Changing clothes

by Sean Innicioni

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I was uncomfortable with the idea, but James kept trying to convince me. We’d been best friends since preschool, and had grown up right next door to each other. Though we, like our families, opposed gay marriage and thought of ourselves as straight, James and I knew that we were too close to ever let labels like that come between us.

The only problem was that I weighed close to 400 lbs and we both were uncomfortable of the idea of being a gay couple. Then the flier came in the mail, addressed to both of us. It read:

Madame Esmeralda’s Magical Outfits
For all of you who need a little magic to find happiness
In what you wear

For directions, please call Madame Esmeralda at (639)-555-4183
Payments accepted:
Other (see M.E. for details)

We both looked at the flier. It didn’t seem that special, but James turned to me and smiled. “I’ve heard about stuff like this,” he said with a broad grin. “You know Jeremy Klapp? Well he told me that he didn’t lose all that weight by following his doctor’s diet, but visiting this old lady who claimed to sell magical clothes. Said she has a ton, for every dream you could think of. Best of all is that they’re permanent, never wear off. Jeremy’s actually been gorging since he lost the weight, and if anything I’d swear his muscles were getting bigger!”

“Magic? James, that’s a load of bull and you know it,” I laughed. But then I looked down at my stomach and realized I couldn’t see my feet over it. “Still, if it could help with this, why not give it a shot?”

We called Madame Esmeralda the next day and she told us to go to an address neither of us had heard of. When we got there it was an old antique shop, and an old woman with ridiculously long gray hair sat in a rocking chair behind the counter. She reminded me of the Visionary from Doctor Who, “The End of Time”.

“Um, we’re here to see Madame Esmeralda,” James explained awkwardly as the woman stared at us. “We were told we could find her at this address.”

“Madame Esmeralda is downstairs,” the woman cackled. “Or will be shortly. Head down yourself and wait for her, dears. Oh what a nice couple you two will make when she’s through.”

“We’re not a couple,” I stammered, slightly embarrassed at the thought, though I had to admit that James was hotter than anyone on the planet, and if I had to go gay, it’d only be for him.

“Not yet,” the woman replied with a smile. “Just head down, dearies, and see what she has for you.”

We walked behind the counter and saw a narrow staircase leading into a dark room. The woman nodded for us to go down, and so we descended into darkness. When we reached the bottom, we found ourselves in a room no bigger than a basement filled with all sorts of odd and colorful clothes. For a moment, I thought we’d walked into a costume shop, and that there must be a corner hidden by all of the clothes.

“Come in, Sean and James, come in!” a voice called from the other side of the room. “Feel free to browse, but do not try anything on yet. I’ll be with you in a moment.”

“James, this is crazy,” I whispered in his ear.

“Sean, this is cool. Now, let’s look around.”

As we browsed the racks, we came across some very odd clothes. James found a purple long-sleeved T-shirt that read “Elastic Lad” over the front of it and what looked like a vest for a bodybuilding costume, meant to make it look like you had muscles when you didn’t. As for me, I found an odd pair of socks, actually two pairs of socks, which were joined together by what looked like gold strands. I found a similar pair of black gloves and laughed nervously at the stupidity of not taking them apart. Then I found a selection of T-shirts, each one a blank white except for a black shape printed on the front. One had a centaur, another a naga, then another a merman. I found one with all three plus a human, and another that seemed to be showing an amoeba.

“Do you like what you see?” a voice asked in my ear. I jumped at the sound and dropped all the clothes I had, then turned to see the creepy old lady from upstairs smiling at me. “Madame Esmeralda likes when people like her clothes, but do not try them on,” she said with a grin. “So, what can I get you two young boys today?”

I tried to think of something to say, but James smiled and stood face to face with Madame Esmeralda. “We heard you can do wonders with certain clothes, and we’re interested in trying some. First off, Sean here wants whatever you gave Jeremy Klapp. Second, I want to know what’s up with this—” he held up the purple “Elastic Lad” shirt “—and what’s so magical about it.”

“You have Madame Esmeralda’s permission to try it on.”

With a puzzled expression, James put on the shirt. Right after he did, he shrugged. “It’s a shirt, so what?” He scratched his head, then his back. But there was something about the way his arm bended when he did so that made me gasp. James turned his head around and looked at me. “What is it?”

I pointed at him, and he looked down to see his back. “What the fu—?” He snapped his head around and looked at the wall opposite him before stretching his arm over and touching it.

“That one I will throw in free if both of you buy two things,” Madame Esmeralda said with a content smile. “But the free trial is over.” The moment she said those words, James’s arms snapped back to their normal length and position. I chuckled as he struggled to stretch himself again, but after a few minutes he sighed and took the shirt off, accidentally taking his own T-shirt underneath off with it, exposing his washboard abs.

“Now, you seem to have a good gift there,” Madame Esmeralda said as she turned on me. “But I doubt you two can enjoy it in your present state.” She reached behind me and grabbed a black tank top. “Try this one on, and tell me if you want it.”

I shrugged and tried the tank top on, even though it seemed far too small for my fat body. To my surprise, it fit perfectly. I looked down in amazement and nearly fell over. It was as if my fat had been absorbed by muscles I didn’t even know I had. My pecs and abs were straining against the fabric of the top, and my biceps bulged as I held my arms out in surprise. I turned this way and that to see that every one of my muscles now looked perfect, like James, and I smiled eagerly. “How much?”

“I think you want to try that with a few others, dear. That tank top would go good with those socks you have, but use theses gloves instead.” Madame Esmeralda handed me a pair of white gloves and took the black ones from me, as well as the T-shirts. “Oh, and this, you should appreciate this.” She tossed over a pair of boxers as she went to put away the gloves and shirts.

When I tried them on, I didn’t notice anything unusual, until I looked at James. His mouth was wide open, but the corners of his lips were turned upward in a greedy smile, and I noticed a large bulge at his crotch that made me smile back.

“You young dearies, stop paying attention to each other and look at yourself!” Madame Esmeralda called to me from a rack of clothes.

I looked down at myself and cried out in ecstatic surprise. A bulge much larger than James’s had appeared at my crotch, and I pulled the boxers out to look in and see that my cock had grown to ten inches, and swelled so it was much thicker. Looking up my abs, I saw an extra shoulder under each arm, connected to another identical, beautiful arm, each hand wearing one of the white gloves. But hold on, what was that by my leg? I turned and noticed another pair of legs connected by half a foot or so of another ass to my body, each foot wearing the black socks. I jumped for joy and bent down to see another bulge in the boxers that somehow had adapted to fit four legs.

“Sean, that is so SEXY!” James yelled, and I nodded eagerly. “I thought that elasticity was pretty hot myself,” I admitted, not bothering to hide my huge hardons as I admired James.

“I want to try those on!” James said to Madame Esmeralda and I nearly came on the spot thinking of him with four luscious arms and legs and two wonderful cocks.

“First, your friend must decide if he wants them,” Madame Esmeralda replied as she made her way over to us holding a pair of gloves, socks, and boxers identical to the ones I wore, as well as another purple T-shirt. “Price is $15.00 each, $25.00 if you want to get the special.”

“What’s the special?” James and I asked simultaneously.

“That package, plus the elastic shirts, as well as one more shirt of your choosing, but choose wisely, and you only get one.”

“Can he still wear it if we buy just one?” I asked, looking around for another magical shirt that I’d want to be.

“For a fee; you two must stop hiding your love for each other, and enjoy my magical clothes,” Madame Esmeralda replied.

I jumped for joy and rushed over to James. Hugging him in all four arms, I kissed him. He seemed taken aback for the briefest of moments before returning the symbol of our love and holding me in his two, strong arms. I wanted to give myself to him, fill him with the hot sign of our ecstasy, but Madame Esmeralda interrupted us, and I was ready to kill her until she showed me the T-shirt she was holding up.

Somehow, I knew what the symbols on it meant now. It was white with the black figures of a four-legged man, a centaur, a naga, a merman, and what appeared to be a merman with the body of an octopus, making me think of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. “With that one, I can become any of those things at will, and change from form to form, can’t I? But, where are the arms?”

Madame Esmeralda smiled. “There when you want them to be. The legs can be the same, but I’m out of white socks at the moment, so they shall not go away.”

“Is all of this permanent?” James asked as we broke our embrace. “I mean, if we buy these will we be four-legged hunks for the rest of our lives?”

“You saw how that Jeremy boy eats like a pig, did you not? The only one you will be able to get rid of will be the extra arms, and the elasticity you can choose to use whenever you want. It won’t just happen without you meaning to.”

“$25.00 you said?” I pulled out my wallet and practically threw the money at her. “Sold!”

Madame Esmeralda smiled and handed James the set of clothes she held in her hands. “I ask that you don’t wear the clothes out of the store,” she said with a smile. “Changing rooms, with towels, are in the back. You must keep the clothes on for five minutes before the changes become permanent, so be sure to put everything on. Just leave it there when you come out, and use the towels; I don’t like me merchandise too dirty.”

In the changing rooms, James laughed as his second pair of legs and arms grew in. It was taking all my strength not to cum on the spot as his wonderful arms and legs doubled, and the bulge in the boxers did too. Finally we slipped on the “Elastic Lad” and multi-form T-shirts, and got right to work. Unbuttoning the boxers, we let both cocks pop out and grabbed each other in all four arms, getting lost in the tangle of eight beautiful arms as we kissed.

“You know, we both have two anuses,” I whispered seductively as we began to interlock our legs. We slid into each other and new muscles began to flex and relax as we gave ourselves to each other. Somehow, we were able to keep going for what seemed like hours of the best sex I had ever had, no, it was more than sex; it was making love.

Without a doubt, it was the best feeling in the world having James inside me while being inside him. My cocks seemed to grow harder as we went along, and even after we came, we continued and came again and again, gasping in the sheer ecstasy of it all. Finally Madame Esmeralda gave an impatient rapt on the door and called, “I have a business to run; take your loves somewhere else, my dearies.”

James and I managed to pull ourselves from each other and stripped naked, the effect of the clothes lingering without them. Seeing each other in our full glory, we wanted to go at it again, our elongated cocks stiffening within seconds. However, we managed to resist the urge and put our regular clothes on. When we walked out, Madame Esmeralda was looking at us in fake anger.

“My clothes are ruined! You two boys came all over them and now they must be washed, but they cannot be! You’ll simply have to take them home with you, but don’t let me catch you two here again! Oh and look at the socks; you’ve turned them white! Now your legs will come and go as you please. Get out!”

We hurried to make our way back to the car, but noticed her wink and wave.

Once we were back home, we made love in every form for six hours straight. Fortunately, I had a pool and we were able to try out the merman and octopus forms underwater, making it seem even lovelier, but we eventually stuck to our boytaur forms, filling each other with our love, our very being. Our passion was a raging fire that nothing could quench, and even when my parents came home we didn’t stop. We pleasured ourselves, blew each other, and did everything we possibly could.

Around suppertime, we went downstairs, hiding our extra legs and arms as we did so, but holding hands. My parents must have noticed the loving glances we shared, and my dad blurted, “So when’s the wedding?”

James and I smiled at each other, and locked our lips in celebration of my parents accepting our love.

“I think you two are going to be a little too busy for dinner,” my mother said as we began to hug each other, nearly making love right there in the kitchen before them.

“Yeah boys, go upstairs and we’ll leave the plates outside your door. Oh, and a Madame Esmeralda called, Sean. She wanted me to tell you to try the socks again, but on the back. Same with the gloves.”

James and I looked into each other’s eyes, excitement mounting in us as we rushed up the stairs. In just a few minutes, we were lost in a tangle of at least sixteen legs and twelve arms, losing ourselves in the mess. The best part was that we could take away as many as we wanted and put them back in the middle, making it even more exciting.

To this day, I haven’t forgotten Madame Esmeralda or her gift. I just wish I could thank her for letting James and I show our love, but now I must go. I’m getting married in an hour, and I have to decide how many legs I want to walk down the aisle on.

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