All good gifts

by Sean Innicioni

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I’m nothing special. In fact, I’m repulsive. Age 21 and over 500 lbs of nothing but disgusting fat, but I carry it well. It’s very condensed, actually, considering how I look. Anyways, I’ll save you a mental image of a fat, disgusting guy with a small dick and too much body hair. Instead, I think I’ll tell you my story, about someone much better looking than I am; someone maybe you’ll be lucky enough to meet one day.

Walking home from classes one day, I decided to take a long shortcut through the woods. I love the woods, the smell and sounds of the forest. Nature is such a beautiful thing and no one appreciates it enough. God did a helluva job with it. If only He’d done the same with me. I sighed as I continued walking down a path that looked like no one had set foot on it in years.

If I could have one wish, I’d wish for a perfect body. What’s perfect? Muscles. Beautiful, hard muscles, perfectly toned. There’s a reason Michelangelo’s David is a masterpiece; because if David weren’t a statue, he’d be perfect. Well, almost perfect. Apparently size didn’t matter back then. But David would be perfect, slightly larger, and with a few more arms … or legs … or another head … or better yet, being able to be all of those or none. Now THAT would be perfect. David, the epitome of a perfect human, able to change his body at will to anything human. Yes, THAT would be perfect.

As I was lost in thought, I heard a noise. At first I thought it was some animal shrieking in the woods as it was getting mauled by another animal, but when I stopped and listened, I realized how wrong I was.

“Help me! Please, somebody, anybody, help me!” a voice was screaming. I ran after the voice, stopping at the river. Someone had fallen in, and was clinging on to a log for dear life as the current raged around him. I stopped for the briefest of moments, remembering my thoughts about David and how similar this man looked. Actually, his jaw was a bit more square. Just another feature David could augment if he were perfect.

But right now there were more important thoughts than that sexy, sexy statue. Without another thought I dove into the river. I may be fat, but I’d be damned if I just let someone potentially drown. Fortunately my weight worked with me and I was able to barely stand and slowly walk across the riverbed to the man. He wrapped his arms around my shoulder and thanked me profusely as I struggled to get us to the shore again.

Minutes later, though it seemed more like an eternity, I hauled him onto the riverbank. I somehow managed to pull myself up after him. He looked at me and smiled.

“You saved my life, Sean.”

“It was nothing,” I replied. Wait, how did he know my name? Before I could ask the man was kissing me, his lips against mine, his tongue trying to play with mine. “What are you doing?!” I yelled, pushing him off me. It had felt good, better than good, but I was straight as a board.

The man smiled. “I’m sorry,” he said, bowing his head apologetically. “I forgot that you aren’t comfortable with such things. But rest assured, Sean, you needn’t fret.” The man clicked his fingers and instantly he was naked, but instead of a cock, he had a beautiful pussy between his legs. “I think this is more to your liking?”

My jaw dropped. How did this guy know who I was? How did he make his clothes vanish? More importantly, how could I prevent him from getting away? He was my perfect fantasy: an incredibly sexy man without a dick, but a pussy that I could dominate in any way I chose.

“That’s a bit of a vulgar thought, isn’t it? And what makes you think you could do anything with that body of the sort?” asked the man. I shut my mouth and damned myself in my head. “Now, now, you’ll not be going down there if I can help it. You’re a good man, Sean Innicioni. Perhaps a bit odd by society’s standards, but society has never seen eye to eye with me, my family, or my boss. Come closer, Sean. There’s something I want to give you.”

I gulped and suddenly found myself lying on the soft ground. The man smiled and sat on me, and I noticed my clothes had somehow vanished. Without anything confining it, my small cock was pointing straight up, demanding attention. I didn’t even have to ask before the man sat on my cock, letting it fill his slit. I had never slept with anyone before, but this was much better than anything I could do with just my hands. I slowly began to hump, failing to notice as I did that with each euphoric thrust I was sitting up, going further in, and feeling the best I’d ever felt.

Eventually I had sat up, leaned the stranger back, and somehow gotten on top of him, still fucking this beautiful perfection of humanity. This dream come true. This angel.

“Bingo,” said the man. I blinked and he smiled. “My name, Sean Innicioni, is Formaeus, and yes, I am an angel.”

I gasped as suddenly we were both standing again, fully clothed, except Formaeus had two beautiful white feathery wings curled around him. “You’re a good man, Sean. Not a bad lover, either, although usually I’m not the one getting penetrated.”

“You really are an angel,” I gasped. He spread his wings, at least 10 feet wide, and winked at me.

“And you’re very unobservant, kid. Listen, you’re life has been miserable, you’ve had a heavier cross to bear than a lot of people, so my Father decided to give you a little break. Life isn’t going to get any easier, I’m afraid, but it’ll be a bit more fun. Why don’t you look down?”

Puzzled, I bent my head and screamed in joy. Instead of seeing rolls of fat obscuring a bush that somewhere hid a small dick, I was staring down beautifully shaped pecs, chiseled abs, at a hairless body with a ten inch dick! “Oh. My. GOD!”

“He says, ’You’re welcome,’,” Formaeus said with a happy smile. I screamed. I looked at my arms, my legs, everything I could see. It was like I didn’t have any fat on me at all. There’s no way to describe how it feels to suddenly have perfect muscles when all you’ve known is swaying flab, but if there was believe me I’d relate it. But I wanted to see myself, to see all of me. And suddenly I could.

I didn’t know how, but I was staring at myself, my perfect self. I was definitely me, but I looked like Michelangelo’s David! But wait, what were those two flesh-colored strings sticking out of the sides of my head. With a start, I realized they were connected to the eyes I was staring into! I saw a pair of eyes floating in front of me and me staring into a pair of floating eyes.

“Like I said,” Formaeus said with a proud smile. “A bit more fun. You’d be amazed what your imagination can do.” And with that he was gone, and I was all alone in the forest, a perfect sculpture of humanity. I wondered what he had meant by that, and as I excitedly let my hands explore my new body, I felt another one scratching my head, and I just knew.

From that day on, I found quite a few people who had had encounters with angels, but none of them had been given my abilities. If you haven’t guessed by now, Formaeus delivered a gift from God: perfection; a body I could change into whatever I wanted at will. In fact, that body helped me meet my husband … well, technically my wife, but you wouldn’t think that looking at her. But that’s another story for another time, when I’m not busy masturbating eight cocks with twelve arms.


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