The first time

by Golddream

Dave needs a place to stay, and fortunately, his gym bud Thomas is there to help. But in the week that follows, Dave is introduced to a whole new world of sensations.

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Read the title? Yeah, I bet you think this is about the time I lost my virginity, right? Well, it’s not. Thank god it’s not. My first time wasn’t anything special anyway. I was still kinda twink-ish, although I had a nice bit of definition even back then. And with a nine incher swinging between your legs, it’s pretty easy to find a guy that’ll let you do anything to them. It’s not hard for me to get what I need, especially now that I’ve bulked up and tightened a ton. I’m not huge huge, but I’m still pretty big. I’m mostly just proud of my definition, a strict diet keeping me tight and cut as fuck!

Anyway, this story is about a different first time.

So, a little background. At the time of this story, I recently moved out, and was preparing to move into my next place. Next place wasn’t quite ready yet, though, so I had a little over a week with nowhere to stay. What’s a cute blonde to do but to ask around and see if anyone will let me crash with them for a while, right?

Thomas to the rescue. That’s a gym buddy of mine. Well, ‘buddy’ makes him sound smaller than he is, probably. You know Thomas the tank engine? Well, this is Thomas the tank. That’s his nickname, or one of them, at least. Some others prefer to call him the Giant of Merveil Gym, and it’s not hard to see why. He is the -embodiment- of big. He’s a professional bodybuilder, standing 7’5”, towering over everyone. His arms are bigger around than my waist, maybe even my chest! And I’m no slouch myself!

As intimidating as he looks, he’s a really laid-back, friendly guy. Very first time I met him, I asked him for lifting advice and he kinda started mentoring me after that. The gains I’ve put on are in no small part because of him, I know that much for sure. Still, I’m a long way away from being a shorter version of him. Thomas’s core is nice and thick, he’s veiny... Well, not -all over-. Just in all the right places. Forearms, peaks of his biceps, just enough to leave no doubt in your mind of the power that’s coursing through his body.

But probably his most prominent feature, that every gym-goer is jealous of, is his big, juicy rack. He’s got pecs that always seem swollen, like thick, round muscletits. It doesn’t help anything that he usually wears these kind of low-cut tank-tops that kinda act like bras, pushing his pecs into full view, perfectly accentuating their size and shape.

You drooling yet? Because I was, first time I saw him.

Well, as luck would have it, Thomas was happy to help out. If I didn’t mind crashing on the couch, I could move in with him and his boyfriend for as long as I needed.

Oh yeah, he’s taken. Sorry, guys and gals, but that’s why I hadn’t tried to sleep with him.

So that’s how I wound up at their place, and met the lucky guy that managed to snare the hulk. Thomas’ boyfriend, Peter, is a stark opposite to the giant of Merveil, at least physically. Where Thomas is a bulging giant all over, Peter was shorter than me at 5’10”, and a kind of skinny I had never been. He wasn’t emaciated or anything, but there was no fat, and only as much muscle as was needed.

Makes for a bizarre couple, doesn’t it? A 7’5” giant in a relationship with a 5’10” dude! Even when the Tank knelt for his boy, Peter still had to stand up on tip-toes to kiss him.

Well, that’s what I moved in with. Pretty awesome place, though not very spacious. But the best thing were my two new roommates. I’d been close friends with Thomas for a while now, and I quickly learned to see what Thomas saw in Peter. Living there as a trio of close friends was awesome!

And on day three, an additional benefit became apparent. Thin walls. With only a door between the living room and the bedroom, I was treated to a midnight serenade of the most gorgeous moans I’d ever had the pleasure of hearing.

I didn’t mind, of course. These kind of urges need to be tended to, and I was very forcibly reminded of that that night. I hadn’t hooked up in those few days, or even jerked off, not wanting to risk either of them walking in on me. So I was pretty damn pent up, and when I heard those two going at it...

I kicked the bedsheets off and pulled my boxerbriefs down to let my rapidly hardening nine incher flop onto my abs with a solid smack. With gentle touch, as if handling a wild animal, I carefully took it into my hand and gave it a first, tentative stroke. My abs contracted as if by reflex, and I could barely keep from letting out my own moan as precum already began to flow.

With the sweet, sensual, high-pitched voice of Peter letting out a stream of ‘ooh’s being contrasted by the deep, dark voice of his giant lover, all I had to do was close my eyes and imagine it. Imagine skinny little Peter and the giant of Merveil, naked together, a beautiful ten inch shaft spanning the distance from Thomas’ pelvis and Peter’s ass. (I assumed he was that big. How could he not be?)

I took my time, treating myself. Rapid strokes taking me to the edge, then letting my climax drop and starting over with slow, sensual caresses. I let the heat take over my body as I listened to the raw pleasure, imagining it to the best of my ability, although it was hard to get a proper clue of how big Thomas could be without his clothes.

As their lovemaking seemed to approach its climax, I knew I couldn’t hold it back much longer. My body was burning with the need to release, and as every nerve in my body flared up with that impending point of no return, I held still.

I wanted to cum with them. And that’s when I heard it. Muffled, but the words were unmistakeable.

“I love your big dick, babe...”

I lost it. The image in my mind was replaced by a deeper fantasy of mine that I never dared dream up around Thomas. I never thought it would happen, but there was no other explanation.

It was Thomas’ voice that had moaned those words.

Which meant Peter, little Peter the twink-boy, was the one topping.

The mental image of such a short, skinny guy dominating such a hulking beast of a man crushed my mind and scattered the remains into a whirlpool of pleasure. I came, and came, and came, thick strands slapping across my face, across my pecs, splattering over my abs... I came and came, letting out everything I had, completely surrendering to the intensity of the moment.

I must’ve spent at least ten minutes basking in the afterglow, completely numbed. The noises had gone silent, my cum had begun to cool...

Eventually I got up to clean myself off as best I could. I let out a sigh as I got back in bed after the entire ordeal, thinking that this was probably going to be a one-off thing. I had, fortunately, never been more wrong.

Hm? Still thinking about that title? Oh don’t worry, this wasn’t the first time I’d listened to two people having sex. Nothing quite as mundane as that. The real first time of this story...

Well, that’s for next time!

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Similarly Named Stories

You might be looking for: “First day” by Thatbadwriter; or “First time(s)” by Richard Jasper.

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