Udder boy

by TitMorpher

Udder boy is very popular with the wrestling coaches, and especially with the other athletes.

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Udder Boy had been spending so much time at Dr. Laurens’ and Dr. Garcia’s clinics that the doctors became worried that he needed to spend more time around boys his own age. The doctors felt that Udder Boy needed to experience a more normal adolescence. So Dr. Laurens contacted Coach Brad and Coach Andy to see if Udder Boy could spend a season with the Mega-Tit Wrestling Team.

Morph by Adam Zander (Click to enlarge)
But before he contacted the coaches, Dr. Garcia and Dr. Laurens had both discussed their concerns about the specialized equipment Udder Boy would need to take with him to the wrestling camp. Each doctor had equipped Udder Boy with a set of machines and manipulators that were required for Udder Boy’s pectoral development. The doctors were not certain as to whether Coach Brad and Coach Andy would be willing to utilize the various equipment on Udder Boy. Also they wondered whether there would be private areas in the locker room where Udder Boy could be milked, etc. in a comfortable manner.

When the doctors contacted the coaches, the coaches asked, “Well, what equipment are you talking about? You need to remember that our boys ‘accidentally’ drank the Mega Pecs Maker solution and that they have the biggest teenage muscle pecs on the planet. So we are very involved and experienced with enormous muscle tits on teenagers.” (See Mega Pecs Maker Dosing Accident Journal story.)

“Well, that may be the case,” responded Dr. Garcia. “But I guarantee you that what I have accomplished for Udder Boy in Tijuana is three times the size of anything you’ve seen before, and a lot of private equipment goes along him that we do not want to discuss over the telephone.”

“Oh my God!” whispered Coach Brad to Coach Andy. “Three times bigger? What did they do to Udder Boy in Tijuana? I badly want to see him.”

“I don’t have any idea,” responded Coach Andy. “But I am desperate to take a look at him too! Tell the doctor that the equipment is no problem for us.”

“Well, I guess we can work your boy into our program,” said Coach Brad. “But we might have to send him back to you if he proves too hard to work with.”

When Udder Boy arrived at the Wrestling Camp, one of the athletes named Bruce was the first to run forward to greet him. Bruce, who constantly harassed the other team members and manhandled their tits, could easily see the gigantic size of Udder Boy’s tits underneath his shirt.

“Get away from the new boy,” Coach Brad yelled at Bruce. “He will bunk in the coach’s suite until we figure out where to place him.”

“You better put him in with me,” Bruce popped back. “Otherwise, I’m gonna tell some of the parents certain things about the Wrestling Camp and the Mega Pecs Maker solution that all of us are asked to drink every day.”

As a compromise, Udder Boy was placed in an equipment room which opened, on one side, into the coaches suite, and, on the other side, into Bruce’s dorm room, and Bruce was appointed as a special equipment assistant to the coaches for meeting Udder Boy’s various exercise and manipulation needs.

Also, Bruce would be given the privilege of accompanying Udder Boy into the locker room and into the showers when the full team was present. He would stay by his side in front of the full team and would be in charge of showing him off and exhibiting him to the other boys.
Inside the equipment room, a number of very private specialized activities took place. Udder Boy was completely accustomed to all these activities with Dr. Laurens and Dr. Garcia and he actually loved his manipulations very much.

“Well,” said Bruce. “This big machine with all the straps and hookups looks extremely complicated,” said Bruce. “How does it work?”

“Well, that is the Mega Milker,” responded Udder Boy. “I use it three times a day.”

“You get milked by a machine!” exclaimed Bruce. “Damn! That’s different from around here. Me and the team don’t actually have real milk. The closest we get to that is when our coaches go down on our pecs orally in order to reduce our tit size for wrestling competition, at least that’s their official reason for why they do it.” (See Mega Tit Wrestler Freaks story in Journals for explanation of activities at the Wrestling Camp.)

“Well, my volume is extremely high,” added Udder Boy. “When I start releasing milk loads, there is no way the doctors could handle it. Dr. Garcia is always busy adjusting the equipment but sometimes Dr. Laurens sucks my pecs. There’s a special station where the doctor can have access to my pecs and nipples without getting overloaded.”

“I can’t wait to see that. And I guess I will have to tell the coaches. They’ll want to be on the receiving end of that. Especially Coach Brad who is very oral with all the boys. Now take off your shirt, Udder Boy, and show me what all the fuss is about.”

Udder Boy then removed his shirt and the reader should refer again to the illustration above to experience the state of shock that Bruce experienced.

“Damn!” screamed Bruce. “I can’t wait for the team to get a load of that! Now tell me how to get this machine to work.”

“Well, first get a hold of those leather harness straps and strap me up.”

“Oh yeahhhh!” screamed Bruce, as he slowly and carefully strapped the two udders into the harness, feeling Udder Boy up at every step along the way.

“Damn! They hardly fit,” exclaimed Bruce. “Look at your enormous tits getting forced forward. I’m sorry I have to maneuver and manipulate them like this. I have to put my hands all over them them to make them fit in the harness.”

“Well, Dr. Garcia has got me so big that he’s had to send away for a bigger harness. But it hasn’t arrived yet. In the meanwhile, it’s necessary to pump and squeeze them like that.”

“Yes,” said Bruce. “I have a harness myself and I really like to have mine squeezed out as far as possible and real tight. But look at you!”

“Yeah, I love it when mine are squeezed and manipulated real tight like you’re doing,” moaned Udder Boy.

“What’s next?” asked Bruce.

“The nipple suction units get fastened on. Here they are.”

“Damn. Those look scary,” said Bruce.

“Oh, I love them,” said Udder Boy. “Hook ‘em on to me. Then you can either attach the milk pipes which channel the milk into the dairy plumbing or you can set me up inside the station for personal milking.”

“I think I’ll use the pipes for now,” said Bruce as he finished up with all the attachments. “We’ll let Coach Brad break in the personal milking station later.”

“Now flip the switch!” said Udder Boy. “But you forgot the inserter! It goes inside me in back.”

“The inserter? That black thing? That looks like a dildo.”

“Well, it helps me produce at higher volumes,” said Udder Boy, “but we can save that for later. Now go ahead and flip the switch and milk me!”

After Udder Boy was fully contained inside the machine, Bruce flipped the switches and Udder Boy started to be bounced around inside the machine. As the milkers started milking him in front, Udder Boy discovered that he missed having the inserter inside of him.

“Put the inserter in!” he screamed. “Feel around back there and slide it in!”

Bruce felt Udder Boy in back and discovered that he was generously pre-lubed. “You are already greased up back there!” exclaimed Bruce.

“Yes, the doctors keep me fully greased back there.”

So Bruce slid the huge dildo inside and then Udder Boy started thrusting back and forth and screaming with pleasure. It was not long before flows of milk started swirling into the pipes and Udder Boy assisted the flow by gyrating his tits forward for the most intense suction possible.

Udder Boy’s hard cock stuck way out in front of his torso. And he began to thrust against the dildo in a very obscene manner, actually screaming out his pleasure.

“Harder! Turn up the volume! Milk me! Is there another inserter in my gym bag? Dr. Garcia ordered a giant one. Do you see it there?”

“I don’t see it,” said Bruce. “How big can it be? This one’s huge already.”

Eventually, after 10 to 20 minutes of suction and insertion, Udder Boy shot a big load in front of him and then he asked Bruce to turn off the equipment.

“I never saw anything like that,” said Bruce. “And you need that three times a day?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” said Udder Boy. “Some times four or five times a day if my udders get too full, or if the doctors have visiting dignitaries at the clinic.”

“I need to go get Coach Brad and Coach Andy. They won’t believe any of this.”

When Coach Andy and Coach Brad walked into the room, Udder Boy felt a tinge of excitement, especially in regard to Coach Andy. Up to this point in his life, the only people Udder Boy had spent time with were Dr. Laurens and Dr. Garcia. While these men had been kind mentors for Udder Boy, they were more like grandfather figures because of their age and maturity. Other muscle appreciators came to visit Udder Boy at the clinic, but these were also mature men who did not fully meet Udder Boy’s deepest emotional needs.

When the coaches entered the room, Coach Brad started freaking out at Udder Boy’s size and, once Bruce explained the capabilities of the machine, Brad expressed an immediate interest in going inside the specialized milking station and having direct contact with the most enormous muscle tits he had ever seen in his life. While Coach Brad started sucking on Udder Boy, Coach Andy seemed more interested in the machine itself and he did not pay much attention to Udder Boy. Yet Udder Boy could not take his eyes off Coach Andy, both his beautiful rugged youthful face and his aesthetic physique.

Finally, when Coach Andy started exploring the neck strap which helped to secure Udder Boy’s upper body in place, Udder Boy’s strong attraction got the best of him. With Coach Andy’s face so close to his, Udder Boy reached forward and touched the coach’s face. Then he kissed him deeply. This was an instinctive action because Udder Boy had not really kissed anybody before in this manner.

Coach Andy was enthralled and intrigued. “Get out of that station, Brad,” he exclaimed. “And let me have a minute alone with the boy.

Then Coach Andy began feeling Udder Boy’s huge udders as he kissed him deeply and repeatedly. The boy and his coach found something that they would enjoy over and over in the future. Udder Boy loved getting felt up by his Coach as the two men kissed each other over and over again. In fact, as the men were kissing, Udder Boy would grab the coach’s hands to make sure that his huge tits were getting fondled at all times by his coach. He would moan in contentment from the manipulation of his tits as he kissed his coach’s mouth deeper and deeper.

Eventually Coach Brad was allowed back into the action and both coaches then focused on utilizing the machine to swell Udder Boy’s tits to their most enormous proportions.

“Can you believe it?” screamed Coach Brad. “We thought that we had accomplished something remarkable with the Mega Pecs Maker. But our boys don’t hold a candle to this boy. What are we going to do with him?”

“Well, I can think of plenty of things. “But now that we’ve got his tits so huge, let’s turn him over to Bruce and let the whole team see him.”

Once Bruce and the coaches had pumped Udder Boy up to enormous proportions for exhibition and display, Bruce was then given permission to take Udder Boy into the locker room and show him to the full team.

Bruce took Udder Boy into the showers and asked him to strip down for the team. Since Udder Boy had lived an isolated existence in Dr. Laurens and Dr. Garcia’s laboratory, he had never been around boys his own age and he discovered that it was a very stimulating experience to be with them in the showers.

“Look at your friends,” said Udder Boy to Bruce. “They all have very big muscles like me, but I am the biggest of all. And they have inserters down there that are very round and nice. Some of their inserters are bigger than the ones which go inside me when I get milked.” And Udder Boy’s own penis started sticking out in front of him as he looked at all the other boys’ “inserters”.

Then Udder Boy noticed that the wrestlers’ cocks were swelling up like his own had done. “Look how big those inserters are growing while the boys are looking at me!” he said to Bruce.

“Well, the boys certainly like looking at you and maybe the boys would be willing to work on you,” added Bruce. “Would you like to get milked by the team?”

“Oh yes, please ask them to milk me? But we can’t bring the machine in here, can we?”

“No, we can’t. But I have some other ideas,” said Bruce. “Those things you call inserters are penises and they work in the very same way as your inserter does.

Meanwhile, the wrestlers were gasping in shock at the sight of Udder Boy fully naked. Some of the boys had started masturbating themselves, so Bruce took control of the situation in order to harness all the testosterone.

“Udder Boy is ready to get milked by the team,” he announced. “I want some of the team to milk him from the front. And other boys will need to get in back of him.”

“Why will we need to be in back of him?” asked one of the boys.

“You’ll see,” said Bruce.

“Oh,” said Udder Boy, “look at all those hard inserters, I mean penises!”

“Would you like some of those penises inside you?” asked Bruce.

“Look at that huge one over there on that tall boy,” said Udder Boy. “Could I get that one inside me? But I need to be milked first.”

“Okay, boys, come over here and start pumping his tits for him. You can all stand in front of him and pump him together or take turns pumping and massaging him. He needs them squeezed and worked over so the milk starts squirting out. He loves it!”

So the boys approached Udder Boy and started working on him and Udder Boy moaned with pleasure as his tits were worked and as his milk began to flow.

“Hey Lance. Come over here,” said Bruce “You’re the one with the big one that Udder Boy noticed. He is accustomed to having an inserter inside him as he’s getting milked. Come over here and put that thing inside him.”

“An inserter? What do you mean?”

“Quit asking questions. Just come over here and slide it in. That’s the way!”

As soon as Lance was inside Udder Boy, he started pumping aggressively.

But some of the other boys were jealous of Lance. “Can’t we use our inserters too?” asked several of the boys.

“I will ask Udder Boy for you.”

“Udder Boy, some of the other boys have ‘inserters’, I mean penises they want to put inside of you. Can they get in a line in back of you?”

“Oh yes, especially the boys with the biggest ones,” responded Udder Boy, who was experiencing extreme pleasure from his tits getting worked on from multiple angles (and squirting profusely) while Lance’s extremely large cock was thrusting back and forth inside of him.

So the wrestlers all got in a line behind Udder Boy and waited their turn to put their hard cocks inside his glute muscles.

“Lance just shot some juice in me!” screamed Udder Boy. “Do the other boys shoot like that too? Ohhhh yeahhhh! Can I have lots of juice? I never had the opportunity for so much juice from so many people all at once!”

So all the boys lined up and fucked the brains out of Udder Boy and shot cum inside him. The boys who had milked Udder Boy got their turn as well and the boys who had already fucked Udder Boy took their turn at milking.

Udder Boy thrust back and forth and screamed out loud like a pussy slut and kept asking for more insertions. When the boys got tired and ran out of juice, Udder Boy kept asking for more. He did not want to leave the shower area and Bruce had to promise him that all the boys would come back tomorrow to give him a lot more insertions and pussy juice.

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