You don’t get something for nothing

by screamingmoist

A man has to decide if his new life is worth the cost.

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Ben stood on the pier, feeling foolish and a bit creepy. He’d been trying to be inconspicuous as he stared at the group of guys working out on the beach. Not that they would have cared. They knew exactly how good their glistening, buff bodies looked in their little shorts. That’s what Ben wanted. He was tired of grinding in the gym to zero results. Sure, he was toned, but he wanted gains. He wanted those guys, who didn’t seem to have a care in the world. He wanted to be the one showing off his muscles. He wanted guys to be wanting him, not the other way around. One of the guys in particular caught his eye. The guy was platinum blonde with a perfectly sculpted, proportional body. That wasn’t what caught his attention, though. What made him stand out was his short height and the huge bulge, even from this distance, in his tiny swimsuit.

“Ouch!” Ben loosened his grip on the stone in his hand. He hadn’t realized he’d been clutching it hard enough to prick his finger. “Fuck it,” he sighed to himself and threw the stone into the sea. He waited for a moment, unsure of what to expect. Eventually he just shrugged and walked down the boardwalk towards the train. He felt like a fool for even entertaining the idea. He’d been on the way back to the office after another disappointing trip to the gym on his lunch break when the old homeless guy had stopped him.

“Why so down,” the man had asked. He was sitting, his thin, hunched body covered in torn, ill-fitting clothes. He had on mismatched shoes and didn’t look like he’d seen a bar of soap in quite a while. He had a small, dirty blanket spread out in front of him with a truly random assortment of objects for sale. Normally Ben ignored people like this, but something about the man’s voice grabbed his attention. “Aahhh, that’s the look of someone who can’t have something they want. I’d know that look a mile away.”

“That obvious, huh?” Ben stopped to humor the guy and noticed his cloudy, milk-colored eyes. He doubted the old man could see much of anything, let alone his expression, and yet the man was staring directly at him, even with the noise of a busy sidewalk.

“Don’t tell me,” the man said, his brow furrowing. “Girl trouble? No,” he shook his head and seemed to be sniffing the air. “Something deeper. Something about you? Ah-ha, there it is.” His dirty, bearded face cracked into a toothless smile. Without looking away from Ben he’d reached onto his blanket and picked up a lumpy brown stone. “From the ocean,” he said quietly. “Hold it in your hand and think about what you want. Fill the stone with what it is you desire…you’ll know when it’s full…then give it back to the sea.” The man spread his hands and grinned again. “That easy. Throw a rock and get what you want.”

“Sounds a little too easy,” Ben said flatly as he reached for his wallet. He didn’t intent to buy anything, but he felt for the guy.

“Just remember, you don’t get something from nothing. Make sure you really want it. Everything has its cost.”

Ben laughed. “I knew there was a catch in there somewhere.”

“No catch…it’s up to you. You don’t want to, then don’t.”

“Thanks for the advice.” Ben handed the guy a ten and walked away. It wasn’t until he was back at his office that he noticed the guy had stuck the stone in his palm when he took the money. He had no intention of following through on it, but as he sat at his desk that afternoon he thought about it more and more until he found himself on the train to the boardwalk. Now, on the train back, he just felt more disappointed.

He let himself into his apartment and kicked his shoes off. Just to be sure, he checked himself out in the mirror. No change. His fitted dress-shirt still clung to his thin torso, and his tight slacks showed the same skinny legs. “Thanks a lot, mister,” he sighed, loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. He went into the bedroom and stripped down to his grey boxer briefs, hating the sight of his lean build. He looked far from bad. At 6’1”, he was taller than most. His thick, styled blonde hair was easy to spot in a crowd as it stood above those around him, and his sharp, angular features were generally considered handsome. But what Ben hated the most was below his neck. He stared in disgust at his lean, toned torso. He was in fantastic shape: each of his muscles was clearly outlined and stood out from the rest, he just didn’t have much bulk. He looked at himself and saw a skinny, shapeless rectangle. His defined arms didn’t inflate enough, and it looked like his thighs were miles apart from each other. He had no ass to speak of, and his short, thin cock was anything but impressive. He worked out daily. He ate right. He’d tried every supplement he could find, but nothing would work. At 24, he knew he should still have youth on his side, but even that failed him.

He knew on some level that he was being ridiculous. Women hit on him all the time and he had no problem getting laid. He’d landed a great job right out of college and had already been promoted to upper management. He had a huge, luxurious apartment and more money than he could spend. Ben told himself his life would be perfect if he could just get this one thing, but it didn’t look like it would be happening any time soon. He flopped down on his bed to mope.

“Uuuuhh….” Ben groaned, wincing against the bright light streaming in through the glass wall that overlooked the city. He didn’t remember going to sleep. The last thing he remembered was coming home from work and then nothing. He sat up, his whole body sore. “What the hell…?” He usually slept in his underwear but he stared down at his naked lower body. Something looked off. He stood and sleepily stumbled over to the mirror, blinking in disbelief at what he saw. His lean, wiry body had filled out overnight. The changes were subtle. His arms were a bit larger and his shoulders stood slightly farther apart. The outline of his lean pecs had started to bulge out from his chest a little and he had the makings of a small ass attached to widened thighs. Even his cock looked like it had grown and thickened slightly. He flexed and prodded himself until there was no denying it: he’d put on muscle. “Holy…shit…” he laughed elatedly, pinching himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He turned to grab his phone so he could take a picture and stumbled again. At the same time, when he reached for his dresser his hand hit the side instead of the top. He told himself it couldn’t be what he thought it was.

Ben hurried to his front closet and reached for the toolbox on the top shelf, his straining arm only further confirming his fear. Filled with a mix of joy and dread, he leaned against the wall, straining to his full height. He made three marks so he could triple check and they all said the same thing: he was just under six feet tall. “Okay…okay…so I lost a little height,” he stammered to himself. “The average guy is 5’10”…I can spare a little for this,” he said, flexing again. “It’s not even enough for anyone to notice.”

Ben was back to feeling elated when he jumped in the shower and wrapped a hand around his enlarged member. Just thinking about how it filled more of his hand nearly made him cum, and his probing fingers exploring the rest of his inflated muscles sealed the deal. He’d forgotten all about his minor loss of height until he went to get dressed. His boxer briefs were significantly tighter on his larger thighs, as were his slacks, but what he couldn’t ignore was how they drug on the ground behind his heel. His inseam was a 30/32, but he’d clearly have to get that fixed. He’d have to go shopping anyway, as his fitted shirts were already dangerously tight on what little bulk he’d acquired. None of this was enough to ruin his mood as he grabbed his gym bag and headed out the door.

Not surprisingly, Ben was having a hard time focusing all morning. He sat at his desk, unable to think about anything other than the seeming miracle that occurred overnight. He kept flexing his arms and pecs against the tight fabric of his shirt until he was afraid the fabric would give. He couldn’t believe how much better just that minor growth had made him feel. And it was becoming clear he wasn’t done growing. As the morning progressed, his clothes felt increasingly tight. More alarming was the way he knocked his coffee over and kept missing his mouse when he reached for things. If he was getting bigger, he was also getting shorter. It was hard to tell by how much given the way his pants clung to his growing thighs, but he kept telling himself it was worth it. Finally, when it got to the point where he was afraid his clothes actually would give out on him, he decided to call it a day.

“Hey, Jenn,” he said into his phone, clearing his throat. His voice sounded deeper than it should. “Can you cancel my appointments for the day? I think I’m coming down with something.” There was no denying the change to his voice. It hadn’t been high before, but now there was a bass to it that hadn’t been there. He hurried out of the building and hopped on the nearest train, praying his clothes would hold out. In his head he could practically hear the stitches giving out one by one. Panicking at what would happen if he hulked out of his pants on a busy train, he jumped off at the next stop to find a place to change into his gym gear. “Oh thank god,” he muttered at the sight of a gym across the street. It wasn’t like the expensive fitness center he belonged to.

This was more like a garage that someone had filled with weights and meatheads and slapped a sign on. “Any port in a storm,” he sighed. He didn’t have to worry about explaining himself to someone at a front desk since there wasn’t one, so he hurried back to the locker room, feeling overdressed and self-conscious in his business attire. The guys around him had on oversized muscle shirts, if any at all, and gym shorts that were plastered around their huge legs.

He made it to the locker room just in time. His top button gave in to his expanding chest just as he made it inside. Fortunately he was alone since the room didn’t offer much in the way of privacy. Unlike his gym, there were no private shower stalls and sectioned off lockers. It was one open room, with a wall of shower heads at one end, and a wall with a few sinks and toilet stalls at the other. In between was a wall lined with lockers, divided by a large mirror. He told himself it was better than getting naked in an alley.

Ben couldn’t believe what he saw when he looked down. He had a legitimate set of pecs now, and even his midsection had thickened so that his abs were visible between the strained-open buttons. He drew his broadened shoulders back and sent most of his buttons flying. He still had to struggle with the remains as the sleeves were plastered to his increasingly prominent biceps. Ben’s jaw dropped when he looked in the mirror. His chest bulged proudly between his now-wide shoulders. The shapeless rectangle he’d thought of himself as was steadily turning into an inverted triangle. His stomach had exploded into a bumpy six-pack while maintaining his trim waist. He had to see the rest. His pants were like spandex on his legs as he fumbled with the waist that hung loose from his tight stomach. The only thing he didn’t like was the way they pooled at his feet, but he’d worry about that later.

He had them halfway down his much larger quads and bent to pull them the rest of the way over his growing calves when he heard a loud rip and felt a rush of air against his ass. His straining underwear had finally given in. The elastic at the legs and at the back gave out all at once. He blushed with embarrassment until he saw the cause. The ass that had started growing that morning was in full bloom as a tight, round bubble. His medium-sized underwear didn’t have a chance, especially not when coupled with what happened in front. Ben just stared, dumbfounded, at the wide cock and heavy balls. He’d always been a grower, if you could call it that, but the thick hose dangling between his thighs was longer soft than he should have been hard.

After a few minutes of gawking he was finally able to pull himself away from his reflection. He blushed again when he pulled his mesh gym shorts on. They were stretched tight over his inflating lower half, and without any underwear his new package was clearly outlined, but it would have to do. His shirt, a medium, wasn’t any better as it clung to him like a second skin. Ben paused in front of the mirror again, unable to believe what he was seeing. Instead of a lean, wiry pole of a man he was looking more and more like he always wanted. His blonde hair, high cheeks and sparkling smile looked even brighter on top of broad shoulders, a tapering waist, and a perky ass.

He threw his old clothes away and went to leave when a thought hit him: he needed to work out, and he was already at a gym. He hesitated, but threw his bag in an open locker and headed out onto the floor. Even with his recent additions, he still felt small compared to the muscle beasts around him. True, he was buff compared to his former build, but next to these guys he was just “fit” at best. They were friendly enough, but Ben wondered why they kept staring at him. He told himself he was just being self-conscious, and that they were all probably regulars and he was some stranger. Luckily they warmed up to him quickly.

“Oh, come on, you can handle more than that.”

Ben turned and saw a bald, sweaty mass of flesh behind him. The man was several inches taller than himself and considerably wider. He didn’t have a shirt on, which left his bulging, striated torso on display. His chest was a shelf that sat on a thick muscle gut, while his arms were corded muscle that hung at an angle from his bowling ball shoulders. The man’s thighs seemed bigger than Ben’s waist and he had an ass that looked like it was carved from granite. Ben looked away quickly when he realized he was staring. “Yeah? I guess I didn’t really pay attention to what I put on there.” He saw that he’d loaded the bar for what he used to lift, not what his current build was capable of.

“Here,” the man effortlessly hefted several more plates onto the bar. “Try this. I’ll spot you.”

“Uh, okay,” Ben said, laying on the bench. The man was even more imposing from this perspective, which is why Ben told himself his heart started racing. He grabbed the bar and lifted, grinning from ear to ear when he was able to handle the load. It was still heavy, but he’d never have been able to lift that with his old arms. The giant man kept his hands near the bar the whole time, a cocky grin of his own spreading across his round, full face.

“There you go!” The man clapped Ben on the shoulder when he sat back up. “You could’a done more than that easy.”

“I don’t know about easy,” Ben said, rolling his shoulders against the uncomfortably tight shirt. “I’m Ben.”

“Turner.” The man swallowed Ben’s hand before adding more plates onto the bar. Ben watched what looked like an impossible amount go on before he and Turner exchanged places.

“I don’t know if I’ll be much help here,” Ben said hesitantly, his eyes traveling up and down the mountain of a man.

“Just need you to guide me,” Turner said, grinning as Ben stepped forward so that he was standing inches from the man’s shiny scalp. He felt his stomach tingle at the sight of Turner’s arms and chest exploding as he hefted the weight. His eyes traveled down the man’s braced abs to the lump in his tight shorts. Ben realized his own bulge was only inches from the man’s head, but he didn’t care about that as much as he thought he would. Turner’s deep grunt snapped him back to reality and he helped guide the bar back into place. “Get a little distracted there?” The look in Turner’s eyes told Ben the big man knew exactly what he’d been thinking about. “I’m just fuckin’ with ya,” Turner laughed as Ben blushed.

They paired up for the rest of the workout, chatting and spotting each other until Ben no longer felt out of place. He was so comfortable that, halfway through, he peeled out of his too-small shirt, leaving him in shorts that were nearly as tight as his boxer briefs used to be. He felt fantastic. Between the workout, his changing body, and fitting in with the guys around him, he was like a giddy kid. He flew through set after set, surprising himself when he let out a series of loud grunts. He’d never been overly vocal while lifting before, but now his deepened voice was groaning and grunting with each heavy rep. Turner seemed amused by it, as Ben caught the man constantly staring at him.

When they finally called it and went back into the locker room, he understood why. He’d grown even more in just the couple hours since he’d arrived. His shorts were officially skintight and bunched at his thighs, with a huge bulge in the front and a seam that disappeared between the two large, separated cheeks in the back. The rest of him had continued to inflate. He had a set of large, perfectly proportioned pecs, evenly defined biceps and triceps, and a bat-wing back that tapered to an impossibly trim waist framed by jagged obliques on each side. The changes were starting to show in his face now. His high cheekbones looked less skeletal now that his jaw had started to square and his nose had softened above fuller lips. He was handsome before, but now he was becoming something else altogether. He clearly looked different, but Turner didn’t seem to notice.

“Lookin’ good bud,” the big man said, watching Ben flex in the mirror. He joined him for a few poses before stripping down entirely. Ben’s eyes immediately dropped to the man’s squat, thick cock. “Come on,” Turner said, nodding towards the showers. “Gotta rinse off after a workout like that.”

Ben shook his head and grinned awkwardly. Somehow the knowledge that Turner had caught him openly checking him out wasn’t mortifying like he thought it would be. He pulled his tight shorts down thighs that were nearly touching and gasped at the huge cock that flopped free. It was a beast. It looked like there was a banana and two large eggs hanging there. When he turned he caught Turner give him the same look.

“Daaaamn,” the big man whistled. “You short guys are hung,” he laughed, cranking on a shower.

Ben practically waddled over, unaccustomed to how his new endowment felt. It wasn’t until he stood under the warm stream that Turner’s words sunk in. “Short?”

Turner looked confused. “Yeah, I mean, no offense, but it’s a tradeoff, right?”

Ben’s stomach dropped a little. “How tall are you?”

“Me?” Turner seemed confused by the question. “5’11”, give or take.”

Ben’s mind started racing. Given how much taller Turner was, that meant he couldn’t be more than 5’8”, if he was lucky. “Oh…” was all he said.

“Hey man, you okay?” Turner reached out and grabbed one of Ben’s shoulders when the other man looked shaky.

Turner’s hand on his arm was electric. “Yeah, yeah, sorry,” he said, not pulling away. “Just got a little dizzy.” His head was swimming. He was trying to reconcile his loss of height while his body was responding to Turner like he was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

“It happens after a good workout,” Turner let his hand drift down Ben’s arm instead of pulling it away directly. They turned their showers off and Turner started toweling dry, pausing when Ben just stood there watching. “You good?”

“I, uh, didn’t remember to bring a towel,” Ben said, watching Turner’s beefy body bend and flex, the towel looking small against him.

“Here,” Turner tossed him his towel when he was done.

Ben should have been grossed out at using some stranger’s towel. He also should have been uncomfortable at standing totally naked in a strange place. Even at his gym he didn’t spend more time naked than he had too, but now he was totally content. And as he watched Turner pull on a pair of bright blue briefs, it was everything he could do to keep his twitching monster under control. “Thanks,” he said, handing Turner back the towel and quickly pulling on his too-small shorts. He followed this up with his old tee-shirt that now only came to above his belly button after being stretched near to bursting across his built upper body. He looked at himself in the mirror, his huge new cock snaking visibly off to the side with what looked like a cut-off tee-shirt showing off his new muscles to cover his torso. Coupled with his changing features he looked very, very gay.

“You want a ride? You seem kinda out of it.” Turner’s voice pulled him away from his reflection.

“Uh, yeah, actually. That’d be great.” Ben let Turner put his hand on the exposed small of his back and lead him out of the gym. His loss of height was even more apparent when they walked down the sidewalk and he had to walk faster to keep up with the taller man.

“Here we are,” Turner said, patting the hood of an old school muscle car a few blocks down the street. Seeing the burly stud next to the manly car sent another surge to Ben’s increasingly impatient cock.

“It’s nice,” he said as he climbed inside, the car seeming cavernous around him.

“She’s my baby,” Turner said proudly, pulling away from the meter. He put a beefy arm up on the back of the bench seat, his fingers nearly touching Ben’s head.

Ben’s chest rose and fell quickly. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this turned on. Turner oozed masculinity. His rugged features, his massive body, his manly car. Ben couldn’t stand it. He inched over until Turner’s strong fingers were stroking his hair, then resting on his shoulder, then around his waist as he slid against him. Ben’s own shaking hands were pawing at Turner’s tight jeans until he saw the shock of blue from the briefs underneath. Turner was stoic as Ben fumbled inside his pants, fishing out the wide, hardening cock.

Ben was only dimly aware of what he was doing when his mouth dropped and he swallowed as much of the warm, musky organ as he could. He heard Turner let out a soft moan and felt the man’s wide hand slide down his back. While he bobbed his head up and down, Turner’s fingers wormed their way into the valley formed by his growing cheeks. Ben couldn’t get enough. The sensations from both ends were overpowering. He felt each of his new muscles tense and flex as jolts of pleasure shot through him. He didn’t even care that he was fooling around with a guy for the first time. It all just felt natural. He was so into it he didn’t notice the car had stopped until Turner lifted his head from his lap. He’d driven down a deserted, seedy looking alley. “Don’t worry,” he said, shifting to face Ben, “this is a good spot for this. No one comes back here. Even though it was the middle of the day, the tall buildings cast the alley in deep shadows.

Turner didn’t say anything else, he leaned in and kissed Ben roughly. His hands were all over the blonde man’s ripped abs and perky nipples. Ben squirmed on the seat, eagerly returning the kiss. He let out a quick gasp when Turner abruptly tugged his shorts down, freeing his thick, 8-inch beast. They both stared at it in shock until Turner took his turn, swallowing as much of it as he could and working the rest with his hand.

Ooohhhhhhhhh….” Ben’s deep groan practically rattled the windows. He panted and leaned against the door, watching Turner’s bald head bob up and down on an impossibly large cock that was somehow his, between sturdy, meaty thighs that were also somehow his. He was near the breaking point when Turner gave his dripping cock a final flick of the tongue.

“So why do I get the impression this isn’t all you want,” he said seductively. “That ass seemed pretty eager earlier.”

Ben was out of the car before he knew what he was doing. He was naked, save for his tiny shirt, when he bent over the trunk and wiggled his perfectly round ass.

“You are somethin’ else,” Turner laughed, sliding up behind. He didn’t wait to push himself inside.

“Oh…oh…oohh….fuuuuck…” Ben grunted as he squirmed in time with Turner’s thrusting.

“Jesus, you’re tight,” Turner panted, steadily pumping in and out while Ben wiggled his hips. “Hold…hold on…” Turner pulled out and spun Ben around before lifting him up onto the trunk in one smooth motion. He leaned in and kissed him, biting his lip. “I wanna see that pretty face,” he said, pushing Ben down on his back and hefting his legs. He slid the shrunken man down onto his cock again and picked up where he left off.

“Fu…fuck me…fuuuuck…holy…holy shit…” Ben panted, his huge new cock slapping against his stomach while the shocks on the car squeaked loudly under the weight. A part of him knew that he was naked on his back on the trunk of a car getting fucked by a stranger in a dark alley, but like before, that only turned him on even more. He gazed up at the huge mass of muscle and the look of ecstasy on Turner’s face filled him with joy. Knowing that his buff new body was responsible was all that mattered. He didn’t even care about getting shorter if he could do this to someone. If anything, the size difference only made it hotter. “Shit…I’m gonna…gggggguuuuuuuu….” Ben arched his back as his new cock exploded like a geyser. The sight must have been enough for Turner, who quickly followed suit inside the other man.

“Well, that was somethin’” Turner said when they pulled out of they alley. They’d mostly been catching their breath since finishing on the trunk. “So where’m I taking you?”

“It’s…” Ben froze when the address wouldn’t come.

“It’s….?” Turner cocked an eyebrow at the bewildered expression Ben’s face. He reached down and rooted through the other man’s gym bag, pulling out a wallet. “That look right?” he asked, holding up Ben’s ID.

Ben wasn’t sure that it did, but he nodded. “Yep! Sorry, I don’t know what that was.”

Turner reached over and tousled his bright blonde hair. “S’okay…can’t be pretty and smart.” For some reason the condescending comment didn’t offend Ben in the least. He felt like they were heading for the wrong side of town as Turner drove, but when the bigger man finally pulled up outside an old apartment building he hopped out. “Thanks for the ride,” he said, leaning in the open window.

“No, thank you,” Turner said, leaning over and giving him a kiss. “See you around the gym?”

“You know it,” Ben said, giving Turner a long look at his solid bubble before the man pulled away.

Ben stared at the apartment building before going inside. He had no idea why his ID said he lived there. It was familiar, but the small, rundown building clearly wasn’t his opulent apartment. He climbed the grimy stairs to the third floor and stepped out into an old, worn hallway. Reaching into his bag, somehow he had the key to one of the apartments. He opened it up and heard a familiar voice.

“Hey, man.”

Ben dropped his bag and rounded a corner to see his friend Russ standing in the kitchen. He’d known Russ since high school, but they’d drifted apart in college. While Ben had pursued a degree, Russ was content to work in a warehouse. They still got together for drinks every now and then, but Ben had never been to Russ’s apartment. And he certainly didn’t live there. “Uh, hey,” Ben said, confused. As strange as all this was, a part of it felt oddly right. The longer he looked at Russ, the less weird this felt. His friend was tall and lean like he used to be, but with a mop of shaggy brown hair and more wiry muscles from lifting heavy things all day.

“How was the…did you wear my shorts out?”

Ben suddenly realized that’s why they didn’t fit. They weren’t his. “Uh…yeah?” He grinned bashfully.

“Oh my god, look at you,” Russ laughed, his eyes fixed on the skin tight shorts and the clearly outlined cock underneath. “You’re ridiculous.” The sound of his friend’s laughter filled Ben with an unaccustomed warmth.

“You want ’em back?”

“Yeah, just put ’em in the…hey!” Russ was cut off when the shorts hit him square in the face.

“You said you wanted ’em back,” Ben was grinning from ear to ear. In just the few minutes since he walked in to the small apartment it felt like a weight he didn’t know he’d been carrying had been lifted. Nothing about standing pants-less in front of Russ felt weird in the least.

“I didn’t mean right now! Oh, grooosss, they’re all sweaty,” Russ whined, tossing the shorts back to Ben.

“You never complained about sweaty before,” Ben said, unsure of what he meant or where that came from. He walked over and wrapped his thick arms around Russ’s thin waist, his hands fiddling with the top of his friend’s pants.

“You are in some kind’a mood this evening,” Russ said, turning around to kiss Ben on the top of his head. “But if you want to eat, I’ve gotta finish this.” He gave Ben’s meaty cheeks a swat and sent him out of the room.

Ben went down the hall to the apartment’s only bedroom and went to a dresser that he knew would have his clothes in it. His head was starting to hurt. He knew he lived here with Russ, but at the same time he knew he didn’t live there. But if he didn’t live there, he didn’t know why it all felt so natural. He peeled out of the confining tshirt and checked himself out in the mirror. He didn’t look like he’d gotten much bigger, or shorter, since leaving the gym, but he was already bordering on bodybuilder size. He looked like he could pass as an underwear model. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on his muscular body. His shoulders and back were broad enough that his huge, round arms hung at an angle, making his tapering, shredded stomach all the more apparent. He almost had an hourglass figure as his lower half exploded outwards again at his massive ass and meaty thighs. This was no power-lifter bulk, either. Each of his muscle groups stood out, separate and striated. And then there was the monster at his crotch. The low-hanging log looked obscenely large on his shorter body, and he doubted if there was anyone who could take him without splitting open. At the same time, he realized he didn’t really care about that. The tingle in his ass from his romp with Turner told him he was more interested in being on the receiving end nowadays.

He opened the drawer he knew was his and pulled out a pair of bright purple bikini briefs. Ben had never worn anything like them in his life, yet he knew exactly how they’d feel. The front pouch could barely contain his new equipment while the back left more of his ass exposed than covered. Instead of feeling ridiculous, he felt sexy and content. He went back to the kitchen where Russ had set out the food on their tiny, two-seat table and felt his stomach growl. He’d always had to force himself to eat, but now he was realizing his buff build required a lot of fuel. He listened to Russ talk about his day while he shoveled plate after plate in his mouth. He just grinned at Russ between mouthfuls, grateful for the other man’s cooking skills. Ben knew he wasn’t much of a cook. Or was he? He felt like he should be, but at the same time he knew he wasn’t so great at following too many directions.

“So how was your day?” Russ asked when Ben had finally slowed down on shoving food in his mouth.

“Good! Had a great workout…Turner gave me a ride home.”

Russ raised an eyebrow at the mention of Turner’s name. “He didn’t want to stick around this time? I still get hard thinking about last week.”

Ben didn’t know how to respond. “Uh, no, he had to go,” he said, wanting to change the subject. “I think I need new work clothes, though.”

Russ looked at him, surprised. “Did you get a job?”

Ben was confused again. “Huh? No, I…” he froze. Why did he think he had a job? Russ brought the money in. He did some modeling and some dancing every now and then, but he didn’t have a steady job. He wasn’t smart enough for that. He blushed and grinned. He’d been feeling foggy-headed and drunk all afternoon, and that sensation seemed to settle in.

“You just want to go buy yourself more cute underwear,” Russ chided. “I know that game.”

Instead of arguing that he was employed in a high-paying managerial position, Ben reached for Russ’s leg under the table. “We could get you some more cute underwear,” he purred.

“We’ll see,” Russ said, giving Ben a peck on the cheek. “There might be something leftover this month.”

Ben didn’t understand. He had more money than he knew what to do with. He didn’t have to worry about scraping by. Did he? He had no idea. Russ took care of the money so he didn’t have to worry about that. He got up and cleared away the dishes, knowing this was his job. Instead of loading them in a fancy dishwasher like he usually did, he filled the sink and he and Russ stood there washing and drying everything by hand. Normally he hated doing dishes, but he was perfectly happy. Russ had to put them away since he couldn’t reach the top cupboards anymore, but instead of being bothered by this he knew it was just another way Russ took care of him. His tall friend put on some music while they washed and he found himself dancing along, something else he never used to do. Ben had never been much of a dancer, or someone with rhythm, but now he was swaying and bouncing in perfect time. He was also never one for dance music, but now he couldn’t get enough of it.

When the kitchen was cleaned he pushed Russ into the small living room, the only other room in the apartment besides the tiny bathroom, and onto the old couch. Normally after dinner Ben would just crash and watch TV, but he knew they didn’t have one. They couldn’t afford cable. Instead, he was the entertainment.

“Dinner and a show,” Russ said, settling back on the couch with a hungry look in his eyes. Ben just kept gyrating and flexing, moving his new body in ways he never imagined. He twerked his huge new ass and bounced the stuffed pouch of his underwear against Russ’s face. Ben should have felt mortified at the thought of dancing around like some stripper, but all he felt was turned on and sexy. He couldn’t get enough of Russ’s hungry eyes, and it felt good to be moving his buff little body like this. He didn’t like sitting still. He couldn’t imagine sitting at a desk all day, even if he had the attention span for it. He leaned in an pulled Russ’s shirt off, exposing the other man’s wiry torso. Russ was hairier than the mostly-smooth Ben, having a dusting of wiry hairs across his lean pecs and down his flat stomach. Ben loved how it felt when he ran his hands through it before sliding them down and opening Ben’s shorts. He fished his friend’s long, thin cock out and wrapped his lips around it. Russ moaned and shifted on the couch while Ben’s tongue went to work. When Russ was good and hard Ben pulled his mouth away and went back to his dance, leaving the other man’s pulsing cock out. “Oh, you tease,” Russ sighed, leaning forward to pull down Ben’s tented bikini’s while he flexed his giant arms behind his head and wiggled his hips. Like Turner, Russ couldn’t get more than the tip in his mouth, but he didn’t try for long. After a few quick slurps he spun Ben around and spread his cheeks.

“OOoohhh…” Ben cooed when Russ buried his face between his ample cheeks. His body was a live wire while the other man’s tongue worked against his hole. His rocky calves flexed as he went up on tiptoe time and again, his untouched cock throbbing and dripping. It was more intense than any head he’d ever received. When Russ finally pulled his head away Ben knew exactly what to do. He jumped up on the couch so that he was straddling Russ, who’d shed his pants. He grabbed the back of the couch for support and lowered himself onto his friend’s thin, solid pole. His piston-like thighs were strong enough so that he could bounce his short new body up and down on Russ’s cock easily. His own huge monster flopped against the other man’s stomach and chest while Russ’s fingers had a death grip on his ass. It actually got seemed to get easier as he went, and when he reached down to grab his cock he understood why. He couldn’t wrap his short, stubby fingers around it anymore, and he could tell that he’d gotten shorter. His skin also looked different, having taken on a deep, golden tan. The thought that he was shrinking while impaling himself on another man pushed him over the edge. He doused Russ, who just smiled under the onslaught. Ben kept pumping until he felt Russ spray inside him. They collapsed in a heap onto the couch to catch their breath.

“You…really want that…underwear…” Russ grinned and panted. Ben couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt so content and safe as he did laying in Russ’s thin arms. He would have stayed there all night, but Russ pulled them off the couch to get cleaned up. The instant he stood, Ben could tell that he’d definitely gotten shorter. When they reached the bathroom, he saw that hadn’t been the only change. His skin was a deep, dark tan, save for the tan-line shape of very skimpy swimwear. His muscles had gone through what felt like a final growth spurt. He didn’t know how he knew it was the last, he just did. The area around his broad shoulders and neck was covered in lumpy muscle that corded its way down between his shoulder blades, creating a deep valley down the middle of his back. His thighs now pressed together and his arms wouldn’t easily fit into any sleeves from here on out. His face had also undergone another transformation. His nose was officially a tiny button and his lips were soft and full above a strong, lantern jaw. He was beautiful. There wasn’t a single wrinkle that he could see, and his hair had lightened to a bright, platinum blonde. He knew he couldn’t be much more than five feet at this point. He didn’t care. He didn’t care about much of anything other than Russ’s lean body against his.

“Night’s still young…wanna go down to the beach,” Russ asked as they toweled off.

“Beeeaaaach!” Ben said excitedly, his deepened voice ringing through the apartment. Like the beast at his waist, his deep voice seemed out of place on such a short body. He was like a kid going to the toy store as he hurried to get ready. As his tan line suggested, he pulled on a bright pink swimsuit that wasn’t much more than a thong. He covered it up, grudgingly, with a pair of shorts smaller than the underwear he used to wear and a spaghetti strap muscle tank.

Ben was a buff little ball of eager energy on the way. Russ had to hold his hand to keep him from running to the train and Ben could hardly sit still the entire way there. He’d barely set foot onto the sand when he was stripping down again until only the small pink swimsuit remained. He actually did run over to the exercise equipment, leaping up onto the pull up bar and effortlessly knocking out a lengthy set. People on the boardwalk and the guys around him stopped to watch the scantily clad little muscle man, and Ben loved it. He loved being looked at. He loved showing his body off. He dropped to the ground and started to head towards the parallel bars to do some shoulder dips when he froze. Something about the pier in the background had caught his eye. Ben looked up and saw a tall, skinny man staring at him. He had a flash of memory. He remembered everything with no confusion. His tall, skinny body. His fancy apartment. His high paying job. He looked down at himself in horror. He couldn’t even see his stubby little feet over his ballooning pecs. He was almost naked in public. He could actually feel the sea air on his nearly-exposed, obscenely huge package. Had it just been yesterday that he stood up there, looking down at the short little blonde? He remembered his wish, and the old man saying there’d be a price.

“You okay, babe?”

Russ’s voice brought the new memories clashing against the old. He knew he had one last choice. He thought about what he’d be giving up. His wealth. His old body. His brains. But then he thought about how he felt in Russ’s, no, in their, apartment. He looked at his stout little body again and remembered the way Russ’s laughter made him feel. There was no choice at all. He’d rather be short and dumb than rich and lonely. If it meant he could keep that feeling, he’d pay the price willingly.

As soon as he had the thought he felt something pop in his head. The memories that had been so clear started to fade until they took on a dream-like quality. Rich? Tall? he could never be those things. He wasn’t smart or interested enough to go after wealth like that. No, he and Russ were happy with each other, and the occasional third party, just scraping by.

“I’m fine,” he waved to Russ, rolling his head on his thick neck to loosen his huge shoulders. He hopped up on the bars, his short legs dangling well above the ground, and started his set.

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