The hunger

by JustSam

 A young scientist decides to try a muscle-growth serum on himself, but it does not have the intended effect.

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A young scientist named Milo was working on a special compound that would improve your body in every way. He had already lost count of how many times he had failed, but now he was finally close.

“This time it has to work,” he said to himself as he worked.

After a few more minutes of mixing and processing different components, he was finally done. A white compound filled his beaker, the one formula that would transform your body into a bodybuilder even without making any effort to do so.

Milo turned on the camera in the garage of his house where his lab was and pointed it at himself.

“Test number #37. If all goes well, this formula will transform not only my body, but the industry as a whole.”

Without even thinking about the consequences or conducting preliminary tests, the scientist drank the entire liquid. A few minutes later, a heat began to emerge in his body causing him to take off his lab coat as he was melting.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the heat ceased, having no other effect.

“What a surprise, yet another failure. I will review the formula tomorrow and understand what went wrong.”

At the moment, Milo was tired and decided to take a break to eat. He went into the kitchen and made himself a sandwich. But before he finished, he felt a strange sensation. He felt horny. His cock hardened within the confines of his pants, making a bulge. Milo had never been as horny as he was right now.

“You seem to be in high spirits today,” he said, looking down at his tented pants.

He went upstairs to his room before he even ate. On the way, he was taking off his clothes and noticing the heat was gradually increasing.

In the bedroom, when he took off his pants, he was met with a thud to the abdomen caused by his 25 cm monster. Despite being a bottom, he’d always liked to brag about what he had hidden in his pants.

Milo went to the closet and got some toys and lube. Just the fact that he wanted something in his hole made him twitch like he was hungry.

Milo liked to play with the sensitive areas of his body, taking his time. But something was wrong. When he ran his fingers over her ass, her hole contracted harder as if sensing the presence of something that might get in there.

As he slid his finger through his hole, it sucked with a strange force, almost as if its life depended on it.

“You’re hungry today,” he said with his eyes closed, savoring the feel of his finger being pulled deeper.

A second finger was added and it was also sucked. A third and fourth followed shortly thereafter.

“Hhhhmmmm, yeah…”

Milo found it strange that his hole offered no resistance to fingers. But he was feeling a pleasure he never felt, making his worries disappear.

A real feeling of hunger took hold of his asshole, demanding something more inside him. Something to fill him up completely. “What the fuck is happening to me mhhhhhmmmm,” he said, breathing heavily between moans.

Milo didn’t know it, but his ass was growing too, getting rounder and fatter, almost the size of a basketball.

With his free hand, Milo picked up the first dildo. Didn’t even bother to lubricate it, just taking his fingers out and sticking it in her ass. Again, without any resistance, his hole sucked the toy in with such force that it nearly slipped out of Milo’s grasp.

For a few seconds, that 18 cm piece relieved its heat, bringing back a bit of consciousness lost in the orgasmic euphoria.

He thrust in and out with speed given the need to fill his hole. But something was missing.

Milo was close to coming, but something wouldn’t let him get past the edge. He needed more. He looked to the side, and on top of the bed was an equine-shaped dildo at least a foot long and as thick as his wrist. Instantly, his hole spat out the cock inside him and it pulsed hard, demanding that monster inside him instead.

Milo grabbed that butt-wrecker and shoved it in without even questioning if it would fit inside him. But to his surprise, it went in little by little.

“More!! Give me more!!!” he screamed with an animalistic need.

When his ass hit the base of the dildo, he had the most intense orgasm of his life. Ropes of cum flew over him, hitting his chest, face, and some flying over the headboard. He blacked out, a slight smile on his face after that orgasmic outburst. But one thing was certain: in the morning he needed to find out what was going on.


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