The gaincation

by Goldcoaster

Middle-aged Tom decides to take a chance on growing the belly he’s always wanted. It comes with other changes he never could have dreamed of.

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Okay, we all know what we’d like for our fantasy vacations. Some of us want to go to Europe or the South Pacific or just rent a cabin in the North Woods. What if someone offered you the chance to take time off, totally relax and experience all the ‘gaining’ fantasies that you ever wanted? This is what happened to me.

I had a month, maybe more, of vacation time saved up and desperately needed a break from work. If I worked in some sick time, I could get 8 weeks together, but that would be pushing it. Each morning that I entered the office, the schedule, pressure and aggravation were driving me to sleepless nights, miserable eating and Tums by the end of the day. I had to get away, fast and for a long time.

Thumbing through the local gay rag I perused the vacation section and something caught my eye. Gaincation, nothing to lose and everything to gain. It went on to explain how it was everything and anything you wanted it to be, keeping the name in mind. Imagine being completely relaxed, not having to worry about anything. No responsibilities, just being totally pampered. Sounded perfect. The word Gaincation had a very alluring sound to it as well. I had always wanted to put on some weight. I went to the gym but still looked pretty average. I wanted to be big. My age, in my 40s, told me that being a 20-something stud bodybuilder was no longer in the cards, but I still lifted pretty good weights and a 16” arm and 50” chest were still possibilities. I always figured my gut, although gravity had taken its toll and pushed my belly to 38”, would be smaller than my chest.

I called the number in the ad. Not an 800 number—it seemed like a private line. A guy answered ‘Hello’. I said I was responding to the ad and his tone turned very friendly.

I explained that I had 6 to 8 weeks of vacation coming up and this was a good time to get away. He asked what I was looking for and I told him. ‘Total relaxation, turning my life over to whomever runs the place and if I pick up a few pounds, no big deal.’ After all, who doesn’t come back from a cruise 10 pounds heavier?

‘Perfect!’ he said, and we made arrangements for me to arrive on Sunday. It was now Friday afternoon and I packed quickly for my extended stay away from home. It was winter at home and I’d be going south. It wasn’t hot, but more temperate, like in the 50s and 60s. I packed a jacket and sweater. The rest I figured I’d wear over and over after being washed. I left the timeframe open but figured after 2 or 3 weeks I’d be ready to come home. There were few details about the treatment but I figured a leisurely breakfast each day, maybe some hiking in the nearby hills, a massage in the afternoon, some cards and brews in the evening after a nice home-cooked meal. Two weeks, tops, but two weeks I desperately needed.

The plane arrived at the Georgia destination and I took a taxi to the address given to me. It was a modest home in a nice neighborhood. Very normal to be sure and not exactly what I expected for a carefree vacation. I expected a pool at least and some property around the place for peace and quiet. We would see. I pressed the doorbell and waited. Standing there with a couple of pieces of luggage in this neighborhood made me feel a little curious to the neighbors. The door suddenly opened and a middle-aged man, fairly average looking but with a brilliant smile behind his close-cropped beard, greeted me and welcomed me into the house.

“Tom?” he asked. I nodded. “Come on in! I’m Jason.” And he grabbed my bags before I could even reach down for them. I felt instantly ‘at home’. He introduced me to his partner who, along with him, would be sure that my stay was everything I wanted it to be.

“Well, Tom, welcome to our home and your ‘Home away from home’ for a couple of weeks, or as long as you want.” He smiled again and I couldn’t help feeling a tingling sensation in my groin. Mark came forward, another bearded but heavier guy, and took my bags from Jason. “Follow me,” he said. “I’ll show you your room.” I did as told and we walked down a typical hallway to a bedroom with a queen bed and view of the landscaped yard in back. He must have noticed my look of disappointment. I really expected something more luxurious or at least a Jacuzzi bathtub. Not even a connecting bath! He winked at me, the slight lines in his face all gathering to make a smile and said, “Don’t worry. You’ll never be the same again when you leave here.” I hoped so.

It was near lunchtime. Jason and Mark asked me if I was hungry and I said, “Of course! After a few peanuts on the plane, I’m starved!”

They looked at each other and I thought I noticed a nod of agreement. “Great!” Jason said. “Let’s get down to business!”

All had been paid for in advance, at least for three weeks. That was their minimum. I figured if I left after two, they’d refund the rest. I wasn’t worried. If I decided to stay longer, they had my credit card to pay for additional time, so there was nothing to do now but relax and be pampered. “We’d like to show you the place, so let’s start downstairs and work our way up.”

“Sounds good to me! As long as there’s food along the way.”

“No worries about that!” Jason exclaimed. “Why don’t you take off that jacket and shirt. Tees are fine here in the house. Besides, it looks like you’ve got a nice bod and there’s no room for shyness here.” I obliged and stripped down to my white T. The house was warm, but it felt good. I noticed that Jason and Mark were wearing only tight T-shirts and very tight jeans. They were definitely bear types in terms of hairiness and some extra weight. I guessed their ages to be close to mine, our builds about the same and the instant sense of comfort was amazing. All was good.

“So, let’s go downstairs. Watch your head. You look about 6 feet, 200, right? You might hit your head near the bottom.” At the same time he asked me if I wanted something to drink. “Sure!” I answered and Mark appeared almost immediately, almost too soon, with a tall glass of what appeared to be iced tea. I took a long, deep swallow, licking my lips afterward. It was very sweet and had a taste that I couldn’t pin down. Their own recipe I guessed.

“You’re right on with the weight, but just under 6 feet. Five eleven and a half—-good guess though!” I took another long swig of the iced tea. Shit, it was good! I would have guessed it was spiked but it was only 11:30 in the morning. Maybe these guys started early.

We got to the basement and it was dimly lit. There was a sort of hallway at the bottom of the stairs with several doors leading off of it. We stood for a moment, then Jason led the way into the first room. Like the hallway, it was dimly lit with nothing but a couple pieces of furniture and a storage cabinet. The floor was tiled with a large floor drain near the back.

“This is our total relaxation room. That big chair—” (and it was really more of a leather-padded table on a 45 degree angle to the floor with holes in various places and straps on the edges) “—is for the guest who wants the ultimate experience in leaving here a new man.”

It sounded perfect to me. “Sort of odd looking for a chair. What’s with the straps and holes?” I finished off the iced tea and strangely, Mark had another glass ready for me. I felt a little tipsy, but what the hell, I was on vacation! I took the glass and put away half of it in the first gulp.

Mark continued, “Some of our guests are just so comfortable, they fall asleep and we gently secure them so they won’t fall.”

It sounded a little kinky, but why not? With that in mind, I finished off the second glass of tea. Mark and Jason looked at each other as I yawned. “Sorry guys! It’s not the company, you can be sure. Was up pretty early this morning to make the flight. Just getting into relaxation mode I guess.”

I stood there for a minute, Jason and Mark looking at me with what appeared to be concern. “You okay?” Jason asked.

“Shit, guys, I’m sorry, but I’m so tired, I can hardly keep my eyes open.”

“No problem, man, that’s what a vacation’s for!” Jason answered. “Take a load off your feet.” And they put me into a normal chair in the corner of the Relaxation Room. In seconds flat I was stripped of all my clothes but couldn’t, didn’t want to, complain. The room was very warm and taking off all my clothes felt better. Whatever was in the tea that I was feeling, it felt good and it was something that I had needed for months. No more watching the clock, nagging boss and idiotic clients to deal with. This was perfect! I was totally relaxed.

Jason and Mark started laughing a bit. “Okay, big guy, time to put you to bed for a while. Can you get up?” and they helped me up. No sooner was I on my feet than they had turned me 180 degrees and leaned me against the odd table thing.

I fell back and sighed. “God, this feels good!” I sank into the leather padding except for my ass which was lodged in a hole. Sort of weird but I wasn’t so naïve not to suspect some fun had occurred on this table.

“You haven’t even begun to know what ‘good’ feels like!” Jason said, and gave my very small gut a light punch. Suddenly I felt the straps that I had seen being secured to my arms and legs. A belt was fastened around my waist, but very loosely, like they wanted to give me room to move around. Then a strange thing happened. I was groggy but still aware of something I didn’t expect. A leather harness was put on my head with straps that wrapped all the way around my face and mouth. I had a tough time seeing it all, but a wide band of leather with a hole in it went across my mouth. Everything was tightened and my head was held tight to the table. I was immobile, but whatever was in the tea made me let them do whatever they wanted. For some reason, I couldn’t fight it and the mystery sort of turned me on.

“Still hungry?” Jason asked.

“Starved!” I slurred, but loudly.

“What did you say?” he asked.

“I’m starved!” I answered.

“Good! Because it’s chow time!”

With that, I saw a huge funnel brought close to my face. There was a twisted end to it, something I’d never seen before, and before I knew it, the end of the funnel went through the hole in the leather strap over my mouth. The end of the funnel was now in my mouth and there was no way that I could spit it out. My arms, legs and torso were strapped in. My head was tied back to the table and now this funnel thing was in my mouth and secured to the head harness. Shit! What was happening? I began to get nervous, although my drugged state kept me from becoming frantic. I thought to myself, “These guys don’t want to hurt me. This is a business and they’ll want me to tell my friends about them.”

“Okay, time to eat!” Jason whispered and he lifted a gallon milk-jug into view. “You like chocolate?” I nodded yes, as well as I could with the harness and funnel shoved into my mouth. Really, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have the energy to resist. I was so tired and at the same time hungry after the long trip. I simply gave in to whatever my host suggested. “Ready?” he asked. I nodded and muffled an ‘Okay’.

He lifted the gallon jug of liquid. It looked really thick and gooey as he started to pour it into the funnel in front of my face. The liquid came through the funnel and oozed into my mouth. I choked at first and he stopped pouring. “Swallow steadily,” he said, and I obeyed. He let the first funnel-full of liquid go down. I enjoyed the sweetness and the thickness was like a shake. I really enjoyed it even in my half-asleep state.

“All down?” Jason asked. I nodded affirmatively. He filled the funnel again. I swallowed as fast as I could because now he kept pouring. The funnel remained full even though I was gulping down the thick liquid with all my might. I stopped every so often to try and breath. “Put your tongue over the end and breathe through your nose,” Jason said. I did and slowly developed a rhythm of swallowing and breathing.

Jason continued to slowly fill the funnel until I felt like I could take no more. My stomach was at the bursting point and the liquid started to dribble out the sides of my mouth. I shook my head as best I could to indicate ‘Stop!’ Now, probably 20-30 minutes after he started, the gallon jug was more than half empty and he smiled. “A good start. Take a break.”

And with that, he stepped away from me. My gut felt huge, like I had never felt it before. I’d overeaten at Thanksgiving but nothing ever felt as full as this. I suppose that because I couldn’t move, I didn’t fight it or mind it. It was uncomfortable, but I slowly adjusted to it. Jason could see that I was giving in to the stuffing. The funnel was pulled out of my mouth. The lights went out, I heard him walk to the door, close it, and stuffed, I fell asleep.

I don’t know how long it was but suddenly the lights came on and I heard footsteps in the room. I was more awake now. The drugs or alcohol, whatever it was, had worn off.

“What the—-”

“Relax! We’re here! You’re on vacation!” I heard Jason’s voice say. He appeared in my slowly focusing vision. Mark stood next to him. Mark was holding two of the milk-jugs that I vaguely remembered seeing before I passed out. One was the half-full jug from before. The other was totally full.

“What’s going on here? Why am I strapped in like this? This isn’t what I signed up for!” I protested. At the same time, though, the sweet chocolate, gooey liquid had dried around my mouth and I licked at it now. I didn’t want to admit it, but I wanted more of it. I also had to piss and take a shit. “I got to pee and take a shit,” I said, hoping this would be enough of an excuse to get me off the table.

“Go ahead!” Mark told me. “We’re here to clean you up. Do whatever you want.”

I wanted to, but couldn’t from embarrassment. “Let us help you out here.” Suddenly I felt a finger lubing my ass through the hole in the table. That stopped and something went in. A warm liquid started filling my ass and up into my gut.

“Fuck, what the hell—”

“No worries! Just let it happen.” And I did. I heard and felt the liquid flush out my ass and I couldn’t help but piss openly. Everything went to the floor and then I heard a hose spraying. Evidently, my piss and shit were being forced to the drain in the floor. It stank for a while but then the air cleared, my head cleared and Jason stood before me.


“Well, I got the shit scared out of me, but yes I am. But first, what the fuck’s going on here?”

“You signed up for a totally relaxed vacation. So, here you are. What else could you ask for?” and I felt Mark stab a needle into my arm. Slowly, I relaxed again. Whatever I worried about was now forgotten. My stomach was empty. My bowels and bladder were empty. All I could think about was eating again and strangely, I craved that extremely full sensation. It seemed like a day, although I’m sure it was only hours, since I had fallen asleep and now woken up. Something about that shake was very addictive and I suddenly craved it more and more as I thought about it filling my gut.

“Hungry?” Mark asked again as he held the empty syringe in his hand. I couldn’t help but nod, ‘Yes’. Jason took the cue and I felt the funnel being pushed into my mouth again. I tried to resist but the drugs wouldn’t let me. I was barely alert enough to swallow and the liquid began again. This time, Jason wouldn’t let up. I began to gag but he let the liquid flow out the sides of my mouth. I thought I would choke but he told me to get used to it. “Drink like the pig that I want you to be,” he said. The words were strangely erotic. Me, a pig, a hog being raised to show at the county fair.

I tried my best and eventually, like before, I breathed through my nose, then swallowed the thick liquid. I tried to keep up but it still flowed out the sides of my mouth.

“Doing better,” Jason said, “just relax and let it all go down.” I did and then it stopped. “Good piggy boy! You finished off the first gallon and almost a half of the next one. We’ll give you a few minutes to digest.”

I could feel my stomach aching. I tried to look down but the harness held my head tight. I knew, however, that my gut must be sticking out like never before. I was absolutely stuffed! The liquid was not like water, but thick and gooey. I knew it was loaded with sugar and fat. Is this what they meant when they said I might put on a few pounds?

“Just to be sure we keep everything in proportion…” and I felt some kind of suction device, like a plastic tube, placed over each of my nipples. Mark pumped something and I could feel the flesh of my nipples being sucked into the plastic tubes. The tautness hurt a bit but also felt good.

Then a complete surprise. I felt Mark fingering my ass, I suppose with lube. Then something very big was being pushed into my ass. “Ouch!” I yelled as best I could with the funnel still in my mouth.

“Relax! Remember, that’s what your vacation is all about!” Mark responded. The stinging sensation slowly went away and then I just felt this thing filling my ass. The instinct was to shit it out but Mark had strapped it around my hips and it wasn’t going anywhere. It was a butt plug. Eventually, I did relax and let it fill my ass.

And so it went on for what seemed like days. I really had no way of knowing since the room had no windows, no clock, and Jason and Mark’s appearance didn’t seem to stick to any particular schedule. All I knew was that as soon as I became anxious, I felt a prick in my arm and then everything was great. I was hungry and fed. Each day, Mark brought out a hose, lathered me up and hosed me down with warm water like the grand hog that I was becoming. I demanded, craved, absolutely had to have the sweet, thick goo out of the funnel until I couldn’t take another drop. I couldn’t imagine eating any other way than being force fed through the funnel. Why bother cutting up food and lifting it to my mouth when it was offered to me like I was a god?

I knew my gut was blowing up and I could barely move my head enough to look down. They cleaned my ass every day. I was getting used to the enemas, even enjoying the warmth filling me from that end, then the sensation of shooting out the foul liquid and being totally clean again. Twice now, the butt plug in my ass had been replaced with a new one and each felt bigger, much bigger. I adjusted to it each time. My nipples were very tender as they placed the suction device on them but after a while, they would ease the pressure and just let the plastic tubes sit on my engorged nipples without any discomfort.

In my relaxed state, it was easy to get a hard-on. Jason and Mark always noticed and took turns sucking my cock. I tried to think of the things that used to turn me on—young, muscled guys riding my ass and shooting a huge load in me or sucking them off and feeling the same hot load go straight down my throat. Now, I felt something different. I felt big and I felt like I was being worshipped. At the same time, I felt under the control of Jason and Mark. They weren’t demanding, but simply had me under their control. They had taught me to want what they offered. I was always relaxed. It was easy to give in to their talented mouths and tongues and each time, due to the huge amount of liquid filling my body each day, I rewarded them with a mouthful of cum that that they had to choke down. Yes, I was now their prize hog, even spewing semen like the horses and hogs in the corral.

I slept half the time and was being fed the other half until I was so full I could do nothing but fall back to sleep. They kept me clean and had begun to stimulate areas that I had neglected before. I could tell that my nipples must have become an inch long and almost that wide at the base. They would pull the butt plug out of my ass and each time it came out more easily. I didn’t know how big it was, but the third one—which really hurt going in—now slid in and out with no problem. I had to guess it was almost the size of a fist. Mark now told Jason he had to look for something bigger to fill my ass. Fuck, I thought to myself, and smiled.

“Okay, my friend. Are you ready for a weigh-in?” Jason asked. I had no idea how long I had been in this room. I guessed it had been two weeks.

“Hahaha!” I managed to say. “Who wants to know?”

“We do!” he answered. “After all this work, we want to see the fruits of our labors. C’mon, it’s time we gave you a little freedom. We’re just finishing up our fourth week.”

Four weeks! Fuck! It couldn’t have been that long! The reality of that knowledge started my adrenalin pumping. I began to squirm as hard as I could, although my muscles were now so weak from not moving, it was hard to budge. Then the prick again. I began to relax.

“Hang on, big guy, I think you’ll be happy with the results, and according to what you told us, you have another four weeks to go!”

The air began to fog as the drug kicked in again but I was still alert enough to do as I was told. I felt the straps come off and I began to slouch to the floor. My muscles could barely hold me up. The harness came off my head and I looked down, finally, at the enormous mound of flesh that had grown below my chest. Now that I had to stand, I felt like I weighed a ton. I raised and lowered my arms and watched as the flesh jiggled with each movement. My pecs had turned to orbs of fat with a huge nipple sticking into the air. Below that, fuck!, was a gut like I had never seen before. My dick was nowhere to be seen, just a huge mound of flesh projecting at least 6 inches in front of me. How could that happen in only four weeks?!

“Fuck! What happened to me? What did you guys do?” I demanded an answer but was almost quivering with delight as I hoped for something unimaginable.

“Hmmm. 12,000 calories a day for four weeks. Let’s see. Now, had you been active, you might have burned a good bit of it off, but seeing that you were, well, a lazy, prize hog waiting to go to the county fair, that’s about, I’m guessing, around 50 pounds. Hard to believe, but when you’re just a fat, lazy pig gorging yourself all day, what else can you expect?”

I was silent, not really knowing what to say, how to react. For a moment I enjoyed the change in my body, then began to think of when I’d have to go home and explain this metamorphosis. Would I be ashamed? Ridiculed? What would my friends think? Would they abandon me because I was fat now?

“Nothing to say?” Jason asked, but in a gentle tone of voice as though he know I was in shock. “That’s normal. You’ll adjust, just like you’ve adjusted to all the changes in your body up to now. Before we weigh you, we want to know it’s all you, no leftover shit to throw off the data. Let’s clean you out real good.” And with that, he removed the butt plug and gave me two enemas and I knew I was completely cleaned out. Funny how knowing that I was so empty down there created a sense of craving to be filled again and there was a clear indication of that as my cock began to spring up. Mark noticed immediately and just said, “Nice.” That was all and he put the butt plug back in. He did it slowly and I could feel my asshole stretch to accommodate what felt huge, but once past the widest part, it lodged itself in my ass and felt comfortable again. In fact, the sense of fullness was wonderful. I wondered just how big it was.

They helped me walk, and they struggled. I felt like a behemoth compared to when I had walked in, but most of that sensation was due to being so weak now. We entered a mirrored room with a huge balance scale at the back, almost like something used to weigh farm animals. I gasped when I saw myself in the mirrors. Although I was clean, my hair and beard had grown to a wild look so that I definitely fit into the bear crowd. My face and neck were now fuller and a noticeable layer of fat flowed down from my shoulders to a gigantic gut that seemed the focus of all the feeding. My legs and ass had filled out too but all I could do was look at the huge beachball gut in front of me.

“Okay, my prize swine, get on the scale.” I did and tried to remember what I weighed the day I left home. 200, that was it.

“255! A record for four weeks! Good job!” Jason howled. 55 pounds in four weeks! It wasn’t possible! That would be two pounds a day!

“Impossible!” I stammered, yet looking at myself, I wondered if it was.

“Amazing what the human body can do, especially when it’s doing nothing!” Mark added. “You really are the prize hog!”

A little steadier on my feet now, I began to really look at the changes in my body. Without the plastic tubes on my nipples, they shrank back a bit but were still substantial. I touched one of them and it immediately sprang up, gorged and hard. Touching the other one did the same. A profile view showed the full development of my belly. If I had hoped that my chest would always be bigger, that hope was now gone. The enormous mound of hard fat hung from my swollen pecs to a deep fold at my waistline. I tried lifting it and it was still hard from the heavy feeding. The fullness was something I had gotten used to, enjoyed and it never felt uncomfortable until the very last swallows from the funnel. The amount of time until I felt like I would burst took longer and longer now. I could drain an entire gallon at one feeding and amazingly, start feeling hungry again a couple hours later. Jason was happy to oblige.

The strap around my groin that held the butt plug in place was slowly being covered by flesh. When I walked, I could feel the plug’s size. “How big is that thing?” I asked Mark.

“Let me show you. Get on all fours for me, just like a hog.” I did as told, as usual now. He undid the strap and slowly pulled the plug out. I about freaked!

“Holy shit!” I yelled as a cone-shaped plug emerged. The base, which was what my asshole had gotten used to being ‘closed’ around, was roughly 2 inches in diameter. The widest point, that now slid out almost without hesitation, had to be at least twice that, almost the size of a good grapefruit. My ass closed sloppily as I moaned. I closed my eyes for a second to recover, only to feel something entering my ass again. “Fuck, what are you doing?!!” I yelled as Mark began to slide his heavily lubed fist into my ass.

“Just making sure all is going as planned. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing and will ease into your fat, sloppy pighole slowly and without hurting you. Now, how’s that feeling you fat sow? Need your huge man cunt filled more?”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I’d never been fisted before and had even winced at any cock larger than average fucking me. But Mark was being very gentle as he twisted his pointed hand into my ass. In truth, it didn’t hurt at all, no doubt due to the butt plug stretching that had been going on now for 4 weeks. So this was their goal: to expand my asshole to the point that even a fist would slide in an out painlessly, no, let’s make that pleasurably.

“Yes, I want my man cunt filled to the max, just like you fill my gut over and over,” I moaned. He went in further.

“I’m up to my wrist now,” and he stopped. “How you doin’?”

“It’s amazing!”

“Good,” he responded, and very slowly he probed further. Then I winced. It was getting uncomfortable.

“Good pig. You took another 6 inches of my forearm!” Then he slowly pulled out. I gasped as my ass tried to close but knew, even without seeing it, that it was now a gaping hole that needed to be plugged all the time.

“Jason,” Mark said, “I got the fattest plug I could find—it’s ginormous!” Mark opened a bag that he had left on the floor and pulled out a plug that was easily the size of a grapefruit at its widest and just a little smaller at the base. Fuck! Were they planning on shoving that thing in me?

“Okay, pig man, open that cunt for me.”

“No way! You’re going to rip me open!” and I struggled to get up.

“I think not,” Jason said and again the prick of the syringe. “I think you’re quite ready. Don’t worry. It’ll go in slowly. Just think of giving birth, like the pregnant sow you’re becoming, but in reverse.”

“I, I—I’m afraid,” I mumbled as the drug took effect. “When can I leave here? This is not right.” Despite the pleasure of the fullness, the regular blow jobs and the erotic sensation of seeing my body grow—I had asked to be big, didn’t I?—I suddenly regretted everything. What a fucking mixture of emotions!! I wanted it but at the same time was terrified of my future! The drug’s effect slowly calmed me down and my head began to droop. Still on all fours, I struggled to stay up. Mark moved quickly now. “Eeeeaaaahhhhh!” I screamed as I felt the heavily lubed plug pushing my hole open. The stinging, burning sensation of my ass being stretched further lasted probably a minute and I was breathing hard to adjust to it. Then slowly it disappeared and I began, once again, to enjoy the sensation of being immensely full. I guess the test would be removing it each time I had to shit and then putting it back.

“Okay porky, it’s time to go to your new home,” Jason announced. “You’ll like it there, more light, beautiful scenery, room to move around.”

I began to think that the worst was behind me and that this strange experience/experiment was nearing the end. Perhaps after four weeks, they were tired of the constant care given me and now a few days of ‘normal’ relaxation was in store.

The drug’s effect had stabilized and although tired and unable to resist doing what I was told, I could still move pretty easily.

“Shit, thank you!” I muttered and even smiled for them.

“That’s right, we want you to be happy, like the well-treated pig you are. Now hang on a sec,” Jason said.

Mark opened another bag and it was a jumble of what looked like leather cuffs held together with chains. My heart sank. This didn’t look like ‘normal’ to me.

With incredible speed, while I was still on all fours, Mark secured a leather cuff to each arm above my wrist, then a much larger cuff to my thigh just above my knees. Now, each arm was chained to the leg on the same side. The length of chain was short, just enough that I could crawl slowly. “Let’s go,” Jason ordered. “On all four legs now, let’s get to the pen.”

Four legs?!! The pen?!! What the fuck was he talking about? I tried to stand.

“Nah-ah-ah!” he said. “You’re my prize hog now and hogs don’t stand on their rear legs. Just move along,” and he pointed me in the direction of the door Mark was opening. The floor of this room was carpeted so crawling was not bad. As the door to the next room opened, I could see that indeed it was much brighter, in fact, a wall with a video image of the country faced me. I crossed the threshold and realized I was now crawling on a thick layer of sawdust. Oh, my God! Was this the ‘pen’ he was talking about? Now that I looked closer at the video wall, it was the country, but as seen from a fenced corral in a farm. To my right against a wall covered in barnwood were several large pots. It looked like there was food in them. On the opposite side of the room was a porcelain basin recessed into the floor with a very large hole in the center. A hose dangled from the wall nearby.

“Here you go, my fine, fat friend!” Jason announced. “Welcome to the sty! Nice soft floor for exercise and sleeping, beautiful view and plenty to eat.”

I looked again at the pots and indeed they were full, 3 of them brimming to the edge. One looked like the sweet funnel mixture. Another looked like pasta or mac and cheese and the last, sort of a feed mix that one would see in cattle and pig troughs. Suddenly I had to laugh. This was all so preposterous and crazy, I began to laugh out loud, almost uncontrollably.

“We love happy hogs!” Mark exclaimed. And seeing my situation, semi-drugged and a bit delirious with laughing, I did feel like a hog. Instinctively, I began to grunt and squeal as best I could. What the fuck was I doing?!! But I enjoyed it and did it again. Jason and Mark began to howl and slap my ass. “That’s the pig we like to see! Now go ahead and chow down. You must be starved!”

And in fact, I was. My regular feedings were only hours apart and by now it felt like I hadn’t eaten for a day. I crawled across to the row of pots, looked them over and began to sniff them. The mac and cheese smelled great.

“I don’t suppose there’s any chance of a fork or spoon here.” More roars of laughter and with that, I plunged my face into the mound of mac and cheese and began to gulp it down as fast as I could. It was fantastic—soft, gooey and rich! While I did, Mark brought over another pot full of clean water for me to drink. I guessed that the pot contained about 4 batches of the ‘family size’ mac and cheese and I managed to polish off about half of it. I moved over to the water bucket and slurped up a good amount. The feed bucket piqued my curiosity. I had to know what it was. I looked closely at it and began to take in the aroma. It smelled vaguely like vanilla but also something else familiar. Graham cracker crumbs! I dipped my head into the bucket and grabbed a mouthful. Oh my God, it was delicious! “What is this?” I demanded.

“Our own special recipe. Graham cracker crumbs, butter, some vanilla and a few other things to stimulate your palate,” Jason answered. “Enjoy! Now we have to get going. More work to do! It’s not easy raising a prize-winning hog.” And they left. I heard the door close and lock behind them. For a moment, I now wanted to cry. These crazy emotional swings!! I was terrified but as soon as I began to eat, I felt better. It was hard to say to myself, ‘What the hell, enjoy it,’ but there was really no option. I felt starved. This was a different sensation that seemed to begin after eating the mac and cheese. The forced funnel feeding was something I couldn’t resist and had no choice. Now, my stomach, almost like being high on weed, just felt totally empty. I had to eat again. I returned to the mac and cheese, slobbered up some of the original funnel goo and put away almost half of the crumb mixture. Finally, I was so stuffed I could barely move. I basically fell over into the sawdust and fell asleep.

I awoke a few hours later after feeling like I had been in a coma. My belly, as enormous as it was, still felt distended from the massive feeding. I began to think something was in the food that stimulated my appetite. I was hungry again. Then I noticed something else. While I was out, the guys had replaced the nipple pumps with much larger cylinders that now pulled my nipples close to 2 inches into the tubes. The tightness felt good and I felt my dick get hard, but hunger was becoming almost unbearable. I crawled over to freshly filled pots and started to eat again. The desire to eat became overpowering. It was like I couldn’t possibly eat enough to satisfy my hunger. Of course, I had to stop when I realized there simply was no more room. My stomach would rupture and like before, I just fell over into my sawdust pen/bed and slept.

The sensation of someone working on my ass woke me up. It was Mark. “Okay fat pig, time to get cleaned up!” The butt plug came out and I flinched. I was cleaned out, lathered up and hosed down and the plug put back in. I felt good and like before, feeling starved. More pots of food! There was always the goo mix, but the pasta and feed mix changed daily. Everything was delicious and each time as I ate, the sensation of an empty stomach returned, demanding that I eat more. I plowed through the pots this time, nearly finishing each one.

“Happy?” Mark asked.

“Very,” I answered.

“Not the right answer.”

“Huh?” I asked, thinking he’d be pleased.

“Hogs don’t talk. Try again,” he ordered. And I knew what he meant. I grunted loudly and squealed as best I could. “Better, much better!” and he left the room for a moment, only to return with more full pots of food.

I could tell more poundage was piling up on my body and now that I could move, decided to try and do a little exercise. I tried to stand but my weight was becoming so cumbersome and the chains so restrictive, I just began to crawl around the perimeter of my pen. I was truly starting to think of myself as a caged animal, resigned to my life of eating, sleeping and moving from one side of my quarters to the other now and then.

I couldn’t count the days but I knew many had passed, maybe 8 or 10. The routine continued. I now regularly finished the food given me, licking the bottom of the emptied pots. I was never allowed to speak, only grunt and squeal. The butt plug was removed and inserted effortlessly for my cleanings and my nipples now filled the entire cylinders. My belly nearly dragged on the sawdust floor as I crawled around. I had gotten huge. How much time had actually passed? Could I have grown this much in only 8 or 10 days? The answer came soon enough.

The door opened. Jason and Mark stood there naked. Then two more guys showed up behind them, also naked.

“There’s my prize hog!” Jason announced to Mark and the other two guys as he pointed at me. I heard smirks but also mutters of ‘Great job!’ ‘Amazing!’ ‘Fucking hot!’

The four of them came in.

“It’s time for all of us to have some fun now,” Jason said. “Until today, all it’s been was work for us and fun for you. What do you say?”

I wanted to say something but to my amazement, only a deep, approving grunt came out.

“Hear that?!!” Mark exclaimed with delight. “He’s become a true hog, sow, whatever magnificent pig he can be.”

I squealed for them to indicate my happiness with their satisfaction.

Then it began, the most sensual and erotic hour of my life. Although the chains remained, the nipple cylinders and butt plug were removed. I was flushed out, washed and wiped clean. Jason ordered me to lie on my side but a little more on my back. “Make sure those sow teats are reachable.” Then the two other guys, one on each side, got on the floor and began to suck on my engorged nipples. They flicked them, twisted them slightly, but it was the act of their suckling that most turned me on. I felt like the mother sow feeding her two growing piglets. I was instantly hard and since I hadn’t been sucked off in days, was ready to blow a huge load.

“You like that?” one of the suckers asked. I almost said yes, then remembered, and grunted softly. Everyone smiled. While laying there, Mark rubbed my enormous, hard gut. Plenty of flab had built up around the rest of my body but the constant, unending feeding had kept my gut as hard, and big, as a beachball. My stomach felt as though it had been stretched enough to hold 5-6 pounds of food at a feeding, and that happened more than once a day.

After a while, Jason ordered me on all fours again. My belly now definitely was touching the floor and my fat tits only a few inches above it. The two guys adjusted themselves so that on their backs, they could suckle me with their heads on the floor directly below my gigantic nipples. They resumed and I squealed. Next, Mark began to play with my ass. I knew he had lubed up his hand and had begun to work his way in. It was with almost no effort that he announced that he was in and moving halfway up his forearm. I grunted again. Jason now appeared in front of me, his dick now hard and bigger than any dick I had ever encountered. He knelt just in front of my face, then sat back on his legs. The head of his dick was only a couple inches from my mouth. “Go ahead. Aren’t you hungry?” he asked. “This is what your vacation has been all about, feeling hungry, feeling the need to be full, to be big, to be huge, to eat anything and everything. Time for a little cream.”

I grunted in ecstasy. Mark’s fist up my ass and my teats being sucked were sensational enough, but now a fat dick to suck on! I opened my mouth wide—so easy to do now with all the practice—and took his dick into it. I made it down to his balls instantly, probably a good, real 8” of fat cock in my mouth and partially into my throat. I had absolutely no gag reflex anymore and had learned to breathe when I needed to. My mouth rode his cock with a steady rhythm and he started to moan uncontrollably.

“Fuck, slow down!” he yelled. “Guys, hurry up. At this rate, I’m gonna blow in a minute or two!”

Instantly, I felt Mark’s fist pull out. “Almost to the elbow!” he said with satisfaction. “Time to fill this huge, sloppy hoghole with some dairy cream!” My two sucklers moved away and I could see that they were now standing behind me with Mark. I continued to suck Jason but slowed down, being distracted by what was happening behind me. I could tell that Mark and the others were beating themselves off furiously as they tried to reach an orgasm as quickly as possible. Then I felt it. One of them mounted me and with only a few powerful thrusts, unloaded inside my cavernous hole. He almost screamed as he came and panted hard for a few seconds. “Let me in there!” another voice said. Again, I felt a cock enter my hole, pound me really hard, but with so much room inside, it didn’t hurt at all, just felt wonderful. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” I heard and knew that a second load now coated the inside of my gaping man cunt.

“Get in there, Mark!” Jason ordered. “I’m gonna shoot!” and I readied myself for Jason’s hot, thick cum in my mouth. Mark was bigger and longer than the others and I actually felt more pressure as he entered me. It didn’t last long though. He must have been so hot and ready that with only four or five thrusts, he tried wrapping his arms around my gigantic gut to hold on and then shot. “Uuuuhhhhhhh! Fuck!”

“Fuuuuccckkkkk!” said Jason and I felt that last surge of blood into his cock that made it rock hard and send his flood of cum down my throat. I drank it eagerly. He pulled out and I made some soft squealing noises. I licked my lips and grunted. He knelt there for a moment recovering, then said, “Now, your turn. Roll onto your back.” I did and he removed all the cuffs from my arms and legs. I relaxed and for the first time spoke, “How long has it been?”

Jason, almost sympathetically, answered, “Seven and a half weeks. Just enough time for you to get back on your feet and home on time. Now just relax.” Nearly eight weeks!! How could it be? But then I didn’t care. Jason had taken my cock into his mouth and sent me far away from my worries. I was so bloated, huge, monstrous and yes, ecstatic at this amazing change in me and the treatment I received, that it didn’t take long before I felt a massive pressure of cum building in my groin. Jason sensed it and sped up. “Give me some lube!” he ordered Mark. Seconds later, Jason’s entire arm was entering my ass. My prostate was on fire and the flood gates opened. Jason’s mouth had taken my entire cock and now I heard him gag on the massive flow of cum. He didn’t let a drop escape though. He pulled away slowly and breathed heavily. “Shit! That must have been a full cup!” I grunted in agreement and passed out.

I slept for some time, how long, I didn’t know. The four guys came back and helped me to my feet. I was a bit stronger than I was when released from the table because I could move around, but my weight now had become a serious obstacle to movement. I looked down and saw that every part of my body was hugely swollen with fat and that my gut projected in front of me to the point I could not, could not, see my dick.

“Okay, my beautiful, prize hog, let’s get you to the scale.”

It was a moment that I dreaded but also one that excited me. How big had I become? I waddled on weakened knees but with plenty of help from the guys. We made it into the next room, the one covered in mirrors. Oh my God! I thought to myself. The word superchub came to mind and all the features one could imagine with it. I moved toward the scale and somewhat unsteadily, stepped up onto it. Jason kept moving the balancing weights. He went past 300 with no reaction from the scale. 325, 340—a little change. 350, 360—almost there. “Three hundred and sixty-eight pounds!” Jason announced. “More than a hundred pounds since the last time.”

“That’s physically impossible! It hasn’t even been 4 weeks since you weighed me,” I stammered, then grunted almost instinctively afterward.

“Well, not totally true,” Jason corrected himself. “You see, we weighed you after only 3 weeks, not 4. We just didn’t want to shock you too much with the speed at which you gained. And, as you might have guessed, the last feedings were even higher in calories and loaded with appetite stimulants. You surpassed our greatest expectations. Congratulations!”

“But, but—- Why?” I mumbled, the reality of what had happened almost unbelievable.

“Because you wanted a Gaincation! Look at everything you have now. Teats that can satisfy an army, an asshole that can take fists, dildos, whatever, effortlessly, and an appetite that has earned you a magnificent gut and first prize as our greatest hog transformation ever. Now, what can you say besides thanks?”

I was silent for a while, then with a very slight smile, I grunted loudly and squealed with delight.

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