Sam and Bolt

by MaxMorphs

Sam’s father, Bolt, shares with his size-hungry son the secrets of becoming truly huge.

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Part 1 Sam’s father, Bolt, shares with his size-hungry son the secrets of becoming truly huge. (added: 2 Sep 2016)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 Sam and Bolt are both thrilled with their growth and size all they can do. Then the massive young giant Alexey turns up, with his story of growing up huge and then becoming a beyond huge in every way, and everything changes all over again. (added: 16 Sep 2016)
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9 Michael realizes just how much he lusts after the steadily growing Sam, even as he unwillingly adjusts to being invisible next to his beautiful, thick-muscled, and increasingly horse-hung friend. But encountering Alexey makes him realize that there’s a whole level of inhuman size that Sam, for all his growth, hasn’t even approached yet. Alexey, meanwhile, sees potential in Michael. (added: 9 Dec 2016)
Part 10 Realizing he's gotten too big, Michael turns to Sam for help. Alexey, meanwhile, is more massive than ever, and he has plans of his own. (added: 23 Dec 2016)
Epilog The aftermath: Sam, Bolt, Alexey, and … someone else.
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Part 1

Sam’s father had never been the timid sort.

He was tall and very intimidating. For as long as Sam could remember, he’d always been this size and this way. Bolt had not changed the last few years. Whether Sam was 3, 6, 9, 12 or 18, his father was always a solid mountain of muscles. No facial lines. A few grey streaks of hair here and there, but they didn’t detract from his alpha-like appearance. They may’ve even contributed to it.

Bolt, as everyone called him, had always been there for Sam, especially after his mother left for unknown reasons. Bolt never talked about her, even though Sam had these burning questions on his lips. Sometimes he would ask his father about her, but these secrets belonged to Bolt as well as the secrets concerning his size and sheer mass of body. He surrounded himself with secrets.

Bolt changed his working habits years ago. He stopped driving to work every day and started working from home. He built himself a huge office with a dark wooden desk that only fit a man of his size.

Sam noticed that his dad, despite his age, seemed only to grow larger despite having already reached grotesque proportions. If he weren’t nearly as wide as he was tall, he would probably have been a career basketball player.

Nevertheless – and this was the worst part – he forbade his son, Sam, from playing any sport known to man as though he was scared to lose his position as strongest man in the family (and on Earth probably). Sam went along with his father’s orders because his father always introduced good reasons and only seemed to be concerned for his son’s well-being.

Then there were such situations as some weeks ago when Sam was sleeping at a friend’s house. The whole situation nearly drove him mad. Michael, who had been friends with Sam from birth, had much in common with Sam’s father; he was very direct and never intimidated. Michael always wore tight boxers when Sam would spend the night over. In the mornings when he had a hard-on, he ran around with it, proud about it and presenting it as a God-given gift.

One thing Sam and Michael had in common – and that night wasn’t the first time they talked about it – was the size of their huge dicks. Even though Michael was a head shorter than Sam, his dick had nearly the same proportions. Even in their softest state, they both rocked a good six inches. A year back, though, Michael had stopped growing. Sam had not. Fully hard, Sam had an 8.6 inch cock under his hands. This was his personal record, but it was still only a bit bigger than Michael, who had 8.2 inches. His friend wasn’t mad about it. He was allowed to join the gym years ago, and he’d already packed on a good amount of muscle for an 18 year old.

They talked about other people too, the averages for both length and girth, and they were both proud about what they had.

“Everyone’s seen your dad naked, at least once. Everyone! Aren’t you interested in seeing him? Because I’d like to know about it.”

Sam really was interested, but his father hid his huge frame with his secrets. He had long past noticed that he, like his father had probably been, was the biggest kid in class. At 16 he was already 6’2’’. His head reached higher than everyone else’s. Today, he was 18 years old and even bigger still. Like most guys his age, he was already showing some muscles, but they were tiny and ridiculous compared to Michael’s. It was okay because he wasn’t the only skinny guy in class, but without training he would stay like this for the rest of his life, while Michael would grow bigger and bigger – like Bolt.

Sam always froze in awe of his father. In the gym, when he lifted free weights, he always wore a tight Lycra shirt that accentuated his over-the-top, musclebound body. Sam began to think about his father’s exercises at the gym. Bolt always started sweating fast. He only needed to train for about five minutes, lifting weights toward the ceiling, and his shirt was soaked, dark with sweat. He would then roll up his sleeves so that everyone could see the hairs in his armpits, of which there were many.

“I want to start with my training!”, Sam demanded loudly one afternoon at The Studio, the local gym.

“The time hasn’t come, little boy,” growled his father with a grin. He was busy putting more weights on for his current training station. “You have to be older, I think, and you have to grow or you will hurt your back while training. And if you hurt your back there’s no way back. Stays broken forever!”, he said in a joking tone. He always said that. It was always the same. Sam had hoped that when he turned 18 his father would break that golden rule, but the day came and went with nothing changing.

While Bolt dried his hands on his loose trousers, Sam stormed off to another part of the gym. In the gym, Sam always marveled that no one was as huge as his dad—neither in height nor width. But everyone was secretly looking at Bolt, spying on him, from a respectful and awed distance. Many rooms away, Sam could still hear his old dad panting. He knew, even without seeing his dad, that his shirt must had been wandering up that thick brick-wall stomach, nearly ripping under his thick arms and pecs. Why was he so strong and tall? Did it run in the family? Sam wanted to be that big too, and so strong! No—bigger, stronger, even if he already was the tallest in his class.

“Okay,” came the rumble of his father behind his back. Sam looked back at him. As he’d suspected, his father’s shirt looked three sizes too small on his frame. Bolt’s thick and hairy six-pack was left exposed. Veins traveled down the V to his crotch, though anything lower was hidden by his loose training trousers. “You can start training today, but don’t overdo it! I see you wore your sport uniform from school. That’s good, as you don’t have to change.”

While they walked to the dumbbells, Sam could watch as his father nearly hit his head on the ceiling beams. He had to duck under them.

“Dad? How tall are you?”

“Seven foot five? Seven foot six? I haven’t measured myself in a long time.”

“But I thought one only grew in youth?”

He ran his hand through his son’s hair, ruffling it, and said: “Our family is a bit better off. We have… Well… We have good genes, I think. But here, try these.”

He gave his son a smaller dumbbell and showed him the motions to make, described to him how the exercise worked. He himself took the biggest dumbbell available in one hand. He joked and grinned while lifting it. For him, it was nothing more than air.”

“You see? Do not stretch your arm too far and don’t swing your arm like this.”

He demonstrated the exercise to Sam. Every time the weights bobbed up and down, Bolt’s biceps grew ‘til his shirt, despite how flexible the Lycra was, ripped open on the right side. The flesh of his arm pushed the material up and grew out of it.


“Yeah, you think it’s cool, but that’s my third shirt this week and today is only Tuesday. And my arms aren’t even warm yet.”

Sam did many reps even though he’d never worked out before. His skin grew sweaty and his dad, proud.

“Always train hard and someday you’ll look just like your old dad. No maybes, ands or buts! You’ll look like this!” He raised his massive arms and his muscles, especially his biceps began to tense and rise. They were bigger and harder than bowling balls. Sam stopped his training and felt his dad’s gun. He couldn’t even reach a quarter of the way around, and it felt like pulsing hot steel under his skin.

“I have to shower now, then we’ll head home.”

“I wanna stay here a while longer, to train.” The fire within Sam had been ignited, but he thought about the opportunity under the shower and Michael’s curiosity about his dad.

“Okay, but don’t work out for too long. It’s only your first day. We’ll start tomorrow—really start!”

Bolt grabbed his crotch while Sam looked away, and went off to the showers.

After a while, Sam’s arms hurt from exertion. It was a good feeling and he wanted more, but it was time; his father was surely already waiting for him at the health and fitness bar.

As expected, he found his, but not his father’s bag in the locker rooms. After every training session, Bolt had an enormous hunger and he started to devour everything within arm’s length.

Never before had Sam showered here in The Studio. Normally he watched his father’s training, worked on schoolwork, or drove home early. He stopped visiting his father at the gym altogether, about a year ago, but maybe today had changed everything. Nearly every boy in his class trained for a better body or better fitness, but him. Now it was his time.

It was wet and foggy in the locker rooms, due to the hot haze wafting from the showers. Sam saw that most of the gym-goers wore a simple T-Shirt and loose jogging pants. He knew that his father wore another way tighter pair of pants under his regulars and he asked himself: why? His thoughts had already come up with an explanation.

Years ago Sam had realized that the cock dangling between his thighs could compete with nearly everybody else’s. He knew no one bigger than him—until tomorrow, he guessed, thinking about Bolt.

So many men in his class were ashamed of themselves. They waited for the shower to become emptier; they waited for Sam and Michael to finish, because they were so intimidated by their fat, growing dicks in the showers. They always said the same about Sam: “Well, if you’re a giant, you’re a giant everywhere!”

Sam wouldn’t call his six inches flaccid giant,because he had already seen the record holder online. But on the other hand, they were right. I’m not fully grown, there’s a spurt to come, he told himself as he thought about the 7’5’’ or 7’6’’ of his father.

Sam walked into the open showers and began to clean off. The hints of his six-pack glistened in the cool light. The other men – athletic, but no one nearly as big as his father – walked around the room naked; everything shook with each step. To his amusement, Sam realized that the biggest of them all, a bull with blown up muscles, high body fat, stretch marks under his arms and stained skin, had a puny little dick that did not swing no matter how much he moved. I had more in my pants when I was twelve, Sam thought, laughing in his mind.

His shower session ended and he began to wash his dick. He kneaded it slowly pleasurably with his right hand, failing to note the stare from the man next to him. Sam noticed his growing schlong nearly too late. He shut the water off, took his towel, and left the open shower area, before anyone else could notice. He dried himself in front of his locker and packed his still unwaveringly plump cock into a tight pair of boxer-briefs. The head of it was swollen, pushing the foreskin slightly back. A hefty vein appeared on the top of his shaft and his erection reached slightly beyond his pelvis, all 8.6 inches standing proud.

“You can be proud about it, a beautiful organ!”, hummed someone behind Sam.

He didn’t know the man. The stranger had a thick and wet beard, all black, and he appeared all blown up as though he had pumped air into himself all day long. He had a flashy mixture of fat and muscles, which gave him some kind of a fluffy look. His chest was covered in thick hair as were his arms and legs, which were as strong as tree trunks. He stood naked in front of Sam.

“You can be proud about it!”, he repeated. Sam didn’t know what to say, so he looked down at his boxer-briefs. His raging hard-on still had given no indication of dying down. Sam wasn’t a shy guy but this situation was new for him. It wasn’t normal for him to be around so many strong-muscled bulls, all with their dicks out. Thoughtlessly, he said the first thing that came to his mind: “Thanks, you too!”

The massive stranger laughed out loud, causing other men to turn their heads and look, frightened, but they looked away almost the same second.

The crotch of the thick man was enormous hairy—what Sam didn’t like to see on his own body—and he had fat cock matching the rest of his appearance, that Sam saw only now. While the man laughed, his can-thick bat jiggled heavily and only slightly. It must be really heavy, thought Sam. But the really unbelievable thing was his balls. While everyone in the gym had the stature of a bull, this man was the only one who had balls like one. They looked like they wanted to tear his sack apart to grow even bigger. Sam imagined himself enclosing them, but his hands would be too small, that was clear. They would overflow from his hands and may be too heavy to lift. They were so big that the dick in front of them couldn’t dangle freely. The penis laid on his hefty balls, and they laid on the fat thighs. How could he walk with such a huge package between his legs?

“Well, thank you. See ya.”

The man, still laughing, walked back to his locker, his cock and balls jiggling heavy with every step. Sam laughed too, but silently in his mind, he wished to grow soon. He wanted to be as proud of his body as this bear of a man. He wished for more. Leaving, he saw the bear shaking his massive body into a tiny, skintight jockstrap and jeans. One could hear the zipper scream in pain. It must be a hell of a good feeling, having so much meat between your legs. Sam asked himself, how much could this bull’s penis grow when it got hard? Maybe what I saw was nothing?

His father, Bolt, was waiting for him: “That took an eternity, boy.”


His father wore a casual red shirt which pinched him nearly everywhere, and a pair of beige shorts from which his monstrous calves emerged. Sam could hear his father’s belly growl, although he knew that Bolt probably already ate enough food for three people at the fitness bar. The bar, ironically, even sold fat and very heavy menus. Bolt ate up everything after a training, like a man possessed. Nevertheless, they went to a gorgeous old-timed diner for some fries and burgers. The diner’s owner was a slim Texan guy who recognized them immediately.

“Bolt, you colossus! The usual?”

Sam’s father showed his whitest smile: “Double it! Thanks.”

A group of talkative women sat at one of the front desks. As they watched the newly-arrived mountain of a man, they went silent and one of them licked her lips. Sam had to smile because his father always provoked these reactions. From men and women.

Rick, both the owner and chef, raised his dense eyebrows at Bolt’s order, but he went to work.

Meanwhile, Bolt and Sam took a cozy niche with a red-leathered booth at the end of the diner. Bolt threw himself into the booth and spread his unbelievable huge legs wide. He opened and closed them a few times to adjust his concealed package. He placed his over-muscled arms on the armrests, which sunk down a little under their heavy, slightly hairy load.

Sam sat down and watched his father, who had his eyes closed to rest, in detail for the first time in a long time.

His pecs rose with every breath. After a hard training, he had to eat a lot to get his energy back. But after that he had to pull himself together or else he would immediately run back to The Studio and train 24/7, never coming home. Bolt’s broad jaw already had a beard again. Sam realized a while ago, that even if his father shaved himself in the morning, he had a nice three days plus beard in the evening. For a full-grown beard, Viking style, he needed nothing more than a week. Sam wondered when this time will start for him. He hadn’t even the slightest hint of hair in his face. His eyes, meanwhile, wandered down Bolt’s body. It never bothered Sam, but today it did. Why had he never seen what his dad carried between is tree-trunk legs? Now he could only guess and marvel, because one thing was clear… The zipper of those beige shorts bulged outward impressively. If everything in his family grew way bigger than normal, from the body to the muscles, which grew faster and far beyond belief… Sam was getting horny and he needed to calm down. He knew how tight his pants and underwear were. He knew how the public could react if he let himself grow aroused.

Completely lost in thoughts and nearly asleep, Bolt’s hand went down and grabbed his crotch, fixing it, adjusting it. He shoved something massive in it around, grabbed something different and pushed it down. He totally forgot where he was. Sam said nothing and didn’t look away. The monster that was sleeping between Bolt’s legs swelled bigger for a moment until the first inch of his zipper was wrenched open. Bolt’s eyes opened in fear and he sat up, so that everything disappeared under the wide dark desk.

“Wait here for me”, he said to his son. “I’ll be back in a minute.” He got up and his monstrous bulge brushed along the table edge, growing bigger and bigger as the zipper opened even further.

Meanwhile, Rick brought the food to the table: many plates and mountains of food—burgers, fries, hot dogs, steaks and more.

Lost in thought, Rick said: “Hopefully he won’t destroy my bathroom this time. Lovely big-ass man.” Then came the first time he realized Sam was still there. “Jesus, you’re still growing taller and taller. With this bull father of yours, ha, no wonder.” Rick’s three-day beard was a little messy and wild. Some spots were already slightly grey. His skin was tanned and he had laugh-wrinkles around his eyes. “I saw you, boy, how you looked at your father and his… well. I would want to know what’s wrong with this family, too.” He winked.

Sam got the feeling that everyone around his father only thought about the one and only thing on his mind.

“Your father will be back soon. Ladies weigh heavily on his mind,” Rick said as he threw a glance to the women at the front desk. Their bodies still glistened from their workout.

When Sam’s father came back, they ate. The desk was completely overloaded with food and it seemed like a scene from a Studio Ghibli movie. Bolt ate up everything he could reach. Sam ate a little plate of food and watched his father in awe. He put a steak and a hand of fries in his giant mouth and his razor jaw line crushed everything in between. Every second he shoveled more food in. No breathing, only eating. In between, he grunted like an animal, as if eating was the best feeling in the world.

When he finished everything on the table he leaned back in the embrace of the seat. He opened the button of his pants and his swollen gut inflated heavily. His brick-like abs were clearly visible under the paper-thin shirt which wandered up again, exposing his hot and trimmed treasure trail. He gave his gigantic belly a few satisfying slaps and suddenly his gut swelled higher, pushing his melon sized pecs up ‘til his bearded chin touched his own pecs. Sam wondered whether is dad could see his own feet under all that muscle mass.

Bolt groaned.

“That’s what I call full. So … I hope you’ll join me more often now, in The Studio?”

“Yeah! I mean … Mhm! I forgot to tell you something. In the locker room, today, a kind of fat man spoke to me. Beard.”

“Ahh! Teddy. He joined the gym like two weeks ago. We trained a lot together.” His eyes said more than his sentence did. “He’s already lost some of his fatty fat, the bear. Did he recognize you? I mean, as my son?”

“I don’t think so, I haven’t joined you at the gym for a while.”

“Well then. Next time!”

Was this the starting signal? Maybe this was the very moment Sam’s training would start. He was finally allowed to do some heavy lifting, to beat Michael. He dreamed about putting on so much weight, everywhere, that Michael would look like stick figure next to him.

His dad tried looking down again, but his gut and pecs were too big. He showed a wide grin, licking his lips, thinking about something different than his feet. His nipples became hard, and it was the first time for Sam noticed their sheer size, like little thumbs. Bolt started massaging his belly, eyes shut.

“Remember that! After a good training feeding yourself has priority number one!”

Because there were no other customers, Rick sat down next to Bolt who opened his dreamy eyes again. Sam didn’t participated in the conversation, instead texting something to Michael. Michael sent him nude pictures of a girl. His big cock was in the picture too. Sam never was truly sure what Michael wanted him to see when he sent such pictures.

Sam saw with a cursory glance that Rick didn’t train at all. His clothes hung loosely on his body. Even Sam had probably more muscle mass than he had, but he had to admit that Rick still looked good despite his age.

Later, Bolt said it was time to leave. Sam got up and packed his bag, but Rick held his father back and whispered something in his ear. They thought that Sam couldn’t hear, but he understood every single word: “Bolt, you have to explain it to your son. You don’t have to tell us, but he’s your son. Your flesh, your blood. You have to tell him, or he’ll it out on his own. He’s well in the right age. Curious, you know what I mean. He should know what could happen. What will happen! What must–” “Yes, I know!” Knowledge and insight appeared on his bearded face. Sam’s heart nearly beat on his tongue. Maybe this was the last drop. These words convinced Bolt. He would tell him… everything.

“Well, well.” Finally Bolt and Rick got up too. Rick gave Bolt’s Gut a kind slap.

“See you next time!”

Rick smiled happily and Bolt replied in the same gorgeous way. “Money is on the table,” he said as a goodbye.

Sam saw that the button at the top of his father’s pants was closed again and that his huge belly had shrunken back down. There were only the hard eight abs under the tight shirt left, moving with every loud step he took.

Sam was thrilled about what would happen when they got home. All the secrets were a thing of the past, and they must be big family secrets. Bolt was finally going to tell him about it.


Part 2

But the evening was the same like every other. Hours later, after Sam had gone to bed and should be sleeping tight, Bolt went to bed. Same in the morning. His father was already awake and fully ready for the day waiting for his son in the kitchen.

Sam got out of bed and greeted his huge morning wood with a smile. On the way to the bathroom, which was upstairs, far away from everyone’s eyes, he grabbed his balls. They felt slightly swollen, but it was a normal condition, Sam learned years ago. They always were as big as huge chicken eggs. Round and massive, hidden like treasure in his huge sack. His balls, young and tight, were right behind his massive and still growing dick. He had won the genetic jackpot, for sure. But his balls weren’t as big as Teddy’s. No, because Teddy’s would not even fit in two big hands. Actually, they were even too big for his underwear but he packed it with a strong hand so they didn’t have another choice.

Sam took a piss and because it was so long, he had to knead his dick for while so he got rid of every drop. He stayed quite long under the shower. He had no time but Sam was mad at his father. Why didn’t he say something? Rick was right, Sam wanted to know what could or would happen and he felt dumb for not thinking about it earlier. Michael convinced him and Rick convinced his father. They both were not very fast in their private thoughts.

But why didn’t he asked his old man before? It was time! He wanted to know the truthRight in this moment, his dick was starting to get hard, even though he had turned the cold water on minutes ago. He got no time to please his huge boner, it was a school day.

Bolt never ate something for breakfast what Sam always found quite strange for a man his size.

His father drove an gigantic SUV but compared to his size, it looked too small for him.

Out of the open window, Bolt called after his son: “This afternoon in the studio?”

“Okay!” Sam got immediately excited about it. This afternoon he would finally get to know and see everything…

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Even though his dad had said no, Sam registered for every PE lesson available in his last school year. There were several swim trainings a week and on one day, they played soccer on the green field behind the school. The last year for Sam and Michael started only a few weeks ago.

They had biology and Sam looked at the watch every few seconds, while Michael flirted with a girl a row behind them. In contrast to Michael, Sam’s dick wasn’t some kind of famous school gossip, talked in nearly every corner. It was probably retold so often that his dick reached the one foot mark long ago. The added exaggeration of retold stories. Michael was fine with it, he was proud about it and he bragged with it. Every time, before they went to the showers, he gave his dick a little kick so everyone thought it was always that long, only getting bigger day by day. They thought that Sam was only the second largest in class, too, but they–what only Sam and Michael knew–were wrong.

“Shit man, he finally allows you to start your training. Will you now look like him at the end of the year? Holy shit … only moving through doors from the side. Haha! And you have to catch up much! Especially down there”, and he slapped Sam on his crotch.

“Oh shut up!”

“Why haven’t you seen your dad naked before? Not curious? You should know what could be yours! Everyone has seen his dad naked at least once. And when your dad has this elephant dong I believe he has, you couldn’t be happier! Maybe you will start growing now. Haha! But be happy. When I saw my dad naked, I was afraid to end up with such a little one like his. Phew, had luck. Oh, and when you see it you can call Guinness World Records so they can measure his horse cock and print it in their books. 1:1 picture wouldn’t fit I think!”

“You’re talking about my father.”

“It stays in the family. And who knows, maybe you’ll have a growth spurt soon. I’ll hope so.”

The bell rang and Sam said goodbye to Michael: “I have to go. My father is waiting for me in the studio.”

“Woho!!!”, Michael hooted. “Have fun and take some pictures! Use the panorama mode!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As Sam got into his car, his father was rummaging in his gym back.

“Fuck”, he said. “I forgot my … my other underwear.”

“Doesn’t matter, no one needs that. We can go!” Sam was excited, his voice trembled.

“I think that Michael is a bad influence for you. I can not–” but he skipped the rest of the sentence and started the car. He didn’t want to go deeper on this subject, Sam felt.

“So you’ll finally start your training! Excited? This will be brilliant!”

Sam saw that his father already wore his gym outfit.

Sam put his bag in his own locker and changed. Right when he was naked, Bolt moved past him, smiling, and said: »I’ll start already.”

Finally it was like Sam always wished it would be. No unpleasant tensions in the air. He was nude, so what? They now had a deeper bond than before. The little secrets started to pass away and Sam’s heart beat higher, like never before.

After he had finally changed, he went to the training area. Bolt talked with Teddy, whose head only reached the height of Bolt’s pecs what looked totally ridiculous. And kind of hot. Teddy wore a fanny pack, which hung suspiciously low and Sam thought that he used it to hide the massive bulge inside his pants. If you looked closely enough, you could see the fat balls pushing against the fabric. His wide dick formed a visible line.

“So this really is your son? That’s what I just thought yesterday.” His eyes rested on Sam’s crotch a little too long. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought. Well this could be interesting. With this genes I’m excited for the after-photo.”

“We’ll see”, laughed his father.

He acted like a different person. All the years Sam wasn’t allowed to work out seemed to be gone and he finally took his son under his wings.

When they started the training it was already 5 pm. There were guys in tight tank tops and women in hot leggings everywhere. The air was a single wheeze and moan. Sam even told his father about his PE lessons in school. Bolt was really happy about it and congratulated him. He would have never done that earlier.

Bolt showed him every piece of equipment in the gym and they started to have their workout together. That was the first time for Sam seeing how strong his father really was. But Teddy, who interrupted them rarely, was impressed about the weights Sam already lifted. “He doesn’t look like much but he already starts high.”

Bolt grinned.

After every exercise, Bolt changed the weights and did his workout. Sam saw his father swelling bigger and bigger under his already more than tight clothes, how his muscles warmed up, how his shirt and pants nearly bursted from power. But there was not one clue about the monstrous thing between his legs. No bulge, no visible line.

“I”, Sam breathed heavy at nearly 9 pm, “I can’t! One more push-up and I’ll die.”

Even he was pumped now but it really wasn’t visible. His arms hung limply down at his sides.

“Come on! Only one set of leg presses is left!” Sam couldn’t see it, but Bolt grabbed something in his pants and moved it down his leg.

Sam braced his legs against the machine and pressed as hard as he could.

“Come on!” His father tried to cheer him up.

Sam’s thighs burned like hell. It felt like his muscles tore apart and then, thrust by thrust, it suddenly felt better, even delightful. He braced his legs as if on drugs and he overcame the weights. And then he got horny all of a sudden. It felt so good to push this much weight so easily. He felt the fabric of his pants on his hardening dick. It grew bigger and longer longer until it was totally hard, pressing against the edge of his pelvis. He continued his last workout. Bolt encouraged his son: “Okay, okay, three left! Two. Only one! YAH!” There was nearly nobody left to hear his animalistic scream. Sam stood up and staggered slightly. Bolt came up and gave him a strong and very sweaty hug. Sam’s face disappeared between his huge slabs of pecs, they were as soft and huge as pillows.

“Haha! Well done! Attention, or you’ll knock something over with that.” He took a short look down, to show what he meant. He even grabbed Sam’s bulge shortly.

“Yeah, it took me over the edge.”

“That’s good! That’s very good! And now I know what Teddy meant. It already nice but there are other sizes waiting for you.” Bolt winked. “You have to get over the edge … every time! That’s the secret. It doesn’t work if you only train for like an hour and stop then. You have to overcome yourself. Without that, everything is worthless. And now go take a shower. I’ll join ya when I’m ready here. The edge is calling.”

There were no people left in the Studio. Because of that Sam took off his sweaty clothes in the open shower area that had a few old benches in the middle of the room. They were always wet so no one put his stuff there, except for today. Today it didn’t matter. He looked at himself in the huge mirrors of the shower room while the water ran down his body in thin hot lines. He felt great. His muscles, his skin. His balls felt impossibly full and chubby and he still had this raging hard on. He grabbed it with both hands and smiled.

“Go ahead, I don’t mind. We’re all just men.”

Frightened about the well-known voice Sam looked into the mirrors and saw the naked Teddy on the other side of the room. The round arranged mirrors in the whole room, wetted with little drops of water and sweat, had many benefits. Teddy had thrown his stuff in the middle, too, and while he had started his shower and the water began to ran down his massive physic, he started to feel himself with his full hands. The water ran down on his full beard, his gut and his gigantic dick. The hot vapors became solid fogs but the mirrors stayed clear, the view unhindered. Teddy looked much more muscular than yesterday. He made an effort.

His dick was uncut so he had not only a long cock but a long foreskin, too. Sam gave it a glance, then he looked down a bit longer and Teddy began to smile bright and wide. Sam turned back to his shower and the mirror wall on his side. He started to beat off. He had never been this hard before. His movements got faster and he opened his eyes again, taking a short breath. He didn’t have to turn around to see the other side of the showers. The whole room was wrapped in a thick haze. Sam moved up and down on his 8 ½’’ tool. It was heavenly and the girth would soon be too much for his manly hands to contain. The head of his dick was heavily inflated, pumping dark, his muscles felt sensitive, somewhat irritated but on the same hand unbelievable good. Teddy was dragged away by Sam’s session and it animated his body to do the same. Teddy’s dick would finally present his biggest form. Sam heard his slow and pleasured breathing and he saw immediately that Teddy was a grower. How is that even possible, he thought. I only know guys with gigantic cocks. Teddy’s shockingly thick monster lowered and got longer with every heartbeat. His glans finally came to view because it got too big for his massive foreskin to handle. Teddy grabbed his shaft in a rush and started to beat off. Sam had never seen such a thick dick not even on the net. It had many veins but on a closer look, it was only slightly longer than Sam’s. The thickness made it look like a behemoth. And his unreal balls.

Teddy hit his prick against his fat gut and it reached above his navel making a loud and wet slapping sound. Now little threads of precum hung between the head of his bat and his belly. Even Teddy had problems to encircle his own dick. He had big paws but they weren’t simply big enough. His fingertips didn’t touch. His wide thumb lay on the upper side of his shaft, wandered back and forth above the big veins. He played with his foreskin.

“God, I can’t wait for you to look like your father”, Teddy whispered between the shower fogs.

He suddenly reached his climax, animated by his hot and growing thoughts and Sam couldn’t believe it. Teddy’s gigantic Balls raised up in his sack. He seized and started kneading them, as if this was his first time doing this, while his other hand pleasured his penis’ head with rotating movements. Then it began, but it wasn’t a simple squirt. Huge thick fountains, everyone longer than three seconds, splashed out of him continuously and every time they got stronger. Teddy groaned, helpless about the waves of pleasure hitting his body. Like a sprinkler it shot higher and higher, hitting his head, his face and the mirrors of the open room. His whole side was soaked in cum and it only drained out very slowly. It didn’t want to stop. Like a hose it shoot ever more of his precious fluid until his fountains started to loose power. Everything drained in cum was slowly washed away by the waters of the shower.

Teddy dropped his vibrating hammer which stood still in the middle of the air. The last big drop that came out of his cock was bigger than everything Sam had ever shoot. The drop hit the ground, splashed between Teddy’s feet and was washed away.

“Yeah, that was a good one.” He said, his eyes closed, his dick still hard under the running shower. It ran down his face and he smiled in peace. His penis calmed down but stayed as thick as it was. Now his balls hang low in their sack, bobbed up and down with every of his steps. He dried himself and his huge cock shook beneath his white towel; it nearly had a hypnotic effect on Sam.

“I hope it didn’t bother you.”

“God, no!” Sam laughed. “It was … well, it was hot.”

“I bet you can do that soon enough. Man I would love to be in your place. You have to see your old dad. Hoho!” He grabbed his dried and clean dick again and squeezed in into an old jockstrap, the seams starting to stretch. He touched his package one last time and said: “Have fun! Your father finally tells you everything. But don’t forget: Tomorrow is another day too.” With that he leaved the locker room.

Sam’s dick was still hard as steel and he started to beat himself of again. It was a good feeling and the thought about Teddy and his massive fountains of cum gave him the kick he needed. He came under a heavy moan and his knees shook in anticipation. It was half a hand full of semen, but it was pathetic compared to Teddy’s amount. The furry bears last shot was way more than Sam’s whole load. He was disappointed as he looked at his big teen balls.

“Don’t worry, it’ll get better. Much better.”

“DAD!” Sam tried to hide is deflating dick behind his hands. It was a reflex and Bolt started laughing.

“What’s the matter. As if I’d never seen you naked. Come down. Listen, I’m your father and it doesn’t have to be awkward for both of us. Your naked here with complete strangers and you talk to them and you laugh with them. No embarrassment.”

“I’m sorry. It’s … I’m not used to it.”

“That’s my fault and it ends now! All these secrets and quiet thoughts. I have waited too long and your training will start immediately. It’s time for you to became a real man and to get into my footsteps.” Sam looked down at Bolt’s massive feet size 20+ feet. “And then Michael can’t fool you anymore. Same with Teddy.” Sam felt his face rushing red while his dick was hard again, the head high in the air.

His father, three heads bigger than him, looked even more blown up than normal. He was unbelievable swollen and his shirt was ripped above his biceps and his left pec. A thick nipple was exposed by the tear in his shirt.

“Today was the first time in a long run for me to go over the edge myself. I haven’t done this for a while. Feels incredible.” It seemed as if he grew bigger with every breath he took. Then he tore his shirt of his body. “That where we’ll take your body!”

His voice was a deep thunder between the mirrors on the walls. His nipples, big and hard, looked to the ground because of the sheer mass of his gigantic pecs. When Bolt inhaled deeply his chin nearly touched his breast, that’s how big they were. Veins were visible on his arms and even near his nipples. He tried to raise his right pec with his left hand. “I’ve never seen them this big before.” His hand slipped between the crack of his pecs and nearly disappeared between them. He could have crashed a can between these mountains of flesh.

“Dad, I don’t know how to tell you this. It is childish, I know, but Michael told me … about his dad. And the other guys in class said it too. Multiple times.”

“It’s okay, I’ll talk openly with you now. You’re old enough. It’s … well, it is the training. There a some humans, maybe more than a hand full, with this ability. But not all know about it. You have to train harder and longer than anyone else until you reach the edge, as you and I call it. You have to step over it, go even further. You have seen your body after your training. The pain formed into pleasure and that’s it. You should grow up before I introduce you to this world. You should grow up knowing what it is like to be normal. Even though you always had this genetic lead in every way possible.” He slapped his own crotch kindly. “And when you train hard enough, over your limit, your body will follow. And there’s another helpful”, he grinned, “and hot thing.”

He pulled his loose training pants down in one single move and revealed a skin tight leggings under it, that nearly reached his ankles. At the height of his hips, where the V ran down to his crotch, Sam could see how tight the pants was that looked somewhat like neoprene. It nearly cut his fathers skin and Bolt explained: “I’ll show you what I mean in a minute.”

His grinning smile only became wider. “But first I have to bring this thing down … you know, it’s not good in every daily situation to get a giant boner. When I was your age, no, maybe even two years older and already well built”, he winked, “I had one in my gym where I went back then and a visitor nearly lost his freakin’ mind. My thing was hard as stone and it sprang, literally ripped, out of my jogging pants. This day I changed the gym and since then I wore these as a protection so I don’t have to leave the studio in future. But I learned that The Studio is much more open minded and friendlier about this stuff.

So this is like my 20th pair. I outgrew the other ones. Every one of it. They press everything together, sometimes even too much, I have to admit. And today I grew the first time in an eternity what makes these little bastard even harder to wore. I need a new one!”, he said and he tore the seam of his special leggings on the left side of his gigantic thigh open. His massive muscle poured out immediately. Bolt tore the other seam apart too. From his position Sam couldn’t see Bolt’s ass growing out of his pants, two marvelous globes of marble that were finally free and they continued their growth and shook with every of Bolt’s movements.

Veins appeared on the downside of his gut, ran down to his still hidden crotch. But not for long. He pulled the front of his pants a few inches down which finally exposed the basis of his gigantic prick. The skin was a bit darker there and Sam could see the thick dick running down his right leg. It was already wider than Bolt’s own wrists. Sam was kind of disappointed because Teddy’s dick had been even wider, but then it came to his mind that this dick wasn’t even hard yet.

“Mhh”, his father groaned. “Air, finally.”

He looked down at his dick as if he was proud of him and his power. Sam could finally see the outline of his unbelievable big schlong under the black fabric.

“But this is … man … how could you hide this.”

“Wasn’t easy. I didn’t want to spoil or unsettle you, but you haven’t seen anything yet!”

With a jerk he tore his undies a bit wider and his dick breathed and poured out of it, inch by inch, and it looked like he had opened a can of bread dough, growing bigger and bigger out of its prison.

“How long is yours soft now? 7 inches?” asked Bolt.

“More like 6 inches.” answered Sam.

“What? No. Okay, I forgot the standards in size. What’s normal. But this will change very fast, trust me.”

“But I’m already the biggest in class.”

“Yeah, and you’ll grow much bigger.” Bolt smiled. “I was allowed to start my training earlier when I was your age. When I was your age my dick was soft as big as this.” He lowered his pants a few inches. Sam could already see 8,5 inches of still soft but nevertheless fat cock, growing even fatter. But it wasn’t even half hard yet. It was only a recovery from the tight underwear. The girth of it was now even bigger than Teddy’s and even Bolt couldn’t reach around it with only hand, even though his hands were as oversized as everything on his body.

“But enough with this.”

He tore the pants of his body and into two shreds. Sam had to ignore Bolt’s unique lightly hairy tights, with no room between them. Finally free his swelling monster cock dangled three inches above his knees. His father had even bigger balls than Teddy, which was, when a thought about it, a logical conclusion. They were colossal and pressed forward by his big thighs. His balls didn’t hang very much, maybe because he was turned on by the situation and the training before. Because of the sheer size of his package his dick lie on his balls, bulged over it. Everything hung a feet in front of his body. At the end of his cock the foreskin bulged because of its fat and swelling head. His foreskin slipped back slowly; it couldn’t contain his glans any longer.

“I hope it didn’t bother you when I’ll give myself a helping hand here?”

He shook his had like he wasn’t even there. His only thought was: I’ll have this soon. I’ll have this soon. I’ll have this soon.

His father went to a shower head and Sam could see his gigantic ass move with every step, bumping in heavy motions. From near his dick was even more intimidating. You could see its weight because it swung back and forth so slowly and heavily. Every part of his adonis like body was trained and ready.

Bolt took his pride in one hand and moved his other from its base to its head and back again. One time he lost his grip and his gigantic phallus felt down, hitting hard against his knees, making a loud and wet slapping sound.

“I knew you already had a good session but after a hard training it’s good to cum multiple times. And as I see you’re ready.” Bolt pointed on Sam’s raging hardon and turned on his shower.

Sam saw Bolt’s body in movement, which was like natural spectacle. His guns, which hit incredible 30 inches a while ago; his thighs that had to rotate a little with every step because there was no room for simple moving forward; his calves, blowing up with every step as if it was the easiest thing in the world to carry this man around; his wide wings, so big his arms couldn’t hang straight down any longer; his forearms, swelling with every grab, showing every cord of muscle under his skin and his neck, wide as a bulls one, merging aesthetically with his throat which disappears in it.

Bolt groaned loudly right after he started massaging his elephant dong. He put his huge wet hand against the white tiles to support his massive body and its weight. Bolt’s body was too big for the shower heads and his eyes had to look down for them.

Sam even had the feeling that his father was bigger than this morning, an inch or two – the training really got him to the next level. While they had their fun, Sam didn’t move his eyes away from his fathers physic. The biceps blowing up with thrust finally revealing their maximum size; his right pec moving up and down, contracting with every movement. The hot water ran down his nipple. Sam couldn’t hold it any longer and came but Bolt didn’t noticed it. His cock finally awaked.

Huge veins started to pulse on his big shaft and continued to pump more and more blood into his oversized monster. Soon Bolt couldn’t hold it any longer with only one hand. When the exposed glans of his dick reached the underside of his pecs, it started a steady stream of clear and hot precum. It was already more precum than all the cumshots Sam had sprayed in his whole life. From time to time it squirted strong out of his dick, hitting the wall with a loud splash. Bolt was really horny and ready to go. His father thrusted his hips back and forth, tensed his butt and legs and suddenly his monster cock grew a few inches bigger and disappeared between his gigantic swollen pecs.

“This is maybe the best part.” It was such a pleasure that he closed his eyes in awe. He threw himself heavy against the precum-splattered wall and the whole empty gym started to shake for a few seconds. He thrusted forward and fuck his own dick between his pecs and the wall. His hands, meanwhile, tried to push his pecs together. It had to be as tight as possible. His groaning continued. Because of his power his leg muscles grew even stronger. He was standing on his tiptoes now fucking his inhuman prick even harder. The calves exploded in size, growing as big as his biceps. He got faster and faster. The shower head began to shake and so did his ass and swelling balls.

“YAH!” The hypnotizing movements kept his dick growing. Sam couldn’t believe it, indeed Bolt’s dick was fully hard but it hasn’t reached its maximum size yet. Just then, he saw that his father’s balls got ready for the soon arriving finale by getting even bigger. He could hear the gallons of cum sloshing in them. Soon they were nearly as big as his pecs, pushing him slightly away from the precum soaked wall.

Another “YAH!!” broke out of Bolt’s mouth and Sam saw the head of his father’s oversized cock growing out of his pec’s gap, pulsating with pre. Bolt’s face and body was sweat soaked and then, after a few inches of work, Bolt did what Sam couldn’t believe was even possible and he came again immediately without touching himself.

Bolt stretched his bearded face down and took his own, over swollen cock head in his mouth. His broad jaw widened itself to the limit and it was an unbelievable hot view and the noises he made while mouth fucking himself only got louder with every lick on his gigantic pulsing glans.

His father was in a dream state. He moved his hands away from his pecs and to his nipples and started playing hard with them. They were as big as small dicks and it looked like they were as sensitive as ones. His hips kept thrusting forward fluently as if he was cumming already, but it were only the waves of lust shaking his oversized body.

The precum ran out of his mouth like a waterfall and splashed on his pecs and into the gap between them. His balls lie on his hairy thighs and his sack contracted from time to time. His breath got stronger and louder with every second passing.

Then, with three visible beats, his balls swelled and doubled in size within a second, as if they exploded. In the same moment he thrusted forward one last time, he pulled the impossible big cock out of his mouth which shaft started to shoot hot come like water from a hose.

He aimed at the ceiling and his balls gave everything they had. The first shot alone lasted nearly 10 seconds and the ceiling was plastered in more cum than a group of footballs players could produce in their whole life. He yelled and groaned, the flood from his cock blasted through the room, his hips still pumping up and down. Then he grabbed his cumming dick with both hands and with the words: “The fastest way!” he aimed on his son.

It was warm and it was everywhere. He felt something but he couldn’t describe it, but he knew that he just came again. After minutes his head was free again and Bolt’s monster was still pumping out gallons of cum. The whole ground was covered in it and the sea reached above their ankles.

The flowing of cum got smaller and every time Sam thought it was over, he shoot another load from his finger sized slit.

When his monster dick was finished and not fully hard anymore, but still a monster, he dropped it and it hit the sea of his cum with a loud and messy splat. Bolt robbed, still on the ground, to the bench in the middle. He sat on the ground, his arms resting on the bench’s seat, while is swollen dick floated in his own juice. The foreskin covered the head by now. Sam looked at the fire hose, one last lurch and the final drops of cum flooded the bench, making a horse’s load look pathetic.

“How was it?” sighed Bolt.

“I don’t think that someone could find the right words for this … so …”

“For me it was the same”, Bolt told, “I had run through this too. Now you’re a man. You saw, what it means, to be one. Did you get some of my cum in your mouth? I know it’s not easy, and this shouldn’t become a habit, but do you?”

Sam nodded uncertainly.

“That is the second component that gives your body the promised growth spurt. You can grow by training alone but pumping your own juice into your body multiplies the effect of your growth. But be aware, that you cum doesn’t kills your hunger or thirst. After that, you have to drink and eat like mad. It seems to transform energy in your body. But it has no energy by itself, I didn’t give myself my own juice for over a year.

But the self-sucking gets way easier, when your dick starts to grow. Oh, and by the way”, he looked left and right as if he was scared that somebody was listening secretly. “Your dick juice works for everybody. I think you should know that.” He laughed about the probably strangest conversation father and son ever had.

“I’m your father and your trainer. Tomorrow you’ll see the first results and then it’ll begin!”

After a real shower and some dirty laughter, Sam saw why his father bragged about the forgotten extra underwear back in the SUV hours ago. He squeezed his oversized horse dick with a pleasantly grin into his right pants leg. The pants were cut wide but the anaconda was clearly visible through the fabric. It ran over his fat thigh and pressed against the outer seam. Bolt tried to rearrange it but it was useless because his dick already started to stiffen again and he said: “We have to go home. Fast.”

On their way Sam thought about Michael and what he will say about all this freaking developments.

His training had begun.


Part 3

The time Sam had to be at school was becoming more and more bearable. All the past years he wondered why he had to pass all those subjects when he already knew that he would not need them at all later on. He was completely focused on his training that he started to daydream and the teacher had to literally wake him up and brought him into some awkward situations.

On the first afternoon after Bolt’s reveal, Sam had his weekly swimming routine with Michael and all the other boys from his class. He wanted to run off to the Studio and train but these courses were obligatory. The whole day Michael wanted to know from Sam what has happened yesterday, but proud Sam told him, that he would talk to him about that later. When everyone was about to leave, Sam and Michael stayed in the pool.

“Hurry up boys!” was the last thing the coach shouted to them as he left the pool area. They both nodded. As soon as he was gone, Michael wanted to know everything.

“Now tell me you jerk!”

Sam began by telling him about the training with Bolt. He could literally see how Michael started to imagine every little scene in his head. The foreplay with Teddy, whom Sam never mentioned before, left Michael speechless.

“I should really change from training at our gym to the Studio, even though the name is stupid. What happened then?”

“Then I saw him! Everything! In all its glory!”

“AND?” Michael literally screamed, eager to know. His body was tensed and he was kicking wildly with his legs to stay upright in the water. Sam wanted to put him out of his misery by putting his arms apart so Michael could imagine what was hanging between Bolt’s legs.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!” was the only thing he was able to say.

“The best thing is that mine could be like his! I mean I could literally have that size between my legs. Maybe even bigger than…”

The attendant who came into the pool area interrupted them.

“Go change guys, I wanna go home now!”

Sam pushed himself out of the water and watched Michael do the same. His friend had such a big erection that it was pulled back by the pool edge and slammed into his abs. His trunks had trouble containing that big cock. Michael tried to rearrange himself. Lucky he decided to not wear speedos a long time ago when he was not that hung as he was now. Their coach accepted it though after he saw in the showers how hung both of his students were.

“What is even better…” Sam said as they both walked to the showers, “I only have to train harder! That is the whole secret! He said that if you pass a certain level of resilience and pain, you will feel absolute pleasure! Yesterday I did it the first time, now I have to do it every single training session.”

Michael’s erection wasn’t going down at all. It jerked with every step he took, as well as his pecs. Sam was almost jealous about Michael’s muscles but he knew that he does not have to worry about making much bigger gains in the future. But he had to admit, that his friend had an awesome six-pack, shadow-making chest muscles and strong arms which he put against the wall of the shower. Michael violently yanked down his pants and let his dick out, grabbing it hard and jerking it of.

Sam continued to talk about the finale he had with his father, which made M’s breath go faster and faster.

“Oh my god…” he mumbled as he shot his load over the wall in front of him. “I definitely have to join the Studio!”

Sam smiled as he saw his friends deflating prick. He was not sure if he should reveal his next thought to Michael too. He was sure that he would try anything to get to the other “component” that makes his muscles explode in size. The hot water ran down Sam’s neck and his full balls relaxed while he thought about it. He was sure that his dick gained half an inch during the night.

“There is another thing… that could help accelerate your growth. It is in here…” Sam finally revealed as he grabbed his big balls.

You could not really expect how Michael would react. He looked at Sam from top to bottom, his eyes resting on his friend’s swollen and low hanging scrotum.

“So, you drink… your own cum…? And your… dad… too?” Michael asked while his dick reached a rock hard erection within seconds. “GIVE ME SOMETHING!!!”

Sam somehow expected that reaction and tried to calm his friend down. “Dude, relax! We never crossed that line…”

“Well, I did not know that your cum could turn me into the Hulk!!!” he laughed and walked towards him.

Sam was taller but Michael has been training regularly for over two years now. He pressed Sam with his body against the cold tiles. His nose touched Sam’s chin, the breath felt like a breeze on his skin. Michael took his hand and guided it down Sam’s abs towards his goal. He squeezed the dick and jerked it forcefully a few times; each stroke seemed to make the already impressive cock thicker. Sam’s penis began to inflate and rise towards Michael until it touch the light fur on his six-pack.

“Alright! You want it? Then down on your knees!!”

Michael smiled and a slowly guided the hard piece of flesh between his lips.

“Come on, get to it!”

He grabbed Michaels head and shoved it towards his crotch. His wet body smacked against the shower walls, making kind of a slurping sound which was only been predominated by the sucking sounds of Michael.

“Yeah…” was the only thing you heard from Sam. About half of his cock was inside his friends mouth when Michael had to take a break. “Moar…!!!” ordered Sam in a deep voice, that was even unusual for himself.

M took both hands as a held, guided his tongue all over the big head. He knew he was doing something right when the knees of Sam started to shake. He had to use the wall for support.

“Oh yeah! You can take the rest later!” Sam grabbed Michael’s thick neck while he moaned and fucked his friend’s throat. Suddenly both looked down at Sam’s balls. They saw how his sack started to inflate massively, preparing to launch a load, way bigger than Sam has ever released before. And it happened! It started to spurt like a fountain, filling M’s mouth immediately. He had no other chance than to swallow and swallow and swallow. His eyes begged for mercy but the muscles behind Sam’s cock flexed over and over again, launching even more spurts of hot cream into his throat and down in his stomach. Then after nearly a minute Sam released his pal and stood up. Michael fell on his back, breathing heavily.

“I am hungry!” said Sam and walked over M’s body towards the changing room, his half-hard prick smacking his thighs. Michael rubbed his not existing belly and closed his eyes. Both knew that their friendship has changed beyond return.

Sam entered the Studio after seven. He sat down at the bar and ordered 3 huge menus which he devoured like a maniac. As he wanted to pay, Liz told him that his father always eats for free and the same applies for his son. During his third meal, he watched his dad through the windows. Some would find it strange that the training people could look into the bar and restaurant but Sam thought that his dad really liked the attention. His giant father towered over everyone in there, especially a woman who boldly touched Bolt’s giant biceps. Pumped from his work he flexed it hard and everyone gasped. The huge ball exploded in size as the woman was lifted into the air. Bolt started to laugh and everyone joined him. The way his black tank top stretched over his pecs made Sam quite horny again.

Sam was the only one eating unhealthy fries and greasy hot dogs. Everyone else ate a salad or drank some strange green stuff that Liz prepared in a food processor. Sam’s attention returned to the training room where Teddy and Bolt were the only ones left. While the hairy bear trained behind a huge stack of weights and was nearly invisible, he saw his father and the way he stretched his normal briefs. He ripped the custom made ones apart yesterday so now, everyone could see the unrestrained python behind the fabric.

Before he was able to look at Teddy again, both left the gym and went to the changing rooms. Sam wanted to leave too but as he stood up, he discovered a big stain of ketchup on his shorts.

“Damn!” he grumbled.

He went to the toilets but the cleaning lady chased him off. He wanted to argue but decided to clean his shorts in the changing rooms. It took ages to clean the shorts in the sink. He looked at himself in the mirror and discovered some hairs on his cheeks. Hairs that were not visible yesterday. The fact the he was starting to grow a beard made him proud and smile. Through the mirror, he also discovered that behind him, his father stood in a cubicle with his briefs down his ankles. Someone he could not see sat on the toilet and blew Bolt’s giant cock. The constant coughing of the other person made it clear that Bolt has already reached epic proportions.

Sam heard his father growl and he could also hear how the other man started to swallow. Bolt blew a geyser-sized load down the man’s throat. Even though his huge cock made it impossible for any cum to escape, Sam could see between his father’s legs how huge rivers of rum splashed onto the floor. Bolt continued to flood the poor man and more and more cum hit the tiles, way more than a horse could produce in a week.

Finally, after ages, his dad relaxed and with a loud plop, he removed his humongous tool from the stranger’s mouth. Bolt came over to Sam and washed his hands at the sink like nothing happened. Then he grabbed his prick like a puppy in the neck and lifted it into the sink as well. His son stared at the enormous meat his dad cleaned thoroughly. With a nod he beckoned Sam to give him some paper towels. As he dried his anaconda, he asked his son.

“Well, how was school today? Long swim training?”

“Yeah, the rest was not really spectacular.” replied Sam who had relaxed a bit as well. He watched as his dad stuffed his bull balls inside his briefs. “I hope you don’t mind but I told Michael.”

“Sure, sure! It should not be a big secret. I’ve already told some other guys too.” He pointed over his shoulder, the movement nearly made his tank top shred apart. In the cubicle sat Teddy, his hairy chest completely covered in cum which he was not able to swallow. However, the major part definitely landed in his stomach, his belly was as big as a beach ball. He smiled through his now white beard.

“He will definitely sleep like a little baby tonight.” Bolt said and threw the last towel in the bucket.

On their way home, they bought Sam his first razor. …Sam played with some friends on his computer, while his dad, and he knew that for sure, ate everything inside the fridge. They did not eat at the Studio this time because Bolt had some work to do and went into his room. Sam did not know what he was doing in there. He knew that his dad worked in the financial sector and as he started to get too big for the office, he moved his workplace into his bedroom.

While Sam defeated his friends online, he started to remember what had happened today. His balls inflated slightly as he remembered how the training made him feel. Way better than his swim training did. He touched his chest and biceps but they have not grown very big. Tomorrow he had the whole afternoon to train at the Studio.

His dad knocked at his door. As he entered, he saw the 5XL shorts his dad now wore, barely able to contain his tree-sized thighs and monstrous bulge. His cock was visible at least 5 inches as it hang out of the end of his shorts. His mighty chest flexed with each step. He sat down on Sam’s bed, which nearly broke down and handed Sam a little red book, which looked well used.

“I have written down every single gain I have achieved. Every inch, everything measured. From the start ‘till now. EVERYTHING!” he said proudly while he played with the tip of his cock.

Sam opened it and saw how his dad had several pages for each muscle. From biceps to chest, from waist to cock. He noted down the date, the size, the growth and everything twice while the second column next to it was empty.

“I know what you want to ask. The empty column is for you! So you can start to enter your stats and see if you can catch up to me someday!” His dad laughed deeply as he grab his schlong hard.

Sam looked at his father’s stats and how they increased dramatically until they became nearly inhuman. Years ago his dad’s arms grew from 20 inches to 22 inches within a week.

“Yeah, that arm training was insane! I did not sleep the whole week and trained through the night. I produced enough sweat to fill a bathtub. I thought that I should reach the maximum one day but luckily, that day did not come.”

His dad got horny as he though back to these days. He worked his dick hard enough to make it inflate like a balloon. Sam looked at the end of the biceps stats and discovered that his father measured his guns two days ago.

31 inches.

He looked at his dad who raised his arm and started to flex. Sam touched the huge ball as it grew hotter and harder. His dad flexed them to their full size. Sam noticed that his dad’s arms have been at 31 for a long time now.

“I did not want to grow any bigger until you started to develop your own body. Now I think it is time for me to grow bigger again… a little bit!” he smiled as he rubbed his sons head.

“Now you know everything and you are ready to follow my footsteps.”

Sam smiled and hugged his dad. At least he tried to, as his arms did not reach the side of his father’s massive chest.

“And now it is time to measure you! And I mean EVERYTHING!” Bolt said as he revealed a measuring tape. He stood up from the nearly broken bed, his huge cock nearly shredding apart his shorts as it continued to swell.


Part 4

The tape measure Bolt had brought was 75 inches long: long enough to measure Sam with, but way too small for Bolt’s unbelievable size.

Sam pulled his tight undies down and his cock sprang free immediately. His father knelt at his side, ready to write all his new measurements down in the black book.

“The first numbers we’re gonna take cold, and the next ones right after the training.”

Sam felt unbelievably small and weak in comparison to his giant father. After they finished, Bolt read the results out loud: “Weight: 129 pounds. Biceps: 12 inches. Chest: 31 inches. Thighs: 17 inches. Waist: 30 inches…”

There were many more numbers, but Sam was no longer listening. Bolt woke him from his daydream: “And last but not least…the most important part of the male body!”

Bolt gave him the tape measure and Sam held it at the base of his soft dick with a slow smile. “Okay…that’s almost 6 and a half inches…soft!’’

I didn’t take Sam long to get hard. The soft touch of his own warm hands and the work with the tape measure brought life to his sleeping cock. It became longer and thicker within seconds, and he could feel it swelling with blood. Sam felt the muscles behind his dick contracting, pumping it even bigger, harder. It jumped slightly in anticipation.

“You’re getting some pretty good growth already!” commented Bolt. “Almost 9 inches, with a circumference of 5 and a half inches. Divide by π, that gives us a diameter of an inch and three quarters.” He grinned at Sam, every inch the proud father.

After all these numbers found their way into the already amazingly full book, and then it was the moment Sam had been waiting for.

“It’s my turn!” said Bolt. Sam helped him measure, starting with his biceps. Bolt tensed his muscles and they responded by inflating shockingly large. Veins appeared on the surface of his tight skin, pulsing bigger with every flex. The show had barely started and already the room felt incredibly hot to Sam. Bolt actually had to drop to his knees because Sam wasn’t tall enough yet to measure his father’s mind-blowing arms. As Sam placed the tape, his father was continuing to pump his biceps up and down; every time Sam thought he had the right measurements, they swelled even bigger. The skin of his unbelievably huge body glistened in the weak light of the room: Bolt had begun to sweat. A grin broke out on his face as Sam at last pulled the tape measure taut and got the measurement: 31 inches!

Bolt slapped his arms lightly, trying to relax his muscles, and let his huge hands wander down his gleaming body, past his overly hairy armpits. A masculine smell was beginning to spread through the room. Sam gauged the other arm too; the measurements were the same. Bolt broke into a double biceps pose and presented his magnificent width and his gorilla arms. Sam was in awe: he could have massaged those arms for hours, and then moved over to his bull neck, and worked his way down from there…

Before Sam could get around Bolt’s upper body to measure his pecs, Bolt posed a little more. He wanted the maximal size for his muscles, a new record for the book. Neither of them noticed yet that Bolt’s monster cock was liking the way his body felt, was continuing to get bigger and bigger. The thickness of it was almost too much for his boxer shorts and it stressed the material to the maximum. Sam, though, was too busy noticing the short hair on Bolt’s chest. He must have to trim it every day, he thought.

“I have to shave so often that shaving lost its charm,” explained Bolt with a loud grunt. His thick beard, which hadn’t been there that morning, confirmed this story.

As Bolt continued to swell himself to an undreamt-of size, Sam felt his pecs: one moment they were soft, gently rising and falling with every breath, and then suddenly they were jumped up and hard as steel. Sam tried to lift the huge mountains of flesh, but he had no chance; they were too heavy. He stroked the tight skin and felt the little hairs on the surface. Then he dared to touch Bolt’s nipples, which were hard within a split second.

“I’ve always had huge-ass nipples. Ever since I can remember,” Bold moaned loudly, puffing his chest out for emphasis. “Come on. Let’s max out that tape!” As Bolt kneaded and lifted his own pecs, Sam massaged his nipples, along the edges where little veins were visible, and they became bigger and fatter still. Sam felt his father’s chest rise even higher, as a sweet-looking white liquid began to drip out of his nips.

“Now, the tape measure!” shouted Bolt. At the same moment, his boxer shorts lost the fight against his inhuman cock. It sprang free, actually pushing Sam out of the way. Sam tried to swing the tape around Bolt’s body, but he couldn’t encompass him because the monster cock between them was in the way, becoming thicker every second.

“I’m sorry! I’m not doing it on purpose!” Bolt said as his cock began to leak a strong trickle of precum. Sam finally found his hands behind his fathers back and he tried to measure his pecs, but…the tape was too short. Sam pulled on it with all his power, compressing the mountains of muscles as tightly as he could, but it wasn’t enough.

“Finally!” was the only thing Bolt said. He smiled wide: his upper body was finally bigger than 75 inches! Now his nipples were leaking as much pre as his still-not-fully-hard cock; Sam wanted to drink every drop of it. He was sure that it would make him bigger in every way imaginable. Bolt caressed both of his pecs, squeezing them, and some huge milky shots fired out of his nipples. But before Sam could react the show stopped and the last drops were running down Bolt’s defined body. Bolt looked bewildered by his new power.

The other muscles were much easier to measure than Bolt’s pecs. His father’s thighs had a circumference of 36 inches. Bolt shook them, and his huge balls wiggled a little in their loose sack. His cock had calmed down enough to hang at knee level, the foreskin covering his mushroom head. It swung heavily back and forth with the motion of Bolt’s body.

“How heavy is it?” Sam wanted to know. “Does it pull on your groin all day long?”

“Never weighed it. A few pounds, I guess…good thing I wear tight underwear; otherwise it would probably just keep getting longer and longer every day from its own weight.” He grabbed the anaconda between his legs and gave it a few strokes. Soft, Bolt’s dick had a length of 16 and a half inches and was nearly 3 inches thick! Sam held it near the middle of the shaft, marveling at how heavy and gigantic it was. It had to be ten pounds, at least! Ten pounds of man meat hanging off of Bolt’s already overblown body, and that wasn’t even counting his swollen balls. Sam couldn’t even lift the whole package at once –not because of its weight, but its sheer size alone. Now, thanks to his many touches and caresses, Bolt’s balls had grown even heavier than before. Sam could almost hear them filling with cum; he could feel it sloshing around in one of Bolt’s testicles.

Bolt was slowly becoming hard again, and Sam took the mass of Bolt’s cock into his arms as it expanded. He touched a vein on its surface, as thick as his thumb, and felt Bolt’s pulse thrum through his fingers. From his point of view Sam could see the foreskin drawing back bit by bit, slowly exposing his swelling glans. Bolt soon helped him to carry the still-increasing weight of his mammoth cock, which continued to grow longer and longer, wider and wider, with every heartbeat. Sam’s mouth watered as he watched the base of Bolt’s dick getting thicker than his own thighs. Bolt’s cock was actually pressing his legs apart: soon he wouldn’t be able to walk normally. Bolt’s breathing became ragged as his cock started to rise up. His monster cock grew further, up to his pecs, ready to bury itself between those two huge globes of flesh. Suddenly, Bolt wasn’t in control of himself anymore. He grabbed his son, wild like an animal, and threw him face-up on the soft bed, where Sam lay willingly. The giant of a man began to lie down on top of him. Sam felt the weight of those gigantic balls between his legs and then, suddenly, he felt the weight of the colossus on his body. The wet cock between them was hot and slippery, sending floods of precum running over Sam’s chest. Bolt propped himself up on the bed; with all his weight resting on his son, it was hard for Sam to breathe. Meanwhile, Sam could feel his own rock hard (and in comparison pathetic) dick grinding against the monster cock. He didn’t know if he’d come already, or how many times; he was in an ongoing state of ecstasy. Pleasure flooded his whole body in neverending waves as Bolt’s huge dick ground into Sam’s body. Precum soaked the bed sheets, getting everywhere. Finally, Bolt lowered his upper body, resting on his elbows. He was breathing heavily, panting as if there was nothing human left in him anymore. Sam put his face between his father’s pecs and moaned with pleasure. He was in heaven. Bolt’s breath became faster and shorter with every heartbeat. Sam kissed the enormous glans swelling between the mountains of Bolt’s pecs. Bolt ground against him even harder and faster while Sam discovered the slit of Bolt’s inhuman monster cock. He teased it gently with his long tongue, and Bolt grunted out loud. Sam wrapped his whole body around the massive shaft as Bolt’s thrusts became faster and faster. Everything was wet, glistening and hot.

Then something changed. Gigantic hands took the cock out of Sam’s arms, and he watched as Bolt took the impossibly huge cockhead into his own mouth. It stretched wide open, and he began to give himself an expert blowjob. Sam came again. Bolt pressed more and more of his own dick down his throat until his chin touched his pecs and there was no way for him to take any more. He was moaning loudly, his body shaking. In this position he fell back onto Sam, who cried for mercy. This was too much. Too much pleasure.

Suddenly Bolt released his cock and shouted through his precum-soaked beard, “Measure it! NOW! Ahhhhhhh … HURRY!” Sam grabbed the tape measure. His father stood, and as he rose, his cock, unbelievably heavy, still lay like an anvil on Sam’s chest. Bolt knelt at the end of the bed. His balls were still growing as he kneaded them wildly. Sam threw the other end of the tape to his father, not wanting to move out from under his glorious cock. Bolt pressed the tape to the beginning of his shaft, veins pulsing everywhere along its length.

“I can’t hold it much longer, boy!” he yelled. He was physically restraining his balls, now as big as beanbags and still growing. His knees lifted slightly of the bed as his balls became too big. Sam tried to press the tape against the tip of Bolt’s cock, but the floods of precum made it hard to find it. The once-16.5 inch cock had grown to an incredible 30.5 inches. Sam wrapped the tape measure around the shaft and squeezed tight. Bolt nearly came; now it was his turn to cry for mercy. He went nearly crazy. The circumference measured 23 inches, almost 7 and a half inches thick.

And then it happened, the moment Sam was most excited for.

Bolt stood up, levitating the impossibly big monstercock off the bed as his balls grew even bigger in three lightning fast eruptions. They were touching the ground now and still growing, so that by the end Bolt didn’t even have to carry his dick anymore. His scrotum was so big that his cock could lie on it while he was standing. Sam rushed to the end of the bed in the nick of time. The first blast hit him full in the face, as hard as if someone had punched him down. He began to gulp as much as he could. Bolt’s balls gave everything they had, and they were shrinking down with every spurt. As he drank, Sam’s belly was bulging outward from all the cum inside it. Bolt’s voice was little more than a whisper: “No…it’s…ahhhh…it’s too much!”

His balls shrank and his cock dropped lower and lower. Sam couldn’t drink anymore. He was fuller than full, his belly a big round ball. Fountains of cum were still surging out of Bolt’s dick, but the spurts were getting smaller. When they finally stopped, Bolt’s dick was totally soft, but still much bigger than normal, reaching halfway down his calves. The foreskin was still drawn back, drops of muscle cum dripping out of the head. Bolt looked around, finally realising the extent of the chaos he had created, as his dick shrank back to 17 and a half inches. It had grown more than three-quarters of an inch, but he didn’t know that yet. They would find out the next measuring dayThe next morning, Friday, was the first time since Sam could remember that he and Bolt both got out of bed together. Apparently it was no longer necessary for Bolt to hide himself in the morning. He had done it for Sam, and his disguise had worked very well. Now Sam couldn’t believe how blind he’d been. He had thought for all these years that his seven-and-a-half-foot-tall father, who had grown many sizes over this period, was the most normal guy in the world.

After his solo session Sam had fallen asleep immediately. When he woke up everything was still wet and gooey; the only good thing about the mess was his already re-flattened stomach. His round and fully swollen belly was gone and in its place was a stronger and even more defined six pack than the day before. Sam was excited for the next measuring day. He was growing, little by little.

Sam met his father on the way to the bathroom. As Sam’s dick got over its morning wood, still half-hard and tingling slightly in his boxer briefs, he heard the door of his father’s bedroom opening. At that moment, Sam realised that the house Bolt had built years ago had been planned from the beginning for a man the size his father was now. Bolt had known what would happen. Everything was way bigger than normal: the floors, the doors and handles—even the windows. Bolt didn’t have to duck under the door, although his hair, still messy from sleep, was nearly touching the door frame. They literally lived in a giant’s house. It had always been like that for Sam—even now, with his way smaller body, he felt like a kid, even though he was already bigger then most grown-ups.

Sam had stopped asking himself how it was still possible for Bolt to surprise him, because he kept doing it again and again. The gigantic boxer shorts of the night before were history, torn apart by Bolt’s inhuman dick. Instead Bolt now wore a skin tight boxer brief which made him look even more intimidating—as if his seven and a half feet weren’t a breathtaking sight already. The underwear was very old and many sizes too small. The seams were clearly visible on Bolt’s thighs, crotch and hips. The area that should have been in charge of containing his cock and balls was overloaded and deformed, even though only Bolt’s football-sized balls lay in there. Because of the way Bolt’s penis was stuffed into his pants, one leg hole was slightly open and his balls were practically springing free. Even if his balls and dick hadn’t been stressing the fabric of his boxer briefs to the maximum, his ass was big enough to do the job all by itself. Bolt had stuffed his monster meat into the side of his pants, and the huge snake ended somewhere near his ass. The whole obscene package bobbed up and down with every step he took. Bolt grinned lustfully.

He saw his son’s face and looked down. “Just wanted to know whether or not I can still wear these old pants,” he said, grabbing his crotch and giving it a squeeze. His hand stroked his dick from beginning to the end, all 14 inches of it. The glans was clearly visible through the thin fabric.

Sam laughed and followed his father into the bathroom.

While Sam took a leak, Bolt shaved his thick beard, but five minutes later stubble was already visible on his angular chin. Sam brushed his teeth, his mind daydreaming, while Bolt posed in front of the mirror. His cock stirred, swelling inside the skintight briefs. Sam watched the head of Bolt’s dick stretching even further around his body. A huge stain of pre was already visible through the material.

“Dad, you have to drive me to school. There’s no time for that.”

“No, it’s time for you to get a licence!”

He dropped his briefs and hopped into the shower. The ice-cold water hit him hard, making him moan. Goosebumps appeared on Bolt’s shivering skin and his dick shrank back a few inches. In the blink of an eye his huge nipples were standing out at a 45 degree angle, thick as his thumbs and close to an inch and a half long. On cold days this was always an impressive sight. It was lucky he wasn’t in the office very often anymore. His colleagues liked to turn on the air conditioning on a regular basis just to watch his body’s reaction.

Sam was nearly finished with breakfast when his father came down the wide stairs in a marine blue suit, tie and black shoes.

They drove to school, parked in front, and discussed meeting up at the studio in the afternoon.

“Oh! And here!”

Before he could get out of the car, Bolt gave his son a huge box. Sam stared, confused, at the box full of condoms in his hands. The word “XXL” was printed in bright yellow on the front.

“I know you’re embarrassed and you can buy these on your own, but I just want to make sure that you’re safe. And they very good for solo sessions, too, if you don’t want make a mess every time you cum.”


“What? We have this genetic advantage, but we have to use it responsibly, and to do that we need to talk about it.”

“These aren’t normal father-son topics we’re talking about here.”

“Special family, special talks! Oh, and now that I’m already embarrassing you: if your dick gets too big, there are even bigger condoms than that! Have nice day!”

The engine roared loudly as he drove away. Sam was speechless, the box full of condoms he’d needed since he was 15 still sitting there in his hands.

As Sam had expected, everything was fine between him and Michael. They talked about a girl Michael had found on Tinder who had slept with him the day before.

“When she pulled my pants down her eyes just got bigger and bigger—the more she pulled, the more cock there was! Hahaha!” Michael seemed to be acting like the same huge dick he was every day; nothing had changed. Sam wanted to know whether his juice was working the way it should be. There was no sign of it, which made him nervous. Maybe his father was the only one with the ability and he was just a normal guy. Maybe he was overthinking.

Soccer training was the last thing of the school day. They played once a week, every Friday, and it made a good ending to some stressful weeks.

Michael had put on so much weight in the last few months that he was a bit slower on the field, enabling Sam to win the final game with his team. As best friends, they hugged at the end of the game and Sam could feel his friend’s massive frame with his gigantic arms around his own.

In the showers, naked skin and moist fog everywhere, Sam and Michael stood next to each other. Michael told Sam that he wanted to change gyms. They talked about the studio where Michael knew Sam’s father was training.

“So you’re going there starting today?” Michael asked. There was an undertone in his voice and Sam had to laugh because it was so obvious.

“You want to join the studio too, don’t you?”

“That would be awesome! Can you imagine both of us training and sweating together? Getting bigger and bigger every day? Hell, yes, I’m ready.”

At first Sam wasn’t completely sold on the idea, but than he imagined himself growing bigger until his whole body was many times larger than Michael’s.

“Sounds great!”

The water stopped and they left the showers, dicks swinging back and forth.

It was always hilariously easy to find Bolt in the studio. You just had to follow the loudest groan in the halls and there he was.

Sam didn’t know how much time Teddy and his father had been training together, but the results were already clear. Teddy had lost at least five pounds of fat and put on five pounds of muscle mass instead. His beard was still huge and wild, but now it was trimmed and his training clothes were all solid black. He still had a huge muscle gut, but it was toned and perfectly round.

“Michael? This is Teddy. And you already know my father.”

Bolt lowered the bar of the bench press down, breathed out heavily, and stood up, nearly hitting his head on one of the beams in the ceiling. Michael took a step back, but then he rallied and shook Bolt’s gloved hand.

“Michael’s changing gyms and wants to train here from now on,” Sam said, as if this had been entirely his idea.

“Great to hear! A new and loyal customer for the studio. A very warm welcome! And you, Sam, you’re behind on your training plan! Also you’re late.” Bolt’s voice became louder and harsher. “You’d better get started. Over there.” And he pointed at the weights and machines near the big mirror. “In the meantime I’ll show your friend the studio.”

Sam gulped. Just because he was a little late his father shouldn’t have been humiliating him in front of his best friend. But he said nothing and even thanked him for the advice. At least he could start with the training immediately.

As he lifted, he could see Michael and Bolt walking slowly through the gym, talking and laughing, maybe swapping embarrassing stories about Sam’s past. Michael was touching Sam’s father whenever he got the chance. Sam felt left out, and the anger rising in his bare chest gave him even more power for the workout. He nearly tore a muscle at the butterfly machine when he saw the two of them training together. Sam groaned and pressed the weights together yet again. It felt like the muscles under his skin were being sliced with a serrated knife. He groaned and shouted and then, just as he was on the edge of tears from the pain in his chest, the feeling changed into its exact opposite. He had to watch out so nobody could see his fast-growing hard-on. Only two hours of training had taken him over the edge. The first evening it had taken him four hours. The sense of pleasure continued to grow as he walked over to Bolt and Michael.

“Dad? Can I talk to you a second?”

The giant nodded, and they walked a few steps so they could talk alone.

“I’ve hit it. You know…the edge. Can I keep training anyway?”

“Are you hungry?” Bolt’s deep voice growled.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Then yes. You’ll know when it’s time to stop. Hunger will be your priority number one.”

Sam wanted to go back to the weights without saying another word to his father, but Bolt stopped him, sensing the tension between them.

“Listen. I know why you hit your limit so fast today. On bad days, with stress at work, I hit the edge within an hour or two, like you today. I saw you. Think about it! Michael needs my help. You don’t. You have my genes…” He lay his hand on his son’s shoulder. It was warm and very heavy. “He needs my advice and I’ll give it to him, spot him, watch him. Everyone wins!”

The knot in Sam’s chest disappeared. He nodded, smiled obediently, and his father boxed him against his chest, laughing out loud.

Sam continued his training and Teddy joined him. As they got to know each other better, Sam realised that his father was right. Everyone won this way.

“How’s the growth going?” Teddy asked.

“We’ve only measured once, so no big changes yet, sadly. Don’t know when my father is scheduling the next round.”

“And you have this ability too? You know…your juice?”

“I guess so,” Sam said with a devilish smile. He wasn’t a hundred percent sure where this conversation was going.

“Well, well, well! Welcome to the studio! Make the best out of it. Hope you’ll be getting bigger than me very soon.”

He winked and gave his massive bulge a tight squeeze.

“I’ll try my best!”

As his father had warned him, sometimes as he lifted a wave of hormones and horniness would go rushing through his body. It had nothing to do with the edge; it was just the change he was going through. Sometimes he lost his mind, thinking about his muscles swelling incomprehensibly huge, or his dick exploding out of his shorts while bench pressing over 130 pounds, or Teddy’s crotch swelling bigger and bigger in excitement as he helped him lift.

When these moments came he ran to the locker room and hid himself in a stall. His monster cock, hard as a rock, sprang free immediately and only a few strokes later he came hard, sometimes into his own mouth, sometimes into the toilet. One time he even used a condom, to see the full sum of his cum. He put one on and realised that it was already pretty tight for a XXL. The moment before he came his balls grew three times larger and he groaned in anticipation. The stream of cum he blasted into the condom was long and powerful. By the end he had nearly half a gallon. Sweat was glistening on his skin, and he thought for a moment about drinking the cum, but changed his mind when he heard a noise from the stall next to his. He placed the full condom on the ground and peered over the wall of the cabin.

It was Bolt, grunting with overblown muscles and red skin. He seemed to be close to exploding, sweat dripping from his chin, chest and arms. He pulled off his tank and dropped his shorts, exposing his custom-made underwear, black and way tighter than Sam’s. He opened the heavy zipper and groaned loud enough for everyone in the gym to hear. His monster cock grew with breathtaking speed as his balls got ready for the long-awaited blast. Within a few breaths, they were as big as beach balls and still growing. Bolt was out of his mind, rubbing his inhuman dick on his sweaty body, which glistened in the light. He fell to his knees, licking and sucking on his swollen cock head, his dick and balls becoming thicker with every heartbeat. Behind his back, his balls were growing absurdly big. The final moment was coming and Bolt’s mind must have become somewhat clear. He reached for his shorts and got something big out of the pocket. It was silver and glistening. He pulling the thing open and an immense condom came into Sam’s view. Bolt unrolled it a bit and put it on the head of his mammoth cock, not a second too soon. His balls swelled three times bigger, hitting hard against the walls of the stall and into Bolt’s own back, pushing him forward. The fountain of cum came simultaneously with a growl from Bolt’s lungs. Sam heard the sound of a firehose blasting water at full speed, and the condom became fuller with every passing second.

At the end, Bolt was short of breath, leaning against the door of the stall. In front of him was a human-sized balloon full of white muscle juice. He pulled his dick out and knotted the opening. Late at night, when everyone was gone, he would get rid of it, but now he had to continue his training.

Sam didn’t say a word to his father. The power he emitted had only gotten stronger this afternoon and Sam thought too late about drinking all that juice. Later it was already gone, and his chance to get way bigger in one afternoon was gone too. Never again, he told himself.


Part 5

Sam, Michael and Teddy were long gone when Bolt went to the gym’s office. He’d bought the studio only a few days before and hadn’t told Sam about it yet—there never seemed to be a good time. After these new developments, and with the harder training in the last few weeks, he’d decided that it would be cheaper to invest the money in the studio than to pay $40 a month for the rest of his life, especially now that Sam’s training had started too. He had thought of buying weights and other stuff to use at home, but then he would miss the social side of the muscle training.

Bolt had quit his job a month before. He’d been the CEO of an online financial transaction company that had been bought by a much bigger rival. He’d made hundreds of thousands out of that deal, but there had never been anything he wanted to invest in—until now. The rest of the money was saved for lean times, and for Sam’s education and future. Until then, it would be another little secret between them.

But Bolt had come up with a new project, and after weeks of endless nights of searching and writing to people online, the end was near. Bolt had told Sam that there were other people “like them” weeks ago, but he hadn’t been a hundred percent sure then. He’d since used his contacts in the industry (surveillance cameras and security companies) and other open sources to find one of these mysterious people. If there was someone like Sam and Bolt out there, he couldn’t stay invisible forever. Such huge people leave digital fingerprints in the form of photos online, whether they want to or not. Bolt even found pics of himself online he had never uploaded. They were taken secretly, from lower angles, but Bolt reckoned that he didn’t mind at all.

Bolt wanted to find like-minded person, a friend he would have more in common with than with other, normal people. Now that Sam was on his way to being a giant himself, Bolt felt better, but there was still something missing.

And now his search was over. He knew it the moment the email arrived. It was a private answer from an anonymous contact Bolt had found in a forum deep in the internet. The message said only: “Here. Hope it’s what you were searching for.”

Bolt’s heart was beating in his throat. He opened the pictures and videos on his desktop. They came from a website used for voyeuristic photography. All these photographed people doesn’t know that their images were online, most of them naked. Bolt was impressed when he looked behind the normally-accessible site and saw how many users the site had and how much profit it made.

The pictures were all blurry. The camera lens was fogged, as though it had been filming too close to a shower. There was a huge shadow in the middle of the mist, but it was impossible to make out what it was. Bolt was disappointed. Then he remembered that there was still a video.

It had some image artifacts; the camera was damaged by the wet environment. The picture’s focus wasn’t sharp, and it seemed like the camera was standing in an open locker in sight of the shower area. Suddenly the picture sharpened, focusing on an athletic guy in front of the camera. The video was still blurry and foggy after that, but it was better. The man wasn’t the guy Bolt was looking for. He was built nicely, but ordinary. Bolt watched him walking to the showers. He was naked, his 4-inch dick dangling free between his thighs. He looked into the camera now and then; he seemed nervous, and Bolt asked himself why. While the little guy washed his six-pack and dick, the shadow Bolt had already seen in the pictures appeared in the background. Through the mist of the endless stream of hot water, it looked like an over-pumped hulk was walking through the double door. He had to bend to get under the doorway, his hands resting on top of the frame. He stopped right next to the voyeur, who kept his eyes on his camera. He froze as the giant right next to him started the water. For the first time, the camera really focused. He was bigger than Bolt, that was for sure. Probably eight feet tall, his head pressed against the ceiling. His muscles were bigger, too, and some were way out of proportion. He was totally overblown. His chest rose heavily with every breath. His pecs were so fat and swollen that his long and hard nipples pointed directly at the wet floor. Water flowed down his pecs and hot mist rose from them. It was very hard to see, but to Bolt it looked like they were nearly 4 inches long and as thick as two thumbs. The human hulk was so wide from shoulder to shoulder that he needed two showers simultaneously. It seemed like he only shaved his beard. The rest of his body was hairy in all the right places. Every time he took a step under the hot spurts of water, the camera, filming everything from a 20-foot distance, jumped and shook a little in its hideout. The whole building was quaking under his heavy steps.

A cold shiver ran down Bolt’s back. He was breathing heavily in anticipation because he hadn’t even seen everything the giant had to offer. His legs and crotch were always blocked, either by the small and now fragile-looking pale guy, or by the behemoth himself as he turned while cleaning himself. Bolt’s face drew closer and closer to the screen of his laptop.

Then something changed in the small guy’s behavior. It seemed like he knew that this was probably the best shoot he’d ever do. He stepped back, and the camera was finally able to film everything under the streams of water. This monster of a man was impossibly wide. He couldn’t even bring his arms all the way down to his sides; at their lowest they hung at a 45-degree angle. Bolt was actually happy that his body wasn’t as overblown as this guy’s.

He had the neck of a bull on steroids, but the thick brawn continued all the way down his back. His ass was two fleshy globes, incredibly big and round, which contracted with every step he took, sticking out a full foot from his body. His thighs were so big that they touched and rubbed each other constantly, and there was no way of seeing between them.

Bolt was getting incredibly horny watching the video, and he forgot where he actually was. The fabric began to strain around his crotch as it swelled bigger and bigger. His dick was so hard that it looked ready to explode out of his pants at any moment. But Bolt didn’t notice, riveted by the video.

At last, Bolt saw it. The cut head of this monster’s dick was swinging down by his ankles, so big and enormous that it nearly touched the ground. The head was as big as a beachball and the slapping sounds it made every time it smacked against his shins were so loud that they was actually audible on camera.

Bolt’s pants ripped open, but he couldn’t look away.

The small guy in the video began to shake, glancing back at his camera to make eye contact with Bolt at his computer. He turned his head back to the 8-foot-tall monster. Like Bolt, he was hard just from looking at him. You could see the heavy breathing of the small guy the moment he came. Three little drops shot from his small shaft onto the floor and the wall right next to him.

The moment was over and the only audible thing beside the running water was the small guy’s voice cracking in fear: “I’m so—sorry…”

“Happens to most people.”

It was hard to see, but Bolt was sure about what happened next. The monster of a man lifted his gigantic cock up to his chest and began cleaning it under the running water. He massaged it gently, while the voyeur, becoming braver with every minute, jacked his still-hard dick. He was fascinated and hypnotized by the act taking place in front of him.

“You’re still here?”

The voice was like a roll of thunder, the walls magnifying his voice into an echo as enormous as the man speaking. The hulk turned to the small guy and pointed his monster dick right into his face like a weapon. The slit was so big that he could have stuck a hand into it. The pathetic guy froze in place. The mountain smiled mischievously and a stream of hot cum exploded from the tip of his cock. It hit the small man right in the face, and he fell to the ground. He remained on the floor, felled by a single shot of cum, unsure what to do, while the mountain laughed out loud in his deep voice. He dropped his dick and it hit the ground, now slightly bigger than before. The video ended there.

Bolt was catapulted back to reality. He sat three feet away from his desk, his beast of a cock fully hard and leaking a steady flow of precum. How was it even possible? Bolt had thought that there would be a natural limit to these extraordinary powers, but he was wrong. This guy was beyond belief. Under the video, he found the stranger’s name and—his heart skipped a beat—contact information. The weeks of searching were over. His name was Blake Alexey and he lived a day trip away from Bolt.

Without thinking twice about it, he wrote a message to Blake Alexey. Then he cleaned up the mess under his chair and desk. Ten minutes later his computer made the familiar email sound. Bolt nearly crashed into the desk, running back to his monitor. He had expected a longer answer, because he his email had included various questions, photos and details, but there was only a big white space and four words: “I’m on my way!”


Part 6


Over the next few weeks Sam discovered that the beginning of his growth was way more intense than his father’s. Sam had started his training only five weeks before and he had already gained nearly 40 pounds. All his shirts were getting skintight around his pecs, his nipples becoming visible through the overtaxed fabric.

Meanwhile school had become way easier for him. It seemed like working out had given him something to balance out all the writing, analyzing, and calculating. He was calmer, more concentrated, and in some ways he reminded himself of his father, who was always as big and calm as a rock in a rough sea. They met at the studio every afternoon. On some days they trained alone, but most of the time they were helping each other out.

During these weeks Sam caught himself staring at his father, who had stopped growing after two more days of extreme training.

“I think that this,” Bolt said, presenting his body in all its glory, “is the size I want to stay. If I grow even one more inch I’ll have to buy new clothes… and I mean everything: shoes, shirts, jackets…and I’d have to buy a new car, if there were one big enough for me. Last time I went to pull the seat back I was already sitting as far back as it would go.” He laughed recklessly.

Teddy and Michael used this pause in Bolt’s training to get a little help from him. Teddy was making great progress. When he was fully clothed it was hard to see the difference because his body seemed to be transforming all his body fat into muscle mass. He didn’t lose weight, only gained more. He stayed round and bulky the whole time, and his self-confidence was growing with every notch the scale climbed up. Teddy wasn’t hiding his junk behind fanny packs any longer. He was proud of the human being he was. Sometimes, when he was helping someone with bench pressing, his fat bulge would glide against the weight bar. Sam and Teddy loved these moments. Sometimes Sam teased Teddy on purpose, just to see him getting a hard-on in the gym—and what a giant, fat cock he had! Veins were visible right through the fabric of his gym shorts, and Teddy had to take a step back because Sam brought him to close to the edge of his self-control.

While Sam had his fun now and then, Michael used every chance he could get to show off. He wanted to earn his place among these guys, and he was trying so hard. Too hard, in Sam’s opinion. In school word had gotten around about Sam’s remarkable growth spurt. Michael wasn’t the center of attention any longer. People were talking about Sam behind his back, not about Michael anymore. You could hear them whisper in the hallways when Sam came along: “He can’t grow any bigger than that…can he?”—”Saw his dad in front of the school yesterday. You wouldn’t believe how gigantic he is!”—”…Well, then you should see him naked. Like a baseball bat.”

Sam had never realized that this kind of attention could be so enjoyable. Suddenly he knew why Michael loved being constantly talked about. Overhearing the gossip about him, the silent compliments. Michael was used to these little stares, but he wasn’t the center of attention any longer.

But Sam was beginning to realize that some people wanted to do more than gossip, and would take every opportunity they could to satisfy their curiosity. Of course he was blatantly stared at in the lockers and showers. But some people actually touched him, as though to make sure of his reality. Some hands even found their way to his package. But Sam didn’t mind: he would even joke about these situations. He understood how they felt: he, too, had a hard time not touching himself when he saw his body in a mirror.

It seemed like the beginning of the training had changed something in the physiology of his body. Sam jokingly called it second puberty. He still couldn’t grow a full beard within 24 hours, but he was close. Every guy in his class was envious of his thick and furry beard, and they asked him all the time if he was doing something for it. His other body parts became hairier, too, but he wasn’t the biggest fan of uncontrolled forests of hair. But his reasons for shaving weren’t just aesthetic: the trainer of his swim team asked them to do it, for obvious reasons. But Sam never shaved the trail of hair that ran down his six-pack.

Sam knew the effect he produced when he pulled himself out of the pool with his strong arms, the cold water running down his overinflated body and splashing loudly to the ground. Sam had to adjust his massive dick after he left the water. This became especially difficult when a group of girls from the university joined their time at the pool. Sam and his friends all were 18 to 19 years old, but the girls were well into their twenties, laughing loudly while they played a ballgame on the other side of the pool.

The coach of Sam and Michael’s swim team had to remind the young men again and again and again to concentrate and watch where they were swimming. One of Michael’s friends hit the wall of the pool hard with his head while swimming backstrokes because his eyes where fixed to the girls swimming at the other end of the long pool. The coach complained about the double occupancy, but the facilities manager didn’t mind at all. The pool was big enough for both of them and Sam’s school wasn’t paying enough for the whole bath, so they had to live with it.

One Thursday, Sam was crawling through the crystal blue water, raising his head only long enough to catch his breath. He saw the girls at the other end watching him, and he returned their stares several times. They blushed, laughed and whispered. They also watched him from the edge of the pool as he swam laps in record time. His trainer was ecstatic about his times, and Sam wasn’t far away from being able to do bigger regional competitions—as long as they didn’t make him wear overly tight Speedos, anything was possible.

All of Sam’s friends left the pool as he was still talking to the coach about the next event. Mr. Lewis, his trainer, was trying to tell him about his upcoming tournaments, but Sam completely lost track of the conversation as the girls ran past. One of them, a girl with her long brown hair still wet and pinned up, touched his biceps in a rather obvious way even though there was plenty of room for her to go around him. They looked each other in the eyes. Their was something special about her, Sam saw that. She averted her gaze, bit her lip gently and disappeared into the women’s locker room. Mr. Lewis snapped in front of Sam’s face, and he was back again. 5 minutes later, they were finished and Sam returned to the changing room. Dark clouds had formed in the sky and a heavy rain was beating against the panoramic windows of the pool. The was a thunderstorm going on in a city many miles away. It was a paradoxical sight, watching the rain outside and the still surface of the water inside.

“See you next week!” the coach said to Sam.

“Yes. Thank you! Bye.”

All of Sam’s schoolmates were already gone when he entered the showers. He dropped his swim trunks and started the water.

The girl with the brown hair tiptoed through the changing room as if the floor were beach sand on a hot summer day. The bright light highlighted her freckles; the running water of a single shower was audible in the background. Nadja Belucio knew exactly why she had come. She had discovered Sam on her first day here at the pool and she couldn’t deny that he had a hypnotic effect on her. At first she’d thought it was only her, but after all her friends said the same about the weirdly built (weirdly built = amazingly hot) kid who seemed to be visiting the high school, she was hooked. Bee, as her friends called her, wanted to know everything about that boy. Well, he was young enough to be called a boy, but he definitely had a man’s body. His hairy chest, the thick beard and the hyper-muscular body—Bee and the girls didn’t know how old Sam exactly was. If they’d met him in a bar, they’d have put him at 25, or even older than that. Maybe he was pretty dumb and had had to repeat his classes over and over again? From the first sight Bee was attracted to him for several reasons. But then there had been the moment weeks ago when this freakishly muscular kid stepped out of the pool and she’d seen “IT” (with two capital letters). This young man must have the biggest limb of a cock Bee and her friends had ever seen.

“Have you…have you seen that?”

“Can’t be real!”

“Look at him and say that again!”

Some of the girls didn’t believe it at all, but Bee was hooked. Some of her friends swore up and down that they weren’t interested in him, but even they couldn’t tear their eyes away when he walked by.

And now, just a moment ago, Bee had nearly caught his name while he was talking to his coach, but her friends had distracted her.

She couldn’t wait any longer. She had to do it—today. There was no way around it.

Bee excused herself from her friends, saying something about a watch she’d left at the pool.

There was no watch, of course, but her friends just nodded and went on with showering and getting dressed for their next classes. Bee left the girls’ locker room and entered the one right next to it. It smelled like freshly showered men in here. She was kind of scared entering it even though nothing could happen. Bee was relieved when she saw no one there: the locker room was empty and there was only one locker left open. He was still there, in the showers.

Bee entered the foggy area with light steps. Under her dark brown bikini her heart was pounding in her chest. The showers were newly renovated and quite modern; between every shower was a chest-high wall covered with white tiles; the walls and the floor were covered in black ones. In the middle of the room, in the center of the dozen showers, stood a dark wooden bench. Sam’s swim trunks lay there.

The water was running loudly, and Bee could hear Sam humming in his deep voice. The echo filled the showers around them. She saw his head, far above the shower wall.

He was at least 6’6’’ high, and a warm shudder ran along her spine. Luck was on Bee’s side: he was facing the wall. Water ran down his body, drops running through his beard and past his sharp jaw line.

Bee had only wanted to take a photo of him. Nude would be great, full frontal would be even better. That’s what she had come for. But now that she saw him, standing behind his massively wide back, only 5 feet away from him, she wanted more than a useless photo. There was something telling her to get closer to him, to touch him. Right away, without warning, without even asking. Bee dropped her phone next to his on the wooden bench. The photo mode was still on, just in case…

She took one step, then another. She could already feel mist from the water on her skin. Then suddenly Sam changed his position, bowed down a bit, and pressed his huge hands against the wall as if preparing to demolish it. His massive ass flexed outward until it was only inches away from Bee’s belly. Another shudder ran through her. Her body was shaking. She was close enough to see the drops of water running down his back, every muscle fiber under his skin.

Sam enjoyed the shower in every way possible. The feeling of chlorine on his skin was disgusting and so he took long hot showers after every swim. He thought about the measurements he and his father had taken on the last evening. His growth was getting faster than ever. Water ran down his spine, through his ass crack, and over his packed thighs.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Even though his last workout had been one of the most effective ones yet, even though he knew he was growing faster than ever, Sam didn’t wanted to be measured. The two weeks were over and Bolt wanted to mark his growth down, but Sam was hungry and tired. But especially hungry.

Bolt, on the other hand, was very excited about their fourth evening of measuring. He went first, as always: in the last two weeks, Bolt had gained 2 pounds. He had bought a new scale to weigh himself; after he’d passed the 450-pound mark the old one had broken down under the weight of his unbelievable physique.

He read his new weight out loud and announced with a big grin: “That’s it! I’m done!”

“What happened? Did you lose weight?” Sam asked.

“Haha! No! I just passed the 500-pound mark. 502.5 pounds! Jesus, I’m massive!”

The scale cracked loudly under his newly-enlarged 25 US feet.

His other stats hadn’t changed very much. His biceps were half an inch bigger than two weeks before, and his thighs were probably a quarter inch bigger. His dick was another story. Bolt had noticed it before, but because of the intense training in the previous weeks and the sexual activity in the gym (Sam didn’t knew about that), it had grown a full inch. Bolt was speechless. He had told himself he would grow only once or twice a year from now on, but this new inch in penis size was unexpected. It had finally reached knee level even in its flaccid state, and he could feel it in the morning under the shower, or when people in the gym were watching him. This was a milestone he’d never wanted to reach. Another thing he noticed was the size of his balls the moment he came. They would grow enormously huge as he approached climax, and the torrents of cum flooding out of his monster cock had become bigger and bigger over the last few months. This was especially important to remember when he was messing around with Teddy. Teddy’s thirst was infinite, but Bolt had to adjust the amount of muscle cum he could handle. He gave him a quarter or half a gallon every now and then, but sometimes Teddy drank even more and swelled even bigger. It was dangerous to drink so much of it in one sitting, Bolt knew. The human body only had a limited energy reservoir. If that was empty, it would attack fat and muscle cells…a dangerous process.

Sam stepped on the scale and Bolt wrote down the result: 209.5 pounds. He had started with 141 pounds and this was pretty good progress, Sam thought. The other numbers were equally impressive. His biceps had grown from 12 to 17 inches. His upper body was now well-defined, with two nice, round pecs. His chest had seen the most growth: it had been nearly 31 inches around. Now it was 47. His back and neck had also broadened, and Sam felt the weight of his new muscles with every step, how they tensed up and pushed against each other. He realized, for the first time, that it could be possible to become too big, but at the moment this was just a thought to fantasize about at night. The dream of being immobile under the weight of his own size kept him awake and hard all night long. In pursuit of size there was no line Sam wasn’t willing to cross.

They measured the rest of his body: His thighs had grown from 14 1/3 inches to 23’’. Sam loved training his thighs because his package rubbed against his legs when he was sitting on the machine, and he could watch his legs getting more and more jam-packed with muscle. Michael enjoyed the view too.

After that, Sam dropped his underwear and shook his long dick from side to side. It slapped loudly against his thick thighs.

“Be careful with that monster!” said Bolt, his deep voice playful. It had grown.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Sam was still in the shower, water running down his back. He remembered the feeling of the measuring tape around his big dick and turned in the shower to clean his hair. His eyes were closed…

Bee couldn’t breathe when Sam turned toward her. She wasn’t prepared. His back had been impressive enough. The pics of his rear end would have been enough to get her through many restless nights.

She saw that his eyes were still closed, shampoo and water running down his face. He was just so incredibly hot. The hair on his chest, the eight-pack with the treasure trail, and the incredible trained V-shaped Adonis belt pointing straight to his wet cock, which hung heavily and swung slowly with every move he made. Bee’s only thought was that she and her friends had undersold it. No, it’s not thaaaat big! No one is that giftedShe was wrong.

Sam shifted his weight from one leg to the other and his ten-inch soft cock swung from one thigh to the other. His nuts followed: they were as big as tennis balls. What Bee didn’t know was that this was the softest Sam could get now. He was totally relaxed, the water kind of cold. Bee also didn’t know that Sam had seen her minutes before… it was arousing to him to keep her in the dark and put on a little show for her. He started to play with his massive dick, which had been four inches shorter only a few weeks before. If she only knew! It had become much thicker too: now it was nearly two inches thick. His teammates went white now when they saw it growing. Bee’s face changed color, too, but she blushed instead. A warm pleasure began to spread through her body: he was making her hornySam turned around again and widened his stance. His package was still clearly visible through his tiny thigh gap. The young woman took another step into the shower and she immediately knew that she’d taken one step too far. There was no going back now. She pressed her still-covered stomach against his bare ass while her hand wandered to the front of his colossal body. She felt his tight eight-pack, the trail of hair on it, and finally, the base of his unbelievably massive cock. Her body was trembling against his wide back while she tried grabbing it with only one hand. Her face felt good against his warm back and she could feel the blood pumping through his veins.

Sam turned around and smiled down at her. His eyes roved up and down her body, then he bent down to gently remove the last of her clothes. The bikini dropped to the ground. He bowed down to kiss her and she could feel his beard against her cheeks. It itched, but it felt good. She couldn’t breathe, but that felt good too. She felt his penis way bigger against her belly, her vulva.

Bee wasn’t a small woman, but he was a big man, and he was tired of bending over. He simply grabbed and lifted her until she was pressed against the wall. The water changed, becoming hotter. Her nipples were incredibly hard, distorted under the steady stream of water. She gave him a sign and he lowered her to the floor, their eyes always connected. Her hands shook as she dropped to her knees and started playing with his dick.

“He doesn’t bite … but I have to warn you. He will get bigger!” His voice was deep, a rumble that echoed off the walls.

Bee used one hand, using the other to knead his massive ass. He was heavily muscled everywhere. She couldn’t get the head of his dick inside her mouth. At the beginning, yes, but then it began swelling bigger and bigger and there was no chance anymore. Sam was slightly disappointed, but her pleasing him felt better and better with every second that passed. Sometimes she touched her clit roughly because she could not hold it any longer.

When it finally seemed like the monster in her hands had stopped growing, she had to ask: “How big is it?”

Pre was dripping from its tip.

He lifted her from the ground till she was face to face to him. His titanic cock was pulsing between them. His voice was not more than a clear whisper: “12’’ long, 2.5’’ thick.”

He grabbed his dick with one of his massive hands and pressed it against her clitoris. When she felt the big head pushing against her hole, she nearly lost it. He let her down on his pole, as slowly as possible, a grin on his lips. He was so fucking big, and she had to fight for every inch. She threw her head back because it was simply too much. The pleasure went straight to the very center of her brain, blotting out the pain of too much of his cock inside of her. She grabbed his neck and let him do everything he wanted. He pulled his penis out for a few inches, only to thrust it back, into this time a little bit deeper. She could feel the massive veins of his dick massaging her insides. Her body was shaking and she lost her grip, but Sam was holding her.

After 8.5’’ he filled her completely. She lost her breath. One inch more and he would tear her apart. She begged him for permission to come, finally, in case he was still holding back for her.

He was.

His grip went tight around her back and he was pressing her even harder against the wall. His face was between her breasts and his dick as deep inside her as she could take it. Sam sucked on her nipples while his hands wandered down to her ass. Her screams had to be audible through the whole pool complex. When she came the orgasm was long and prolonged. She could not stop letting loose. When it was over, she collapsed in his big arms, and he put her back on the ground where she remained, her body slightly shaking from her climax.

Sam left the shower and she saw his still-hard footlong cock bouncing up and down with every step. He was drying his hair as if nothing had happened.

“Man, your cum is everywhere,” Bee said as she tried to stand up.

“I didn’t come.”

She thought she’d heard wrong. “So what’s all this?”

He turned to her, clothed in skin tight boxer briefs, his monster still hard and clearly visible. “Believe me, you would know if I came. I was doing you a favor.”

Bee didn’t understand. She could still feel his juice running down her legs, feel the thickness of his cock inside her.

“Are you telling me that…”

“Yes. I don’t have time for the real deal. Plus I don’t know if you’re on the pill or anything else.”

“You can’t just go now!”

“Why?” He had just crammed his hard dick into his jeans and was grabbing his phone when Sam saw hers. The camera mode was still active and filming. “So that’s what you came for,” he said, his expression darkening.

She raised her hands. “No, no, that’s not it. I just saw you and…I wanted to…” She couldn’t talk any longer because he was unzipping his jeans again. His gigantic dick blossomed out of it, and he grabbed it in left hand, jacking it hard, and took a photo of his heavily veined and pumped monster cock. After that he threw her phone back to her. Within three seconds he’d grabbed all his things and left. One step away from the door he said: “Too bad. I liked you.”

Bee was disappointed and she felt terrible about what she’d done. Why had she thought it would be okay to sneak a picture of him? She stayed there sitting in the shower for a good ten minutes, er skin cold and her body shaking.

Later that night she woke up and found the pictures of Sam on her phone. She never posted them.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
After the locker room incident, Sam drove to the studio. His muscles felt tight. Bolt greeted him: “Come on! No training today. Want to join me in the sauna?”

Sam thought this was a great idea. When he and his father went to the studio sauna they had a little prank they liked to play now and then…

Sam was relaxing on a bench right in front of the steam sauna. The air smelled like pines and spruces. Meanwhile, his father was waiting in the pool filled with ice water, only his head visible above the surface. He was like an iceberg: there was no way to know what was hiding under the water. If you were watching closely you could see that his cheeks were shivering.

They waited for someone to appear. Alone, ideally. Not everyone was the right kind of guy, but this evening they were lucky. A lone man passed them who couldn’t tear his eyes away from Sam’s body. Just before he ran right into the glass door of the steam sauna, he woke up and went inside. Thick fog poured through the door until it closed.

Sam followed him first, a towel around his waist. He seated himself right next to the stranger, who had probably just finished his first day at the studio. The man watched Sam with widening eyes as he pulled the towel from his waist and used it as a cushion on the hard wood bench. There was more than appreciation in the stranger’s glance. There was a hunger there.

Sam sat right next to him, his 9.5’’ dick lying on the top of the bench, so long that several inches hung over the side. Sam began to sweat right away, his skin glistening like gold.

“Wow,” the stranger said. “Never seen a guy hung like you. That thing is unreal!”

Sam smiled at the compliment and replied: “Yeah, it’s pretty huge, I guess, but there are way bigger out there. Believe me.”

“Hahaha, that may be, but if there’s bigger guys than you out there, I’ve never met them!”

As if on cue, at that exact moment Bolt opened the door of the steam sauna. A little gust of fresh air cooled their glistening bodies. Bolt still had goosebumps from the ice bath and his nipples were blue and hard as icicles. He held a small towel in front of his crotch and had a hard time fitting through the small doorframe. The wood and the hinges were creaking loudly.

Bolt took his place on the other side of the strange man. He was lucky that the ceiling was quite high for a sauna, but nevertheless he had to bend a bit the whole time. He spread his towel and sat down. He unfolded his big arms and lay them on the armrest behind the stranger. In doing this Bolt touched him several times, and every contact was received like a warm rain after a cold winter day. The stranger watched Bolt mesmerized, never taking his eyes off of him.

Bolt’s penis was totally shrunken from the ice cold water. It was still unbelievably thick, 7 inches long, and his foreskin was still as big as ever—there was just way too much of it now.

“Good evening to you, sir,” Bolt rumbled. “Is it okay if I put my hand there?”

The guy was slightly intimidated and aroused at the same moment. “No problem. The benches are big enough.”

Bolt smiled. “I have this problem a lot.”

“Ha, yeah, I can see why. But it’s no problem, really.”

“Very good. Mmm…this temperature feels amazing.”

The man touched Bolt’s hairy arm with the back of his head now and then: every time it happened Bolt cracked a little smile. He pulled on his huge mass of a foreskin and laid it back on the bench. The man was speechless and couldn’t look away. Even after Bolt lifted his dick onto his own thigh so that the stranger could take a closer look, he kept staring as if he was enchanted. It was hardly noticeable now, but it was beginning to grow. Sam laughed to himself. Bolt closed his eyes and sank a bit deeper into his seat. Sometimes he swung his hips in little movements, groaned very quietly as his dick thawed even faster.

“My name’s Phil, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Phil.” Eyes still closed, Bolt gave his hips a little thrust and his dick jumped up even higher. It was now nearly 12’’ long and already touching Phil’s thigh. Phil had gotten a hard-on minutes before, but he made no effort to hide it. He just watched Bolt’s thick shaft getting bigger and fatter with every heartbeat. His glans was still covered in foreskin, and his dick wasn’t getting hard, Phil realized—it was just getting bigger.

As Bolt’s cock passed the 16’’ mark, the head finally became visible; it touched Phil’s dick, which was hard as a rock and leaking a steady stream of precum. Phil broke his silence and moaned, keeping his arms at his side. He was having a hard time not touching himself. Phil couldn’t breathe: he body was trembling and the orgasm hit him unexpectedly hard. The 3 drops of cum remained on Bolts still-growing monstercock. Now his eyes were open and he was smiling widely.

Phil patted Bolt’s cock and he nearly came again. He fondled his foreskin roughly and then left the sauna with a happy grin, his cock still hard. “This is too much for me, guys. Maybe on another day. Have a nice evening.”

Bolt and Sam laughed when the door was shut again. They spread across the benches. Bolt was lying on his back, but he was way too big for the benches so he was nearly falling down. An arm and a quarter of his torso were left hanging in the humid air. His dick was still awake between his immense pecs. Sam was watching him, wondering when the growth would subside.

Bolt listened patiently as Sam told him the story about his swim practice and Bee. At the end he told his son: “Well, there are always people who only want that one thing from you. Your best, one could say. But keep in mind: They always come back! Always! Don’t they?” As he spoke he lifted his head and addressed the exposed head of his dick. A glob of precum gleamed in the weak light of the sauna. Bolt turned his body to lie down on his front. His sweat was dripping onto the bench. Bolt was now riding his own gigantic dick.

They relaxed for a while and Sam started talking about Michael and how his attitude had changed. As he’d finished, Bolt remembered the big news he’d forgotten to share.

“Listen—a few days ago, I bought the studio.”


“Yeah. The former owner kept asking me, and he dropped the price for this little jewel every time we spoke. I’ve been here all my life, pumping money into it. And maybe you’ll spend some money here too. A good investment, I thought.”

“You’re dead serious?”


“That’s so fucking cool, Dad! So I can train here 24/7? Anytime I want?”

“Technically, yes, but you shouldn’t… mhhhhh.”

As he lay on his monstrous dick, he massaged it with gentle hands.

“Dad, I think you should leave. Your…” Sam cleared his throat: “Your balls!”

Bolt’s nuts had grown to the size of beach balls as they were talking. He’d let himself go for too long. It was nearly 11pm and time to close the studio.

Bolt rose. Moving his body looked like it was hard work. While leaving the sauna, he nearly hit Sam with his prominent boner. His balls lifted off of the bench and hit his knees with colossal slaps, as if someone was breaking down a door. Leaving the sauna cabin was the next problem. It had been tricky before, but now, with a boner that size and balls that swollen, it was almost impossible. Sam had to push from the other side until his father squeezed through the doorframe.

The cum was sloshing inside Bolt’s balls as he walked to the showers. They weren’t going to shrink back on their own—Bolt had to do something. Luckily, there was no one left at the gym. Bolt’s balls were so big now he was having trouble walking, and they were still getting bigger with every step, which only sent more pleasure through his body.

Sam didn’t watch, but it was impossible to ignore his father in the shower. The groans filled the whole studio easily, and Sam could have sworn that the earth was shaking when he came. “Yeeeeehhesssss!” marked the end of it.

Sam looked up from his phone and saw a wave of cum hitting the shower exit. A series of splattering sounds was audible and more and more cum flowed from the showers in waves.

Bolt spent several minutes cleaning up, and when he came back to get Sam his dick was still 7’’ across and as long as his leg. His balls were back to their normal cantaloupe size, balancing on his thighs because there was no room between his legs. His hair and beard were a mess. “Time to go,” he smiled.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
It was midnight and Sam stood in the entrance area of the gym. He was watching his dad collecting documents from the counter and searching for his keys when someone opened the door. Sam turned and froze. He held his breath, not sure whether he was dreaming. He couldn’t move.

A man came in. He had to bend his whole body under the double door and still had a hard time fitting through it. Sam guessed that he was over 8 and a half feet tall. He walked right to Sam and stopped in front of him. The giant was wearing long cloth pants and a ridiculous tank top, his hands on his hips. His pecs were overflowing the top, and the straps disappearing somewhere between his chest and his arms. He was pushing them outward proudly: they were bigger than king size bed pillows.

The room became hotter.

His nipples were insanely big and hung freely from his uncovered, mountainous pecs. Phil from the sauna had a smaller cock than this guy’s nipples. They were as thick as two fingers and swelling slightly now, as the stranger spotted Bolt behind the counter.

Then Sam saw the crotch on this monster of a man. The stranger hadn’t bothered trying to disguise the obscenity of his private area. He simply did not care at all. Between his legs the pants bulged outward impossibly. Watching closely, Sam could clearly see the outline of the man’s gigantic balls. They were straining hard against the fabric, and the zipper looked like it could break any second now, Sam thought. They were definitely bigger than Bolt’s.

Sam felt himself turning red.

The man’s dick wasn’t lying in its pouch. His monster cock, the size of a tree trunk, was stashed inside his tight pant leg like a forbidden treasure. Its veins were clearly visible even through the fabric. The elephant dick was sprouting from his crotch, running over his over muscular thigh, over his left knee and down his leg right next to his ankle. The pants he wore were too short for his unbelievable stature. They ended just above his ankles, and the head of his dick, as big and shiny as a bowling ball, swelled out of the bottom of leg, just above the ground.

He was watching Bolt more closely now and Bolt stared back, his mouth standing open. A stream of clear precum was leaking out of the stranger’s cock—Sam nearly came when he saw it.

The stranger walked toward the counter, over to Bolt, his chest, his arms, his legs, his bulging package quaking with every step.

“Hey, Bolt!” the monster roared from the depths of his throat. “I’m here! Alexey is here!”


Part 7

“I…umm…Alexey? What are you doing here?”

The giant was now standing right next to Sam, his slight shadow of a beard visible high above Sam’s head. He laid his right hand on Sam’s shoulder; Sam couldn’t believe how big it was and how much of his upper body was covered by it. His eyes couldn’t resist wandering downward, stopping at Alexey’s cock, imprisoned inside his tight pants. The veins on his cock were big enough to be clearly visible through the fabric. The enormous glans leaked a steady dribble of clear pre-cum, leaving long strands of it on the floor behind him. As Alexey spoke you could feel the air vibrating around him, his gigantic pecs rising and falling with every breath he took. His chest, Sam thought, looked even more colossal from the side. A drop of sweat ran over his skin and down his hairy chest, disappearing between the mountains of muscle and flesh. Sam thought about touching his huge nipples, finding out if they were real, but Alexey was finally answering Bolt’s question.

“I told you I wanted to visit you, and here I am! My moving van is outside. Everything I need is in there.”

Sam could see that this was all news to his father. He clearly hadn’t planned on Alexey moving in. Sam was clueless—it seemed like this gigantic guy and his father knew each other, but why didn’t Sam know about him? Anyway, he was right in front of them now, larger than life, and apparently he was here to stay.

“Wow, I thought you were joking when you said you were coming! But don’t get me wrong; I’m glad you’re here.”

Bolt leaped over the counter and the two muscle men clasped each other in a strong, sweaty hug. Their pecs were so big that they couldn’t even get their arms all the way around each other. The force they used to pat each other on the back would have knocked a normal guy to the floor.

Sam watched them and felt the anaconda in his pants growing tighter. It moved down his leg in little pulses until it became quite unpleasant to stand. He could see that Alexey was even one or two heads taller than his father. He was way wider than him, too.

“I’ve been looking for someone like me for way too long,” Alexey said, and Bolt grinned as though he’d been about to say the same thing. They grabbed the other’s upper arms and examined each other from head to toe.

Bolt was nearly speechless. “Woah, you look like a god, dude. You never stopped your training, did you? Never even hit the pause button.”

“Never saw a reason to. My baby here”—he grabbed his overflowing pouch, causing another spurt of pre-cum to flood down to the ground—”was always too big to cover up. And I never was one to hide.” He flashed a playful smile and his eyebrows rose, as though to challenge anyone who would disagree.

“But how do people react?”

“I don’t leave the house very often. Years ago people would just stare their asses off, but now they can’t keep their hands to themselves. People try to jump me in the street, like dogs in heat. They come the moment they touch my arms.

“But that doesn’t mean that I don’t leave the house now and then. It just can be a bit nerve-wracking. But I enjoy it, too. I let the wimps have their fun, they come, and then it’s back to eating and lifting. But what about you? Did you stop training? Or are you not as built as me for some other reason?” He threw Bolt another infectious smile. It was a strange sensation for Bolt to have to look UP to meet his eyes.

“I figured the fun had to end sometime,” Bolt answered. “I wanted to be able to drive a car, and move in public without anyone pointing at my dick bulging out of my pants leg. Speaking of which, ‘wow’ again. That thing is the biggest monster I’ve ever seen.”

Alexey had been about to answer Bolt, but he couldn’t resist an invitation to brag about his impossibly huge cock instead.

“This thing is my pride and joy. Nobody stays cold and dry once I start working with it.”

He gave his cock a hard slap and it began to swell in his pants. Sam was watching the seams, staring in awe as they gave up, one after the other.

“Anyway, you should think about taking up the training again! It’s absolutely worth it. It doesn’t matter what you lose when your body is breaking every record known to man. What counts is your strength and ever-growing manhood. Man, everybody wants to be the biggest guy around.” He took a step in Bolt’s direction. “Have the thickest muscles around.” he raised his arms and threw a double biceps pose. “Pack more between your legs than everybody else on the planet!” He tried to readjust his monster cock but his pants were so stuffed at this point that nothing moved. Bolt looked slightly intimidated, and Sam was shocked: he had never seen his father fazed by anything. These two men were probably the biggest in the world, and there was a definite tension between them.

“I guess you’re pretty pissed that you’re not the biggest man in town anymore,” Alexey concluded.

It seemed like he had given up wanting to live any semblance of a normal life long ago. Sam saw little worry lines crinkling Bolt’s forehead.

“I’m not pissed. I’m impressed. Your sheer size is just unbelievable to me. I never would have thought that size like yours was even possible. But okay, Goliath. Let’s get your things.”

Bolt and Alexey pressed their bodies through the doorframe, and they walked around the gym to the van. It was still warm outside, and it was a matter of seconds before Sam could feel his shirt starting to glue itself to his skin. As the moving van came into view he couldn’t help comparing Alexey’s size to the small driver’s cabin in the front. He couldn’t have driven here all by himself…and as if in answer to this silent question, he noticed a man sitting on the ground next to the van. His breath was unsteady, and his body was covered in sweat and something white and gooey. He didn’t seem to be conscious—in fact, he seemed to be dreaming with his eyes open. Alexey just smiled devilishly.

“After he drove me here I gave him the full package…nobody can handle the full package of Alexey,” he said, grabbing one of his massive moobs for emphasis. “I didn’t have to pay for this trip. There are just so many good things about this life, I swear, Bolt. But you seem like the kind of guy that doesn’t know how to use them to your advantage…too bad.”

“Yeah, I like it that way. The legal way,” Bolt replied. Alexey laughed, but Sam felt cold, despite the record heat.

Bolt added: “You aren’t gonna be able to find a place for you and that body of yours tonight. You can stay in the gym office until you do.”

“Thanks, man. Appreciate it.”

The three men opened the van and started carrying all of Alexey’s furniture into the gym. It was a job that would have taken normal men hours, but they were finished in just a few minutes. One of Alexey’s most impressive pieces was a sofa big and wide enough for several families. It clearly hadn’t been built inside a factory; it must have been the work of Alexey’s own hands.

It was such a hot night, and the air was so still, that their clothes were soaked with sweat within a few steps. There were drops falling from their bodies as they carried Alexey’s things up to Bolt’s office. The straps of Alexey’s tank top disappeared between his glistening and fully pumped pecs, which had burst completely free of the shirt and were hanging down heavily. His once skin-tight top was now stretched completely out of shape; Sam wondered if Alexey had ever been able to wear an article of clothing twice in his life. Alexey tried pushing his mountains of flesh back into his top, but it was hopeless. They were too huge and swollen from manhandling the furniture.

“I don’t know what you two do at home, but I never wear clothes behind locked doors. Anyway, this shirt is rags now.”

“We’re the last people to argue with that. Sorry, Alexey, but we have to go now…Sam has school tomorrow.”

“You’re still going to school? Fuck, that bull looks way older than that,” he said. The impact of the compliment was a little diluted since he was busy tearing his clothes apart. His muscles shifted heavily under his skin; Sam couldn’t tear his eyes away from the spectacle.

“It’s his last year.”

“Well, well,” Alexey smiled. “Then I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon. And Bolt? Are you here in the morning?”

“I’ll be here.”

Bolt turned to get some documents from his desk. Some were missing; he turned away to look for them, wiping the sweat from his eyes.

Sam, meanwhile, was still hypnotized by Alexey’s body. But something was odd. Actually, he resented Alexey and his arrogant way of using his god-like body to manipulate the world around him, not caring about the consequences. What would happen to his driver outside in the parking lot? Alexey hadn’t wasted a minute thinking about it. Sam felt like there were hypnotizing waves rolling off of Alexey. It was like his body was producing some kind of crazy pheromones that Bolt couldn’t sense. But Sam felt them, and he simply couldn’t resist. His dick had been hard since the moment he’d first laid eyes on Alexey, and now, as Alexey was taking all his clothes off, Sam’s dick was only seconds away from cumming without even having been touched. Sam prayed that his father would find the damn documents already.

Finally, Alexey sensed Sam’s eyes on his body; he glanced over at Bolt and grinned when he saw that he was still busy. With nimble fingers, he popped open the first button of his pants, and the package beneath seemed to inflate in response. Smoothly and slowly, he opened the zipper, revealing his huge bush. Black hair covered his junk, every inch of it. He spread out his fingers and eased his plate-sized hands into his overtight pants. The seams on the side began to pop open, one after another.

“Okay, I have everything. We can go now. See you tomorrow, Alexey. And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do either.”

They all waved goodbye. Sam couldn’t even walk right, his prick was so stiff inside his pants.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
That night, at home, the thoughts in Sam’s brain danced around like drunkards on a carousel. He couldn’t stop thinking about Alexey and what a beast he was. How the tank top couldn’t contain his body for longer than a minute. How the swollen head of his dick peeked out of his pants leg and leaked precum in big spurts. The hairs under his arms, on his chest, in the treasure trail down to his crotch.

Sam was standing in the shower when these thoughts kicked back in. He was horny. His breath was unsteady and short. He went to turn around in the little shower cabin when his steel-hard 12-inch dick hit the wall, making the shower stall ring like a gong. The pain happily distracted him, but his thoughts still drifted back to Alexey.

“Damn it!” Sam whispered. “Damn it, damn it, damn it!”

Holding his stiff member in one hand, he turned the shower knob so that ice cold water blasted his body. The water felt like needles on his skin, but at least it finally cooled him down. Sam leaned his overdeveloped body against the wall. Little trails of ice water ran down his wide back. He shivered; his skin had goosebumps everywhere, but whenever his dick threatened to get smaller again, the image of Alexey reappeared at the back of his mind, and his dick stayed hard, waiting to be serviced. There was no way around it. Sam left the shower cabin, nearly wiping out on the wet floor. He dried off and jumped inside his boxer briefs. He wouldn’t wear them for any longer than it took to walk to his room, that was for sure.

Over the last few weeks, Sam had gotten used to sleeping naked; he felt better when his body wasn’t imprisoned in tight clothing all night. Sometimes he fell asleep with his dick in his hands because his training left no energy over for nightly rituals.

For the first time, Sam imagined what it would be like to have an overgrown, bloated monster-cock like Alexey had. He surely slept with it in his arms, encompassing it with his whole body, while his massive balls rested between his legs, churning out cream all night long. Sam wondered if Alexey ever drank his own juice.

The soft sheets caressed Sam’s bare, well-muscled bottom; he couldn’t get to sleep. Two hours passed, but Sam’s penis was still as hard as a rock. He could feel it slapping against his legs and abs as he turned endless circles in the sheets.

When he finally started to nod off, he awoke with a start, feeling something wet in his bed. His dick had produced a little pond of precum on his chest and between his round pecs, and it had started running down his body.

He turned a small light on and finally did what he should have done back in the shower. Sam took the pillow and placed it behind his back, sitting upright against the wall.

His left hand began to knead his swollen balls. He brought his mouth down to his cock, and because of the motion of his hips, his cock met him halfway. His big, precum-spilling cockhead almost didn’t fit inside his mouth anymore, but he’d had lots of practice the last few weeks. Moaning softly, he began to suck himself. His tongue caressed the underside and the piss slit in one continuous motion, even as he tried to stuff even more of his dick into his wide open mouth. All his muscles were getting hot, and he could feel his pecs pushing his dick away from his mouth. He used his arms as counter pressure.


Quickly, Sam changed positions, now lying down on his throbbing dick until he was bringing all of his weight to bear on it. His glans had never been so swollen. He worked his dick with heavy thrusts. A picture of Alexey’s impossibly thick, glistening nipples appeared in front of him, and he moaned even louder, as though something incredible had touched the center of his body. Alexey’s nipples were as big as bananas and leaking something. Reflexively, Sam turned in the sheets and onto his back again, his dick slapping loudly on his abs. He rammed his heavy monster cock back into his mouth and sucked as hard as he could. Deeper, deeper, he thought. Then Alexey in the shower of Bolt’s office appeared as a steamy picture in his mind. The hot water was coursing down his massive chest. He raised his arm to wash its hairy pit. His other hand wandered down his over-packed triceps till it reached home. Sam let his dick go and grabbed his growing balls instead. At the beginning of the session, they had fit perfectly inside his hands—now they had grown immensely and it was hard for Sam to even get a grip on them. In the end, they were just too big to hold, and he rubbed them even bigger as they began to pump their juice inside his mouth. When Sam finally came, he drank every drop from his own stream. His balls pumped and pumped with no end in sight. His belly lost its definition, becoming rounder every second. When Sam wasn’t gulping, he was moaning, his eyes closed. His balls were shrinking much slower than he would have expected. There was so much cum in them, it was unbelievable. Meanwhile, another orgasm hit his body like a thunderbolt; he couldn’t handle the feeling of his mouth on his own dick any longer. His body was shaking; his hips pushed forward and his dick slipped out of his mouth. In a matter of seconds, cum was everywhere: on his face, on his chest, on the sheets, and gushing all over the wall behind his back before he could jerk it back inside his mouth to finish sucking.

Finally his gut became so big that it actually pushed his dick out of his mouth, and Sam was no longer able to get it back inside. He grabbed it with both hands and aimed for his mouth, but it wasn’t working. He patted his growing tummy instead, feeling the tightening skin under his fingers.

When it was all over, his dick lay softly on his filled and no-longer-muscled gut. Sam gazed down at himself. He felt his massive tummy, enjoying the gurgling sounds it made. His stomach had become so big that he couldn’t even see the head of his 10-inch soft cock anymore. Still caressing his belly, he stood up, its new weight tripping him up for a second before he found his balance again.

Bolt was—hopefully—sleeping tight. The house was silent. Sam pressed his body clumsily through the door frame and took the stairs down to the kitchen, hands still on his belly. He turned the dimmest light on and admired himself in a mirror next to the kitchen. His chest and arms looked as good as ever, and his pecs were slightly swollen and sitting on his gut, which was beyond anything he’d ever seen. It had become so big and tight that it completely overhung his dick, which was only still visible because of its length. Sam couldn’t even clasp his hands together in front of his body, no matter how hard he tried. It would have been enough to sit there all night caressing his bloated belly, but he had come to eat; that was what his body was craving now.

Sam opened up the fridge and discovered several sandwiches Bolt had prepared for breakfast. He grabbed a big plate and loaded it with everything he could find in the fridge. Then he grabbed several cartons of milk and mixed them with the protein and weight gain powder his father kept in the cabinet. Chewing, drinking and swallowing, he gulped everything down. He spilled some milk on his chest; it looked like it had come from his nipples. In the end, he probably ate too much. His bulging belly had gone back down to its usual size minutes before, but he hadn’t stopped his eating trance. After that, it had swollen up again. His cum couldn’t burn everything he gulped down. A satisfied groan burst from Sam: he looked down at his hairy tummy, now full and once again muscled, and then further down, at his junk, hanging well over the edge of his seat. His balls were slightly bigger now than they had been yesterday, and Sam felt sure that they would stay this size.

And then, suddenly, another picture shot through his brain: he saw Alexey in the morning, walking heavily through Bolt’s office, his monster cock dragging on the ground behind him, the glans exposed. He tried putting on some jeans, but his dick wouldn’t fit inside them. After ten minutes of pressing and thrusting, he finally managed to do it, but all the touching had made him so horny that his dick was ready to explode right back out of them. The seams on the jeans strained loudly as his cock pulled them apart.

“No, no, no, no!” Alexey shouted, but his dick continued getting harder and harder, bigger and bigger, until it became longer than his legs, tearing the jeans to ribbons.

Sam woke up with his dick pressed against the wood of the kitchen table.

“Oh, no, not again…”

He went back to the bathroom for another cold shower, but it didn’t help. He couldn’t calm his inner demons. He got some jeans and a shirt, grabbed his jacket and stepped out into the night. There was someone who could calm these demons, and Sam was sure that he was already waiting for him.

After Bolt and Sam left, Alexey nearly fell asleep on the couch. An hour went by before he finally found the energy to move. As he padded over to Bolt’s little office fridge, Alexey could hear the seams of his open pants tearing farther apart. His butt was ready to explode out of the strained fabric. Alexey grabbed a huge bottle of water and drank it in only a few gulps. Only then did he start to notice how sweaty and dirty his whole body was. The insides of his arms were practically glued to his massive torso. Luckily, he thought, Bolt had everything he needed here in the office.

But before he showered, he went through the rest of his moving cartons to make sure everything was still intact. The boxes contained different sized cylinders and pumps of all sorts. In one of the biggest packages was a huge container made out of plastic.

“What’s in there?” Sam had asked while carrying this box, which was as big as he was.

All Alexey would say was, “I can show it to you later, my friend.”

Alexey unpacked the container now and arranged it next to the wall. The tank reached up to his chest and it had a complex mechanism on top, closed now. He continued unpacking.

Alexey thought about the way Sam had looked at him. Most people reacted like he had when they saw his massive size, as if a giant magnet were pulling them closer to him. They wanted to touch him—and then, if they were still conscious after that, they wanted to do even more.

Walking through the two-story office, he had to duck now and then to avoid the ceiling beams. He even had to crouch to look out of the window. He was filled with a sense of his own physical superiority.

He waddled to the open shower in the back corner of the office. He put on some music and smiled when he saw that Bolt had already prepared the shower head for bigger humans; it was several feet higher than usual. Before showering, he went to the sink and shaved off the full beard that had grown in over the course of the day.

Sam, meanwhile, was using the key he’d filched from his father’s pocket to open the gym’s front door. He locked it behind him; he wanted to make sure that nobody would be interrupting.

In front of him in the dark was the gym atrium and the front desk. The locker rooms were on one side. On the other was the little dining area with the bar, and right behind them was the open staircase that went up to the second level of the building, to Bolt’s office. Sneaking up the stairs, he peered through the big panorama windows into the sports area. Everything was dark and felt creepy. The only light was a dim glow from the office’s window. The closer Sam came to the door, the more clearly he could hear the music coming from inside.

He reached the top of the stairs; he could feel his still-hard dick inside his pants. Sam reached the office door and thought about knocking before he remembered that Alexey didn’t give a fuck about social conventions.

He entered quietly and looked around. The shower was already going full blast, but Alexey wasn’t in there; he was standing in front of the mirror. As Sam watched, he shaved his thick beard with five easy motions of the blade. He probably had the same hair problems as Bolt – the same ones Sam would soon have. The room was becoming hazier every minute. Sam slipped his clothes off and sat on the armrest of Alexey’s couch, watching him work.

Finally, Alexey took his pants off. Since his ass was already ballooning out of them, he quickly realized there was no point in trying to be delicate; they were already garbage. He grabbed them roughly and tore them off his body. His thighs were so thick that there was no gap at all between them, so Sam couldn’t see everything from behind, but he could see Alexey’s gigantic dick slapping against his ankles several times, and hear the loud wet smack. For the first time, Sam realized how big Alexey’s feet were. Did this guy even have shoes?

Alexey grabbed the remains of his destroyed pants and was about to throw them onto the couch when he caught sight of Sam.

“I knew that you’d come back here. I didn’t make an impression on your dad…but with you…” he smiled lustfully and raised his thick eyebrows. “You can help me in the shower.”

Sam had to pull himself together not to simply jump Alexey right there—to press his cock into his huge mouth, between his pecs, wherever, until he could finally cum and achieve release.

In the shower, he took a sponge and started to clean Alexey’s legs. It was impossible to do this without repeated accidental contact with that immense monster cock. The impossibly huge organ blew Sam’s mind, shattering his idea of how big it was possible for a human being to get. Alexey’s cock was as wide as Sam’s was long: 12 inches, as thick as a tree trunk. And as Sam could tell from touching it, over and over, it was unbelievably heavy. As he scrubbed Alexey’s even wider thighs, his own rock-hard cock kept colliding with Alexey’s, and the sensation took his breath away every time. Already he wasn’t far from cumming.

Alexey turned and pressed his huge hands against the wall. Sam changed positions too and started scrubbing his huge bubble butt with the sponge. Sam grabbed one of his cheeks but it was too heavy for him to move. It tightened enticingly after he let it go.

When Alexey turned around again, Sam saw that his balls were the same size as Bolt’s; he wondered how big they would grow before Alexey came, and if there was a maximum size. Already Alexey’s dick was touching the ground, the shower water mixing with the fluids trickling from his elephant penis.

Alexey knelt so that Sam could reach his upper body more easily, but even crouching, he was still several inches taller than Sam. Sam began to wash Alexey’s mountainous pecs, paying special attention to his insanely huge nipples, which were becoming harder every second.

“Never seen such big ones,” Sam marveled.

“Then you should see them when they’re fully pumped. They don’t stay that big for long but when I train them they grow as much as everything else.”

Alexey raised his arms for Sam, groaning as though it were heavy work to raise their immense weight. To wash his pits Sam had to navigate around his crouched leg; he was concentrating so hard he nearly tripped over the monster cock, which was now lying on the ground in front of him.

While Sam scrubbed Alexey’s arms and pits, Alexey was playing with his massive balls, which were starting to become slightly bigger.

Sam climbed over the huge dick until he arrived in front of Alexey to wash his neck. His hard cock was pushing against the underside of Alexey’s monstrous pecs, and he found he couldn’t resist any longer. He thrust his huge cock in between them, and he heard Alexey moan. He felt the tension in his pecs, as though Alexey were trying to pull Sam deeper inside of him. Sam was now eye to eye with Alexey, and could see him flaring his nostrils, licking his full lips. Alexey already had a five o’clock shadow again, he realized.

Suddenly Alexey engulfed the young man, and Sam could feel his dick disappearing between Alexey’s mountains of flesh. Veins sprouted on his overgrown biceps. Sam thrust his massive cock between Alexey’s pecs again and again and again. It felt incredible. Alexey fell onto his back while Sam sat on his chest, still fucking his pecs, both of them mesmerized by the sensation. Sam’s breath was short and he was barely aware of what he was doing. The giant pulled him closer and kissed him. At first, Sam was bothered that the pec-fucking had stopped, but when he tasted that thick, long tongue in his mouth, all his displeasure evaporated. Sam felt Alexey’s huge hands engulfing his ass, kneading it hard. Sam, meanwhile, searched for Alexey’s nipples and found them both. As he massaged them, rubbing them up and down, a tidal wave of lust surged through the giant’s body. He groaned so loudly the windows shook. At first, Sam thought that Alexey was only taking a deep breath, but then he realized that the massage was making Alexey’s chest grow, together with his nipples. He had to see. Sam leaned back to watch Alexey’s already overblown chest muscles blowing up even bigger. His nipples were still getting hard, and thick veins appeared around his areolas.

Alexey had a hard time speaking as his body trembled with pleasure. “I told you. It’s not just the muscles. EVERYTHING gets pumped up.”

Sam stared at the huge nipples inside his hands. They were dicks in their own right, each of them as big and long as a banana. Sam bent down and sucked on one of them as his free hand caressed the other one. Alexey reared up; this was too much pleasure all at once. Fluid was now leaking from his nipples, which startled Sam at first, but then he found that it made him even hornier. He resumed pec-fucking Alexey, faster now. It was a wonder he hadn’t cum already. Alexey thrust his hips back and forth, still lying on his back.

When something heavy and wet first touched Sam’s back, becoming heavier with every passing second, Sam didn’t know what was happening at first until he became aware of Alexey’s monster cock looming overhead. It was becoming hard, and from Sam’s position it looked as big as a tree. It wasn’t much longer than before, but it was way thicker. The exposed, pulsing glans was as big as an exercise ball, and only Alexey’s stabilizing hands kept it from crushing Sam beneath it. Fist-sized drops of cum oozed out of it, running down its length in rivulets. It grew at least another third in thickness, until its own weight became a burden even for Alexey. His arms and chest tensed up with the strain of supporting its incredible mass. Behind his mammoth dick, Sam could see Alexey’s incredibly huge sack swelling between his legs.

Sam turned over and went to work on the monster in front of him, and the feeling of his thickly muscled arms and wandering hands on his dick nearly drove Alexey out of his mind. He thrust his head left and right, and Sam had to dodge as he urged his dick further forward with every spasm of lust.

Sam had one last idea. Alexey’s dick was now lying on his chest, and Sam used Alexey’s body for leverage to push his own cock inside Alexey’s. Immediately Alexey was nearly screaming with joy. He lay back, unable to believe how good everything felt. He assisted Sam as much as he could, but his balls were growing bigger and bigger at an alarming rate, easily filling the entire bathroom side of Bolt’s office. A steady stream was now gushing out of Alexey’s cock, massaging Sam inside and out, driving him over the edge.

Finally Sam couldn’t hold back any longer. He came inside Alexey’s dick, which immediately began to flush his load back out again, joining the steady stream of precum lubricating his own cock. Sam groaned softly as he pumped more and more cum into him.

There was a loud crash, and Sam sat up, startled. The little wall that separated the bathroom from the rest of the office had been broken down by Alexey’s now impossibly huge balls.

“I’m coming! I’M COMING!”

From a whisper, Alexey’s voice rose to a great roar. His dick rose and and tensed; Sam reached over and caressed his cockhead with both hands, his mouth already open and ready.

“Be careful, boy!” Alexey warned him, but it was too late. It was as if someone had blown up a dam. With a roar like thunder, gallon after gallon gushed out of Alexey’s cock. Some of it landed inside of Sam’s mouth, but it was way too much. The tidal wave of cum completely overwhelmed them both.

In the end Alexey released his giant dick, which landed on his chest with a powerful smack. The glans lay beyond his shoulder, and he had to use his other hand to wipe his face clean. The shower did its best, but everything drained very slowly, and everything in the office was soaked either way.

After another shower, Sam was finally clean again and back in his boxer shorts, his dick hanging several inches out of the leg hole.

Alexey was still in the shower, the water streaming down his body, when he said: “Sorry if you got some of that in your mouth. I’m not a big fan of that.”

Sam was perplexed. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know, man. Just don’t like it, I guess. I always thought it was gross when they did that in porn—swallowing. Not my cup of tea.”

“Really?” Sam had to stop himself from laughing in disbelief. “When I first saw you my first thought was that you must be giving yourself head 24/7, to have a body like that.”

“What?” Alexey looked puzzled.

“You’ve never given yourself a blowjob? Just to grow even bigger and faster? Even if you don’t like the taste, you seem to be a guy who doesn’t know the meaning of limits. Or am I wrong? “

Alexey turned off the water. There was a gleam in his eyes. His grin began to widen.

“You mean that my cum could grow everyone – even me – into a hulking alpha stud? It’s not just the training? It’s the cum, too?”

“You didn’t know that? I thought you did.”

“But that would mean that everyone could become as big as us. As big as me!”

“Yeah,” said Sam. This idea wasn’t as impressive to him as it apparently was to Alexey. He grabbed his stuff and got ready to leave. “I guess if you were really generous with your muscle juice, everyone could become as big as you…and even bigger, I guess. But since you think it’s disgusting, I guess you’ll have to find someone else to grow,” Sam chuckled and winked.

When Sam left the building, Alexey remained, sunken in reverie. He was turning over an idea. There could be someone out there as big–or even bigger–than him. He just had to create that person. All he had to do was find someone who was ready to go further than everyone before him.


Part 8

After Sam left, Alexey sat on his gigantic couch for a little while. His long feet and cock stretched out onto the floor; his hands folded behind his head. After a minute he started touching his dick as he thought about what Sam had said.

He clenched his teeth. Despite his ambitions for his body, despite everything he had done to become the man he was now, it was still unimaginable for him to drink…that. He didn’t know why, but the idea disgusted him. It was no problem to ram that monster into someone else and give them a huge shot of it. He enjoyed the feeling when someone wanted to take every last drop, even when it was totally impossible once Alexey started to blast currents of hot, white cum. But it wasn’t for him. That was why he hadn’t discovered it before, he thought now, his thumb following the line of a thick vein on his cock. Who knows how big he’d be now if he hadn’t only trained like a maniac for all these years. He’d even avoided sexual adventures for many years because he knew how much of his energy would be consumed by it. He preferred to train his ass off, sometimes twice a day. But if Sam was right, and the juice in his balls made it possible to grow absolutely anyone into a huge beast like him? Maybe in no time? Who knew? A fantasy in his brain could come true. Suddenly, it was so close that he could taste it…and he had dreamed about it for so many years now…

As long as Alexey could remember, he had always had a fascination with big—no, gigantic, bigger than life-sized men. He had tried hooking up with women out of curiosity, but they couldn’t pleasure him the way men could. It wasn’t a waste of time, exactly, but it wasn’t enough.Alexey learned early that this kink—he learned that word late in his life, when the internet finally became a thing—could be traced back to his own impossible size. When he saw videos of men posing for competitions online—throwing their heavily muscled arms into the air, their cheeks bulging from the effort of maintaining muscle tension everywhere at the same time—Alexey quickly became insanely hard.

Gradually, the admiration he felt for these men gave way to the desire to become as big as them. To feel what they felt. Alexey wanted to know what it was like to squeeze his massive body into clothes that were way too tight, to feel his muscles exploding with power. He wanted to walk like them, heavy and powerful, like tanks. But there was one thing that disappointed him every time: the camera lingered on the upper bodies of the contestants, admiring how big and beautiful they were. They were proud of their hard work and they liked to present it to everyone in the crowd. But then the camera moved down and showed the little posers they wore, and it looked like they were hiding nothing but two little nuts in there. The magic, the illusion of power…it was gone.

Even before Alexey’s training started at the age of 13, he recognized that he was bigger and more muscular than his classmates. It didn’t mean anything back then, but still. He noticed.

He was adopted, and was always afraid of asking his parents where he came from. He never met his real mom or dad. Back then, Alexey thought that everything about him was totally normal, that he was an average kid—but he was wrong and he was in for a rude awakening.

When he slept over at his friends’ houses in the summer and everyone would go to bed with nothing but underwear on, Alexey had trouble hiding everything. Back then he wasn’t muscular and didn’t have a single hair on his body, but his dick had always been huge. Most of the time it hung out of his underwear and slapped against his skinny thighs. The first people to see it were his friends. They kept asking innocent questions, which was the beginning of little Alexey’s fascination with the overgrown male body.

Later on, when he discovered the truth about the size of his penis, he realized what was so different about him. The thing swinging between his legs was key to many things in life, he learned. He discovered football at the age of fifteen. Luckily the team was heavily funded at his school, so he had a real shot at becoming a professional athlete. A dream took shape as he watched the grown-ups on the field, the heavy protection they wore, their massive bodies colliding.

That was when his training started.

The coach promised him many things. At first, he wanted him to play basketball, not football, because he was already 6’3”, bigger than everyone else in his class, but Alexey said no. He wanted to play football. Only football, his whole life, he thought at the time. The coach saw the fire in his eyes, saw that this boy would become a man in no time, and he gave him the advice that would change his life: to play football, he had to put on some pounds.

That night Alexey stood naked in front of a mirror and looked down at his body. His belly, flat and plain; his arms, undefined but long; and his cock, already huge. It must have been seven inches long back then. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled proudly. That was how it started.

The first day was one of the hardest. There was a training room at school, but it was famously no place for underclassmen. The seniors didn’t like to be disturbed while hitting the weights.

When Alexey entered the room, everyone was watching him like he were a freak. He was big, bigger than some of the seniors, but he was still a lightweight. They laughed at him at first, cursing behind his back and saying things about his parents he couldn’t hear, but when they saw the numbers he was hitting on the machines, they became quieter. Even so, he wasn’t welcome there and Alexey could feel that every day. They harassed him in packs, laughed about his small body, and one time they pissed inside his gym bag. He threw the bag away and acted if as nothing had happened.

Alexey thought that he would outdo himself every day in that first week, but he was wrong. After two weeks of nerve-wracking and overly intense training, nothing had changed. He stood in front of his full-length mirror and saw the same small and weak boy looking back.

The week after that his patience ran thin. He grabbed some serious weights, stood in front of the big gym mirror and started to scream while pumping the (far too heavy) iron. His eyes went dead, he clenched his teeth, and he screamed even louder when his muscles started to hurt. A vein popped out on his sweaty forehead and his face became red, his breath shorter. Why wasn’t he gaining weight? He trained like a freak and ate as if everything was free. He hated his weak, foolish body. He screamed and pumped some more. His arms hurt, and he hated himself even more. The edges of his eyesight blurred and turned black, and he felt his brain slowly turning off. His cries were loud enough now to make everyone in the gym turn their heads. Sweat was streaming down his body. And then, as if he had asked for it, the pain in his arms disappeared. It became bearable, then calming, and finally pleasurable. He took a deep breath and dropped the weights to the ground. He knelt down and laughed as drops of sweat hit the floor beneath him. He became aware of his hard dick. It was wet, as though he had just come in his gym shorts. It was lying on his sore right thigh, big and throbbing. He took a last look in the mirror and saw a vein on his left biceps that hadn’t been there seconds ago. His grin grew wider until his stomach growled loudly. He deserved a break.

After that, he trained like a mindless zombie, never breaking his new routine. That was the day his training began, and it would end on the day he died. He gave everything he had and more in each session now that he had finally realized what his body needed to grow. Every day looked the same: Alexey woke up hours before class started. He put on some clothes, slowly growing tighter on him, had some breakfast and drove to the school gym. He trained like hell, worked his body to the breaking point, and showered off immediately afterward to get to class on time. When he had extra time he jacked off in the shower.

Alexey used the lectures to eat. That wasn’t actually allowed, but after the teachers heard his belly’s constant, never-ending growls, they made an exception for him. He had no ear for the things the teachers were explaining at the front of the room. His report was nearly always straight C’s, and that was more than good enough for him.

At three in the afternoon, after the last bell rang, he went back to the training room. After the first few days of bullying him, the seniors let him be, and some of them even began to talk to him. It was only small talk, but still. It was a sign of respect.

With two training sessions every day, Alexey’s body pumped up huge in no time. Especially at the afternoon sessions, though, he had some trouble. He got a hard-on whenever he trained intensely and he couldn’t explain why. At first, he tried to hide it; he didn’t like the thought that everyone would start mocking him again for being gay or anything like that. But the size of his still-growing dick became an attraction of its own. And once the seniors noticed what a stallion Alexey was, the last of his shame about his growing body evaporated. In fact, he was starting to feel the opposite way. He grew used to compliments and breathless stares from every side. People started talking about him behind his back again, but this time the tone was different, and Alexey was enjoying the attention. Now, after the last weights hit the ground, his body growing bigger in every direction, he pushed his hips outwards to present his steel-hard growing junk even more.

By that time Alexey was only 16 years old, but he had developed an extremely muscular body for his age. He was on his way to being the biggest kid in school and he still had two more years to go.

Hair began to grow in all over his body. On his chin and cheeks, over his chest and belly, under his arms. The fur on his junk became even thicker.

And there were other, older people noticing the changes. One of the seniors liked Alexey’s development even more than the others; he could not resist. One day, under the shower Alexey could suddenly feel someone’s junk pressing against his naked ass, and the next thing he knew he was listening to the voice of the current quarterback, to whom he had never spoken a word. The guy’s hand ran through the gap between Alexey’s torso and his massive arm and found his fat, semi-hard cock. It could hardly be held by just one hand.

“Your muscles aren’t the only thing growing around here, are they?” he whispered. Alexey could feel the quarterback’s breath on his neck. Alexey was already bigger than him by this time. The guy massaging his horse cock was four years older and even wider than him, but his general physique was rounder and less defined than Alexey’s.

The quarterback couldn’t see Alexey’s grin. He felt the ridiculously small erection against his butt.

“You should find out…” Alexey urged him.

He turned around suddenly and pressed the heavily muscled boy to his knees. Alexey’s cock would have fit into three hands, back then, and he could still fit it into a nice pair of jeans without everyone seeing it. Alexey pressed his massive pole into the quarterback’s mouth and down his throat. His teammate, unable to believe how lucky he was, started sucking immediately, even though he was having trouble breathing. Alexey grabbed his friend’s hair and pressed him even closer to his crotch; even more of his monster cock disappeared into the young man’s throat. He was gagging and crying quietly, but he no longer had a choice. Alexey started face-fucking him until his massive balls hit the quarterback’s chin, loud and rhythmic. Leaning against the shower wall, Alexey came hard, and the quarterback scrambled to catch it all. After they were finished, the other guy licked his balls; they were so abnormally big compared to his own.

That was Alexey’s first sexual experience; it would be repeated quite often in the following weeks.

Neither Alexey nor the quarterback realized it back then, but Alexey’s juice was slowly growing him slightly bigger. They both thought that this was just a nice coincidence–a late growth spurt.

At the beginning of the next school year, the football coach came to see him and he gasped when he saw the “new” Alexey. He had to remind himself that his mouth shouldn’t be open when he talked to a student.

“Holy shi–… Okay, the new season starts next week. I want you on my team! Come to my office and we discuss the details.”

Alexey followed the coach. He couldn’t have been happier: his hard work was finally paying off.

“Training is three times a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you’re not on time, you’re off the team. No discussion.” As he spoke, Alexey noticed for the first time how well his new trainer was built. But soon he would be even bigger than him, he thought.

“You’ll be issued a uniform from the school. Watch it and keep it clean. If you don’t—”

“I’m off the team,” Alexey finished. “I get it.”

The coach smiled. He liked Alexey’s cockiness.

“You’ll need a large,” he mumbled, searching for something to fit Alexey’s size. “Try that on!” he demanded, like a drill sergeant.

Alexey liked the coach’s harsh voice. He followed instructions, stripping off his shirt and putting the new uniform on.

“It fits,” Alexey said, and his coach noted this down on a pad without looking up.

Then Alexey took a bold step: he took everything off, piece by piece, until he was stark naked. The coach didn’t look up as Alexey stepped into the jockstrap that was part of his new training uniform. It already was quite tight, but still bearable. But he had to wear a cup—groin protection—too. He tried this on several times, rearranging his dick one way, then the other, but it was impossible. The cup was just too small.

“Well?” the trainer asked after Alexey had been quiet for too long. He still hadn’t looked up from his pad.

“Jock fits…the cup doesn’t.”

“What? Are you kidding me?” He looked up and Alexey saw his angry eyes. “If you’re fucking with me…”

The coach walked around the desk and stopped right in front of Alexey, who was wearing nothing but the jock. Without a second thought, the coach put his hand inside Alexey’s jock. He wanted to pull out the sock, the tissues, whatever it was this kid was hiding down there. It took him several seconds to realize what was actually inside the jock: just Alexey’s fat dick and hairy balls. The coach jerked his hand back and cleared his throat.

“Sorry, boy.” He turned and walked back to his chair, his face slightly red. “Man, I don’t know what they’re putting in the food these days. You’re the second guy to need a bigger cup for his package. I guess it’s not special anymore, like it was for me back in the day…oh, um…forget it.”

He gave Alexey a look that made it perfectly clear what he was talking about. He wrote something on his pad, and then he walked over to his private closet and fetched a bigger protective cup.

“Until the order comes in you can wear this. Bought it for personal reasons but I never used it. I don’t play too often these days.”

Alexey took the new, white cup and grinned. It was an XXL version, built by a company that specialized in clothes for well-built men. He tried it on; it fit perfectly. His package looked obscene, but at least it would be somewhat covered by his training pants—although they were a tight fit, too.

“Does everything fit? You have to be comfortable on the field.” Emphasizing his point, the coach grabbed his own bulging junk where his zipper was pushed outward.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
The first year was a huge success for Alexey. When the quarterback he had met several times in the showers dropped out of school, it didn’t take Alexey long to take his place on the team.

And the coach had been right. There was another guy on the team that was finally a match for Alexey. His name was Christoph and he had muddy blond hair that reached over his ears. Everyone on the team was well-built; some were even quite fat—it was one of the reasons the school had one of the best teams in the country. Most members of the team left the school with great scholarships. But Alexey and Christoph were the only ones with some muscular definition. They became friends in no time, trained together and ate like pigs to sustain their massive bodies. Apart from that, Christoph was the only member of the team to also have won the genetic jackpot. Between his trunk-sized thighs swung a heavy 8.5-inch cock. Christoph said it was more curse than a blessing, because no one could ever take it. When he saw Alexey’s 10-inch soft cock, he changed his mind.

“Holy shit, Alexey! Pray that it won’t any bigger than that, haha!”

Christoph’s own dick was as thick as a bottle of Red Bull, and when someone was messing with him in the shower, he slapped it between his hands like a bat to teach them some respect. The sound was surprisingly loud and hot. Everyone would laugh, but then some had to hide their rising erections.

When Alexey joined the team and everybody saw what he was carrying between his massive legs, the battle lines were drawn, and he and Christoph were bound together in a strange kind of friendship. They became training partners and friends, seeing each other from morning till the end of the day.

The coach started a kind of competition between them, and each trained even harder to become better and bigger than the other. Alexey blew up insanely, while Christoph grew at a normal rate. Christoph knew that Alexey’s genes had to have some muscle growth mutation. He joked that Alexey’s father must have been a horse on steroids. Christoph just had to watch as Alexey continued to grow steadily, with no signs of stopping.

When they were alone, Christoph told him that he would try things with Alexey that he had never done with a guy before. Alexey took it as a compliment.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Alexey entered his office quietly without knocking. When he stood in the middle of the room, the coach’s chair turned around with lightning speed. “Out!” the coach shouted. “Can’t you knock?”

His trainer was naked from the waist down and he had a pretty huge erection that reached past his belly button.

“You said there are no secrets on the team. But either way, this is important. I need a new uniform.”

The coach was still pissed. He stood and pulled up his pants, but even then his cock was still clearly visible through the fabric. A wet spot formed at the tip of his huge penis.

The coach calmed down a bit and nodded.

“You’re probably right. I saw your shoulder pad break in the last game. You really need a bigger uniform.”

As he spoke, a long drop formed and fell to the ground.

They both acted as if nothing had happened.

“So…pants, shirt, undershirt, XXL. The shoulder pads can be fixed. You can do that on your own. Thanks. You can go.”

“I need a bigger cup, too,” said Alexey with a cocky smile, his arms crossed in front of his chest. By this time he was already 7’ tall. He barely wore shirts with sleeves anymore because they never fit him. He was bigger than Christoph, and none of his teammates could believe how big he was getting.

“Stop it with the stupid jokes!” The coach sat down behind his desk. “You’re a grown-up. You try to shit me, I’ll kick you off the team. I don’t care how good you are.”

Alexey, as usual, didn’t need to think twice. He went to the desk. The coach gave him a puzzled look, waiting for him to speak. But Alexey was silent. He opened his pants and gathered up something heavy in both of his big hands. Forcefully, Alexey hauled up his gigantic cock from its resting place near his left knee. The unbelievably huge penis hit the desk like a hammer blow, but even then, Alexey wasn’t finished. He reached back into his pants and pulled out his big blue balls, which landed with another slap on his coach’s desk. The message was more than clear. Alexey crossed his arms again. His cock reached halfway across the desk.

Alexey knew that the coach was hetero, but he nevertheless was speechless now, and he could even see the coach’s cock thrusting forward in Alexey’s direction. The wet spot on his pants became bigger.

“Ah…okay. I’ll see what I can do.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Four months later, Alexey entered Coach’s little office again. This time, he didn’t have to put on a show to make his point clear. He had posed together with Christoph after training, and in the process his monster cock had exploded out of his pants. The cup had blasted away and landed several feet in front of him. Christoph didn’t say anything at first, but then he began laughing hysterically.

That was how he entered the office: cock first. It was incredibly fat, covered in veins, pulsating and heavy, supported by bulging balls in a gigantic sack. The rest of his uniform had torn apart on the way; he just had the best training session in his life. He had to bend down as he entered; he had grown to 7’4”. His chest swelled with every breath he took, and the room started to heat up when he entered. Sweat dropped from his thick beard onto his monster cock.

The coach dropped his pencil and said: “That was the last size. XXXXL.” His voice was nothing more than a whisper. “There’s nothing bigger…”

Alexey smiled, satisfied. That changed everything.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Alexey had already gotten his scholarship—no one had to know that he no longer planned on a football career.

It became harder for him to play fair on the field. He could simply push every other player down with the slightest effort, as if they were made out of paper. In duels with opponents, he could always feel their hands on his junk, kneading it heavily until the whistle sounded. If he got a hard-on while playing, it wouldn’t end well for them. Some of these players came back and visited him in the showers. He left them in a sea of cum. It became harder for Christoph to keep up with him, and so Alexey started to train alone.

On the internet, Alexey now often found pics of him taken secretly. While he was playing on the field or sitting on the bench, his legs open wide and his junk on display.

He ended his school career with some legendary games.

After he graduated, because of the scholarship, he had enough money to do what he’d always wanted to do. He got himself a small apartment right next to a real gym and worked on the body he’d been dreaming of. Months later, the money people wanted to know if he’d used the funds for his professional football career. The person responsible for enforcing this visited him at home, but after a 7’6” big man with a thick beard opened the door and bent down to see who was asking him, everything went along nicely. That day, Alexey had opened the door bare-ass naked, and the arguments he presented to the little man were surprisingly persuasive. The money kept coming.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Later on, he sold his training photos and videos online for big money, but on the condition that no one spread them online. Alexey said clearly at the beginning of every sold video that he would not hesitate to find anyone spreading his content online, and that it wouldn’t end well for them. Nevertheless, there was one guy who didn’t give a fuck about this rule, and he did get a visit from Alexey. After that, he couldn’t sit or walk for several weeks. It never happened again.

Through his training, Alexey learned everything about his body (except that one thing). He knew what it was capable of and had control over it like no other human being. He could cum whenever he wanted, or continue to shoot more pre-cum, as long as he liked. He controlled everything in his life, even his over-sized balls.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Over the years, it made Alexey quite sad that he was always the biggest and strongest without any question. He missed Christoph, but they no longer had contact. He wanted to meet someone on his level.

Sometimes, his massive cock in front of him, he dreamed about pleasuring someone even bigger than him. The small, weak men in the gym showers whose heads reached only up to his nipples couldn’t handle him; they were barely bigger than his elephant dick. After he realized that he would probably be alone forever, he trained even harder to become the biggest human being that had ever lived. He was alone now, and there was no reason to mind the other minuscule men. He grew wider and bigger every day. Door frames became too small for him as he grew up to an unbelievable 8’6”. Sometimes he couldn’t stop people in the gym from jumping him. It got even trickier once his semi-hard dick grew long enough to touch the ground.

Around that time he started pumping. Alexey had seen the penis-pumping phenomenon online, and always watched the videos with a smile on his face: guys putting their 5-inch dicks inside a vacuum cylinder to make them slightly bigger and thicker. Sadly, by the time he discovered his interest in pumping, he was a little beyond the right size for a normal, casual penis pump. With a little engineering and a lot of effort, he built himself a mediocre pump and used it a few pleasurable times. The vacuum power needed was just insane, but so were the results. They were beyond Alexey’s dreams. It was so hot to have an impossibly huge monster lying on your chest, on your face, and even beyond. It was thicker than any tree, and he could barely even get arms around it. But he needed a steel-hard cock, and there was no way of getting that monster pumped AND hard at the same time. There was only one way: he had to train even more. But without realizing it, he had gained a few inches from the pumping sessions.

Months before he tried pumping his dick even bigger, he discovered that his pecs were lactating something white and creamy when he was especially pumped after the gym. His areolas became bigger, just like his nipples, and they started producing a steady little stream of a few drops per minute. Alexey liked the feeling of it and he loved it to milk himself, but as with cum, he didn’t drink it. He didn’t even try it. But the thought of giving it to someone else made him horny again. He couldn’t understand himself.

In training, he started to play with his nipples now and then. He twisted them slightly and gave them little flicks with his fingernails. They were bigger than average-sized nipples, even accounting for the fact that everything about him was oversized. When it was cold or Alexey was horny, they became close to an inch long. But of course, Alexey couldn’t handle it when something about his body was “small.” And it wasn’t enough for them to be big. In order to meet his expectations, they had to be unbelievably huge.

And there was the irony of the penis-pump story. What started as a little game grew to a small obsession in Alexey’s head.

In their soft state, Alexey’s nipples didn’t change their appearance much. They became thicker and fatter and the stream of muscle juice became heavier and steadier. But when they became hard, Alexey forced them first into small men’s vacuum pumps, and then even bigger ones. And so he often sat in the evenings on his gigantic couch, both his nipples in 8” vacuum pumps, and played with his still-growing cock. Before too long he had to add a tube to the cylinder because the suction was causing his nipples to produce too much juice. And after a few weeks of pumping, he got the sense that the milking was good for his pecs, because they grew even bigger to accommodate the circumstances. Alexey wasn’t going to complain. He was riding on his monster cock, his ass circling in the air, while he held his now-nearly-7” banana-sized nipples in his hands. They were nearly the shape of a normal man’s penis now, and Alexey couldn’t have been prouder.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
From time to time he now found pictures and videos of him online, but he wasn’t mad about it anymore. He hoped that someone would find him whose appearance was similar to his.

A video of him filling an XXXXL condom until it ripped had gotten over 800,000 views.

His videos on websites for pec and nipple enthusiasts nearly made him rich.

And then, one day, an email arrived that began “Dear Alexey,” and he smiled when he saw the name “Bolt” in the sender line. He pulled up stakes.

And now he sat here on his couch in Bolt’s office, nude, and waited for the morning to come.


Part 9

“I just don’t believe you.”


“Because it’s impossible, dude.”

Sam had been arguing with Michael about Alexey’s appearance the previous night for more than ten minutes now.

“You’re trying to tell me your father found a guy who’s an ever bigger muscle bull than he is?”

“Right. But actually, you don’t have to believe me. He’ll probably be at the studio this afternoon and you can see him with your own eyes.”

Michael didn’t respond; he was distracted by a girl blocking the hallway in front of them. Her name was Vera, and she seemed to be scanning the boys in front of her as she spoke.

“Hey, guys…wanted to ask if you were interested in meeting up this afternoon?”

“Yeah, sounds nice,” said Michael immediately, but Vera only gave him a puzzled stare. She had been talking to Sam.

This definitely wasn’t the first time that this had happened. Over the last few weeks, Michael had watched his reputation as the school hunk crumble away. Once, heads had turned to follow him when he walked down the hallway. Then people had started to look at Sam the same way, and now, as Sam’s training continued to get even more intense, he was getting all the attention. People had started to realize that Sam wasn’t a normal human being, and Michael had disappeared into Sam’s steadily-growing shadow. Playing second fiddle didn’t come naturally to Michael, but until now it hadn’t damaged his self-confidence. He still proudly walked naked through the locker rooms, shaking his assets for everyone to see. But Sam was starting to cast a three-legged shadow now that his dick had reached the eleven-inch mark. Michael definitely wasn’t the talk of the town anymore.

On Friday afternoon, Michael noticed that the sleeves on Sam’s soccer shirt were straining dangerously.

“Man, you’re not kidding around with this gym stuff, huh? Do you want to look like that guy someday, the one your father found? I mean, I’ll only believe in him when I see him—but is that what you want?”

“What? No, man. You have to see him to understand. I mean, yes, it’s definitely hot—you should see just the amount of power he needs to move. All he has to do is breathe and the room starts vibrating. But he can’t just walk out of the house and live a normal life. There are no clothes that fit him. He’s reached a point of no return, so he just continues his gym routine. Forever.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“You have to admit it sounds insanely hot,” Michael said dreamily as they crossed the green to the field house to change. “I mean, this guy has chosen this extraordinary life, and now he sacrifices everything for it. It just has to feel good to be him.”

“I think that kind of size has its price. My father’s right. There has to be a limit.”

“Some people don’t believe in limits,” Michael said mysteriously as they entered the locker room.

It was no problem for Sam to reach the highest shelf in his locker now. As they changed Michael studied him. Sam’s new pants were too short for him—again. He had to be bigger than 6’5’’ now. His thick calves were straining against the seams of his pants, and even though Bolt had bought him special underwear, he wasn’t wearing it yet. He was still stuffing his growing anaconda and oversized balls into his old, way-too-tight boxer briefs every day. Michael caught him having to zip up his fly a hundred times a day; just the slightest motion of his body caused his package to open it.

All Sam had to do was open the button of his jeans and his bulge did the rest for him. Sam rummaged in his locker as his dick slowly pushed its way out of his pants, still covered by the well-worn boxer brief. He grabbed his huge package and shook it. Michael could almost hear the cum in his balls sloshing around.

“I gotta tell you, I’m going through underwear like it’s my job. But I guess I wouldn’t mind if it grew a bit bigger still.” He winked at Michael, who could only give a wan smile back.

Sam dropped his pants, letting his huge dick slap against his slightly hairy thighs. A clear drop hung from his piss slit, and a few seconds later, Michael watched it drip to the ground, dragging a long thread.

Once he’d gotten his gym shorts on, his dick was hidden again, but all he had to do was take a step for it to become clearly visible through the fabric. He was going commando, which probably was a mistake, but Sam was too cocky to realize it.

Michael found himself very distracted while they were playing. He lost the ball several times and none of his passes reached his teammates. The coach wasn’t happy with his performance and nearly kicked him off the field.

Sam, meanwhile, was well aware of the power he had over his friend, and he wasn’t afraid to use it.

In the shower, after everyone else had gone, Sam came up behind Michael’s back. He looked down at his now smaller friend, touched his side, and then let his hand wander upwards toward Michael’s shoulder.

“I know you want it,” Sam said, his voice barely audible over the sound of the water. He started to push Michael down, gently at first and then harder after Michael at first refused. Michael knelt down until the monstrous cock was right before his eyes. Sam was right; he did want it.

The glans was just too big for Michael’s mouth. He did his best, but there was simply no way to fit that monster inside his mouth. It was hard work to pleasure someone this big, Michael thought, but he would give it his all.

Pulsing veins appeared on the underside of Sam’s marvelous belly, while his dick became as hard as a steel bar. By the time he was ready to come, his balls were so big that they hung down near his knees. He stood, legs apart, while Michael tried to suck even more of his dick down. Sam did as he liked, pushing his dick further down his friend’s throat. For what Michael was getting, he could afford to work for it a little bit, Sam thought.

Fifteen minutes later, Michael sat on the floor of the shower as Sam put his jeans back on. His horse dick was clearly visible through the fabric, but every day Sam minded less. Michael looked down at his round, bulging belly, hoping that maybe the juice inside of it would change something, but it was way too late to change Sam back, to recreate their old life.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When Michael and Sam entered the studio, Liz welcomed them with a flirty smile. She didn’t see them at first, though, not until they were already standing in front of her desk. Liz’s was a little dreamy that day. She was busy watching something in the distance, her mouth open, and the boys knew immediately what it was.

Past the tables and chairs of the little dining area, on the other side of the panoramic windows was a crowd of sweaty and mostly well-built gym members. But even the biggest of them couldn’t block the view of Alexey. They would have needed a whole house to hide him. When he rose from his training machine he was at least a foot and a half taller than anyone around him. The straps of his tank top were torn apart and dangling somewhere near his belly, which was clearly visible through his top and formed like a brick wall. His chest was clearly pumped from his workout; his pecs nearly touched his chin. His nipples were hard and astonishingly large. He kneaded the mountains of flesh of his chest for just a few seconds and juice started squirting everywhere. The crowd—and Michael—couldn’t avert their eyes.

“Oh, shit, man. You told the fuckin’ truth…”

They both ran to the locker room to change as fast as possible. When he got his pants off Michael realized that he’d been hard all along. He glanced to the side and saw that Sam had the same (but bigger) problem.

So Alexey had this effect on Sam, too. Michael wondered if Bolt was also under his influence.

“Hi, Alexey! This is Michael. A friend from school.”

“Ah, Michael!” The words thundered from the depths of Alexey’s chest. “Nice to meet you.” They shook hands, and Michael almost lost the bottom half of his arm. Alexey’s hands were bigger than plates. He had repaired his tank top with two knots so that most of his left pec was now hidden behind it, but it looked like the flesh would be bursting out of his tank again in no time. His swollen nipples were in sharp relief and a wet spot was visible between the peaks of his chest. Alexey’s chest was quite hairy, and the gap between his pecs was big enough to hide a bottle. Every time he moved his arms, his pecs wiggled, slowly and heavily pushing together and releasing again. Being as big he was, Michael thought, must have cost this guy a lot of his mobility.

The giant wasn’t wearing normal pants or gym pants. It looked like as if he was wearing some kind of Neoprene fabric, but Michael could see the monster starting at his crotch nevertheless. The colossal bulge started at his groin and ended near his ankles.

All this deduction happened within a second, ending suddenly as Alexey spoke again: “Hey, Sam. Your father is forcing me to wear this thing outside his office! Ha ha!”

Sam was laughing too. “Well, you don’t want to scare people, do you?”

“I’m used to it. When they’re gone tonight it’ll be the first thing to come off!”

Michael started to sweat.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hitting the weights together with Bolt was a wonderful experience, Alexey thought. They gave advice, motivated each other and helped when they could. Their sweaty bodies touched once in a while and Alexey relished the contact, enjoying how far his body had surpassed Bolt’s.

As Bolt pressed 660 pounds, Alexey had to remind himself that this wasn’t a good place for a hard-on. Anywhere he stood to watched Bolt, a little puddle of precum would form on the ground. No one was watching him, luckily.

With a curious thrill, Alexey noticed that Sam’s ‘little friend’ was following him everywhere he went. Michael’s interest in him was no secret anymore, and it had been growing since the moment they’d first met. Alexey knew the effect he had on most people and he now saw the signs in Michael. Maybe he was the right one for his plan. A bit young, but nevertheless…he woke up from his dreams because Bolt was ready with his set.

He stood up, pressed the rest of hot air out his lungs and hit his chest. He grabbed his pecs but they slipped from his fingers because they were too sweaty.

Alexey had to look away before his dick showed.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Late in the afternoon, Teddy joined them. Sam hadn’t seen him in weeks, and when he finally did, he was speechless.

“Yeah, your father kept me active here,” he said even though Sam didn’t ask. His once-round belly was still defying gravity, miraculously bulging, but now it was even rounder and thicker with added muscle. He lifted it up and let it fall down and the movement was heavy and powerful.

His beard has grown, too; it was thicker now. The rest of his body seemed overall bigger. His arms, chest, legs, back. His father must have been working Teddy pretty hard, Sam guessed.

When he saw Alexey for the first time he had the same reaction as everyone else. He couldn’t say a word except for “Hi!”, and his eyes never left Alexey’s body from then on.

Sam noticed them talking to each other a few steps from the crew and wondered what they were talking about.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

That night, when the last member left, it was Alexey’s time to shine. The first thing Alexey did after Bolt locked the doors was remove his overly tight pants.

Michael couldn’t catch his breath watching him do it. Alexey shook his elephant-sized junk with both hands when he’d finally gotten it free. He scratched his groin and lay down on the bench press, legs apart, half of his gigantic cock on the bench, the other on the ground, and started to lift.

Teddy couldn’t restrain himself. He grabbed the head of Alexey’s dick while he was still bench pressing and started to stroke it with his whole body. The pleasure hit Alexey like a brick in the face.

“That’s the motivation I needed. Keep going, little man!” Only Alexey, Sam thought, could call Teddy a little man. And it apparently didn’t matter to Alexey that he didn’t know Teddy at all. He seemed to be no stranger to this kind of behavior.

Teddy’s arms were being pressed apart by Alexey’s growing member. Michael joined the fun, and gave Alexey a little belly rub to encourage him as he lifted. Then he moved his hand down a little further.

Bolt wasn’t thrilled. “Guys! If he cums now we’ll be cleaning that shit up all week. Please. Give it a rest.”

Bolt’s words woke Teddy up from his trance. He had been ready to push his own heavy dick right into Alexey’s as it streamed torrents of precum onto him. He gave it a few strokes, but stopped when this made the flood of pre even heavier.

Alexey, meanwhile, was lifting the weight of a small car, and he was on his 58th rep. His sweat dripped down from the bench. The heavy workout had gotten his nipples hard, and they were leaking muscle juice with every rep.

“More weight!” Alexey ordered, not breaking rhythm. Michael and Teddy smiled and mounted more weight onto the bar.

Bolt just shook his head. He already knew how this was going to end. He called his son and they headed to the showers.

Alexey screamed as each new plate was placed on the bar. He exhaled heavily, grunting like a beast, exuding sweat from every pore. He clenched his teeth and moved his legs even further apart. At first Michael and Teddy thought that maybe he was trying to get more leverage as the weight became too heavy for him, but then they saw his monstrous cock becoming even thicker than it already was.

The rest of Alexey’s tank top ripped apart, and Michael and Teddy could resist no longer. Bolt was gone.

“113, 114, 115! Guys, come on! You gotta help me here!” Alexey shouted.

Teddy couldn’t speak. He was already sucking on Alexey’s enormous nipples, which were squirting steady streams of muscle juice inside his mouth. With his free hand, he caressed the rest of his chest, steel hard from the training.

Alexey hit his 135th rep as Michael and Teddy sucked his massive nipples. Nobody saw Alexey’s monster cock rising from the ground. It had reached its maximum length of 5 feet and stood up vertically from his groin. Michael and Teddy suddenly noticed what was happening when its shadow passed over their heads. They froze, lost in pleasure, and watched the beast throbbing. Then the gigantic cock became even harder, too heavy to hold up its own weight, and descended slowly to the bar that Alexey was still lifting to the ceiling.

Michael and Teddy began caressing his mammoth cock from different positions. First Michael sat naked on the colossal dick and rode it with his entire body as Alexey’s balls grew bigger with every passing minute. Teddy played with his cockhead; there was so much of it that tending to it was a one-man job by itself.

There was a crash as the front legs of the bench gave way. Alexey’s balls had become too heavy for them. Michael threw his body on them and tried to massage them with his entire body.

“200!” Alexey shouted. He nearly lost consciousness, but he finished his ultimate set.

Teddy had to duck as the giant simply hurled the bar with the dozens of weights on it away. Alexey grabbed his monstrous dick and helped the two mindless zombies with it.

“Oh, god, oh, god! NOW!”

Teddy wasn’t ready for what happened next. Alexey’s cock shot like a broken fire hydrant. Teddy was nearly washed away by it, but he drank as much as he could. Michael stepped down from his balls and joined him at the fountain. There was plenty for both of them. Teddy stopped after half a minute of drinking and being forced to drink. He went to the ground, burped, and rubbed his overgrown muscle gut, now filled with Alexey’s cum.

Not him, Alexey thought silently. He wants it, but not enough.

Now Michael got closer to the still-gushing glans. His belly was inflating like a balloon filling with water. He drank and drank, and it never seemed to occur to him to stop.

It’s him I was looking for, Alexey thought.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ten minutes later, Alexey sat against the wall, his gigantic cock over his wide shoulder, petting his still-unbelievably-gigantic balls. He only paused for long enough to flex his swollen muscles for his little admirers. Bolt was a little annoyed with him, having known what was going to happen all along, but they ignored him. Now he was busy feeding Teddy and Michael some proteins so they wouldn’t black out from trying to burn all the muscle juice in their guts. After a few bites, Teddy was back on his feet and grinning as he caressed his bulging gut, devouring the other half of his protein bar with one bite. His shirt had slipped up and most of his hairy tummy was on display, but the more he ate and drank, the more his gut shrank.

Michael, on the other hand, looked like he now weighed 350 pounds. His gut looked like he had drunk a whole rain barrel. He could hardly move, but a beatific smile graced his face—he was in heaven. Bolt gave him something to eat and a thick shake he’d mixed up, but Michael wasn’t the fastest eater. He was dreaming about his new body.

“And they need to eat or else it doesn’t work?” Alexey asked. He still had no idea what his own body was capable of.

“Yes and no,” Bolt answered. “They need energy to transform your juice into muscle mass and…you know. Otherwise nothing would happen. Or maybe their bodies would lose too much energy and they’d die—I don’t know. Sorry. Just be careful.”

“Yeah…of course. When will he be back on his feet?” Alexey said, pointing at Michael, who was still dreaming peacefully.

“Doesn’t take long. When they start to eat, their guts go down and the muscle starts to come in nicely.”

“He seems a bit bigger.”

“Well, with the amount of juice you pumped into him, it’s not gonna be just ‘a bit.’ But the truth is, I don’t know.”

Alexey thought about his plan to create someone comparable to him. He watched Teddy’s stomach shrinking with every bite of sandwich. He was wearing tight gym shorts, and his fat cock made a visible line in them now.

Meanwhile, Michael kept drinking everything Bolt gave him, moaning and patting his shrinking gut. Half an hour later, he looked like he had before.

“Man, I don’t know what happened here, but it was amazing,” Michael said to Sam, overjoyed to finally be able to stand up again.

“How much did you drink? Your clothes…you look enormous!”

Michael looked down and saw his formerly well-fitting clothes apparently glued to his body. He had grown so much that his six-pack was now on full view. He grabbed his pecs, which felt so much bigger and fuller now, shifting with every move he made. His hand wandered further down and grabbed his newly enlarged package.

“I didn’t drink enough,” he said with an insane smile.

Sam didn’t take this seriously, but Alexey, who heard them talking a few steps away from them, nodded with satisfaction. Michael was the one he was looking for.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After Teddy had left, Alexey and Michael were left alone under the showers. Alexey was busy washing, his monstrous dick coming to life the second he touched it, when Michael appeared at his side out of nowhere. He was clean, but he looked like he wasn’t ready to leave just yet.

With a shadow of a smile, Alexey recognized that Michael was indeed ‘a bit’ bigger than earlier that afternoon. He just looked stunning, and Alexey wondered, fingering the water running down his abs, how he would look when he’d gotten even bigger.

“That thing we did back there…that was amazing!”

“I can say the same to you. You were amazing, too.”

“I…umm…I think I want…umm—” stammered Michael. But Alexey knew what he wanted.

“What? You want that?” Alexey dropped the magnificent elephant cock out of his hands and it hit the ground with an earth-shattering smack. He posed, both arms high, the water streaming down his skin.

Michael’s cock was hard within ten seconds.

“Yeah. That’s what I want!” Michael had to pull himself together in order not to drool. He stepped closer and put his hand gently on Alexey’s cock. “I want this. This exactly. I don’t want to be the little one next to Sam anymore. I want things back the way they should be.”

Alexey shot him a winning smile. His plan had just gotten way easier. A thick vein appeared on the skin of his overgrown dick.

“I’ll help you, little boy. You don’t have to give a fuck about Sam. When I’m finished with you, he’ll look like a skinny nerd next to you.”

“Really? Thanks, man! This is incredible!”

They hugged and Michael planted his face right between Alexey’s massive pecs, and a new little stream of muscle milk shot out of his half-hard nipples. Their dicks, Michael’s tiny by comparison, humped against each other.

“When will you be ready?” Alexey asked with a devilish smile that Michael couldn’t see.

“Don’t know, big man. Maybe in a few days. I’ll need new clothes for my new body. My whole life’s gonna change.”

Alexey tried not to laugh.

“How about now?”


“Yes. How about we do it now. The whole transformation. Don’t you want to become the biggest human alive as fast as possible? You can’t really prepare for something like that—why waste time?”

Michael’s eyes were getting rounder by the second.

“You…you’re right! Okay, get ready. I’ll be back in an hour!”

And he ran out of the shower and disappeared.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

At last, Alexey was alone, and he could finally prepare for the great transformation. He was back in Bolt’s office with all the lights turned on, and he only had an hour to get ready. There was no time to waste.

First, he pulled the hose from the shower and rolled it out until it reached one of the tubs he had prepared. Normally he used these to collect his cum while pumping his magnificent monster cock, since was no way to get rid of all the cum once the floodgates had burst open.

He turned the water on and filled the barrel with clear water. Then Alexey ran down to the supply chamber, grabbed every protein and weight gain powder he could find, and brought them back to the office. There, he mixed it into the water tank as it slowly filled. The light powder floated on the surface of the water until Alexey mixed it in, turning the water light brown, like caramel. The barrel would take 2.5 barrels of protein shake by the time he was done.

Right on time, Alexey heard a knock on the door. He let Michael in. When they went back to the office Alexey took care to distract Michael, noticing that he seemed a bit intimidated by the two big cylinders (one filled with a strange thick liquid) and the machine connected to both.

“This stuff in here is a protein shake. I asked Bolt about it and he told me everything. If you drink my juice you’ll need energy to convert it into mass. The only thing missing is…” he laughed, “my juice. I’ll fill the second basin and then we can begin. You see the machine there? It’s gonna mix the two components. I just hope the ratio is adjusted right.”

“It’ll work. I’m sure,” Michael said, his voice trembling.

“But before we start, I have to replenish MY energy stores.” Alexey dropped onto the gigantic couch and looked at the smaller man expectantly. Michael understood immediately: Alexey needed to eat first, and he wanted to be served. Michael grabbed everything to eat he could find and arranged it in front of his gigantic friend, then ran back to grab even more stuff. In the meantime, Alexey ate everything Michael had brought him. He devoured each sandwich in two bites. He could drink a large Coke bottle in 10 swallows. On his third trip, Michael brought donuts, bagels, hamburgers, hot dogs, croissants, and baguettes. And every time he got back to the office Alexey had already finished the previous meal, his balls and belly becoming bigger with every round. There were leftovers everywhere and Alexey, in his eating trance, had become a dirty mess.

“Okay, I th—” he interrupted himself with shattering belch. “Sorry…I think that’s enough for today.”

He stood up and his heavy gut dropped down, pound after pound of food and drink audibly settling inside him. Walking over to his self-constructed penis pump, he had to belch several more times, and Michael could see his balls becoming bigger with every step he took.

“I hope that the second barrel is big enough for my load. I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten this much!”

Michael’s dick had been hard since he’d arrived, and it was already over half an inch longer than this afternoon, but that little growth spurt would seem like nothing soon, he knew. He helped the giant to fit his dick inside the tube—it got slightly easier when Alexey’s dick became hard after a few minutes of encouragement. Water was still flowing into the other glass barrel, which was now half full. The color of the shake became brighter with every liter.

“Just turn the little wheel to 50%. That should be enough suction.”

Michael did as instructed, and watched in amazement as the pump began sucking on Alexey’s mammoth cock. Alexey sat back on the couch, his dick becoming thicker every second until it was fully as wide as the cylinder. It still wasn’t quite as long as the cylinder was, but that was actually a good thing because there needed to be room for his cum once the show started.

Michael could already see a little pond of pre-cum swimming on top of the imprisoned cock.

“I’ll need your help to reach climax,” Alexey lied. Michael jumped up eagerly. He knelt down in front of his gigantic friend and started to caress his bulging balls. He hugged them, massaged them and buried his face in the warm, hairy skin.

Alexey began to groan softly. A hot shot of pre blasted out of his dick, his balls growing bigger still, big enough for Michael to climb them like little mountains. He ran to Alexey’s impossibly huge arms and worshiped them ecstatically, blowing them up even bigger than before. He seemed to be everywhere at once: playing with Alexey’s nipples, sucking on them, riding on his six-pack, kissing his heavy arms and pits…

Now and then Alexey threw his head back into the cushions and moaned loudly in unbelievable pleasure.

Neither of them noticed how big his balls were getting. They first had pushed the little coffee table in front of the couch out of the way, but then they outgrew it, and completely buried it beneath them. Finally they grew enough to crush it easily, and it broke into pieces under their tremendous weight.

Meanwhile, Michael was caressing the glass cylinder around Alexey’s monster cock, and Alexey was getting closer and closer to the point of no return. His hips thrust forward, but he couldn’t cum yet and it was driving him crazy.

In the middle of all this, Michael came hard on Alexey’s chest, but there was no time to catch his breath. He continued his work, but he soon became worried about the pained expression on Alexey’s face. He only saw one way to end his agony. Michael stood up, ran to the machine and turned the dial to 100%. Alexey started to cry in joy and grabbed the cylinder around his cock. His entire body was cover in sweat and juice from his nipples. His monster cock was growing by inches at a time because of the unbelievable suction. Michael pushed another three buttons and the suction became even harder.

“YEEEES! YEEEAAAAAH!” Alexey screamed, and the whole building shook.

Then the dam broke and his balls began to shoot everything they had. Shortly before the explosion, his balls had actually touched the ceiling beams. Michael couldn’t believe his eyes. Alexey was pumping a steady torrent of cum out of his mammoth cock; there was no pause between spurts. It really was like a waterfall captured in a bottle. He screamed and thrust his hips again. The veins on his shaft became even bigger and clearer. The cum was hitting the inside of the glass basin within seconds, the stream 20 times harder than the hose filling the other barrel. Michael touched the cum-filled basin and could feel the heat radiating from it.

Alexey lay winded on the couch as his balls continued to give everything they had. The suction seemed to get even harder; Alexey’s dick was still getting longer inside the tube while he was fucking it.

When Alexey’s orgasm came to an end, the cum overflowed the barrel by just a bit. Alexey freed his pumped monster cock from the cylinder with a loud slurping noise. It now was as wide as Alexey’s chest and close to six and a half feet long. As long as Michael was tall…

Alexey stood up from the couch, his dick dragging behind him on the ground, leaving a trail of cum behind it. He pressed some buttons on his machine and added another, smaller hose to it. The end of this one looked like a mouthpiece, and Michael knew what would happen next.

“It’s your turn, boy. I gave everything, and now it’s on you to make me proud! When you press the little trigger here, it’ll be a slow and steady stream.” He demonstrated, and Michael nodded in excitement.

“The hose is long enough. You can drink the stuff back on the couch.”

Michael couldn’t speak. His mind was clouded by fantasies coming true. He lay down on the couch, naked, and started to play with the trigger with the tube inside his mouth. Even on the slowest mode, it was a pretty heavy stream. It tasted like water, but thicker, and after a few minutes, Michael found that it actually tasted pretty good. While he was drinking it he couldn’t stop touching his body.

Alexey sat down next to him, his cock somewhere beyond the couch, slowly shrinking back to its abnormal normal size. He grabbed Michael’s hand in his and pushed the trigger harder, forcing Michael to drink even faster. It was hard, but he accepted it after a few gulps. After ten minutes he had to pause because his throat felt weird. He had to pause after that at regular intervals as he became bigger and bigger.

“Put these on! I want to see what happens to them later on…” Alexey said, giving Michael his underwear back: a pair of tight-fitting briefs which were already too small for him. “I want to see your dick growing out of them.”

Michael put them on, still drinking. His soft eight inches filled them pretty well.

In no time Michael found he was pulling the trigger on the tube harder on his own without even realizing it. The juice began to go down faster and faster, and it felt incredibly good.

They both could watch Michael’s cock grow in slow motion inside his underwear, his body expanding in every direction. His muscles became thicker and stronger with every gulp, and even the shadow of a beard started to appear on his masculine chin.

Michael drank and drank, time seeming to stop while Alexey kissed his little friend all over. Half an hour passed in which Alexey was totally busy caressing Michael’s growing body.

Michael’s balls became so thick that they pushed outside the briefs. They could hear the seams ripping apart slowly: Michael had already grown over 5 inches in height. When Alexey’s kisses reached Michael’s junk it only took the softest touch of his lips to make the package explode. An already-heavy but still soft 10.6’’-long cock with tennis-ball-sized nuts jumped out of it. Michael didn’t look down. He just closed his eyes and drank more while Alexey blew him.

After two hours Alexey guessed Michael’s new size was around seven feet. His body looked like a professional bodybuilder’s. His already-big biceps had doubled in size, so big now that they pushed against his pecs, and they were still growing. His pecs were slightly hairy and his nipples hard. Because of his obsession with soccer, his thighs had always been bigger than everyone else’s, but now they were insanely large and bulging heavily. Meanwhile, Michael had to leave off drinking because Alexey’s blowjob was just too good. Alexey had rammed all of Michael’s cock down his throat and was beyond conscious thought.

But Alexey sensed too late that Michael was close to cumming when it happened: Michael screamed with joy and a heavy spurt of cum splashed down Alexey’s throat. Then another, and another. Alexey was immediately horrified: he had never done this before. But after another six thick streams of cum had gushed down his throat, he realized that it didn’t feel that bad. It didn’t taste bad at all and the feeling of power being pumped into him was quite pleasurable.

While Michael was still panting and sweating, Alexey enjoyed the feeling of the fat dick that was still inside his gigantic mouth, pumping cum down his throat. He conquered his phobia and spit Michael’s cock out.

“That was amazing.”

“Keep drinking!” Alexey reminded Michael. His body had changed dramatically in the last hour, but he wasn’t done yet.

Michael obeyed with a smile, but he wasn’t drinking fast enough, in Alexey’s opinion. No question, he liked the view of Michael growing in front of him, liked watching his muscles bulging harder with every gulp, his growing cock and balls—but it wasn’t fast enoughAlexey jumped on Michael and pressed the trigger on the hose all the way down and pressed it inside Michael’s mouth. Michael protested, the juice running down the corners of his mouth, and he couldn’t swallow fast enough. After a few seconds Michael was choking on his muscle juice, but Alexey was merciless.

“Shh, shh, just keep drinking!” he whispered, eye-to-eye with his slave now. He held Michael’s mouth closed so nothing could be wasted. Under his hands, Alexey could feel how big Michael was growing with his help, and how fast the growth was getting. He grabbed the boy’s chest: there was finally some flesh to work with! Alexey pumped the juice into the boy even harder, until he couldn’t swallow any more of it. Michael jumped up, coughing and gasping for breath. He crashed to the floor, panting.

“Pathetic!” was the only thing Alexey had to say. He sat on his couch like a king, still holding the tube in his hands. “GET OUT!”

Michael cried and grabbed his stuff. The last thing he saw was Alexey licking his lips. In all that time the tanks had only lost 20% of their volume…the rest was now all Alexey’s.


Part 10

“See you tonight at the studio,” Sam said, getting out of his father’s car at school.

“Sorry, Sam, but I don’t know if I’ll have time tonight. Some idiot at work crashed the servers and I think it’ll take a while to fix it. Anyway, I’ll join the fun later on. You can start without me. But remember—”

“I know,” Sam moaned. “‘Don’t overdo it.’ I won’t, Pa, don’t worry.”

Sam shut the car door and arrived at his first class just after the bell. The teacher shot him an angry look, but Sam didn’t even see it. He was sitting down and noticing how small the school desks were. Weeks ago, he’d still had some room to fit between the desk and the chair, but now it was a tight squeeze. His massive thighs were pressing against the underside of his desk, and when he spread out his hands on its surface there was no place to work.

“God, I’ve become truly massive,” he thought, smiling and totally losing the thread of the class. Instead he marveled at his own massive arms, which were busy straining his shirt (his third-to-last) to the maximum. With his free hand, he squeezed his enormous left biceps. When he felt a tingling between his legs, he stopped immediately, but it was too late. The quiet ripping sound was only audible to him, but he could see his left sleeve tearing apart. His smile only grew broader, and he was finally ready to catch up with the class.

A friend of his—friends with benefits, actually—was doing a presentation at the front of the room. She was talking about fat reservoirs in the human body and how the body used them at critical times. It was a hot summer day, and her clothes were quite revealing. Every time she said something with an exclamation mark, her arms pressed against her breasts and pushed them upward, distracting Sam even further. Sam didn’t know if she was doing this on purpose, but it didn’t matter because it worked on every guy in the room. Sam couldn’t hear what she was talking about; his hands were too busy rubbing the impressive bulge under his desk. He stopped when his thick monster cock grew down to his knee and began to press hard against the fabric of his well-worn jeans. Nobody noticed, which was strange because normally Michael saw little things like that and joked about them later. Sam turned around, but Michael’s chair was empty. Where was he?

Twenty minutes later, he was nearly falling asleep when his phone vibrated. It was a battle to pull it out from his skin-tight jeans, but after three minutes and many stares from other pupils, he succeeded. There was a text from Michael: “Break—locker room. Now would be better.”

Sam grinned. What was this about? Four minutes later, when the bell rang, he left class, his dick still semi-hard and impressively visible. He ran down the stairs and across the field to the locker rooms where they changed for soccer three times a week. It was a very old and simple building that needed renovating but Sam had no eyes for these details.

Running like this was dangerous, and had been for days. He could feel the fabric of his clothes straining constantly, and he worried how long they would last; they were always close to ripping these days. He had to close his zipper nearly a thousand times a day because his balls were so big that they kept pressing it open again, revealing his underwear to the world—when he wore any.

It was much colder in the building, and Sam’s nipples became hard immediately. Sam instinctively turned toward the men’s locker room, but there was no one there. He had to search for clues: there were little scraps of clothes scattered all over the floor. The biggest piece was on the bench in front of Michael’s locker: his pants, torn into two.



The voice came from the bathrooms, but it sounded way deeper than Michael’s normal voice. What was going on?

He followed the sound and found the only locked stall immediately. The lock clicked open. “Sam?” said Michael. “I fucked up. I wasn’t thinking…”

“What happened?”

Sam’s hand was only inches away from the stall door.

“I helped Alexey with…whatever happened last night.”

Sam looked down for the first time and saw a little pond of cum, getting bigger every second. Soon it was washing over his feet and continued to grow toward the wall. Sam opened the door, but it was hard work; something was blocking it from the other side. He had to squeeze through a gap that was half as wide as he was, and he only saw Michael’s true physique when the door was closed again behind him. Sam gasped and would have covered his mouth in disbelief if there had been enough room to lift his arm. Michael was sitting on the closed toilet seat, and he had changed. Sam got a hard-on immediately. Sam’s shoulders had five inches of clearance on each side, but Michael filled the whole room and beyond. His shoulders had become so wide that he was actually pressing the walls apart.

He rose from his seat, and Sam felt the blood draining from his face.

“Fuck! How big are you?”

“8…8 feet, I think. On my way here I stood next to the field goals and they’re 8 feet high.”

“Fuck, dude, that’s too big!” Sam said, unsure what he meant by that.

Michael looked as if he wanted to cry. His naked upper body was pressing harder against the walls of the toilet with every breath. There was no room between them, and less than zero when Michael wrapped Sam, his formerly bigger friend, in a giant bear hug. Suddenly muscles and sweat were everywhere, and Sam could feel his dick, hard inside his pants, brushing against Michael’s thighs.

“It was all my fault. I shouldn’t have done it. I shouldn’t have trusted him…”

“What happened? You almost look like my father now…” Sam said, a little envy in his voice.

Michael, nearly having a panic attack, didn’t hear him. “There are no clothes for me anymore. I didn’t know how I was going to come to school. But now…now you’re here and everything will be fine.”

Sam stepped backward a few inches and his back immediately hit the door. He looked at his gigantic friend more closely, his eyes pausing at his massive package, covered by holey boxers.

“Oh, shit, that’s right,” said Michael, following his gaze downward. “You should see this.”

And he ripped the last piece of clothing from his body. His enormous cock swung free immediately and hit the stall wall with an impact like thunder. Sam grabbed the massive prick once it stopped swinging: it must have weighed over 50 pounds by itself. It was so fucking heavy that even Sam had trouble pleasuring it…but then, he remembered, that wasn’t the reason he was here.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry, Sam. I’m so fucking huge!”

The thing between Sam’s hands became bigger as they both stared at it. In no time, it started to produce precum in enormous quantities. Sam was shocked by the increasing mass of it, and dropped it. First, it slapped against Michael’s knees but then it started to hang even lower, became more massive still with every second they stared at it.

“Shit, Michael. Your cock was already too big to begin with. How much did you drink?”

But Michael couldn’t answer. He just watched his dick rise until it was right next to Sam’s head, oozing precum onto his friend’s shoulder. As they both tried to think of a solution, Michael’s humungous balls continued to grow, and Sam could have sworn that Michael’s whole body was still growing bigger in every direction. He stared at his friend’s thighs, wondering how he could even walk with legs that big.

“Okay, first we have to cover up that monster co—” but the moment he touched Michael’s unbelievable cock the torrents of cum started to flow. From outside the stall, it must have looked ridiculous because in no time cum was everywhere, flooding out of the stall. Sam opened the door behind his back, and Michael’s dick did the rest of the work of pushing him outside, accompanied by a wave of cum. Michael needed some time to catch his breath. He left the toilet, and outside of the small space, he looked even bigger and—Sam had to admit—intimidating. Michael began to feel slightly better after he took a shower, getting used to his new self in the mirrors.

“So, are you gonna tell me what happened after we left?”

“I went to Alexey in your father’s office. He made me an offer. To grow bigger than any human in history. I was horny and dumb and I said yes to everything he proposed. But after a while, I realized that he wanted a toy, not a friend—someone he could control. So I ran away. Stumbled out of your father’s office and down the stairs. My pants were too small for me already, and the last thing I heard, Alexey was starting to drink it…you know…the stuff that let me grow. You should call your father! He’s probably found him already!”

“He’s not in the studio today…” Sam’s blood ran cold as he realized. “Nobody will be in the office until tonight.”

“Then we have to get there and stop him! I don’t know what will happen if he gets out of control.”

Hearing these words from Michael was pure irony, seeing as barely half his body stood under the tiny shower head while his body towered near the ceiling at over 8 feet high, with the cock of a stallion and the body of a steroid-pumped bull. Sam tried imagining Alexey’s body as it must look now, but he couldn’t even picture it.

“How much did you drink? How much was left?”

“I didn’t drink much…that’s the scary part. He produced so much cum with just one blast, it was ridiculous. You should have seen it.”

“Holy shit.”

“But it doesn’t matter how much was left. Alexey is the source. Even if he runs out of juice, all he has to do is cum again. And after pumping so much inside himself, he was producing even more of it. I don’t see any way of stopping him.”

Back in the locker room, they searched for new clothes for Michael. Hiding his monster meat was the biggest challenge. His cock was longer than most shorts and even longer than some pants. Underwear wasn’t the solution, since none would fit him. In the end, they found a combination of pants and shirt that covered absolutely none of what was hiding under the fabric—but they had no time.

“Time to see how bad things have gotten.”

Sam called his father on the way to the studio. At first, Bolt didn’t believe his son, but when he heard Michael’s new and much deeper voice, he became slightly panicked. He told them that he would drive there as fast as he could. And one more thing:

“Stay where you are! Alexey is dangerous! Believe me, Sam! Stay safe!”

They didn’t tell Bolt about their plan, or that they were on the way to the studio already.

“From the beginning, I should have seen what a miserable person Alexey is, but I was blind…”

“Michael told me the same thing, Dad. He can’t be that bad. I think you two are—”

“No, Sam. You don’t understand. He found us! The video that showed him in the shower that helped me find him wasn’t from some random voyeur. It was Alexey himself. He wanted me to find him. I saw right through him; I knew what his plan was, but I thought I had more time. Listen, I’ll be at the studio in less than an hour. I’ll call you then!”

They were entering the studio even as Bolt spoke, but now Sam had a bad feeling about this.

“Okay, Dad. See you then. And don’t worry. I’m safe,” he lied, and hung up.

They looked up toward Bolt’s office as soon as they entered the building. A huge shadow was moving in waves behind the alabaster glass.

“What did your father say?” Michael asked.

“Don’t worry. He’ll be here in no time. But we have to do something before the building collapses.”

He ran to the counter, where Liz was sitting reading as there were no customers at the moment.

“Hey, Sam,” she greeted him with a big smile, but Sam had no time for small talk.

“Liz, don’t ask, just trust me, but everyone in the gym has to leave right now!”

She didn’t understand. It took more than three minutes to convince her, until Sam started shouting. After that, it was another ten minutes before everyone was gone. After they looked in every locker room and in every stall to make sure they were alone, Sam closed the studio.

They took the stairs three at a time. Michael pointed to the floor in front of the office door. A thick, glistening, white puddle of cum flowed out from under the door. Sam touched the doorknob and felt how warm it was.

“Step back,” he warned Michael, and when they both were clear, he opened the door. With a noise like thunder, knee-high waves of cum flooded through the door and gushed through the foyer and down the stairs. There was so much of it that it looked like a waterfall running down the staircase.

In shock, Sam and Michael entered the office. It was a ghostly place. There was just one small lamp burning weakly in the corner, and the air was humid, like a greenhouse. When they saw Alexey in the weak light, they stopped breathing and felt their pants involuntarily tightening. The enormous couch had been torn to pieces and thrown into a corner of the office. Alexey needed all the room’s space. Every inch of it.

Sam and Michael stepped lightly closer. Alexey lay in the middle in the room, groaning so loudly the walls were shaking.

He had grown beyond anything Sam and Michael could have imagined. His skin was wet and glistening everywhere, and it looked like he had been playing with himself for hours now. Sam guessed that he was over 15 feet tall, and Michael thought even bigger. Alexey’s muscles were like mountains, breathing and swelling in the dark. The tip of his cock lay on his massive chest, as big as a small car. He caressed it with his insane arms, but even this movement seemed to be hard for him. His head had nearly disappeared into his shoulders because it was the only thing that hadn’t grown. His arms were so heavily muscled that he had difficulty moving. Soon he would be too big to live. As he fondled his galactic cock it oozed gallons and gallons of cum. He still wanted to drink it all, even though his gut was already distended beyond imagination. They now discovered the true size of Alexey’s cock. It was over ten feet long, starting at his crotch, running through the room, and ending over his open mouth. It could not become hard anymore, Sam thought, watching the endless waves of ecstasy hit Alexey with pleasure. He did not even know they were there.

All of Alexey’s body was sticky with cum and covered in thick fur.

What had just been a dark part of the room before became clearer with every second as their eyes adapted. All the space that wasn’t occupied by Alexey’s body or cock was blocked by his balls. They now were as big as small trucks, and every time Alexey hit them with his size-62 feet they gushed out another stream of muscle juice. He gulped down every drop.

“Wow, do you see his belly? It’s enormous.”

“Sam, you think THAT is the most enormous thing here?” Michael laughed hysterically.

“No! Don’t you get it?” Sam stepped closer and touched Alexey’s skin. “You need the energy to convert the juice into muscles and so on. What happens when there’s just juice but no energy source?”

“I don’t know.”

“The body tries getting the energy elsewhere!”

“I don’t understand. Where?”

“First fat, but there’s no fat on his body, right?”

“Right, but—”

“Muscle tissue, Michael! Muscles get rebuilt when there’s not enough energy.”

“Which means—?”

But they both knew what that meant, and Sam was glad he finally had this chance after all of Alexey’s games and lies.


“Oh, hell, yeah!”

Michael, who was 8’4” himself, threw himself against Alexey’s monstrous balls and a thick stream of cum immediately hit Alexey’s peaceful face. Michael pushed his balls aside until he finally had a clear view of Alexey’s ass. Then he knelt down and pressed his already-rock-hard monster cock against Alexey’s hole.

Sam, meanwhile, had moved to Alexey’s head, his hard-on bouncing up and down with every step. He bent over.

“I’ve wanted to do this since the moment we met.”

He grabbed his foot-long dick and dragged it over Alexey’s smiling lips, his eyes glistening and his tongue long and quivering with anticipation. Sam played with him for a moment, but then suddenly Alexey gasped loudly: Michael had rammed the first few inches of his colossal dick into Alexey, and it seemed like they were loving every second of it. Michael pulled back every now and then, only to immediately thrust even deeper inside him. His speed kept increasing, until finally he had to slow down because he wanted to feel every second of it. His big balls slammed against Alexey’s overly-muscled ass every time he rammed inside him. They started to sweat, and Michael had to grab Alexey’s unbelievable thighs for support.

Sam pushed his cock down Alexey’s throat, and Alexey even pulled his head back so Sam could go all the way down. In no time Sam was balls-deep inside his mouth, his nuts resting on Alexey’s face. Sam, turned on by the mountains of muscle in front of him, started to pump precum into his gigantic enemy. Alexey’s tongue gave him the most intense pleasure Sam had ever felt.

Alexey, still awake, pulled his own dick closer until it sprayed juice over his face, and all over Sam. Sam came. He reached up and grabbed Alexey’s foreskin like a blanket because he had trouble standing upright while shooting his big load into him.

Michael, meanwhile, rammed his cock all the way in. He gripped the base of Alexey’s monstrous cock and nearly forgot what he was doing. He stood up again, grabbed the giant’s hips and started to fuck him as fast and as hard as he could. Alexey should pay for the things he had done to him, he thought. He closed his eyes as he came and felt the gallons of cum pumping into Alexey.

It took some minutes for him to finish, and in the end his dick was pushed back out, along with a good amount of cum.

Sam didn’t see much of this because he was too busy with Alexey’s glans, grabbing Alexey’s cockhead, ramming his own cock all the way down his throat, and pumping every drop of cum he had inside his massively swollen balls.

Alexey’s belly was now so big, round and swollen that they were both scared that it could pop at any moment. Alexey touched his massive gut, caressing it with his fingers, and then something happened that Sam could never have foreseen. Alexey’s dick started to get even longer.

“Is it getting hard?”

“I don’t think that’s possible! Just bigger!”

And then Sam heard a third voice right next to him, and he looked over and saw his father, naked to the skin, saying: “That wasn’t enough. It’s not over yet!”

Alexey had no time to protest even if he’d been able to: Bolt’s cock was already inside his mouth and down his throat, even though it was way bigger than Sam’s.

“Isn’t this what you wanted, big boy?”

Alexey just moaned loudly and gulped Bolt’s precum down. Bolt continued to pound his throat as his balls grew bigger and bigger with each thrust.

The giant’s cock was becoming thicker and longer with every second now. It pushed Sam, still standing next to his father, out of the way. Still growing, it slithered through the room like a snake, and Sam and Michael tried massaging it as it grew so Alexey could finally cum and lose even more of his power. They couldn’t believe their eyes how insanely big it was now. Sam guessed that it had to have been longer than 25 feet, and it still wasn’t finished growing. It was much thicker at the base, as if something was building up there. Meanwhile, his balls were starting to break the ceiling beams and dust was beginning to rain down on them.

When Bolt was finally empty, a load moan echoed through the room, starting in Alexey’s throat and reverberating off all the walls. The earth was shaking as his balls dragged themselves across the floor, pulling in closer to his body as though drawn by some unseen force. And then an ocean of cum gushed out of Alexey’s member, flooding the whole room in less than a second. Alexey screamed with pleasure, his legs pressing his balls together. Even more cum was released, gushing all the way down into the foyer. The orgasm lasted nearly half an hour and because of the waves of cum, they couldn’t see what was happening.

They were all shocked when the muscle juice flowed away down the stairs and the rest of the room finally became visible again. On the ground laid Alexey—not the monster they knew, but a version that looked like a 16-year-old Alexey. He was slightly over 6’ high, with the shadow of a beard and an athletic build, but no more. He sat up and held his head as if he had the headache of the century. Cum was pouring down his body and splashing loudly to the ground. When he saw the men surrounding him, he wanted to run, but he couldn’t—between his legs was still the 26-foot-long veiny, thick, soft, humongous, and unimaginable gigantic monster cock.

“Time to clean up,” Bolt said.



It was weeks before they could reopen the studio. It took much longer to clean up after Alexey than they’d thought.

Sam climbed the stairs to his father’s office, but Bolt was already leaving and locking the door behind him.

“So?” he asked his father.

“So what?”

“What are we doing with HIM?”

“I don’t know yet. He can’t be left alone; he’s a danger to himself and everyone else. He hasn’t found a way to pleasure himself yet, but in case that moment comes we should have a plan.”

“Yeah, but what are we going to do until then?”

Bolt laughed. “Well, he can’t run away. Don’t worry.”

The same night, a window in Bolt’s office was shattered by a rock. The noise woke Alexey, sleeping on the floor, his ridiculous dick filling the rest of the room.

“Oh, man, I knew it. I knew you were still here. But this isn’t what I imagined, Alexey.”

A triumphant cry echoed inside Alexey’s head when he saw who was entering through the window.

“Man, I’m so glad you here. You have to help me, Teddy.”

“Anything you want.”


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Thank you to everyone who read this little story of mine, even though it got slightly out of hand in the end. Maybe we’ll see more of them in the distant future.

I just wanted to add that the German version has a slightly different ending. Alexey has nothing at the end. He’s small (everywhere) and has no build at all. The men scare him out and he runs for his life. The epilogue is three months later and shows Alexey returning to his little apartment. He has grown back to nearly 7 feet, well-muscled and huge-cocked. He turns his laptop on and visits the blog of a massive man and his equally massive son. He reads the posts, sees the pictures and leaves hateful comments on their progress posts.

“I’ll be back in no time, don’t worry,” he says to himself, and scrolls back to the header of the blog where we see the title: SAM & BOLT…

11 parts 48k words (#76) Added Sep 2016 Updated 23 Dec 2016 83k views (#47) 3.9 stars (57 votes)

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