A big year

by Dancer

Andy gets a big surprise when a fortune teller tells him he will have big gains this year.

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Andy’s boyfriend took him out for his 18th birthday, which was on January first.

It was nothing exciting, but they always had fun together. At the end of the evening Andy was walking him home when Luca noticed a fortune teller.

“Let’s check it out.” Luca suggested gamely.

Andy laughed. He’d never believed in that sort of thing, but it sounded fun. “Sure,” he said. “Let’s find out what eighteen holds in store for me,” he joked.

Inside there was an old woman with very long grey hair and a crystal ball. Totally cheesy. Andy thought, but he sat down anyway, curious as to what the old woman would make up.

To his surprise, when the woman looked in the ball all she said to Andy was, “You’ll make big gains this year.” And then after that everything will go back to normal.

Andy knew it was rubbish, but he couldn’t help but wish the woman had been more specific. Or that shed given him a longer time to make his gains—whatever they might be.

But Luca seemed to think it was hilarious. “I hope you’re going to become a millionaire,” he joked, slipping his hand through Andy’s arm.

Andy laughed. “Me too.”

Before long, however, he’d forgotten what the old woman had said and was going about his ordinary life.

About a week after his birthday he finally decided to put some work into his resolution and he made it to the gym. He stepped into the scales and saw that he weighed 187. Up a pound. He thought, smiling. Not too bad for 6 feet tall. At this rate I’m going be huge….in ten years.

He managed to make it to the gym three times that week and was surprised to see that he was up to 196. Nice, he thought. Nine pounds is nothing to scoff at, he knew. Even if it was just water weight or a big meal or something.

Unfortunately, life got in his way and he didn’t make it back to the gym for three weeks.

So much for my resolution, he thought regretfully as he stepped on the scale. 199. He couldn’t stop smiling. I’m gonna break 200, he told himself.

By the end of the week he was dying to get on the scales. He’d worked hard, and he hoped it had paid off. 213! Fourteen pounds in one week. When he stopped by Luca’s house he told him he could see a difference. “You’re huge,” he said, smiling. He got that look on his face and Andy knew he was going to get lucky. “Oh, you are huge!” he said as he pulled his pants off. “Let’s see how big you can get,” he said suggestively wrapping one tiny hand around his now decent sized bicep. The other one reached down below, and he realized he really did look bigger down there.

Over the next four weeks Andy barely made it to the gym. School and social stuff kept getting in his way, even though he wanted to get there. He noticed, however, that even after only a few visits his chest was getting bigger and his abs were starting to become more defined. His weight had shot up to 234. I’m getting there, he thought proudly, flexing in front of the mirror. And other people were noticing too.

“Hey, you’re looking huge, Andy,” a pretty boy from his math class observed.

“What are you eating?” another boy from his study group asked, staring at his growing biceps.

“You need a bigger shirt,” his friend Jack observed. “You’re stretching that one out.”

Excited for his increased strength and size, Andy made sure he went for the gym every day that week, lifting more and more weight every day.

“You’re going to bust out of that shirt,” one of the personal trainers observed as he stepped on the scale. 248. He was excited, and the trainer was right. His shoulders were pushing his shirt to the limits.

He made it to Luca’s in record time.

“Hey, Andy.” Luca said, his eyes getting big as he took in his huge frame. “Wow. You’re really growing fast,” he observed. “You’re going to need a whole new wardrobe.”

“Do you think?” he asked, trying to casually flex in his too-tight shirt. Just as he’d hoped his shirt ripped up the seams on both arms as his biceps bulged.

The sex was even better than it had ever been, and Luca was panting by the time they were done.

A few days later he came with him to get some new clothes. Almost nothing fit him anymore and it kind of turned them both on.

Before they went he made him weigh himself. 252. “You’re getting so big,” he said, slipped his hands around his growing chest. “How big do you think you’re going to get?” he giggled.

“How much do you weigh?” he asked, picking him up easily a few times as he smiled at him. “Maybe I’ll get three times your size,” he set him on the scales.

“I weigh 140 pounds, so you have a long way to go,” he teased him, wrapping his arms around his neck.

At the store the sales assistant looked suitably impressed when Luca asked him to measure Andy. “You’re 74 inches tall,” the assistant observed. “Chest is 48 inches, biceps 20.” The assistant was about Andy’s height, but not nearly as big.

“Can you give him something with a little wiggle room?” Luca asked, smiling suggestively. “A little room to grow?”

After they paid, Andy raised his eyebrows at his boyfriend. “74 inches. That’s 6 foot 2. I’m even getting taller.”

“Ohh, you are.” Luca said, craning his neck to look up at him. “I hadn’t really noticed, but you are taller.”

“Well, you know what they say,” Andy said, taking his hand as they walked. “The bigger the better.”

As April approached, and with it, exams, Andy didn’t have much time for the gym. I’m probably going to lose all this muscle, he thought sadly, but he knew he needed to study.

“Hey, long time no see,” the personal assistant said as Andy came in in early May. “Have you been going to another gym?”

Andy frowned, “Nah. Exams. No time.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. “You definitely look bigger.”

Andy dutifully climbed on the scales. 268. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He’d gained over eighty pounds in the last four months, all of it muscle.

“See?” the personal trainer teased. “I knew you were going to another gym.”

Andy laughed and went to work out. He could feel that he was stronger and he could see other gym goers looking at him in awe. I’m gonna be a beast, He told himself.

As May bled into June Luca begged Andy to let him measure him. “I need to see how big you’re getting,” he said, wrapping his arms around him and pulling him towards his scales. He climbed on the scales with a smile on his face. 296. Luca’s eyes were huge.

“I’ve gained over a hundred pounds,” he told him, amazed.

He took some of his measurements. “Chest… 49 inches,” he said breathlessly. “Biceps, 21 inches.”

Everything about him was getting bigger. Every time he pressed the measuring tape against him to take a new measurement and he saw his eyes widen he couldn’t help but feeling proud. His voice was getting bigger too, deeper and stronger as he grew. His feet had outgrown his shoes and he couldn’t even wear his watch anymore.

As his boyfriend climbed onto a chair to find that his height was now 6 foot 3, he couldn’t resist anymore. He grabbed him around the waist and their clothes flew off. Luca’s feet never touched the floor as he had sex with him up against the wall. Andy was as turned on by Luca’s body as he was by his own insane growth.

June turned out to be a busy month, however, because he and Luca were busy moving in together. Andy didn’t make it to the gym even once. He could tell he had grown even more, but he outgrew Luca’s scales pretty quickly, and they hadn’t picked up a new set yet.

Midway through July Andy decided to meet up with a high school friend. James had always been the biggest guy in his school, probably pushing 250 at 6 foot 4, but now Andy blew him out of the water.

“Andy, I almost didn’t recognize you,” James said, his eyes huge as he took in his friend. Andy noticed that they stood eye to eye now, and as they exchanged a quick, one armed back pat/hug, Andy could feel how much bigger and stronger he was than his formerly huge friend.

“How big are you, man?” James asked, still looking shocked. “You are packing some serious size.”

Andy shrugged casually. “I don’t know. Somewhere over three hundred.”

“All muscle.” James observed, shaking his head. They went to a diner and caught up, and Andy enjoyed the way other people were looking at him and not James for once.

As they parted ways, James slapped him on the back. “Well, whatever you’re doing, keep it up,” he told him. “You’ve had a big gain this year, but you’ll definitely want to maintain.”

Andy nodded and they went their separate ways, but something he’d said was sticking in his brain.

He stopped at a department store and bought a scale that went up to five hundred, curious about how big he’d really gotten.

When he got home, Luca laughed at his purchase. “You haven’t even been to the gym in over a month,” he teased. “I doubt you’ve gained anything.” But to their surprise he was up again, weighing in at a staggering 324.

He and Luca couldn’t keep their hands off of each other, but despite how turned on he was, he couldn’t help but be proud of the fact that Luca needed extra foreplay to handle his growing penis.

“You have to stop gaining,” Luca said as he lay against his immense chest. “You’re going to destroy all of our furniture,” he went on, but he could tell he was only partly serious.

“I’m a growing boy,” he said proudly.

Luca gave him an indulgent smile. “Well, don’t grow too big.”

“There’s no such thing as too big,” Andy said, feeling his bicep bulge against his back as he pulled him closer. “I want to be huge. Even bigger than I am now.”

It was almost August before he got back to the gym, and the personal trainer’s eyes bugged out as he saw him. “Look at you,” he said in awe. “I can’t believe how huge you are.” Feeling proud, Andy stepped onto the scales. 348. The scales only went up to 400.

“What happens if I outgrow the scale?” Andy asked, curious.

“Outgrow the scales?” the trainer repeated, shaking his head. “I don’t know. I mean, that’s never happened.”

Andy looked him in the eye and smiled. “Well, it might.”

“How big were you to start?” the trainer asked, looking at his swollen lats in admiration.

“186. I’m almost twice that now.” Andy realized, doing the math. I think that’ll be my end goal, He thought. 372. Luca’s right. I don’t want to get too massive.

But by the time school started in September he’d reached 372 and he wasn’t completely satisfied. He wanted to be even bigger. He wanted to dwarf everyone around him, so big he could crush them if he wanted.

Luca shook his head at him. “Andy, you have to slow down,” he insisted as he watched him twist sideways to fit through their door. “At the rate you’re going you’re not going to fit in here by Christmas.”

Andy laughed. “Just a little bigger,” he promised, meaning it. “I’ll stop at 384. Don’t you want to be able to say you had sex with a man nearly three times your size?”

Luca laughed and put his hands around his enormous bicep, letting him lift him up as he flexed. “It is kind of a turn on,” he admitted, dropping to the floor and undoing his pants. “But much bigger and you’re not going to fit anywhere,” he said pointedly.

Andy meant to slow down. He really did. He could feel that his size was impacting every aspect of his life. He started to doubt chairs could hold him, and doorways were becoming a nightmare. He’d grown in height as well, and now he had to not only twist sideways to squeeze his immense shoulders through, but he had to duck down as well.

By October he was 412 pounds, and even sex was becoming challenging. Not only did Luca need a lot of foreplay to handle his growing member, but he had to be careful about how much weight he put on him.

In November he met up with James at his gym, and James took a step back in shock as he gigantic friend squeezed through the door. At 6 foot 8 and 439 pounds of solid muscle, Andy had every eye on him.

“Andy!” James said in shock. “What are you doing to get so huge?” he asked in awe.

Andy shrugged shoulders as big as basketballs. “I don’t know,” he admitted. “I work out a bit, but this last year I’ve just had no problem gaining weight. I just think about the gym and I can feel my muscles swelling.”

“Well, this is a big gain,” James said, shaking his head. “You must be over four hundred pounds.”

“I am,” Andy admitted. “But the scales here only go up to four hundred.”

“Wow,” James said. “That is some serious size. I’ve never known anyone to have as big a gain in just ten months.”

Andy shrugged as they started working out, but his friend’s words once again stuck in his head. A big gain. Why did that sound familiar?

By the time they parted ways, Andy’s shirt was stretched so tightly across his massive shoulders and chest that it was almost see through.

“That shirt fit you this morning,” Luca observed as Andy came in.

Andy nodded, picking him up in one arm and kissing him. “Yeah, I was working out.”

Luca shook his head. “Are you bigger than you were this morning?” he asked, looking both excited and nervous.

Andy smiled. “I don’t know. I outgrew the gym scales a long time ago.”

Luca laughed. “Only you could outgrow scales,” he said, running his hands across the shirt stretched across his massive pectorals. “Let’s see how big you are now.”

Andy didn’t need to be asked twice. He stepped on the scales and was surprised to see how much heavier he was than just yesterday. 448.

“Did you gain nine pounds in 24 hours?” Luca asked, his eyes wide.

“I didn’t mean to,” Andy said, holding out his arms in a helpless pose. As he moved his muscles, however, the shirt suddenly gave up the fight and his enormous chest burst through the fabric.

“Oh, wow.” Luca said, sliding his hands under the fabric, barely able to contain himself. “You’re enormous.”

Turned on, Andy moved his arms towards him, loving the feel of the fabric on his biceps shredding against the sheer size of his muscles.

Luca ripped the remaining fabric from his bulky upper body and he pressed him against his chest with one giant hand and took him into the bedroom.

The force of their love making, however, was too much. Andy thrust against Luca’s tiny form, loving how much bigger he seemed compared to him. Just as he was about to finish, however, the bed collapsed beneath his weight, sending them crashing against the floor. As Andy rolled off of him Luca was struggling to catch his breath. “That was amazing,” he told him, crawling onto him. He was so immense by that point that he could lay right on his gigantic lats, cradled between his massive biceps and his bulging chest. “But you have to slow down. Our house can’t handle any more Andy,” he said, stretching his arm as far across his pecs as it would go. “Even if it is sexy.”

Andy laughed a deep laugh and promised he’d try to hold back. By December, however, he was over 470.

“Andy!” Luca said as he stared at the number. “You’re going to outgrow this scale too. You have to stop gaining.”

“I can’t help it,” he protested, kind of liking the increased size. “This past year I’ve just gained so easily.”

Luca shook his head. “I know,” he laughed. “I wonder if that’s what the fortune teller meant.” When he saw Andy’s blank look he smiled. “The fortune teller from your birthday. He predicted you’d have big gains this year.” He looked up at his face over his massive pecs. “I’d say he was right.”

Andy paused, remembering the old woman. “He said I’d have big gains this year, but then everything would go back to normal,” he recalled. “Do you think he meant I’d go back to my ordinary size or I’d just stop gaining so quickly?”

Luca was distracted by his bulging bicep which by now was over forty inches around. “Oh, um, I don’t know. It couldn’t be real, could it?”

Andy looked at him, a growing mountain of muscle, and smiled. “Look at me. What do you think?”

Luca frowned. “I don’t know. I hope you don’t go back to normal. Even though you break furniture and can’t fit through doorways…. you’re just amazing this way. I love watching every growing inch of you.”

Andy shrugged. “I don’t want to stop gaining either,” he admitted. “I love being this size, but I want to get even bigger.”

Luca looked at him, trying to imagine him actually stopping growing. As much as he gave him a hard time about it, he loved him being huge. He loved watching him crush furniture. Loved watching him struggle to squeeze through doorways and narrow hallways. Loved watching him bursting through clothing. The thought of him stopping was not a happy one.

“What if..,” he began, trying to think. “What if I give you a free pass for December?” he said, biting his lip. “You can get as big as you want, and I’ll feed you up so you can get as huge as possible, just in case this is the last month you get to bulk up.”

“Would you be okay with that?” Andy asked, already getting turned on at the thought. “I mean, I’ve been holding back all this time, but I think I could get seriously huge if I had free reign.”

Luca nodded. “Let’s do this,” he said, reaching his hands up as high as they could go on his chest. He picked him up and they barely made it to the king-sized bed on their floor, both of them too turned on by the idea to hold back any longer.

“I’ll get us a new scale tomorrow,” Luca promised, smiling. “I have a feeling we’re going to need it.”

December was by far the happiest month they’d ever spent together. They both took time off school and work and focused on bulking him up. Luca would make him a huge meal every morning and then he would work out most of the day, stopping periodically for protein shakes and big meals. By the end of the first week Andy had gained almost thirty pounds, hitting an even five hundred. He shredded his t-shirt as he flexed for him, and he laughingly told him he wasn’t buying him any more clothes.

“Bigger,” Luca said, pouncing on him.

The second week he gained more weight than ever. His biceps were a shocking 50 inches, and he weighed in at a staggering, room shaking 534. he could only fit through doors by twisting completely sideways, and his back and pecs brushed against the door frame on either side of him. “I want you even bigger,” Luca said, handing him a two-liter bottle of protein shake.

By Christmas Andy couldn’t fit through the door. He weighed an inhuman 588 pounds, and was so hugely muscled he actually found it hard to move.

Luca could no longer take his weight or his immense penis, but they were both so turned on by his ever-increasing size that they could each wrap both of their hands around him and they’d finish each other off. As Luca lay on one half of his beefy, bulging chest he squeezed his hand against a rock-hard pec and looked up at him. “I know you couldn’t get me anything for Christmas,” he said, kissing his chest as he giggled. “You can’t even fit through the door to go to the mall. But I know what I want from you.”

Andy tried to look at him over his bulging, heaving chest. “What do you want?” he asked, his deep voice rumbling against his body.

“I want you to get so big this last week that it puts all of your other gains to shame. I want you to gain more than you ever have, and be so big you can barely move.”

He laughed, and Luca giggled as he tried to stay on his growing body as it shook. “I can barely move already,” he admitted, getting turned on by the idea of growing even more.

“I want you even bigger,” he said, his voice intense.

“I can do it,” he promised, knowing he would. “I’ll get so gigantic you won’t believe it.”

The last week of the year, Luca woke tirelessly throughout the night to feed him liters of protein shakes, and he woke to huge breakfasts. Luca wanted to weigh him every day, but he made him wait, promising it’d be better if they were both surprised. He worked out all day and got each other off in between meals. Luca could actually see him growing, his back getting wider, his biceps bulging so big he could barely move them. His pecs grew so huge that his chest was several feet deep with massive globes of muscle perched atop it.

Finally, on December thirty-first Luca pulled out the new scale and Andy climbed on, both of them breathless with anticipation. They were not disappointed.

“Oh, my god.” Luca breathed as he saw the number. “692. You gained over a hundred pounds of muscle this week,” he whispered in shocked ecstasy.

The floorboards creaked beneath his gigantic feet as they collapsed onto the king-sized bed for the last round of sex for the year.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am,” Luca said in awe. “All of this big, sweaty male muscle just for me,” he said, kissing him all over as they both worked their hands along his huge penis. When they were both spent, Luca lay atop him, running his hands across his gigantic torso. There was no longer any room on their king-sized bed for him, but he didn’t mind. “I love that you gained all this muscle for me,” he gushed, rolling over to where his bicep bulged to the size of a rain barrel, wrapping his arm around it in ecstasy. “I can’t believe how big you are. So huge.”

As the clock approached midnight they could both feel the tension, wondering if at midnight, the exact moment he’d been born, he would suddenly revert to his normal size.

They both breathed a sigh of relief as the clocked ticked past and he stayed as big as he was.

“I’m so glad.” Luca said, looking at his boyfriend over his gargantuan pecs. “I was so afraid you were going to go back to normal.”

“This is the new normal,” he said, straining against his biceps to reach onto his chest and squeeze him.

“Hey, did you make a new year’s resolution?” he asked suddenly. “I’ve been so focused on getting you bigger that I completely forgot about it.”

Andy smiled, his mammoth hands on his skin. “I don’t know,” he said casually. “I was thinking I might try to get even bigger this year.”

Luca laughed. “I think that sounds like a perfect resolution,” he said, sliding down to his waiting member. “Bigger is definitely better.”

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