The secret

by Sean Innicioni

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No one knew the truth about Greg, not even me. We'd been best friends since first grade, and we'd both grown into a hot couple together. It hadn't seemed like we'd be more than friends at first, but over the years we fell in love. We fell so in love that just thinking of him got me excited and happy, and I felt safe. Of course then came thinking of his hot bod, his lean muscles and huge cock filled with delicious cum just waiting for my eager mouth. But even after we became roommates in college, I didn't know the truth. I discovered it accidentally Christmas Eve after an hour-long fuck. We took turns, and for Christmas he let me do him first.

The sex was always amazing. Holding his soft skin but hard muscles in my hands made me feel special, as if he was all mine. He was, but the feeling was great. Of course it was nothing compared to giving myself to him, sliding into him and shooting him full of my ecstasy. I thought it couldn't get any better, even after he returned the favor by sliding his massive cock into me and cumming inside me, leaving behind a small part of himself.

We fell asleep with our lips locked and our hands on each other. I loved the feel of his tight ass and gave it a loving squeeze as I began to doze off. It was the perfect Christmas Eve, falling asleep with him in my hands, neither needing nor wanting anyone else. But I didn't realize that he would make the gift even better.

I knew he woke up in the middle of the night. Sometimes he'd wake me up but I'd just listen to him jack himself off, falling asleep as I dreamed he was doing it to me. Sometimes he did, and I drifted off to sleep for more fun times in dreamland. I don't know why I decided to bother him tonight. Maybe I was greedy, maybe I wanted another present, but for whatever reason I turned over when I awoke and heard his moans of infinite pleasure.

I thought I was dreaming. What I saw couldn't be possible, but judging from how hard I was getting, and how eager I was, I knew I couldn't be dreaming. The dreams were never as arousing as real life, and this was so much more than that. Greg was sitting in the middle of the dorm, his clothes off so that his muscles caught the light of the room. And he was, as usual, jacking himself off. I had stared transfixed by love for a moment when I noticed that he wasn't running his hand along one cock, but two, and one was beneath him. Then I noticed he was using two hands for each one.

“Greg?” I gasped as I took him in. He was sitting with his legs spread, but there were four of them. He sat atop another pair of legs, and he was using a second pair of hands to pleasure another cock, his other cock. The second pair of legs seemed to grow from where his ass had been, and the second pair of arms was right below the first, though he didn't have any more wonderful pecs for me to rub.

As soon as I spoke he turned and looked at me. He released his cocks and they sprang right up, fighting for position against his luscious abs. He quickly rose to all four of his feet and smiled. “So you finally stay awake to see me like this,” he breathed. His voice was filled with relief, yet also lust. I could only stare at his two cocks, both much larger than regular, as I felt my own start to become as hard as a rock.

“What is this?” I asked as I rose out of bed and took him in my two arms as he wrapped all four around me. “How is this possible?”

“Well, it's a secret,” Greg replied, beginning to gently push me to the floor and rub the tip of his cocks against my abs. “A secret I can't share with anybody, except maybe you.”

All I could do was smile and suddenly he kissed me and slid his lower cock into my ass. I almost cried out but instead I returned the kiss, our lips locking as our tongues played with each other. Suddenly I wanted him, all of him, and I wanted to hold as much of him as I could. I wanted to be in him as he was in me, and I wanted to take hold of those wonderfully large cocks of his and stroke them and rub them and jack them until his amazing cum shot all over us.

In my excitement, I slipped my own cock into his asshole, which I was pleased to find he also had two of. It was getting hotter and I couldn't hold it back. My dick seemed so tight in his ass, tighter than usual, but it was good. Soon I exploded into him and he exploded into me, his two cocks filling me with his love as I held his back and grabbed his ass with my hands.

Wait, both of his cocks filling me? I looked down and gasped in amazement as I saw myself. I also had four arms now, two of which hugged Greg closer than I had ever held anyone and the other two squeezing his butt. Like him, I had four legs and two cocks, and both had slid into his two assholes as we mated. “What's happening to me? I love it!” I screamed as I came inside him again and again. It seemed no matter how many times I came, I could continue and more cum bearing my love could shoot into him forever.

“I'm sharing the secret with you,” Greg replied as my hands dug into him. He came inside me, a burst of pure ecstasy that lasted for hours as we locked ourselves within each other. Finally we both broke the embrace and stood facing each other, our cocks still hard as diamonds. “I've been like this ever since puberty,” Greg confessed, “but I never knew anyone else like me. I woke up one night after we mated and I found myself like this. I could hide the arms and legs by concentrating, but it's so much more freeing like this. I always jacked off both cocks after we'd make love, but you'd always sleep through it, even though I've wanted you to find out for so long.”

I laughed and moved a hand to my cock as he began to rub his own. “Well I know now, and now I'm just like you,” I said as I felt the sign of our love welling up inside me, like a dam about to burst. “And I think this is the best Christmas present ever.”

Greg smiled back at me and took me in his arms, our monstrous cocks rubbing against each other as we slid back into position. We made sweet love until dawn, never stopping, never slowing, just pouring ourselves into each other for hours on end, until finally we both had to lie down, naked, identical. It felt weird having a second pair of arms and legs, but if Greg could manage for all these years, I could too. With a content smile I turned to him as the sun's first light began to shine through our window and I said, “Merry Christmas, Greg.”

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