by BRK

Barry is excited to meet Will’s twin brother. Then he realizes that they can’t just be twins.

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Part 1: The party Barry is excited to meet Will’s twin brother. Then he realizes that they can’t just be twins. (added: 1 Oct 2002)
Part 2: The ride home
Part 3: Dream into waking
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Part 1: The party

No one had to tell Barry when his friend Will was having a party. Barry's family lived right next door to Will's, in an identical suburban split-level typical of the sprawling upper-middle-class enclaves north of New York; and every time Will's widowed dad went away, music radiated from the house so loud it could be heard at the end of their otherwise-quiet block.

Will's dad was an airline navigator; he was away a lot.

Barry sat at his desk, trying hard to concentrate on the economy of ancient Rome, but he was having trouble concentrating. It was only September, barely a week into school, and already Will was throwing his first party. The music was in his room, as loud as if he were playing his own radio. Unconsciously Barry started moving his hips in his chair. He loved dancing, mostly because he was good at it. No one expected someone tall and packed with muscle to be a good dancer, but Barry had excellent rhythm and his moves on the dance floor had the girls circling round and screaming just as much as his moves in the basketball court.

The other reason he was having trouble concentrating was starting worry him: his constant, round the clock boner. His cock was simply always hard, always wanted his left hand (lubed or dry) wrapped around it, his right hand bored, left out. He would find himself stroking it through his jeans without even realize it, though so far he'd managed to avoid embarrassing himself. It had started sometime in the spring, at first only most of the time and quenchable with a quick j/o, but now jacking off had almost no effect unless he kept doing it until he'd come five or six times; then he—and his hand and cock—would be so tired he would drift off to sleep, and in the morning it would be hard again, stiff and tall, casting early morning shadows across his long, lanky stomach.

Barry made an effort to concentrate on his textbook, but his left hand was already kneading the length of his boner through his jeans. His right hand, meanwhile, began to drift lightly up his torso, until his long fingers were caressing his own heavy, spherical pecs lightly through the taut tee shirt. The words suddenly blurred on the page. Barry gave up with a sigh, unzipped his jeans, and fished out his wide, stiff cock. It stood growing straight up out of his jeans, and he started at at for a moment. It was beautiful. He spit on his hand and began stroking it hard, ruthlessly, while he mauled his own thick pecs with the other hand.

The music was still filling the room, and he thought of Will. His cock was nothing like Will's. They'd been friends since grade school, being two of a kind—both smart and athletic, with an easygoing nature and a talent for making friends; but Will was more charming, Barry thought, always with a group of admirers, while Barry was more down to earth. Because Barry had less of a crowd, he ended up putting in more time at the school gym; so as they'd entered high school Barry had more muscle packed onto his lithe, lanky frame, and Will had only recently started to catch up. Barry was fair, with long wavy blond hair on his broad shoulders; Will was darker, and kept his black hair closely cropped. But the chief difference between these two friends, they found out one day early in the summer, was their equipment.

They'd been playing basketball, but the game had gone nowhere, and they had ended up slumped in front of the family room tv, bored out of their minds. Finally during a commercial Will pointed at the obvious hard-on in Barry's gym shorts. “I noticed that during the game,” he said. “Doesn't it ever go away?”

Barry glanced down at his lap and grimaced. “Not these days.”

“Man, I'm glad I'm not you,” Will said. “It'd be more of a problem for me.”

Barry looked at his buddy. “You're full of shit.”

“I'm just saying—”

“I know what you're saying,” Barry said. “You're trying to imply that your dick is so enormous you couldn't ever hide it if it was hard all the time.”

“Well, I can't help it if—”

“Wipe that smug look on your face. I've seen your dick.”

“You've see it soft.”

Involuntarily Barry glanced at Will's crotch. Did he see something move under the yellow nylon? “All right then, prove it.”

“Don't be stupid.”

“You ain't gonna get away with this. Otherwise you'll be acting like you're bigger all the rest of high school.”

“I don't have to prove it to you.”

“The fuck you do!” Barry jumped up and before Will could do anything yanked Will's shorts and jock down around his ankles.

Will, resigned, sat back and watched as his cock awoke under Barry's gaze. It didn't look very unusual flaccid, nestled in Will's heavy balls; but it quickly began to swell up, growing bigger and bigger and harder and harder. Barry gasped, amazed, not even realizing he was rubbing his own hardon. Finally it slapped rock-hard against Will's torso, the tip just starting to press into the crevice between Will's pecs.

Barry started at it in awe. “Man,” he whispered. “You must need two hands to jack that thing off.”

“Actually,” Will said matter-of-factly, slowly placing Barry's right hand around the middle of his shaft, then wrapping his own hands around his cock above and below Barry's hand, “I've always thought it would work better with three.”

In fact Will's three handed jack-off method did work remarkably well, and since they both enjoyed it so much—and jacking off didn't make you gay, of course—they soon began to fall into the habit, when they hung out in the afternoons, of finding themselves in Will's room, three hands on Will's awesome cock and the fourth on Barry's constant boner.

Toward the middle of the summer, though, Barry had started to feel weird about the j/o sessions with Will. He'd started feeling something strange when he was with Will, an overwhelming urge to jump on top of him, press their bods together, flesh against flesh, cock against cock. The urge frightened him, and every time he saw Will it was stronger. Finally he stopped going over to Will's altogether.

As he sat at his desk, textbook forgotten, Barry realized that lately he'd been thinking of these sessions when he jacked off. It was so much better than jacking off alone. He had to do it one more time. If he could tear Will away from his party…

His hand stopped in mid stroke. Abruptly he stuffed his boner back in his jeans, zipped his fly with some difficulty, stood and stepped purposefully out of the room.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Will's house was full of music and people; the walls, the very air seemed to be throbbing, pulsing. He knew everyone there—they were all classmates from school. The foyer was crowded with girls. Cheerleaders, in fact. They squealed to see him and immediately barred his way.

“Gimme your shirt,” shouted the slightly toasted head cheerleader over the music, as the others looked up at Barry giggling.

Barry shook his head. “What? Why?”

Some of them has started running their hands over his torso, as if he were a captured giant on a carnal Lilliput. How much had the girls had to drink? Suddenly Barry realized that they probably couldn't see his hardon in this light but they'd feel it soon. He started to push through, but they got in his way again.

“All the cute boys are going without shirts tonight,” insisted the head cheerleader, whose name was Stefanie.

“And you are definitely one of the cute ones!” added one of the others with unconcealed lust, as the rest giggled and crowded closer.

“If you don't take it off we'll rip it off,” said Stefanie, pointing to another tee, ripped to shreds, lying in a corner near a more orderly pile of shirts.

Well, this was all pretty weird, Barry thought, but I haven't worked out so hard to hide his bod. And I don't want them to realize I had a huge boner (and get the wrong idea). Barry shucked the shirt to a chorus of ooos, handed it to blushing Stefanie, and left them behind to … admire his behind? They might as well.

Baryy entered the living room and stood there, agog. The room was full of kids his age, dancing to the beat. Will had found a laser machine somewhere; the room was dark but wracked with laser lightning in red, green, and blue. Barry's butt started to move before he even realized it, and by the time he had moved into the crowd he was dancing full tilt, feeling a rush of excitement and uninhibitedness that he'd never felt in his young life anywhere else but on a dance floor.

Barry half expected to gather a crowd of girls, but evidently they were all out in the foyer at the moment, guarding the entrance against cute boys with shirts; the dance floor was mostly boys, a lot of them friends of mine from the basketball and wrestling teams (both of which Will also belonged to). Most of them had been rated “cute”—they were shirtless and sweating in the hot room.

Barry saw his buddy Andy dancing not far away and moved toward him. Barry hadn't seen him since Spring and was amazed to see he'd shot up over the summer—he had to be almost six-seven now! He looked like he'd been stretched—his torso was long and very lanky, with enough muscle to show he could build more once he stopped growing.

“Hey dude,” Andy said. “You passed the test, I see.” He nodded toward the foyer with a grin.

“I earned it,” Barry said, laughing. “How'd you manage, you beanpole freak?”

“They like 'em big, I guess,” he said modestly.

“How much did you grow, fucker?”

“A lot,” Andy said, eyes widening. “I couldn't believe it, I thought I'd stopped growing a couple years ago. Still at it, too. I keep going through shoes—Mom's furious. I already need new ones—I kick em off every chance I get.” Barry glanced down—sure enough, Andy was dancing in stretched-out white socks, his jeans cuffs above his ankles.

“So it's not just you're getting taller,” Barry said, amazed.

“Naw, man, everything's growing—everything,” he added with a note of awe, at the same time touching a long-fingered hand to his crotch. That was all he would say on the subject, but it was enough. Barry was startled to realize his own hardon was pumping at the thought of Andy's monster growing bigger and bigger. Meanwhile, Andy had moved on. “What about you, man? You look like you've spent all summer in the gym,” he said, lightly slapping Barry's left pec.

“Actually, I've been blowing it off,” Barry said, a little chagrinned. “I figured I'd have to work out pretty hard to get back in condition.” Andy snorted. “Are you bullshitting me? You look huge, dude. Your pecs are D- cups, man! Out of condition, my ass. You really need to get out of the weight room and get a life, Bar.”

Barry kept dancing, but he suddenly realized his shirts had been getting tighter lately. He really had blown off working out all summer—so why had he gotten bigger and harder rather than softer? “Maybe you're right, dude,” he said, in order to say something.

“I know I am. Hey—there's Will and his brother. Did you meet him yet?”

Barry glanced up at his friend sharply. “Will doesn't have a brother, asswipe!”

Barry nodded in the direction over Barry's shoulder. “Look for yourself,” he said.

Barry frowned and turned to look. His jaw dropped open. His butt stopped working, and he just stood there, arms at his sides.

Not far away, Will was making his way through the crowd of sweaty, naked, exuberant boys, a big smile on his face for Barry; and behind him, also smiling, was—Will!

Barry turned back to Andy. “Twins??” he said incredulously.

Andy nodded, still dancing. “Separated at birth, Will says. They only got reuinted last month through one of those services.”

In that moment Will and his twin were upon them. One of them slapped Barry on a thick upper arm. “Hey dude,” he said with a huge grin. “I'm glad you could make it. This is my brother, Phil,” he added, aiming the grin at his twin and putting an arm around him, which Phil, also grinning, quickly reciprocated.

“Are you sure?” said Barry, laughing with amazement, but at the same time feeling unaccountably warm and flushed. They were identical! Except maybe for the muscle development—Will had broadened out a little and, Barry thought, had a bit of an edge on Phil, especially when it came to pecs, though they were both better developed with tight teen-muscle than anyone in the pulsing room except Barry himself.

“We were wearing different shirts, but that plan got ruined by Stefanie's posse,” Phil laughed. “Did Andy explain the story?”

Barry nodded, suddenly starting to get seriously hot and overwhelmed—he remembered why he'd come over and realized Phil must have the same firehose as his brother! He realized he wanted it, and the thought of two of them…

His head started swimming, and he fell toward the two Wills, felt himself being caught effortlessly. Dimly hearing Will—or was it Phil?—say they they would take care of him to other concerned partygoers, Barry felt himself lifted and carried into the rear of the house where Will's bedroom was.

Soon they were alone, the sound of the party muffled surprisingly well in the little room. It looked like the typical teenage boy's room: posters, shirts and shoes strewn about, rumpled unmade bed. Barry knew it well, though the last time he'd been here—his dick was pounding like it wanted out of his jeans, not helped by the presence of two Wills, one on either side, as they sat him on the bed, arms still around his shoulders.

“A little too much all at once, buddy?” one of them said.

Barry nodded. One of the twins got up and soon returned with a glass of water, which Barry drank almost in one swallow. They waited patiently for him to recover. “You know, it's funny,” Barry said finally, glancing from one to the other—which one was Will? “I came over 'cause I realized I really missed—you know, hanging out with you …”

“So did I,” said one of the twins (must be Will, Barry thought), exchanging glances with the other, who nodded with a small smile.

“I mean—I really missed it,” Barry whispered, his heart pounding.

Will nodded. “Me too. In fact, that kind of led to where we are now,” he said.

Barry frowned. “I don't understa—” he started to say, but got no further before Will's soft, warm, full lips were on his, followed closely by Phil's. “Ooohh—oh shit—” Barry breathed, and his cock suddenly swelled with hot cum and burst in his pants. As he came they kissed his neck, slowly caressing his young, outstanding torso with all four hands. “Oh, man—” Barry moaned, falling back into their arms, his cock still pounding out cum into his shorts. “I didn't think I wanted it—so bad.”

“We're glad you do,” said one of the twins. They were both standing up and taking off their pants, revealing dangerously full jocks, neither one of them taking their eyes off their teen-hunk friend and guest. Barry let them unbutton his jeans and slide them off, revealking cum-soaked Calvins plastered over a still-rock-hard extra-wide boner. Whatever was going to happen, Barry knew he wanted it. Will and Phil slid off the shorts, leaving Barry's boner to jump against his flat belly like a landed mackerel.

The beautiful twins stood at the foot of the bed and in one motion slid off their jocks, revealing swollen half-hard cocks that stiffened rapidly as they climbed onto the bed, so that as they stooped over him, each massaging a bowling-ball sized pec, their cocks had become stiff logs three hand-breadths long. Panting with excitement and amazement Barry reached up and took one in each hand, moving his hand slowly up and down against the taut, smooth skin. He'd realized tonight before he came over how much he loved the feel of that cock in his hand—how incredible to have one in each hand, his to enjoy. Part of him wanted him to stop, told him he was crossing a line no high-school boy dared cross; but his teenage mind and body were awash in hormones and emotions too strong to categorize, much less deny. His hard teenstud body and rock-hard cock were quivering with lust and more than lust for the two amazing, sexual, gorgeous young men busy caressing, stroking, stimulating every inch of his body.

Barry wasn't sure how long they were together in that room—it seemed hardly any time at all, the moment seemed somehow to stretch, each second bringing a new ecstasy. He discovered that the feel of their tight, well-developed bods under his hands made him pant and sweat, that even better than the feel of those godly cocks in his hands was the sensation of having one in his mouth—and throat, to his amazement: once he had that quivering, hard, godlike cock sliding into his hot mouth, inch after inch after inch, nothing felt more natural, nothing felt more right. Until the other cock pressed at his virgin anus and started to push in, slowly and steadily, a little more then stop, a little more then stop, the pain turning slowly into raw, animal pleasure, his whole body suffused with raging hormones, as those two unreal horsecocks filled him at both ends; and as the twins got more and more into it, as if his potent lust had infused in them, they rode him, pushed him, until they were holding back a huge shuddering dam ready to burst, and then, together, they released it, volley after volley of boiling cum, and Barry's swollen cock, filling his unlubricated hand, burst again, spraying cum on the muscled ass of the boy whose cock was deep inside his sated throat.

They separated with great satisfaction but a little reluctance as well, and lay on the bed together, red and flushed from head to toe, cocks still hard, panting hard for some time.

Finally one of the twins sat up on his elbows. “We'd better take a quick shower and get back to the party.”

Barry's eyes widened. “Shit—the party!” He jumped up and hurried into the adjacent bathroom, the twins right behind him. The rinsed off in hurry, trying to keep their hair dry, then stepped out and towelled off. As his looked up from turning off the water, he glanced at the twins, their bodies still glistening as they dried off, cocks still half-hard, and started to smile. Then he noticed something and his smile froze.

The twins noticed where he was looking and exchanged alarmed glances. Each of their bodies had a very small, V-shaped scar just below the waist over the left leg. Both scars were in exactly the same place, were exactly the same size and shape.

“That scar—” Barry started to say. He knew that scar. He's watched Will get it, during a camping trip about a year before, falling down a rocky hillside. He looked up at one twin, then the other. “What the FUCK—!”

Quickly both twins put their hands over his mouth and, taking him gently by the shoulders, moved him back into the bedroom and sat him down on the edge of the bed. When they released him, he remembered all the people outside, and could not figure out what to think. He stared at the two Wills—somehow they had to be two Wills—with a weird and unresolvable mixture of confusion, fear, lust, and love. Sitting on either side of him were two naked, muscular, gorgeous, incredibly hung hunks, but more than that he'd realized that it was Will, and he wanted Will in every way. Despite his fear the presence of two of him melted his heart even as it hardened his cock.

“Tell me what's going on,” Barry finally said, his voice sounding hoarse.

They exchanged glances, then one of them, the one on his left, began. “You see, Barry, maybe it's good you know,” he said apologetically. He took a deep breath. “About two years ago, I discovered I have a kind of special talent. I can make things grow. It has something to do with duplicating their cells.”

“I found out in bio class,” continued the other twin, as Barry stared, open- mouthed. “I was looking at living microorganisms under the microscope, and as I watched them, suddenly they started to divide, like crazy. I called Mr. Ross over and he was amazed, said it shouldn't be happening—but it stopped almost as soon as I took my eyes away.”

“I wouldn't have thought much about it,” said the first one, “except I realized that night that my dick had gotten bigger over the last few months.”

At that Barry wrapped his left hand around his super-hard cock and slowly began stroking it, though he barely noticed. His bored right hand started to range slowly over his tight but tremendsously muscled torso. The twins' cocks, too, lying half-hard across their thighs, started to stiffen, rising rapidly to full erections standing straight up from their laps as Barry watched enchanted, the tops just touching the cleft between two beautiful heavy pecs.

“You see, two years ago, it was not quite the size of yours—and not nearly as wide,” said the second twin, licking his full lips as the two of them casually wrapped both hands around their enormous cocks. “Without even realizing it I must have been making it grow while I jerked off fantasizing about having a huge dick.” All three of them were stroking now, imperceptibly quickening the pace.

“After the thing in the bio lab,” said the first, “I suddenly noticed that my erection came up to my navel—and I knew for a fact it hadn't done that before.”

“For the next month I concentrated on my cock, seeing if I really could make it happen,” said the second, starting to pant, rounded pecs starting to flush. “I was fascinated—and totally obsessed.”

“Hey, I remember that month!” said Barry, startled into momentarily stopping mid-stroke. He turned to the other twin. “He—you—were acting totally freaky that month, always adjusting yourself. Going to the bathroom between every period. I wondered if you'd started smoking joints or something.”

The twin on his left smiled, hands slowed but not stopped. “Nope, not me. But I was definitely disconnected from reality. Finally one morning I woke up with an erection that stretched all the way to my collarbone.” With that all their hands were moving again, as the twins took a deep breath at the memory. “It was awesome—it was majestic—but I knew I'd gone too far. I had to go to classes and live in the real world. It was only the discovery that I could make things smaller again—if I tried really hard—that saved me.”

“I couldn't even suck myself properly when it was that big,” added the second twin. “And I really learned to love sucking myself.” Barry gasped, almost came right then—the concept of sucking oneself had never, ever occurred to him.

“So I left my dick alone, at least in terms of growing it,” picked up the first. “For a while I tried to think of other things I could play with. I tried making my feet bigger, for example,” he said. Both the twins, lifted up their feet: They were pretty big, now that they were called to his attention, though they were nicely shaped and not at all out of proportion to the rest of his body.

“That was really, really tough,” said the second. “You can't just make it bigger, you have to do a little bit here, a little bit there, keeping the proportions, the look, the line. It took me months, but it taught me a lot about patience and—art, really.”

Barry looked again. “They are beautiful,” he said softly, his entire body aroused by this story. “And—and sexy.” Even as he looked again he noticed for the first time that each foot had six toes, which for some reason he found deeply stimulating.

Both twins smiled broadly, genuinely pleased. “Thanks!” they said together, kissing him on both cheeks.

“After that,” resumed the first twin, “I yearned to try other things. The only thing was the next thing I tried was making my muscles grow, and that didn't work well at first. I was putting a lot of concentration into it—kind of draining actually—but I couldn't get a handle on it, so nothing much happened.”

“I was so into the idea, though,” said the second, “that I tried it on someone else. I didn't really stop to think, and then when I did, I rationalized it by saying that they wouldn't have minded if they knew…”

They were both watching him carefully, waiting for him to react. Barry looked from one to the other, not catching on at first, then glanced down at his own stunningly well developed musclebod. The shirt-defying broad shoulders and bowling-ball pecs that hid his own cock from his eyes, though not his hand; the grapefruit biceps that pumpled and rippled beautifully as he stroked; the perfectly rounded bubble-butt he was sitting on. He started panting, overcome with amazement.

“There's something else too,” said the first twin softly, still double-fisting his monolithic erection. “I'm kind of ashamed of this, but the more I helped you grow muscle the more I wanted you. The only way you'd even think of being with me was as a bud, but if you were horny enough, you'd jack off with me. So I made my dick big again, then I …” he trailed off, embarrassed.

“I grew your balls,” the other one said.

“A lot,” added the first. “I'm surprised you didn't notice.”

Past amazement, fist flying on his rigid cock, Barry could only breathe, “I did—thought it was just—part of growing up …” as they shook their heads. His mind was reeling. No wonder he was horny all the time!

The twins were turned on watching Barry learn their story; they were starting to breathe hard as well. “I wanted something more,” whispered the second twin. “But I needed to know more—a lot more.”

“So I tried things out on other guys—little things here and there,” said the first.

Barry suddenly gasped. “Andy!”

The first twin smiled shamefacedly. “He was the most glaring example,” he said. “But I got carried away—I wanted him almost as much as I wanted you.”

“And the taller and lankier he got, the sexier he got, the more I wanted him,” added the second breathily. “I had to force myself to stop.”

“But there were a lot of little things that taught me about anatomy with reference to my—to what I can do,” said the first, “and that helped me figure out how to do what I knew I really wanted to do.”

Barry looked from one to the other, on the edge of orgasm. He caught on immediately. “Twinning,” he said huskily.

The nodded together, their bright eyes drinking him in. He could barely hear what they said as the blood rushed in his ears: he tried on animals—first mice, then dogs; Barry remembered that one day Will had two german shepherds instead of one, with barely a word of explanation—then finally, unable to bear it any longer, he tried it on himself, growing a whole second body out of his own.

“I passed out from exhaustion and when I woke up—” said the first.

“—I was lying on top of myself,” finshed the second breathlessly. “Oh, Barry, you can't imagine how wonderful it is.”

“Legs intertwining…”

“Muscle against muscle…”

“Kissing long and hard…”

“Barry, you just can't imagine—it was a dream come true…”

“I—can—imagine!” Barry said, and finally unable to hold back a second longer he came spectacularly, all over his teenhunk torso. The twins watched him cum and that pushed them over the edge, their trememdous cocks shooting cum onto their faces and shoulders. They fell back on the bed and cuddled, too tired to clean up. Barry was about to drift off when one of the twins, whose head had been resting on Barry's left pec, suddenly gasped and shook him. “Barry, look!”

Barry lifted his head, then slowly sat up.

Rising majestically out of his groin were two rockhard cocks one behind the other, pressed close together, like the twins waking up together that first morning, Barry thought, dazed. They were both his cock, though both were even wider and a good inch longer than the hardon he'd had only moments before. Just the sight of them nearly brought him to a third orgasm.

He glanced from one twin to the other. Both looked astonished. “How—” he began.

“We didn't do it,” said the one on his left.

“Unless our two brains together—” began the other thoughtfully.

“If we sensed your fantasy on a subconscious level,” the first said with amazement.

“And made it happen without realizing it!” finished the second.

“Is it something you fantasized about? Maybe without realizing it?” asked the first, staring at the cocks.

Barry didn't answer. Instead, he slowly wrapped his left hand around the front one, which was more to the left, then breathing hard, wrapping his right hand—so used to doing nothing!—around the right, the extra-wide cocks now overfilling his palms. Barely had he done so when they seemed to swell up in his hands, and suddenly he came again, twin globs of fresh cum landing in pile after pile on either side of his trim, tight abs.

He fell back on the bed, almost passed out. When he could speak again he whispered a simple but utterly heartfelt, “Thank you.” In answer they kissed him together. It was some time before they remembered the party they had to get back to.


Part 2: The ride home

Barry bent down to take a drink from the drinking fountain outside the chemistry room, and realized that even this simple act reminded him of Will. He extended his tongue to catch the stream of water and thought to himself, Damn, my tongue seems longer—did Will do that? Or am I imagining it? His wavy, long, blond hair seemed to be growing fast too, falling off his shoulders into the basin of the fountain, though he wasn't sure about that either. His too-small shirt rode up his back as he bent over—he knew Will had done that. Will had admitted to Barry that he'd been unable to resist testing out his newfound mental ability to grow organic matter on Barry's already heavy muscles, and now in spite of having slacked off at the school gym all summer he was easily the best-muscled boy in school, with nice, broad shoulders, broad lats, and bowling- ball pecs that challenged, and often defeated, the shirts he'd worn comfortably all last year.

But most of all he felt his two rock-hard, extra-wide cocks push hard against his flat steel abs (under the school letter jacket he always wore now). He'd had the rock-hard, extra-wide part all year, his teenboy hormones having blown up his cock and kept it that way all day, every day for months now, no matter how often he jerked off. But last week he'd found out about Will, and suddenly—as if Will had uncovered Barry's secret fantasy—his friend had almost accidentally sent him home with two big permanent boners throbbing under his jacket instead of one.

Even as these thoughts went through his head he heard a saucy voice behind him. “Damn, you do look good from the back,” Will's voice said softly. “But even better from the front.”

Barry started violently, splashing his face in the fountain. He turned and rounded on Will, who was eyeing him with a crooked grin. “For Pete's sake, someone is going to hear you say something like that one of these days,” Barry whispered, but his anger died as he looked into Will's glinting green eyes. He wasn't sure which Will it was, and he guessed it really didn't matter. It was like there was one Will with two bodies. They shared their memories somehow, and Barry thought that even Will didn't know which of his two beautiful bodies was the original, and which one he had created out of his own bod during a night sometime last month, a night which Barry had only had described to him, but which lived vividly in his waking and sleeping mind. He thought of that night for a mere moment—Will waking up from a half-sleep with two long, lithe, muscled, hung bodies, thick arms and legs intertwined, lips and tongues meeting for the first time—and almost instantly a great deal of precum surged from his quivering, bonehard cocks, wetting the already damp spots on his hidden shirt. He forced his mind back to the present.

Will was watching him with a smile on his lips and greedy lust in his eyes. He's said nothing, but Barry thought he must have guessed what had just happened; anyway his eyes kept glancing down at the lower half of Barry's jacket, which only the two of them knew concealed two leaking boners. “Don't worry,” he said gaily, but still in a soft voice that didn't carry. “Nobody heard.” Barry glanced quickly around, and sure enough, no one was around: Passing period was almost over so the bell was about to ring, and since there were no lockers here the only traffic was a few stray students hurrying to their classes. “Anyway, I have news,” Will went on. “We're moving out.”

“Really? That's great! No more worrying about hiding … things … from your Dad,” Barry said. Will's widowed father was a high-ranking airline navigator and so was usually over the Pacific, but he was due to come home soon, and though Barry had helped Will plan out how to hide two Wills from his Dad, they'd both agreed it would be both tiresome and risky.

“Yeah, I spoke to him on the phone last night,” Will said, stepping a foot closer, so that they were inches apart. Barry's senses were overwhelmed. Spots swam before his eyes. He ached to close the gap and thrust his tongue into Will's hot mouth and grind Will's one tremendous cock between his two hardons. “He promised ages ago I could move out when I was sure I was ready,” Will was saying, his hot breath on Barry's smooth cheek, “and last night I told him I was ready. He said he'd help with the rent till I got a job.”

“That's great,” Barry breathed, his heart pounding. His swollen cocks felt like they were growing, jostling each other, as if they were trying to get even harder—was he imagining it?

Suddenly the bell rang, and they stared at each other as if woken from a dream—then, grinning, they dove into the chemistry room for their last class of the day.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Barry had no idea how he was going to graduate in eight months, because all through class literally all he could think of was Will, who sat next to him and had contrived to be his lab partner. He tried as best he could to robotically take notes on Mr. Warren's lecture—something to with bonds—and hoped they would make sense at test time. But as they sat together Barry could feel the heat from Will's tall, lanky body, and his occasional lusty glances at Barry made his heart pound.

Halfway though the class, while Mr. Warren was looking up something, Will wrote a tiny note in the margin of his notebook and showed it to Barry: I can't wait to kiss you. Barry flushed, then suddenly his eyes widened. He stuck his tongue just a tiny way out of his mouth and looked at Will inquiringly. Will nodded with a wicked grin, then calmly turned his eyes front. Barry sat back in amazement. He'd been right! Will had done something to Barry's tongue. He wasn't sure what—it wasn't actually bigger, because he could talk normally and it felt quite normal and comfortable in his mouth—but somehow he knew that if he wanted to he could extend it quite a ways … into Will's hot mouth, for example. The thought turned him on tremendously, as he was sure Will had known it would, and he had to take a great shuddering breath.

Mr. Warren glanced up suddenly. “Mr. Pike, are you all right?” he said.

“Oh, yes sir,” Barry said, startled. The teacher nodded and went back to his searching. Barry glanced at Will, who was obviously trying not to laugh, and smiled at him. At any rate Barry was glad of the interruption: Otherwise he might have come, hard, right then and there.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When the class was over they got up together and made their way, laughing and joking, to the school bus, though as quickly as possible. The bus was sparsely populated; they quickly moved to the back bench and sat together, close, behind the last seat on the left. They chatted, but anxiously—they couldn't wait to get back to Will's house, where the other Will, the Will whose turn it was to stay home, was patiently waiting for them (how patiently? Barry wondered). The long-lost twin story had only extended so far, since “Phil” supposedly lived far away in Vancouver, so the Wills decided pretended to be one guy, at least through the end of high school. Barry just thought it made their secret snuggling together at night that much hotter.

Other students trickled on to the bus, and the two boys barely noticed the glances and stares of the other young men and women, at the sight of the two sexiest guys in school in one place, having over the summer become inseparable best friends. Some of the guys seemed reluctant to sit down and face front, losing their view of the young gods, tall and handsome and bulging with muscle and somehow charged with sexuality. One or two who normally sat in the front plucked up enough courage to sit near the back, where they could steal glances at the unsuspecting hunks out of the corners of their eyes.

It was nearly time to go when Andy got on the bus. Barry drew in his breath and nudged Will, who nodded and smiled. As Andy climbed in, the bus itself suddenly seemed smaller. Andy had always been tall and lanky, with long well-muscled arms and legs and a long, tight torso; but over the summer he'd shot up like a beanpole, until so that now he was close to six-foot nine, and was even more lanky, his thick pectorals capping endless abs, his limbs provocatively long and beautifully sculpted—though few observers put it into quite those words. But he was already being called Stretch school-wide; though Barry could tell, as Andy made his way toward them with a wide grin, that his shoulders and pecs were filling out and were pushing against the short tee shirt that showed his navel—before long he wouldn't look at all like he was all arms and legs.

Barry knew that long arms and legs on a lean, well-put-together boy was almost as sexy to Will as the kind of muscular hunk that Will had helped Barry become. In fact Will had admitted with some embarrassment that he had tried out his abilities on Andy and had had trouble stopping, since with each augmentation—a little bit taller, arms and legs a touch longer, feet a little larger, fingers longer, taller again, and so one—Andy became sexier and sexier, until at last Will had to break off cold turkey. Meanwhile Andy, though ignorant of their origin, seemed delighted with the changes, and since school had resumed he was fending off all kinds of advances as well as dealing with appeals from four different sports teams.

Andy, still grinning, sat down next to Barry in the middle of the back bench, so that Barry was pressed between these two sexy guys, and as his dicks pumped he entertained a brief but vivid image of the two of them bending over and taking his slabs of cock into their mouths. Since he'd gotten two cocks he'd only had one double blow-job, from the two Wills of course, and he wanted more.

Barry whispered to Will, “We have to tell him.” Will glanced at Andy and Barry saw a flash of guilt, combined with naked lust—though Barry was pleased to see that lust was not quite as strong as what he saw in Will's eyes for himself.

Barry turned to Andy. “Hey, Stretch,” he said. “How's it going?”

“Great,” Andy said enthusiastically. His long legs were folded up to fit in the seat, and his right leg was drifting over Barry's, the underside of his long thigh brushing the tops of Barry's well-rounded leg muscles. “I've been trying for hoops every year since junior high, and suddenly this year I'm a shoo-in.”

“Having some wardrobe trouble, though,” Barry added, tugging at the too-short tee shirt.

Andy smiled ruefully. “You don't know the half of it,” he said. Barry knew what he meant, and it made his cocks surge suddenly, and another half-cup of precum leaped out of his cocks. Barry and Will were seniors, and Phys. Ed. was optional for seniors, so they'd been able to keep their enhanced pythons secret; but Andy was a junior and had no such option. Word had spread from the locker room like wildfire about the fire hose between Andy's long legs.

The bus got under way, and as it jostled down the road Barry realized that the way his precum-lubed cocks bouncing together, combined with the feel of Andy's muscle against his (and the thought of that fire hose—could he see it, twitching near the knee under the extra-baggy jeans he wore?) on one side and the sex-radiating Will on the other, he might cum before he got home.

“What about you, Bar? Why the jacket? Aren't you hot?” Andy said, patting the letter jacket above the waist—then his grin, and his hand, froze, the latter having felt just what was under that jacket. Andy pressed his long-fingered hand against Barry's palm-wide boners through the fabric and stared at his friend in wonder.

“Oh, he's hot all right,” whispered Will. At that moment Andy gently squeezed Barry's prelubricated cocks together, and suddenly he realized couldn't take it any more. His big balls roiled, and then his cocks burst, pounding hot thick cum onto his abs and chest under his drenched shirt and dampening jacket. He tried to stay still and look as normal as possible, but he couldn't hide it from Andy, whose big long-fingered hand hadn't moved. His eyes were wide, and he was panting slightly.

“Andy,” Will said brightly, “why don't you stop by my place for a lemonade?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“So,” Andy said, slamming the door to Will's place behind him, “what the fuck?” As they moved into the family room he stared at Barry, pointing at his hidden cocks. But Barry looked at Will, whose shirtless “twin brother” had silently emerged from somewhere in the house to stand next to him. After a while Andy looked over at Will, but his eyes drifted back to Barry. Andy's eyes were wide. He knew something was going on that was strange, and he seemed both anxious and excited; at any rate there was a small dark spot in his loose jeans near his left knee.

“It's really very simple, Andy,” Barry said finally, shuffling uncomfortably. “Will, here, ah, discovered that he can do things. With his mind.”

“I can make things grow,” said the Will who had come home with them. The other Will nodded. Barry glanced at them, and spared a moment to drink in the beauty of the two twin sex gods standing together, virile specimens of teenage manhood. His own twins jumped against his abs. But he had to concentrate on Andy.

Andy was looking at them warily, aware that this simple—if bizarre—explanation would cover what had happened, but not ready to believe. “Maybe you should show him,” Barry said. “But not like you showed me,” he added hastily.

The two Wills frowned, looking at each other, as Andy watched, biting his lower lip. Then they nodded and the first Will indicated the feet of the second Will, who had, Barry now realized, walked in barefoot. “Watch,” he said. The two closed their eyes, and both Barry and Andy stooped to look at the twin's beautiful feet. Barry had never exactly been “into” feet, but he had noticed that Will's six-toed feet were somehow sexier than usual, long and nimble and graceful and solid all at once, and he knew that during his early experiments Will had spent a lot of time mastering the foot.

Andy let out a low gasp. An extra, seventh toe was forming on each foot next to the big toe, just like the second toe but longer. The whole foot was widening just enough to accommodate the extra toe, and Barry could see complex adjustments to bone, muscle, and nerve were going one under the skin. The whole process seemed to take seconds, or hours, the watchers were so enraptured, though in truth it was probably about twenty minutes. Finally the two Wills took a deep breath and opened their eyes, and the twin delightedly wiggled his newly increased toes.

Andy looked up with wild eyes, mouth open, a discernable hard-on throbbing against the entire length of his thigh. He seemed at a loss for words. Then he straightened up to his full height and licked his lips. “And that's why…” he breathed, looking down at his own bod.

The two Wills nodded. “We're sorry,” they said. “You were getting so sexy it was hard to stop.” And Barry noticed that even at this strange moment the two Wills were eyeing this tall giant hungrily.

“Sorry! You didn't ask,” Andy said, staring hard at the two hunk twins, but at the same time stroking his long shaft through his jeans. “I tell you what. Um, you're not really Will's twin brother, are you?”

The second Will smiled and shook his head. “I duplicated myself once,” he said. “It took a long time.”

“Could you do it again?” Andy said quietly.

Barry and the two Wills looked at each other, amazed. “You want to have another body?” Barry said incredulously.

Andy smiled sheepishly. “I never knew I was gay until sometime last year I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I wanted to kiss the man I saw in there. Now—don't get me wrong—I'm not full of myself. Not at all.”

“I know you're not,” said Barry honestly.

“But you found yourself attractive,” Will said.

Andy let out a deep moan, and let his hands wander over his long, lithe body. “Man, did I ever. I've been burning to have sex with that guy in the mirror and it's only gotten worse this year. I started realizing that that boy was getting hotter and hotter…”

They were all getting hotter. Each of them was picturing this tall, outstandingly sexy teen-man making love to his own body, exploring the long, muscular arms, caressing the broad, thick pecs, kissing his own sweet lips, sucking his own prodigious cock, writhing with two bodies in the throes of fantasy…

“Shit,” said Andy said suddenly, “I gotta free this sucker.” Before they could say a word unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to his ankles, revealing his long, well-muscled, hairless legs, a hard, perfectly rounded ass, and a foot- and-a-half-long shaft, wide and flared near the top, that immediately sprang up from where it had been struggling against the pants and slapped against Andy's sternum.

Barry and the two Wills gasped. They started shucking their clothes, their eyes riveted on Andy, who had immediately taken the cock into his mouth and wrapped two big hands around the lower part of the shaft, slowly stroking the huge boner as he passionately sucked it. Barry watched fascinated, his own hands stroking his two big cocks, occasionally straying to his huge pecs and the massive muscles of his arms. His anus twitched, and suddenly he imagined that he had a second body, and that it was behind him, pressed hot against his back, cupping his bowling ball pecs, two cocks—or were there more?—pressed against his virgin ass, his hot breath on his own neck, more hands stroking his many palmwide cocks, stroking his flat abs, a fire burning in the loins of two amazing bods. God, he wanted it too…

He glanced over at Will and saw that he was doing what Barry had been imagining: Will had gotten behind himself and was pressing his footlong cock into his own ass, while running his hands over his delicious bod; but their attention was totally consumed with Andy. Barry glanced back at Andy and gasped again: Andy was growing! His whole body was huge, his head scraping the ceiling, and everything was bulging, growing thicker and wider—arms, legs, torso, head, hands, cock. Andy seemed not to notice, transfixed by his autofallatio, though he was working it slower now, as if slightly dazed. Barry's eyes seemed to blur, he was having trouble focusing on his giant transforming friend. He stroked his cocks in awe, mouth agape, precum dripping on the tile of the foyer.

How long this went on Barry wasn't sure; he felt as though he were in a dream. But suddenly both Andy and the two Wills started to grunt. Barry blinked at Andy and quickened his pace on his own two cocks, his heavy fists, fingers not quite touching, flying up the shafts. Andy, now over nine feet tall, was now nearly doubled—he appeared to have one body built onto the back of his original bod, with muscular shoulders and torso and ass all attached together, long lithe arms and legs and two heads free one behind the other. The head in front was still sucking the long cock in front, seeming close to release; the head in back was kissing the neck in front.

Just as Barry, getting close himself, was wondering if Will was going to leave Andy that way, with an audible pop Andy burst apart into two huge, awesome, sensuously beautiful bodies, and simultaneously the two Andys and the two Wills screamed in climax, their hard cocks bursting with hot cum, carrying Barry over the edge as well. The Wills and Andys stumbled, collapsing against each other.

Will, panting, looked over the nearly ten-foot-tall Andy and grinned. “Sorry about the height,” he panted. “Got carried away. … I'll fix it later.”

“No rush,” Andy breathed, grinning.

“No rush at all,” said the other Andy.


Part 3: Dream into waking

Barry writhed in his bed, immersed in a recurring dream. Though the October night was cool and a clean cold breeze gently tossed the light curtains, pinpricks of sweat dotted Barry's fair brow, and a few damp locks of his long wavy hair clung to his forehead.

Barry turned toward his side restlessly; as he did so the top sheet dropped away, revealing a beautifully sculpted muscle-hunk's body—a work of art begun by Barry through years of long hours in the school gym and weekends of hard work on his uncle's farm, and cunningly augmented by the lust of his buddy Will, who had turned his newfound mental ability to grow organic matter to the betterment of his friends. After, that is, first painstakingly growing himself a new body, turned out in exquisite detail to be as luscious as the body Will had grown up into.

Droplets of sweat had broken out across Barry's ponderous pecs as well, and here and there across his tight, hard torso. His light blond public hair was dark with moisture, and the two oversized, double-wide cocks that thrust from that groin glistened in the moonlight with bright sweat and duller precum, rock-hard and pressed tight against each other, the broad arrowhead tips just overapping, the palm-wide shafts jostling as they throbbed in rhythm with the pounding of Barry's heart. A meaty hand rested nearby even in sleep, ready to be called upon to meet his urgent need, yet somehow seeming reluctant to escalate the intensity of whatever his dreams had stirred deep within him.

He muttered softly in his sleep. “Two Wills,” he sighed. “Two—” He lapsed into silence, and lay, twisted slightly awkwardly, his torso lying flat but his powerful, hairless legs twisted to the side. His chest rose and fell slowly and rhythmically.

All was still in the room except for the fluttering curtains and Barry's restless form; but he was not alone. Two pairs of bright green eyes shone in the darkness just beyond where Barry stretched in his extra-long twin bed. A visitor with eyes accustomed to the dimness in the room would have made out in the deep shadows two broad-shouldered figures with close-cropped hair. They stood between Barry's bed and the window, so that what wee-hours moonlight there was backlit them, silhouetting two forms that even only in outline, and broken by the lines of tee shirts and jeans, were obviously perfectly put together.

There was a flash of teeth as the two figures shared a smile, quickly sheathed. Then they set their bright eyes on the sleeping hunk, with a startling intensity of gaze.

They knew of what Barry dreamed.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Barry emerged from his dream into a half-waking state. His mind was saturated with sensations and feelings it could not understand or process. A seed of panic appeared deep in the core of his mind and threatened immediate and explosive germination, but a single clear thought settled like cool dew on the surface of his consciousness and sank slowly through it.

You're all right, it said. Enjoy this moment.

Barry relaxed slightly in spite of himself, trying to process his senses, afraid to open his eyes. It felt—it felt like his entire body was immersed in something active and tingly, like a carbonated spring. It seemed to come from all around him, or all through him, permeating his flesh and more than his flesh, recesses and inner places he'd never felt aware of, bone and gut and sinew. Every atom of his body was alive and beyond alive, resonating, throbbing with energy.

He was bathed in a warm fire that did not burn but seeped around him and through him as if he were made of a different kind of matter from the solid objects of our universe. The intensity of the sensation was more powerful, more pleasurable, than an orgasm sustained, even accelerated, over seconds, minutes, hours… There was no sense of time, and the stimulated atoms of his body seemed to spin and—


Barry's breath caught, and he felt as if he were in space, or the womb, floating, unencumbered by gravity. Still he was afraid to open his eyes, though in his half-awake trancelike state he sensed that the cells and the very molecules of his teencolt body were somehow too numerous, that his mind held sway over more body than it had ever done before, tightly packed and bound to his body and mind. He breathed, and he seemed to breathe normally, and yet not normally—more air, more lung, deeper breaths. He licked his lips and tried not to understand the sensation that came with that.

The mass of his being contracted a little—he felt strangely dense—and then in his mind he could sense a—a—a twoness—

He could sense everything that was him dividing, separating, pressing into one aspect or the other of his twoness. Unlike the slow process of propagation this seemed to take place in the space between one moment and the next, and then it was over.

The eerie dreamlike state evaporated and was gone. The ecstasy like the impossibly sustained orgasm was gone. The warm light was gone. He lay, heavy again with gravity, on his own bed, the dream over.

He was weighted down.

His entire body was being pressed into the bed by something—a form—a body: a body he could sense from the inside, a body he could see with his eyes closed.

He opened his eyes.

So did the form on top of him.

One Barry stared deep into the eyes of the other.

Their chiseled, masculine faces, rough with the lightest of stubble along their chinlines, were hardly an inch from each other. Soft bursts of hot breath played across their lips.

Without breaking his intense stare deep into his own cobalt blue eyes Barry sought sensations from below. His entire body was responding to the stimulation of a body as hot as his own being pressed against it; his whole being simmered with arousal. Muscles from all over his body responded to his queries, returning floods of joy and a vague sense that they felt unusual, engorged, as if his muscles had swollen and firmed with arousal the way his cocks did; and they all reported being pressed hard by muscles that felt identical to themselves. His cocks were rigidly, painfully hard, superpumped with blood, and deeply stirred at being interlaced with two equally overtumescent cocks pressing down hard from above. They felt huge, heavy and oversized even for him, yet natural, primal, fountainheads of profound lust and pleasure.

Still staring deep into his eyes Barry cast his net just a little further, and became aware, on the tingly fringes of his perceptions, of the sensations of the body pressing down on him. As he attended to these senses he seemed to feel from the body above, feeling himself pressing down the tightly packed, heat-flushed muscles of his own overbuilt body; and as he processed that marvelous sensation the world turned slightly in an easy, fluid movement, and after a fleeting, barely perceived moment of sharing, of unity, he was continuing his stare into his own eyes, looking down.

His stomach twisted, slightly, unused to such a turning of the world, and then the moment passed, the twinge forgotten.

Muscular arms came up from below, wrapping around his broad pale back, and as he enjoyed the thrill of being wrapped in those arms he sought for, and found, the matching sensation of the body beneath him, wrapping his arms around him, and as he held him he rediscovered the moment of unity and seized it, fed it, fixed it in his mind, or his mind within it, and allowed it permanence, and as he proceeded to increase his own physical stimulation he felt unbridled pleasure from both directions, enmeshed in the rapture of the complete sensation of lovemaking.

He kissed him, and the pure joy of those sensations from both directions carried him away, into a warm, powerful paradise of almost unendurable intensity, and he came many times and eternally, until the endless night at last and gradually subsumed into the perfect slumber of the sated.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Will's two forms had stayed only long enough for the two Barrys to become aware of each other, then slipped silently out the window, each sporting a foot of cock protruding above their loose jeans, not at all concealed by their thin, loose tee shirts. As they clambered out they shared another smile, remembering their own moment of discovery and desperately anxious to return home to relive the moment for themselves.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Continued in Twinning: The college years.

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