Wanting more

by Jacob Crowd

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I woke up like every morning. It was Thursday and there was no school today. I decided to go hiking with my friend David. I was a typical 16 year old guy. Liked girls, video games, swimming, and hanging out with friends. Stuff like that. As I got ready I looked down. I was a pretty lucky guy with a 8 inch endowment. And when it was erect it was an monstrous 10 inches, and 2 inch balls to go along. I was proud of my endowment but like any guy, I wanted more.

I was a pretty straight guy and had a few gay friends. But they knew how I felt and it didn’t cause a problem. David was one of those guys. With thoughts about huge packages and massive balls in my mind I answered the door to find David I’m hiking boots and camo clothes.

“Is all of that really necessary? I asked.

“If you wanna donthis right yeah”. He replied.

David was a hiking fanatic. He loved doing it and he’d finally gotten me to go along with him. “You ready Charlie?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I said.

“Aw don’t be that was Charlie, it’ll he fun!”

“Alright let’s go then,” I said with as much excitement I could muster.

We got into David’s car and started on our way. The drive was pretty quiet. Not normal for David.

“Everything ok man?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” he said with some happiness. David was a 16 year old dude, average build, pretty good looking, I’ve never seen his package so I don’t know how blessed he is. Or not blessed. “I was just thinking, he continued, about how I’m not the biggest guy. Both ways. I’m not lucky like you.” I stared a little surprised at him. How he knew I was big was a mystery to me.

“How would you know?” I asked him.

He looked at me sheepishly. “One night while I was staying at your house I walked into your room while you were changing.”

I looked at him a little mad. “You could’ve told me.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” he said innocently.

“It’s alright. I guess it can’t be helped.” We pulled into the parking lot and stepped out of the car.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Yes, let’s go,” I said. We started out and immediately I saw a box on the ground. “People shouldn’t litter like this”. I stormed than stopped.

On the box it said, Ball Enhancement, take one pill and watch the magic happen. There was a warming sign on the back but I was too excited to read it. “David! Look at this”!

David took it and read with wide eyes. “We gotta try this now!”

“Now?” I asked confused.

“Yeah! Come on dude this could be real fun!”

“Alright we each take one.”

“One!” David said bewildered. “Are you kidding me? Let’s take them all! We’ll split them in half.”

“What!” I said loudly. “That could kill us!”

“Nah. It’ll just make them bigger come on!”

“……alrightet’s do it.”

“Great!” David said excited. “Just hang on a sec.” He sat down and split the pills evenly. “Fifteen for each of us!”

David took his in one big gulp. I took mine one by one. “Feel any different?” I asked.

“…..no,” he said disappointedly. “Not at all. What a rip!”

“Let’s just finish the hike,” I said.

“All right,” he said. And we continued.

After 30 minutes we finally got back. “That was boring,” I said, “nothing but trees!”

“Oh come on,” David answered, “it wasn’t all that bad.”

“I guess not,” I said. “Let’s just get home.” And as I climbed into the car I noticed that my pants felt a little heavier.

On the drive home David suddenly jumped in his seat, “Oh my gosh!” he exclaimed.

“What?!?” I said scared. “My balls are bigger!”

“No way?” I said.

“Seriously. I can feel them!” And he sped up the car. “Those pills work!” He pulled into my drive way and got out. “Where are your parents?”

“They’re gone for 2 weeks,” I said.

“Perfect,” David said slyly. “Can I stay at your house?”

“Sure,” I said. “But you’re dreaming if you think there gonna grow.”

The rest of the day went by with no more “growth” of David’s balls. As we got into bed David said sadly, “I guess you were right,” and laid down without another word.

I’m a night owl so I was up at 2:00 a.m. I was reading a book when I glanced over at David and noticed two bulges in the blanket. No way I said to myself. And pushing it away as a boner. About an hour latter a noted the bulges were much bigger and there was definitely two of them. I watched them for about two minutes and gasped as they inflated bigger. Much bigger.

And suddenly I noticed the weight of my balls in my boxers.

I lifted up the covers and stared bewildered at the massive bulges in my boxers. Almost sticking out the sides. I slowly took off my boxers and gasped as two plum sized balls burst out of them. I stated completely mesmerized. An then almost fainted when I saw them sowing inflate bigger and bigger and bigger.

I started to get really scared as they inflated bigger. And suddenly stopped as soon as they started. Now as big as basketballs. I looked over at David and stared wide eyed at the two basketball sized buldges straining under the covers.

“David! DAVID!” I yelled.

He jerked awake and scrambled to his feet and fell back down from the weight of his balls. “What!?!” he said then he looked down and a huge grin spread across his face.

“It worked!” He said overjoyed. He then glanced over at me and smiled slyly. “Well looks like you’ve got some pretty big junk too.” And looked back down at his oversized glands. “Man this is so awesome! Look how big they are!”

“I know,” I said not as excited, “and I don’t like this. What if they keep growing!”

“And how would that be a bad thing,” he said back. And all if the sudden David’s balls started to inflate bigger and bigger and bigger! “This feels so good!” He yelled as his balls grew bigger. Then mine started to grow bigger also. I stared horrified as they swelled bigger than my head. I almost screamed when I saw David’s, his looked much bigger.

“There were thirty pills in the bottle,” he said sheepishly. “I kinda took more than you.”

“Dude!” I said. “Do you know how big you’re gonna grow!” And right after the words had left my mouth his balls started to grow bigger. And bigger. And bigger!

“Oh yeah!!!” David yelled. “GROW!” and his balls stopped, now as big as half of his body.

“Oh my gosh!” I yelled. “Dude what if you don’t stop!”

“And what would be wrong with that?”

“What are your parents gonna say when they see you coming home with balls half the size of you!?!”

“My parents are gone for the week. It’s fine.”

“And how big do you think your balls will be in a week?” I said back to him.

David got a dreamy look on his face.

“David!” I yelled

“Dude would you relax. Everything is fine.”

I glared at him. “This is going to bite back at you real soon.”

“Alright. But you wanna go eat something? I’m starving.”

Just then my balls grew bigger. Much bigger. Almost the size of my torso.

“Dude that is so cool,” David said dreamily. And then his balls started to swell bigger. And bigger. And bigger. And bigger.

“DAVID!” I yelled. David left the gaze and his balls stopped growing. But they were now almost as big as him. Whoa! Dude! Look how big these are! And I think I can control how big they grow. Just then David glanced at his dick. “Look how small my dick is….” he said.

Then he got a excited look on his face and closed his eyes. Nothing seemed to happen and then I noticed that his balls were growing again.

Added Oct 2011 27k views (#417) 2.7 stars (10 votes) 1,512 words

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