Dragon’s Horde: Waking up huge

by STrRedWolf

 After a night drinking at a very unusual bar, a panther and a cougar wake up with bodies that are bursting with size, limbs, tails, balls, and cock—especially cock.

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The sun draped across my face, waking me up with a slight chill as I laid on my bed. The night before was wild… too wild… out of reach as I groggily stirred with a shiver.

I rubbed my feline eyes with two hands while reaching down with another two to find where the covers went to… and hit something thick and solid. Thick… solid… I opened my eyes… and found my muzzle in between large pectoral muscles blocking my view.

That’s when the ol’ brain got jolted awake. Are these mine? Yes, as I placed a few hands on top of them. Two… four… six hands. Six big hands fitting six thick arms. Four that I didn’t have when I entered the bar before with my friend Steve.

Oh my gawd, Steve! The black panther had invited me, a scrawny cougar, out to a dive he wanted to try. Had a double pass on it, with three free drinks per person… we had gone through them easy enough, but we were looking at this guy…

Not now, Jase. Get a grip on yourself first. Get up out of bed and… see that my legs are contending for space with a member that redefines morning wood to a standing tree, the blankets forming it’s “canopy”, backed by two boulders for balls. A bit of shuffling, and I was able to plop my bits onto the floor, plant my feet, and stand up.

Oooooh what a feeling. The weight of my male member and backing sack tugging down, but with my thick muscular legs easily handling the load. I must of grown 7’ tall from how my eyes fell across the room; my deflating cock, 12’ long and 15” across; my balls, stretching down to near my powerful paws. I grabbed my cell phone and headed to the bathroom, carefully swinging my member around to turn corners until it had found purchase laying down in front of my balls. I had to see my body…

…and instinctively had to pose and flex. Six well muscled arms, a pair behind my front two pair with what looked to be attached like dragon wings. Three thick tails rivaling that of a snow leopard growing from a well rounded, muscular butt. Four pecs bulked out almost like tits. And a manhood that tons would want.

And then the phone rang. Caller ID says it’s Steve, so I answer it. “Steve! How you’re doing?”

“Jase! Man, you’re not going to believe this….”

I moved out of the bathroom and back to the bedroom where my computer is. “What’s with the echo man? Bad connection?”

“Oh, sorry, I was talking out of both heads.”

I logged into my system while holding the phone up. “Two heads? Dude! You must of gotten changed for worse. I just got some extra arms, extra beef, and extra huge bits.”

“Same here, but… you gotta come over, but did you see any package in your living room and the email?”

“Haven’t been there, and just logging in the email. What’s your addy?”

“What’s your email, I’ll drop it in there.”

We exchange mail addresses while I open an email from some strange person… and it turns out from the guy that we were oogling over. He bought us drinks, dinner, and a night at his home… but things afterwards were a blur. Did he have two shafts the same size as ours? Or three?

“Hey Steve? You remember last night? Did we take this guy’s…”

“I think so, yes. I can’t believe it myself… much like I can’t believe what I’ve become now. Hell, at least he left us some clothes.”

I email back an address of my flat and a good coffee shop. “Check your email again, I’ll meet you at that coffee shop. It has outdoor seating that should work…”

“Sure, Jase. I got the shorts on and… man, I’m just… You’ll see. Catcha by 9?”

It was 7:30am. Getting there by foot would be easy. “Not a prob. Catcha there.”

“Lates, then.” *click*

It was time to check for a goodies box.

There were no shirts in that care package in my living room, but a pair of jeans looked like to be the ticket on top the Speedo undies. A tight fit, but not too tight. Seven pairs that fit nicely, so I went shirtless. Hey, when you’re this buff and this multiarmed, letting the sun shine on my chest felt exhilarating.

I had misjudged how long it would take by foot… but I wasn’t the only one. Steve was there, with a few cold drinks on an outside table. I figured we’d stay outside, sunny day and as I assumed, just plain massiveness.

The black panther noticed me and carefully got up. He’d looked like to have topped off at six feet tall, just as buff as I was if in a different arrangement. His strong shoulders held two heads crowded for room, leading down to a chest cut not into two, but three, as the tanktop he found fit tightly and showed a nine-pack of abs.

Steve held out his hands, all four of them. Apparently he too gained some limbs, but not as badly as mine. Three thick tails swished behind his powerful legs encased in his shorts, as well as a package that matched mine, just barely lifted up from the ground. “JASE! BRO!” he called out in stereo.

“Steve!” I replied. “Man, look at you! Looks like you’re besides yourself.”

“Hey,” he started on the nearest head. “You’re just gotten more handy yourself.”

“Tell me about it. I nearly flooded my shower just keeping to myself. But you…” I leaned in close…

“And you….” Steve added before we kissed, a simple peck.

“Damn, had I known…” I said, carefully sitting down at the table.

“How long have you…” Steve started on his left head, offering one of the drinks. His right head said, “Mint Mocca Frappe. Best I’ve had.”

I took the one left that was still full and took a good gulp. “High school, senior year.”

“College myself, kinda when I spotted you in the C++ class.”

“Yeah, I noticed you myself. When my head wasn’t in the books or the code I was getting a crush for ’ya.”

“Same here, man. And now… after all these years as friends…”

I leaned over again… and he instinctively came and kissed again, longer and deeper.

I purred, “…you’re a good kisser. But how about with both your heads?”

“Given what we have now, why not?” He set his drinks down and kissed long and deep with both heads on my lips… my full lips…

When I opened my eyes again, I saw things doubled a bit, before things started to sort themselves out. I was still at the shop, and Steve was scratching his heads with two hands. “Dude… your head split.”

“Whoa…” I echoed. I looked inwards to each head… and then down where my chest had split not down the middle but like Steve, three pecs and a nine-pack of abs. “Is…”

Steve dual-purred “I got another pair myself. But…”

We slowly stood up… nope, it looked like we still had our mega-sized equipment… but as one head of ours looked at our new bods, the other head noticed a odd fur… I said with my left, “Hey Steve, isn’t that.”

Steve perked up with “OH MY! That’s our date from yesterday! Let’s call him over!”

“Good idea.”

We called over, but he didn’t notice until yelled “YOU HOO! LOVER BOY!” That’s when he turned…

…and came over. A pure hunk of a lion, a little taller than us, thickly muscled and well defined though all that fur… but three headed, six armed like us, nine tailed, and a package that jutted twice as long out as we had.

“Why hello!” He said. “Looks like I rubbed off on you. Steve and Jason, right?”

“That’s…” Steve started… then looked at himself, quite unsure of what to consider himself now.

“Looks like we got alot to explain then. I got plenty of time, how about you?”

“Weekend here.” I said. Steve nodded twice at once.

“Oh good. I’m Leo. And let me buy…” he then sniffed the air, and added “…ooooh, mint mocca frappes. Let me get everyone a round, then, as well as myself.” A head turned to me and said, “You need an extra too.” With that, he moved around, carefully guiding himself through the maze of tables and chairs, before ducking inside.

Ooooh what a sight…

We were mezmerized enough that Leo shook us awake. “Hey! You okay?”

I mrrred “I’m sorry, it’s just…”

Steve added “…like last night.”

Leo sat down in a chair, and purred “Yeah, about that. Boy you two were hot, and I’m glad that I was able to improve on it.”

“Improve?” I joked. “More like went overboard, not that I don’t mind…”

I then remembered my job, my meager programming job I had taken. The project was behind and the boss told me to take off early, and not to come back until Monday. Now, with how I was… I cringed at the thought.

“Dude,” Steve said. “Is it that dead-end job?”

“When you’re writing the way to support the health care choices of over four thousand employees…” I started, before Leo put a hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it. You two were great together, so I did a bit of digging around. Your boss now thinks you’ve been working out your stress at the gym, but which gym he doesn’t know about. He’s getting curious, and given that I’m not from around here…”

“I can take care of that.” Steve interjected. “Come to my gym. It’s all male hunks and the instructors are good looking as well. They got a special going on, two for the price of one, so my renewal’s half price.”

I asked “Yeah, but what about your roomie, Steve?”

“Yeah, he won’t be bothering you anymore.” Leo said. “Usually I’m not this form, but he saw me like this and just started packing. Was rather light on things, almost like he was camping out.”

“Ugh,” Steve covered his heads. “I never got good roomies. At least this one paid for his room, but now how am I going to find someone to cover half the rent?”

“How much is rent?” I asked.

“$1600 a month, utilities included. Internet’s DSL though, not sure about things.”

“Dude, I’m paying $1000 for my place, and it’s a small place.”

“Too small,” Leo said. “I hope I didn’t break anything.”

“My place is huge,” Steve said. “Hell, I felt like it was the right size when I woke up this morning! You gotta see it. I bet you’ll come move in.”

“Hell,” I said, “if it’s just DSL, I betcha I’ll push it up to fiber and get things moving fast over there.”

“And I’m rather dumb with PC’s… can barely understand this Windows Internet Explorer pop up stuff.”

“Lets do this. First, lets go to your apartment and see how big it is. If it’s big enough, I’m dropping my apartment.”

Leo just smiled on all three heads, before taking a sip of his drinks.

It turns out Steve’s apartment was huge! Too huge! Three bedrooms, but one was never used… until I got in there. I moved in with Steve and shared the rent on the apartment. Talked to the landlord, who also wanted to put in a network in that last house, but I convinced him I could do it for cheaper than some contractor he wanted to use. They wanted to put in some cheap-ass cable that would cause problems and was on a well-known avoid list. So when I finished it up and gave him the full rundown of costs, including pizza for me and Steve, he gave us our rent back and asked us if we could rewire the rest of the apartments in exchange for rent. Not a sweet deal! Of course, some balked but turns out he was having trouble with them anyway, and this one group had to be arrested. Bunch of pot-heads growing weed…

Of course, my old landlord was too happy to let me go… but then I never liked him much anyway. I won’t get into the reasons, but those folk we displaced with the wiring up? I directed them to him, and they’re happy now. Even helped them move. I had time on my hands.

Speaking of time, work let up alot. Turns out some coworkers were screwing with my code. I had saved some backups onto a USB key, and when I came back that Monday I sat down, checked things out over two cups of coffee, and sure enough, someone changed it on the development box. Too bad that their activities were logged and I knew how to pull them. So after reverting it back over, I finished the whole thing, reviewed it, and by the end of the day the project was back on track and I sent over a review data file. I also dropped the boss and director a kind note with the logs detailing my progress… which resulted in much screaming by the two guys who were screwing me over at me. That followed by much screaming and running away when I stood up, leaned down, and mentioned how they were being tracked.

I’m also getting more buff and ripped than before! Yes, I’m gaining weight, but in a good way. Steve’s been moonlighting as a Phys-Ed teacher at high school and getting the kids going, both male and female. I can see the appeal of the ladies as they’re growing up, but there’s more appeal with Steve, especially when we’re going to the gym. Things have gotten alot better for us and we couldn’t of been happier.

Leo spent a bit of time teaching us some of the magic that he used on us, some lighter stuff plus a bit of the after effects. I hadn’t noticed but Leo’s hands were nearly doubled-up, the hands wide with double the thick fingers on them. He said that some intimacy multiplies items, but I think they also share; we’ve started getting more fingers and toes ourself. I wish he could of stuck around, but he’s a wandering lion… but after having him overnight, I saw that he gained two pairs of legs. Guess it was mutual.

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