by Dream Big

 The new stock guy at work, Kenji, is Sam’s pure fantasy—cute, tall, muscled, cheeky, and packing—and Kenji seems just as appreciative. There’s a secret about how Kenji got that way, though, which Sam accidentally discovers the hard way.

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“Oooh, Sammy has a new boyfriend!”

The running joke amongst the other guys in the stock room was that whoever got stuck with the trainee had a new boyfriend for the week. It’s the silly sort of thing a bunch of bro types say to tease each other. Harmless, if annoying.

Unless you were deep in the closet and crushing on one or two of your buddies. Then it closes in on unintentional psychological cruelty.

There were five of us working the late shift and the Christmas stock had become relentless enough that the manager had finally hired someone else, and he was supposed to show up halfway through the shift for training. As the most senior stock boy (not the oldest, I was 19, but had worked the previous season as well), the boss had assigned me to show the new boy the ropes.

“What’s the matter boys, jealous?”

“Hell yeah, bro. We are all gonna have to work extra hard while you’re playing supervisor.” That was from Mike, by far the beefiest member of our team. He was right, of course, but with any luck the new guy wouldn’t be too slow.

Mike, who was blond and twenty-two (and built very well) had been the target of my surreptitious glances for months, blissfully unaware that I was lusting after his taut ass and sculpted arms every time we pulled boxes. Ernie was the next hottest, a short and wiry Latino, but he was packing an oversized dick in his cargo pants—as I discovered when he forgot to lock the changing room. Martine was a dreadlocked dude who was pretty but a little too fond of his ganja for my tastes; he should have been hotter but he talked endlessly about nothing except pot. Both of them were somewhere in their early twenties. Billy, the lanky 17-year-old, was still fighting acne and occasional hygiene issues, but he had also gotten into great shape in the last six months. It was hard to keep his barely legal ass off my mind.

That left me, Sam, mister average. Though to be fair, I was in better shape now than I’d ever been and I supposed my looks were pleasant enough. Brown messy hair, blue eyes, thick eyebrows, even teeth. Tall but not too tall. Decent, not great. Cute, but not quite sexy. That’s what the cougar shift manager told me at last year’s holiday parity. Mary was pretty drunk.

“Know anything about him?” Billy asked.

“Mary says his name is Ken Furukawa.”

“Scrawny Chinese boy ain’t gonna be much help,” Martine said.

“Japanese. Furukawa is a Japanese name.”

“Long as he doesn’t show up half-baked like some people,” Mike groused.

“Speculation is a waste of time since he should be finished doing paperwork in about ten minutes.”

“Hello?” We all turned around to check the new blood.

Standing shyly in the doorway, and taking up most of it, was the hottest guy I had ever seen in person. He was probably built as solidly as Mike, but had almost k-pop idol looks and long straight hair pulled back in a ponytail. His freshly issued crew polo pulled tight over large pectorals and bunched invitingly around his arms and shoulders. But it was the khakis that did me in, because they were delightfully snug in the rear and crotch.

“Sam,” I said, extending my hand. He shook it with cautious enthusiasm. (I like that term, and suspect it will come in handy later… )

“Call me Kenji,” he replied, with the faintest hint of an accent. I guessed (correctly) that he was born in the States but hadn’t always lived here.

“Thought your name was Ken,” Billy said.

“I put that on my application,” Kenji said. “In case I sounded too Asian.”

“I hear ya, son,” Martine said. “Gets you past that first hurdle.”

“You don’t look like I expected,” Billy said, tactlessly. “I expected some skinny twink or something, a nerd.”

“You got some arms, bro,” Mike added. “I thought all you guys were super lean?”

Kenji smiled shyly and fiddled with the hair at the back of his neck. “I work out a little.”

Yeah, obviously he was above average. Not too many 6’1 Japanese fitness models around. But he seemed nice enough, if shy, and I wasn’t going to give my rotten coworkers a chance to scare him.

He picked it up rather quickly, and was soon hefting and stacking competently. He asked smart questions and despite the shyness, he moved with confidence and economy. His upper body flexed and bunched under his shirt and his legs pulled st the khaki fabric. His long straight hair was pulled neatly into the ponytail as he worked, and he seemed to be just about to break a sweat all night. In the end, he had been a quick study and hard worker, and we were all pretty happy with him.

I sent him on break once the truck was unloaded, but about five minutes after he walked away, I noticed his phone was sitting on the floor. I grabbed it, told Ernie I would be right back, and headed to the break room.

He must have worn himself out, because I found him there sprawled across the sofa, dead to the world and snoring softly.

Well, I say that, but at least one part of him was awake. An oversized outline snaked its way along his leg, slowly throbbing it’s way with every heartbeat. Whatever he was dreaming about, it must have been good. Shit, that was a big one. Half chubbed it probably hit seven inches. I wondered how big it would get.

I stood there stupidly admiring the beefy kid and his big dick for a minute or two, when suddenly his phone chimed loudly and woke both of us from our little reveries.

“Left your phone,” I said, and tossed it to him.

“Oh, sorry, I guess I dozed off.”

“No big, you still have ten minutes. Break time is your time to spend.”

And I suspected I knew how my break time would be spent.

Mike could handle things while both Kenji and I were on break, and my stomach was growling for a sandwich.

However, I had something more important to attend to, and very little time to do it. I headed straight for the employee restroom, entered the main stall, and pulled out my dick. First a quick pee, and then a quick wank. Kenji had me all worked up, and the window was rapidly shrinking for me to safely aim. Whew! Should have skipped the big gulp.

My stream finally died down, and just in time, because the image of the lanky and toned Japanese hottie was stuck in my mind—the way his chest pulled at his polo, the way his sleeves rode up his way his bulge had begun to creep along the top of his thigh…

Yeah, that’s why I pissed first. See, my own junk was not exactly small…

I was the proud bearer of a solid eight, and just reaching the point in life when I really understood what a gift it was. Puberty for me had continued for the past six years, slowing a bit but never fully stopping. I had always suspected I liked boys, and two disappointing high school girlfriends made me willing to experiment when I got to college. A hunky senior on the prowl had been my first, and to my delight he had pursued me. It was a house parity and somehow I had wound up invited—even though I had no intention of joining a frat. But this was a pretty chill group and many friends outside the frat were there, including Paul, whose best friend (and as I later discovered, fuck buddy) was a brother.

Paul was dark haired and green eyed, with stylish hair rather than the boring buzz many of his teammates preferred. He had been staring at me for much of the evening even as he talked to his friends, and when we coincidentally headed upstairs to avoid the loud music, he “accidentally” stepped wrong and fell into me. I lurched forward to grab the banister and as he reached to brace his fall, he brushed my crotch with his hand. He claimed a loss of balance, and thanked me for catching him, and then dropped the pretense. “Fuck it, you are too cute. Are you into guys?”

I had been stunned, and was about to deny it, when I suddenly realized I had my chance. “I… I’m not sure. I mean I never… ”

“Not hearing a no. And oh look, a convenient room,” he laughed, and pulled me into some poor frat brother’s single.

I was nervous. But he gently guided me to the bed and we sat down. “Don’t be shy man. It’s Sam, right? I’m Paul. You are so tense… let me help.”

He sensed my fear and began rubbing my shoulder while looking deep into my eyes and smiling his lopsided little grin. “What’s the worst that can happen? The door is locked but you can leave anytime. Let me just work on your back a little. Look, I will take off my hoodie,” he had said, and under it he had on a tight tee shirt that showed off his impressively tight torso. “Well? Ditch the shirt, Man!”

With a little help I pulled off my baseball tee and he replied with an appreciative grunt. “Nice. Now let me see what I can do to relax you… ”

Flattered, a little drunk (I was a bit of a lightweight and the vodka tonic hit like a hammer), and aroused by his taught swimmer bod, I complied. My nipples quickly stiffened as he lightly touched my neck and shoulders, and then settled in to begin gently kneading my muscles. And then a light kiss on the neck, and then a caress, and a tentative smooch, and before I knew it we were making out. It was really happening, and I definitely liked it. In short order I had my pants around my ankles and my dick scrounged up to Paul’s delight. Paul had laughed—I will always remember his genuine surprise and sexy grin. “Damn, Sam, you lucked out… and so did I.” The blowjob was fantastic, but we didn’t get too far that night because the owner of the room got a little grumpy when he found his door locked.

It was the start of a nice relationship; he became a friend and occasionally we made out, whacked off together, or just gave massages. Paul was studying to become a physical therapist and taught me a lot, and I was sorry to see him go when he graduated that spring.

Dark hair and pretty eyes were apparently still my kryptonite. Memories of Paul’s touch blended into the visuals, both real and imagined, of the gorgeous boy in the break room. My dick was glistening with pre as I stroked myself, and I used it as lube as I jerked off, steadily increasing the pace. I imagined his from torso, similarly proportioned but bigger than Paul’s. I imagined his pale skin next to my healthy tan, his smooth chest next to my own sparse dark hair. And his schooner, which promised to be an improvement over Paul’s in terms of length, at very least.

I needed to get relief and quickly, so I could get back to work. Plus, I wanted that sandwich.

I was just about to the edge when the door opened. I immediately stopped and held my breath.

“Hello? Anyone in here?”

I immediately stopped wanking, and slowed my breathing as best I could, hoping the noise of the fan would cover my own. Cautiously, I stepped over to the stall door and realized I had a rather good view.

Kenji walked across the room, yawned broadly, went directly to the urinal, and with a sincere sigh, began to unload a powerful stream. Maddeningly, my view of his cock was blocked, though his pert ass was showcased rather well. The glutes and stabilizers flexed under his trousers as he aimed. It was a very nice view indeed.

And then I got to watch his arms flex as he gently shook and zipped. His broad back was a treat, too, especially as he stretched and yawned again before crossing to the sink to wash his hands. I had a fleeting memory of something I might not have mentioned earlier when I gave the tour, which was that the rightmost sink had a broken knob. Ernie was supposed to put up a sign.

Ever have a moment in your life where the fates suddenly align in your favor? They’re pretty rare, but this was one of them. Because as he turned the knob, there was a sudden hissssss-pop and a big stream of water shot out directly at poor Kenji.

Cursing in two languages, Kenji leapt back, lost his balance and staggered backward into the door of my stall.

Which banged open, knocking me down. My arms were suddenly full of hot, wet, Kenji, my pants were still down around my ankles, and my stiff pike was at full attention.

We were both momentarily stunned. The back of his head was right in my face and his silky, fragrant ponytail was draped down my face and into the top of my shirt. Man, he smelled good.

I had instinctively grabbed him as we fell, but at the moment I was supporting all my own weight, and a fair bit of his, on one leg (the other had slipped straight ahead) and was braced with one arm. Not for long, though. I shifted slightly and the other foot slipped as well, and I landed on my bare ass, with most of Kenji’s torso still in my lap.

“Ow,” I said.

“Shit! I am so sorry, man, I didn’t know you were in here,” he said frantically, rolling forward off of me. “You okay?”

I had already been on the edge, but as his muscular back, clad in rough polyester polo, brushed the tip of my dick, I felt my control slipping. The sexy Asian in my lap had really been the last straw, and he seemed to turn in slow motion as he scrambled off me. I lost it. I spurted three or four times, and then, on seeing the stunned open mouthed expression on poor Kenji’s face, spurted four or five more.

I was nineteen and healthy, but these shots were larger by far than my average, and they went everywhere. All over both our shirts, and both our faces. Miraculously none wound up in our hair, but I was pretty sure I nailed him in the corner of his mouth. I was mortified, but it was mixed with the minor euphoria I was momentarily feeling. I hesitantly looked right at him, dreading the horror I fully expected to find in his almond eyes.

Instead, I found him focused on my still throbbing, leaking dick. His eyebrows were arched in surprise and wonder, and he slowly locked eyes with me. And his tongue hesitantly flicked up to lick the glob of cum off his lips.

Did I mention that Kenji had this totally innocent face?

I admit, his beefy bod was built for distraction, but he had a beautiful face. Stick him in a boy band and he would be the pretty one. Perfect cheekbones, almost flawless skin (one small mole on his left cheek, a tiny scar near his jawbone), and a cute nose. And those eyes, which had been both wide eyed and intelligent as he listened earlier to my explanations, had suddenly become mischievous and sultry.

He licked the bit of jizz off his lip, and swallowed. A smirk worked its way from his eyes to his mouth.

Not the reaction I was expecting. But no matter, I was mortified.

“I am so unbelievably sorry!”

As I scrambled to my feet awkwardly, and tried to pull up my pants, Kenji just laughed.

“That was insanely hot,” he said, heaving himself up. “Don’t be sorry. I have been hot for you all night, but I really didn’t see this coming.”

“Shit. Man, it is everywhere. How fucking embarrassing, you must thing I am a pig.” I grabbed some paper towels and handed some to him, and used a handful to try to get the worst of it off myself. The embarrassment and rough paper towels killed my lingering hormones, for now.

“Hey, you were minding your own business when I fell into you. You broke me fall, that could have been bad. I didn’t hurt you, did I?” He was so annoyingly good natured.

“What? No, I landed on my butt, that’s all. Sorry about all this… ”

It wasn’t coming out easily, and the streaks were pretty bad. Damn, I had blown a heck of a load.

“Maybe we can just get fresh shirts?”

“I think there are some in the managers’ closet. Hand me yours, I have an idea.”

I pulled my shirt completely off and—using the left sink—dunked it fully under the warm water. I had a t shirt on underneath, mostly to prevent pit stains. I turned to get his shirt.

Well now, that was a treat, watching him strip. He hadn’t got the memo about undershirts. Dude was way more ripped than he looked in the shirt.

“You uh, really do work out, don’t you?”

“Not too much, just started this semester. I swim a lot though.” I was doing my best to keep my thoughts calm, but damn. I took the shirt from him and shoved it into the sink.

“You got that jacked swimming? No way.”

“Oh, nah, this,” he gestured at his overbuilt pecs and biceps, “is pretty recent. Like I said, started working out this semester for a class and decided I liked it. Still don’t really know what I am doing, but people kinda help out when I am in the gym. Seems to be doing the trick.”

“I’ll say. Okay, let me go grab shirts, see what you can do about this. Just rinse them and wring them out.”

Once I was out of the bathroom, no longer as exposed to his intense sexiness, my panic level dropped. The rest of the gang were still working on loading the returns, no doubt bitching about me getting easy duty with the newbie. The coast was clear. Sure enough, there were some new uniform shirts in the closet and I swiped them. I could explain it as a bathroom mishap without lying, if the boss asked.

He was wringing out the shirts when I came in, and this time I locked the door. Best to avoid misunderstandings in case someone else came back to pee or something.

“Heh, you must have been ready to blow when I walked in on you. Sorry, Sam.”

“Yeah, well, you know how it is.”

“I really do. I guess looking at all those muscular guys hauling boxes gets you going. I can understand that.”

He was so casual about it, revealing he was kinda into guys, while his strong forearms flexed as he wrung out his wet shirt.

“Um. Yeah, I guess so. Look, Kenji, the other guys… they don’t really know I am into that.”

“No judgement, dude.” Again with that boyish friendly smile. “I mean, I get it. But you don’t have to worry about that. Not with me.”

And suddenly I couldn’t think again. He was still distractingly shirtless and I would swear he was more pumped than when I left. There he was, sexiness incarnate, and nice. His little sexy smirk resurfaced as he flopped the second shirt over the stall door to dry with its friend.

I just stood there like an idiot while he arranged the shirt, and then he turned around to look at me again. There was an odd look in his eye.

“What? Do I have jizz in my hair or something?”

“No, I was just wondering if you were ever going to hand me one of those shirts.”

My gaze flipped from his incredible torso to his gently smiling, inquisitive eyes. Had he seen me lock the door? Was he reading something I hadn’t meant? Was he actually interested?

Fuck it. I still had a few minutes, and I would regret it forever if I didn’t.

“Not yet,” I said. “We should probably check each other for injury, don’t you think?”

Kenji just smiled.

So much for innocent. Kenji put on a fucking show.

“Check my back for bruises?”

There weren’t any, but I feigned a frown.

“Hmm, does this feel okay?” I said, rubbing almost clinically here and there, working my way from shoulders and neck down his back.


“No pain here?” He shook his head.

I moved my hand farther down. “And your butt?”

He let out a soft, shuddering breath.

“Do you want me to check?” I whispered softly, my hands on either side of his impressively tight waist and obliques. Man, he was built well.

He looked into the mirror and caught my gaze, and then almost painfully slowly, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his khakis. I gently pulled them down, over his firm bubble but. Quite a lot of booty for an Asian guy; he was full of surprises.

I delicately felt around, tracing his glutes with gentle pressure. “I should check for visual signs of bruising, but so far I don’t see any injury… .”

He hooked a graceful thumb under the waistband of his boxer briefs and pulled slowly downward, revealing that perfect, golden ass. Shit, I couldn’t keep up the ridiculous presence anymore. He was ridiculous. Nobody should be this hot.

“Sam?” He said, suddenly quiet, his serious eyes staring lustily at me from our reflection. “Stop playing. I want you to touch me, I want you… .I just want… ”

“Fuck,” I said, yanking down my own shorts, my hefty prick sproinging up again with a fwack against my belly.

Kenji grabbed my hands and swung around swiftly. Gracefully, even, but driven by need and lust. It was decisive and borderline aggressive, that move, and I loved it. He leaned in to kiss me, his soft lips and strong tongue instantly leading my own in a sensuous dance. His hands grabbed my sides and his firm fingers ran along the ridges of my own torso as I had done his.

“I have been,” (smooch) “half hard for you,” (he kissed my jaw) “all damned night.”

“You’re so damned hot, you’ve had me worked up since you walked in,” I confessed. Our eyes met, and our hands, moving in sync, reached down for the other’s cock.

I had, as it happened, reached my own full length, and possibly a new record. God knows I felt huge and turgid and virile just then. My eight inches were straining and almost aching, and red. His lightly calloused but careful hand gripped me firmly but lovingly.

But I was wrong about him. He had looked somewhere close to seven laying there half-chubbed in the break room, but he had roared to life and had to be pushing nine inches—a proud silky-smooth beast. I palmed his balls and let my finger brush his taint, then slowly stroked up and around his fine public hair until he filled my grip with a pulsing, throbbing penis. He wasn’t as girthy as I had initially guessed, but his dick matched the rest of him for beauty and form. And damned it it wasn’t throbbing a little larger…

If the universe had conspired to put me in the right position to be here, right now, with Kenji, I had zero complaints.

My god he felt good. My fingertips buzzed, touching every inch of his amazing body and craving more. It was like a live wire, electricity coursing through his body directly into my nervous system, directly to my brain… .no, not my brain. I don’t think I have ever been harder. I was on the edge of orgasm from the first millisecond we touched.

And for his part, Kenji’s warm hands and strong fingers found their way all over me, with feather touches and commanding pressure in all the right spots. My god, his instincts were dead accurate, or he was some kind of sexual prodigy. There was no misstep, no awkward pause, just immediate pleasure. He knew right where to go and how to get there. Years later and I have never, ever, had better.

But he appeared to be straining somehow, holding something back by sheer willpower. The net effect was that every muscle seemed about to burst, and his face held the line between innocence and lust, pain and pleasure.

“God, I want you in me.”

At first I wasn’t sure who said it. I knew I was thinking it. But apparently so was he.

“Either way,” I said, breathily.

…and that is when my alarm went off.

You might be forgiven for thinking I have led you on here, and that I am about to tell you that I woke up. That it had all been a dream.

Nah. I am not that guy.

No, it was my break alarm, reminding me I was due back on the floor.

“God. Damn. It.”

For the second time that day I was on the verge of blowing a spectacular load, only to be thwarted at the last second. At this rate my balls would back up, or I would explode.

We both stepped away from each other, breathing heavily, and quite… I think “rampant” is the word. Yeah. Our dicks were huge and straining, reaching for each other as we longed to. But denied.

“I’m sorry, Kenji. I have to… ”

“I get it.” We smiled at each other, but couldn’t maintain eye contact. Not sure if I was more worried about laughing or tearing my clothes off and jumping him.

We got dressed as quickly as we could, though Kenji seemed a bit annoyed that the replacement shirt was a size too small. I however was not. First, because he looked crazy hot in it, and second because it’s all we had. And getting our pants on was downright dangerous, though I confess the concern about being discovered and fired was finally sinking in, and that helped. Thank goodness I didn’t get off on that sort of danger.

“I’m guessing you want to pretend this didn’t happen.” He was tying his shoe, not even looking at me. How the hell was that sexy?

“It’s kind of against the rules to have sex at work. We don’t want to get written up. But mostly I just don’t want to deal with those guys.”

“Yeah, I figured. I don’t care if they know about me, but you gotta do your own thing.”

“Can we talk about it later?”

“Sure. So, um, what are you doing after work?”

“I dunno, You, maybe?”

“Heh. So corny.” God, that smile was sweet. The dimple just about killed me.

“That’s me. Go on out, you’re due back out there anyway. Tell Mike I am fixing the busted sink and I will be right out.”

As I watched him walk to the door, he turned and put a hand on my shoulder.

“Sam,” he said, “we are meeting after work, aren’t we?”


“Good. Because I don’t think I could take it if we didn’t. I never felt like this.” His expression seemed conflicted somehow. “I… I really need to be with you.”

And with that, he did what I asked and headed off to the stock room, leaving me in the bathroom with two soaked shirts, a busted faucet, a severe case of blue balls, and a feeling that I was about to have my life changed.

To this day I am still not sure how either of us made it through the rest of the shift.

When I came back out, my boner was much less noticeable, but I was feeling exposed nonetheless.

Mike gave a quizzical look at me when I reached the stock area.

“Everything okay?” He asked, with a note of genuine concern in his voice.

“Yeah, just had a little incident in the bathroom. I did what I could and left the boss a note.”

“Fucking falling apart man. Your new boyfriend is pulling his weight though, I will give him that.”

Yup, there was Kenji, being industrious. And lifting with his legs, like a good boy. We were treated to another angle of that spectacular ass as he hauled up his end of s big crate.

“He seems to fit in okay,” I agreed, “don’t mess with him too much, I think he is a little shy.”

“No worries, I like him. And I’ll keep Billy off his case. You know that kid has a big mouth.”

“Thanks, man. We don’t want to drive him off with the holidays coming.”

Eventually the truck was emptied and the returns loaded, just in time for everyone to clock out.

“Hey Sammy, want to grab a brew?” Ernie said. “Maybe some pizza?”

“You know I don’t drink, but thanks anyway.”

“Ooh, got big plans?”

“Nah, just got something I need to take care of tonight,” I replied.

“What about you, new guy?”

“Thanks, but I got a paper due, need to get some of it done before I pass out.”

Other staff came in and left, but Kenji lingered as we grabbed our coats, and as soon as they were gone he was at my side, with lust in his eye. He slipped on his jacket as he talked. It was also a little tight on him.

“How close is your place,” he asked. When I told him, he said “mine is closer and no roommates to worry about. Give me your contact info, we can be there in like ten minutes. Just park out front.”

Shit, it was happening. The cars seemed miles away and we both walked with deliberate purpose toward our respective vehicles. I was hard before I got to mine, despite the brisk winter air. I couldn’t stop thinking about what lay ahead.

I followed Kenji, and laughed at how cautious a driver he was. We got to his place eight minutes later, not that I was count8ng the seconds to remain calm…

Wow, this was a nice little place. Cozy, but not too small. Spacious main floor with kind of an open plan and a modern kitchen. Basic but tasteful furnishings And kept tidy.

I was impressed but realized it had to be a rental, or owned by his family or something. He certainly couldn’t afford it on what we made as stock boys! But that would have to wait, because Kenji tossed his coat onto the coat rack, grabbed mine roughly off me, and dove in for a whopper of a kiss, full of passion and promise. My god he was good at that!

“Yeah, I am still feeling it, are you?” he said. I pointed at my tented khakis in response; and he actually blushed. Adorable. I was still feeling it though, a magnetic pull drawing me to this beautiful, beefy boy.

He took off his shoes in an easy, practiced maneuver, and stowed them. I followed suit, and he grabbed a couple bottles of water from the kitchen.

“For later,” he said. “So, you wanna see the living room or upstairs?” He was trying so hard to be casual, but I could read him better now, and he was nervous… and very, very aroused.

Good. So was I!

“Whichever is closer,” I said.

We didn’t make it upstairs.

One of the things that I liked about Kenji was that he seemed quite comfortable in his own skin, but of course, it’s probably a little easier when you had his looks, build, and strength. Not to mention a cock like that. I was a little cocky myself, I suppose, back then, but being 19 and in good shape myself, it came with the turf. When it came to my own sexuality, i was less confident, always fearing that rejection or disgust. Being with Paul had brought me out of my shell a bit, but I not that far.

Kissing me almost possessively, he guided me to the kitchen grabbing an open liter bottle of some kind of unlabeled sports drink from the fridge. He shook it and took a small swig, and offered it to me. Suddenly parched, I chugged about half the bottle of the slightly sour-tasting drink, and handed it back to Kenji. I couldn’t quite read his expression as he sipped just a bit more himself, then put the bottle back in the fridge. He looked at me as if he was about to say something and then thought better of it, opting for a cheeky grin and diving in for another deep kiss.

Kenji took the lead, bringing me over to the couch while expertly removing my clothing until i was left sitting in boxers and socks. Then he pulled that deliciously too tight shirt off, more slowly than he needed to, and I felt the blood rush from my head to my dick. If I was hard on the way over, my prick was near bursting now. Then the pants and underpants were swiftly pulled off, revealing those toned legs and perfect golden ass. But when he turned around, I was even more shocked.

My eyes had to be playing tricks on me, because what I had assumed was a comparatively large dick—maybe nine inches—looked at least an inch or two longer, and fatter too. He absently stroked himself a few times, and then practically pounced on me, his tongue and mouth seeking mine like some focused magnet was drawing us together. It was amazing; you know how sometimes when guys kiss, it is almost like a battle for dominance? Kissing Kenji was more like wrestling as foreplay between rivals. He took charge but in a way that forced you to rise to the occasion. The result was a feedback loop.

He teased my dominant side out of me that way for minutes while our hands roamed each other’s bodies, and it was almost a relief when he broke the kiss. I was left panting, my senses reeling. Fuck, man, all we had done so far was kiss, and I was ready to pop my load! For a moment, I wondered if there had been booze in that drink, because things were almost dreamlike. Kenji was too good.

And then he lifted my aching cock out of my briefs, pulling them off me while I wriggled beneath him to help. My stiffy smacked my abdomen, and I figured it was the angle or my extreme arousal, because it felt like it hit me belly button, or rather slightly above it. But before I could investigate further, Kenji was surrounding my dick with his mouth and proceeded to blow me with gusto. Dear god, I though Paul had a talent for that, but Kenji could have placed in the Olympics. He had me thrashing and moaning like a little cheap whore in no time, and then he suddenly pulled off, coming up for air and to deliver another soul-bending kiss. I could taste my own pre and a bit of the tang of the sports drink still lingered. I looked at him in wonder. He had brought me to the brink and left me panting on a new sexual high, still achingly hard and a hair from the edge.

Well, fair play demanded I tease him right back. Like I said, his little bit of dominance seemed tweaked purely to bring out a similar response in me. And so I guided him back to the sofa and we essentially switched positions, as I kissed and rubbed my way down his incredible chiseled torso. He was a bit pumped, I assumed from working hard stocking all night. Every striation and firm bump felt like silk over steel. But I had spent enough time looking at his hot bad, and now my attention turned back to his incredible cock. He was uncut but had a modest foreskin, and it was already being forced away from his engorged head.

My passion-addled brain made it seem even larger, and I quietly thanked the big mouth genetics from Mom’s side of the family. Even so, his bulbous head barely fit in my eager mouth, but once in, I dove all the way, slightly surprised his nine-plus inches fit so well. I silently thanked Paul for the few tricks I knew, and set to work with tongue and lips and throat muscles. Even with my limited experience, I knew I was good at this, too. Damned if I was going to leave him at the brink, I was going to make him come, hard, and then he was going to do me, and we would never stop, not if I had any say in the matter…

Kenji was pretty quiet during our lovemaking, but what I did with my tongue made him whimper a little, and shit that was a turn on. My boner inched further up my tummy as he responded, and as his hands lovingly played with my hair and gently touched my ears. I hadn’t even realized my ears were so responsive to erotic touch. But no further distractions, this moment was all about pleasing him, and the little sounds he made and the microscopic shifts in position told me I was nearing the mark. And finally he blew with a hissing moan and what felt like a cup of hot jizz being forced down my throat. He was so far in that it wasn’t really swallowing at that point, just a direct injection of Kenji batter into my insides.

I pulled off, amazed at how much Kenji I had had in my throat, because damned if he didn’t look bigger on the way out. He was still stiff as a board but unless I missed my guess, he was closer to ten or maybe eleven inches! In wonder, I grasped his dick and both of my hands fit, with room to spare. That boy was huge! And he had apparently been flexing and straining while I did it, because his torso looked extra ripped.

Kenji opened his eyes at that moment and looked deep into my own, his beautiful brown eyes focused purely on my own grey ones, and smiled… I have mentioned his otherwise innocent face before, but that was linked to an utterly mischievous smile that he now sported.

“Wow,” he said. “That was… just wow.”

Something in his expression, a subtle glance downward, made me look down myself. Damned if my own dick wasn’t at epic level, too. All I knew was that it burned for release and before I had time to think, he was on me again, swallowing me as he had before. He must have changed his technique because whatever he was doing with his mouth, it made me feel absolutely huge. If he had been thorough and talented before, he attacked this time like he was going for a world record.

Yeah, it was probably the best orgasm I had had, and I had been riled up for hours so when I blew it was quite a lot. He pulled back laughing because the volume was really quite ridiculous, with jizz leaking from his mouth even as he swallowed, and more spurting two feet in the air as he fell backward. I was laughing too, with joy, or ecstasy or just sexual bliss, even as the ridiculous spectacle continued. I must have shot fifteen or twenty times!

And then I sat up and opened my eyes, to see why I had felt to utterly overstimulated.

My cock was immense, probably pushing a solid foot, a full four inches larger than I had ever seen it before this remarkable night. Kenji, whose brown eyes were fixed to my dick, grew quiet, though he still had that lingering smile.

The shock was enough to shake me out of my bliss, and with a final spurt, my aching monster prick finally relented. Jizz was everywhere.

What the hell had happened?

“Kenji,” I said, panting and catching my breath, “how… what… ” finally I just gestured down at my huge dick, at which point I also noticed that I was looking particularly swole and shredded.

“Yeah, about that,” Kenji said, hesitantly. He stood up. “I will explain, but um… Let me get you a drink. Of water. And we will clean up a bit, if that’s okay.”

He came back with two glasses and a handful of paper towels, and we both took a big slug of water and began cleaning up. Jesus that was a lot of come, everywhere. His leather couch would clean up well enough but he would probably want to clean the carpet…

“So,” I said. “I am guessing that this has something to do with that sour sports drink.”

“Good guess. I owe you an apology and an explanation. Hang on, this will help,” and he reached into a drawer and pulled out an album, flipped through a few pages, and handed it to me. It was a family photo, seemingly of a younger sibling and two parents. The kid was skinny and a little nerdy looking, but clearly related. Very similar face, but all bones and scrawny limbs. The next page was the same kid, slightly older, dressed in graduation robes. But that was just last year… .that kid was Kenji, I realized.

“See how skinny I was? Well it was actually a rare disease that caused it. Won’t bore you with the details, but it delayed puberty, caused weakness, the works, on top of family genetics that tended to produce skinny kids. It isn’t contagious at this point, but my uncle is a geneticist, and after my folks had the accident while on his boat, he felt guilty and threw himself into working on a cure, or at least a way to offset the effects. They left me a fair amount of money thanks to insurance and Mom had a few patents to produce income, so I am basically set for life. But uncle Jin was determined to heal me, and his work was producing some results. When I turned 18, he gave me the option to try it, as an adult. “

“I am gonna go out on a limb and say it works?”

“Yeah. There were some injections at first, but my hormonal system is never going to fully recover from that old infection. So what was left is this, an experimental booster that I take every day, and it stimulates all the stuff the disease affected—pituitary, testosterone, myostatin, the works. That ‘sports drink’ is part of the therapy I take every day to keep the disease at bay. Without it, I would start to waste away again.”

“So it works, and that’s how you got so buff?”

“Basically. I am supposed to have about half a cup of that every day, spread out as sips here and there. By the time Jin started me on this version, I was finally looking like an adult, and even started working out. The night after I graduated from high school, I got really really drunk, stayed out late, caught a nasty infection, and it triggered some kind of relapse of the original disease. My housekeeper, who had no idea what was in them, fed me almost the entire month’s worth of “sports drink” thinking it was off brand Gatorade, while I was reeling from the flu, and I was too out of it that first few days to realize what was going on. I went back to the gym and started working out in earnest and got much better gains than I should have.”

He shrugged his extra-broad shoulders. “Uncle Jin’s theory is that the flu and all the other stuff interacted in a way that supercharged everything in my system, and the result was a surge in all the sex and puberty system stuff. I used to have almost a micro penis. Anyway, no longer an issue.” He grinned, though still a little sheepishly.

“The downside is it made me basically addicted, dependent on a steady influx of the stuff. We tried to cut it out, but my adrenal glands tried to shut down. Anyway, somehow when I get aroused and certain hormones are released, I kinda swell up, and it doesn’t all go away. Kind of like a very accelerated puberty hit again. As I discovered a few months later, when I had to buy all new clothes. I’ve added five inches in height and sixty pounds of muscle, and six inches of dick… ”

“So you’re saying that when you get aroused, you grow?”

“Basically. Not much, or least not usually. And it kind of works more like a hard on, just all over. Or like when you get a good pump in a workout. You force more blood and energy into tissue and it expands, and your body rebuilds it just a little larger. I don’t stay bigger, I just sort of swell up a bit, and then gradually go back more or less to normal. But if you get aroused several times a day… .well, it has been starting to add up.”

This was making my head spin. It was insane. But at the same time, all the little things I had observed seemed to make sense, if it were true.

“Okay, but then what about me? Why would you even give that medicine?”

“I didn’t really plan on it. I was so turned on all day by you, and I had to take my sip, and it just seemed natural to share it.”

“Share your special medicine that you take for a weird disease.”

“Jin said the base if this is another sport drink under development, and at least in theory, the other stuff should only react with the antibodies that were in my system. I don’t really understand all the science, but I think the idea is that the antibodies are what is interfering with my hormones and stuff. Anyway it should have been just like a sport drink for you.”

“It tasted sour,” I said. “Wait, you said you normally have a few sips of it every day?”

“Yeah, I get about two days out of that bottle.”

“And I chugged better than half of it?”

“Yeah. And I gotta say, it did you some good… .”

He wasn’t wrong. Aside from four more inches of Mister Happy to work with, my whole body seemed to have had an upgrade.

“But why?”

“No clue. Unless maybe you had a case of the same disease? Mignella syndrome is pretty rare, and you don’t seem to have been skipped over in puberty like I was.”

No, puberty had been pretty good to me. The only thing I remembered getting was a rough reaction to the refresher shots I had before going off to college. But then I remembered something else…

“Wait, you said you got the flu last year? A really bad case?”

“Yeah. So much for getting the flu shot, huh?”

“I had the flu shot last year. And I got the flu anyway. I was miserable for a week. In fact, I had the flu this year too… ”

“So you think maybe the reaction is tied to the flu? Or the shot?”

“Could be.”

He had been watching me intently as we talked, and he reached out and put a hand on my leg. My dick responded instantly. Fuck, it was intense!

“Okay, you felt that too, right?” He pulled his hand away.

“God, yes.”

“I have a thought,” he said, getting up.

He returned with two bottles, and set them on the coffee table.

“That… electricity? The tingle?”


“I felt that when I was getting over the flu, and drank like a gallon of this stuff. It’s the only clear memory beyond being pretty horny. But I have been feeling it whenever we touch.”

I nodded enthusiastically. “I noticed that too!”

“So maybe you should see if this stuff is still affecting you,” he said. “You’re still pretty pumped. For me the tingling and growth have gone together. And like half of any growth always went away… ”

I seriously considered it, as my mind raced with possibilities. Part of me was urging caution, but another part of me wanted… more. I needed to think this through carefully! But the blood was already racing south, because Kenji had his hand on my leg again. Mister happy roared up almost instantly, tingling.

“Something is clearly getting you hot and bothered,” Kenji said. His grip on my knee tightened, and his other hand moved so his fingers could reach his nipples, absently tracing one perfect pec. Nobody should look so innocent while stroking their own nipple.

“It’s you, you idiot,” I said, and dove for him.

If the blow jobs had rocked our world, they were nothing compared to what happened next. Because our twin raging erections were competing for attention, and after some really intense necking and feeling each other up, I finally demanded that he fuck me.

The minute he entered my warm hole, gently but irresistibly pushing his hefty meat past my defenses, the tingling intensified, and localized. My ass was positively abuzz, and hungry for him. I felt completely owned by him, and all I wanted was for it to continue. We moaned together, rocking gently and slowly building up the rhythm until finally the pressure was too much. My own improved tool was thick and dripping with pre, and my ass was stretched by his incredible fuck stick. We couldn’t get enough bodily contact, we tried to keep as much skin as possible touching each other because the tingling felt so amazing. Finally I felt him swell and shoot, each jet registering somewhere deep within and painting my insides with hot Kenji juice. We paused, and the he grabbed my still soaked and throbbing foot long and took it up his own ass, shoving me in as hard as he could by grabbing my ass and pulling. I quickly got the idea, and he encouraged me to be rougher, and soon we were both panting and moaning loud enough to wake the dead. With a shout and an incredible squeeze of his ass muscle, he pulled a huge load from me, best I can tell a rival to the epic jizzing I had blessed him with earlier. His own fine canon blasted another load too. We were in a sexual frenzy. We took turns fucking, being fucked, sucking, nibbling, stroking, and ramming each other for hours, in various combinations, until we were both exhausted.

When I woke up, we were both sprawled on the rug in front of the couch, and I was the big spoon. The room was still dark, but I had no sense of time otherwise.

Kenji’s deliciously muscled back was pressed to my own trim and muscled tummy, and the faintest after effects of the remarkable tingling sensation were fading.

His natural scent was quite strong, but not at all unpleasant, and I took a deep sniff of his long hair, which had pulled out of the ponytail and was all over his neck and my face. Improbably, his hair smelled fresh and clean, despite being still damp with sweat. I felt… odd, and not just because my left arm was half asleep. I gently extracted it. I reached up blindly for the water bottles on the table, but found only four empties up there.

Wait, four? There were only two water bottles, which meant the other two were… ..

Long long story short?

A bit late for that. The story is already long.

You probably want to know what happened next. At the time, I was wondering what had just happened.

It’s probably worth mentioning that I have almost always been a thirsty boy. Ever since I was an infant, or so my mom has always said. Apparently I gustily drank from her and always had room for formula. Put a beverage in arms reach and it’ll wind up down my throat. Always thirsty. I don’t always notice that I am doing it, but I have been known to go through two or three big gulps at a go. That’s one big reason I don’t drink alcohol. Once in high school was enough to convince me of that. I had blacked out and I didn’t like the feeling of losing control.

No wonder then, that in the throes of passion, having cum at least five or six times that I was sure of, and probably at least two more that I couldn’t fully recall, that I would have become exceptionally thirsty.

I felt sticky and sore and… a bit swollen. The room was barely illuminated by a lamp and a small bright line of sunlight from where the curtains weren’t quite pulled together. One water bottle, just a few drops in it, lay next to Kenji. Its mate, drained dry, lay on the table. And beside it, two other empty bottles. Shit, had I drained them both? Myself?

I finished extracting myself from Kenji—he was still softly snoring, his handsome face all innocence, except for the dried cum on his cheek. I got up, and headed for the bathroom, half dreading what I would find in the mirror. I didn’t even notice the state of the kitchen, not just then.

I was naked, and I still mostly looked like me. Just… there seemed to be a lot more of me. Most of it was muscle. I was, by any measure, huge, almost cartoonish.

When I left work the prior evening, I was probably 5’10, and 170 pounds of fairly athletic muscle. Not a gym rat, but a body naturally tuned for an active lifestyle, and built up a little from physically demanding work. I would guess that at that precise moment, I was probably slightly over six feet tall, and pushing 220 pounds of insane muscle. I was ripped, pumped, swole, whatever you wanted to call it. Big, nearly body builder size muscles, like someone about to go from fitness model to freak. Striated cords of power had grown where I once had aesthetically pleasing firm bits, and I had just enough of a fat layer left to keep things from being a little too anatomical or vascular. I tentatively made my right bicep flex, and it looked like someone had shoved a softball under my skin. Had to be 3-4 inches bigger around than I had been. My abs were pronounced but my core muscles were more than a match for the eight pack they supported. I had a bit of a muscle gut going. Where had all that mass come from?

And my dick? My dick was astounding, only barely in proportion, with outsized balls and improbable thickness. Soft, I was probably 8-9 inches, but soft would soon be a distant memory. I quickly aimed it at the toilet and pissed, and I am ashamed to say that my aim was thrown off by the change to height and length. I would have to grab some paper towels.

I washed my hands, reveling in the bunching and tightening of every sinew. Christ, I was like another person. I was built better than Kenji had been, and I had envied his build as much as I lusted after it.

“It will probably wear off a bit,” his soft voice said, suddenly behind me. “Mine usually does. But I don’t think I ever guzzled that much at once.”

“You said your housekeeper fed you a bunch,” I replied, my eyes still glued to my beefy reflection. My softy was chubbing up, hanging just a little lower and fatter and beginning to stir again.

“Yeah, when I was sick and dehydrated.”

“I think I drank both of those bottles. I am sorry, I didn’t mean to… ”

“Dude, it isn’t those two bottles I worry about. It’s the other ones.”

“What other ones?”

“Do you not remember raiding the fridge?”

Ice poured down my spine.

“Man, you were on fire. You pounded both of those bottles down, and we fucked some more. Then you acted like you were in pain. It has happened to me before and usually it’s because your system doesn’t have enough nutrients to keep up with demand. I got you over to the kitchen and you seemed pretty out of it, so I poured some milk and grabbed some leftovers for you. You tore into those so I went downstairs to get some protein bars. When I came back in, you had drunk most of my remaining stock of sport drink and eaten the rest of the peanut butter. And made a mess of the kitchen, I might add.”

I was torn between feeling utterly embarrassed and slightly turned on. I guessed I knew where the mass had come from.

“I am so sorry,” I said.

“It’s only the second most embarrassing thing to happen to you today, I guess. I have no complaints.” He was smiling again. “Anyway, we fucked some more until we both passed out, but I think you probably don’t remember much of that. You were like a man possessed. Look, can you let me pee first? You should probably get some water into you, but I would avoid any more of my sports drink for now.”

While he used the bathroom, I tidied up as best I could in the kitchen helping myself to two big glasses of water from the tap.

“Much better,” he said. Shit, he looked great in the morning. Hair that perfect was just unfair.

“What the hell do I do now?” I asked.

“Like I said, I usually lose about half of my gains within a few hours.”

“What time did I raid your fridge?”

“Maybe 1:30 or so?”

“It is pushing nine in the morning right now.”

“Worrying about it won’t help, believe me. But I think I should call my uncle. We have kept my condition under control for a while, but in case you hadn’t noticed, I seem to be a bit bigger this morning too. And I dining have anything extra.”

Shit, he was right. He was also looking at me with a quizzical expression on his face. “Hang on, did you get taller? Like, several inches taller?”

“I think I did.”

“Huh. And I noticed you um, grew a bit down there, too”

A bit? I had doubled my dick size. The thought of it caused me to start to get completely hard all over again.

Maybe it was because we had that instant connection, maybe because we were so hot for each other, but even the simple things seemed heightened, sexually. We each had a quick shower, opting to not shower together so we could look forward to being together later. I don’t recall even discussing it at length, or it being awkward. We were just in sync almost from the start. There was a momentary thrill when he offered to loan me some underwear and a shirt, which surprisingly fit perfectly. It seemed a very intimate gesture, the sort of thing you might do with a boyfriend.

Kenji declared that we had to eat, and that his uncle lived on the west coast and couldn’t be up for a while anyway, so he insisted on scrambling some eggs with veggies and cheese and he had thrown some rice in the cooker already. Not wanting to be a slouch, I made some coffee and poured us each a glass of orange juice. Of course that entailed trying to find the coffee mugs, the coffee, the grinder, etc. I had some a stint at Starbucks back in high school, so I knew how to brew properly and was delighted to find that he had good coffee and better equipment. Whoever had set up this house had not skimped. Few words were exchanged, just glances, smiles, and easy companionship.

I was pretty sure I was falling hard for this boy. This was beyond the lust of the prior night. Every time he looked up at me from his plate, we smiled at each other.

“What?” He laughed, after the third time.

“Nothing! I just like looking at you.”

“I like what I see, too. Maybe… ”

“Maybe what?” I said, cheekily, shoving a fork full of egg into my face.

“Maybe this can be a regular thing?”

“It better be. I don’t usually do stuff like this.”

“Me neither. I have only really been with two other guys. And not to be too schmoopy about it, but neither of them felt this way.”

“Glad it isn’t just me,” I said, and leaned over for a kiss.

Sometimes a quick kiss can be just as meaningful and sexy as a passionate bout of tongue wrestling.

“I will wash up, you call your uncle.”

He nodded thanks, and a few minutes later was in the next room, speaking rapidly in Japanese. I only knew a few words that I had picked up in anime, so I left him to it.

I had finished up the dishes and made more coffee, and brought it to him as he hung up the phone. A notepad was at his side, full of neat but hasty scribbles in a mishmash of English and Japanese.

“So what did he say? Should I be worried?”

“Probably not, but he wants measurements of both of us, and the best guess as to where we were yesterday.” Well, that would be fun.

I turned out to have been likely correct in my initial estimate—I had put on almost twenty pounds of muscle, and nearly four inches of height, overnight. Kenji was only up about three pounds and half an inch, but he was also expecting it. He had been tracking these patterns for a year.

“A lot of the mass should go away, but I like to work out anyway.”

“Go away?”

“The usual way. I am afraid you are probably going to have a pretty unpleasant bathroom visit soon, sorry!”

He texted the results to his uncle, and got a message back in response. “We should measure again in a few hours. He thinks you should be okay but suggests no more supplement, and we should be very aware of other changes, they could be important. So I guess just make notes if anything feels different.”

I had nothing urgent to do, and it made sense to monitor things carefully to make sure there were no other side effects. So we worked out together.

He was right about having little idea what he was doing, but he had decent instincts and I could tell which exercises he had been helped with. I had a few pointers to share and he was very good at listening. His home gym was pretty good, and we select the next few hours working out. I felt full of energy, kind of like last night’s sexual frenzy, but more focused. Kenji made some notes on his pad.

Oddly, the sexual frenzy hadn’t returned, but that feeling of connection I had with Kenji was only deepening. Mind you, I fully enjoyed watching him work out, and vice versa, but it felt different than yesterday’s unstoppable passion. Didn’t stop me from having a half boner by the end of the workout, though. Hey, he started it.

We broke, for lunch, and Kenji had his usual sip of the sports drink. I opted for water, but ate more than I usually did. Afterward, I needed to use the bathroom, and as predicted, ended up in there much longer than usual. I had the fan on, so I didn’t hear the phone ring, but when I came out again, Kenji was on the phone to his uncle. I couldn’t understand the Japanese words, but he seemed agitated, and hang up the phone in frustration.

“What’s the matter?”

“My uncle says to measure you ASAP, definitely no more energy drinks or anything but water to drink.”

“Okay, I am fine with that,” I said. “But you seem a little upset.”

“He also said he is flying out immediately, and that you need to stay here until he can look you over.”

“Should I be worried?”

“I don’t know.” He looked down. “It’s just… it’s an experimental treatment, you know?”

“Hey, I am not worried, Kenji. First of all, I am spending another day with the cutest guy I have ever met, and second, I have literally never felt better, physically, in my life. I certainly never looked better! And third, I think I am falling for you, hard.”

His brown eyes met mine. “You say the sweetest things.”

“I mean it.”

“In more ways than one, apparently.”

I looked down. I had been bursting with energy all afternoon, but I could almost feel it course through me and focus on my cock and balls.

Jesus. My stiffening dick was at least 9-10 inches and wasn’t done. It just kept going.

“Well, I guess the flaccid measurement is out,” he chuckled.

Somehow we got through the basics and recorded the measurements for Kenji’s uncle. I was pretty surprised. I had shot up to 6’1; and was pushing 225. My neck and biceps were tied at 17.5; waist at 32 and chest at 45; thighs 24 and calves 16.25. I had acquired a definite six pack, but the sort you’d see on a gymnast rather than an Abercrombie model. But my dick was a shocking 11.25 inches, almost double my old length, and had reached 6.75 inches around, which was much thicker than I’d estimate I used to be. The head was plumper than it had been, too.

Of course, that last set of measurements required serious focus, but once we recorded the notes, we kind of lost the thread and began making out. One thing led, delightfully, to another, and we were soon sucking and fucking with abandon again. We couldn’t get enough of each other, no amount of skin to skin contact or tongue action or raw humping seemed to satisfy, and I was in bliss impaled on Kenji’s perfectly proportioned dick. At some point in our lovemaking, true to form, I kinda blacked out.

When I woke, it was slow, and fuzzy, like wandering through dense fog. I heard distant muffled voices, one clearly Kenji, heatedly but quietly discussing something. Finally Kenji noticed I was waking.

“Hey, buddy. How are you feeling?”

“Okay, I think. Maybe a little out of it.” I started to shift a bit but something felt off.

“Whoa, stay put for a minute. You, um, blacked out and scared the hell out of me.”

“I did?” As my eyes focused I could see the worried expression on his face.

“Yeah, you have been out for about four hours. My uncle got here about fifteen minutes ago and hooked you up to some stuff to monitor you. You’re kind of strapped in for safety, so don’t try to move yet.”

“Oh, okay,” I said, still feeling odd. “Why do I feel all weird?”

“Um… ”

“Kenji, please,” I said.

“We are not sure why, but you are having some kind of reaction.”

“What do you mean?” My thoughts were coming clearer now; the haze was lifting. “Why does… why does my skin feel wrong?”

“I imagine a lot of your body feels strange,” said another lightly accented voice. “There is a lot going on right now, but I will do what I can to explain. I am Jin, Kenji’s uncle. Please accept my apologies. I did not anticipate a reaction like this. I also didn’t realize my nephew was sexually active or had a male partner.”

“Hell of a way to find out,” Kenji said.

“If I had known, I might have warned you that the medicine could get confused by other DNA being present. The nanovirus and inhibitors were tuned to Kenji’s system, designed to compensate for the complications of the Mignella syndrome that stunted his growth. Those specific things should have been inert for you, except—and this is just a hypothesis right now—you were teeming with foreign DNA, specifically the very DNA the nanovirus was designed for.”

“And so… ” I tried putting together what I was hearing. “It went into overdrive trying to fix my body, using Kenji as a baseline and adjusting to compensate for a disease I don’t have?”

“More or less. The flu vaccine may also be a factor, because it may have interacted with the medicines as well. I am truly sorry.”

Kenji placed his on mine, his warmth keeping me calm.

“Okay… what’s done is done. Am I going to be okay?”

“I believe so, but the …side effects might well be permanent.”

“I am not going to complain too much about turning into a stud overnight,” I said.

“You were already a stud,” Kenji said, kissing my forehead. “But you don’t know what’s been happening… ”

“Well,” Jin began, “You should prepare for quite a shock.”

The whole weekend had been a shocking series of events. What was one more, I thought? Besides, I was now prime beef, and that would doubtless overcome any other shocks.

My vision was still pretty blurry and something felt off about my eyes, and I said as much.

“Hang on, I think eye drops might help,” Jin said, and he had me wait until Kenji got some. “This is just regular artificial tears, but it should clean out some of the stuff in your eyes.”

Sure enough, as he wiped away the crusty remains, my vision cleared, and I could see two worried faces staring back at me. Kenji’s expression was hard to read—a mix of concern and desire, sprinkled with confusion and guilt. The older man was obviously uncle Jin, who I guessed was in his late thirties. He wore glasses and short hair, and bore a strong family resemblance to his nephew (but thinner and more studious than studly). His expression was a blend of concern and curiosity. Kenji took my arm.

“Probably best to get it over with. Can you stand?”

I could, though as I stood I was distracted—I had gained significant muscle and the bulge in my shorts was obscene, though soft. But if that weren’t enough, much of my body hair seemed gone, or at least different. I’d never been particularly hairy, or attached to what I had, so I wasn’t really bothered, but my skin tone seemed different too. Kenji helped me walk to the large mirror in his room where, as predicted, I had quite a shock.

I didn’t recognize the person in the mirror. I had been a little taller than Kenji, though that had evened out a bit, but I was a good third heavier than him, and every bit of it was muscle. Not quite bodybuilder bulk, or linebacker mass, but very much like Kenji’s aesthetically pleasing masculinity, just cranked up a bit. Every muscle had, I’d guess, an inch or two on Kenji’s, but proportions were very similar overall.

But the similarity didn’t stop there. Gone was most of my body hair, leaving silky streaks on my legs and a bit of dark thatch sticking up out of my shorts. My torso was almost pornographic, a concerto of striated cobbles, supporting an enormous chest, delts for miles, and arms and pecs that drew attention away from that remarkable midsection. All of it flowed with health, and I seemed to have picked up a slight golden tan. I was a work of art, and as I continued to marvel at my new chassis, I could see Kenji’s lusty glances in the mirror. And that is when I noticed my face.

No wonder my eyes felt weird. I gasped as I took it all in.

I looked, I realized, like a perfect blend of Kenji and myself. Somehow, the eyes still reminded me of me, but the shape had become more almond, and the brown had become almost like a translucent brown amber. My hair had grown out considerably, and the fringe hung down to my new razor sharp cheekbones; while still brown at the tips, the roots were almost black, and it was silky and straight.

I was, in a word, hot as fuck, and I felt my manhood responding quickly… and at considerable length. The shirts quickly dropped, revealing abundant silky black pubes, a sack that seemed to hold two large grapefruit, and a rapidly swelling monster of a darker brown cock, complete with foreskin. I wobbled and sat abruptly back on the bed, who wouldn’t be shocked by such a drastic transformation!?

Shocked or not, it wasn’t over, because… well, I mentioned how attracted I was to Kenji—his features were very close to ideal in my mind. I was fairly pleased with my own looks, if I were honest. And now I looked as much like my ideal man as I did like myself. My dick caught on while I was still processing my changes, and kept on getting harder, and growing, and growing… and growing.

Dear lord, it must have been a good foot and a half long. I wasn’t sure it was done yet, because the entirely new sensation of super sensitive glans sliding past unfamiliar foreskin had me gasping, and most of my blood seemed headed south for support.

Uncle Jin quickly barked an order in Japanese and Kenji laughed.

“We got the other measurements while you were asleep, but not this one… ”

His gentle hand caressed my cock, and that delicious tingling came back, coaxing another inch or two into the beast. It strained, as though it wanted more but had finally reached its limit, and stood proud and angry between us.

“Oh my god. 46 centimeters—just a hair over 18 inches!”

With that, a jet of precut erupted, and the damned thing surged a little bigger. Kenji’s lovely eyes widened.

“Make that 47.3. Over 18.5 inches. And almost 13.5 centimeters around.”

“That tickles.”


“Don’t be,” I smiled. “I love that tingling sensation.”

“You mentioned it before. I think it may be some kind of resonance between the nanos in each of you. We will want to figure that out. But are you okay otherwise?”

Kenji smiled mischievously at me and said, “I think he means, how are you feeling, especially now you have the world’s biggest dick pulling the blood from your brain.”

“Okay, I guess. I mean, it is a lot to take in,” I said, and then we all chuckled.

Jin muttered something in Japanese. “Oh, it will be an interesting challenge, Uncle.” Jin rolled his eyes.

“How do you feel?”

“A little freaked out, and super horny. I mean, no offense, but it’s um… super difficult to focus on anything but Kenji and my dick right now.” God, I could feel my balls churning, and the precum was pumping like a leaky faucet.

Jin rolled his eyes. “Fine, but please try to be quick. You’ll have plenty of time later, but there are serious things to discuss. Unfortunately I need your focus for that. Both of you. I will be downstairs on my laptop.”

He might have said something else, but neither Kenji nor I heard it…

Rampant fucking ensued. We sometimes laugh about how utterly horny we were then. To be fair, we were young men in our prime (and then some!) and falling hard for each other, and that was before you factor in the mad science. Still, it was kind of ridiculous. Looking back, it also kept my focus away from the inevitable repercussions of the drastic change I’d undergone.

Uncle Jin took samples and ran tests every few hours, and when we weren’t obliging him, we were fucking, eating, or sleeping. Kenji continued to sip his energy drink as usual, but they’d wisely cut me off u til they were sure what was going on. We had both called out sick—flu seemed a reasonable excuse, and if theories held, one not too far from the cause. Meanwhile, Jin had contacted a nearby research facility and somehow managed to set up a lab in the family room.

It was four days into Jin’s visit when he confirmed, conclusively, that the nanovirus was attempting to repair my body as it had been engineered to repair Kenji’s. But because it was confused, it was constantly seeking to reaffirm the blueprint, and thus the tingling sensation. It was thousands of nanovirus particles validating instructions. When Jin pulled up a screen and we saw it happening, it was kind of awesome, but a little terrifying. He also confirmed all sorts of other things—raised endorphins, huge spikes in hormones, even some alteration in the virus load. What it meant was largely a mystery.

The next day, I noticed something else. Kenji was also bigger. His dick had somehow gained an inch overnight. And something was shifting in his general musculature—I mentioned his changes, and by now we knew to alert Jin right away. Which meant more tests, and some moderate concern.

We stood in front of a large mirror while Jin measured, and I noticed that my hair was really putting on some length; it had begun growing at accelerated speed (my nails too) for a couple days as my overall body shape stabilized. The 2-3 inches of brown mess I had started with was now 7-8 inches of shiny black stuff, except the brown tips. Finally I relented and trimmed the brown off. But then I noticed another strange thing: Kenji’s dark pubes had begun to lighten somewhat, and the texture was changing.

That began to push my worry button, because we had been living in a sex crazed fantasy for nearly a week at that point and suddenly reality slammed into me. Eventually we would have to return, and I wasn’t even the same person. I was a freak! My family and other friends probably wouldn’t recognize me, god only knew whether my job would take me back, and school was due to resume in another week. I could feel panic setting in and my mighty chest suddenly couldn’t heave fast enough to pull in oxygen.

Kenji, bless him, saw my sudden panic and hugged me close.

“We will figure it out,” he said. “Money shouldn’t be a problem and you can move in here if you want.”

“But my driver’s license, my college records, my whole life—”

“I mean, I kinda feel responsible, but beside that… ”

“Wait, did you just ask me to move in?”

He grinned sheepishly. “Sure did. If you haven’t figured it out, you dope, I am in love with you. Even if all this crazy stuff hadn’t happened, I kinda felt like you were the one the moment we met.”

I sat there like an idiot, blinking.

“I know, it is stupid and sappy and you probably think it’s just me feeling guilty about all of this… .”


His smile lit up the room.

I suppose it’s worth noting that we were not yet out of hot water. Those logistical challenges and dreaded discussions awaited us, or at least me, in the near future. But for now, the more immediate question was what was going on with my—and now Kenji’s—body.

The door burst open moments before we went from the sweet hug and light kiss to the inevitable rounds of lovemaking that were statistically likely to follow. He rolled his eyes and tossed towels at us.

“For goodness’ sake, boys, you have almost three feet of cock between the two of you, and I have seen enough of your nakedness for a while. Please, self control.”

“Sorry,” we said in unison, and burst into giggles.

“Now, I have some good news and some bad news,” Uncle Jin said, “and you’re probably going to hate the bad news.” He fixed his gaze on us. “For now, no more sex, no more fluids between you, and at least for now, no more physical contact unless I am supervising and monitoring it.”

“What?” we protested, but Jin was firm.

“Hopefully just for a day or two, I just need to confirm what’s been happening. See, that nanovirus is supposed to reinforce Kenji’s DNA while the other stuff boosts everything the disease damaged. I thought the nanovirus was just working on Sam, until today. But that’s not the case, and whatever feedback is happening is no longer just working from Kenji’s DNA. It’s got part of Sam, and a fair amount of Kenji, and it’s just getting more and more confused.”

“Yeah, that explains the eyes and cheekbones, and why Kenji suddenly has hairy feet.”

“Hairy feet?” Bless him, he looked down with the cutest shocked expression.

“Very funny. What it doesn’t explain is your huge penis, and I suspect that is the key to figure I gotta it all out. So what I need, first of all, is a semen sample from each of you. Separately, please. I think I have been overlooking something.”

Kenji bit his lip. “I’ll get some milk jugs.”

Several hours later, our resident mad scientist had some answers… and possibly a way to stop, and maybe eventually reverse, our unexpected DNA swap. For Kenji, it was straightforward—he had historical blood samples from his nephew, and had done extensive mapping on his own family’s genetics for years. Jin was confident he could fix Kenji’s DNA before he changed any further.

But for me, it wasn’t quite so easy.

First, further exposure to each other would only further confuse the nanovirus in me, so it was cold turkey.

Second, we couldn’t fix my DNA without either a sample prior to meeting Kenji, or some from close relation, ideally both. We could give it a try with some of the unlaundered clothes in my apartment and hair from my hairbrush, but it would only go so far. To be safest, we would need to deal with the lingering issue of my family. There were a hundred reasons why that was not my preferred approach. Not that I was keen to have my new rich boyfriend looking for cum rags in my messy little shithole, but there were few good options.

So in the middle of the night, Kenji took my keys and grabbed some stuff from my apartment.

And the next morning, Jin began running tests and simulations. (He had run the simulations for Kenji the night before after having his assistant transmit the data he needed from home. The man barely slept.) he remained locked away in the lab for hours with Kenji, and the whole time I was left alone in Kenji’s place.

At first I decided I needed to prove a better guest, so I tidied up, did loads of laundry and scrubbed most of the place down. I had an almost manic amount of nervous energy… and then I started to get hungry, horny, and thirsty. But something felt off, and I kept wondering whether I shouldn’t just finish off whatever sports drink was left. I knew it was stupid but the nagging feeling wouldn’t go away. Luckily, there was none in the house—Kenji and Jin had taken it to the lab. I made a big pot of chili, baked some cornbread and a batch of brownies, and ate about half of it for lunch. I guzzled gallons of water, worked out for an hour, trying to shake the nervous buzzing energy. I ran on the treadmill for almost two hours while music blared, and barely got winded. Finally I decided to try to take a nap.

Somehow over the last several days, we had managed to fuck everywhere but in Kenji’s actual bedroom, and I decided to nap there. The minute I entered the room, I felt more at ease. It smelled like him, a hint of boyish musk and fresh soap, and a little bit of sandalwood and sweat. I lay on the bed, sniffing, and then realized that my semi had begun to react to the thoughts of my boyfriend. I had been half chubbed for hours, which is bad enough when you have a normal size dick. When you’re carrying three grown men’s worth, it is even more inconvenient. Ah well, I was already laying down.

At that point I realized that I was owner of the largest human penis ever, and that offered unique possibilities. After all, oversized though it was, it was basically a blend of Kenji’s dick and my own. And at nearly 19 inches, I should be able to…

Yup, I totally could.

Muscles aside, I was as flexible as any gymnast, or at least as flexible as Kenji had been. And the moment I tentatively licked the tip, I tasted deliciously of him. It was amazing.

And frankly, a bit of a challenge, because my mouth, before and after, wasn’t particularly large. It was fine for a normal sized pecker but this beast was thicker than a Coke can. But so, so worth it. My tongue worked around the glans, under the foreskin, along the ridge below the piss slit. All the while I thought of Kenji… how his freakish dick was getting bigger too, and how he could probably look innocent and sexy doing something as obscene as this,…

I laid there sucking my own dick for what felt like hours, passing in and out of blissful euphoria, never totally sure whether I was dreaming. I do recall that I spewed like crazy but was forced to swallow it because my mouth was full of my own dick, and that got me all excited again just thinking about it. Two or three rounds of that and I am pretty sure that’s when I passed out. I woke only halfway, because that electricity was coursing through my balls and my dick, and as I jizzed down my own throat I felt it there too. I had to be dreaming.

The only thing missing was Kenji, and there was so much of him in me at this point that I swore I was sucking his dick instead of my own. I just wanted more of him, even if it was just his dick for now. The massive beast attached to my groin seemed willing to fill in. I wanted him to be as hot for me as I was for him, but he was already almost perfect in my eyes. Especially with that little bit of extra beef and a few more inches of beautiful cock.

It’s funny, I had never really been into fantasies of giant cocks. On some level we are all size queens, but realistically, eight or nine inch dicks are rare enough and more than adequate. But ever since I hit the foot long point, I had lit some fire in me that went beyond reason. Nothing seemed too outlandish anymore. Just imagine my perfect boy with his own 19 inch cock, or even (I shuddered) a little—bit—- bigger…

Yeah, I was a total horn dog, blissed out on my own fantasy. Wouldn’t you be? In the space of the last two weeks, I had met a gorgeous guy, hit it off, fucked my brains out for days on end, turned into a stud, literally shared DNA with that boyfriend, tripled my dick size, and fallen in love. My body was a teeming hotbed of testosterone, endorphins, hormones, and nanovirus.

When I heard my name, I opened my eyes, but it was dark and I couldn’t see much. The lights suddenly flashed on.

“Oh my god, what the hell did you do?” Kenji exclaimed. Jin just rolled his eyes and sighed.

There I was, stretched out on the king size bed, in sticky, sopping sheets, covered in jizz—jizz which had somehow escaped my mouth, which stretched obscenely over the tip of my even more ridiculous penis. I had been unconsciously sucking for hours. With some difficulty, I popped the head out of my mouth, and realized that my dick was now more or less level with my nose, and that only the slight curve (and my slightly undersized mouth) had kept it where it was. It was a wonder I hadn’t suffocated.

“We raced home after Jin figured it out,” Kenji said. “Wait, why does it smell like chili and chocolate in the house?”

“I realized it was a mistake to leave you alone, but it seems we weren’t quick enough. Still, we might manage, now that we have a better sense of what caused all this. And in fact, I think we have the final proof right here,” Jin said, pointing at the 25 inches of cock blocking my view.

“Too much of a good thing, Sam,” Kenji said.

“But luckily, reversible. More or less. First, this,” Jin said, and without waiting or warning, stuck a needle in my arm.


“Sam, don’t be a baby.”

“I feel woozy,” I observed.

“I am not surprised. All your blood is there in front of your face. Also I sedated you. But at least I am pretty sure why you sprouted such a huge dick and balls. So let’s try to fix that before you give yourself a stroke or heart attack. I have to say, that’s quite a feat you managed. But you had help you weren’t aware of.”

Jin dragged some kind of portable gear over behind my head, and before I realized what was going on, he had what seemed to be a transfusion setup going into my arm. Kenji, looking more like himself, took my other hand.

“So, an explanation is in order, I think,” Jin said, rather pleased with himself. “You see, it was your huge dick that made me realize there was something else at work. Here is what I think happened.”

And he proceeded to explain.

The sports drink was fuel (he said), with a mild dose of nanovirus, as we talked about earlier. The nanovirus was programmed to reinforce Kenji’s DNA, but its coding never expected to deal with two similar strains, and that was before the wild card got involved. You boys figured out that one yourselves.

Both of you had been inoculated with a flu vaccine, and both of you had managed to get a different strain that the inoculation wasn’t terribly effective at stopping. So there were traces of invasive flu in your system, Kenji, and that was the mystery effect. Because that combo had damaged the nanovirus instruction set, a little at least, and some of the safeguards were corrupted. The nanovirus, already targeting your reproductive systems, attempted self repair… and it sought a compatible instructor set.

Enter Sam, whose accidental outburst introduced a new sample for the nanovirus to work with. And whose fluids had similar markers that the nanovirus mistakenly interpreted as similar to Kenji’s baseline. It attempted to fill in the gaps by incorporating the new DNA, but that attempt failed. That tingling was an initial batch of nanovirus going hunting, as it were, because the flu virus had influenced its instructions already. As you two fucked yourselves silly, the virus gobbled up the data and did it’s best to build a model for your DNA, and set to work.

But that isn’t why your dick got huge. Somehow the mutation allowed the nanovirus to, well, not quite hear your thought, but respond to your emotions and hormones. And to put it simply, it had taken up residence in your balls and so it worked to improve its home first. Every virus wants to reproduce, and your lust for each other was apparently similar enough to its own instructions, that it attempted to satisfy both. It saw your endorphin rush when you were engaged in sexual activity, it saw a batch of genetic instructions built and released, and it decided that was its new mission. Blood flow to penis increases pleasure and heightens the hormonal load, and your body contained a complex delivery method for reproductive instructions. In short, your jizz was full of nanovirus, and every time you passed it back and forth, it got mingled with the other set. Eventually it learned a few tricks to make you exchange more genetic material, and the feedback loop responded to how turned on you were.

“That’s kind of cool, but kind of crazy.”

So to recap, for those who have come in late to the comic misadventures of my stupid boy-crazed self…

I met a hot guy named Kenji, who was almost my fantasy guy already. Turned out I was his, and we hit it off extraordinarily well despite an embarrassing start at work. I accidentally took some experimental medicine intended for his use alone, and some weird side effects kicked in, the end result of which was a vast improvement in my body, and a bit of a DNA swap between us, thanks to a confused nano virus that tried to even us out. It kept working, enhancing us and me in particular in various ways. While Kenji’s mad scientist uncle tried to figure out what had happened, I ended up making some poor life choices without adult supervision.

Thus I currently look like a photoshop morph of my hot boyfriend and the old me, with a fitness model body and a two foot long cock.

And as much as I’d been blissed out on my boyfriend, and more recently my own hybrid cock, eventually all that would catch up to me.

Wait, Jin was talking again.


“Sorry, zoned out a bit.”

“I may have overcompensated on the sedative,” he said apologetically. “But try to stay awake.”

“Part of him is obviously awake,” Kenji said. Yeah, the 25 inches of cock in front of me.

“Right, that will soon, I hope, be less of an issue,” Jin said.

“Aw, i was just getting used to it,” I said, giggling. Everything seemed amusing now.

“Stop giggle, you ass,” Kenji said, smiling.

“I’m a giant-dicked super hero slowly turning into my hot boyfriend, and he is slowly turning into me… ”

“Not anymore, you’re not,” Jin said.

I woke up much later. The tingling had all but stopped, and my head was pounding, but the hefty weight in my groin seemed much less.

“There you are,” Kenji said. “How are you feeling?”

“Woozy. Weird. Other double-you words.”

My giant dick was no longer throbbing away in front my face, which now seemed preferable to the monstrous alternative. I tried to sit up but was still strapped in.

“Bad news, your giant dick went away,” Kenji said. “You’re reduced to just a foot or so.”

“Okay,” I said.

“You’re also stabilizing, and with any luck we’ll have sorted out the nano virus confusion by tomorrow.”

“Aww,” I whined.

“The bad news, Sam, is that unless we’re able to get the right family DNA samples, I may not be able to fully restore you to how you looked before,” Jin said. “So for now, we’re basically holding you where you are, DNA-wise.”

“This is some seriously mad scientist shit,” I said. “But you’re telling me I have to go deal with my family.”

“Actually, it’s worse than that,” Jin said.

“Uncle, are you sure you—”

“He needs to know. Sam, without a good sample or two from your family, I may not be able to repair you. And at this point, I need to because it’s not just a case of untangling the bits of Kenji that you acquired. It’s making sure your DNA doesn’t collapse.”

Whoa. That was sobering.

“Exactly.. It’s serious, Sam. Look, I’ve been tweaking your particular virus load as best I can, convincing your nanos that you’re fine as is. And that’s okay, but under the hood, so to speak, it’s not working so well. There’s a real risk of triggering aggressive tumors, invasive cancer, or worse, because the DNA you have right now isn’t properly constructed. All things considered, the nanos have done a very good job, but your unconscious desires were being reflected and keeping the virus busy. Now that they shouldn’t be responding to that sexual undercurrent, they’re making increasingly bad guesses about how to fix you.”

“Shit. Is there any other way? Any at all?”

“I know you don’t want to go home, Sam,” Kenji said, eyes glistening, “but I don’t want you to die. Just go see your family. No matter what, if it’s a matter of life or death, surely they’ll find a way to… .”

“A way to what? A way to hurt me again? To blame me for their failing marriage?”

“Sam… There may not be any other way.”

“I need to think about it,” I said, grumpily, and rolled over.

Kenji and his uncle left quietly and closed the door, leaving me in the dimly lit room.

I tossed and turned, unable to really get comfortable. Whatever changes my body had been going through had finally subsided, and now it was all feeling strange, like I was wearing a wetsuit that didn’t quite fit. My dick didn’t help matters—while it was no longer he two foot long monstrosity it had been for a while, it was still huge by any measure, and it remained mostly erect. It wasn’t even pleasurably hard, just sort of insistent, leaving me half horny and uncomfortable. Unbelievably, given the last week or two, I wasn’t in the mood.

I must have laid there stewing in my own sour mood for an hour before I finally gave up trying to rest, and let my brain focus on the matter at hand.

I hadn’t left home last year in a good place, with regards to my family. Dad’s illness had taken him from us, mentally if not physically. The stroke had left him a shell, and my mother had responded in a way that left me angry and hurt. And it was like she didn’t notice, until I confronted her, that she was abandoning the man who’d been her husband for 30 years. My older sister was too busy with her own kids and life to take my side, and didn’t live on the same continent (she’d moved to England with her husband years ago). So I was left holding the bag, while mom suddenly acted like an irresponsible teenager and Dad slipped further and further away. When I had come home last, we had finally had to place him in a care facility and he was simply fading away there, while my mother golfed and made new friends. And I snapped, and took it all out on her. Which wasn’t really fair, but it really felt like I was carrying all the responsibility. I had stormed out of the house eight months ago and hadn’t been back since. We had barely spoken since, but I heard from sis that she was spending a lot of time with Hank, a neighbor we had known for years. He had coached my soccer team in middle school, had two boys my age who’d been jocks in high school, and his wife had been killed in a car accident three years ago, just before his youngest graduated high school.

That’s when I realized I had been a dick; mom was lonely, and Hank was lonely, and Dad simply too far gone to be upset or even notice. Hell, the last few times I had called, he had been sleeping and the staff gently broke the news that he was barely responsive even when people were there in person. I was too guilty to talk to my mother, ashamed of how I’d reacted. My sister was too far away to be practical. Dad… well, yeah.

And I responded by losing myself in college life, coming out, working my butt off, and avoiding anything about home.

So things were awkward at best. I had no idea if Mom was even in town, but I was overdue to deal with that. Even if she might not even recognize me, now.

And I couldn’t exactly bitch about it to Kenji, who’d lost his parents.

My life was actually at risk. I had to do something to change that fact.

But I didn’t want to do the one thing I needed to do. And I needed to get the fuck over it.

I sat up, swung my legs out.

Weird. Looking at them, I noticed that the hair was dark and silky, and sparse, skin was not my normal pasty white but a smooth, healthy light tan. More like Kenji’s than my own, but well-muscled. My dick, too, was not my own, nor that fantasy monster I’d had for a bit. Probably a good ten or eleven inches, if fully hard. The head retained my familiar shape, but the rest was mostly his. I remained ripped and swole, as the guys say.

I got up and turned on the light, and my own face seemed weird, still. Without an audience I could really look hard. I could see bits of the old me, but a lot of my boyfriend as well. It produced a pretty sexy result, honesty, and if I had seen a guy like me, I would have boned up over him pretty quick.

Oh, sure, now I get fully horned up, over my own reflection? Still. Focus on what’s at hand.

Definitely closer to eleven inches… but I had other priorities now.

With some regret, I pulled on a pair of boxers and tried to shove my dick in. Useless. And what was the point of modesty, now, with those two?

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, right? So let’s break it down.

One: I had to face Kenji and Jin, and apologize for how I’d acted.

Two: I had to figure out what to do about mundane stuff like my driver’s license and ID, which did not match the current me.

Three: I had to get hold of my mother, or my father, and obtain a DNA sample.

Beyond that, I would have to sort out later.

“Ah, good, you came to your senses,” Kenji said.

“I guess. But there are still so many things I am worried about,” I said.

“I have a fake ID that will help. Just in case. But I am driving,” he said.

An hour later, we were in Kenji’s car, speeding toward a confrontation I wasn’t looking forward to. We opted for the easiest path, my father.

We didn’t talk much on the road down, just covered some basics about what the plan was. To his credit, Kenji sensed I needed some space and he gave it. We had spent the night in separate beds for the first time since we met. No sex at all, but I’d pounded one out in the bathroom that morning, thinking of him. And thankfully, no changes.

Eventually, we arrived. Oak Hall. We would pose as friends doing a favor.

Almost blew it on sign in. The nurse on duty was one I knew from prior visits.

“You say you’re friends of Sam… ”

“Are you Gloria? He said to ask for you or Cecilia,” I bluffed.

“Okay. He did warn you… ”

“Yes, we don’t expect much.”

She nodded, and badged as guests, we were escorted to the dreary room where my father lay drooling as westerns played on the television.

“I know you’re in there somewhere Dad, but you may not recognize me,” I began. “It’s Sam, and well, a lot has happened. Wish you were around to talk about it. But I need your help now. See, I am in some trouble, and the only way to fix it is to use your DNA to help with a cure.”

He stared blankly at me.

Behind me, Kenji laid a strong warm hand on my shoulder. No tingles, this time. Sex was the last thing on my mind.

There were two options, but we weren’t sure which would have what we needed, so the plan was to get a sample from inside his mouth, and a skin sample.

I slipped on the latex gloves and Kenji quietly locked the door. My satchel had all we needed to collect a few samples: Kenji drew a blood sample, i swabbed dad’s mouth, and carefully snipped a few sparse hairs. Jin had suggested that it would have been ideal to have one, but I had drawn the line at a sperm sample, though. Some things were just a step too far.

I was putting away the samples when I suddenly felt a hand on my leg. To my shock, I turned to find my father, seemingly alert, looking me in the face bewildered. His eyes pleaded with me, but as they focused a bit, he suddenly looked concerned.

“S… Sam?”

At first I couldn’t speak. My father hadn’t said more than two words in a year, and hadn’t appeared to recognize me in even longer. Even now, he seemed to struggle to be even this lucid, but it was more than I had gotten from him a very long time. The last time he had roused at all was when my sister and her kids had visited, over year ago.

“I’m here, Dad,” I said, leaning close.

His left hand slowly, haltingly, lifted itself to my face. His expression changed to a quizzical one, and he stared, half focused, at my features.

“I look a little different, huh?”

He nodded, and his fingers traced the contours of my altered cheekbones and chin.

“It’s okay, Dad. I should be back to normal soon, with your help.”

Kenji stood quietly beside me, and as he leaned forward to whisper. “We should really go soon” in my ear, Dad noticed him for the first time.

“Hi,” Dad said.

“Hello,” Kenji said. “Nice to meet you, sir.”

Dad slowly nodded, and looked at me again, and pointedly at Kenji. He closed his eyes a moment and breathed deeply.

“Okay,” he said. Then he seemed to struggle with forming words, and grew frustrated. I took his hand, and then he pulled his hand away and took Kenji’s. His hand shook and a look of fierce concentration shaded his face.

“Happy,” he said. “Okay!” He looked between us, at one and the other, and nodded.

What was happening here? This rare moment of partial lucidity was one thing, but Dad had not only noticed my changes, but had… what, given his blessing to my boyfriend? It almost seemed like it. I just didn’t know what to make of it. I didn’t think Dad even realized I was anything but straight. I looked at Kenji in wonder, to see that wonder mirrored in his face.

Whatever it was, the moment passed quickly, and dad’s hand dropped softly to his lap. The haze began to wash over him again, and I found myself tearing up.

An hour later, as we drove, I still couldn’t get over the strange moment. Kenji was mostly silent and left me to my turbulent thoughts. Maybe it was wishful thinking, and maybe it was something else. But for the first time in a while, I felt like someone in the family understood.


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