Growing together

by YungFrancis

 Sammy’s one of a whole group of massive muscle freaks who spend all their time working out and dealing with being huge. He’s already too big for doorways, his husband, Tommy, is even bigger, and they want to keep growing.

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There wasn’t really anything I wouldn’t do for Tommy, and so that’s why I wound up doing just about everything for Tommy. You could say our life together is anything but normal, but I think that’s part of what makes it all so special. We were freaks. But soon we would have to change the way our dynamic was working because I was starting to become so freaky, I really needed help taking care of the both of us.

Sure, we were never bodybuilders or anything, but we had dedicated our lives to becoming the biggest, freakiest, most musclebound monsters there ever was. Tommy got there a few years ago, with the help of entire teams of doctors and nutritionists, personal trainers, freaking scientists! It took a lot of work, drove us completely over the edge, but together, we transformed ourselves into beasts and formulated lines of supplements all kinds of shit to help other people grow like we did. But no one ever came close to Tommy. There are a handful out there a lot like me, over six hundred pounds of beef, albeit a little blubber here and there. I’m not cut like I was in college, but it’s grown on me. Something with my system and the formula just didn’t agree and I blimped out a bit. It’s nothing crazy, just some pooch, but it makes me look all kinds of swole. I can’t really fit through doorways, and clothes have to be made custom, but I love shit to be tight, so sometimes I buy normal stuff so I can hulk out of them. Tommy loves it.

He can’t really get up anymore, not without help. They gave him all kinds of implants and hormones to make him a little taller, to pack on more mass, but more importantly, make him sturdier. His bones are fucking huge! When we met, he was like six feet tall, maybe two hundred thirty pounds of off-season bulk. Today, after maybe ten years, he’s seven feet even and almost a thousand pounds. He can’t tie his shoes anymore, he can’t wipe his ass anymore, he can feed himself after we stretch for most of the morning, but that’s about it. We really only dress him to work out, but he has shit that’ll make him decent if one of us is feeling like going on a little date.

“Babe.” I patted the mountainous slab that was his pec. “Baby…”

Due to his size, Tommy snored. Sometimes, if he wasn’t angled right, he stopped breathing, but that was a problem of the past. Now, the real struggle was getting his giant ass up in the morning; his snores rattled the windows! My heart always melts when I watch him sleep. All those enhancements we made on his body had gradually altered his face too. When we met, he kept his blonde waves cropped short, and you could cut glass on his cheekbones. His jawline was thick and manly, and the cleft in his chin went deeper than I thought a cleft could really go. His lips were luscious and lovely, but it was his eyes that won you over. He had the most gorgeous pair of baby blue eyes framed by long lashes. Those eyes were really the only thing that remained of the man I had fallen for, at least on the outside. He had been swallowed up by the beast of my dreams, a hulk with a jawline that nearly gave him an underbite. His lips had plumped up, growing thick like something even a porn star would be envious of. His cheeks had sunken in as his metabolism skyrocketed, eating away every ounce of fat on his body, making his cheekbones stand out all the more, and then growing even farther when he started on his bone supplements. Every muscle in his face rippled, the veins on his temples often bulged out when he spoke or chewed, his brow had grown heavy like a brick. It was a hard face, but the hottest and most lovable face I had ever known. He was my beast.

“Hey…” I tried to shove…something. I pushed on his shoulder, his globe-sized shoulder, but I barely even made an indentation on his skin. “TOMMY!” I slapped his leg. There was a satisfying PAP! Sound as my hand clapped against his beefy, hairy thigh. Even relaxed, every striation stood out like his skin were paper thin. That roused him. He stopped snoring and mumbled, confused and annoyed. “Uh?” His morning voice was so deep and scratchy. He jerked his head around as best he could without much in the way of a neck. His thick beard hung down, between his pecs and slipped back and forth as he looked around the room. “What?” he croaked.

“We gotta get up,” I said, kissing him. “I made breakfast, come on.”

“Mmm…” He tried to stretch, but he could barely lift his arms. “Noooo…”

Something jerked me forward, and suddenly I was crushed up against my lover’s immense body. It was only when he literally ripped the clothes from my body with a single tug that I realized he had pulled me in for a bearhug. His foot-long morning wood brushing against the insides of my own massive thighs. I got hard right then and there.

That was another thing that I absolutely fucking loved about Tommy. When we fucked, he could hold me up in one hand forever. I’m fucking massive, but he was a monster that could bend around and throw me and manipulate me like I was just a toy. He took me by the wingspan that was my lats and lowered me down on his massive cock. It still felt like he could tear me in half, but I loved it. Even lying down, his balls were so huge my thick backside slapped against them. He fucked me for what felt like an hour, getting harder every time he made me scream or moan. I had lost all control of myself, and this was just morning wood.

I lost all track of time when he came inside me, but by the time he had finished, my guy was taught. He tried to get up, still holding me, but bending at the waist was impossible right now. The other day, we had destroyed his chest and abs, and he moaned with pain as he found against his own body. Tommy set me down, but I had lost feeling in my legs. And there we were, him sprawled out on the bed, me sprawled out on the floor. Even laughing hurt like hell as he chuckled at our situation. We had turned ourselves into total freaks, and I don’t think either of us would change a single thing.

Drying him off was a favorite pastime of mine. Tommy tried to help as much as he could, but he wound up just getting in the way, our thick paws constantly running into each other until it got frustrating. “Just…let me!” I snapped, running a towel all over one of his pecs. He smelled so good after his showers, and he was so hard and huge and hairy I couldn’t help but pull his head down for another kiss. That made him smile. Then he jabbed one of his sausage fingers into my sides, making me jump out of my skin. His husky chuckle came from deep in his chest as he buried his head into my neck. He was so thick, he had to lean at a funny angle to get in close only to pin me to the counter. He jabbed me again, running his hands all up and down my sides, into my pits, he even grabbed this weird spot on my thigh, tickling me roughly. I thought I was too muscular for all that, but Tommy was so strong he could dig deep.

He tortured me for a little bit, and all I could do was just writhe in agony, laughing hysterically as he worked me over. I may have been a stiff monster too, but he could bend and manipulate me like a little toy. When he stopped, I was so completely spent, I didn’t move as he swallowed my cock practically whole. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, propped up against the mirror that had yet to crack somehow. The sink was running, with all that thrashing one of us, probably me, had torn one of the handles off, and it was all I could do to turn it off before a wave of goosebumps pulsed through my body, making me shiver. Tommy had shoved his thick fingers into my aching asshole, grinning with those big lips of his. I grabbed a handful of the wet, blonde, lion’s mane that was his hair as he forced a moan out of me. He drove his fingers deeper in my ass, sucking hungrily, and I made the strangest, most unsexy sound I think I’ve ever made. It just forced its way out of me, but Tommy smiled, trying not to laugh at me.

As Tommy started playing with my balls, he ran his free hand all over my body, running his fingers through my chest hair, tweaking my sensitive nipples. At first my skin tensed at the feeling of his rough callouses, a split second of surprise, but it was enough to make him back off. We locked eyes, he stopped sucking, but in the next moment I clutched his hairy forearm, getting all the harder as I dwelled on the thought that he was mine. That while I was a freak, he was a monster. He was my monster. If he were to get off all the shit he was on now and never workout another day in his life, he would still live out his days incapable of properly fitting into anything vaguely human-sized. His hands would always be thick paws almost too thick to even hold a pencil, and so rough and hard his palms felt a lot like sandpaper. Sometimes he grew self-conscious about it, even in a place like this. Sometimes he grabbed ahold of me, and it hurt, and he worries about what his life would be like if we hadn’t built our home like we did. So when I clutched his arm to me, it killed the sudden awkwardness and he went back to servicing me. But this time he was doing things differently. He was torturing me again, bringing me right to the edge and then backing off to torment some other erogenous zone. It may have been twenty minutes, it may have been an hour before I couldn’t take it anymore and exploded. Tommy was quick to the draw, guzzling my cock once more to swallow my entire load without a moment’s hesitation.

I sank to the floor, my legs were like jelly. I couldn’t catch my breath as I spun in the afterglow, and when I tried to reach out for Tommy’s new hard-on, he walked away. Probably, he just didn’t notice. He chuckled heavily again, and strut off to get something to eat. His dick swung back and forth like a batter teeing up; a baseball bat was definitely a proper likeness for this freak. I sat for a while, letting myself recover, making a few notes to myself of some stuff to clean or reorganize that I noticed at this new angle. Then I started playing with my legs, flexing them in different ways, watching the veins and muscles roll around like the barrels they had become.

When I started to get really big, I thought it was kinda hot that I was starting to have trouble moving around. Then it got old and frustrating, so I started stretching more, and then I started stretching a lot, and then I got into yoga, sort of. By this time, we had already started working with all kinds of fitness specialists and sports doctors, we were able to figure out an improvised routine for me. Tommy tried it for a grand total of three days and stuck to good, old fashioned, middle school gym class stretches. It really showed too, because aside from actually being able to touch my toes and put my own shoes on, I was actually a functional human being. That being said, Tommy was a great deal bigger than me, so even if he had stuck to that routine, he’d still have trouble doing things.

As flexible as I was, compared to him, we still really struggled to get dressed. Most guys like us never really lived alone because we just couldn’t, and it was common that we wound up dressing one another. We generally dressed Tommy first because he was more difficult. I fished out some underwear, his favorite pair of bright red briefs we had custom made to be able to withstand his thighs and package. It was made of some soft but incredibly stretchy and sturdy material that pulled his sack up enough that it was easier for him to walk without giving his balls a pounding with his giant legs. Getting those on took a while because the leg holes were a tight fit just getting over his calves, then it was a battle to get them up over his thighs and ass. The waistband stretched just enough for me to force his balls in without much discomfort, but then we had to work with his shaft.

“Honestly, this is the worst part.” Said Tommy, as he stuffed his log of a cock down, into the undies. He paused a moment, then tried to adjust himself, his face reddening a bit as it buried into his pecs. I tried to help too, if not, he would be doing that all day, and we had to go. Then came his shorts, which were only a little bit easier to slip on now that I didn’t have to fight with his giant ass ball sack. These shorts barely came halfway down his thighs, and they were starting to split, but he said they were the most comfortable pair. His bulge was so huge, the trunk of his shaft and a generous amount of scrotum was exposed to the open air…Maybe that was why those were his favorite.

Even through all that hair, you could see every vein bulging in Tommy’s body. His legs rippled like waves with every step, even at the slightest of adjustments to his stance sent his vascular body into a riot of motion. Tommy’s favorite shirt was a cheap, ripped up and raggy sweatshirt whose sleeves he had long since flexed out of; then he cropped it short so his midriff was exposed. The only thing it even sort of covered was his chest, and at this point, the collar was beginning to tear open. Then I helped him into his boots and tied his long hair back with a bandana, and he was ready to go.

Now it was Tommy’s turn to help me get dressed. I managed to get my bottoms on most of the way, though Tommy sure had a grand ol’ time pinching and patting my thick ass as I wrestled with my compression shorts. He had to help me adjust my balls, though, but he got frustrated because he couldn’t reach over his own mass and threw me onto the bed to get at me from a better angle. Then he grabbed me up again, set me on my feet and helped me work with my shorts. He put my shoes on, and then guided my thick arms through an incredibly tight, bright pink shirt he picked out himself.

As much as I like tight clothing, Tommy liked it to the point that it nearly strangled me, and he liked it when I wore bright colors so I stuck out like a sore thumb. He knew it made me uncomfortable, sometimes, but that was where a lot of the fun was at. Usually I would have just torn the sleeves off, but he liked how my arms bulged and warped the fabric. I had long since learned to just give in when Tommy decided I was going to wear something; at least it wasn’t too bad this time.

Tommy had already started eating before we got dressed, but he was peckish afterward and I was starving, so we destroyed several omelettes, practically an entire loaf bread each, and several steaks. That would last us a while, and it gave us a chance to relax a bit and sip some coffee and hydrate before we had to stretch out. There wasn’t any time for yoga today, but if we both didn’t warm up and stretch, even on our off days, things got challenging. Our systems were a lot more demanding now, and we required almost constant supervision. The only thing is that we’d been at this so long, we knew what we needed as we needed it and could watch for signs of what we would need in the future. Our whole routine took quite a while, and that was why we got up so early. That was why we built this place where people could dedicate their lives to growing and pushing themselves beyond what should have been humanly possible.

We had started this compound toward the beginning of our transformation when it became apparent that we and all our clients would soon outgrow the rest of society. It wasn’t like we weren’t allowed to leave or anything, it was just a better place for people our size because everything was extra wide and super reinforced. Everyone took to calling it the Bulk because, well, it was built out of an old factory yard along a bulkhead, but also because of the freaks of nature that lived inside. You had to be at least four hundred pounds to be considered for a membership, or you had to have some kind of goal of shooting beyond that size. All of the old factories had been repurposed and renovated into several colossal gyms and living spaces, along with a small lab, a medical station, and a few other amenities we were eventually able to afford.

It was still early in the morning, but the place was crawling with people. Muscle beasts waddled every which way. The extra wide sidewalks they had installed still did little to prevent massive collisions and pileups as dudes too caught up with their own size to notice, struggled to adjust course or pay attention. They had long since given up on maintaining any kind of lawn; what grass they had was kept short by being constantly stepped on and crushed by tons and tons of man-meat. Besides, most of these guys totally didn’t mind plowing through mud or snow. They were usually a sweaty, smelly mess to begin with, so what harm could a little dirt do?

No one could really move all that fast, but Tommy moved at a glacial pace, and he was already panting a third of the way there. “Babe…slow down.” He huffed.

I laughed. “You old man.”

“Fuck…you…” he growled. “I’m a fuckin beast! We need to get one ah them carts…”

“Nope,” I said. “You’re gonna walk, maybe even run one day.”

“HA!” he scoffed. “Sure.”

“I mean it,” I said, now having completely stopped to let him catch up. Guys were watching us, but this was a familiar sight, a giant amongst giants.

“When I can touch my toes again, then I’ll go running.”

As we walked, we passed by one of the new buildings where we kept the really big boys. See, Tommy was generally considered the biggest guy here, but that was only true in that he was the biggest guy here, who could still move. We had done that on purpose, partly because I couldn’t bring myself to let him grow so huge all our time together would be spent in a single room, but also because Tommy was something of our mascot as he needed to keep up appearances. So he stayed on a regimen of supplements and hormones that made him taller, made his bones longer and thicker, sturdier. But there were freaks among us who grew so huge, so wide, and so muscular that they couldn’t move. For some it was a dream, but for others, who were not so well behaved, it was a prison. Everyone who came to live here, knew about it, and it worked quite well to keep everyone in line. You could ask to grow out, become a mega bull, and live out your life being fed and milked and masturbated, though that was probably the only thing that was reversible here. Some guys just wanted to grow to immobility and then watch themselves slim down just enough to be able to stand. They never got very far, and generally just waddled around the bull pin for a while before they toppled over, but a few managed to live happily with a helper or two. There was never a shortage on staff at the Bulk, to no one’s surprise. But these guys, for all their mass, were never quite as tall or heavy or as strong as Tommy, not that they minded.

They were carting a new addition to the herd as we passed by. He was a familiar face too, a handsome fellow named Jared who had been half this size the other night. He was one of those who chose to remain their normal height, but had almost been as wide as he was tall since we’d known him and well over five hundred pounds. His chiseled, olive-complected face had always been scruffy and dark, with perfectly swept hair and cute, round little glasses that only highlighted his incredibly powerful jaw. Now his face was almost unrecognizable as every vein bulged, the lower half of his face jut out so far with rippling muscle and his lips were so fat he had trouble speaking. Even his nose looked different, once aquiline like a roman statue, it was almost pug-like and brutish. He hollered with what could have been frustration, but might have been devastation too. He seemed delirious as he fought against his own mass, his neck all but disappeared behind traps that towered over his own head. His body had now wider than it was tall, and from the mountains that were his pecs, on which his chin was now permanently resting, streams of milk drizzled out steadily. Someone would have to go in and reteach him how to speak with his new features.

“Wow, Jared’s a mega bull now.” Tommy said, pressing his hand in the small of my back as we came to a stop. It bothered me a bit how upset he seemed, going in.

“He look okay to you?” I asked.

“No,” Tommy replied. “Probably an overdose of something.”

“Oh, I hate to see that. We should check up on him.”

“Not now, let him get settled in.”

Conveniently, we had our home built close to our favorite gym. It was also no mistake that the bull pit was on the usual route we took, or that the big building had huge windows through which everyone could watch their favorite monsters on display. There was always a crowd around the bull pit, and getting a proper tour booked was near impossible unless you were us. But there was no time for all that. We had to work out.

Our gym wasn’t the biggest, it really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary from the rest of them except it was closest to where we lived, it wasn’t overly crowded, and since we lived in the older part of the Bulk, lots of bog boys liked to play there. We know it was one of the original factory buildings we bought initially, but Tommy and I argued if it was one of the ones we personally helped clear out. Those days were so hectic, we both lost weight and lulled in our progress, to everyone’s dismay. But once we got everything cleared out, cleaned up, and restocked, it was a major milestone and from there we went from freaks to monsters.

Whoever was on staff today had EDM playing softly over the speakers, and all the doors that hadn’t been torn off their hinges had been drawn up or rolled aside. Some little freaks, somewhere on the edge of five hundred pounds, all under six feet tall, waddled their way in front of us, bumping shoulders and booming about how sore they were. Even from behind, the one that stood furthest back, closest to us, I could tell was very clearly not wearing underwear and had a crotch that hung so low and bounced so furiously I could only guess at how big it really was. It was clear he was a fan of our male enhancement regimen.

Tommy must have seen me staring because he pinched me on my ass and shouted, “LIKE WHAT YA SEE?”

That caught their attention. Their eyes bugged out of their heads when they saw us.

“Oh shit, Sammy Strong!” said the one I’d been staring at. Now that I could see his face, his hard jawline, with that bronze skin and those bright green eyes, I blushed. And when I saw that beast between his legs, halfway down his shin bones, I felt my own cock stir.

“You like what you see, baby?” his paler colored friend tried to put his hands behind his head, flexing his abs, hard. The tiny stretch of fabric swallowed up by his legs nearly burst as he swayed his hips, sensually. Unlike his friend, it was almost like this one didn’t have anything between his legs at all.

“I like all a’ that, but no one comes near Tommy,” I said, running my hand over Tommy’s exposed midsection. They laughed, and went on after we all bumped fists. I gave the green eyed one’s cock a good squeeze and he stood a little taller after that, strutting in like he was three times as big.

As we walked in ourselves, we saw that Frank, our favorite milker, was servicing clients in the lobby. Irritated, I handed Tommy my bag and let him go on as I marched over to him, ignoring the two hulks twice my size crouched over, sucking at his breasts, and slapped him right on his fat ass. “Frank!” He looked at me, but I barely recognized him. He’d shaven off his bushy black beard that had always given Tommy’s a run for his money. Now, he was baby faced, and it reminded me that despite his huge size, he was barely in his twenties. Probably one of the fattest people at the Bulk. His gut extended out nearly as far as his huge, leaky tits. But Frank was also probably one of the strongest guys here, that could move. He was a hairy, six foot five beast with massive legs and a gigantic ass that spilled out of everything, nearly as bad as his breasts, with a long dick, and huge arms. His proportions were all out of wack, but he liked it that way, and did we.

“Sorry, man.” He grumbled, smacking both hulks on their puffed out cheeks. They let go, each handing him forty bucks before lumbering out. “They said they needed a boost.”

“B…but that’s not gonna do anything…” I said, bewildered. “And in the lobby? Come on, man.”

“Hey, no one else seemed to mind.” He shrugged. I just couldn’t get over his fresh, chubby, cheeks.

“Your milk won’t do much for them without any added hormones.” I said. “They might grow breasts of their own without it.”

“I think that’s what one of them wants.” He said. “I dunno, I don’t ask questions when they start flashin’ cash.”

I sighed. “Just…do it in the bathroom or something next time.”

“Sure, sorry man,” he said, slipping caps over his swollen nipples to keep them from flowing.

Frank was one of our closest friends, and was one of our first guinea pigs. In fact, he was the first milking bull we had. I knew him from college, before he dropped out. He was a sweet guy, but it was painfully obvious how badly he wanted to be huge. By then I looked like something fresh off the stage at Mr. O, and Tommy was just breaking four hundred. He followed us around the gym like a puppy, so we introduced him to the right people and started pumping him up. At first the milk came as a shock, but when we saw how much protein it carried in it and how well it mixed with certain supplements, we sort of bullied him into it. I would feel bad if Frank hadn’t fallen completely in love with his tits right off the back. He’s retired now, really only swelling up when he was bored or someone paid him enough, but when he was at his biggest, we had to move him into our old basement. There, he grew so big, it was painful for him to stand for very long. By then, Tommy had started up on how own bone supplements, but where Tommy grew taller, Frank grew wider. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a big boy all around, but back then, he was almost as wide as he was tall, with breasts he could rest on his knees whenever he sat down.

Then he got lonely, and being that big started to take its toll on him. He slimmed down a bit, but promised us he would stay a freak. So we kept him around, tested most of our new stuff on him, which he loved. Frank was always going up and down, never really staying one size or shape for very long. Right now, he was a supersized bear, but with time, he would either get really cut really fast or stay thick but get even fatter. That was his kink, and the string of boy toys he kept around ranged from tiny twinks outside the Bulk to several of our own mega bulls.

“You see the new people?” he asked, fighting to pull his shirt back over his manboobs.

“No, but it won’t take long to find them with Tommy here.”

“There’s one you should really check out, his name is James, he’s a freak,” said Frank’s boyfriend. “His buddies pay extra for milk straight from the source, been here maybe a month and he’s blimped up so much even his face is swollen.”

“That him over there?” Tommy asked, nodding in the direction of one of the small packs of brutes grunting and growling, bumping shoulders and barking words of encouragement. I only caught a glimpse of something red, but whatever it was got Tommy all excited, his bulge stirring. I was half tempted to grand me a handful, but he plowed forward before I could make up my mind. We needed to get started anyway, so I hurried after him, narrowly missing a pair of big breasted milkers as I went.

Trying to be slick, we started into our warmup, trying to steal glances at the short hulk being shoved from one workout to the next. These men, much taller but way smaller, would have been menacing if they weren’t the smallest guys here. Tommy put a stop to all that when he passed by them, making his way to one of machines they had modded out for all the really big boys. Luckily there weren’t that many in this particular gym this day, and since there weren’t near as many big big boys like Tommy, their machines were never very busy for very long. He started in on an improvised kind of leg raise pushing ridiculous amounts of weight, every vein, every cord, every fiber in the lower half of his body already tensed and pulsing. I couldn’t really help him much when it came to working out, so I started in on my own routine, watching the little pack of bullies practically drooling as they watched my baby get jacked. All I could think about was how much of a bitch it was going to be to get him home when he’s lost what little space he has to bend his legs.

One of the bullies threw an arm over the meaty shoulder of who I had figured was James and loudly proclaimed that he would be that size in a few months. The poor kid could have passed for maybe twenty, He couldn’t have been any taller than five foot six, but he was wider than he was tall. He carried most of it in his chest and shoulders, the slight sag in his pecs and the size of his nipples showing through his raggy workout shirt were all signs that he was definitely on his way to becoming a milker like Frank. But his legs and ass were no joke either, though he wasn’t really packing much where it really mattered. His red tights were made of good material and sculpted to his beefy body, but it seemed like he wasn’t all that accustomed to his size. His waddle was even more pronounced than Tommy’s was, he looked tired and upset as he broke away from the brute and stumbled toward the locker room.

I couldn’t help myself. I had heard some of our guys had been forced to move out here, but I’d never actually seen one. First, this kid barely made it to the bathrooms the way he bumped into everything and everyone, his arms stuck out farther than mine did and I was three times his size. He was so stiff and unaccustomed, I was a little worried that maybe he had been grown too fast, which was a whole other issue in and of itself. But he just seemed so pitiful, I followed after him.

He was taking a piss when I caught up to him, we had long since given up on using individual urinals and went for the giant metal troughs that guys could line up at a few at a time if they could still reach their dicks on their own. James’ back wasn’t all that defined, but he was so incredibly thick I was half-chubbed as I stood beside him. “Hey, man!” I said, perhaps a little too cheerily as I pulled my own dick out, waiting for shit to start flowing.

“Huh? Oh…hey,” he said, a little bashful.

“You new?” I asked, trying to peek over our collective masses to steal a glance at his thick cock. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed. Something told me those guys didn’t really have a good grasp on how our regiment worked, or at least all that we had to offer.

“Uh…yeah, been here maybe a few weeks?” he replied.

“I’m Sam, what’s your name?”

“James, but my friends call me Jimmy.”

“You’re lookin’ pretty awesome, Jimmy,” I said, shaking my dick out after an awkward pause. Jimmy, meanwhile, had very awkwardly tried and utterly failed at maneuvering his bulk without bumping into me. I just chuckled a bit, a little surprised, but he looked completely mortified. Still, he seemed to lighten up a bit when he heard me compliment him. “Those guys seem like they’re kinda rough.”

“Hm?” He said, trying to wash his hands. “Oh…yeah, they’re a little…high strung. Did you see that freak working legs? My friends actually left me alone for once, usually they’re…” His face fell.

“All over you?” I asked. “Why you come spot me for a while? How far along are you with your workout?”

“Almost done, actually.” I just now noticed how much his jaw flexed as he spoke. What I took for an unusually large jawline was actually just thick face muscles jutting out almost obscenely. Not sure what all that was about, but I found it so freaky and hot I barely resisted the urge to cup his face in my hands. Even his chin was clefted and huge, impossibly so.

“Well…why don’t you come spot me? When my husband gets in the zone, it can be pretty annoying to get him to help me out.”

“Uh, sure. I don’t think my friends would like that very much, but screw ’em. They’re assholes anyway.”

I kissed him. Initially, he was surprised, but he never stopped me. In fact, he practically melted in my arms as I guided him backward, into the really big stall for the really big guys. Those were everyone’s favorites because even the biggest guys here, who could move at least, didn’t feel cramped and the toilets were the widest and sturdiest. Surprisingly enough, it smelled cleaner in there than it did by the lockers. And it was there that I backed him up against the wall, him being completely overwhelmed by my sheer size and bracing himself on the railing digging into his back. I yanked his leggings down, and took his disappointingly average sized cock into my mouth. His eyes went wide as I swallowed his entire penis, even his balls, and sucked hard. It was intimidating, I was so aggressive in servicing him, he couldn’t do anything but lay back and enjoy the ride. He ran his fingers through my hair, drool escaping both our lips as I worked him over and he lost himself to the sensation. When he finally blew, I swallowed his whole load down and was actually a little disappointed. I was used to freaks with dicks so big they touched the ground, but judging from the way his thick legs went to jelly, I was pretty sure I did my job right.

As he reeled in the afterglow, I eased him onto my lap, on the floor. My big arms swallowed him up, and he rest his head back, against my chest, panting furiously. “I like you, Jimmy.” I said.

“Yeah?” He relaxed a bit more. “I…I like you too…Is your husband gonna kick my ass, now?”

“Actually, I think he’d love to meet you.” I said. “Every now and then we keep a little pet, grow him into a monster, then ship him off to the milking station. It’s a lot of fun, and I think you’d be perfect for it.”

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