Flexing bigger

by Lionel E. Linklander

A young man witnesses his bodybuilder idol fight with his trainer before downing some mysterious substance, and the result is some amazing growth. 

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I still remember the night at Muscle-Heads Gym when that one bodybuilder grew uncontrollably huge. It was the most amazing and horny thing I have ever experienced in my short life and it was incredible. My cock still throbs with lust every time I think about the handsome man turning into a massive, immobile, unreal muscle monster.

It was three years ago; I was a built country boy from the South who had big dreams of becoming the most famous bodybuilder ever. I was good-looking with a handsome square jaw, high cheekbones, and deep sexy eyes. I good sized for a bodybuilder, 6’ 2” tall with a 21-inch arm, a 51-inch chest, a 29-inch waist, and 25-inch thighs. My ass was like solid steel, my abs were as solid as a brick wall, and I was always wanting to be bigger and harder. I want to grow in the worst way and become the biggest Mr. Olympia to ever exist. I would get so horny standing in from of my floor mirror, my small, 4” cock would fully erect. It looked so small against my huge body but I didn’t care because I was a big muscle monster. I would flex and show off my body in the mirror until my small, cherry-sized balls finally let loose a tiny load of cum. That feeling of flexing until you came is one of the most incredible feelings in the world and I never got enough of it. 

I moved from my rural hometown to the big city in California so I could go to the bodybuilders’ gyms. You know, the ones that you could see actual bodybuilders like Lee Priest, Kai Greene, and Arnold working out. I found a gum close to my tiny apartment called “The Flex Off,” which was famous for one bodybuilder, my idol Derek Lunsford. Oh, Derek was the perfect epitome of the phrase massive muscle monster with his short but giant frame. Derek is only 5’ foot, 6-inches tall but he weighs a jaw-dropping 240 pounds and it was amazing. He had 24-inch arms, a 56-inch chest, a bulky 34-inch waist, and 23-inch thighs and he was still growing. I remember seeing him for the first time and being star-struck by the massive monster that Derek was. He was so hot to watch and see lifting and working on making his body bigger and bigger. I was also impressed by his need to grow bigger, which often led to huge and loud arguments with his coach. 

On the night in question, I had gone to the gym late because of my long work shift and I wanted to zone out and lift. I walked into the nearly empty gym to see my idol Derek having a loud argument with his coach. “Come on coach, this working out shit is taking too long and I want to be huge now. In tired of slamming protein shakes and taking the HGH and the usual roids because it’s causing me to grow too slowly. Plus, I found a guy that has these special roids,” Derek yelled as he took out a small vial of vibrant blue liquid that had the consistency of warm honey. “The guy told me that this roid would help me reach my goals faster and with less work than what you want me to do.” Derek said as he pointed at his coach with furious intent and smugness. “Bud, I have already told you,” the old gruff trainer with a deep, gravelly voice said. “We need to build you up evenly and get you looking as symmetrical as you are now. You will get bigger like I promised but we need to take our time so you can have the ability to move and such.” Coach was right and Derek was being cocky, but the words of the old guy went in one of Derek’s ears and out the other. 

Derek huffed and began to walk away toward the center of the gym, still holding the vial of blue steroids. Derek walked calmly over to the center of the open area of the weight room and quickly spun around on his heels. At the same time, he pulled off the top of the vial and brought it to his face before announcing loudly, “Fuck you coach, just watch me grow now.” And with that, Derek threw the liquid down his throat like he was shooting cheap whiskey. I watched the Adam’s apple in his bull-like neck bob up and down as he swallowed the concoction. 

Noooo,” the coach yelled as Derek took the vial away from his face but it was too late to do anything. Derek threw the vial to the ground and looked his coach dead in the eyes with a look of arrogance. He knew what he did, and Derek couldn’t wait to show his coach just how big he really wanted to be. 

We didn’t have to wait long for Derek’s growth to start, which began with a sudden flash of veins across Derek’s body. Thick veins, probably the size of nickels swelled and grew and began to pulse with the roid-infused blood. The temple vein on Derek’s head swelled while his jaw muscles swelled out, widening his jaw and giving him the roid look. Suddenly, but slowly, Derek’s body began to swell as the roids began to do their work. Derek’s legs widened, his arms slowly began adding inches while his chest swelled like a balloon. Derek began to flex his muscles, posing like he was in competition, all the while keeping his eyes on the coach. “You see what happens when you hold people like me back, we find the right way to get bigger. All I have to do with this roid is flex and pose and I will grow bigger and bigger. And there is nothing stopping me,” Derek aggressively stated. “Soon, I will be the biggest there ever has been and no one will ever get close.” 

I was turned on by what I was watching, and my cock was fully boned up and tenting my wrestling singlet. Derek was steadily swelling like a balloon hooked up to an air compressor. His shoulders and delts became wider and rounder, swelling from cannonball sizes to volleyballs, then to basketballs. His traps soon began to rise up higher and higher, getting closer and closer to touching his ears. His pecs ballooned out, looking more like breasts and his nipples became redder and bigger. His abs grew more prominent while his stomach began to bloat out, making his roid gut even more impressive. His thighs began to bulge like giant hams, each bundle of his quads and hamstrings becoming more massive. His calves swelled up huge, looking more like hams tang actual muscles, and they began to wrap around his shins. His back flared out wider, becoming as wide as the weight rack behind him and becoming insanely thicker. His stringer muscle tank was soon skintight along with his loose workout shorts. 

We began to hear tearing and watched in awe as Derek’s shorts began to tear at the rear and side seams. His ass was bloated up like he had beachballs stuffed into his shorts and they were steadily swelling up bigger. Within a few minutes of growth, Derek must have added at least 100 pounds to this 254-pound frame. Derek was slowly being covered in sweat and it had a musky, almost sex-inducing scent to it. I instinctively reached down and began stroking my member through the thing material of my singlet. What was happening to Derek I had only ever read about in fictional stories and stuff I had jerked off to. Derek was looking so massive and bloated and I was not going to last long watching this spectacle. I was brought back to reality when Derek’s little shorts finally popped off and fell to the ground. Derek was wearing a pair of posers that were stretched tight across his ass cheeks and little manhood. 

Derek’s little cock was comical, squeezed between his bloated muscle thighs and the bottom of his roid gut. This stringer was not going the way of his shorts and was becoming stretched out. Derek’s lats were beginning to fill the large armholes of the stringer and it was stretched around the bottom of his pecs. It was starting to become clear that Derek was getting so big he was beginning to lose some of his mobility. His biceps and triceps combined were the size of beachballs and his forearms were like hams. His hands were looking so small compared to this swelling body. Derek’s thighs were being pushed apart by the growth and Derek was forced to take a wider stance to compensate. His calves were bloated and mutant-like, they were swelled from his ankles to the bottom of his knees. I was pretty sure that Derek was no longer able to walk because of the size of his legs. 

Derek’s shirt has finally given way to reveal to massive pecs that were now the size of throw pillows. His nipples were hard and had to be several centimeters around and like mountains on his beautiful pecs. Derek’s delts and traps were in a growth competition which would begin locking Derek’s cute head into place. “Fuck, I am so ....uhhhh .....huge.....uhhh.....and I...oof.... want moreeeee,” Derek huffed out between labored breaths. “I want....to be.....huge,” Derek belted out as he suddenly fell backward. Derek looked amazing on his backside, he was at least 4 feet thick lying down and bloated huge. His muscles were now fighting for space as he kept growing. I finally got up, still jerking my rock-hard cock and walked over to survey the incredible sight before me. I was so close that I was sure looking at the muscle monster being so helpless would send me over the edge. 

Derek’s feet were now dangling two feet in the air, his ankles swelled out immensely wide as his calves had overtaken his lower leg. His shins were bloated cords of muscle that created the most incredible surface on his legs. His calves had crashed into his over-bloated thigh muscles, his knees completely immobilized. His thighs had forced his legs so far apart, he was not able to close his legs together. They rippled and moved as the individual muscle strands flexed and moved. His thighs went right up to his waist which was non-existent due to his bloated turtle shell gut. Hidden between his thighs and roid gut was his tony cock, squeezed into his overtaxed posers. His ass, which I could barely see, was like two oversized beach balls with a string of the poser going into his crack. His back blew out from his ass and waist and had to be at least 2 feet thick and as wide as the bumper of a truck. His pecs jutted out so far, they could cast shadows, with his nipples pointing to his toes because of how big they were. I wanted to reach out and grab those hard nipples but managed to keep my hand on my now painfully hard cock. 

Derek’s arms were gigantic and were held out at ninety degrees from his sides because of all the muscle on his body. His arms had to be 35 inches around at his biceps and triceps while his forearms had begun to bulge around his hand. His elbows were just like his knees, buried in muscles and completely immobilized. I would be shocked if Derek was able to move again as big as he had become but I wasn’t done with my inspection. I finally reached Derek’s handsome face and head which seemed to take forever to walk to. While Derek had not grown any taller, his massive body seemed to take up a huge amount of space. I saw Derek’s head and I couldn’t hold back my need for release. I shot a load looking at Derek’s head being completely encompassed by massive muscles. His jaw was firmly between his pecs, his ears were being covered by his swelling shoulders. His traps were pushing his head forward, squeezing it so tightly, Derek’s jaws were completely immobilized. 

Derek had finally done what he wanted, to become the biggest and most massive bodybuilder to ever exist. He had to weigh at least 750 pounds and his stats were completely unbelievable, but something was off. Derek was snorting harder and harder and he seemed to be fighting for his ability to breathe. That’s when I noticed that Derek was still swelling up and growing even more massive than he already was. His body was beginning to be morphed into a star shape, his limbs seemed to be stretching, and his posers finally blew off. Derek was completely nude and so fucking hot that I couldn’t stop blowing another load in my singlet. Derek’s body flashed with even more veins and his hands and feet began to bloat up like winter gloves. Derek’s mouth was slowly being engulfed by his pecs while his ears were now covered by his giant delts. 

Derek began to wiggle his hands furiously when a stretching sound emanated from the body before us. “Oh shit,” I said out loud. “His body is so massive and overblown he is starting to reach his maximum size.” Derek’s eyes went wide and stretch marks began to appear around his shoulders, biceps, thighs, calves, and pecs. Derek began to moan deeply as that was the only sound he was able to make as his body swelled even more. The air was full of leather stretching like sounds while Derek’s body began to sweat even more and it was erotic. The musk with the roids and Derek’s panicked jiggles were causing me to be so incredibly turned on. My cock was still rock hard as a popping sound suddenly came from Derek’s immense chest. His right nipple had popped out like a valve stem and was now two inches high. His left nipple suddenly popped and began to swell like his right nipple, then his belly button popped. It began to inflate into a ball the size of an orange. There was now a constant groaning noise as Derek’s skin went completely taught and became shiny. 

Derek was reaching his maximum capacity, and it was boner-inducing hot and incredible. His muscles were crashing into muscles and squeaking against each other as his body fought for space. His body was like a rippling road map of muscle groups and veins, that pulsed with heat and sweat. Derek’s head was so enclosed by his colossal delts, traps, and pecs, that only the top of his head and most of his face from the nose up was visible. You could see the fear in Derek’s eyes but also the pure pleasure and knowledge of his predicament. He had grown to this dream size and he didn’t care if he exploded like some balloon. “I think he is gonna explode,” the coach said as he looked at Derek. “Well son, was it worth it getting so massive that you are some freakish balloon?” Derek’s eye told the coach everything and the answer was probably something like, “Yes, and I would do it again and again.

More sounds of squeaking and stretching were telling us Derek was at his ultimate mass and size. Derek now looked like a starfish as his muscles had swelled up and become nearly a single-body muscle. His arms were like cones stretching down from his bloated hands to his torso. His head was now nearly engulfed by his over-bloated frame, his mouth now no longer visible. Derek was squinting his eyes as if he were trying to hold his body together with sheer willpower and hope. A long squeal began to come from the mass of muscles before us and we all exchanged side glances, thinking Derek had finally begun to rip apart. The squeal suddenly stopped, and Derek finally stopped growing like a balloon, but we could hear a faint hissing sound. I began to walk around and look and I could locate the hissing sound, which was coming from what used to be his crotch. 

I climbed up on Derek and peer between Derek’s immense thighs and yoga ball-sized roid gut to see his bloated dick. During Derek’s erection-inducing inflation, his dick, which was a measly three inches in length, had swelled up. We all knew Derek was underhung after years of roid abuse, but it was even more sexy to see his new dick size. His dick was a three-inch in diameter ball that was acting like some kind of natural valve. Derek was literally pissing out air from his body to help reduce his size and keep him from popping. His balls were still the same size as cherry pits in a grotesquely sized sack that was also bloated up. I also noticed, and smelled, that Derek had blown several loads during his inflation. His cum smelled just like I had always imagined, roided with the stench of super-hot sexy and muscle musk. I shot my ninth load on my now-soaked singlet that was gummy inside due to all the cum I had unloaded. 

I climbed of the bed of hot sex muscle and went around to look at my inspiration and see his face. Derek looked up at me with the most confident and accepting look I had ever seen from any bodybuilder. His look, without using words, stated that he was now the most perfect man he was meant to be in life. He was a literal parade blimp that weighed 845 pounds and was completely bound up by the most incredible muscle mass anyone had seen. That one look was enough to make me shoot my tenth load and I was so spent, it was a dry orgasm. Derek looked at what I had done and his eyes smiled at me and he beckoned with his look to kiss him. I planted one on his forehead and then spoke to him for the first time. I said, “I want to take care of you and do everything to help you remain thus huge and I will be there for as long as you are around. 

The mound of stretch marks and veined muscles just grunted and moaned from deep inside the mammoth chest. Derek gave me a look that was either saying “Thank you” or “get away from me”. I climbed off Derek and stood by his trainer as we both looked on at the unreal sight before us. The test of the gym had been so caught up watching that we had barely noticed the group of men in black suits behind us. They came from nowhere and began to shuffle us out of the gym while a huge stretcher was rolled into the gym. I was left inside and watched as Derek, or a period of an hour, was carefully hoisted up onto the gurney. “Why are you being so gentle with him?” I asked one of the men. “He has to be like steel with all that muscle on his tiny frame.”

“Don’t let his monster body fool you,” the man quietly replied back to me. “His muscles are an exaggerated mix of water, air, and his own semen. If we get too rough, he will pop like a balloon, but he is pretty solid. The others were not so lucky.” 

I turned to ask the question but suddenly, a bag was thrown over my head and cinched tightly around my neck. I was starting to feel sleepy, I could barely stand, and the room began to spin. I passed out. 

3,334 words Added Mar 2024 4,093 views 4.8 stars (5 votes)

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