Young Buck

by Proteus

Buck’s admiration for the size and beauty of the gym’s hottest, most arrogant stud, Nate, will be all the greater when he possesses those qualities for himself.

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Buck pulled a wiry hair from Nate’s gym bag. He shoved the bag back into the locker while the room was still empty. Reciting bastardized Latin, he burned the hair with a lighter, then rinsed it down the sink.

Buck returned to the weight room where Nate was all but parading his pumped physique. He was an absolute stud, 280 pounds of lean, perfectly proportioned muscle with a haughty, handsome face. Buck was sure that the 25-year-old had started doping in high school in order to obtain his vascular, over-jacked body. Nate planted his feet, flexing 23 inch biceps in the mirrored wall, then hunching forward and crunching his arms and chest in a most muscular. It was unreal, the way such a beast could also strut around with his young face basking in the stares of lesser men and women.

Buck watched with envy as Nate sauntered to a bench, his body testing a skimpy tank and compression shorts that left little to the imagination. Buck himself was a fine, 160 pound specimen, but it was harder to stay in top shape as he approached 45. He was jealous of the younger man’s thick mane of blond hair, and though Buck only had laugh lines, he resented Nate’s taught, vibrant skin.

Nate grunted and moaned as he benched a loaded barbell—noises that Buck suspected were mostly performative. When he finished the set, the handsome man rose, flashing a cocky grin at everyone distracted by his appearance. He flexed his deep chest, straining the straps of his shirt. The swollen masses of muscle bunched, moved his exposed nipples.

Buck took a breath. This would be the last time Nate made him feel inferior. Buck stared at the posing stud and concentrated, repeating one thing in his mind: 25, 25, 25…

Nate stumbled, placing a hand on the pec deck to steady his bulk. His body felt slack, like he couldn’t fully tense his muscles.

Buck kept thinking, 25, 25, 25… as he felt a rush of strength. He could easily envision what he wished to receive, but he had to be specific about what he was giving up in the exchange.

Nate didn’t know what was wrong, only that every part of him felt awful. A glance in the mirror revealed that, to his horror, his reflection was shrinking!

“Wh-What’s happening?” he stammered.

Behind him, Buck laughed, “It’s an exchange. You’re giving me your best features!”

Nate’s clothes hung looser and looser as his musculature dwindled. His virile power rushed into Buck’s eager body. He moaned, not unlike Nate had a few moments ago, as he siphoned dozens of pounds of muscle from the unwilling hunk. Buck had entered the gym in a white shirt that modestly accentuated his body, but as he grew to 200 pounds, it wrapped tightly around his bodybuilder torso, riding up his strong abs. The sleeves slid back and bunched at the end of each bulging shoulder. His gym shorts hugged the curves of his hamstrings and cupped his ass.

Nate tried to say something as veins receded in his skin, but couldn’t find the words to express his shock. It took a moment to realize, but Buck wasn’t just getting bigger, he was looking younger. Buck felt new hair filling in the thin cover on his scalp. His vertebrae extended an inch, banishing a low, persistent soreness. Nate was clearly feeling that same pain in his lower back as he lost several inches of height.

Nate gave more and more of his muscle; when he shrank to 190 pounds, his tank dangled below waist and his compression shorts were almost baggy. Buck’s dick, which had throbbed from 5 inches to 7½, pressed against his shorts which rode up his hairy quads and squeezed his glutes. His feet went up a couple of sizes, fighting to free themselves from his worn sneakers. Buck’s calves quickly surpassed 20 inches around, like his biceps, which tore through his sleeves when he flexed, adopting a predatory smile His victim looked desperate to hold on to any part of himself.

After less than a minute, the two men had completely exchanged their muscles. Nate was down to 160 pounds, practically swimming in his clothes and awkwardly swaying in roomy shoes. Buck’s growing chest stretched apart his shirt without him even having to flex. He discarded the scraps and stood, proudly, with Nate’s previously beastly physique. His engorged cock stuck up from the waistband of shorts that looked like ill-fitting boxer briefs.

Please…” Nate whined, his voice slightly scratchy, “You have to stop!”

Buck smirked at the other man, watching the creases in face deepen. As the poor sap’s hairline receded, he remarked, “You’re not in a position to demand anything from me. Just enjoy what you get from me.” Buck made a killer most muscular with traps that seemed to reach his ears. He trembled from the intense effort, highlighting hearty veins. He felt more energized than he had in years.

25, 25, 25…

As Buck’s bloating body crossed the 300 pound mark, he surveyed the other gym goers. Those who hadn’t fled were gawking from one corner, terrified—though one college girl bit her lip while she watched his shorts split up the side and at least one guy had a hard on. Laughing, he ripped off the rest of his clothes and threw the scraps at Nate. Buck’s cock stretched 9 inches long with a girth of nearly 7 inches.

The ball of clothing missed Nate, but he still flinched and made a soft shriek. One of the straps slipped off of his meager shoulder, leaving him half-draped by his workout attire. His shorts fell to his knobby ankles, revealing his stiff 4 inch dick—half his former size. He still had some muscle, but his skin was losing its elasticity, erasing any definition that he had left. Though it was the least of his worries, he gulped as balding hair faded from blond to gray.

“Please,” he croaked. “You’re taking it all. There won’t be anything left!”

Ummph,” Buck grunted as the exchange reached its end. He had grown to be a fucking muscle god—330 pounds of firm, distended muscle with a thick 10 inch cock. An ounce of precum squirted out when he watched the other strap of Nate’s shirt slip off of his feeble, 110 pound body. Nate, shriveled and shivering, let out a horse gasp. He looked—and felt—twice his chronological age, a frail, malnourished man with wrinkles and a hairline that swept back like an M. The only “even” part of the exchange had been height—Nate was now 5’7” on a good day, as Buck had been. Buck had assumed Nate’s former stature of 6’2”, though he packed 50 more pounds of muscle onto it.

Having carefully gifted 25 years to Nate, Buck’s biological age was just shy of 20. His face had high cheekbones that complimented his broad jaw. His sweaty, flawless skin glistened. He approached a cowering Nate and began posing, a behemoth over the shrunken man. Despite the awful sensation and humiliating experience, Nate’s 3 inch cock twitched a shot less cum than the pre clinging to Buck’s cock head.

“Oh fuck,” said Buck, relishing the sensations of his perfect body. He moaned, then told Nate, “I can’t believe I was impressed by you.”

Buck waddled, deliberately rolling each thigh over the other without hurting his golfball-sized nuts, to the man with the obvious erection. A wifebeater hugged his slim, but strong body. Buck swabbed some newly discharged pre and smeared it beneath the guy’s collar bone with a meaty finger.

“You get to be the first one I fuck with this body.” He nodded to the locker room.

Nate was a wreck, curled into a ball on his clothes. Buck was carefully shuffling through the locker room door at an angle, helped by his new friend. He bellowed laughter as he squeezed his pecs into the doorway.

1,375 words Added Feb 2022 14k views 4.7 stars (9 votes)

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