The witch’s menagerie

by NaughtyKitchenware

Deep in the forest, as far away from civilization as possible, lives an old but youthful witch. A witch who needs some help from young mortals in gathering her special ingredients. The job description includes some… adaptations, but her latest recruit doesn’t seem to mind at all.

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Alex was done with everything. Done with college, done with money, done with his overly ambitious family, done with fake relationships. He was going to get away from it all.

After finding out that his current partner had cheated on him, he decided to live off the grid. No more expectations and no more people he didn’t want to deal with. Just him, and whatever would be out there.

He didn’t rush out the very next moment but took two weeks to prepare for living in the wilderness. Sturdy tent, cooking utensils, books about what to eat and what not and more stuff that you probably need for survival.

In the middle of the night Alex just disappeared then. He drove out of the city and hopefully as far away from civilisation as possible. After some research he had decided to settle in an abandoned logging forest. No one has been there in the last 80 years; the road wasn’t even drawn in modern maps and the next town with more than a hundred people was almost 100 km away.

He needed almost till the next evening just to get to the highway exit that would lead in that direction. So, he slept in a motel that night.

The entire next day, Alex was busy navigating the increasingly smaller and more desolate road of the rural areas and he often ended up on the wrong path. In the late afternoon he arrived at the last settlement he would get to see. It was little more than a general store with a handful of regular customers, half of which were probably dead already.

Alex bought some gasoline and then continued onto the old, barely visible road. Because of that, he had to stop once it started to get dark, unless he wanted to risk falling down the steep slopes beside the road. He decided to sleep in his car and, thanks to the late-spring temperatures, in the nude, just how he preferred it.

Falling asleep was a little bit difficult, but nothing a little jerk-off session couldn’t help with. And there was no possibility that a roommate would storm in without knocking.

Despite the lack of comfort, Alex slept surprisingly well. The sun was barely out when he continued his drive, still with nothing on.

Fortuna was apparently with him, as the entire road was free of any major obstacles, so that in the late morning he arrived at the end of the road.

An old log cabin stood on the opposite edge of a big clearing. To his left there was a large mountain river and it looked like there was a former dam for accumulating water to flush the trees down the mountain. But time and the river didn’t treat the dam well and it was now broken and useless. The cabin, on the other hand, seemed to be in very good condition. One of the windows was broken, but Alex was convinced he could at least cover it up.

Once he thoroughly inspected the cabin, he decided to explore the area around. Not too far, and only with proper marks in sight. After putting on a pair of baggy pants and some proper shoes, he started going. Surprisingly, there was a visible path that led into the forest.

Alex followed the path and after a few minutes it opened to a lake. The water was clear, but in the deeper parts it turned a dark green. The sun glistened on the small waves, and it looked very welcoming to swim inside. Alex stripped down immediately and jumped into it. The water was refreshing and cool. Diving down, Alex saw how many algae were growing down there. It was almost like he was flying above a miniature forest.

After getting out again, he lay down in the sun to dry. He took care to not doze off, as Alex’s light skin was a bit sensitive to sunburn.

He had lain there for a while when he suddenly a rustling. Alex immediately got up and looked around. Hopefully it wasn’t a large predator. Scanning his surrounding he didn’t see anything at first but then he noticed a fallen tree that wasn’t there at first. Alex wondered that a fallen tree hadn’t made more sound when it suddenly moved. The fallen tree apparently was alive. The creature decided to come closer to Alex.

Once fully emerged from the undergrowth, the young man could see the creature in its whole weirdness. It kinda looked like a giant stick bug, just with several more pairs of legs than usual.

While the almost 3-meter-long main body was about the height of Alex’s head, the legs arched above that, like on a daddy longlegs. While it marched closer in a hypnotizing pattern, he recognized a bulb-like structure on its front that probably was the head. On the backside it had a broom-like structure of, what, cerci maybe? But while that part certainly was strange, the creature’s “face” was even weirder.

It looked like someone had used their marbles and put all of them into a ball of playdough, as the creature had several eyes, but every single one of them had a different composition of colour and specks inside them, while also being differently sized. Neither was there any hint of symmetry in their arrangement and the closer it came, the more Alex noticed that its legs didn’t come in pairs either but seemed to grow randomly from its body.

The creature stopped about a meter away from Alex and seemed to wait for something. He was sure it didn’t intend on harming him, because those legs certainly looked pointy enough to kill him just by running him over.

Patiently it seemed to wait for something. Alex then noticed something glistening beneath its head what seemed almost weirder than the creature itself: a name tag.

He couldn’t read it from there, so he decided to carefully get closer. The creature didn’t seem to mind as it closed its eyes in unison. Despite the dissimilarity, Alex couldn’t stop thinking of a comfortable cat looking at it.

Once Alex got close enough to read the tag, he recognized the creature’s name. “Marbles.” A frog-like sound came from the creature. Apparently, it was glad that it made a new friend.

“What are you doing here, Marbles? It certainly looks like you have an owner, but where are they?” Marbles opened its eyes again. Suddenly a myriad of proboscides unfurled from the bottom of its head and started wandering over Alex’s arm.

Alex had always been ticklish, but when Marbles suddenly started to lick him with the uncountable tongues hidden in its proboscides, he couldn’t stop laughing.

“Please Marbles, stop! I am ticklish! Hahahaha…ouch!” Faster than he could react, the stick creature had pierced Alex skin with one of its thinner proboscides.

Before he could do anything about it, Marbles had already retracted their mouthparts and skittered away in something Alex could only describe as “many-legged trot of a proud stick”.

He continued to stare in the direction where Marbles disappeared till his arm started to ache. On the spot where it had bitten Alex, a small wound, not larger than a pea, was visible. Unfortunately, the creature had pierced the same vein used for blood donations with almost surgical precision, causing a small red river to run down Alex’s arm. “That little fucker…”

After getting back to the cabin, Alex took care of the admittedly almost healed up wound and decided to make dinner. Afterwards, he felt drowsy and decided to get early to bed.

The next morning, he decided to clean himself up in the river, especially because he felt low-key like shit and hoped that the ice-cold water would reawaken his spirit. He grabbed a towel and his toothbrush, slipped on some shoes, and went out of the door when suddenly someone greeted him: “Good Morning!”

Startled he turned around to see a woman sitting at the table on the cabin’s veranda. She was reading a book and looked up at Alex, only to lift the book in front of her face once she saw that he was completely nude.

“I don’t mind the eye candy but if you don’t like me seeing you naked, you might wanna get clothed,” she said.

Alex was still slightly shocked from her sudden appearance, but quickly regained his composure. “Actually, if you don’t mind, I would like to stay like this.”

He certainly wouldn’t mind even if she was staring permanently at him. Alex was a bit on the shorter side with 1,70 m, but he was definitely proud of his body. He had worked out a lot and had a decent amount of muscle on his body. His form was also covered in a fine dusting of blond hair everywhere, that only got thicker on his crotch and his chest. Alex kept the hair on his head in a slightly shaggy short cut and sported a small goatee. And his cock wasn’t too shabby. At 15 cm erect it was just slightly above average, but right now it wasn’t even half that long.

He pulled out a chair and sat across from her at the table, feeling his walnut-sized nuts rest on the wood.

The strange woman had set down her book and looked at Alex now. The first thing he’d noticed about her were her shoulder-length, snow-white hair, and her ruby eyes. If it weren’t for her tanned skin, Alex almost thought she was an albino. Her build was tall, probably at least a head taller than Alex and she had the musculature of someone who did a lot of physical work. She had small crow’s feet around her eyes but otherwise looked rather youthful. If it weren’t for the earth-stained, washed-out lemon shirt she wore, Alex could have mistaken her for a fey about to abduct him.

“I have to apologize for Marbles’s behaviour yesterday.” Don’t scratch the fey part too fast, was Alex thought to that.

“Did you watch us?” He wondered if she was a bit of a voyeur.

“No, but it was a bit suspicious that they brought me blood in their proboscis.” At this moment a rustling could be heard, and the wood creature trotted out of the forest towards the veranda, lying down in front of the veranda in a complex motion that would scare an origami grand master. “And well, when I asked where they got the blood from, they led me here.”

Alex looked to the strange creature. He still wasn’t over the betrayal this marble-eyed wood spider-cat-dog-thing has inflicted upon him. “But why would they collect blood in the first place?”

The strange woman seemed somewhat reluctant to talk about that. “What is your name?” she asked instead, avoiding the question.

He decided to play along, maybe she would tell him later. “Alex. And yours?”

“Citrina is the name.”

He nodded. “So, what do you do for a living?” he asked. Citrina made the same face as when he asked her about the blood. Alex folded his arms. “I hope you don’t intend to sacrifice me?”

Citrina’s eyes opened wide from shock. “No where did that come from!?”

Alex raised one of his eyebrows.

Citrina sighed. “How old do you think I am?” Alex was confused by the question and tried to answer even though her entire appearance presence seemed to contradict itself in that department.

“I don’t know, forty maybe?”

“A bit younger…and with one more zero.”

At this point his jaw dropped. “You…”

“…were born in 1684.”

Alex was taken by surprise. “You act more like a shy college student than a 340-year-old.”

Citrina wrinkled her nose angrily. “I think Mister Aussteiger is the wrong one to judge me for following my introvert instincts and avoiding direct human contact since the beginning of the millennium.”

Alex frowned at her quip. “And the reason for your high age is…?”

“I am a witch. And thanks to the internet I no longer have to interact directly with people to sell my products.”

He wrinkled his forehead. “You have internet?”

A smug grin appeared on Citrina’s face. “Magic and technology get along better than dualistic fantasy stories promise.”

“So, and what has that to do with the whole blood story?”

Citrina seemed to think for a moment, as if to lay out the words she wants to say. “You see,” she explained, “there is one ingredient that’s rather hard to get but has a multitude of appliances. It’s called Life Essence and it’s generally produced by every living creature, but some do it more than others.”

Alex looked at Citrina. “I hope you don’t want to turn me into a permanent blood donator to get that life essence?”

The witch reached forward and snipped her fingers against his forehead like a grandmother. “Stop jumping to conclusions. Even if I would juice you day and night, I wouldn’t get enough to make a crumb of middle-class fertilizer. No, to become a good source of life essence, your body has to be refined beforehand.”


Citrina dug around in a bag on the ground and retrieved a few sheets of paper. The text on it was printed. Alex took them and started reading.

What Citrina described there was… extreme. Alex would barely be recognizable as a human at the end. But he could also feel how he started to chub up at the thought of being transformed like this. “Why this form specifically?”

“My predictions have shown this would give the best results for the life essence generation. And there is also…”

The witch turned the page and pointed to a section titled “Additional Cosmetic Requests of the Transformer”.

Alex read it and grinned. “You are quite the greedy one.”

“Listen, it would be no fun if I would just let you do your thing alone in an edge of my house. I also want some fun.”

Alex nodded. “But then I also want some ‘Cosmetic Requests’,” he said, getting more excited.

Citrina turned the page again and pointed at a section of blank lines. “Already considered.” She handed the young man a pen and he started to write.

When he handed her the contract back, Citrina’s face turned from idle to cringe and then to a judgemental look. With an exasperated sigh she said: “Okay, just don’t get either of us killed.”

Alex held out his hand. Citrina grabbed and shook it. “We still have to sign the actual contract though.”

Alex frowned. “I hope it’s not with blood.”

Citrina grinned lasciviously. “You can use your sperm if you want to.”

Alex shot her a grin back. “And you want to watch, I guess?”

The witch shrugged her shoulders. “Seems to be a fitting start for our partnership, if you ask me.”

He wasn’t opposed to the idea. And considering how hard he was already from reading the contract, it seemed like a good idea to jerk off anyway.

He scooted back with his chair so Citrina would have a good view of him. Without letting him out of her eyes, the witch used a needle to prick her finger and press a single drop of blood on the contract.

The blood turned black and formed a complex network of lines that seemed to represent “Citrina”. Alex was giving her a show in the meantime.

At first, he only worked his dick slowly, but soon he picked up the pace. Faster and faster, he went while making sure the witch would only see the best parts of him.

He moaned loudly and played with his nipple while not letting go of his dick with his other hand. Soon he reached his climax and with a satisfied sound he came in his hand and on the veranda floor.

He still basked in the afterglow when Citrina got up and went over to him with the contract. She was a tall goddess of 1,90 m and loomed gracefully above him.

With a firm grip she took Alex hand and pressed it besides her own signature. A similar network of black lines appeared and the sigilles connected with similar, but distinct lines.

Alex wanted to pull his hand away, but she gently kept it in place while setting the contract on the table. Citrina licked up the cum on his hand and then proceeded to kiss him, making him taste his own cum.

Alex almost went limp as her tongue invaded his mouth. He wanted to keep her close, but she pulled back and said: “This was only a taste test, little man.” Alex wasn’t sure if it was real or just metaphorical, but she definitely had put a spell on him.

Citrina said she would need till the evening to ready the refinement potion. Anxiously Alex paced the cabin. When the sun started to go down, he put on pants and a hoodie because it got a bit chilly.

The sun was almost completely gone when Marbles on the edge of the clearing. Quickly Alex grabbed the rucksack he had packed with things he wanted to take with him and ran towards the branch creature.

Marbles didn’t waste any time and led him along an almost invisible path. Despite their size, they navigated the forest with more ease than Alex.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, they arrived at Citrina’s place. Alex couldn’t see much in the darkness, but he was sure that her hut could have been out of a picture book, at least how irregular the few golden windows were.

The hut was placed on top of a hill with several paths of bright white stones and seemed to accommodate a large garden, even though he couldn’t exactly see any distinct plants. He just smelled the intense aroma of herbs in the air.

Above the hut seemed to grow a large tree that blocked out the numerous stars in the night sky. Calmly Marbles trotted over to it and climbed it up with much more grace than Alex would have guessed. They curled most of their limbs around a thick branch and once their eyes were closed, they were no longer distinguishable from the rest of the branches.

Left alone in front of the witch’s house, Alex went to the door on his own but before he could knock, Citrina opened the door for him. Her hair was a complete and utter mess and on her face was a cocky smile of triumph.

“Excellent, just in the right moment!” She grabbed Alex hand before he could even say anything and pulled him into the hut.

Despite the tall ceiling and big area, the hut seemed surprisingly stuffed and cosy. On every single wall there were books, jars, charms, scrolls and other miscellaneous items, and some which Alex couldn’t tell if they were actual witch equipment or just of Citrina’s personal interest.

Even though the interior was quite hoary there was also a lot of modern technology in the hut as well. A big computer that would make a gamer green with envy, a company office class printer, a giant flatscreen, a dishwasher and a washing machine. There were also some other apparatuses, which seemed to be either magical or a fusion of both magic and technology.

But the thing that incorporated the absolute contradictory and simultaneously harmonious nature of Citrina’s home was the kitchen. Just, calling it a kitchen was like calling an ocean a lake.

From the most modern induction stoves towards the most sophisticated clay oven, from grinders of all seven continents towards glass constructs found in an international laboratory, from hanging herbs to a truly impressive apothecary closet, there was everything to be found. It was not a kitchen, it was a laboratory, a workshop, and a forge of wonders.

And in this amalgam representing the art of consciously mixing ingredients together stood a bubbling cauldron that was the embodiment of every witchy stereotype, even though the rest of the lab looked it played an important role in the creation of its contents as well.

With an impatient but careful motion Citrina pulled out such an ornate glass, it could be described as expensive, from one of the many closets fixed to the roof and went to the cauldron. Alex went there as well and saw that atop the dark contents was a film of clear liquid.

With a wave of her hand, Citrina made spooky green lines appear on the cauldron. Where they first appeared, the rim of the cauldron lowered itself, forming a snout from which the clear liquid could separate itself from the dark undercurrent.

Once the glass was filled, the witch snapped her fingers, at which the liquid stopped steaming and water started to condense on the glass. She then went over to a counter, put a lime slice on the rim and a glass straw into the drink. For herself Citrina already had prepared a clear liquor on the rocks. And not a small one.

She went back to Alex and handed him the fancy glass. “Well, I guess you are the one with the life-changing decision, so it’s your call I guess.”

Alex looked at the liquid. It looked just like water, but he knew once he had downed, there would be no more going back. “You know,” the young man started, “you already had me when you showed me the contract and what my refinement would entail, but this—” he gestured towards the entire hut, “—this just screams sugar mommy, and I am all here for it. Cheers!”

Citrina laughed a raspy laugh. “And with your help I will be a much better sugar mommy.” They clinked their glasses and downed both their drinks in one go.

The potion had a bitter-sour taste, definitely a fit for the lime. After downing the entire thing, Alex shook himself. “Puh, feels refreshing.” Citrina put her glass to the side and went over to him and pulled down the zipper of his hoodie.

She pulled apart the side to reveal Alex’s torso. “Trust me, it’s going to get hot from here on.” She pulled back and leaned against the counter, undoing the knot in her lab coat. Beneath it she only wore a pair of baggy pants and Alex that her torso might be even more defined than his own. Her breasts were certainly a treat to look at.

Alex knew the end result of his transformation; he just didn’t know which part would come first. He didn’t have to wait for long.

Soon Alex noticed how everything started to get larger, or rather, how he started to shrink. First his pants got so loose that they simply fell down and when Alex looked down, he noticed how his cock and balls seemed to keep their size.

His hoodie followed suit soon and slipped from his shoulders. Once he stopped shrinking, he stepped out of his now way too-large shoes. He looked to Citrina, who was now almost twice as tall as him and noticed the mirror to her right and his reflection inside of it.

While he already noticed that his genitals had stayed the same size, he didn’t notice the same had happened to his muscles and nipples as well. With the same muscle mass as before but barely one meter of height, he went from lithe to absolutely buff. Just his oversized nipples looked a little bit ridiculous. “You didn’t tell me I would keep those.”

Citrina smirked. “It was not necessary, but I knew you would appreciate it.”

“I didn’t say I was into big nipples.”

Her smirk turned into a lusty grin. “Touch them.”

Alex wondered what she meant, but upon touching them, his body was shook like from an electric current.

He gasped. “Wow, that was intense.” His big cock was slowly boning up and he felt slightly dizzy from the lack of blood in his system.

“By the way, once the transformation is over, your boner will be permanent. Otherwise, you would faint every time you get aroused.”

Alex touched his dick. It felt so sensitive. “I… I think I won’t mind.”

Citrina continued smiling while slipping a hand down her pants. “How about giving me a show while we wait for next part?”

“Sure!” Alex smiled. He himself wanted to watch his body as well. With a look into the mirror, he started posing.

He let his muscles play. Showing off his biceps and triceps. Pressing his chest muscles together, even though it almost cost his balance when he brushed against his nipples. All the while his cock and balls continued to grow.

He then turned to show Citrina his back muscles and his bubble butt. When he squeezed his gluteus, he could hear how she gasped. When he turned around again, he had the tip of his cock in his mouth.

Citrina seemed to not like this development that much, but this had been Alex’s request. His dick was now thicker than his forearm and reached all the way up to his chin. His balls had dropped down more than halfway towards his knees and gurgled with a slight noise.

A drop of precum started to form on the tip of Alex cock and he seductively trailed his tongue around the head while licking it up. The taste was salty and sweet and felt energizing. Alex felt hornier, but not just that, he also felt more active in general. And he felt how his skin started to prickle.

“I think now comes the next part.”

Alex moaned at the pleasure. “Good…”

Citrina almost drooled at what would happen next. By now Alex’s blonde hair had turned completely white and started to get denser, especially on his lower body and his forearms.

Soon his entire lower body except for his genitals was covered in white fur. The same could be said about his forearms and the white crest on his chest that pointed down to a fluffy treasure trail. His hair had turned considerably fluffier and more extended into a mane on his neck and shoulders but leaving the front of his throat with only a light dusting.

It extended down the spine of his back and formed a fur trail on his back. Also, his forearms were soon completely covered and when he turned his hands around, he could see paw pads developing on the tips of his fingers and his palms.

At the same time his feet started to elongate, and he fell to his knees. They started to stretch out and soon turned leporid, like a hare. Simultaneously the rest of his legs rearranged to a digitigrade stance. Alex was panting heavily. He didn’t expect this part of his transformation to be so pleasant. By now his cock was dripping copious amount of pre.

He could also feel his head changing. His ears grew longer and longer, covered in velvet fur, turning into rabbit ears that slightly stood up from his head at an angle, only to dip back down again. His face also changed, his nose turning pink, soft and damp and his hair invading the space just below his eyes.

His senses sharpened and immediately got flooded with information. The most obvious were his own and Citrina’s arousal. He got up and wobbled towards her. Walking on his new legs would take some training. By now her pants had slipped down to her ankles.

When he finally reached her, he noticed how his head was almost perfectly aligned with Citrina’s crotch. Even though it could have been very much her wish, he knew from the contract his height was one of the required parts of the transformation.

Said transformation was apparently on a small break now, as his body didn’t continue to change. Alex opened his mouth and let his tongue slip into her vulva. He gently licked along her inner lips, once on the right side, then on the left side. Slowly he worked his way upwards, towards where her hand was massaging the sensitive flesh left and right from her clitoris.

When he got closer and tried to touch the small bulb of her clitoris, her hand blocked him. “Not now…” she moaned. “I want to save this ‘til the last part of your transformation.” Alex wanted to protest when suddenly a sharp pain made him hold his head. Between his rabbit hands, two knobs were becoming visible.

He turned around and showed Citrina his back on which she recognized two buds of which she knew would soon become wings. She could also see how two small horns emerged from his head. The most ideal solution would have been antlers, but she didn’t want Alex to get caught in something.

They only grew to the size of her thumbs and then stopped. Meanwhile, Alex wings had developed even further. Their base structure was complete and once the feathers would have grown, his wingspan would probably be wider than Citrina is tall.

Alex then turned around again, revealing the final change and the one Citrina had awaited most. On the side of his cock that was facing his body, a ridge had formed. On that ridge, an uncountable number of nubs had formed and Citrina had to admit that more cock probably also meant more nubs.

The witch squatted down. “Come here now.”

Alex looked doubtful at her. “Are you sure? This stuff looks like it could make you pregnant if it just touched your skin.”

Citrina rolled her eyes with a slight chuckle. “Buddy, I didn’t have my period since almost three centuries. No reasonable person would extend their periods.”

Alex walked over to her. “Anything I should consider?”

Citrina lowered herself onto the tip of his dick. “Leave the moving to me, and only hold me up if necessary. I don’t want this thing to hit my cervix.”

With that she lowered her body onto the cock. Suddenly the nubs stirred to life and released small tentacles. Alex’ eyes went wide with shock. “Is… is that what you feel?” He wrapped his muscled arms beneath her legs.

“Yes,” she sighed. “All the other parts of the transformation potion are relatively easy to create. They are just alterations of things that already exist or in a very similar manner. Those little guys on the other hand are rather novel.”

The tentacles slithered around and very gently touching the upper parts of her vaginal lips and her clitoris. They were careful though, still adapting to their newest client.

“In general, they do three things. They secrete compounds that make negative sensations during sex almost disappear, they sense the partners nerve signals, and they stimulate the other partner.”

Alex furrowed his forehead. “You simplified it a bit too much I think.”

“I am not done,” Citrina shot back. “Above your bladder there is now a plum-sized ganglion. It’s responsible for computing the incoming signals and sends to the tentacles what they should do exactly. And there is also a treat for you…”

“I mean, being good at sex without having to think for myself sounds like a big treat already.”

The witch smiled down at him. “The ganglion also accumulates signals of pleasure, including orgasms and releases them as fast as possible when you orgasm.”

Alex’s eyes went even wider than before. “That… sounds intense. I am in.”

At that moment the tentacles stopped. “Should that happen?”

“Prepare to hold me.” Alex’s tentacle ganglion deliberated a few more seconds when the Citrina Speciale program started. It was not sudden, but slow, like the start of an orchestral composition. The tentacles started to work on the inner lips and clitoris.

Some of them shaped themselves like little blunt buttons that pushed or delicately rammed against the tissue, some like whips that lashed like such, tickled carefully or wrapped themselves around the clitoris and massaged it like a python. Others vibrated and other used electric tissues to deliver small shocks and others heated up or cooled down depending on the current demand.

It was like every single one of them was a small communicative little sex helper that did the best they could do and there were so many of them. It didn’t take long until Citrina orgasmed. She got weak in her knees, but Alex held her steady. He was significantly smaller, but still had the same trained muscle mass as before.

It went on like this for a while and Citrina didn’t really know if it was just a few minutes or hours between her orgasms, it was such a blissful experience. She never wanted it to end.

“Eh, Citrina?”

She angrily fought through the mist of desire and looked down at her partner. Something was weird. His face was so close. Did he regain some of his size?

“Didn’t you say, you didn’t want me to hit your cervix? Doesn’t that hurt normally?”

Citrina’s eyes opened wide. “Oh shit, the tentacles are a bit too good at pain-dampening.” She lifted herself off Alex’s dick and looked at it. Considering that she’d only slowly slipped down on him, the risk for injury wasn’t that big, but safe was safe.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked while rubbing his sore arms.

“How long did we go at it?”

“No idea, I have no sense of time”, the little half-wolpertinger said. “Anyway, I am going to get those handful of orgasms out of my system now.”

“Wait!” Alex already wanted to turn around and say that she is a selfish lover when he saw the strap-on in her hands.

“Oh…” It was the size of his cock before his transformation. “I guess I can wait.”

After wrapping the strap-on around her hip, Citrina looked around and saw the considerable amount of pre-cum Alex had produced. Taking stock of his pretty sizeable and audibly sloshing balls she came to one single conclusion.

“Let’s take this to the shower.” With that said, she scooped Alex up with her work-hardened arms and carried him to the shower. It was a 2x2 m tile floor with glass and stairs on one side and tile walls on the other three. She stepped up the stairs only to step them down on the other side again.

“What are those for?”

“I sometimes work with ingredients that shouldn’t get into my regular sewage treatment and I have no designated decontamination shower. So, I just plug the drain in this one and clean the contaminated water in here before releasing it.”

“And it’s not dangerous?”

“Not when I split every single chemical bound.” She gestured towards the fiercely bleached tiles. “So, how we should go at it?” she asked. “Slow, or…”

“Fuck me like it’s Walpurgisnacht, witch!”

“Getting railed ‘til you are dry, it is.” After lubricating the strap-on with Alex copious pre, she put him on it with his back facing to her. With a wave of her hand, she closed the drain.

Her chest now rested against his wings. His feathers finally grew out completely and had the white-blackspotted pattern of a snow owl. Citrina wrapped her arms under his furry legs and started pegging him furiously.

In the meantime, Alex used his hands and mouth to work his cock. He then remembered his sensitive nipples and played with them and left his mouth working on his dick. The combined stimuli from his prostate, his nipples and his cock were soon too much for him and he came.

The force from his cum was strong enough to knock his head from his cock and soon one spurt after another came from his monster. He didn’t know for how long, but somewhere in the meantime his ass started to feel empty. Citrina probably left him to his own devices.

He didn’t know how long it took, but his orgasm started to ebb down, and he regained his consciousness. He realized he was standing and leaning against the wall. Just, even though he was standing, the cum levels reached almost to his nipples.

Oh, fuck!” He looked around and saw Citrina standing on the other side of the glass. She had clothed herself into a pyjama with bunny print. “Ho-how long was I gone?” His cock was still spurting in the last throes of his legendary orgasm.

“Two and a half hours. I certainly enjoyed the show, some people would pay a fortune to bathe in such a concentration of life essence.”

Alex realized that somehow Citrina had changed. Not visually, but she was more radiant. “It was a good thing I added resistance towards physical changes through life essence into your potion,” she said. “Otherwise, your cock would have grown out of proportion by now.”

Alex furrowed his forehead. “Isn’t this what you wanted?”

Citrina shook her head. “Oh no! This is what I predicted to be your monthly output.”

“And what does this mean for me now?”

“Well, it means you can now do what you want ‘til I’ve found a way to effectively distill so much life essence and sell it.”

Life was good for Alex. He was now living with Citrina and Marbles on her hill, which turned out to be mobile on a pair of secretary-bird legs. When he mentioned Baba Yaga’s chicken leg hut, the witch almost felt insulted. “How can you compare poultry with the most kick-ass bird in existence? Unbelievable!”

Since his transformation he was constantly horny, and while having sex with Citrina was always a treat, she was also a low-key workaholic. But it didn’t bother him that much. He could just suck himself off. And since that only leads to life essence concentrating in his cum, Citrina was only too happy about it.

Flying was still a bit scary, but it was also fun. Sometimes Alex fantasized about flying and dropping a bucket of cum on some unsuspecting sap. But Citrina said that concentrated life essence could change people if they are not immune to it.

So right now, Alex was just fantasizing, perched on a bough, with his cock in his mouth and an absolute hot piece of nudist hiker resting below his tree…

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