Sean Innicioni

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All good gifts by Sean Innicioni 1,419 words Added May 2011 20k views 2.0 stars (2 votes) •Hermaphrodite•Transformation•Size Decrease

C 1

Changing clothes by Sean Innicioni Two friends try out the costumes at Madame Esmeralda’s Magical Outfits. 2,838 words Added May 2011 22k views 3.7 stars (3 votes) •Cock Growth•Boytaur•Multiarm•Multileg•Multilimb•Stretchy•Transformation•Mermen•Naga •M/M

F 1

A few new changes by Sean Innicioni 2,775 words Added May 2011 19k views 4.0 stars (2 votes) •Multicock•Four Legs•Multiarm•Multileg•Multilimb•Muscle/Strength

K 1

The kiss by Sean Innicioni A game of truth or dare leads Sean to discover his ability to shape the bodies of himself and whomever he kisses. 2 parts 2,578 words Added May 2011 16k views 5.0 stars (2 votes) •Multicock•Multiarm•Multilimb•Multipec•Stacking•Hermaphrodite•Body Swap

N 2

Narcissus by Sean Innicioni 1,752 words Added May 2011 15k views 4.5 stars (2 votes) •Multicock•Four Legs•Multilimb•Replication•Hermaphrodite•Selfcest

Night mirror by Sean Innicioni Sometimes the face you see in the mirror is your best chance for fun and friendship—especially if he winks back. 575 words Added Jan 2012 10k views 5.0 stars (4 votes) •Multihead

S 2

The secret by Sean Innicioni 1,297 words Added Dec 2009 15k views 4.3 stars (3 votes) •Huge Cock•Multicock•Multiarm•Multileg•Multilimb•Christmas

Stranger, lover, husband by Sean Innicioni 2,830 words Added May 2011 9,544 views •Multicock•Multiarm•Multilimb •M/M

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