflated in his hands. He was quickly flying at half-mast. His hands gripped his thick cock. His rod was so thick that he couldn’t even get his hands fully around it. His cock was thicker than his own neck! And as it got steadily harder and harder and stood upright in its full upright and locked position, Steven soon saw that it reached up to his chest. If it was just a little larger, he could lick the pre-drooling tip without even having to hunch over! Steven didn’t want to admit that the mere thought drove him wild, but the steady ramp up in pre made that painfully obvious.

Steven was too far gone to stop then. The sheer amazement he felt as he stared down the barrel of his own cannon mixed with his hormones and drove him over the edge. All he wanted to do was see what his new and improved cock could do, and plus, it wasn’t like he would be able to get it back into his pants in its current state. One way or the other, he had to get it soft again, and the quickest way to do that would be to blast his spunk all over the stall.

Steven hunched over and pressed his lips against the slit of his massive cock. Warm pre flooded his mouth. The taste of it, the sensation of his own mouth against his massive cock, the feeling of his colossal cock in his hands all conspired to make him hornier than he ever had been in his life. He almost creamed right then and there, but he managed to keep his load down. It wouldn’t do to blow so soon. He had plenty of time before his next class, and he wanted to savor this moment.

Steven continued to suckle the tip of his own cock. He sucked down gulp after gulp of pre as he stroked his fat cock with both hands. He could feel his foreskin press against his face with each pump of his massive cock. He could feel his huge nuts swinging in time with his strokes. Feeling his kickball sized stones between his knees drove him wild. They were so huge and heavy. He loved how they felt, and in the back of his mind he found himself fantasizing about what it would be like if they were even larger.

How large is too large? Is there even such a thing? In his hormone addled state, Steven couldn’t come up with an answer. All he knew was he was hornier than he had ever been, and he owed it all to his new and improved package. He had a cock beyond anything he had ever dreamed of. He had a dick to make even the biggest porn star gawk. Even just one of his nuts would completely eclipse the biggest porn stars entire cock and balls and then some!

Steven knew he was reaching his limits. He could feel his massive balls tense up. He could feel his enormous cock shuddering in his hands. He wanted to hold back, but he knew it was a losing battle. He was just about to lean back and accept the climax when a sudden burst of clarity flooded his mind. If he came right then and there he was going to be drenched in spunk! On one hand that sounded hot as hell, but that small bit of clarity shining through the haze of his own arousal reminded him that if he coated himself in spunk, he’d have to attend his next class like that. Even so, part of Steven’s mind thought that sounded hot, but he still managed to fight for control of his own thoughts.

Steven hopped up from his seat and aimed his massive cock at the toilet. His dick was so rigid that he couldn’t hope to push it far enough down to point at the bowl, so he had to lean over the toilet. He placed one hand against the far wall to steady himself and used the other hand to push his dick down. It took some finesse, but he managed to get in position before the dam broke, and when the dam broke, it broke hard!

Steven was so flooded with carnal pleasure that he could barely stay standing. His whole body shuddered with orgasmic bliss as his massive balls pumped out shot after massive, gooey shot of spunk! Steven couldn’t believe how much he was cumming. Even with his new and improved cock and balls, the sheer volume of spunk was incredible. By the third spurt, Steven had completely filled the bowl! There was nothing Steven could do but watch in awe as his own cum began to spill over the rim. He just didn’t have any spare hands to reach the lever to flush it, and even if he did, he doubted it’d get the job done. His thick spunk would no doubt clog the pipes in short order. All he could do was continue to lean over the bowl and cum and cum again.

Spunk slopped over the rim of the bowl and plopped onto the cold tile floor below. Spooge oozed outwards and gooshed into the neighboring stalls. Spunk pooled around Steven’s feet. He could feel the warm cum seeping through the canvas of his shoes, and still he kept cumming! By the time his wads finally began to taper off, there was a standing pool of spooge three inches thick in the bathroom.

Steven was so winded that he wanted to collapse right then and there and bask in the afterglow, but that was not an option. For starters, there was nowhere for him to sit! The toilet was overflowing with spunk, and the floor was coated in jizz! The best he could hope for was to get out of the bathroom before anyone noticed the mess he had made and find somewhere else to collect his thoughts.

Steven shoved his steadily deflating cock back into his shorts, slung his pack over his shoulder and plodded through the muck out of the bathroom and into the hall. He tried to act as casual as he could even as jizz seeped into the hall. Steven made pretty good time to his next destination. He had half a mind to place his pack over his crotch as he had done when he fled class earlier, but he decided not to. He was enjoying all the glances and stares he was getting from the student body. Seeing the awe in their faces filled him with no small amount of pride. The rush of pride also served to cause his cock to once again stir to life. Even though he had just flooded the bathroom with gallons upon gallons of cum, his balls seemed full all over again. Steven had half a mind to find another bathroom to destroy, but he knew he didn’t have that kind of time. His next class was coming up, and he couldn’t afford to miss the exam.

Just thinking about the exam seemed to cause Steven’s exhaustion to come rushing back. Cumming like a firehose had really taken it out of him, not to mention the painful lack of sleep he was dealing with. It was obvious that if he hoped to get through the next class, he was going to need at least another can of Big Dick Energy.


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